Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 4/14
Episode Chronology
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Next Good-Bye and Good Riddance
Overcrowded is the fourth episode of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously On Survivor...

After another disastrous tribal council from Kufra, Jo had a complete meltdown. She quit her alliance, and her alliance promised her she would leave next. Kufra's loss at the reward challenge didn't help anything, leaving her tribemates in fear of her. Scorpio, though, had an outsider. Grimsley left his tribes for hours to find a hidden immunity idol that didn't exist, leaving his tribe against him.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes were forced to rip chunks of meat from a pig, and put it in a basket. Judas and Jo ripped large chunks of pig, which made a difference. Scorpio won by two ounces of pig. Jo's meltdown escalated, causing her tribe to go against her. VJ, however, made a brief pact with Jo to give her the immunity idol that he had. At tribal council it was nearly unanimous, and VJ revealed he didn't have an idol to save Jo, causing her to leave. Seventeen remain who'll be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Battle Dig
Each tribe races out to one of seven circles, digs to find a bag buried underneath the sand, then get back to the finish mat with the bag. The first tribe to get four bags wins reward.
Reward: To spy on the other tribe's tribal council, pizza and beer.
Winner: Kufra

Immunity Challenge: Sudden Death
The castaways would race into a field to collect three bags containing letter tiles. Each time they untie a bag, they must bring it back to their station. Once they have collected all three bags they would untie them and start working on the two-word phrase. The first person to solve the phrase (SAHARA DESERT) correctly on both tribes wins immunity.
Scorpio Winner: Katiss
Kufra Winner: VJ


Night 8

Kufra returned from tribal council, oddly happy. Giselle and Devin began a fire for the tribe.

Do you hear that? It's silent. Jo went home yesterday, and we have no fights or meltdowns, it's just peace


The seven Kufras slept peacefully for the night.

Day 9

The entire Scorpio tribe wakes up, looking tired. Katniss begins a fire, and begins to boil the water.

Ugh, waking up on this tribe is so rough, we may be kicking ass, but having to listen to Grimsley snore, people kicking you during the night, and sleeping on a hard surface, makes nights rough. We are so overcrowded, that we better lose someone soon.


Katniss puts some rice and some of the pork from yesterday's challenge in the pot. Everyone then takes their portion, except for Hibiki and Dawn who opt for some fruit instead.

Katniss: "Where's Grimsley? He hasn't taken his portion yet."

Hibiki: "He was over with us when he went to get the fruit."

Dawn: "He must of left when we returned."

Aleskan: "So we're still set on Grimsley?"

Judas: "I don't see why not, he rarely interacts with us, he just goes off and tries to find a nonexistent immunity idol."

Jeremy: "That's a good point."

Gwendolyn: "Plus if he did socialize with us he'd know there is no idol here."

At Kufra, everyone was so zen because of the lack of fighting. Giselle has everyone go to the shelter for an unknown reason.

Felicity: "Giselle, why did you bring us here?"

Giselle: "We need to elect a leader. Anyone have any suggestions?"

Roberta: "Well Drayden is the last of the Fearsome Four, so why not him?"

Drayden: "If no one else wants to do it, I'll be the leader of Kufra."

No one opposes him, and everyone decides to allow him to be leader.

Finally, we have our leader. We must be the only tribe that didn't have a leader from Day 1, but we have one now, and that's all that matters.


Later that day, the two tribes received treemail, instructing them to go to the challenge area. Scorpio arrived first, Kufra arrived after. Jeff revealed that Jo was voted out at the last tribal council. Jeff then explained the challenge:

Jeff: "One at a time, one person from each tribe races out to one of seven circles, digs to find a bag buried underneath the sand, then get back to the finish mat with the bag. The first tribe to get four bags wins reward. Any way you can get the bag without using physical violence or choking is allowed. Wanna know what you're playing for?"

Castaways: "Yeah."

Jeff: "In a couple of days, both tribes will be going to tribal council, the winning tribe will be able to spy on the tribe's tribal council, while enjoying pizza and beer. Scorpio, you have three extra members, who's sitting out."

Aleskan: "Grimsley, Gwendolyn, and Jeremy."

Jeff: "Grimsley, Gwendolyn, Jeremy, take a seat on the beach. Alright, I'll give you a moment to strategize."

Montana and Roberta were the first two out. Both women ran out to the first circle and began to dig. After a few minutes of digging, Montana found the bag. Roberta quickly ran to Montana and grabbed her bikini bottom. Montana's bottoms fell and Montana put the bag down to put her bottoms back on. By the time Montana put them back on, Roberta made it back to the mat, scoring Kufra's first point.

Aleskan and Devin were the next two out. Both ran out to the second circle. Both men began to dig for the bag. Aleskan found the bag, and booked it back to the mat. Devin then ran after him, but Aleksan made it back to the mat. Scorpio tied 1-1.

Lilly-Bo and Katniss ran out to the third circle. Both women began to frantically dig for the bag. Eventually, Lilly-Bo found the bag, and Katniss ran after her. Katniss then turned and stuck her arm out, clotheslining Lilly-Bo. Katniss grabbed the bag and returned to the Scorpio mat. Scorpio took the lead, 2-1.

Giselle and Judas both made their way to the fourth circle. Both began to dig in the sand searching for the bag. Giselle found the bag, and ran back to the map. Judas ran after her, and grabbed her bra. He pulled Giselle back and took the bag. Before Giselle could react, Judas made his way to the mat, scoring Scorpio's third point.

The next pair, Drayden and Hibiki, ran to the fifth circle. Both began to dig. Hibiki was digging fast. Drayden was slowly digging. Drayden found the bag and began to run back to the mat. Hibiki stopped digging and ran after Drayden. Drayden began to sprint to the mat. Hibiki was still behind him. Drayden then got the bag back to the mat, scoring Kufra's second point.

The sixth pair, Dawn and VJ, ran out to the sixth circle. Both began to dig for the sixth bag. Dawn found it and ran back. VJ began to sprint to Dawn. Similar to what Katniss did, VJ sticks his arm out, and clotheslines Dawn. VJ grabs the bag from the sand and runs back to the mat. Dawn gets up and runs toward VJ, but he gets to the mat before she could do anything. VJ tied the tribes 3-3.

The final pair, Bianca and Felicity, ran out to the final circle. Both women dug in the sand, looking for the final bag. Bianca was flicking sand everywhere, blinding Felicity. Felicity eventually found the bag. Felicity began to book it back to the mat. Bianca was still digging, and realized Felicity had a head start and began to run. Bianca tried to catch up to Felicity, but she was too fast. Felicity then was able to get to the mat.

Jeff: "Congratulations Kufra. In a few days you'll get your reward. Also, here's how the tribal councils are going to work, Kufra, before enjoying your reward, you'll vote someone out, Scorpio after they're done, you'll vote someone out. Kufra, you also have the ability to send someone from Scorpio to Exile Island. Who are you sending?"

Drayden: "Montana."

Jeff hands Montana a map to Exile Island and tells everyone to head out.

Montana makes her way to Exile Island. She opens the urn and grabs the clue. She decides to start a fire and boil some water from the oasis.

Before the challenge, I asked Aleskan for the clue that he got from exile. So now that I have two clues, my chances for finding the idol should double.


Day 10

The next day at Kufra, the Outsiders Alliance (Lilly-Bo, Devin, and Roberta), discuss about the vote.

Roberta: "So we all in agreement that VJ goes home next?"

Lilly-Bo: "I'm definitely in."

Devin: "I'm not sure, Roberta. What if VJ wins immunity?"

Roberta: "If he does win, then we'll vote for Felicity."

Lilly-Bo: "But we only have three votes, that's not enough to get anyone out."

Roberta: "Then I'll get Drayden to vote with us."

Felicity and Giselle are in the oasis, talking how they're going to vote.

Felicity: "So, Giselle how are we going to vote?"

Giselle: "It depends on who has immunity, so if VJ doesn't have immunity, we vote him, if he does, we'll vote Lilly-Bo, she rarely does anything at camp."

Felicity: "All right, I got it. If VJ doesn't have immunity we vote him, if he does, vote Lilly-Bo."

Giselle: "Exactly."

I know Felicity is my friend and everything, but she's not really bright. I'm not sure how long I can string her along with me.


At Exile Island, Montana begins to look for the hidden immunity idol. The two clues she has leads her to a sand dune. She decides to dig around the dune, but has no luck. She heads back to the shelter.

I looked for the hidden immunity idol, but no luck. It is definitely hidden well.


Later at Scorpio, Judas is near the oasis, drawing in his sketchbook. Bianca comes up to him.

Bianca: "You're Judas, right?"

Judas: "Yes. What do you want?"

Bianca: "I want to know you a little more."

Judas: "I rather not talk about my life."

Bianca: "Please?"

Judas: "Fine, go ahead."

Bianca: "So where are you from?"

Judas: "I'm from Kansas, but I currently live in New York City."

Bianca: "Cool, I'm from Buffalo, that's like six hours away. So what do you work as?"

Judas: "Currently, a bartender, but I want to be an artist one day."

Bianca: "Wow, so you an draw, can I see?"

Judas gives Bianca the sketchbook. She looks through it and looks impressed.

Bianca: "I like the drawings, you could definitely be an artist one day."

Judas: "Bianca, I have to ask, you're not one of those people who's thinking of 'rainbows and unicorns' all the time?"

Bianca: "Oh, no, I'm not like that at all."

Bianca's a cool girl, she's definitely not what I expected her to be.


Day 11

Hours before the double tribal council, the two tribes and Montana, are instructed to go to the challenge area. Jeff then explains their challenge for individual immunity:

Jeff: "You have to race into a field to collect three bags containing letter tiles. Each time you untie a bag, you must bring it back to your station. Once you've have collected all three bags you'll untie them and start working on the two-word phrase. The first person to solve the phrase correctly on both tribes wins immunity. Aleskan, since you have individual immunity, you do not need to compete. The rest of you, we'll draw for spots."

The castaways begin to run out to the marked area to look for their bags. Everyone gets to their first bag and begans to unite it. Katniss, VJ, Judas, Bianca, Giselle, Roberta, and Dawn get their bags and run back to their stations. Hibiki, Drayden, Devin, Gwendolyn, Jeremy, Montana, and Lilly-Bo got their bags untied and ran back. Felicity and Grimsley were still untying their bags. Judas, VJ, and Katniss ran back out. Bianca, Giselle, Roberta, and Dawn quickly run back. Hibiki, Drayden, Devin, Gwendolyn, Jeremy, and Lilly-Bo also returned to the field. Felicity and Grimsley finally got their first bags untied and returned to their stations. At the same time VJ, Judas, Katniss, and Giselle got their second bags and returned to their stations. Bianca, Dawn, and Roberta quickly ran back. Jeremy and Gwendolyn got their backs and ran back. Felicity and Grimsley ran back out to get their second bags. Montana, Lilly-Bo, Drayden, Devin, and Hibiki ran back. VJ, Judas, Katniss, and Giselle ran back out to their third bags. Felicity and Grimsley go their second bags and returned to their stations. Jeremy and Gwendolyn went back out to the field. Bianca, Dawn, and Roberta ran back out. VJ, Katniss, Judas, and Giselle got their third bags and returned to their stations. They began to work on their puzzles. After a few minutes, VJ got the puzzle correct winning immunity. The remaining Kufras stopped what they were doing. A few seconds afterward Katniss got her puzzle correct, winning immunity.

Jeff: "Congratulations, VJ and Katniss, the two of you are immune at your respective tribal councils. You may head out."

At Kufra, everyone realized that VJ wouldn't be going home tonight. Drayden talks to the Outsider's Alliance about the vote.

Drayden: "Alright, Roberta, I will vote with you guys, we need to separate Giselle and Felicity, if the two get far, they'll probably end up in the finals."

Roberta: "Good, now we have the majority vote."

Lilly-Bo: "Drayden, I have to ask, you won't become a compete dictator around camp, now that you're leader."

Drayden: "If you mean I'll end up like Jo, then no."

At Scorpio, nine Scoprios are talking around the fire.

Aleksan: "I want to reassure that we're all voting Grimsley."

Judas: "Seriously, no one trusts that douche, he just a big flake."

Gwendolyn: "In other words, Aleskan, we're all voting Grimsley off."

Kufra then arrives to its tribal council. Everyone puts their torch behind them and takes a seat.

Jeff: "Devin, this is your fourth tribal council in a row, how does it feel that every time you vote someone off, you chance of leaving gets larger?"

Devin: "I'm not going to lie, it completely sucks to go to tribal council a lot, and you and everytime you come here, the noose just begins to tighten."

Jeff: "Drayden, has there been any positive developments lately?"

Drayden: "Yes, I've been elected leader, and with little conflict it's been peaceful."

Jeff: "Felicity, that's good news, but the bad news is that it's hard to vote someone off now, right?"

Felicity: "It's really hard to vote anyone off, especially when the only person that should go home is immune."

Jeff: "VJ, I assume she means you."

VJ: "Yes, because no one likes or trust me, so without the immunity, I'd be a dead man."

Jeff: "Lilly-Bo since VJ is immune, who would be next?"

Lilly-Bo: "Felicity, since she's the least physical and mental."

Jeff: "Giselle, you seem like you disagree with that."

Giselle: "I think Lilly-Bo should leave, she rarely does anything, she just floats there like a (bleep) background character."

Jeff: "Roberta, any last thoughts?"

Roberta: "No, Jeff."

Jeff: "Before we vote, VJ are you going to give up your immunity?"

VJ: "Hell, no."

Jeff: "Alright, it's time to vote, Devin, you're up."

One by one each castaway votes. After they finish voting Jeff goes and gets the urn.

Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it now. Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote......Drayden. Felicity. Lilly-Bo. Felicity. Felicity. Fourth person voted out of Survivor: The Sahara, Felicity, that's enough, please bring me your torch."

Felicity brings up her torch to Jeff.

Jeff: "Felicity, the tribe has spoken."

Felicity blows a good-bye kiss to her tribemates and heads on out. The remaining Kufra members go to the jury bench. They're given their beer and pizza. Scorpio arrives for its first tribal council. Jeff instructs them to light their torches with the fire. Everyone puts their torches behind them and takes a seat.

Jeff: "So Bianca, this is your first tribal council. How does it feel?"

Bianca: "I feel an odd vibe from the area itself."

Jeff: "Dawn how were the first eleven days at Scorpio?"

Dawn: "We all meshed together at first and elected Aleskan as our leader. We did lose some morale when Aleskan was exile, but Katniss got us through it."

Jeff: "Grimsley, how has tribe life been?"

Grimsley: "I'm not sure, I've been looking for an immunity for the past week."

Jeff: "Aleskan, should Grimsley be worried tonight?"

Aleskan: "Yes, because the lack of socialization it could severely ruin his game, but if socialized with us, he'd know there is no idol around camp."

Jeff: "So Judas, how's the vote going?"

Judas: "Everyone's voting Grimsley."

Jeff: "So Jeremy, it this tribe the opposite of Kufra?"

Jeremy: "Pretty much, Jeff."

Jeff: "Hibiki, I want to ask, what was Dawn crying about at the previous immunity challenge?"

Hibiki: "She was simply crying over the pig, that's all."

Jeff: "Before we vote, Aleskan, Katniss, are you giving up your immunity?"

Katniss: "No."

Aleskan: "No, Jeff."

Jeff: "Before we vote, Kufra, it's time for you to head out."

Kufra leaves the tribal council area.

Jeff: "Alright, it's time to vote, Bianca, you're up."

One by one each castaway votes. After they finish voting Jeff goes and gets the urn.

Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it now. Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote.....Jeremy. Grimsley. Next vote....Grimsley. Grimsley. Grimsley. Next vote.....Grimsley. Fifth person voted out of Suvivor: The Sahara.....Grimsley, that's enough, please bring me your torch."

Grimsley brings up his torch to Jeff.

Jeff: "Grimsley, the tribe has spoken."

Grimsley waves good-bye and leaves the tribal council area.

Jeff: "Out of all the tribal councils this season, this was the most straightforward."

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 4:
Felicity (5 votes)
Devin, Drayden, Giselle, Lilly-Bo, & Roberta
Lilly-Bo (1 vote)
Drayden (1 vote)
Felicity BW
Felicity Tosetti

Voting Confessionals

Felicity, you're just lazy, and dead weight.


If VJ wasn't immune, you probably stay a few more days.


Lilly, love ya, but you do nothing.


Felicity, please don't be mad, you're still by BFF, but I can't string you along anymore.


You are a lazy bitch.


Felicity, I think you are here for your fifteen minutes of fame, that's it.


Drayden, I can't stand you at all, leave.


Final Words

Well, I guess I wasn't meant to go any further. Giselle, I want to to kick some ass for me as well. Bye, and good luck, Giselle.



Tribal Council 5:
Grimsley (9 votes)
Aleskan, Bianca, Dawn, Gwendolyn, Hibiki, Jeremy, Judas, Katniss, & Montana
Jeremy (1 vote)
Grimsley BW
Grimsley Ng

Voting Confessionals

Grimsley, learn to listen.


Grimsley, sorry, but you have no social skills.


Grimsley, you made this too easy.


Jeremy, you are weak.


Sorry, but no one knows you.


You really need to learn some things.


Bye, Grimsley.


Looks like you rolled craps.


Grimsley, you've been royally flushed.


You made this too easy.


Final Words

I knew I was (bleep) after Judas told Jeff that everyone was voting for me, I won't lie. It also sucks that I looked out in the desert for a hidden immunity idol that didn't even exist. I really should have been more social, but it's too late. I played a bad hand. Well, it was fun while I was out here.


Still In the Running

Felicity BW
Ira BW
Kurt BW
Grimsley BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • The two tribes are told to drop their buffs with no idea what's about to happen.
  • A group is forced to unify, if they don't want to be decimated.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Panama - Exile Island episode, Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Guatemala episode, Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble.
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