Pearl Jones
Pearl Jones
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 07/19/1959
Hometown New Orleans, Louisiana
Occupation College Admissions Officer

Survivor: Terra Nova

Tribes Mi'kmaq
Placement 6/18
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 36

Pearl Jones is a contestant from Survivor: Terra Nova.


Pearl has been a resident of New Orleans for nearly her entire life. In 2005, Pearl and her husband Oscar were forced to abandon the house that they had lived in for twenty years due to hurricane Katrina. Pearl was fortunate enough to be able to live with her niece’s family while the city of New Orleans was in recovery.

Pearl says that she might not be the most athletic person and she might not be the smartest person but she is very loyal to people who are loyal to her. She hopes that is a quality that will keep her in the game for a long time.

Pearl and her husband Oscar have moved back to New Orleans. They are the proud parents of a son Tim and a daughter Victoria.

Pearl’s reason for wanting to be on Survivor is:

My husband and it lost nearly everything we owned during Katrina. Even though it has been eight years we still have not recovered fully from the storm.

I want to go on Survivor so that I can provide a better financial future for my family.


Survivor: Terra Nova

Voting History

Pearl's Voting History
Episode Pearl's
Voted Against
1 Octavia Jocelyn, Jillian
2 Mi'kmaq Tribe Immune
3 Lauren -
4 Angelo -
5 Beothuk Tribe Immune
6 Molly -
7 Beothuk Tribe Immune
8 Octavia -
9 Kyle Individual Immunity
10 Violet -
11 Zelda -
12 Paul Marlon, Jocelyn,
Paul, Zelda
Voted Off, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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