"Peanut Butter"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 1/13
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Peanut Butter is the first episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Immunity/Reward Challenge Hot Pursuit
The two tribes are harnessed together on a rope, and the tribes must run in an oval-shaped course until the front member of one tribe taps the back member of the other tribe, and whoever does this first wins reward and immunity.
Reward: Flint
Winner: Vaitu


Day 1

Jeff Probst introduces the season's location, Tuvalu, and the season itself. The castaways are seen eagerly riding on a boat towards the island. Jeff tells us the two tribes, Vaitu (Anda, Bobby, Elicia, Penny, Raphael, Stephennie, Xuan, and Yakawae) and Funa (Albert, Cassandra, Edd, Kelie, Rebecca, Rhianna, Rocky, and Yoshirou). Then Probst tells the castaways to gather as much things as possible for their camp. The castaways rush around, trying to grab anything useful. After the sixty seconds are up, the castaways go to the raft their tribe is using to paddle to shore, and then they have to travel to their camp, where they will be living until the merge.

The camera first goes on Vaitu, who have successfully got a lot of important items. The castaways then travel to shore. They then start looking around, excited for their adventure. Yakawae, Xuan, and Raphael start to build a shelter. The rest of the tribe soon joins in. Anda, who is 47, really wants to show the tribe that just because she is older doesn't mean she can't do work, as revealed in a confessional. Xuan tries to entertain the tribe by singing while working on the shelter, but the only thing it was doing to Elicia was annoying her. She comments on how annoying he is, and says she wants to take him out early. She talks to Penny about him, but Penny says that she actually is annoyed by Elicia. Elicia talks to Xuan about the game, telling him that you cannot be "annoying" or "rude" to go on. Xuan argues, saying that he was only trying to lift the spirit of the tribe up. Yakawae then came and talked to Elicia and Xuan, telling both of them how annoying they were being when they fighted. He told them it was just Day 1, and they should not fight. Yakawae said for Xuan to not try to sing to as much and told Elicia not to overreact. Xuan and Elicia then made up, although Elicia still did not like him at all.

Funa was rowing to shore, all castaways in a great mood. They landed on shore, admiring their flag. Kelie said that being on Survivor was like "peanut butter," stating that both peanut butter and Survivor was "great." Rebecca got all the tribe to start on their fire, because she stated it was one of the most important things. Rebecca also made a friendship with Rhianna. Funa then started to work on fire. After only a few tries, Funa's fire was made. The tribe then worked on building a shelter. Even though Rhianna was already friends with a hard-worker, she was very lazy. Both Rocky and Edd tried to get her to work. Rhianna did not want to waste energy. This annoyed Rocky, because he thought working as a tribe would benefit more in challenges then some of the tribe working together. It also annoyed Edd, but he kept it to himself as much as possible. Rocky also realized that Cassandra was being lazy. Cassandra disagreed, telling him to shut up. Cassandra then starting to yell at Rocky. She did not like him, so she never spoke to him kindly that day.

Day 2

Vaitu then woke up on a sunny morning. Bobby and Yakawae instantly started to collect fish for their tribe as Stephennie watched. Bobby and Yakawae tried to show Stephennie how to fish with her bare hands, but Stephennie was unsuccessful. She cought nothing, while Bobby cought four and Yakawae cought six. Bobby then told Yakawae and Stephennie that he respected them both, and wanted to make an alliance. Yakawae and Stephennie both agreed, liking the idea. Stephennie said that she would like to get Penny in, because she knew she was nice, despite being very shy. The boys agreed, so Stephennie approached Penny and talked to her. Penny was happy about this, because she did not want to be stuck with Elicia. Stephennie told her that that would suck, so Penny was now officially part of their alliance.

Funa awoke to Kelie announcing that she was making a "boot camp." She led all the castaways (except for Cassandra and Rhianna) in a run. When they came back, Rocky talked to Edd and Albert about Rhianna and Cassandra. He said that they were very rude and lazy, and Edd and Albert agreed. Edd talked to Kelie. Kelie said that she thought Rhianna was just lazy, and she also said that she was scared of Cassandra. Edd thought that Kelie was funny, so he asked her to be an ally. Kelie said that she would be his ally, so Edd was happy. After that, Funa started to finish their shelter.

Day 3

That day, both Vaitu and Funa got tree mail about a challenge. At Vaitu, everybody was anxious. They did some stretches and got ready. Xuan told them stories of his childhood, and in the middle of a story, Elicia burst out laughing. She said that he was weird and that nobody liked him, so Xuan sat back, not saying anything. Yakawae confronted her, saying that she was immature and disrespectful. Stephennie also told her how rude she had been. Elicia did not care, though. Anda said in a confessional that Elicia had to be the first to get off her tribe, because Elicia was getting worse.

At Funa, they did another round of Boot Camp. This time, however, Rhianna joined. Cassandra still sat out. Yoshirou scraped his leg while running through the woods, so it was bleeding. Rebecca was worried he may be hurt. Yoshirou was okay, but Rebecca still thought he was injured.

The immunity challenge then came, and both teams got all strapped up. After two minutes, Elicia sat out. Vaitu was gaining heavily, and Rhianna sat out. So Cassandra, knowing she would be on the chopping block, tried the hardest she could. Even though she had a great effort, Funa still lost.

That night, Funa decided who they would vote out. Cassandra wanted to vote for Rocky, and Rebecca talked to Rhianna about who they wanted to vote for. Rhianna immediately suggested Cassandra, knowing she may be first voted out. Rebecca agreed. Yoshirou, Edd, Albert, Kelie, and Rocky talked about who they would vote for. Everybody said Cassandra, but Yoshirou thought that since Cassandra knew she was on the chopping block, she would be useful for challenges. She would be scared so she would try her best. Rhianna, however, only did good around camp. Kelie still had a closer relationship with Rhianna, so she voted for Cassandra. However, the boys decided that Yoshirou was right, so they all voted for Rhianna. Rhianna was voted out 4-3-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Rhianna (4 votes)
Albert, Edd, Rocky, Yoshirou
Cassandra (3 votes)
Kelie, Rhianna, Rebecca
Rocky (1 vote)
Rhianna Jackson

Voting Confessionals

"You are no use to our tribe." -Albert (unaired)

"No one likes you." -Cassandra 

"Our entire Funa tribe needs to be strong. Wish it could have been Cassandra. Sorry." -Edd (unaired)

"You scare me." -Kelie (unaired)

"It's for the best of our tribe." -Rebecca (unaired)

"Either me or you." -Rhianna

"I wish the fatty could be voted out." -Rocky (unaired)

"This vote is both strategic and personal." -Yoshirou

Final Words

"Wow. I just cannot believe they chose me over Cassandra, Cassandra, really?? At least I was kind and I did not have a cold heart. I am rooting for everybody but Cassandra and maybe even Rocky. Good luck to eveybody else, especially Rebecca."


Still in the Running

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Next time on Survivor: Tuvalu...

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