Octavia Vinistez
Lukep (14)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 2nd, 1970
Hometown Atlanta
Occupation Beautician

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Tribes Thomas
Placement 3/16
Alliances The Breakfast Alliance
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 1
Days Lasted 38

Octavia Vinistez is a contestant from Survivor: Virgin Islands.


Octavia was born in Atlanta and was adopted when her parents could no longer provide for her. She worked as a waitress until she was fired. Octavia then became a beautician and has been since. She wants to play Survivor to show everyone how strong she is. Probst stated that Octavia is a "lovable girl" who may get carried to the end.

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Upon arriving on Exile Island, Octavia was placed on the Thomas tribe. After Leo won her tribe the challenge, they went to camp. She formed an early bond with Felicity. After losing the next challenge, Casper made a sexist comment, offending Octavia. Casper flipped out at Octavia, and Tiffany calmed Casper down. But Casper was still voted out. Shortly afterwards, Octavia assured Harrison not to worry about the obnoxious Justice.

Voting History

Octavia's Voting History
Episode Octavia's
Voted Against
1 Casper -
2 Thomas Tribe Immune
3 Thomas Tribe Immune
4 Thomas Tribe Immune
5 No Vote
6 Sparky -
7 Samantha -
8 Haley -
9 Leo -
10 Justice -
11 Harrison -
12 Tiffany -
13 Felicity -
13 Ineligible Harrison
Voted Off, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Octavia only received one vote against her the entire game, and it was her elimination vote.