"Pick a Side, Any Side"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 4/13
Date Uploaded December 28, 2012
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Pick a Side, Any Side is the fourth episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School

Previously on Survivor...

At Ishrin, Colton's last words put Adam & Sydney on the outs with their tribe. At Wahid, John's overbearing leadership ability angered his female tribemates. Penny, Deena, and Gina began discussing the prospects of eliminating their leader. However, when John secured both reward and immunity for their tribe, they reconsidered making such a ballsy move. Back at camp Sydney and Adam scrambeled to stay alive. Sydney and Spencer reunited after previously distrusting one another. In the end Spencer and Sydney took advantage of Brett's loyalty to the tribe, and set Sydney's best friend Adam home. 13 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Remembrance
This challenge requires memory rather than physical strength. 36 covers have been placed over 18 matching pairs of items from the Outback. Each Survivor must uncover two baskets, revealing their hidden items. The object: match the items and win a point. The first tribe to match 8 pairs wins reward.
Reward: The Chance to raid the other tribe's camp, and a feast with steak, lobster, and wine.
Winner: Wahid  

Immunity Challenge : Never Tear Us Apart
Teams of two will hold up a rope, while one tribe member adds weight to the opposing tribe's teams. When a person on the team can no longer hold onto the weight they will drop their rope. Every 15 minutes a team will be allowed to add 15 pounds to one of the opposing tribe's teams. The last team to have one or more teams standing win immunity.
Winner: Wahid


Day 10

Sydney Wheeler woke up much earlier than usual this morning. Last night had no doubt been a hectic one, she was sure by the end of it she would have gone home, but thanks to her friends she managed to survive another three days. She got up out of the shelter and exchanged a long hug with both Spencer and Brett.

Last night, it was me or Adam going home. My friends gave me the opportunity to give myself three more days, and I did just that.

–Sydney Wheeler

Sydney sat down on a log near the fire, and volunteered to begin working on the breakfast. Spencer patted his new friend Brett on the back for the good work the two of them had done last night. Brett managed to stick to his word, and Spencer had his best friend in the game back on his side for sure.

The reason Adam had to go was that I needed Sydney to prove to me that she wasn't just going to align with Adam when the time was right. I knew if she voted him out, then she'd of been telling the truth.


The three of them sat down exhuming a quiet confidence. All was well at Ishrin.....for them anyways.

Monica Padilla had saw this display of commrodery and rolled her eyes throughout the entire thing. Last night, Sydney was supposed to go. Now she was here, in the good graces of Spencer and Brett, with seemingly no chance of getting voted off....once again! She sat inside the hut next to Christina stewing with her anger.

I hate the fact that Brett's "word" in this game is most likely gonna cost us a million bucks. We lost our strongest guy, and kept our most sneaky player, but Brett still kept his word so everything is totally fine you guys.

–Monica Padilla

Christina Cha sat quietly next to Monica, who watched as she became more and more upset by the minute. Christina was used to this though. She knew the way it felt to be on the bottom of the totem pole. She'd experienced it all 38 days she lasted in One World.

Monica is very vocal about most of her opinions, but the way to play this game...especially when you don't have the numbers is to just shut up.

–Christina Cha

"So if we have a challenge today, we're all prepared for another loss, right?" Monica asked cynically.

She couldnt' bite her tounge any longer. When Monica was upset she couldn't just hold it in forever.

"Relax Mon'," Brett said. "We don't even know what the challenge is yet."

"Well I know that if it's anything the least bit physical that we have no chance in hell," Monica said irritated by Brett.

The camp sat around quietly. Monica was the first person to admit their tribe was very week, especially compared to the buff, fit, eight-strong Wahid tribe.

"Look our necks are on the line here, so we all have to dig deep, we can't just go into this challenge with a half-assed attitude, and low self-confidence like we all have now, if we wanna win, then we're going to have to do a hell of a lot better than we've done in the past, we're 0 for 5 you guys, it's time to start winning some competitions.

What this tribe really needs isn't more divisions amongst us, but we need to come together for a challenge and start kicking butt.

–Brett Clouser

Sydney and Spencer nodded in agreement at Brett's speech. Christina played along and did the same, but Monica was not  too convinced with the happy go lucky attitude of Ishrin all of a sudden.

It's a lot easier to be all like "Go Team" when your head isn't the next on the chopping block.

–Monica Padilla

"What are you thinking Christina?" Spencer asked curiously.

"Oh, well, um, I...I guess I agree with what Brett said," Christina said unsure of herself.

Spencer rolled his eyes to Sydney who put her hand over her mouth to stop the giggeling.

I don't think there's ever been a player as indecisive as Christina.

–Spencer Duhm

The more I stay out of the decision making, the better chance I have of staying off the chopping block, so people can think what they want really.

–Christina Cha

"Can we all just put our hands in the middle and like cheer or something before we go do our daily routine?" Sydney asked.

The group agreed, except for a reluctant Monica who did it anyways.

"1, 2, 3," Brett called out.

"ISHRIN," the tribe screamed.

The group then dispanded and went about their daily chores.

Monica and Christina went to find food, while Spencer and Sydney went to get fire wood, and anything else they may need to spruce up the camp. Brett laid back, trying not to go with either group on their mid-afternnoon run, it'd be better that way for him, and everyone.

We're most likely going to have a challenge today, so I don't wanna be the one that causes any sectional feelings towards anyone before the challenge, because we need a win today bad!

–Brett Clouser

In the woods, Spencer and Sydney exchanged another hug.

"Oh my God, Spencer, I cannot believe that I am still here, and if Brett is with us, we could be going to the merge,," Sydney said excitedly.

"I know, we've had such a rollercoaster ride,  but man this feels really good right now," Spencer said breathing a sigh of relief.

"Now maybe if we could just win something today," Sydney said jokingly.

Syd and I are feeling good today, we think we have the numbers, and we know that we're gonna put up one hell of a fight today.

–Spencer Duhm

On the otherside of the forrest however, Monica and Christina were not feeling as comfortable with their position in the tribe as everyone else is.

"So, you think Brett will keep his word to us when push comes to shove, right?" Monica said nervously.

"He promised us final 3, which has to be way more than he promised them. I think it'll work out, don't worry," Christina said reassuringly.

Monica looked down. She wasn't even sure how true Brett was to his word concerning the deal with Christina. She knew he was reluctant to make it after the first deal, and clearly he was more loyal to the original final 4 alliance they'd made on Day 1, but Monica wasn't going to say that to Christina, no way.

"I just think that...he's distancing himself from us on purpose," Monica said.

Christina nodded.

"Well maybe later, like after the challenge you can talk to him about it," she said with a smile.

Chances are it's Monica or myself going home at the next tribal council, so if I encourage her to do something she probably shouldn't, then I guess I may just have to stick around a bit longer.

–Christina Cha

"Mhm," Monica said smiling back.

Worst comes to worst, I just tell Brett we need to lose Christina, but I think I can get him back on our side.

–Monica Padilla

"We just need a win today, maybe if we can just win, something will change," Monica said hopefully.

At Wahid, work needed to be done. Yesterday had been a relaxing day for everyone, no tribal council, no scrambeling for survival, just like it had always been at Wahid. However, today work needed to be done, in both the strategic and literal sense.

"Deena, Gina, you guys wanna go for a water run?" John asked as calmly as he could without trying to give anything away.

Of course both girls knew exactly what he wanted to talk about, but they agreed to go. They gathered all the canteens, and John took both water jugs and they were on their way.

"It was awfully nice of you to carry both jugs John, we really do need you around here," Gina said genuinely, flashing a look at Deena.

"Yeah buddy," Deena said patting John on the back.

"Aw thanks guys," John said flashing a grin.

Gina and Deena always make me feel appriciated within this tribe. While I'm flattered, I can't let that cloud my judgement though.

–John Caroll

"But seriously, can we all just like chill for a second and talk about what's been going down the past few days," John said seriously.

Deena and Gina nodded in agreement.

"So is the plan still Penny? God forbid we lose a challenge," John said insecurely.

"I believe that is still plan," Deena said.

"I just get uncomfortable with how often you guys have been talking to Penny lately," John said, trying to bait one of those girls into saying something.

"Nah, she's trying to work us over, but I guess it's best if we just keep her hopes up instead of having her walk around here  crying all the time like before, right Gina?"

Gina Crews was conflicted. She didn't like to lie, especially to John, who was the one that brought her into the alliance, but at the same time she didn't want to dissapoint Deena, even if she wasn't fully on board with the plan to get rid of John.

"Yeah, Miss Penny is trying to manipulate us, but she's going nowhere fast," Gina said in response.

"Are you guys worried about the other 4 though? I mean that alliance is super tight, eventually we're gonna have to break them up, you know?" John said.

"Naturally, but there are cracks in that alliance. Penny needs to go first, no questions asked," Deena said affirmitively.

"Alright then, final 3," John said extending his hand, the three shook hands and then began to collect the water.

The 3 walked back into camp, some more comfortable than before, and others a little more uneasy.

Something fishy is going on, but for right now, I just have to go with my gut, and I think Penny is still the next to go.

–John Caroll

John's social awarness is just another reason he's a bigger threat than Penny. He needs to go ASAP!

–Deena Bennett

I really don't wanna have to choose between two friends, hopefully if we keep our winning streak up, we can delay the inevitible.

–Gina Crews

Back at camp, Kelly was relaying the conversation she had with Penny the other day to Brandon.

"So they want you and me to join them and take out John at the first tribal council," Kelly said.

"This is Penny's plan?" Brandon said surpised.

"Well she says that Deena, Gina, and her came up with it, but I mean those two are so solid with John it just seems unrealistic," Kelly said.

"Sh*t would get so real if we did vote John out though, it kind of makes me wanna do it," Brandon said snarkily.

"I mean, honestly, I'd love to get rid of John, even before Penny." Kelly said honestly.

Kelly and I are toying with the idea of doing what we do best, which is shaking things up. Gotta keep it interesting for the folks at home!

–Brandon Quinton

"Girl Power," Brandon said as flamboyantly as possible!

Kelly fell backwards laughing at her friend's joke. Girl power totally wasn't Kelly's thing, but maybe she would have to make an exception. Afterall John pissed her off quite a bit.

"I'll talk to Deena and see how legit this plan really is, because I'm interested in making this happen," Kelly said.

John loves John, which is great, because I'm pretty sure he's the only one here who does, but what I love about John being here is that I get the opportunity to vote him out.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"Hey y'all we have treemail," Jeff Varner said.

The challenge today was going to be a simple one. Throughout a field lay stands of items each covered. One by one each member of the tribe would go out and uncover two items. The first team to 8 points would get the opportunity to raid the other tribes camp, and afterwards would each recieve a steak and lobster to feast upon, along with a few bottles of wine.

Gervase, Varner, and Brandon agreed to sit out of the challenge.

Kelly is first up.

She uncovers a camel, and a scorpion. No match.

Sydney is the first one to go for Ishrin, she uncoveres a bowl full of sand, and an apple. No match.

Gina uncoveres the second apple and then locates the first. Wahid leads 1 to 0.

Spencer uncoveres a drum and a figurine of a fishing boat, no match.

Penny goes and uncovers a wooden elephant and the second bowl of sand.

Christina heads out onto the course and uncoveres both bowls of sand.

The game continues on, and both tribes have 6 matches.

Monica uncoveres one of the wooden drums. She walks around trying to remember where the other one was. She opens up the lid and finds a goard.

An excited John rushes out onto the course and uncovers both drums.

Wahid - 7 Ishrin - 6.

Brett bit his lower lip and walked out onto the course. He flipped over the goard Monica had just found, there were few items left on the board, Brett walked over and uncovered a coconut shell. An item that hadn't been revealed yet.

Kelly danced out onto the course, and flipped over both goards.


The purple tribe began to cheer, they had just won their 6th challenge in a row, and were about to decimate the Ishrin tribe even more than before. It wasn't going to be a good day for Ishrin.

The tribes both began to march toward the Ishrin camp where the raid was about to commence.

"Alright here are the rules," Jeff Probst explained. "You cannot take anyone's luxury item, and you must leave one machete, one water jug, one cooking bot, and all the canteens. You have five minutes to gather whatever you can, Wahid ready? GO!"

The 8 Wahid members scrambeled around the camp looking for anything that would be useful to them. John quickly grabbed one of their big water jugs. Kelly and Brandon had taken Ishrin's entire stash of firewood they had stored up. Varner, who was always one to cause trouble had began taking off palm fronds and sticks from their shelter, purely so they would have to rebuild it. Penny scooped out handfuls and handfuls of Rice for her tribe to feast on later.

"Alright, time's up Wahid," Jeff announced. "Gather all your stuff, and head back to camp, your food will be waiting when you get there.

A decimated Ishrin tribe looked around at their bare camp. Their shelter had been severely damaged, they were low on food and supplies, and worse than that morale was at an all time low.

Honestly, I've never lost this bad in my's really pathetic that we can't even win a challenge.

–Spencer Duhm

The group disperesed to try and regain some of what they lost before night fall came. It was going to be a long rest of the day.

Monica followed Brett into the woods, with their losing streak continuing she knew that now was the time for them to talk.

"Look Brett, I know you don't wanna hear about this, but we keep losing so obviously we're gonna have to go to Tribal Council every freaking time, so I want you to reassure me that we're gonna stick together," Monica said demandingly.

"I never said we weren't," Brett said with a smile.

"You never said we were either," Monica said irritated.

"Can we just get back to work for now?" Brett asked.

"Fine Brett, whatever. Just pick a side, any side," Monica said throwing her hands up in the air, walking away.

When Sydney is in trouble Brett is like "I gave my word I wouldn't screw her over," but then when I'm in trouble he can't even assure me that I'm safe...ugh

–Monica Padilla

Monica is so interested in the short term goal of staying another day, but if she wants to win, she'd be focused more on the challenge.

–Brett Clouser

At Wahid, wine was flowing, and steak and lobster was cooking. It was another great day to be an old school member of Survivor. They were 6 for 6 in challenges and they didn't plan on losing anytime soon, that was for sure.

"The good news is the Ishrin tribe is burnt even more than these steaks are," a very drunk Gervase said.

Everyone continues laughing, there was no animosity going on right now....mostly because everyone was too drunk to be bitter, but the group spent the reast of their day toasting to what an awesome tribe.

"Here is to one of the most kickass tribes in Survivor history," Kelly said raising a bottle of wine.

"Cheers," the tribe echoed.

Day 11

Deena Bennett woke up at the crack of dawn and began her morning routine. She was a little slower than usual, however. The alcahol yesterday, despite the good feelings it had given to the tribe, had definitely had its reprecussions the next morning.

Gina Crews was the next to wake up and helped Deena tend to the fire.

"Gina, are you on board with this plan or not?" Deena said. "Cause I don't wanna go to Tribal at some point and not knowing where you're gonna vote."

"It's tough, cause I think John does bring a lot to the tribe, whereas Miss Penny is kind of expendable," Gina said honestly.

"We're still gonna hve 3 guys to their 2, and our chicks are much stronger, trust me this could work," Deena said reassuringly.

"I supppose you're ri-" Gina was saying before she saw someone emerging from the shelter.

"I feel like I'm gonna puke," Kelly Goldsmith said emerging from the shelter.

Deena and Gina both breathed a sigh of relief.

"Feelin' alright Kelly?" Gina asked sweetly.

"Oh yeah," Kelly said perking up, "Just a whole lotta alachol yesterday," She said honestly.

"We're all feeling that this morning," Deena said honestly.

The three sat down by the fire Gina and Deena had assembled.

"So Penny told me something interesting a few days ago," Kelly said.

"Oh yeah?" Deena said egging her on.

"Look, this is just what I heard, so if this is just Penny talking out of her ass, you guys can forget that I ever opened my mouth," Kelly said as a disclaimer, "But is there a plan to vote out John...first time we go to tribal?"

Deena looked around to make sure nobody else had woken up, she looked Kelly dead in the eyes and nodded.

"Then I'm in, and I'm sure Brandon will be too," Kelly said.

The two shook hands, and then Kelly extended her hand to Gina, who shook hands with her.

I don't know how much I can't trust Kelly, but so far she seems like someone who's willing to work with us in the future.

–Deena Bennett

"So it's the 4 girls in the end?" Kelly asked smiling.

"The four of us, and Brandon of course," Deena said. It was important to make sure that Kelly and Brandon knew that they were both apart of this final 5 deal. Everything needed to be done precisely if they wanted to get rid of John.

The rest of the tribe woke up, as graugy as the three women that had woken up before, and sat around the fire.

"What are you lovely ladies up to this morning?" Jeff Varner asked.

"Oh you know, just plotting everyone's demise, the usual morning stuff," Kelly said sarcastically.

"Well do me a favor and get me out first y'all this hangover bites," Jeff said only half joking.

This morning I wasn't sure if our reward was rewarding or just painful, cause we're gonna have a challenge and we're all gonna be hungover for it.

–Jeff Varner

"Should be an interestin' afternoon," Penny said.

"You guys, I think it's best if we all just rest up for the challenge today, if we start working in the hot sun after all the alcahol yesterday it's gonna be bum city at the challenge today," John said.

The entire tribe smiled, finished their breakfast and took a nap, awaiting news of the next challenge.

At Ishrin, it was a down morning. Nobody felt like doing much of anything. Everyone sat around looking at one another, no words were exhanged. No serious gestures, just blank stares and empty hopes of finally winning a challenge.

Eventually, the silence finally broke.

"Everyone, I know I've been kind of pissy for the past few days, because I just feel like i've been on the outside of so many decisions, but I wanna really be apart of the tribe," Monica said.

Brett smiled and patted her on the back. "I knew you'd come around eventually," he said.

If I learned anything yesterday, it's that we're not gonna win anytime soon. So apologizing just tightens my bond with Brett.

–Monica Padilla

Spencer and Sydney both forgave her for going ballistic trying to get rid of them several times throughout the game.

"I think sometimes, you just don't want to hear other people out, you know?" Sydney said offering up a suggestion.

"It's just the way the game turned out last time," Monica said looking down.

"That's not gonna happen, cause this is this time," Brett reassured her.

Two people sat, skeptical of the events that were transpiring, each with alterior motives, but both suspicious none the less.

I forgave Monica, but do I believe her, hell no. She's been playing hardcore since Day 1. This could easily just be another trick.

–Spencer Duhm

Monica's not a very forgiving person. But I think for a Million Dollars, she'd apologize to anyone.

–Christina Cha

"Can we just have a group hug you guys?" Sydney asked sweetly.

All five gathered around and exchanged one large group hug.

"Today's the day this game turns around you guys, I believe it, and I know that If you guys believe it, than we can do this regardless of what the challenge is!" Brett said.

"Ishrin is gonna make a comeback baby," Spencer shouted!

This is our last chance to shake up the game, and we're gonna go out with more fight and more heart than any tribe in Survivor history.

–Brett Clouser

The tribe checked treemail together and began walking to the challenge together. Arms chained together, all sporting their green buffs aside their head, like warriors about to go into battle.

Today's challenge though, was going to be a difficult one for them to win. In today's challenge two groups of two will each have one arm attatched to a rope. Every 15 minutes one castaway will add 10 pounds to one of the two groups rope. The tribe that can hold up their weight longer than the other tribe wins immunity.

Deena, Gina, & Penny sat out for Wahid.

Kelly was elected to place the sandbags, while Christina was chosen to place them for Ishrin.

The Pairs holding onto the weight were







"Talk about David and Goliath," Spencer said.

The girls sitting on the Wahid bench laughed.

The first 10 pounds were added to both set of power house guys. Gervase/Varner for Wahid and Brett/Spencer for Ishrin.

Both guys took the weight fairly well.

15 minutes later, both groups recieved another 15 llbs.

The next 15 minutes things changed.

Wahid chose to give Monica and Sydney the next 15 llbs, while Ishrin stuck to their guns.

Jeff started to shake a little with the addition of new weight. Monica had a very hard time even handeling the 15. Sydney held tough, pulling Monica in closer in order to keep them tight.

"Ooo looks like the ladies are starting to get close over there," Jeff said cackeling.

Monica rolled her eyes.

15 minutes later Brandon and John got their first 15 while Wahid, piled on Sydney and Monica once again.

"Here's where were at. Gervase & Varner have 45 llbs. Everyone on Ishrin at 30 llbs, and Brandon and John with just 15 llbs.

"Ugh!" Monica said, struggeling to hang on. Sydney pulled extra hard to gain some leverage. They made it just in time to get to the next round, but they recieved no weight.

Brett and Spencer got another 15, as did John and Branodn. Both winced at the weight, but it was Monica who was first to drop.

"Sh*t!" Monica screamed. Brandon jumped, his weight just touching the floor as it happened!

"Monica's out," Jeff called out.

"Brandon, your bag just touched the dirt, I'm sorry Brandon & John, you guys are out,"

A frustrated John cussed and sat on the bench next to the women.

"Unbelievable," John said to Deena, "Just unbelievable,"

Kelly overheard this and rolled her eyes. Brandon returned her glance.

One group from Wahid, one Group from Ishrin. Let's add another 15.

Each group recieved another 15 pounds.

Everyone started shaking.

Jeff and Gervase each tugged on their ropes, while Brett and Spencer moved closer together to help the other hoist the rope.

"Two different strategies, which one is gonna work out," Jeff said.

Time passed slowly each recieved another 15 pounds.

Everyone started shaking uncontrollably, it'd be a matter of who would let go first.

Brett and Spencer, who were much smaller had 60 pounds while Varner and Gervase had a whopping 75 pounds on.

Varner's hand slowly began to release the rope, John and Penny winced.

AH! Spencer screamed as his bag dropped just before Varner's.


Spencer fell to the ground and put his head in his lap.

"I'm so sick of this," he said.

Brett patted him on the back.

"It's not your fault bro, couldn't have held on this long without you,"

The five of them somberly walked back to camp, knowing the worst was about to come.

The march back to camp for Ishrin though was much more celebratory, because according to them, they had just won Survivor.

"Y'all one of us just became a millionare, ya hear?" Varner screamed.

Everyone was clapping, and laughing about the huge challenge win today. It was the one for all the marbles, and like always Wahid had come out on top.

We're winning like crazy, I'm in the majority alliance, a million dollars isn't too far away.

–Jeff Varner

The tribe broke out the rest of their wine, and toasted once again.

Gervase extended the bottle, and said "Here's to being a million dollars richer in three weeks motherf*****s!"


Day 12

The next morning the four women and Brandon met at the shore to discuss the prospects of the new alliance.

"So are we all solid here?" Deena asked.

"Solid," Brandon said.

"I'm down," Penny said.

"Me too sister," Kelly said in response to Penny.

"And Gina?" Deena asked.

"Yes, I'll vote with you guys when the time comes," Gina reassured them.

"Well the good news is we're probably never ever gonna lose," Kelly said.

Winning is amazing, but you know what's not great about winning? Still having to live with John.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"He was just so full of himself at the challenge yesterday," Brandon said.

"That's what I've been telling you guys, he has a temper like nobody I've ever seen before," Penny said.

"We all doubted you Penny, and we're sorry for that, we should've listented to you earlier," Deena said honestly.

"Well bless y'all's hearts," Penny said in her sweet souther accent.

I've finally become a part of this tribe, and now that I am, I think people are gonna have to watch out.

–Penny Ramsey

"We should head back before someone comes over here and sees," Brandon says.

"Sees what?" John Caroll said standing behind them.

"This fish that just washed up on shore," Penny said holding up a fish that had literally just washed up upon the shore. "It was supposed to be a surprise but I guess you ruined it Jonny Pots and Pans," she said sweetly.

"Oh that's awesome," John said distracted. "I'll go cook it up, anyone wanna come?" Brandon and Gina elected to follow him up.

Typical John. Make him feel like he's in charge of something, he'll completly forget you were strategizing two seconds before hand.

–Deena Bennett

At Ishrin, there would be no celebration feast, or people feeling on top of the world. In a tribe of 5, everyone was vulnerable. Everyone that is except for golden boy Brett Clouser.

The vote is probably gonna come down to me tonight. I so didn't want this to happen, but I gotta do what's best for the tribe and best for me now.

–Brett Clouser

Sydney and Spencer sat checking up on one another before they went to talk to Brett.

"You guys had a deal right?" Sydney asked.

"I mean he said he'd love to work with me in the future, and he saved you cause of our final 4 deal. I think he's gonna stick with us," Spencer said confidently.

"I hope so," Sydney said.

Brett has more than one final 4 deal, I know that's true, so I don't feel as safe as Spencer thinks right now.

–Sydney Wheeler

"Hey Brett," Spencer said calling him over.

"Hey you guys," Brett said.

"We just wanted to see if you were still down with us to vote tonight," Sydney said.

"Geez.. This is so tough, cause you guys know that I'm tight with all of you," Brett said honestly.

"We know that you are close to everyone, but we just wanna stay true to our original 4, all the way to the end," Sydney said.

Spencer was taken back, he wanted to propose getting rid of Monica. He knew she was sneaky, but Sydney knew best, if there was any chance Brett would side with them, it would be if they voted for Christina.

"So you're saying it should be Christina?" Brett asked.

"As far as strength, loyalty and intergrity goes, I think it's our best option at this point," Spencer said.

"Right," Brett said. "Well I'm gonna go listen to what they have to say," Brett said.

"Happy Scheming," Sydney said with a smile.

Brett walked over towards Monica and Christina who had been waiting to talk with him.

Monica shot him a glance of concern. He shook his head no to let Monica know that she wasn't Spencer and Sydney's target. She let out a silent sigh of relief, she was safe three more days. That was all that mattered.

"I think it has to be Sydney tonight," Monica said. "We need Spencer in the challenges."

Christina nodded and agreed fairly quickly.

Brett seemed hesitant. He knew Sydney wasn't the weakest link on the tribe.

I know Sydney is gonna be a tough sell for Brett, but strategically speaking, it's far more beneficial.

–Monica Padilla

Christina, would you mind if we had a moment to talk.

"Yeah sure," Christina said, leaving without question. She had perceptivness at times, but sometimes she just listented to whatever Monica and Brett said.

"You see that," Monica said pointing to Christina walking away.

"See what?" Brett asked.

"She does whatever we tell her to do without question," Monica said giggeling.

"So?" Brett said.

"So, that's gonna be useful later on," Monica said.

"Like when?" Brett said skeptical.

"Like at the next tribal council we go to when it's gonna be a 2-2 tie if we keep Sydney tonight," Monica said. "Look I know you gave Sydney your word, but you gave me and Christina your word to the final 3. So unless your making deals behind my back...." Monica said.

"I'll consider it," Brett said.

Brett has to make this move tonight if we want to go to the merge. We're going to go in undermanned, so who cares about strength at this point, it's all about positioning ourselves more.

–Monica Padilla

Tonight, I'm gonna make someone unhappy, and I'm gonna have to go back on my word to someone I really care about, which makes this vote even harder.

–Brett Closuer

At Tribal Council the votes came in just as expected.

First vote "Christina," that was Sydney's

"Sydney," That one had come from Christina

"Sydney," this one from Monica

"Christina," Spencer's vote.

Everyone looked to Brett who had put his face down in his lap to avoid seeing the eliminated castaway's face. He hated casting this vote more than anything.

"Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs New School"


Christina smiled, hugged her tribe and took her torch over to Jeff.

"You guys need to start kicking their asses, I dont want an old fart winning a million bucks.

"Christina, the tribe has spoken,"

And with that the Ishrin 4 had held together for one more vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4


Christina (3 Votes)
Brett, Spencer, & Sydney
Sydney (2 Votes)
Christina & Monica
Christina Cha

Still In the Running

John Caroll