"Only One Will Survive, Buddy"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 11/12
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Only One Will Survive, Buddy is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Reward Challenge: The Penny Chase
All the contestants are given covered nets. Thousands of pennies are located in a pool, and the contestants must use their nets to collect as many as possible in a limited time of sixty-five seconds. Whoever collects the most wins.
A nice feast while visiting a Tuvaluan village.
Winner: Stephennie

Immunity Challenge: Tuvalu Braille Maze
Blindfolded and with an individually shaped medallion, the final five must get to a key station in a maze, use their medallion to lower a key, then they must get through the maze to a drawbridge. Find their drawbridge, unlock and lower it, cross into the next maze, and so on. In all, there are five mazes, with increasing size and complexity, but with guideposts throughout to assist in locating the key stations and exits. First to get out of the fifth maze wins.
Winner: Yoshirou


Day 31

Bobby admitted to Yakawae about voting for Kelie. Yakawae told him that he forgave him, but would get back at him. Bobby was scared about what that meant, but was happy that he forgave him.

Yoshirou and Raphael were happy that they were successful in getting rid of Kelie. Raphael stated that there next target would either be Yakawae or Stephennie. Yoshirou wanted Stephennie gone because she was both strategic and well-liked. Raphael thought that voting out Stephennie would be a great idea so the two stuck with that. Stephennie tried to communicate with Raphael. She wanted to get on his good side before anybody started to target her. She told Raphael that she started to trust him more because of his skills in gameplay yet he wasn't as sneaky as Yakawae or Bobby. Raphael thanked her but revealed in a confessional thathe had absolutely no trust for her.

Stephennie, Bobby, and Yakawae chatted about the game. Stephennie said how it was an amazing experience for her so far, but she didn't want it to end. Bobby wished that Raphael's experience would end along with Yoshirou's so they could make up the final 3. Both Yakawae and Stephennie agreed. Yoshirou joined them in their chat and the four walked to the water. Stephennie congratulated Yoshirou's victory on becmoning the final Funa member standing. Yoshirou thanked her and told them that he respected all of them.

Day 32

The final five meet Probst at a mini pool near camp. Probst announces the reward challenge and the five start. Yakawae had the most throughout the whole thing, but at the last second dropped half of them, coming in third. Stephennie won the reward and chose Bobby to go on the reward with him.

The two enjoyed the feast and they visited some Tuvaluan people. Stephennie said this was the best reward she that Survivor had to offer.

Day 33

The Immunity Challenge came up. Throughout the challenge, Yoshirou and Yakawae played an excellent performance. Yoshirou ended the maze first and won his first Immunity challenge.

Yoshirou and Raphael were stuck on having Stephennie as the castaway they were voting for. Stephennie, Bobby, and Yakawae were voting for Raphael. However, Yakawae started to change his mind. He told Raphael and Yoshirou he may vote for Stephennie because of Kelie's elimination and Bobby's vote for her. The two tried to convince him to vote for her. Yakawae had a huge decision because he really liked Stephennie but knew that she was a threat, too. Yakawae asked Raphael if they were voting for Stephennie just to make sre this was not a devious plan. They both promised they would vote for Stephennie. At Tribal, Stephennie and Bobby voted for Raphael. Raphael and Yoshirou voted for Stephennie. To get back at Bobby, Yakawae voted for Stephennie. Stephennie was voted out 3-2.

Day 34

After voting out Stephennie, the four went down to the beach. They all agreed it was nice to survivor to Day 34. All four fixed up camp to look as luxurious as possible. Yakawae tried to build a tree house, and he ended up succeeding. The four knew that this was the point in the game where everything started to calm down. Yoshirou talked to Bobby about voting out Raphael because he knew that if Yoshirou targeted Raphael as much as possible he would make it far. Bobby, however, wanted Yoshirou gone because of his victory the previous day. Yakawae and Bobby became very great friends despite their minor argument about voting out Kelie and Stephennie. The episode ended with them climbing up to the newly built tree house to see what it was like.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #:
Stephennie (3 votes)
Raphael, Yakawae, Yoshirou
Raphael (2 votes)
Bobby, Stephennie
Stephennie Calaway

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

"I mean, this really sucks. But this whole experience was amazing. I wouldn't take it back for anything. I happily earned the badge of the last female standing, I feel fantastic. Good luck to you four, no hard feelings. Well, maybe a little."


Still in the Running

Next Time on Survivor: Tuvalu...

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