"No Tribes, No Problem"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
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No Tribes, No Problem is the premiere episode of Survivor: Mongolia.


Day 2 Immunity Challenge: Statue Safety
Similar to Dragon Dance from Survivor: China, except each tribe is to maneuver a heavy statue instead. They are to manuever it through a maze and other obstacles. At the end of the course, is an ascending, three-leveled pyramid. First tribe to set their statue on top of the pyramid, wins immunity.
Winner: Abby, Antonio, Benjamin, Cassie, Eric, Heather, Henry, Jenn, Tony, and Victoria

Day 4 Immunity Challenge:  Lemme Go Rock 'N' Roll
The teams have to roll a large ball through a series of gates. At two points along the course, a team member has to climb atop the ball to retrieve two sets of keys. At the final gate, the keys unlock three chains that block the gate. The first team to go through all the gates and roll their boulder atop a short pedestal wins.
Winner: Antonio, Cassie, Elliott, Jake, Julia, Katie, Melissa, Nicholas, Ruth, and Scott


Day 1

The viewer is introduced with multiple views of the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park in the Ömnögovi province of Mongolia, where twenty Americans, riding in a vehicle similar to what they rode in past seasons like China, Tocantins, and One World, are about to be stranded for thirty-nine days on minimal supplies. Such views include the Gobi Desert and the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains.

We are here in southern Mongolia, just outside the Gobi Desert, where twenty Americans are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime! Their adventure will play out in the Gurvan Saikhan mountains, home to a national park that is beautiful in scenery, and unpredictable in danger. Sandstorms can appear out of nowhere and species such as camels and snow leopards will have the castaways on their toes. They also have each other to worry about, as first impressions are already forming.

–Jeff Probst

There’s a really big guy that looks like he could kill you with his stare. I would hate to get on his bad side early cause he looks a little intimidating.

–Cassie (on Henry)

I don’t really see any threats from the start. I see some guys that look like I can work with and the ladies look nice too, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.


It is the ultimate challenge. Twenty people from different walks of life forced to work together to create a new society, battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt, or they’ll be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million-dollar prize. Thirty-nine days, twenty people, one Survivor!

–Jeff Probst

Survivor Mongolia

Survivor Mongolia

The castaways ride in to a small valley with mountains surrounding them from every corner. The vehicle stops and they begin to hop off as Probst waits for them. Once the twenty Survivors are on their mat, Probst begins.

Probst: Welcome to Survivor: Mongolia!

The castaways roar in cheers and applause.

Probst: Alright, guy in the red plaid shirt. What's your name?

Eric: Eric.

Probst: Eric, I know you haven't said a word to them yet, but what do you think of everyone so far?

Eric (looking around): Everybody looks like they possess certain strengths that's going to be crucial to a tribe's success. There's some eccentric ones, but I have no reason to dislike any of them. This looks like a good group.

Probst: Okay, girl in the ponytail up...

Cassie knows she's being addressed before Probst can even finish.

Cassie (giggling): Cassie!

Probst (as he cracks a smile): Cassie, how does it feel to be in the mountains of Mongolia? Cause you seem a little awestruck.

Cassie: I've been watching Survivor for forever! So this whole experience is just like, 'Wow, I'm actually here! I can't believe it!' So, all I need now is a buff and a million-dollar check and this experience will be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

The rest of the cast is seen laughing.

Probst: Alright, well I've heard some of you mention tribes and buffs earlier. Well, I've got news for you...we aren't starting out in tribes.

The camera pans to the Survivors, who are mostly shocked by the twist.

Henry: I need you to repeat that one more time, my ears don't really work at this age. Did you say we aren't on any tribe?!

Probst: Word for word. What's going to happen is the twenty of you, once we're done here, are going to go to a designated campsite, where you will have supplies to build a shelter for all twenty of you. Lumber, some rope, a machete, and (he reaches into his pocket) flint.

The castaways applaud at the sight of flint.

Probst: Danielle, what are your thoughts on this? We've never done this before where twenty individuals start out the game as individuals and not tribes! How do you think it's going to be different?

Danielle: Well, alliances are going to be tough to maintain cause between twenty people, you don't really know who's going to be with who. I do know we're going to get a mean shelter put together between the twenty of us, but alliances are going to be hard to manage, I think.

Probst: Alright. Well, it will certainly be interesting to see what happens in the coming days ahead. Here is a map to your camp.

He tosses a rolled up map to the castaways.

Probst: You all can head out!

The camera focuses on the twenty castaways leaving the starting point.

So, we're a twenty person 'tribe' right now. I was floored by the twist, actually I am still floored by it. But Danielle said that alliances are going to be hard to manage. So, it sounds to me, right off the bat, she's in game mode and will be looking for alliances to get into or weed out. I just want to sit back and see what happens.


The camera zooms out and fades into break.

The camera then cuts in to the twenty Survivors approaching the campsite, which is atop a small hill surrounded by mountains and some woods. Sand dunes are also visible in the distance. As the castaways walk in, they begin to cheer themselves for making it to camp.

Heather: Home sweet home!

Abby (hugging Jake): Woo! (laughing) I'm so excited right now! I can't believe we're actually here!

Tony: Anybody got a gameplan on what to do first?

Wayne: Well, I say we just dive right in to building the shelter.

Wayne, Tony, and Melissa begin gathering wood.

Being a world geography professor back home and studying and teaching Mongolian culture, and to see it firsthand is astounding! You would never guess so much history would be in a big valley such as this! I'm trying to absorb as much of this experience as I can, so when I go back, I can teach all of this from a personal standpoint.


Wayne and Tony are then seen putting together the foundation of the shelter.

Antonio: Hey, Wayne! What do you all need over there?

Wayne: I need one person to hold this piece of lumber with Tony while I try to tie these two pieces together!

Elliott: I got it! I'm coming!

Being out here in the jungle is waaaaay out of my comfort zone. I’ve watched this on TV for years. I’ve been out here a couple hours and I’m already just like exhausted. But I gotta help out in any way I can. If I don’t, then they see me as a liability, and (raspberry) I’m outta here.


Elliott: Hold it up like this?

Wayne: No, no, no. You're doing it wrong. You need to hold it up straighter.

Other castaways briefly stop what they are doing and look back at Wayne and Elliott.

Wayne: Little more, little more. You know what? Let's just switch. You hold this one with Tony, and I'll hold this one up. Okay, now can somebody come over and tie these pieces of lumber together?

We haven’t even been at camp that long. We’re working on the shelter and good ol’ Wayne is already talking down to people about how, ‘Oh, you’re doing this wrong. That’s not how you do that.’. It’s rubbing people the wrong way.


Cassie comes over to tie the rope for Wayne.

Wayne: That's it. Nice job.

The camera cuts to a conversation between Elliott and Jenn in a jungle behind camp.

Jenn: It’s too early in the game for Wayne to be doing what he’s doing!

Elliott: I know! I just wanted to be like ‘Wayne, shut up. I know how to tie a rope.’.

Jenn: But see the thing is, if he keeps this up, we can just vote him out when we have to go to Tribal.

Elliott (laughing to himself): All nineteen of us...

Jenn: I don’t know, but however many it is, I think it should be an easy first vote. Heather doesn’t seem to like him. Henry and Julia don’t either...

Elliott: Yeah, and I looked at Tony and he was like, ‘Is he serious right now?’.

Jenn: So all we have to do is just point it to Wayne and be like, ‘He’s the bad guy. Let’s take him out first.’.

Elliott: Love it!

The two hug before they return to camp.

Elliott and I got a chance to talk a little bit in the jungle and I love the guy! Strategy-wise, we’re on the same page. We want to work together, and we have a common goal. We both think that Wayne is starting to turn people off to him with his ‘leadership’. So, right now the plan is Wayne until we get into tribes.


The camera switches over to Abby, Jake, Katie, and Nicholas collecting water at the well, which is located by a lake and distanced from the campsite.

Jake: Dude, some of the people on our tribe.

Nicholas (laughing): Dude, I know! We got a rocker (cuts to Benjamin), a little pizza delivery boy (cuts to Tony)...I mean, we got this!

Abby laughs along, as Katie pretends to let out a small chuckle.

Jake: I mean this is it right here. We got the Pretty People Posse here. All we need is couple more people and we’re good.

Abby: Who should we get though?

Jake: I like Scott. He seems to know what he’s doing. Really professional about the way he does everything.

Nicholas: I’m a big fan of Melissa. Total cougar.

Jake laughs, as Katie continues to be mum.

Jake and Nicholas are pretentious boneheads. I mean, I had to go get water with the pretty people...that is my own fault. I thought there would be no harm in getting water, of all things, with a couple of nice-looking guys. Heading into camp earlier today, I thought this was going a ‘no tribes, no problem' philosophy. It's nowhere near that right now. I’m stuck with these people until we get tribes!


Jake: What’s your thought on all this, Katie?

Katie: Well, I mean it’s hard to say cause there’s so many people right now. I definitely agree with getting Melissa and Scott on our side. I think we should get Eric too, just as a safety precaution.

Jake: Then that’s seven. We could grab a couple more if we want to. But I like this setup right now. I definitely agree with you, Katie, that it’s hard to really predict what’s going to happen with twenty people around.

Nicholas: And we don’t know what’s going to happen with the tribes when they do come. I mean we could all be stuck on different tribes.

Katie: That’s why we need more people though. So, if we do get put on different tribes, we have more numbers.

Abby: What about an idol?

Jake: I think it’s too risky to look for with all of these people around.

Nicholas (pointing to the well): Wait, what about behind the well here.

The four begin to look behind the well...but to no avail.

Nicholas: Ah, well. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.

The four castaways begin to return to camp with their buckets full of water.

Day 2

The sun sets on Day 1, the stars come and go, and the sun rises on Day 2. Early that in the morning, the camera focuses on Scott and Wayne starting a fire with the flint. Scott is seen striking the flint multiple times without any success.

Wayne: I don’t think you’re striking it correctly. Can I try?

Scott: I got it, I got it.

Scott continues to strike the flint.

Wayne: Let me see it.

Wayne takes the flint from Scott and tries it himself, but with no luck. Scott is seen shaking his head as Melissa pokes her head out of the shelter as everyone else is seen sleeping.

Wayne decides that he is the best fire-maker around, so he takes the flint from Scott and has absolutely no luck with it. I really hope something happens soon cause I’m already geared up to vote his ass out. He’s arrogant, a know-it-all, and just plain rude.


Wayne: Well, we’ll get something going eventually.

Wayne then walks away from the campfire as Scott inaudibly puts his hands in the air to show shock and disbelief.

Later in the day, Julia and Henry are seen going to get tree mail in a wooded area.

Julia: What do you think of all of this?

Henry: I think it makes my head hurt. It’s too many people to keep up with.

Julia is then seen laughing at Henry’s response.

Henry: I’m serious!

I like Henry. I think he’s actually one of maybe three people I like out here. I hope we can get in a situation where we can go further into this game together. Cause the majority of this group sucks!


Julia and Henry return to camp with tree mail.

Henry: Attention, attention, boys and girls! We have a newsletter for ya!

The castaways gather around Julia.

Julia (reading the tree mail): Ten against ten in a match of wills, but also a test of your teamwork skills. Work together and don’t fall apart. Or you may be the first one to depart.

The castaways roar into cheer and intrigue as to what the challenge might be.

Nicholas: Interesting...very interesting!

Danielle: I wonder how they will do the teams. Like randomly or do you think we’ll go into tribes today?

Ruth: I hope we get some tribes. Too much willy-nilly going on around here! I don’t know about y'all, but I want to know what I’m dealing with instead of twenty people running around like chickens with their head cut off.

Everybody’s getting really anxious with the challenge today. Some people think we’re going into tribes today, some don’t. I’m one of the ones who don’t think we will. I just think it’s too early to mix it up again.


Tony: What about the challenge, though? The tree mail is really vague.

Cassie (shrugging her shoulders): We’ll see!

Tony nods in agreement.

The camera transitions to a valley, similar to the starting point, with a shallow river, where the challenge is to be held.

The twenty contestants walk in. Once all twenty are on the mat, Probst introduces and explains that the challenge is only for immunity and then divides them up into two teams of ten. The first team, wearing red, consists of Abby, Antonio, Benjamin, Cassie, Eric, Heather, Henry, Jenn, Tony, and Victoria. The second team, wearing blue, consists of Danielle, Elliott, Jake, Julia, Katie, Melissa, Nicholas, Ruth, Scott, and Wayne. Right out of the gate, the blue team struggled. Wayne and Elliott couldn’t keep up with the stronger men of their team and fell behind quickly. The deficit proved to be too much to overcome. The red team coasted throughout the challenge, as strenuous as it was, and won immunity, sending the blue team to Tribal Council.

Probst: Red team, I'll go ahead and give this to you.

Probst walks over to give the red team the immunity idol, which is met with applause. He walks back afterwards.

Probst: Blue team, I got nothing for you except a date with me tonight at Tribal Council, where one of the ten of you will be the first person voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

The twenty competitors file out of the challenge site.

Wayne and Elliott killed us today. This challenge was tailor-made for the strong guys, but it goes to show you, you are as strong as your weakest link. So, one of those two has to go tonight to make up for today's loss.


The camera zooms out of the challenge and fades to break.

The castaways are seen walking at the foot of their camp. One half full of glee and satisfaction, the other half wondering what could’ve been. Those who brought bags to the challenge begin unpacking them once they arrive at the campsite.

We smoked the other team at the challenge today! I’m just happy I’m here another day! Now, I get to see ten people squirm around asking, ‘Who you votin’?’ ‘I dunno, who you votin’?’. It’s going to be fun to watch.


Melissa: So, how does this work? Are we only allowed to talk to our challenge teammates or can we talk to anybody about strategy?

Eric: I would say it’s fair game. Let everyone talk to everyone.

Eric looked around and the consensus seemed to agree with him.

Later on, the camera turns to an isolated conversation between Jake, Nicholas, and Melissa.

Nicholas: So, I’m thinking Wayne over Elliott.

Melissa: Yes! We need to do Wayne tonight because personally, I don’t know how much more I can take of him and his ‘knowledge’ of stuff.

Jake: Okay, so we don’t need to have a show of hands. It’s pretty much set in stone, isn’t it?

Melissa and Nicholas nodded.

Jake: Okay, so why don’t we go spread the word.

Nicholas: Before we do, one quick matter of business to attend to. Melissa, Jake and I feel like we have a good rapport with a good handful of people here. We think you’re one of those people. We would like to strike an alliance with you, if you haven’t talked to anybody.

Melissa gave it a brief thought and then gave her answer.

Melissa: I...I mean, I haven’t technically made any promises to anyone, so I guess I’m in.

Nicholas: Awesome! This is just great!

They all shake hands with one another and return to the main camp area.

I feel like I’m in a really good spot right now. Jake and I are like peas in a pod out here. We’ve got Abby. We’ve got Katie. We brought in Melissa today. We still need to talk to Scott, but chances are, he’s going to be on board with the whole Wayne movement.


It cuts to Nicholas and Jake talking to Scott, isolated from the camp.

Jake: We just want to know what you’re thinking for tonight and what your plans are for long term. Cause we want to work with you, if the opportunity arises.

Scott: Well, I know you guys can hold your own in challenges, but I need you to prove it to me in more than just words. Who else do you guys have with you?

Nicholas didn’t hesitate to answer Scott.

Nicholas: Abby and Katie. We got Melissa on board today. So, all we need for the vote tonight is one more, but that’s the core group we have right now.

Scott (nodding): Well, that sounds like a sturdy amount. Let me get one more in. I can talk to...

Before Scott can finish his sentence, Wayne rustles through the foliage and stumbles on to the conversation.

Wayne: What do we have going on here? Are we comparing notes before the big test tonight?

Nicholas and Jake remain silent, but Scott decides to speak up.

Scott: That’s exactly what we’re doing. We were just going over how poor your performance was at the challenge today.

Wayne (taking a step back): That’s all I needed to hear.

Wayne continues walking in the same direction he was going before he engaged the three guys in conversation.

Scott: Anyways, I was going to say I can talk to Julia about it too.

Jake: Sounds good.

Jake and Nicholas, both wide-eyed from Scott’s directness, bumped fists with each other and Scott.

I’m not going to have anyone mess around with me in this game. So, when Wayne made his little snide comment, which I’m kinda surprised to hear come out of a university professor’s mouth, I just stepped up to the plate and basically said, ‘Give me your best swing, tough guy.’. And then he backs off. Wayne has just worn out his welcome. It’s only been two days, but it’s two days too long. He’s got to go.


The camera then cuts to Wayne talking to Ruth around the fire at camp.

Wayne (whispering): I think we need to put Scott’s name down.

Ruth: Why? Isn’t he a stronger guy?

Wayne: Well, before we get into tribes, we need to take out the threats while we still can. You know, while they’re still vulnerable.

Ruth: Hey, I’m with ya. He seems like a jerk anyway.

The two briefly meddle around the fire.

Wayne: Well, I’m going to go get some more twigs for the fire. Danielle, do you want to come help me gather some?

Danielle: Sure, I’ll tag along.

The two individuals go off-camera to look for twigs. The camera focuses on the shelter, where Julia, who was a spectator to Ruth and Wayne’s brief conversation, is seen rolling her eyes.

Julia: What did he tell you?

Ruth (feeling defensive): He told me what he was thinking about for tonight. Something about getting rid of the threats early. Just stuff like that.

Julia nods in understanding.

You know, when I first arrived here, I thought that I would have to tiptoe around for the first couple days before I could actually get my feet wet with strategy. I don’t even have to tiptoe! People like Wayne and Ruth are stomping and shouting around sharing their strategy! They’re making this easy!


Julia (slouching back into the shelter): Well, I don’t know if you’re worried about tonight, but it’s not you. You didn’t screw the challenge up today.

Ruth, looking concerned, stays silent.

The camera cuts to Wayne and Danielle near the water well.

Wayne: I’m telling you, the quicker we get these threats out, the easier it’s going to be for people like you and me.

Danielle: I know, I know. There’s pros and cons to what you’re saying, but I just think if we just stick to getting rid of Elliott, then it’ll be better long-term cause we won’t have to deal with him being a liability when we’re in tribes. Do you see what I’m saying?

Wayne: I do. I just think if we can knock Scott out first, we’d be in a much better position going forward.

Wayne is a stubborn, old man. He’s getting into a tunnel vision sort of thing where it’s just, ‘We have to take Scott out. Scott has to go.’ and not even considering any other options. He does make a good point about taking threats out pre-tribes, though.


Danielle: Well, I’ll give it some thought and come back to you before we leave. Sound good?

Wayne gives her a thumbs up, then the two walk back to camp.

It cuts back to camp, where the the ten that lost the challenge earlier that day were getting ready to leave for Tribal Council.

Henry: Y’all have fun! Tell Jeff I said hi!

Henry’s fooling around got a couple laughs. The camera then focuses on Elliott, who inaudibly signals a ‘fingers crossed’ to Jenn.

Jenn (mouthing words to Elliott): You’ll be fine.

The ten challenge losers are then seen walking away from camp and heading to Tribal.

I have been freaking out today! I sucked at the challenge, no one has come to me to talk strategy, so the best I can do tonight is write Wayne’s name down tonight and hope for the best. Cause I’m not ready to go home yet. I still have a lot of game left in me!


The camera transitions to the sun setting and the moon rising as the Tribal Council area is focused on. It is a hut similar to the one used in Survivor: Philippines, but surrounded by more jungle to the left and a small pond to the right. The ten contestants in danger file in to the hut, where Probst awaits them. He then begins the seasonal ritual.

Probst: Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab a torch, approach the flame, dip it in, and get fire.

The castaways then proceed to dip their torches into the fire pit.

Probst: This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life! If your fire is gone, so are you, and that will be the case for one of you tonight!

The castaways place their torches in their holders, sit on their stools, and prepare for Probst’s questions. The focus early is on Elliott and Wayne, who performed poorly in the challenge.

Probst (sitting down): Okay. Elliott, I’ll start with you. You didn’t really perform well in the challenge today. How are you feeling going into tonight?

Elliott (looking around): Very, very nervous. They have every right to get rid of me, but I don’t want to go home. It’s not my decision and my decision alone. I have to hope these guys aren’t writing my name down tonight.

Probst: Wayne, you also didn’t perform well today. How are you feeling coming into tonight?

Wayne: Well, like Elliott, I’m just hoping the bullet goes the other way tonight, but I’ve had people rub it in my face as well.

Wayne points to Scott.

Scott: Because you decided to interrupt the conversation we were having and got in my face about it!

Wayne and Scott argue back and forth before Probst intervenes.

Probst: Okay, okay. From what I’m hearing, Scott was having a talk about strategy with a couple people here, and Wayne got into the middle of it. Katie, I know it’s still a no-tribe game, but it isn’t good to have division this early. It’s only Day 2!

Katie: No, it isn’t. You’re right. However, the way I’m voting tonight should stop the friction, at least temporarily. (giggles)

Wayne is seen looking like his heart sank to his stomach.

Probst: Okay, let’s get to the twenty people, one camp twist. Danielle, what have you taken away from the first two days of this situation?

Danielle: That it’s a lot of management of people. Luckily, that is my profession back home, so I think I’m having an okay time with this!

Probst (smirking at Danielle's answer): Ruth, how will tonight’s vote affect the next couple days, in your opinion?

Ruth: I think that the way I, and hopefully everybody else, will vote tonight is getting rid of a threat and still bringing peace back to camp.

Probst: Okay, with that, it is time to vote. Jake, you’re up.

One by one, starting with Jake, each member of the former blue team goes up to vote. Only Scott and Wayne’s voting confessionals are aired.

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

Probst proceeds to retrieve the votes, as the ten castaways nervously wait. He returns with the urn.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Probst opens the urn and the first vote.

First vote: Wayne (1)

Second vote: Scott (1-1)

Third vote: Scott (2-1)

Fourth vote: Wayne (2-2)

Fifth vote: Wayne (3-2)

Sixth vote: Wayne (4-2)

Seventh vote: Wayne (5-2)

Eighth vote: ...

Probst: First person voted out of Survivor: Mongolia...Wayne. That’s six, that’s enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Wayne arises from his stool and looks at the other nine in disappointment. He grabs his torch, places it before Probst, and awaits his fate.

Probst: Wayne, the tribe has spoken.

With his torch snuffed, Wayne exits Tribal Council without saying anything or acknowledging anyone. Ruth, meanwhile, is seen with confused look on her face.

Probst: Well, you all said this vote was about bringing peace and harmony back to camp, at least temporarily. It seems you all took a step in the right direction. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The remaining nine of what was the blue team grab their torches and leave Tribal Council en route to camp.

Later that night, the nine return to camp from Tribal Council seeming pleased, minus Ruth. Henry and Antonio are there to greet them at the fire.

Antonio: Who’s gone?

Henry: I don’t see...Wayne! Wayne’s gone!

Having heard this, Scott mocks Wayne.

Scott: ‘Oh no, now that I am no longer in the game, who’s going to keep the fire going?’ Good riddance.

Jake, Julia, and Nicholas are all seen laughing at Scott, as Ruth continues to keep to herself.

Something don't feel right about this group, and when I say group, I mean everyone that went to Tribal Council tonight. Scott just attacked Wayne. Jake, Nick and Julia are all kinda just following along with him. Of course, there’s not much I can do. Not by myself, anyway. I gotta figure something out soon, or I’m going, going, gone here in the next little bit.


Elliott sees Ruth by herself, then approaches her.

Elliott: That was a rough vote.

Ruth (scoffs): Tell me about it...

Elliott (whispering): Look, if I thought I was safe tonight, I would’ve voted with you guys. Now, I don’t know if it would’ve made a difference, but I want to let you know that I am not with them.

Ruth nods slightly, still trying to gather her thoughts from Wayne’s elimination.

Elliott: I’m with you over them. Okay?

Ruth: Okay.

Elliott smiles at Ruth and leaves.

Ruth was the only other person to vote for Scott, besides Wayne. That's going to make her feel isolated and unsafe. I need her to feel as comfortable as possible because she does a lot of things around camp that make her an asset to the group. I like the girl, too. She just needs the right people to work with and not have the pretty people gang up on her.


It cuts to Abby, Jake, and Nicholas sleeping in the shelter as it then fades to break.

Day 3

The camera returns into scenic shots of the mountains of Mongolia as it then focuses on the camp of now nineteen Survivors. Different angles show different castaways relaxing or sleeping.

This morning, we had a really easy-going time. There wasn’t anything really to be done, so we decided that today was our little fun day, while we were all still together.


It cuts to Melissa and Jenn lying in the sun, next to the water well and the lake. Then, it cuts to Henry and Ruth swing-dancing back at camp while other castaways looked on in amusement. Danielle, in the meantime, is seen sitting in the shelter observing everyone else.

Everybody designated today as ‘fun day’. There are no ‘fun days’ on Survivor. You have got to stay in game mode if you’re going to make it far. You have to see who’s getting along with who. You have to put yourself plenty of steps ahead of everyone else.


It cuts back to Henry and Ruth ending their dance, with everyone laughing at Henry’s playful exhaustion.

Henry (pretending to breathe heavily): Hoo! I’m done! I can’t take no more!

Later that day, Danielle and Julia are seen deep in strategy talk.

Danielle: We need to just weed out all of the people who are possibly going to sneak up on you at the end.

Julia: Like who are you thinking?

Danielle: Like a Cassie or a Tony. Elliott might even slide his way too.

Julia (nodding): Well, I certainly get where you’re coming from, but with the whole ‘no tribes’ thing, it makes it hard.

Danielle: Oh, I know. They could do the same thing they did yesterday and just choose teams at random for the next challenge. What happens if they’re on the same team and win? We’re screwed.

Julia: We’ll figure something out, girl.

Danielle: Definitely.

The two girls disperse from the jungle.

It seems like I have my eggs in multiple baskets right now, which is awesome if we go into tribes soon. I’ve got Danielle, Scott, Henry, Jake and Nicholas, and to an extent, Abby. So, I’m sitting pretty well right now.


Danielle and Julia return to camp talking from a somewhat separated distance from one another, but it was enough for Benjamin, Cassie, Jenn ,and Victoria, who were sitting around the fire, to be suspicious over.

Cassie (to Benjamin, Jenn, and Victoria): Whatever do we have here?

Victoria: Looks like a little bit of strategizing...

Danielle and Julia came back to camp together suspiciously. So, what the four of us thought was that they were talking strategy in the jungle and we caught them red-handed.


Danielle and Julia come to the four sitting by the fire, trying to act off any suspicious behavior.

Danielle: Where’s everyone at?

Benjamin: I think Antonio and Eric are getting some more firewood. Heather’s back there sleeping. I think everybody else is down at the lake.

Danielle (still trying to cover her strategizing): Okay. Well, we found a gazelle. We were going to see if anyone want to help catch it.

Julia looked at Danielle with mild shock, as she was trying to hide any suspicion as well, but didn’t expect her to go that far.

Cassie: I’ll come help. Does anybody else want to come?

The other three nodded their heads to decline.

As if she wasn’t suspicious enough, Danielle makes up a wild story about finding a gazelle that she needs help catching! And poor Cassie believed her...


Meanwhile, Cassie follows Danielle and Julia through the jungle to cover their tracks.

Danielle: Oh...well, I swear it was right here not too long ago.

Cassie: Oh well. I’m sure it was beautiful, though!

Danielle: It was so majestic! You should've seen it!

I kinda feel bad for Cassie. I know she’s a kid and all and can be naive, but I didn’t think she was that gullible! A gazelle?! Really?! But Danielle shouldn’t have told that story in the first place. Now, she’s got at least three people wondering about her and, more importantly, me.


Meanwhile, down at the lake, Henry is seen continuing his antics near Tony and Melissa.

Henry: Wait, I got a good one coming. Wait for it...

Bubbles pop up at the surface of the lake, right behind Henry.

Tony laughs while Melissa seems appalled by Henry’s immaturity.

Melissa: Henry! That’s gross!

Henry is seen laughing too.

There are times when Henry is funny, but his sense of humor can be a little bit crude. Like today, he was farting in the lake! That’s just disgusting! He has the sense of humor of my ten-year old son back in Florida! If he keeps it up, he could be going home soon.


Day 4

The camera transitions to a shot of the sunset of Day 3, a picturesque view of the stars, and the sunrise of Day 4. The camera stops on the campsite, with everybody actually awake for a change, as Antonio and Katie arrive with tree mail.

Antonio: Gather ‘round! Gather ‘round!

The other castaways gather around as Katie begins reading tree mail.

Katie (reading tree mail): One down, eighteen to go to reach your goal. If you wish to continue your journey, you need to stay on a roll.

The castaways look at one another with intrigue.

Eric: Well, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be rolling something.

The castaways are seen chuckling a little bit.

Today is going to be interesting to say the least. We don’t know how we’re going to be divided for the challenge today, and there are multiple targets to take out. There’s Henry because he’s disgusting around camp, Danielle because she’s strategizing more than she should, it seems like, and in my opinion, Ruth’s on the chopping block just because she’s been an outsider this whole time.


It cuts back to the group huddled around Katie reading tree mail, as Ruth is seen outside of the huddle.

The camera then cuts to a valley somewhat similar to where the first challenge took place, but with more hills. Multiple angles of an obstacle course are seen as the nineteen Survivors walk in to the challenge area. Once all nineteen are on the mat, Probst explains the challenge will be for immunity and not reward, once again. He then explains the mechanics and how the teams will be divided. It would be nine men and nine women competing as two teams, meaning one woman would sit out. A schoolyard pick then took place with Nicholas and Benjamin as captains. One by one, castaways were chosen until there was two teams of nine. Ruth was not chosen, so she would not participate in the challenge. She then had to choose a team that she thought was going to win. She picked the team consisting of Antonio, Cassie, Elliott, Jake, Julia, Katie, Melissa, Nicholas, and Scott, which wore red. The blue team consisted of Abby, Benjamin, Danielle, Eric, Heather, Henry, Jenn, Tony, and Victoria.

The challenge starts with the two teams neck and neck through the first leg of the course. As they retrieve the keys, the red team begins to pull ahead slightly thanks to the muscle of Jake, Nicholas, and Scott. The blue team loses more time as Abby does not climb their ball as fast as Katie for the red team does. The red team maintains their lead throughout the challenge and wins immunity, sending the blue team to Tribal Council.

Probst: Red team, you guys are safe tonight. Here’s the immunity idol.

The members of the red team applaud as Probst hands them the idol. Probst then walks back to his place in between the two teams.

Probst: Blue team, all I got for you guys is a trip to Tribal Council. One of you is going to be the second person voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I’ll see some of you tonight.

The Survivors begin to return to camp.

Abby really cost us time in the challenge today, but she’s not in my sights. I want to take a threat out as soon as possible, not someone who we’re going to easily vote off later in the game. But I have to see what everybody else wants to do.


The camera zooms out and fades to break.

The camera fades back in to the nineteen remaining Survivors walking back to camp. Once they reach their camp, they begin unloading their stuff. Members of the red team begin congratulating one another.

Melissa: Nice job everybody! You three guys kicked butt with that ball.

Scott: Well, it was a team effort. Still, nice job today, guys.

It cuts to Abby sitting on a log in front of the fire, which is not lit.

I feel like I’m in trouble tonight. I was slow, and I cost my team the win. So, right now if anybody comes up with a better plan, then I’m definitely going with it.


It then cuts to Danielle, Jenn, and Tony strategizing in the jungle not too far from camp.

Tony: It’s an easy vote tonight, just Abby right?

Jenn: Yup.

Danielle (hesitating): Umm, that seems like the easy vote, but I really think we should be taking a threat out...ASAP.

Tony (surprised): Why?

Danielle: Well, I just think that if we get rid of threats quicker then later in the game, we won’t get screwed by them. I mean if Abby screws up again, we can vote her off as a non-threat later.

Jenn: Well, who are you thinking?

Danielle: Honestly, I’m thinking Eric. Now, I know he was our muscle in the challenge today, but that’s why he needs to go. What if he’s on a different tribe than you and starts winning challenges left and right for his tribe? You go to Tribal and get voted off. That’s why.

Jenn and Tony are silent for a minute.

Tony (trying to find words to say): You...make a good argument, but I don’t know if I want to do that this early.

Danielle: That’s what I’m wanting to do, but I’ll give you all time to think about it.

Danielle leaves the jungle en route to camp.

Jenn (under her breath): She’s playing too hard. It doesn’t make sense to do what she’s wanting to do at this stage of the game.

Tony: No, it does. I don’t think it should be Eric, though. Let’s vote her out tonight.

Jenn: Danielle?

Tony nods in agreement.

Tony: We gotta let everybody else know.

Tony and I were making sure that everybody was on the same page to vote Abby out. Then Danielle comes out of left field, it almost seems like, and suggests that we vote Eric or a 'threat' out instead of Abby. She's starting to become a little dangerous a little too early in this game.


The two begin to head their way back to camp. Once there, Tony and Jenn pull aside Benjamin, Eric, Heather, and Victoria to a quieter part of camp.

Jenn: So, Danielle was talking to Tony and myself out in the jungle, and she was like, ‘We have to take out the threats as soon as possible.’ And she was wanting to vote Eric out.

Eric’s jaw dropped.

Eric: You’re kidding.

Tony: No, man. She’s serious. That’s why we wanted to get to you guys before she got to anybody. We want to get her out tonight.

Jenn: Also, yesterday, she and Julia were acting really suspicious. They came out of the jungle together talking like really intensely for a while.

Eric: I’m all for that then.

Benjamin: Should we tell Abby? I’m sure she’s freaking out about the challenge.

Jenn and Tony look at each other briefly, then Jenn nods her head in affirmation. They then disperse. The camera cuts to Tony approaching Abby at the shelter.

Tony (whispering): You’re not going home tonight. Vote for Danielle.

He walks away from the shelter, as Abby is visibly relieved.

Tony came up to me in the shelter today and told me that I wasn’t going home and to vote for Danielle. I didn’t really ask any questions, but I’m totally doing it! I don’t want to go home!


Danielle is then seen talking to Benjamin and Heather.

Danielle: We've got to get rid of these threats as quickly as possible. Let’s say, for example, that Eric is on a different tribe than yours, and his tribe goes on a immunity spree because of him and his muscle. We don’t have to deal with that if we take him out tonight.

Both Benjamin and Heather stay silent for a moment until Benjamin addresses Danielle.

Benjamin: It makes sense, but we need more numbers.

Danielle: I’ve talked to Tony and Jenn. They haven’t given me an answer, but they’re thinking about it.

She walks away from the two as they muddle over what they should do.

Heather: What do you think we should do?

Benjamin: Do what’s best for me and you. That’s all we can do.

The camera cuts to the nine members of the blue team leaving for Tribal Council, with Danielle leading the way.

I don’t think I’m going home tonight. I think it’s between Danielle and Eric, but I don’t know what to do, though! Man, this is hard. I just have to do what’s best for me, but...I don’t know what that is yet. I just don't know.


The camera zooms out on the nine leaving camp and transitions to the sun setting, then to Tribal Council with the lone torch of Danielle leading the way again. Once they arrive inside the hut, Probst begins the Tribal Council ritual to the eight who have not been christened a torch.

Probst: For those of you who don’t have a torch, go ahead and grab one, approach the flame, dip it in, and get fire.

Everyone but Danielle grabs a torch and approaches the fire pit.

Probst: In this game, fire represents your life. If your fire is gone, so are you. That will be the case for one of you tonight.

Everyone places their torch behind their stools, sits down, and awaits Probst’s interrogation.

Probst (sitting down): Abby, how would rate your performance today?

Abby: Umm...a five out of ten. While everyone else is either an eight or a nine. I was slow today, but other than that, I think I did okay.

Probst: Henry, having a five out of ten in a group of eights and nines already makes you the odd man out.

Henry: It most certainly does. It makes you stick out like a sore thumb. Nobody else has done anything wrong, so I know what I’m writing down on that piece of paper tonight.

Probst: Abby, it can’t make you feel good to hear Henry say that.

Abby: Oh, it doesn’t. At all. I am just hoping that who I’ve talked to today has talked to other people. Otherwise, I’m gone.

Probst: Benjamin, what do you base your vote off of tonight?

Benjamin: Loyalty and what’s threatening to me.

Probst: Heather, what about you?

Heather: Whatever gets me farther in this game. (laughs) Just as long as I with the right people.

Probst: Danielle?

Danielle: Tonight, I base my vote off of who is threatening my advancement in the game. Whether that’s a physical, mental, or strategic threat, that remains to be seen.

Probst: With that it is time to vote. Benjamin, you’re up.

One by one, the nine castaways get up from their stool and approach the voting booth and return to the central area of Tribal Council. Only Abby and Danielle’s voting confessionals are aired.

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

The nine castaways are seen anxiously waiting as Probst returns with the urn.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Probst opens the urn and the first vote.

First vote: Abby (1)

Second vote: Danielle (1-1)

Third vote: Eric (1-1-1)

Fourth vote: Danielle (2-1-1)

Fifth vote: Danielle (3-1-1)

Sixth vote: Danielle (4-1-1)

Seventh vote: ...

Probst: Second person voted out of Survivor: Mongolia...Danielle. That’s five, that’s enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Danielle (looking around as she stands up surprised): Wow. You guys got me good.

As Danielle approaches Probst, the camera cuts to Henry, who is puzzled at what just happened. Danielle places her torch before Probst.

Probst: Danielle, the tribe has spoken.

Danielle looks back at the other eight still stunned and then proceeds to leave the Tribal Council area.

Danielle (as she is walking away): Wow...

Probst: Well, Danielle said it herself. She voted who she thought was threatening to her, and the majority of you thought she was threatening enough to be taken out herself. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The eight Survivors arise from their stools, grab their torches and depart from the Tribal Council area.

Tribal Council

Day 2

Tribal Council 1:
Blue Team
Wayne (8 votes)
Danielle, Elliott, Jake, Julia, Katie, Melissa, Nicholas, Scott
Scott (2 votes)
Ruth, Wayne
Wayne Matlock

Voting Confessionals

You're abrasive and impolite. I hope to see you go tonight.


Class dismissed.


Final Words

I didn't think I had the numbers to begin with, but it's still disappointing to be leaving first. With that being said, the two days I have been out here, I have taken in so much. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and nobody can take that away from me.

–Wayne Matlock

Day 4

Tribal Council 2:
Blue Team
Danielle (7 votes)
Abby, Benjamin, Eric, Heather, Jenn, Tony, Victoria
Abby (1 vote)
Eric (1 vote)
Danielle Taylor

Voting Confessionals

This vote is what's keeping me here tonight...I hope. I do not want to go home.


You're the biggest threat to me going forward. I'm sorry.


Final Words

I did not see that coming at all. I guess they thought I was strategizing too much, and they saw me as a dangerous player. That has to be it because I didn't show any weakness out there. It just sucks to be voted out second.

–Danielle Taylor

Still in the Running

Tribes Unknown

Next Time on Survivor...

  • As tribes are formed... "Men on the light discs, women on the dark discs." ...lines are drawn. "He's got to go. We have to take him out soon."