"Not My Problem"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 5/14
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This is the 5th episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

Selva tried to regain their spirits when they won the Reward Challenge, but they quickly fell apart when Laurel tried to get Cooper out and Rose tried to get Julianna out after she saw the idol near her bag, when it was really Cooper's. They lost the challenge and the four-person alliance voted out Laurel, 4-2-1.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Cell Block Sea
Tribes have to race out to a bamboo cage. In the cage underwater is a heavy chest. They have to release the chest and take it back to shore. Once they are on shore, they will have to move the chest along a track and onto a platform by using grappling hooks. The first tribe to do so wins.
Reward: Tribal Immunity, 3 pillows, and a blanket.
Winner: Tribe/person/s who won the challenge


Selva comes back from voting out Laurel, 4-2-1. Rose, after not voting with the majority again, goes to Cooper to see what happened.

Quote1So, why did you vote Laurel?Quote2- Rose
Quote1She's dead weight. If Julianna sticks with us to the merge, we have the idol on our side. Laurel tried taking me out, so I couldn't trust her.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I guess, but you have to stick with us again. Please, Lukas and Julianna are going to the end together.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Hmmm...Quote2- Cooper
She might be not on my side, but she has a point. Julianna is dangerous with Lukas.


Day 13

The two tribes arrive, Selva without Laurel, as she was voted out.

Quote1Now, I have brought you here for not a challenge.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Wait, what?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Why are we here then?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Because these tribes are no more. A tribe switch is happening.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Wow...Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Holy crap.Quote2- Carmen

Jeff has each of the contestants pick an egg from the bag. On 3, all the remaining contestants smash their eggs on their bodies with either yellow, for Selva, or purple, for Litoral. The new tribes are as follows:

The New Selva Tribe
Brady Litoral
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Dover Selva
Julianna Selva
Ralphie Selva
The New Litoral Tribe
Chip Litoral
Cooper Selva
Joel Litoral
Lukas Selva
Rose Selva
Skylar Litoral

Jeff gives out new buffs and tells them to head back to camp as their challenge will be in a couple days.

The new Selva tribe introduces themselves to Brady, Carmen, and Casey as they show them around the camp. Brady and Carmen are elated for their new tribe, while Casey is less than enthusiastic.

I'm on this new tribe, and with my luck, I end up on this new tribe without any of my alliance members. I have talked to Brady and Carmen, but I really hope the Selva tribe has more cracks then we did.


Quote1This is amazing, new tribe, fresh start, we have Casey, and all we need is for one of them to flip to get a majority.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Nothing can be better.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Unless they have an idol.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Go to hell.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I kid, I kid.Quote2- Brady

Dover then comes over to talk to the two people.

Quote1Hello.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Hey, Denver, right?Quote2- Brady
Quote1Dover.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Yeah...why did your parents name you that?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I don't know my parents lived in Delaware, the capital is Dover, so yeah...Quote2- Dover
Quote1Well...ok? So, what do you want to talk about?Quote2- Brady
Quote1Well, it seems that there is 3 against 3...but I am in the minority.Quote2- Dover
Quote1You? Mr. I'm-the-fricking-athlete?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Yeah, I've rubbed some the wrong way, and they might take me out next.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Who are you talking about?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Look, there's an alliance between Lukas, Julianna, Cooper, and Ralphie. And Julianna has the idol.Quote2- Dover
Quote1You're serious.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Yeah, I want Julianna gone.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Well, we'll help.Quote2- Carmen

Dover leaves and Casey comes in.

Quote1What was that about?Quote2- Casey
Quote1We might have just gotten the majority.Quote2- Carmen.

Night falls as the new Litoral tribe is relaxing around the fire, telling stories and laughing.

This tribe is amazing, we feel like we can dominate anything. Everyone is so cool with each other, and I know it's only the first night we're with each other, but everything seems chill. The opposite tribe. Not my problem!


Quote1So the girl is completely drunk and can't see straight. I'm working my usual shift, when she comes up and starts flirting with me. I'm like "Cool, whatever."Quote2- Cooper
Quote1This doesn't sound interesting...Quote2- Joel
Quote1Just wait, it gets better. She tries to climb over the counter when she stumbles and ends up on the floor. To make things worse, she starts throwing up everywhere. So I have a puke sprinkler and no one to help. It was just so hilarious when I think back about it.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1That's kinda funny. I've had my running back start puking in the locker room because the locker next to his had a dead rat. That was funny.Quote2- Chip
Quote1And now our nice conversation has gone to throw up. I'm gonna lay down.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Ha!Quote2- Cooper
Quote1So, what was it like on Selva?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1It was fun, we were pretty cool, all we did was get rid of loose weight, as you can see.Quote2- Rose
Yeah, I lied. Who cares? They don't need to know our secrets. Well not now.


Quote1So, has anyone found the idol?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1For our tribe, I don't think so.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Oh, none of us have the idol either.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I believe Julianna got it for our tribe.Quote2- Rose

Lukas picks his head up from the shelter, but puts it back down and goes to sleep.

*yawn* Thanks for waking me, by the way. I know Cooper has the idol, and of course we're gonna keep quiet. Rose thinks Julianna has it, so yeah, it's hidden in our possession. Can I go back to sleep?


The tribes fall asleep, waiting the next day.

Day 14

Dover wakes up in the Selva shelter, but gets up and heads to the beach.

My first couple days haven't been fun. I've somehow been in the minority because of some bartender trying to take the game by storm. He needs to get over himself. I'm glad he's not here anymore. I can't wait to get this game back on my side.


He then heads back to the shelter to tend to the fire, where Casey is.

Quote1Hey, why are you up so early?Quote2- Casey
Quote1Just meditation, clearing my mind.Quote2- Dover
Quote1What's troubling you?Quote2- Casey
Quote1I need to backtrack and get a new strategy because I am destined to not make the final 2 if I go this way.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Well, if you're willing to join me, Brady, and Carmen, we'll be glad to help.Quote2- Casey
Quote1As long as it gets me farther.Quote2- Dover
I might've shot myself in the foot, but hopefully this works out in my favor.


Meanwhile, Julianna and Ralphie are walking through the forest, talking about the next plan of action.

Quote1We need to rope in Brady and Carmen and vote out Dover. He's a threat we need to leave the game.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1Yeah, I know but wouldn't it be easier just to take out Casey? We can't really self-destruct our tribe even farther.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1But if he makes the merge, he would flip.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1*sigh* Fine, whatever...I want to go back to the shelter to try to at least talk to Brady.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1See ya there.Quote2- Julianna

Julianna continues to gather firewood while Ralphie heads back to camp. Ralphie walks onto the Selva beach where Brady is collecting leaves fallen from trees to help the shelter.

Quote1Hey, we need to talk.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1About...Quote2- Brady
Quote1Julianna wants Dover gone. I would like Casey gone. I know he is part of your tribe, but you guys don't seem to connect.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1I like this idea about Dover. But Casey can be a good option too. Why does Julianna want him voted out?Quote2- Brady
Quote1He doesn't trust him. He's been on the minority, and we don't know if he'll flip against us.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Why are you telling me this?Quote2- Brady
Quote1Because he will replace you in their alliance.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1*pauses*I'll think about it.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Okay, please talk to me about it.Quote2- Ralphie

Both walk towards the shelter.

He's right. I am at the bottom of Litoral. But I can't cut Dover off if he's gonna flip. It's a very hard decision for me, as I am the swing vote.


At Litoral, everyone is by the shelter, trying to get out of the heat.

As far as we know, it is still Litoral versus Selva. But the switch could have saved me. Right now, Cooper and Lukas are not the top dogs anymore. This is my moment to make a move against them.


While Cooper and Lukas are away, Rose goes up to Chip, Skylar and Joel and starts explains that Cooper and Lukas have been running the show on Selva and she needs to knock them down. The three agree that when they go to the next tribal council, they should vote Cooper off for being controlling.

It seems like Cooper is a threat on the other tribe we need to take out. Selva seems to be a really bad tribe from the start, which we could easily take down. It's just like a rival team, you gotta find their crack and pick at it long enough before you can break through.


Soon Cooper comes back with Lukas, who went off to sit at the beach for awhile. Cooper doesn't know where he left, leaving suspicion between the other tribemates.

No one knows what Lukas does when he leaves. He could be searching or digging idols back up. He's so mysterious you can never see what goes on in his head.


If he has the Litoral idol, our plans can go to smoke. If he has the Selva idol, we're screwed. He's so secret about his actions that no one can trust him.


Day 15

The two tribes meet for the next Immunity Challenge. The challenge starts and all 6 members from each tribe run out to get their cage unlocked. Skylar holds her tribe back by swimming poorly to the cage. Selva can immediately climb the cage and hop into the water. Skylar gets her tribe back in the challenge by unlocking the cage and the locks, giving them a little lead. The Litoral tribe grabs their chest and is pushing it through the water. The strength of Lukas, Joel, and Chip easily outbeat the Selva tribe as Litoral reaches the track first, with Cooper throwing the grappling hook. As he misses his first throw, Selva is getting the chest on shore. Cooper gets it on and he pulls the first track in place, and they can push the chest forward. Casey starts throwing for Selva, but misses his two shots, and Dover switches to start throwing. Cooper connects his second track, giving a bigger lead for Litoral. Dover gets the first track but it is too late as Cooper gets his third track and they pull the chest through the track and putting in on the platform, winning immunity and reward. After collecting their reward, and immunity idol, they head back to camp, with Selva heading to tribal council.

Back at the Selva camp, Brady is talking to Casey and Carmen, when Dover comes in.

It is time to flush Julianna's idol, I can feel it.


Quote1Do you think we should take Ralphie out tonight?Quote2- Brady
Quote1No, he's useless. And he doesn't have an idol.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Well, hello to you too.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Sorry, but I'm not kidding, Rose saw it in her bag. And she won't expect anything.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Seems good. But what if she plays it?Quote2- Casey
Quote1She won't, I'll tell her and Ralphie to vote you or Casey. They have already talked to me about it, but it's not smart for anyone if she does have an idol.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Cool, good luck.Quote2- Dover

Brady walks over to Julianna and Ralphie and explains that he might have Carmen to vote off Casey, which Julianna is elated about.

Yes, Selva is gonna take over the game! This is gonna be so fun watching his face if he goes.


I really don't know who to vote, and it's gonna be a big tribal tonight.


At Tribal Council, the Selva tribe talks about how life is with new members. Dover says everyone really likes each other and gets along, but adds that this was the place no one wanted to be right now. Jeff asks about the tribal divide, which Casey says that it leads to much scrambling. Ralphie talks about how the other tribe seems really strong, but can easily be beat. As a final thing, Julianna says that no matter what the results, someone is getting blindsided.

All the members vote, and they are tallied. But Brady sticks with his original Litoral members and votes off Julianna. without an idol, snuffing her torch in a 4-2 vote, leaving her and Ralphie blindsided.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Julianna Selva
Julianna (4 votes)
Brady LitoralCasey LitoralCarmen LitoralDover Selva
Brady, Casey, Carmen, Dover
Casey Litoral
Casey (2 votes)

Julianna SelvaRalphie Selva
Julianna, Ralphie

Julianna Selva BW
Julianna Gomez

Voting Confessionals

This vote is strictly karmic retribution.


This will be fun.


Final Words

Wow...I can't believe they got me, well played. Dover has obviously jumped ship and now will leave Selva behind. That was so stupid of him to do.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva BW
Laurel Selva BW
Lukas Selva
Ralphie Selva
Rose Selva
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Rose contemplates flipping to Litoral with Dover while Lukas continues to have people question his behavior.

Author's Notes

  • The challenge comes from the Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites episode There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay.
  • In the original plan for this season, the only change I could remember is Dover switched to the Litoral tribe and Cooper stayed on Selva.