"Operation Annihilation"
Season Survivor: Japan
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Japan.

Previously on Survivor

Sixteen new castaways entered the game of Survivor on the smallest of the four main Japanese islands, the island of Shikoku. The castaways were divided into two tribes. Ehime was a tribe of unity. Kagawa was a tribe divided. Ethan and Daniel had an instant dislike of one another. At the immunity challenge Ehime flexed their muscles, dismantling the Kagawa tribe. At tribal council, the rivalry between Daniel and Ethan was the big story. Daniel lost and he was the first one voted out of Survivor: Japan.

Fifteen are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Block It Out
A pair of castaways from each tribe would swim out into the ocean to retrieve one of four crates with a different color on each face of a crate. Once the two castaways retrieve the crate, they would bring a it back to the beach, and a second pair of castaways would go out to retrieve another crate. Once all four crates are retrieved, the crates would need to be stacked so that one color didn't show more than once on each column. The first tribe to complete the puzzle would win.
Reward: Tarp and rope
Winner: Ehime

Immunity Challenge: Strung Out
From a platform in the water, each tribe member must transport a bag of puzzle pieces to the shore, navigating the bags over and under a series of above- and below-water obstacles. Once on shore, the first tribe to complete their puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Ehime


Night 3

Kagawa walked into their camp. Ethan had a smile on his face. He had accomplished his task of taking out his rival in the tribe. He addressed the tribe, "That is what happens when you go against me. You will be voted out. I want all of you to know that before any of you get any ideas to get me out of this game."

Ravenna and Shakti shared a look with each other. Burt shook his head. Oscar, Courtnie and Olivia all had smiles on their faces. Ethan entered the shelter. Shakti turned to Burt, "Did he just say that?"

"I believe he did," Burt replied.

"What a dick," Shakti told him.

"No joke," Ravenna added.

"Lets just go and try to get some sleep for tomorrow's challenge," Burt told the women.

Ethan voted out the most vocal opponent of his decisions. He then in turn voted him out. He has now set himself up as the leader of this tribe. You know who does that? Tyrants and dictators. If this is going to be a dictatorship, I want know part of it. If need be, there might just be a coup.

–Shakti Nibhanupudi

Day 4

Block It Out

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Ehime walked in then Kagawa came in. Jeff said, "Ehime, getting your first look at the new Kagawa tribe. Daniel was voted out at the last tribal council."

"What?" whispered Greg.

"Why would they get rid of him?" asked Erin.

Jeff told them, "Are you guys ready for today's reward challenge? For today's challenge, a pair of castaways from each tribe will swim out into the ocean to retrieve one of four crates with a different color on each face of a crate. Once the first pair retrieve the crate, and bring it back into the beach, the next pair will go. Once all four crates are collected, you will stack the crates so that one color didn't show more than once on each column. The first tribe to complete the challenge wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?...Tarp and a rope to help you with the weather. Ehime, you have one extra member. Who's going to sit out?"

Erin raised her hand.

"Okay, Erin, take a seat on the bench. For the rest of you, I'll give you a moment to prepare and we'll get set up," Jeff said.

Several minutes later, Jeff gave the signal and the castaways were off. Greg and Mark of Ehime and Ethan and Oscar of Kagawa were first into the water. Mark and Greg quickly made their way to the first crate. Ethan had to wait for Oscar, who was struggling to swim, to catch up before they could go back to shore. Mark and Greg swiftly made it back. Heather and Zoe were out next for Ehime while Ethan and Oscar just started to return to shore.

"Right out of the gate Ehime has an impressive lead!" Jeff said.

Zoe and Heather lapped Oscar and Ethan and brought their second crate to shore. Colton and Peter went out for Ehime as Ethan and Oscar finally reached their mat. Peter and Colton quickly reached the third crate. Ravenna and Shakti tried to make up time against Ehime, but they couldn't match Peter and Colton's speed. Peter and Colton reached the shore. They were quickly followed by Ravenna and Shakti.

"Ravenna and Shakti have made up a little time for Kagawa, but they are still way behind!" Jeff commentated.

Mark and Greg went out for the second time. Burt and Ethan went out for the third crate. Mark and Greg reached their crate just as fast as they did the first time. Ethan and Burt moved much faster than when Ethan was paired with Oscar. They were still well behind Mark and Greg's progress. Mark and Greg reached the shore.

"Ehime has all four crates. Get started!"

Ehime put all four of their crates in their frame. Alice was calling out which crates to change. Kagawa sent out Burt and Ethan again to get their last crate as Ehime continued to make moves on their puzzle column.

Alice was talking to herself. She said, "Side one has blue, yellow, green and red. Turn it."

Ehime turned the column. She said, "Side two has yellow, green, red, blue. Turn!"

Ehime turned the column as Kagawa finally got all their crates. Alice said, "Side three has green, red, blue, yellow. Turn!"

Ehime turned the column. Alice said, "Red, blue, yellow, green. Jeff!"

"Ehime thinks they have it," Jeff said. He walked over to inspect Ehime's tower, "And they do! Ehime wins reward!"

The tribes stopped what they were doing and returned to their mats. Jeff said, "The tarp and rope for securing that tarp are yours, Ehime. Kagawa, I've got nothing for you. Go ahead and head out."

We were steamrolled again. Why would we send Oscar out during the first run? It's not that he is old. He can't swim. That's the problem. If he can't swim, why send him out? Ethan's decision making is crazy.

–Ravenna Michaels


Ehime returned to camp after their second time destroying Kagawa in a challenge. Peter and Mark took the tarp they had won to reinforce the already quite sturdy shelter. Heather spoke about the poor challenge performance of the Kagawa tribe, "How can a tribe be so miserable at challenges like they are?"

"We just started so they could get better as the game goes on," Alice replied.

"I doubt it," Greg gave his opinion, "They are so disjointed and there competitors appear much weaker than ours. Ethan is the only one that could rival anyone of us over here."

"That's a little rude, don't you think?" asked Alice.

"It may be rude, but after these two performances they had, I have to agree with Greg. We are by far the more powerful tribe in this game. We will continue to dominate Kagawa and in the end bring its destruction," Heather said.

"That's a little arrogant," Alice said.

"So what if it's arrogant. It's the truth. Heather, you are right. We will destroy Kagawa. I will bet anything on that. This is Operation Annihilation," Greg told the women.

"I'm all for dominating Kagawa and ending it, but we need another name. Not a fan of Operation Annihilation. It sounds kind of stupid," Heather said.

"We could work on the name," Greg replied.

"Or we could not name it and just do it. Words are little. Actions are immense. Lets go out their and show them we are here to beat them all the time," Heather told Greg.

Greg nodded, "I can do that."

"I hope you two don't jinx us," Alice said.

"It's not our attitude that jinxes teams. It's your kind of attitude that supposedly jinxes teams. We cannot think we might lose. We cannot believe that we are unbeatable. We need to know are unbeatable. So we will keep going out there and we will keep dominating Kagawa like the little bitches they are," Greg said.

"Greg, don't start that," Heather said.

Heather may have disagreed with me, but it's true. Kagawa are our little bitches right now. They will stay that way until all eight of them are out of this game and only us eight are left in the game. Then Ehime's scheming game will start. We have about twenty days before we need to start our planning to reach the end.

–Greg Zeisel


"We lost again, but it is fine. We take a loss here and there. Next time we will defeat Ehime to bring us the victory we seek," Ethan told the tribe as they returned to camp.

"Are you serious? We didn't loss. We were crushed. Twice. From what I've seen, what I've experience so far, we are not going to win the next challenge. We are going to lose. Crushed again. Ethan, you have to see that," Burt told him.

"All I see is a black haired fat man making sound that doesn't seem to join to make words. Maybe if you decide to go along with what I say, the noise might, just might turn into audible words," Ethan coolly told the people next to him.

"Are you telling me that it's your way and no one else's way?" asked Burt who was getting annoyed.

Ethan eyes looked up to the left. He said, "I think I made that one out. Yes, it is my way. No one else's way matter's. You don't do as I say, you are exiting this tribe. I am the only one who is allowed authority here. I hope that helps with your speech problem."

"And who in the hell put you in charge?" asked Ravenna who stepped next to Burt.

"Oh look another strange sound," Ethan said, "You two need to go to speech classes to get your language skills checked."

Ravenna started, "Are you..."

"Guys, let it go," Shakti interrupted, "Ethan's not worth your time. Lets go."

"Fine by me," Burt said.

Ravenna nodded, "Me too."

Shakti, Burt, and Ravenna left.

Holy crap. How can one man be such a dick? He believes he can run this camp like it's a tyranny. He told us he is a warehouse manager. He's a manager. I would hate to be one of his employees. They must live in a culture of fear. He seems nice at first. Then he shows his true colors. I can't stand that man.

–Ravenna Michaels

Ethan turned to the three others, "Can you three talk or do you just make noises as well?"

"You're the boss," Oscar said although he hated the way Ethan was speaking and acting.

"Oh good, there is someone here who can properly speak," Ethan said.

Both Courtnie and Olivia agreed with Ethan.

Burt, Shakti, and Ravenna need to know one thing. I'm the one in charge. I am the boss. I make the decisions. I will be the one who makes the decisions. I will be the one to rule this tribe. If you speak out against me, you are gone. If you don't do as I say, that is insubordination. So if you are insubordinate to what I tell you to do, you are gone. It's that simple.

–Ethan Collins

Day 5


It was mid-afternoon at Kagawa. Burt, Shakti, and Ravenna were sitting next to the trees against the beach. All three of them were looking out into the ocean. It was hell in camp with Ethan around camp being the asshole he was. He even tried to not make the three of them eat, but eventually decided to so he would seem as bad as he truly was.

"I can't believe how terrible Ethan is," Ravenna said.

"It must be hell for his employees because it sure is hell for us right now. I came out here for an adventure and fun, but Ethan is a horrible, fun-sucking man," Shakti told the other two.

"What sucks is that he is our strongest player here. We need him to have a shot at winning. We aren't close to winning now. If he goes, we aren't going to win at all," Burt said.

"I know," Ravenna agreed.

Someone walked up behind them. The three of them turned around to see Courtnie standing there behind them. She said, "I know that you wanted the weaker members gone and I was targeted by you. Right now I don't care. Ethan is an ass. I can't stand him. I am willing to work with you, not him. I don't want to be associated with someone like that."

"Are you telling us that you are not going to be with Ethan and you will be with us instead?" asked Ravenna.

"Yes," Courtnie said.

As the four of them were talking, Ethan was nearby listening to the whole conversation. His temper was boiling against Courtnie. He was going to let her have when she returned to the center of camp. He was going to let the whole know what Courtnie had done. Ethan watched as Courtnie left to return to the shelter. He left his spot to confront her.

Back at the treeline, Ravenna, Burt and Shakti heard yelling coming from the campsite. They got up to go find out what was going on. They returned to see Ethan yelling at Courntie with Oscar and Olivia sitting in the shelter silently watching.

Ethan said, "The one thing I hate more than people not obeying me is people who say they will do things and then don't do them. That is what you did, Courtnie. You are a lying bitch who is not worth my time anymore. You are going to go to leave this game next time we lose the immunity challenge. That is how this tribe works. You're next. You should not say you are doing something and not do it. That is the kiss of death for you. It will also be the kiss of death for the rest of you if you do what Courtnie did."

"Ethan, you're an ass that's why I went to them. Every dislikes you. We all want you gone, but you are the only one who keeps us in challenges, although we still get slaughtered," Courtnie said.

"I can't understand you, Courtnie. You have lost your ability to speak. That happened when you lied to me," Ethan said, "This conversation is over."

"Oh what a conversation, you berated and belittled me with letting my defend myself. You are a terrible person and a worthless boss," Courtnie shot back.

"The only part of that to make it into my is that I'm a boss," Ethan said. He turned around and left the area.

Burt, Shakti, and Ravenna smiled and looked at each other.

It is deplorable the way Ethan treated Courtnie today, but it helps us three. Ethan is definitely voting for Courtnie now. Us three will as well. That will give us a majority. Then is it will be three on three the next tribal council after that. It's going to go to a tie. When that happens there is no way that tribal will end without a drawing of rocks. It helps us out tremendously that Courntie is now Ethan's public enemy number one.

–Burt Pratt

Day 6

Strung Out

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Ehime and Kagawa walked in to the challenge arena. Jeff continued, "Are you ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First thing's first, Ehime, I'll take it back...Immunity is back up for grab. For today's challenge you will start on a platform out in the water. Each one of you must transport a bag of puzzle pieces to the shore. Getting it to the shore you will have to navigate the bags over and under a series of above- and below-water obstacles. Once on shore, the first tribe to complete their tribe's Buddha puzzle wins immunity.

"Ehime, you have one extra member. Who's going to sit out? It can't be Erin because sat out in the last challenge," Jeff said.

"I'll sit out," Zoe said.

"Zoe, take a seat on the bench. As for the rest of you I'll give you a moment to strategize and we'll get started," Jeff said.

Several minutes passed. The tribes were on their mats with their first members ready to go. Jeff said, "Survivors, ready? Go!"

Erin was first for Ehime. Olivia was first for Kagawa. Erin was a surprise with her gracefulness moving throughout the course. Olivia was performing better than she did in the other challenges. Erin's smooth performance got her through the obstacle course with hiccup. Olivia kept getting tangled up.

"Erin is through. Alice is out next for Ehime!" Jeff commentated.

Alice took her bag through the course. She was caught up a couple of time, but made it through as Olivia made it through for Kagawa. Colton was out for Ehime and Courtnie was next for Kagawa. Courtnie hadn't gone ten feet before she was stuck in the course. Colton had little trouble getting through the course. It was beginning to seem that Ehime was going to run away with another challenge. Greg went out next for Ehime. Greg got caught up a bit, but made it out quickly. Greg lapped Courtnie who was miserable in the course. Greg reached the beach. Heather went out for Ehime. It was the same story. She lapped Courntie who was halfway through the course.

"Courtnie, hurry up. We are on the way to being beaten down again!" Burt called out to his tribemate.

Heather reached the shore. Peter was next for Ehime. Peter started as Courtnie had finally made it through the course. Ravenna jumped in front of Oscar to go third for Kagawa. Peter and Ravenna had matching speeds moving through the course. They reached the end at the same time. Shakti went out next for Kagawa. Mark was the last one for Ehime to go out. Mark was caught up a bit. Shakti passed him to make up time for her tribe. She reached the beach well before Mark did. Burt was out for Kagawa. He made his way through the course. Mark reached the end of the course. He tossed his bag with the others.

"Ehime has all their puzzle pieces. Start building, Ehime!" Jeff told them.

Ehime took all their puzzle pieces out of their bags. Burt reached the beach for Kagawa and then Oscar was next for that tribe. Ehime started working on their puzzle. After only a couple of minutes, Ehime was putting the puzzle together like they had built it. Before Oscar could even reach the shore, Ehime put the final piece of their puzzle in place.

"Ehime wins immunity!" Jeff announce as he threw his hands in the air. The tribe's returned to their mats. Jeff took the immunity idol. He handed it to Erin and said, "Ehime, this is yours."

Jeff returned to his spot, "Ehime, you are safe from tonight's vote. Kagawa, I'll see you tonight where one of you will be going home. I'll give you the afternoon."

Another challenge. Another beatdown. Tonight we send someone home. I hope it's not me.

–Ravenna Michaels


Kagawa returned to their camp. Ethan was the first to speak again, "We all know who is going home tonight. It's Courtnie for her lies and plots against me. That's it. There will be no discussion about it."

Ravenna rolled his eyes. She didn't say anything because the target was not longer on her back. She felt bad for Courtnie but it was survival in this game.

I hate the way Ethan treated Courtnie. It was awful. But it's not me who is going home. If it wasn't her, it was me. Sorry, girl.

–Ravenna Michaels

Tribal Council


Kagawa came into tribal council. Jeff started the interview but Ethan was so obnoxious that Jeff shut the interview down quickly and gave the go ahead to vote.

Voting Confessionals

I'm sorry for how Ethan treated you. It was sickening. But this is a game of survival. If it's not you, then it is me. As I said, I'm sorry.

–Ravenna Michaels

Since I'm going home tonight, this is for you.

–Courtnie Owens


"I'll go and tally the votes," Jeff said. He left and returned with the urn. Jeff went on, "The person with the highest number of votes will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Ethan
Second vote: Courtnie
Third vote: Courtnie
Fourth vote: Courntie

The second person voted out of Survivor: Japan: Courtnie. That's four and enough votes. Please bring me your torch."

Courtnie shook her head in disappointment. She brought her torch up to Jeff. He told her, "Courtnie, the tribe has spoken."

Courntie walked out of tribal council. Jeff turned to Kagawa, "I've only got one thing to say to this tribe. Pull it together or you won't survive long in this game. Ehime is dominating you. Find a way to beat them. Go ahead and head out."

Tribal Council 2:
Courtnie Owens
Courtnie (6 votes)
Burt PrattEthan CollinsOlivia Burrows
Oscar HutchinsonRavenna MichaelsShakti Nibhanupudi
Burt, Ethan, Olivia,
Oscar, Ravenna, Shakti
Ethan Collins
Ethan (1 vote)
Courtnie Owens
Courtnie Owens
Courtnie Owens

Final Words

Well this sucks and oh yeah, Ethan is a psychopath.

–Courtnie Owens

Still in the Running

Alice Munroe
Colton Cruz
Erin Limberdon
Greg Zeisel
Heather Gomez
Mark Silva
Peter Shillings
Zoe Smith
Burt Pratt
Courtnie Owens
Daniel Benge
Ethan Collins
Olivia Burrows
Oscar Hutchinson
Ravenna Michaels
Shakti Nibhanupudi

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