"Not Our Lucky Number"
Season Survivor: Japan
Author User:UlforceKnight
Episode Number 6/13
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: Japan.

Previously on Survivor

Down half their tribe, the remaining four Kagawa members morale around camp and even in the challenges was quite low. Oscar remained silent the vast majority of the time. Burt was angry. Ravenna was saddened but still tried to keep her head up. Shakti was further gone than the rest. She drank water straight from the well without boiling the microbes out. In their depressed states, the Kagawa members were unable to win a challenge, the same story that has plagued them from the start. At Ehime, there were some cracks in their unity that began to show. It didn't have an bearing on their challenge performance however. Kagawa returned to tribal council and Oscar was voted out.

Eleven are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Bocce in a Box
The tribes will play a game similar to bocce. A flag would be placed in the center of a circle. Each castaway will take a turn tossing a ball at the flag. The tribe who throws a ball closest to the flag will win reward.
Reward: Three chickens
Winner: Ehime

Immunity Challenge: Keep It Up
Castaways from each tribe must balance two poles using the tops of their hands against an overhead board. If a castaway drops either of the poles at any point, they are out of the challenge. The last person standing will win immunity for their tribe.
Winner: Ehime


Night 15

Burt, Shakti, and Ravenna walked back to camp after their fifth tribal council. By now it had become so routine, it was expected to happen every few days. That would have been perfectly normal if it had been postmerge but it wasn't. They shouldn't be attending every tribal council. Now, no one cared. The three of them accepted their fate. They were planning on only two of them making the merge. After that it was every man for himself. No one would take it personal. It was the hand they were dealt.

"How are we going to decide who leaves and who goes next time?" asked Burt.

"We could let chance decide," Ravenna said.

"What do you mean?" asked Burt.

"We all vote each other. I vote for you. You vote for Shakti. Shakti votes for me. We do that once. There will be a revote. We do that again on the revote. The only way to eliminate one of us will be to draw rocks again. I don't like that idea, but it is the best one I have. Hell, it's the only one I have. Unless you guys have something better," Ravenna said.

"I have nothing. In fact, I think that your play is the only play. We force fate's hand," Burt replied.

"That's a way to put it," Ravenna said. She noticed Shakti hadn't said anything. Ravenna asked her, "Shakti, what do you think we should do?"

Shakti looked up at Ravenna. After a moment, Shakti said, "I don't know. I think you're plan works."

Ravenna looked over Shakti. She saw how unresponsive Shakti was. Ravenna asked, "Is everything okay?"

"I just feel a little sick. Nothing major. I'm going to go lay down," Shakti said. She got up and went inside the shelter.

Ravenna turned to Burt, "She seems out of it. I hope she isn't sick with anything serious."

I hope everything is alright with Shakti. She's seemed distant for the last few days and now she is feeling sick. I have no idea what is wrong. I hope that nothing serious is happening to her.

–Ravenna Michaels

Day 16

Bocce in a Box

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Ehime characteristically came in first. They were followed by the devastated Kagawa. Jeff went on, "Ehime getting your first look at the new Kagawa tribe. Oscar voted out at the last tribal council."

Kagawa stepped on their mat. Shakti was starting to have stomach pains. She was in so much pain she wondered if drinking the unboiled water was the best way to leave the game. It didn't matter. She was going to play through this challenge. She was not going to go down in front of Ehime.

Jeff said, "Today's reward challenge is simple. You will play a game similar to bocce. A flag would be placed in the center of a circle. Each one of you will take a turn tossing a ball at the flag. Each person gets only one toss. The tribe who throws a ball closest to the flag will win reward. And your reward for this challenge is this."

Jeff uncovered a cage containing three chickens. He said, "These are yours to do as you please when you win. You can keep them to harvest the eggs or you can kill and eat them. Ehime, since you will have to sit out over half of you tribe, it doesn't matter who sits out. People can now sit out in back to back challenges to compensate for the tribe member differential. I also think it would be easier to ask who is playing."

Erin, Colton and Greg raised their hands.

"Okay. Everyone else take a seat on the bench," Jeff said, "For the competitors, we'll draw for the throwing order."

After everyone drew their number, it was Shakti who was going to throw first. She stepped up and tossed her ball. The ball landed and rolled within a few inches of the flag. Greg went next. He tossed the ball for Ehime. It rolled and smacked Shakti's ball, knocking it closer for Kagawa.

"Damn it," Greg muttered.

Ravenna tossed her ball. It landed further away from the flag than the other two's balls. Erin went next for Ehime. She tried to aim her ball to knock out Shakti's ball. It instead backfired. Erin's ball hit Shakti's ball in a way that made it roll right next to the flag. A glimmer of hope slipped into Burt's mind as he went to throw his ball. All he had to do was avoid Shakti's ball all together. It would take a miracle for Ehime to steal this one from Kagawa. Burt threw the ball. It soared over the circle. He went back to his tribe as Colton stepped up to the plate for Ehime. Colton made the three Kagawa members nervous by his completely calm demeanor.

As he started to aim his ball, Colton told Kagawa, "I know what you are thinking. It is going to take a miracle for Ehime to win. Sorry to dash your hopes, but I am that miracle."

Colton tossed his ball. It smacked into Shakti's ball and knocked it away from the flag, leaving Colton's ball in it's place. Burt and Ravenna were shell shocked. That wast the closest they had been to winning. Then it was snatched away from them. Shakti was more concerned about how she felt instead of the challenge.

The tribes returned to their mats. Jeff said, "Kagawa, this time you did everything you could. It just wasn't meant to be. I've got nothing for as usual. Ehime, these chickens are yours."

I...I...I don't even know what to do with that. We were there. And like the everything else, we ended up losing. This shit sucks.

–Ravenna Michaels


Ehime walked back to their camp after the closest challenge yet. Mark carried in the chickens as everyone else congratulated Colton on his miracle win at the challenge. Greg asked, "How did you do that?"

"There are many things you do not know about me, Mr. Zeisel," Colton said.

"I'm sure about that. You are a little strange but in a good way," Greg said. He turned to the others, "What should be do with the chickens?"

Heather answered, "There are two females. We should keep them and harvest their eggs. As for the male rooster, his days are up. It's chicken tonight."

"Sounds good to me," Mark said, placing the cage down, "But how do we get it out without it running away."

Erin came up with two small normal branches and a sharpened branch, "I'll take care of the male. Make sure the females don't get out. Take these two branches and place them in the cages blocking the females off from the male."

Colton and Peter took a normal branch each. They did as Erin said. The females didn't like being blocked in such a small space. Erin took her makeshift spear and stabbed the male in the neck killing it. After she pulled the spear back, Mark opened the cage, snatched the body, and close the cage again. Peter and Colton took out their branches, releasing the females.

Erin said, "So let's have chicken tonight as Heather said."

"The way you just stabbed that rooster with no problem is a little scary," Greg said.

"I do what must be done to get what I want," Erin said. She was talking about the chicken. However, she was thinking about the upcoming individual game.

If there is anyone here who is my biggest threat, it is going to be Colton. He is smart. Smarter than anyone here. I'm not too prideful to say he's smarter than me. That means I need him as much as I need Greg. But I can't take Colton to the end because he will win. There is something about him and the aura he gives off that makes people just like him. That's dangerous. Not just in Survivor but in life. For now though, he is an asset. When his usefulness is gone so is he. That actually sounds a little cold and calculated. And I like it.

–Erin Limberdon

Colton was the only one who picked up on what Erin had said. He didn't say anything but he knew Erin was going to be trouble soon.

Erin has a callous streak in her. That could spell danger for all of us. But not Greg. He is a dick. Erin would be wise to take him all the way to the end. Not just because he is a dick, but because she has control over him. Right now it is small. In the merge, she will direct which way Greg goes. Those two could be useful. I will need to be on their side for a little bit before letting them go. But Erin will be trouble.

–Colton Cruz


On the way back to camp, Shakti couldn't take it anymore. She collapsed on her knees. Burt turned back to see her. He ran to her side as did Ravenna. Ravenna asked, "Are you okay?"

"No, I'm having sharp stomach pains. Plus I'm a little dehydrated," Shakti said.

"You stay right there. I'll get some water and come back as soon as I can," Ravenna said. She ran off towards camp.

Burt stayed by Shakti as she fell forward. Shakti started to heave. Burt back up a bit to let Shakti vomit if she had to. After a grueling two minutes, Shakti did eventually vomit. When Burt saw it, he said, "Oh my god. There's blood in your puke. How sick are you?"

"Too sick," Shakti said, "I need medical."

Shakti fell over on her side as the camera man called medical in for Shakti.

Back at camp, Ravenna started boiling the water for Shakti. After five minutes, the water was steaming and thoroughly disinfected the water. She poured some into a wooden cup. She walked quickly back to the beach, careful to not spill the water. As she cleared the trees, she Shakti laying on her back with the medical team examining her. Jeff was standing nearby with Burt next to him. She dropped the cup and ran towards the scene. She ran up next to Burt, "What's going on? What happened?"

"Shakti started vomiting blood and then collapsed completely on the ground," Burt said.

"Oh dear lord," Ravenna said.

As for Jeff, he asked the lead medic, "What have you determined so far?"

"She's very sick. I'm not going to take any chances. With her vomiting blood, I was going to pull her from this game no matter what. I just wanted to see what it could possibly be. From what I see, I think she has a case of gastroenteritis. It can be acquired by eating or drinking contaminated food or water. She has had the infection for a few days."

"So you are pulling Shakti from this game?" asked Jeff to confirm what the medic said.

"Yes, I am. Gastroenteritis in this severe a state and this location would be fatal. So Shakti is out of this game," the lead medic said. She motioned for the other medics to take her to a boat that would take to be taken by helicopter to the closest hospital. She said, "There is one more concern I have."

"What is it?" asked Jeff.

"Gastroenteritis is contagious. So you two, Burt and Ravenna, be careful. If you have been exposed before the vomit, you could very well have an infection as well. Just keep an eye on your health. If you start to feel the same symptoms that Shakti had, do not wait. Call for medical to check you out. I want everyone to be safe," the medic explained.

Jeff turned to them, "We'll keep you updated on Shakti's situation. Just avoid this area until medical gets the vomit cleaned up."

Burt and Ravenna nodded and said they would.

Oh my goodness. I hope Shakti is going to be okay. I also hope I'm not infected because that looked terrible and brutal. I will say it makes me kind of nervous. Three is supposed to be a lucky number, but I guess it's not our lucky number.

–Burt Pratt

DAY 16:
Shakti Nibhanupudi
Shakti Nibhanupudi

Day 17


It was late morning at Kagawa. Burt and Ravenna were sitting in the shelter. It had been a depressing day realizing that they lost a friend to a very bad circumstance. Ravenna was thinking about what the medic told them. She was concerned she might have contracted the same thing that got Shakti out of the game. She said, "I hope I don't get sick like Shakti did."

"You won't," Burt said, "You weren't anywhere near the puke yesterday. I was right there next to her. I would be infected before you would."

"It's not just that, Burt. She had to have been sick for a while. We had drank out of the same cups as she did. We both could be infected for all we know," Ravenna said.

"That is not something we should think about now," Burt said, "We should think about happier stuff. Like not puking blood. Or losing a friend. Be positive. We will be fine."

"You're right. It won't do any good to be like this. I don't want to be all depressed going further in the game," Ravenna replied.

"Plus the paranoia," added Burt.

"Yeah, plus the paranoia," Ravenna repeated.

Day 18

Keep It Up

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Ehime marched in ready for the final victory over Kagawa. They noticed that only Burt and Ravenna had walked in and Shakti was nowhere to be seen. Jeff told them, "Shortly after the reward challenge, Shakti collapsed and the medics determined she had a severe infection in her digestive tract. She was pulled out of the game to save her life."

"Oh damn," Heather muttered at the Ehime mat. The other members of Ehime shared the same amount of surprise at the news.

Jeff continued on, "That doesn't mean we won't hold the challenge today because we will. However, it could possibly be a short one. But first thing is first. Ehime, I'll take it back....Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, members from each tribe must balance two poles using the tops of their hands against an overhead board. If either of your poles drop point, you are out of the challenge. The last person standing will win immunity for their tribe. Since Kagawa is down to two members, which two members from your tribe will compete against Kagawa's two, Ehime."

Greg and Colton raised their hands. Jeff told them, "Okay, Greg and Colton get ready. As for the other six of you, have a seat on the bench."

A few moments passed, Greg, Colton, Ravenna and Burt were set up for the challenge to begin. Jeff declared the challenge was on. The four competitors stood motionless for the first few minutes. Then out of nowhere Ravenna sneezed. The jerk from the sneeze caused her to drop her poles leaving Burt as the only one competing for Kagawa.

"F***!" Ravenna shot as she walked to the bench.

The remaining three competitors stood there as time passed. Twenty minuted had gone by when one of Colton's poles fell to the ground. He was silent as he walked back to the bench. Greg and Burt were the last two left. Greg for Ehime and Burt for Kagawa. Another seventeen minutes passed. Burt's hand started to hurt. Greg didn't care. He was going to win the challenge. Burt tried to readjust but failed. One of his poles fell to ground. That was it for Kagawa.

Greg saw that he had won the challenge, he dropped his poles. He said, "Oh yeah. Suck it. Ehime is undefeated! Screw all of you, I'm out."

Ehime awkwardly shifted on the bench obviously not approving of Greg's words. While they were shifting, Jeff announced, "Ehime wins immunity!"

Ehime stood up to take their place on the map. Burt and Ravenna had their heads down low. Jeff told them, "Kagawa, I'll see you tonight at tribal council. Go ahead and head out."



Burt and Ravenna returned to camp. Burt sat down on the log near the shelter. His stomach started to feel strange. He hadn't eaten all day and thought that was what was wrong. He began to cook a bowl of rice for himself. Ravenna sat next to him. She said, "Well after tonight there will only be one of us left. So that means tomorrow is the merge. It has to be."

"It will be but it won't be a merge. Ehime will just absorb the last remaining member of our tribe," Burt told her.

"Yeah and there will be a challenge tonight to determine who is going home tonight. We can't vote for each other. That would be pointless," Ravenna thought aloud.

"You're right," Burt said.

Tonight is the night that Kagawa will virtually destroyed. It will be officially destroyed tomorrow when the last member of our tribe is absorbed by Ehime. I'm friends with Burt, but I hope it's me that makes it out tonight.

–Ravenna Michaels

Tribal Council


Burt and Ravenna walked into tribal council. Jeff was sitting in his spot. When the two of them sat down, Jeff said, "Usually when there are only two people sitting in tribal council, it's for the million dollar prize. Except, tonight it's not. That has to feel terrible."

"You've got no idea," Ravenna grumbled.

"She's right," Burt said.

"Very well," Jeff replied, "Let's get to the big issue. Shakti's evacuation. Currently, she is in a hospital in the city of Kōchi. She is taking some potent antibiotics to helps with the infection. She is expected to make a recovery but of how long I don't know."

"That's good to hear," Burt responded.

"How about you two? Are you feeling sick?" asked Jeff.

"I'm fine," Ravenna said, "Burt's been feeling nauseous recently."

"Is that true?" asked Jeff.

"Yeah, but I think it's because I haven't had much to eat in almost three weeks," Burt said.

"I don't know if that's the actual reason he's feeling like that," Ravenna said.

"What do you mean?" asked Jeff.

"It's just that Burt was right next to Shakti when she puked. I don't think whatever she had is airborne, but Burt and Shakti were sharing cups and spoons in the days leading up to her evacuation. I don't want to lose another person to sickness," Ravenna explained.

"She's right to have concerns," Jeff said, "Are you feeling worse than you are letting on?"

"A little bit," Burt answered.

"Remember if you feel like you need medical within the couple of days, ask for it. That's the extent of the incubation time of gastroenteritis," Jeff said.

"I may have been lying a bit," Burt said, "I've been nauseous because I haven't eaten. That part is true. But I haven't been hungry."

Ravenna shot her head to Burt, "That wasn't a big red flag to you. We've been famished for almost three weeks and you aren't hungry. Something in that equation doesn't work."

"I know. I can deal with it though," Burt said.

"Are you sure?" asked Jeff.

Uncertain, Burt answered, "Yes, I'm sure."

"Very well," Jeff said, "As for the vote, there won't be one due to Shakti's elimination. In order to keep this game consistent, we are not having a vote tonight. One more time though. Burt, if you need medical just ask. Go on and head out."

Burt and Ravenna left tribal council. Burt was feeling worse and Ravenna was worried for him.

Voting Confessionals

There were no votes this episode.


There were no votes this episode.

Final Words

Shakti had no final words at her evacuation because of the severity of her condition.

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