"Odd Man Out"
Season Survivor: Nevada Mountains
Author Kaffe4200
Episode Number 5/14
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Odd Man Out is the 5th episode of Survivor: Nevada Mountains.


Reward Challenge: Archery
Each tribe chooses three people to shoot a bow and arrow. Each person gets three arrows and has to hit three targets. The tribe with most hits wins. In case of tie, an extra arrow will be played.
Reward: Coffee, tea, chocolate
Winner: Shoshonne

Immunity Challenge: Pull The Rope
Seven people from each tribe will participate in rope pulling, trying to get everyone from the other tribe across a line. If they manage to do so, they win.
Reward: Immunity.
Winner: Shoshone.


Day 13

Table Mountain

On Table, Bobby, Earl and Gene were out hunting. It was early, and the others hadn't woken up yet.

Bobby: I talked to Zeuia yesterday... he told me we should get rid of the two of you...
Gene: What? Why?
Bobby: He said he was thinking forward, long-term. That you are strong players.
Earl: But you need strong players right now, so that doesn't make much sense to me. No offense to Zeuia.
Bobby: I know. I told him that was stupid and that we'll stick with Gloria if we loose.
Earl: Just to be sure, let's just win tomorrow, right?
Bobby: Of course.

Zeuia has worried me from Day 1. He's weird and he shouldn't be here.


Nah, I don't blame Zeuia. I'm sure he had a good reason for saying what he did.


I've talked with Gene and Earl, and honestly, I don't know who we should vote out next. But of course, as Earl says, let's just win then we don't have to worry.


Shoshone Mountain

A few hours before the challenge, Trenton decided to pull Rob aside.

Trenton: Rob, could I talk to you?
Rob: Sure. What's up?
Trenton: You voted with the girls yesterday. I get why, we didn't welcome you, and I'm sorry for that.
Rob: Don't worry 'bout it. They just gave me an offer and I thought it was a good one.
Trenton: Right. Well, in upcoming councils, I just want to make sure that we're together?
Rob: Because of my idols?
Trenton: Yes.
Rob: Well, yeah. Sure. Sounds good.

Elsewhere, Helle and Nellie were talking to Brown.

Nellie: You voted Al, why? Kacee could have gotten a shot of surviving, you spoiled that.
Brown: I don't want to play this game you are playing. Talking about people behind their back.
Nellie: You talk trash about Al all the time.
Brown: I do not.
Helle: We just need to know you're with us, Brown. We don't want to loose.
Brown: You have Rob, isn't that enough?
Nellie: No. It's not.
Brown: Well...

I can't believe Brown. She is the reason Kacee got out. Not the guys, it was Brown.



As the two tribes arrived, Jeff was standing by an archery course.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge, three people from each tribe will use a bow and arrow to hit their targets. You have three arrows each. The tribe with the most hits combined, wins. In case of a tie, an extra arrow will be played. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes!
Jeff: Good. Who will play for Table?
Bobby: Me, Cameron and Gene.
Jeff: Bobby, Cameron and Gene for Table. Shoshone, who will play for you?
Trenton: Me, Marcus and Nellie.
Jeff: Trenton, Marcus and Nellie versus Bobby, Cameron and Gene. All right. Here's what you're playing for: coffee, tea, chocolate.
Gloria: Oh... guys, we have to win this!

Contestant Arrow 1 Arrow 2 Arrow 3
Bobby Hit Hit Hit
Cameron Miss Miss Miss
Gene Hit Miss Miss
Trenton Hit Miss Hit
Marcus Miss Miss Hit
Nellie Hit Hit Hit
Table Shoshone
4 5

Jeff: Congratulations, Shoshone. Come take your reward. I will see you all tomorrow.

Table Mountain

As the tribe got back to Table Mountain, Cameron began apologizing.

Cameron: Guys, I'm sorry. I really thought I was better and... yeah, I'm sorry.
Zeuia: As long as you don't make us loose the next challenge, I do not blame you.
Cameron: What do you mean with that?
Zeuia: What I said.
Cameron: Wait... guys, do y'all really blame me? I mean...
Gene: Of course not, Cam. I messed up too.
Earl: Nobody's blaming you, Cameron. Neither you or Gene.
Zeuia: Talk for yourself, Earl.
Earl: Right, yeah... sorry...

Shoshone Mountain

The mood in Shoshone was high after getting the reward. They quickly began setting over coffee and splitting out the chocolate.

Helle: Oh, man... this was the best reward ever.
Marcus: I've missed coffee so much.
Lysander: I hear ya. I usually start my day out with three or four cups. This is amazing.
Helle: Yeah, great job to the three of you. Really.

I hope the others see me as a more important member now. I hit with all three arrow. Not even Trenton did that. So, yeah, I feel good right now.


I did know that Nellie was strong, but she blew me away today. She did great.


No, I don't want Nellie gone. Helle and Brown can go. Nellie is strong, they are not.


Day 14


The tribes arrived to the challenge early in the morning. Jeff was standing by a field and a piece of rope.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge, you will pull a rope, trying to get the opposing team across the line in the middle. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes!
Jeff: Shoshone, two of you guys will have to sit out. Who will that be?
Helle: Me and Brown.

The two teams began pulling at Jeff's signal, and it didn't take long before Shoshone began to struggle. However, as Zeuia slipped, it gave room for Shoshone. They managed to pull half of Table across the line, and soon the rest got over too.

Jeff: Congratulations, Shoshone. Come take the idol. Table, I'll see you tomorrow at council.

Table Mountain

As Table returned, Bobby, Earl and Gene went out to check their traps. Cameron followed.

Bobby: I know the plan was Gloria, but think about it. The way Zeuia treated Cameron after the reward challenge.
Cameron: I agree. He also made us loose today, the way he slipped.
Earl: That was just a mistake. We can't blame him for that.
Cameron: Right, but still.
Bobby: So that's what we do? Vote out Zeuia?
Gene: Sounds good. What do we tell him?
Cameron: Tell him to vote for me. He hates me anyway.
Bobby: All right. I'll do that. Earl, will you tell the girls?
Earl: Sure thing.

So we are voting out Zeuia. I don't know how I feel about it, I mean... it's not his fault we lost today.


Earl still doesn't get the game, but I will help him. I want Earl to progress in this game. He's a really nice guy.


We are voting out Cameron today, apparently. I would have voted Earl or Gene, but I am going with the majority.


Day 15


At the council, the first thing they were told to do, was to light a torch and set it behind them. They did that, and then Jeff began talking.

Jeff: Welcome to council. Gloria, you didn't get your coffee.
Gloria: No, I didn't, and it makes me so irritated on the guys who was in the challenge. They did well though, and... yeah, the others were just better than us.
Jeff: So there's no reason to vote out Cameron or Gene?
Gloria: Not because of that, no.
Jeff: Zeuia, do you agree?
Zeuia: Not at all. Cameron made us loose, there's not much else to talk about.
Cameron: Who made us loose the immunity challenge then?
Zeuia: That's a bad argument.
Jeff: Let those be the words. One by one, you go up and write the name on the person you want out of Survivor. You have to vote, you can't vote for yourself. In case of tie, it will be settled by duel. Bobby, you're up.

One by one, they all went up and wrote the names on the people they wanted out. After everyone had voted, Jeff got the urn and began revealing the notes.
He kept turning the votes until there was 3 votes on Zeuia and 1 on Cameron.

Jeff: That means there is four votes left. If the next vote is on you, Zeuia, you are out of Survivor. The fifth person voted out of Survivor, Zeuia. Zeuia, get your torch, get up here.
Zeuia got up and got his torch. Jeff put it out with the words 'the tribe has spoken'.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Zeuia (6 votes)
Bobby, Cameron, Earl, Gene, Gertha & Gloria
Cameron (1 vote)
Zeuia Marhmad

Voting Confessionals

It's not enough to be strategic in this game. You have to be nice too.


Whose fault was it again?


I don't agree with this, but, well.


You are currently our weakest tribe member. Sorry, Zeuia.


Just staying in the game...


Finally we're getting rid of you.


Get out of here, Cameron.


Final Words

That was possibly the most stupid thing you could do. I don't get it, but good luck from now on, I'm sure you are gonna need it.


Still In the Running

Morey Peak

Next Time on Survivor...

The contestants are getting hungry.

Guys! We're out of rice!


And Lysander tells his story.

I was homeless three years ago...


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