Paul Pires
Paul Pires
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 3/29/1954
Hometown Fall River, Massachusetts
Occupation Homicide Detective

Survivor: Terra Nova

Tribes Beothuk
Placement 4/18
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 38

Paul Pires is a contestant from Survivor: Terra Nova.


Paul is a veteran Homicide Detective who has investigated a number of grisly murders in his day. Paul, who was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, has spent his entire adult life living in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Paul does not plan on revealing that he is a Detective because he feels as if that would put a huge target on his back. He does believe that being a Detective will be an asset to his game because it will help him read people better. Paul currently lives in Fall River, Massachusetts with his wife Anna who he has been married to for thirty-three years. Paul and Anna have two sons Paul Jr. and Jason and four grandchildren.

Paul’s reason for being on Survivor is:

The simple fact of the matter is I think it will be fun. I just hope I can say that after thirty-nine days.


Survivor: Terra Nova

Voting History

Paul's Voting History
Episode Paul's
Voted Against
1 Beothuk Tribe Immune
2 Beothuk Tribe Immune
3 Lauren -
4 Angelo -
5 Beothuk Tribe Immune
6 Molly -
7 Beothuk Tribe Immune
8 Octavia -
9 Kyle -
10 Violet -
11 Urban Individual Immunity
12 Pearl Pearl, Simon
13 Marlon -
Simon Jocelyn, Simon, Zelda
Voted Off, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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