Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Namesake After the Indigenous Madagascar spider,
The Golden Orb Spider
Tribe Type Merged tribe
Day Formed Day 18
Tribe Status Currently Existing
Lowest Placing Member Hanson Norris (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Carly Brookes (Winner)


Tribe History

The tribe was formed on a rocky night after everyone was up for elimination. Rikku was eliminated via purple rock and she missed the merge.

Once merged, tribe alliances still seemed intact. Even though the team was split 5 original Fossa and 5 original Baobab, Nicholas switched alliances and helped eliminate Hanson and Antonia.

Then small alliances seemed to control the votes. Especially when they teamed up. Corey and Bobby & Elsa and Julian aligned to take out Carly's ally Nicholas. Then Carly paired with Elsa & Julian to take out Drew, Jessica's ally.

Shortly after, Elsa lost her ally Julian and Bobby lost his friend Corey. The final four was Bobby, Carly, Elsa and Jessica.

After Elsa won immunity, the girls decided to promise a female victory and Bobby was ousted. When Carly won the final immunity challenge, she voted out Elsa so there would be a Baobab final 2.

Carly was crowned the winner with votes from Antonia, Nicholas, Bobby and Elsa.