"Phase One: Complete"
Season Survivor: Honduras
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Episode Number 9/14
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This is the 9th episode of Survivor: Honduras.

Previously on Survivor...

After Danni's elimination, her ally Adam joined forces with the Nakunta's Quartet Alliance in the hope of stopping The Power of Three's stranglehold on the game. In both the reward and immunity challenges, John was unstoppable and won both making him immune from the vote at tribal council. So the Quartet targeted Susan to be eliminated but with the vote being tied at five votes each, Adam's old ally Conner was the swing vote. Conner wasn't mentally in the game and didn't realize what was happening around him and he voted his ally Adam out believing that was what the whole tribe wanted. With Conner not in the game and Nakunta down in numbers is there any chance that John's alliance can be stopped?

Ten are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Blue Plate Special
Each person has three plates with his or her name on them hanging from a tree. Using a slingshot, each Survivor must try to break everyone's plates before his or hers are entirely broken. The person with a plate still hanging at the end wins reward.
Reward: An advantage in the next immunity challenge.
Winner: John

Immunity Challenge: Keel Hauling
The contestants are divided into heats. In the first round, contestants race across a pontoon and dive into the water. Using a rope suspended beneath the platform, they pull themselves, underwater, to the other end. Upon climbing back onto the platform, they move a ring from one end of the pontoon to the other. The first two contestants from each heat to move two rings move onto the final round, where five laps are undertaken. The first castaway to move all five rings wins the challenge.
Winner: John


Night 24

The castaways returned to camp from tribal council. The Power of Three was still intact after another tribal. For the first time in this game, the alliance could see the end of the game. They still had to take out the wildcard Conner before their position of power would be cemented and unchallenged by the Quartet.

John, Kat and Taylor went out to the beach to talk about the Conner situation. Kat started, "Conner is a danger and not just to us. He is also a danger to Nakunta. We need to tell him to vote for someone and hope he votes that way. As he votes like that, we take him out. Then we don't have a liability."

"I agree," Taylor said.

"Good. We are all in agreement. With Conner being eliminated, I can finally say, 'Phase One: Complete,'" John said, "I know that Susan and Matt are on board for us taking Conner out. I even think Nakunta would be on board with this plan if they had the numbers so they could afford to lose Conner."

"So this is the plan," Kat said, "We vote Conner off at the next tribal council."

"Sounds good," Taylor replied.

I am so close that I can taste it. One more vote and I am home free all the way to the very end. Once Conner is gone, Nakunta will no longer have a hope of overcoming my alliance unless one of us decides to rebel and join Nakunta. I was concerned that it would be Susan, but after tonight, I'm no so sure. I still will keep my eye on Susan. I've got a sneaking suspicion that she might turn on me if I don't get rid of her first.

–John Sayers

Day 25

Blue Plate Special

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff announced. The ten castaways walked into the next challenge arena. After they had all reached the mat, Jeff went on, "Are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge? For today's challenge, each person has three plates with his or her name on them hanging from a pole. Using a slingshot, you must try to break everyone else's plates before your plates are entirely broken. The person with a plate still hanging at the end wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?"

Jeff waited a moment and continued, "In this game, immunity is among the most important things to have out here. The winner of today's challenge will receive an advantage in the next immunity challenge. That advantage will be announced at the immunity challenge. I don't even have to ask you. I know that that is worth competing for. We'll draw for spots."

Several minutes passed and Conner was the first one to shoot. He missed all the plates. Taylor was up next. She shot and broke one of Alison's plates. Susan was next and broke another one of Alison's plates. Kat went up and broke one of Jessica's plates. Jessica was next and broke on of Matt's plates. Tina shot and missed. Connie shot and broke one of Susan's plates. Matt went up next and broke another one of Jessica's plates. John went up and broke Alison's final plate preventing her from shooting at all.

"First round is over and Alison is out of this challenge," Jeff announced.

Conner: 3 plates left
Taylor: 3 plates left
Susan: 2 plates left
Kat: 3 plates left
Jessica: 1 plate left
Tina: 3 plates left
Connie: 3 plates left
Matt: 2 plates left
John: 3 plates left

Conner was back up and broke Jessica's last plate. Taylor went up and broke one of Tina's plates. Susan and Kat also broke Tina's plates, finishing her off. Connie shot and broke one of Conner's plates. Matt also broke one of Conner's plates and John did the deed and finished Conner off.

"After two rounds, Jessica, Tina and Conner are out of this challenge," Jeff said.

Taylor: 3 plates left
Susan: 2 plates left
Kat: 3 plates left
Connie: 3 plates left
Matt: 2 plates left
John: 3 plates left

Taylor shot and broke one of Connie's plates. Susan shot and broke another one of Matt's plates. Kat broke another one of Connie's plates. Connie finished Matt off by breaking his last plate eliminating him right before his turn. John shot and finished Connie off.

"Connie and Matt are now out of it."

Taylor: 3 plates left
Susan: 2 plates left
Kat: 3 plates left
John: 3 plates left

Taylor went back up and broke one of Susan's plates. Susan repayed the favor by breaking one of Taylor's plates. Kat finished off Susan by breaking her last plate. John shot and broke on of Kat's plates.

"Susan is out and it is down to three people," Jeff commentated.

Taylor: 2 plates left
Kat: 2 plates left
John: 3 plates left

Taylor shot again and broke on of Kat's plates. Kat shot and broke John's first plate. John shot and broke one of Taylor's plates leaving her and Kat with one plate each. Taylor shot again, but missed John's plate. Kat shot and broke another one of John's plates. John took his shot and broke Taylor's final plate leaving only two people in the competition.

"It is now down to Kat and John. Whoever breaks the other's plate first wins an advantage in the next immunity challenge!" Jeff called out.

Kat shot but missed John's plate. John shot and missed as well. Kat could feel the pressure as she lined up to shoot again. There was a miss for the third time in a row. John lined up and released. It hit dead on and shattered Kat's remaining plate.

"John wins reward!" Jeff called out. The castaways returned to the mat and Jeff told them, "John won today and his reward will be revealed at the next immunity challenge in a couple of days. For now, go ahead and head out. I'll see you guys later."

John is the absolute last person to need an advantage in an immunity challenge or any challenge for that matter. He is damn near unstoppable as it is. Giving him an advantage is like antagonizing a T-Rex. You just don't do it.

–Alison Jacobs


When the tribe returned to camp, John was ecstatic that he won the reward and an advantage in the upcoming immunity challenge as was his alliance. However, Nakunta wasn't thrilled at all. They hated the idea of giving the only person who didn't need an advantage an advantage. Alison was the most vocal against what had happened at the challenge. She told her allies, "That was the worst thing that could have happened. We don't need to give the one person who doesn't need an advantage an advantage. That's insane."

"I know. We should have targeted his first," Connie said.

"At least you had a shot at it. I didn't even get a turn before I was eliminated," Alison replied.

"Yeah, but we could have eliminated John anyway. There were three of us left after that anyway," Jessica said, "We just have to push extra hard at the upcoming immunity challenge if we are to have a shot at making further."

"This all sounds familiar," Tina chimed in.

"I know. It sounds like we are still on the old Nakunta tribe," Alison agreed, "We are still at the mercy of John and Company. We need to break that tight group up and I doubt Conner will much help. He doesn't seem to care about being here anymore."

"That could be a problem," Jessica added, "We might have to take him out first."

"Let's not. Let John and Company deliver that mercy kill. I say we still target Susan. We throw four votes her way and hope that Conner does the same. That way we will force a tie," Alison told the group.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Tina said.

"Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't, but we have to try," Alison pleaded her case.

"Very well," Tina conceded, "But give me a while to think about it."

"We have two days for you to think of it. We are on the edge. Our window of opportunity is closing fast. We need to be willing to do things that others could call extreme," Alison told Tina.

"I agree with Alison. We are desperate. Desperate people do a lot of crazy things. We need to take this chance," Jessica agreed with her friend.

I don't know what happened with our alliance. Jessica used to be the one calling the shot back at Nakunta. However since the merge, Alison has taken the reign of leadership. I'm not sure how that happened. Maybe it's because of Jessica's passive type of gameplay wasn't going to work in this tribe. Unlike Nakunta, the former Mocorón members are a strict and disciplined unlike the members of our tribe who were just there. If we are to take them out, we need an aggressive strategy. I guess that's the reason behind Alison's rise of power in our alliance. I hope the change will work. I do have my doubts though.

–Connie Tran

Day 27

Keel Hauling

Jeff and the castaways were on a floating platform when Jeff said, "Are you guys ready for today's immunity challenge? First things first. John, I'll take it back."

John walked over to Jeff, "I'll be getting that back soon."

Jeff took the immunity necklace off of John and said, "Immunity back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you will divided into heats. In the first round, you will race across a platform and dive into the water. Using a rope suspended beneath the platform in the water, you will pull yourself to the other end. Upon climbing back onto the platform, you must move a ring from one end of the platform to the other. The first two contestants from each heat to move two rings move onto the final round, where five laps are undertaken. The first castaway to move all five rings wins the challenge.

"Back at the reward challenge, John won an advantage in this challenge. John, that advantage is that you do not have to compete in the first heat. You will move straight to the final heat. You will be joined by four others to compete in the second heat for immunity. John, take a seat on the bench until the second heat. Everyone else, we'll draw for spots."

A couple of minutes later, Jeff said, "First heat consists of four people. They are Kat, Alison, Tina and Conner. Survivors ready? Go!"

All four of them took off. They all reached the water at the same time. While they were pulling themselves, Alison took the lead followed by Kat. Tina and Conner lagged behind. Alison climbed on the platform first. Kat right behind. They ran across the platform and delivered their first rings. Conner climbed on the platform and merely walked across the platform. Tina tried to climb up the platform but slipped back into the water. Kat and Alison were the runaways winners in this round. They delivered their second rings.

"Kat and Alison are moving on to the second heat!" Jeff announced.

"The next five are Jessica, Connie, Susan, Matt, and Taylor. Survivors ready? Go!"

The five of them took off. All of them hit the water at the same time. They pulled themselves through the water still neck and neck. As they reached the other side to climb back on, Matt took a slight lead as the four women still remained even. Matt delivered his first ring, followed by the other four. Matt jumped into the water as did the others. During the second pull in the water, Susan pulled ahead of the others. Matt climbed out of the water just ahead of Susan. He ran and delivered his second ring. Susan followed suit.

"Matt and Susan are moving on to face John, Kat and Alison in the second heat!"

The five remaining contestants were lined up and Jeff gave the command. The five of them were off. John outran all of them to hit the water first. Alison was right behind him. Underwater, Alison caught up with John and the two of them were neck and neck. They came out of the water and delivered their first rings at the same time. The other three were falling behind fast. It was soon apparent that it was going to be either John or Alison that would win this thing. They remained tied as they delivered their second and third rings. Alison overtook John as she delivered her fourth ring. John right behind her. John caught up to Alison in the rope pull. The two of them climbed up the platform at the same time. The two of them grabbed their rings, but John's strides let him outrun her and he delivered his fifth ring just seconds before Alison did the same. John flew off of the platform and didn't hear Jeff announce that he won immunity.

In the water, Alison slammed her hands into the water in frustration. She was so close at beating John. Moments later when all the castaways were back on the platform, Jeff put the necklace around John's neck again and said, "Once again, John is safe from tonight's vote. For the other nine of you, I can't say the same. I'll see you tonight."

That is three times in a row. THREE! I was so close to beating him. Only seconds. If I could have stolen victory from him, I know where our votes were going to go. We have to unify against him in challenges if we are to beat him.

–Alison Jacobs


Back at camp, John and his allies were set on voting Conner. Alison and her allies were voting the same as the last tribal. It was Susan. Conner could either cause a tie or vote randomly for no reason. There was no reasoning behind him anymore. It was for that reason and others that he was going to be the next target of the The Power of Three.

Tribal Council


The ten castaways sat down and Jeff said, "Now we'll bring in the first member of our jury. Adam. Who was voted out at the last tribal council."

Adam came in and sat down in the jury section of tribal council. Jeff went on, "Once again John has won immunity. How does that make you feel, Alison? I noticed you weren't too happy."

"I was pissed. John is powerful in this game. If we have a shot to take his out, we need to do it. If we don't do it, he will runaway and be at the final tribal council, and he will win," Alison answered.

"Are you the only one that thinks that?" asked Jeff.

"No, she's not. I think that's true as well," Jessica said, "He needs to lose one immunity and I hope that the others realize that he is going to win this thing if he isn't stopped."

"I don't think he will. Anyone of us could win this," Kat defended John.

"She's right. Everyone has an equal chance to win this game. I may be the one who wins the most challenges, but that doesn't matter yet. I think focusing on the endgame right now could cause trouble in the future," John replied.

"What does that mean?" asked Jeff.

"I think focusing on the endgame when their are over ten days left could hurt you in this game. Others may disagree with me, but that's what I believe," John said.

"Well then, let's focus on the present. Conner, start off the voting."

Voting Confessionals

There is no reason behind this. Just because.

–Conner Young

Phase One: Complete.

–John Sayers

It's you until John looses immunity.

–Alison Jacobs


Alison sat down and Jeff said, "I'll go tally the votes." He went and got the urn. He said, "If you have the hidden immunity idol now would be the time to play it."

Jeff waited for a bit and he went on, "The person with the highest number of votes will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote: Connie. Second vote: Susan. Third vote: Susan. Fourth vote: Susan. Fifth vote: Conner. Sixth vote: Conner. Seventh vote: Conner. We are tied at three votes Susan, three votes Conner. Three votes left. Eighth vote: Conner. Ninth vote: Susan. We are tied at four votes Susan, four votes Conner. One vote left. The ninth person voted off Survivor: Honduras and the second member of the jury: Conner. That's five votes. That's enough. Bring me your torch."

Silently, Conner grabbed his torch. He walked over to Jeff and Jeff said, "Conner, the tribe has spoken."

Conner walked out the tribal council area and Jeff told the others, "It appears that their is a feud starting between John and Alison. How this will effect the rest of the game is up to you. Go ahead and head out. Goodnight, everyone."

Tribal Council 9:
Conner Young
Conner (5 votes)
John SayersKat MorrisMatthew EasterlySusan SzczeblewskiTaylor Johannson
John, Kat, Matt, Susan, Taylor
Susan Szczeblewski
Susan (4 Votes)
Allison JacobsConnie TranJessica WatersTina Langley
Alison, Connie, Jessica, Tina
Connie Tran
Connie (1 Vote)
Conner Young
Conner Young
Conner Young

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Without anymore former Mocorón members left that weren't in John's alliance, will the Quartet have a chance.
  • Alison's desire to stop John from winning grows.
  • Can John be stopped?
  • Survivor Auction. 'Nuff said.