"Oh No You Didn't!"

Donna, before and after.
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 2/15
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: That's Offal!
All five tribe members must consume a long, heaping platter of cooked animal innards. First two tribes with an empty platter wins reward.
Reward: One very large tarp, two lanterns, blankets, pillows and mosquito nets for the first placing tribe; whilst the second placing tribe may only choose two of the five said items.
Winner (in order of finish): Magan and Nagar
Temptation Reward: Additional fishing supplies for the tribe, such as twine, bait, an extra fishing spear and a large fish net.
Consequence: Participant must shave his/her head.

Immunity Challenge: Blade Runner
Three members of each tribe, sequentially, must use a machete to chop through wooden beams and ropes to release a set of puzzle disks. Once all six sets of puzzle disks are collected for the tribe, two other members must assemble the disks onto a large post, forming a statue of their tribal animal. Once the puzzle is completed, the two puzzle solvers must then drag it across the finish line to win.
Additional Stipulation: Only one tribe will win immunity, whilst the two other tribes will go to Tribal Council (separately) to vote one of their own out of Burma.
Winner: Magan


Night 3

As the Magan tribe reaches camp, Kendra becomes emotional for losing their second Immunity Challenge in a row. Jolanda comforts her tribemate, and tells her that with the tribe being down to their five strongest members, they are sure to win the next challenges.

The tribe morale was severely low right now. Like, we have yet to win a challenge. But I still have faith. I like Magan lightyears more than Ulong. Please let me win something!


Late at night, while Jolanda, Kyle and Chuck are already sleeping, Conway wakes up to pee, only to see Kendra by the beach, visibly worried. After taking his bathroom break, Conway goes to Kendra and asks her what is bothering her. Kendra says she cannot sleep because she has "this awful pit" in her stomach. Kendra explains she is worried that Jolanda, Kyle and Chuck are a tight group, leaving both of them in trouble. Conway tells Kendra to shrug it off, because Conway feels he's next, not her. Conway explains that he is the most socially awkward of the five remaining Magans, and notes that Kendra is a great competitor and a bright woman. So if there is anybody who is the next target, Conway deduces it is him next. Their conversation ends with Conway telling Kendra not to anticipate losing, because it might reflect on her performance at challenges.

Day 4

During a beautiful sunny morning at Nagar, while the whole is away for a fishing expedition, Desiree and Donna are left back at camp. Desiree slacks at the shelter, while Donna prepares rice. Donna politely asks Desiree to help her, but Desiree continues to act asleep, though Donna knows Desiree is only feigning. After washing the rice, Donna goes to the water hole to collect more water.

Donna's a sweetheart, and she's the type of person who I want to manipulate to get what I want. I'll corner Donna and tell her she's going if we lose, but that is to keep her out of my way but still keep her as my goat. that way, if both of us reach final tribal, she's not gonna have votes because she's not taken seriously.

–Desiree, on her plans to bully Donna.

Unknown to Donna, Desiree follows her to the well. While the child development online student is doing her job, Desiree comes up to her and heckles at her.

Donna: "[fills buckets] Good morning. So, you're awake. Can you help me? I will do two trips here because I'm collecting water for rice, and another for the clothes."
Desiree: "Of course you are, are you stupid? And I won't help you."
Donna: *sighs* "Okay."
Desiree: "You know what, I hate you."
Donna: "I know; and I don't care."
Desiree: "You should be."
Donna: "I won't. You see, I have stuff to do, so if you will not help me, please get out of my way? Thank you." [smiles]
Desiree: "No I won't. I want to stay here and tell you I hate you so much. You're like a cockroach that needs to die. So let me tell you this bitch, don't you get in my way ever again or your ass is gone."
Donna: [gently drops completely filled bucket] "Do you really hate me?"
Desiree: "I do."
Donna: "Oh well. [carries the bucket and acting like she's walking away]"
Desiree: "Don't you walk away from me!"
Donna: "No I won't." [throws all the bucket's contents to the fire] "Now what?! Hate me more?! What you gonna do?
[Desiree is stunned]

As the rest of the Nagar tribe returns to camp, Francesca notices Desiree all wet, while Donna continues to cook food. Desiree claims she took a morning bath while they are away. But in her head, Desiree knows that if another conflict between her and Donna is witnessed by their tribemates, there is a high possibility it's Donna or her who will get voted out.

Desiree's continues to push my buttons. I never said three words to her, and she want me to treat her as her bitch. If continues to do this, I'll hand her ass. I've been trained to be tolerant to kids, not with adults who act like kids.


I think Donna's the type of girl who you can walk over. Wrong move. But I have to take her out before she tells the tribe what I did to her.


At Sar Mayee, Molly and Mirna are sleeping while at shore, the five others contemplate that Mirna is their weakest members, while Molly is the angriest. Marshall, Rashad, Brittany, Tina and Patrick agree to form a coalition against the two. Marshall expresses his concern of the possibility of the three tribes will be mixed up into two new ones in the future, stating that they should still stick together. After a fist bump, the five returns to the shelter to do chores. Unknown to them, Molly was keenly observing them throughout their conversation.

I'm not stupid. In Survivor, long conversations means they're strategizing. If it's true, me and Mirna are in trouble.


Day 5

The tribes receive Tree Mail, which informs the survivors of their next challenge. At the end of the message, there is a smaller note propped inside the bamboo canister, notifying them about the existence of a Hidden Immunity Idol at their camp; but the tribes do not search for them, as they will be immediately go to their next challenge.

The tribes convene for the first Reward Challenge - the first exotic food challenge in many an age. At Nagar, Desiree and Donna struggle to stomach the cooked entrails, while at Sat Mayee, Molly tries to avoid vomiting. Magan musters up by not hesitating to down the delicacy, even imagining them as an all-meat buffet. In the end, the Magan tribe's perseverance pays off, winning them their first challenge and all the five items. Nagar finishes in close second, and takes two of the prize items (Nagar wisely chooses to take the tarp and blanket). Jeff reveals about the existence of Exile Island. Jeff asks the winning Magan tribe to send one person from the other two tribes. The Magan tribe chooses Donna from Nagar and Molly from Sar Mayee, deducing that the two girls are the Nagar and Sar Mayee's weakest members, respectively after seeing them struggle at the challenge. In turn, Donna and Molly are given the chance to send one member from the Magan tribe to join them on Exile Island, where they choose Kendra.

The Magan tribe returns to camp with a brighter mood than last night. Jolanda suggests to relocate their shelter to a higher ground since their shelter is close to shore; and with Burma on its rainy season, the tides will wash their shelter away anytime soon. While relocating, Chuck and Jolanda butt heads to where the shelter should be placed. Jolanda insists to at least make it at least near the woods to prevent ocean waves from reaching their shelter while Chuck insists to scrap the shelter and just make a tent out of the tarp, stay at the beach and use the sand as their cushion. Though Kyle and Conway agrees that Chuck's idea makes sleeping more comfortable, they side with Jolanda for safety reasons. In the end, the tribe pushes the shelter to dryer ground, next to the jungle.

Chuck tries to get the leadership role, but we won't give it to him, because I'm contented with Jolanda's leadership. I guess Chuck doesn't like taking orders from women.


At Nagar, Desiree makes the most of Donna's absence by making up a story about their verbal showdown yesterday. Desiree "explains" that she was trying to help Donna at chores, but Donna shunned her by dousing the fire with water. Francesca and Zach (Donna's closest friends in Nagar) believe that Donna's story is a lie.

Since Day 1, Donna has proven to be a sweet and sincere. From the looks of it, Desiree's story doesn't make sense to me. For one, Donna doesn't seem to be the type of person who can do that, but Desiree can. They've been fighting since this game started, but I've always trusted Donna. For some reason, Desiree's trying to take Donna out by telling lies about her.


At Sar Mayee, Molly's absence seems to take a toll on her ally Mirna, who remains inactive throughout the day. While the tribe invites her to bathe with them, Mirna thinks they're just playing her.

I miss Molly. I like her. Being with these buffoons rips every fiber of my being.


On Exile Island, Kendra, Molly and Donna are welcomed by a crate and a pedestal with a bag on top. A note tells them to grab a stone without looking, and whoever gets the colored stone will have to read the second not, which is sealed in wax. Of the three, Donna gets the black stone. Donna opens the sealed note, which contains a message that devastates her.

Congratulations! You just got access to the Temptation Reward. This is an opportunity to possibly change your fate in this game, either for the better or for the worse. You can forget that this letter even existed if you refuse to take it, but if you do, kindly open the crate below you. Inside this crate contains additional fishing gear which comes with a roll of twine, a bottle of fish bait, an extra fishing spear and a net that is larger than that of what you have back at camp. If you want the said items, you must shave your head using the materials a box inside the Exile Island shelter. Again, forgoing the Temptation Reward is also a choice. Choose wisely.

–The Temptation Reward note (as read by Donna)

As an act of goodwill, Donna agrees to shave her hair, which appears to be a mess, island hygiene aside. Donna's hair prior to the game was a platinum blonde bob cut, but she cut her hair short and dyed it pink. Five days into the game, the pink dye fades, revealing her blonde hair with horrible streaks of pink. At the watchtower-like shelter, the girls find a battery-operated razor and a mirror. Donna asks Kendra and Molly to assist her. After five minutes, most of Donna's hair are shaved away, leaving her half-a-millimeter away from being completely bald. Donna seems to enjoy her new look, as the ugly streaks of pink are almost unnoticeable.

After bonding over collecting crabs and oysters, the three exiled women reveals the situation at their respective tribes. Donna explains that her Nagar tribemates treat her very nicely, except for Desiree (even explaining their conflict yesterday). Kendra assumes that after eliminating their weakest members Barbie and Oswald, the tribe is fractured between her and Conway and Jolanda, Kyle and Chuck. Molly states she found that the rest of Sar Mayee formed an alliance against herself and Mirna. Mutually troubled, albeit in different degrees, the three girls decide to make an alliance of their own, and decide to bring at least one tribemate to their fold so when they merge, they will have six solid votes.

If our "Three Tribes Alliance" works, we will run this game like nobody's business!


Day 6

After receiving Tree Mail, the three tribes reassemble for their next Immunity Challenge. As Kendra, Donna and Molly reunite with their tribes, Nagar is shocked to see Donna with a shaved head, with Zach teasing Francesca that Donna made her run for her money. Jeff informs them that Donna took the Temptation Reward, and the prize awaits back at camp. As Jeff is about to tell them their prize, Donna cuts him, saying that she would let her tribemates know what she donated for them. The host then informs the tribes that in this Immunity Challenge, only one tribe would win, as the two others will go to separate Tribal Councils and vote of their own off the island. For the Magan tribe, this is a make-or-break situation, because if they lose once again, they will be down to four members. Nagar sits Donna and Francesca out, while Sar Mayee benches Mirna and Molly.

Magan immediately takes an early lead. Thanks to Kendra, Chuck and Kyle's efforts, they swiftly retrieve their bundles. On the other hand, Sar Mayee closes the gap with Tina, Danny and Patrick, while Nagar makes an oversight, because the stronger members (Danny, Nigel and Zach) are assigned to to the chopping part of the challenge), leaving Xavier and Desiree to struggle because the post is apparently heavy, as they see the other tribes having difficulty in dragging the post. While Nagar is about to do their puzzle, Kyle and Conway of Magan and Marshall and Rashad of Sar Mayee are already dragging their posts to the finish line, with Magan finishing the puzzle first, but struggles in pulling the post, and Sar Mayee struggling at the puzzle, but quickly erodes the gap due to their brawn. After a close race, Magan wins challenge, keeping them safe for three more days, and effectively sending Sar Mayee and Nagar to Tribal Council.

At the jungle near Nagar camp, Desiree approaches Donna and apologizes to her. But in truth, Desiree just wants to keep Donna quiet, and to exploit her kindness. After the conversation, Donna goes to Fran and Zach and tells them the truth about her whole incident with Desiree. Donna explains she was politely asking assistance from Desiree, but the statistician went hostile to her. Fran suggests Donna should not bring this up for now and just reveal it at Tribal Council. Zach tells Donna that they should let Desiree dig her own grave.

Donna: "Here's the thing guys, I thought this will not blow out of proportion. Desiree seems to frame me up about our fight when you guys were away."
Francesca: "What exactly happened? Is it true you tossed water to the fire?"
Donna: [tells Francesca and Zach the true story]...and yes, I tossed water to her face.
Francesca: "Oh no you didn't?!"
Donna: "I did [laughs]. Like, she sees herself as Alicia [Rosa] and she's trying to find her Christina [Cha]."
Zach: "I guess you let her dig her own grave before you do anything. For one, I don't buy her lies. But hey, I can't believe you let her have it. That's the part of her lie that got me."
Donna: "The catch was, me throwing water at her was true!"

Meanwhile, at the shelter, Desiree continues her crude plan of taking Donna out of the game by gossiping about her and telling them that she is manipulative. Xavier, Nigel and Danny seem to agree with Desiree's claims, but when she leaves the shelter, the three men mutually do not but her lies.

If there's anybody who can really do manipulate and be spiteful, it's Desiree. I don't buy any of her stories, since she has been bitchy towards Donna since Day 1.


At Sar Mayee, Molly asks to Mirna what happened during her absence. Mirna confirms that there is indeed a five person alliance in the tribe and it's either her or Molly going home. As a last resort, Molly and Mirna decide to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Catching them looking for the idol, Brittany goes to the beach and tattles Molly and Mirna. Brittany proposes to split the vote 3-2 with Molly having three votes, so they can take the idol out of the equation.

This Tribal Council is going to be a easy one. If Mirna goes, Molly's definitely next because no one from our tribe likes her. If Molly goes home, then at least we have our next target so we don't need to worry. At this point, we don't care if they find an idol or not, because we're splitting the vote, and we decided to give three of out votes to Molly to send her home, but if she uses the idol, then we have two spare votes to allocate for Mirna.


At Sar Mayee's Tribal Council, Mirna and Molly fight for their lives by confronting their tribemates, because all of them had personality flaws, but only seem to look at Molly's. Marshall rebuts that they cannot afford having a tribemate that is that volatile. While their plan was to give three votes to Molly, Patrick (who is supposed to vote for Molly) mysteriously changes his vote to Mirna. While Molly anticipates that it is her time to go, Patrick's swing vote suddenly swerves the axe to Mirna's direction, blindsiding her in a harrowing 3-2-2 vote. At Nagar's Tribal Council, Jeff notes that they are the most dominant tribe of the three, but castigates them for blowing the last Immunity Challenge. Desiree continues her lies about Donna. But not backing down, Donna strikes back by telling the whole story between her and Desiree when the rest of the tribe went fishing. Desiree tries to counter Donna's story, but eventually fails, because the men join in the conversation, telling Jeff that Desiree has been rude to Donna the whole time. The tribe deems Desiree to be a disruption to tribe unity and untrustworthy, sending her home after an unanimous 6-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Sar Mayee

Tribal Council 3:
Sar Mayee
Mirna (3 votes)
Marshall, Patrick, & Rashad
Molly (2 votes)
Brittany & Tina
Patrick (2 votes)
Mirna & Molly
Mirna de Mon

Voting Confessionals

Molly, I'm so sorry. You just have an angry disposition that turns people off.


This is supposed to be Molly, but the mere fact that she can be a perfect final three opponent made me switch my vote. I'll deal with them later.


Apologies, Molly. you just don't fit in.


You're sick. Simple concept.


I may be done tonight, but you guys should focus more on how will we keep Sar Mayee strong, not base your votes on your alliances. As for you Patrick, you've been puking these whole time, and I am worried sick. Regardless, hope you get it together.


Sorry girl. We need people who really contribute to the tribe.


I made a promise to this alliance, but I am worried this might bite me in the ass. But for now, as long as it's not me, i'm fine with it.


Final Words

Well, I don't think I could have done anything differently since I can't really work with people whom I don't like. Molly, hang in there for me.

–Mirna de Mon


Tribal Council 4:
Desiree (6 votes)
Danny, Donna, Francesca, Nigel, Xavier, and Zach
Donna (1 vote)
Desiree Sanders

Voting Confessionals

You are the most pretentious person I have ever met...bitch!


You are destroying the synergy we're trying to build. Please go home.


Telling lies is a near-requirement in this game, but yours is definitely uncalled for.


Strong person and competitor, but you are so argumentative and bitchy. Good riddance


This is how I kill people with kindness.


It might be me, but I don't care anymore.


Donna may not be as strong as you, she makes life at camp easier because of her joyous spirit. How about you, what did you contribute to this tribe? Nothing!


Final Words

Damn stupid move for me. I should have been more discreet. Donna, I still hate you.

–Desiree Sanders

Next Time on Survivor

  • Magan is on a roll, can they keep it?
  • Two idols will be found.
  • A game of Sudoku will tear one tribe apart.
  • Will Patrick's last-minute vote change be Molly's chance to strike back?
  • With Mirna gone, will Molly able to find a replacement to join the three-tribe's alliance?

Author's Notes

  • The Immunity Challenge is a redux of the Immunity Challenge from Survivor: China's I Lost Two Hands And Possibly A Shoulder episode, albeit slightly modified (instead of disks simply being stacked together, a puzzle of the tribe's mythical creatures must be formed on the post).
  • In the original draft of the season, Donna originally doused water at Desiree herself and not the fire, but the author realized this could have disqualified Donna; therefore, the author made a minor inconsequential change.

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