"One Person Alliance"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 13/14
Episode Chronology
Previous Endplay
Next I Feel Like I Can Beat No One

One Person Alliance is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Hainan.


Reward Challenge: A Leg Up
Survivors must balance a ceramic vase on the end of a balance beam with one leg. When they can no longer take the pain or they lose their balance, their vase will drop and smash, eliminating them. The last person left wins.
Reward: To have their loved ones to share a lunch picnic back at camp, with sandwiches and all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Winner: Bobby (Choose Keith and Lucas to join)
Immunity Challenge: Pegatory Knockout
The challenge features three rounds of elimination. In the first round, the castaways must dig until they find a wooden peg which they will use to navigate a maze. The first four to finish move on to the second stage of the challenge. In the second stage, the castaways will use four pegs to navigate a wall. The first two to finish move on to the final stage, where the first person to complete a sliding puzzle will win Immunity. Winner: Lucas


Night 33

Congratulations, Johnathan! You found a way to improve your rank to the fifth! Now I'm in my one person alliance and no doubt and there is a lot of cracks for me to possibly make my way to the finals.


Day 34

A reward challenge was carried out.

Contestant Time lasted
Lucas williams

15 minutes

Ingrid hong

30 minutes

Johnathan mott

30 minutes

Keith dawson

40 minutes

Fion fish

70 minutes

Bobby nelson

70 Minutes

Bobby won the reward for himself and Jeff offered him to take two more people to join him. He first chose Keith and then Lucas.

It was strictly a strategical move. I know Johnathan has made final 3 promises with both pairs, and Fion lost her trust early in the game in an unexpected split vote. So I hope that's the crack in that five.


At the reward,

Quote1Bobby, we thank you so much for taking us to the reward.Quote2- Keith
Quote1You know, we are guys and we take up so much more energy.Quote2- Lucas
Quote1This is just a part of my strategy, I know I am alone now but I have to take two more people with me.Quote2- Bobby
Quote1I can understand your choices though.Quote2- Lucas
Quote1I don't know if you two feel safe if I'm out next, because you have no clue what's Johnathan's doing.Quote2- Bobby

Day 35

Keith and Lucas, their closest ally since the beginning, discussed what should they do in order to get them in the end.

Quote1I think if we force a tie, and if one person from their side has an idol and another has the immunity, we would draw rocks and eliminate one of our own.Quote2- Keith
Quote1Yes, so if they voted for Bobby, let's just switch, if not we'll draw rocks, and hopefully it's Bobby instead of one of us.Quote2- Lucas
Quote1But do we have a way to get to four people? Quote2- Keith
Quote1 You mean getting back to Fion and Ingrid?Quote2- Lucas
Quote1 Well we never officially split up this allianceQuote2- Keith

In the mean time, Johnathan talks to Fion and Ingrid about their alliance.

Quote1Don't you two think the division is clear now, after the reward?Quote2- Johnthan
Quote1But if we force a tie, I don't want to draw rocks in the end!Quote2- Ingrid

Day 36

The immunity challenge was carried out.

Result Winner Eliminated 3rd round Eliminated 2nd round Eliminated 1st round
Castaway Lucas williams
Fion fish
Bobby nelson
Keith dawson
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott

Keith and Lucas later approached Ingrid for a possible final three.

Quote1I believe neither of us would like to draw a rock in the end.Quote2- Keith
Quote1That's exactly what I am worrying about!Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Ingrid, I hope you could think about it, we know we shouldn't really let Johnathan or Bobby to get to the end because they fought really hard to get back to the main game. If you get to the final four with Fion and us, would you vote with Fion?Quote2- Lucas
Quote1If we get three today, and the other three just vote whatever they wanna vote, we would have majority.Quote2- Keith
Quote1Just don't let Fion know, if you don't wanna get beaten at the end.Quote2- Lucas
Quote1I don't know! This is too sudden! I need to think about it.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1That's alright, but I think we are voting against Bobby tonight.Quote2- Keith
Quote1You could tell Fion to vote for Keith, we are used to it.Quote2- Lucas
Quote1I'll get back to you later.Quote2- Ingrid

At tribal council, Jeff asked Fion what would she based her decision on tonight, and she answered that she would follow her previous alliance. Keith was then asked was it the time to make a game-changing move. He answered whenever the timing is right, no matter it's Day 1 or Day 38, it's still the perfect timing. The tribe then went on voting.

Still in the Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee gray
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds gray
Dash mash gray
Elisa smith
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps gray
Hope holmium nickle gray
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott gray
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris gray
Oak timm gray
Penny smith gray
Qwerty filex gray
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye gray
Tifanie case gray