Noctourne Alley
Noctourne A
Contestant Profile
Birth Date February 4, 1987 (1987-02-04) (age 31)
Hometown Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Little League Soccer Coach

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Tribes Niiv
Placement 3/18
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 39

Noctourne Alley was a contestant in Survivor: Kermadec Falls.


Noctourne is a little league soccer coach and wants to be a professional athlete. She is athletic, strong, and brave. She is playing because she wants to go down in history and be remembered, and wants to see the world.

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Noctourne and Tim Matthews were the first to finish the very first challenge, immediatly they knew they were a force to be reckoned with, they formed an early alliance. After losing the first immunity, Noctourne listened to Olivia Whitfield and she was responsible for eliminating Kael Jackson.

Noctourne was also the one to mention Olivia's age as a factor for elimination after they lost again, Olivia was eliminated.

On Day 7, news of the tribe switch arrived. Mungo was to be temporarily dissolved. Noctourne and her close friend Tim were switched to Niiv. Noctourne befriended Vanessa Summers, sadly her team lost again. By day 11, Noctourne and Tim finally won immunity and were safe from Tribal Council.

Then, Niiv lost immunity again, without a plan, Noctourne snooped around at night. She overheard Grey's plan to throw the next two challenges in order to get rid of herself and Tim. Nocturne was not happy. She told Tim and Vanessa the plan and they went to tribal set on forcing a tie. They did, unfortunately, Vanessa lost the tiebreaker against Ilena Swan, dooming Tim and Noctourne.

Noctourne and Tim protected themselves by carrying their team to victory at the next challenge, they knew they would be gone if they lost the challenge.

On Day 19, the teams merged, Noctourne and Tim were reunited with Sienna Hart, but Adam White was gone! She was able to change the game by siding with Owen Brookes and Sarah Linn and eliminating Sam Daley and later Ilena.

Noctourne began to have a fallout with her friend Tim on Day 30. She wanted to keep Flora Gardenia and vote out Grey Winters, Tim wanted Flora out because she was "too likeable". That vote was the first time Tim and her voted differently, Flora was eliminated.

On Day 36, Noctourne's closest ally Tim was eliminated.

Alone, Noctourne knew she had to win immunity, she and Sarah made a deal during the final chllange, Sarah surrendered her things so Noctourne could win, and she did. The following day, Noctourne deliberated who to get rid of, she was going to take Sarah to the final three, but she wasnt sure between Blake and Grey.

Well it's hard to say it, but even though I've been gunning for Grey this whole entire time, now that the time has come, I don't think I can do it. You see, if it would have been a final two, I easily would've gotten rid of Grey now and Blake next, but its not going to be a final two. And I don't want Blake to be in the finals.


Blake was eliminated.

She pleaded at the Final Tribal Council that she played the best physical game of the three, she won one vote from Tim.

Voting History

Noctourne's Voting History
Episode Noctourne's
Voted Against
1 Kael -
2 Olivia -
3 Mark -
4 Niiv Tribe Immune
5 Ilena -
6 Niiv Tribe Immune
7 Sam -
8 Ilena -
9 Sienna -
10 Grey -
11 Grey -
12 Blake -
13 Blake Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Noctourne
Second Runner-up, Day 39


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  • While writing the story, I intended for Noctourne to win, however, last second I changed my mind and let the creators of the story characters vote for the winner, and Grey won, so I changed the ending for Grey to win.
  • Noctourne is the only female to win individual immunity in Survivor: Kermadec Falls.