"Oozing Hunger"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 10/12
Episode Chronology
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Oozing Hunger is the tenth episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Reward Challenge: Marco Polo
Blindfolded players and their also-blindfolded loved ones are at opposite ends of a maze. Calling to each other, they must reunite and make it to the large platform in the center of the maze. First pair to do so wins.
Reward: The winner's Loved Ones get to spend the night at their camp.
Winner: Yakawae

Immunity Challenge: Keel Hauling
Each castaway must pull themselves along a rope under a floating wood platform without coming up for air. The challenge runs in two heats. The winners of each heat would compete against each other in the final heat. The winner of the final heat wins Individual Immunity.
Winner: Yakawae


Day 28

In the morning, Bobby and Yakawae went fishing and talked about strategy. Bobby wanted Raphael out, but Yakawae suggested Yoshirou. He said that Yoshirou was sneaky and nobody ever targeted him, instead targeted Raphael. Bobby wondered why they couldn't just take out Yoshirou afterwords since he wasn't as good at challenges as Raphael was. Yakawae considered this.

Stephennie and Kelie were also talking about the end game. They knew that there was now an inner alliance of four, and they were all very tight. Kelie wanted to take out Raphael because Kelie liked Yoshirou because he was nice and he was an original Funa member. Stephennie thought Raphael would be out because of being a threat. Stephennie told Kelie she wanted them to be a final two. Kelie said she was in, but in a confessional she said she was torn between her or Yakawae.

Yoshirou told Raphael that they should take out Kelie since she wwas very nice and bubbly so everybody enjoyed. Although it hurt Yoshirou to say this because they used to have a close relationship, he still liked the idea. Raphael liked the idea. Yoshirou told him to wait until the last day to tell anybody else because if they had too long they would realize they were big threats. Raphael wanted Bobby in because he knew that Bobby had the least amount of a good relationship with Kelie out of the other three.

Kelie, Stephennie, Bobby, and Yakawae all started talking. Yakawae told them that he was voting Raphael first with Bobby. Kelie told Yakawae to stop swimming because of his nose, but Yakawae wasn't concerned because he didn't know how he would hurt it. Kelie was scared he would get bit by something, but Yakawae still refused. After that, the four of them all went back to the shelter to sit by the fire.

Day 29

The next morning, Raphael came back with tree mail saying that there were videos. All the castaways gathered around. First came Stephennie's mom, Barbara. She instantly became happy and cried. Next up was Raphael's wife, Juanita. Raphael felt overjoyed. Then Yoshirou's sister Yuuna, then Yakawae's brother Veq, Bobby's father Stewart, and finally Kelie's sister, Leisa Ann.

The 6 castaways met for their challenge. Probst announced that their Loved Ones will see them. First came Barbara. Stephennie embraced her and Barbara commented on how skinny Stephennie was getting. Next was Yakawae's brother, Veq. Veq almost started to cry he as so happy. Next was Stewart. Bobby and Stewart hugged and asked what was going on with them. Stewart was happy that Bobby made iut this far. Next came Leisa Ann, who was very happy to see Kelie. Kelie looked around and found a twig in which she gave to Leisa Ann to keep as a Tuvaluan gift. Yuuna came next, and Yoshirou was so happy to see her. Yuuna wept and talked about how good Yoshirou was looking. Fianlly, Juanita came. Raphael kissed her and told her she looked beautiful. Probst announced that there was going to be a Reward Challenge and the winner would take their Loved Ones back to camp to spend the night.

During the challenge, Raphael and Juanita were doing splendidly until Yakawae and Veq finished. Probst said that he was allowed to select two people to have their Loved Ones come, too. He picked Stephennie and Bobby. Kelie, Yoshirou, and Raphael said goodbye to their Loved Ones.

At camp, Kelie was upset for not being selected. Yakawae told her that he picked Stephennie because he wanted to gain her trust. Kelie forgave him. Veq asked Yakawae if she was his girlfriend, in which Yakawae responded, "Not quite." Stephennie showed Barbara around camp. Barbara kept on answering questions and became disgusted whenever an answer was not what she expected, like when she asked where the bathroom was and Stephennie answered, "The woods." Bobby talked to his dad about strategy. Stewart told him to take Stephennie because Yakawae was well-liked. Bobby understood, although Yakawae was a close friend.

The alliance of four and their Loved Ones chatted in the water. The Loved Ones agreed to get Raphael out because of his challenge ability compared to Yoshirou. Meanwhile, Yoshirou was complaining because he never got picked. Raphael told him it was because they were selfish people. Yoshirou knew that they were a tight pact, and he wanted to destory it.

Day 30

Early in the morning, Barbara asked if there was any food, but Stephennie said they had to find it. Barbara said they must be oozing hunger. Stephennie said in a confessional that only her dad watches Survivor with her.

Bobby, Yakawae, and Stephennie had to say goodbye to each of their Loved Ones. Raphael told Yoshirou he wanted Yakawae out since henever chose them to bring their Loved Ones home. Yoshirou thought that would be good.

At the Immunity Challenge, the first set was Bobby vs Yakawae vs Kelie, and Yakawae won. The next heat was Raphael vs Stephennie vs Yoshirou, and Raphael won. In the final round, Yakawae won individual Immunity.

The four were settled on Raphael until Yakawae brought up eliminating Yoshirou. From today's performance, he saw that he could beat Raphael easily and he knew Yoshirou was smart. Kelie agreed, but the other two didn't like it.

Yoshirou decided to pull Bobby in. He talked to him about writing down Kelie. Bobby easily declined, but Yoshirou explained it better. Yakawae would try to take Kelie to the end, so they were a power duo. Bobby knew that if Yakawae would win Imunity, he would choose Kelie, but if she was gone, he would choose him to stay. Bobby knew that Yoshirou was trying to trick him, but he really wanted to make it further. At Tribal, Yoshirou and Raphael voted for Kelie, Yakawae and Kelie voted for Yoshirou, and Stephennie, still liking the idea of voting out Raphael, voted for Raphael. Bobby, however, couldn't choose, but he picked going further and voted for Kelie. Kelie was voted out 3-2-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Kelie (3 votes)
Bobby, Raphael, Yoshirou
Yoshirou (2 votes)
Kelie, Yakawae
Raphael (1 vote)
Kelie Conrad

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

"You know, I had fun!! I am on the Jury now!! So pumped to give my speech. I hope Yakawae wins, if not him, Stephennie or Bobby. I loved the game, I had fun, and I am so happy I did better than sixteenth, nothing against Rhianna, but that would suck. Oh, and Charlie, you owe me fifty dollars! Hehe!!"


Still in the Running

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