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"Picks, Chicks, and Politics"
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Season Survivor: Loyalty Islands
Author XMCL
Episode Number 1/14
Date Uploaded Jan. 11, 2018 - Feb. 7, 2018
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Picks, Chicks, and Politics is the premiere episode of Survivor: Loyalty Islands.


Immunity Challenge: ​Yank Your Hank
Members from each tribe would race across a series of three wooden A-frames carrying three coils of rope. At the end of the course, a few members would use the rope to pull a heavy wooden crate across a ramp and up to the finish platform. The remaining tribe members would then disassemble the crate to use as puzzle pieces. The first tribe to solve their puzzle would win.


Day 1

An aerial shot of the blue waters of French Caledonia fades in. The camera moves rapidly onto an islet, where Jeff Probst stands.

I'm standing off the coast of the Ouvéa, the largest island of the Loyalty Islands province in French Caledonia. A diverse group of 16 Americans are on there way to this island to begin the journey of a lifetime.


The camera transitions to a boat with eight people sitting inside. The camera focuses on the face of a young man with glasses. He smiles at one of the castaways as the speedboat bobs up and down in the water.

Most people think I'm totally out of my element being here, and they are actually more correct than they are wrong. I don't go camping, I rarely go to the parks in the Little Rock. But, I know how to play this game. Forming strong bonds and alliances is the main focus, but I'm never afraid to cut their throats if I need to. The title could likely be mine!


A shot of a school of fish scattering from a shark leads to another zoom-in an a contestant. A woman with strawberry blonde hair does not look fond of the boat ride.

The reason why I believe I can win, is, well, bullies. I consider myself very attractive, but I like anime, and drawing. I'm an artist, and you know, the haters have made me a more resilient person today. I do get shy, but I'm a silent schemer. I don't want to stand out like a lot of these people here, even on the boat I was trying to analyze these people. I mean, there's the woman with the black hair who looks like a snob (the camera focuses on Clarette), then there's the buff middle-aged dude (the camera zooms in on Craig). I don't think people will see me coming. I might be quiet, but my game won't be.


When the boat bobs up higher in the air, a man with long hair yells in excitement.

My dudes, you better know how awesome this game's gonna be. I think everybody will like me, I'm funny as hell, I can provide, and I'm a genius! I might be really young, but I've experienced a lot that these people haven't. Partying, drugs, yeah, I'll admit I've done that. I don't think college is worth it, I already can do a lot in life. I'm a free-spirit, I got this tattoo under my eye because that's my decision, not my parents'.


The camera zooms out from the boat, revealing a second boat about a half-mile behind it. A teenager with colorful hair looks around, checking out the cast.

I would hate for my identity to get in the way of how I play the game, but I identify as gender non-binary. The past few years about my life have been about discovering who I am, and now I'm ready to go on the next journey. I'm athletic, very intelligent, and I am very social. I was blessed enough to be widely accepted by my family and peers, but I know not everybody in the world supports that. I want to play the game as a competitor, not as the non-binary person.


Next to Jamie is an older woman, who is smiling ear-to-ear, despite not even starting the game yet.

How crazy is it that about a week ago at this time I was baking cookies for my grandchildren? I'm gonna be straight up with y'all, I'm a stereotypical grandma in the real world, but here, I'm gonna play like a master. On the inside, I'm a great person. I'm loyal as [expletive] but I will say what's on my mind. I'm a conservative, too, I don't even know what political correctness is (laughs). I'm not going to allow my views to get in the way of my game, so I may have to put my views on the backburner as I rule this game. Even when just looking at my tribe, I know that I have some liberals on my tribe, the kid next to me had three different colors in his hair, is that a world record? I'm gonna have to act as a human to human with many people here, not as a Republican to a Democrat.


On the other side of the boat is a woman who appears very calm. She checks out her buff on her wrist.

Everybody has a story for being here, mine is all about improving myself as a person. I believe in always doing the right thing. As a flight attendant, I once kicked two men off of a flight because they were throwing food at a man with cerebral palsy. I'm an anti-bullying advocate, and I try to stop conflict when I'm able to. I can make friends fast, and make deep bonds both as friendships and alliances. It's most important to play the game with your mind and not your heart, and I can do that.


These 16 castaways will be forced to work together, while battling the elements and each other. In the end, only one will be left in the end to claim the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. This is Survivor: Loyalty Islands!


The intro plays, and cuts back to the islet. Ouvéa's boat arrives, and Elijah and Craig help the rest of the members out. They all step on the blue mat as Lifou's boat arrives. The members jump out and walk to their mat.

Probst: Welcome to Survivor: Loyalty Islands!

The castaways burst into cheers and applause.

Probst: Just for a moment, I would like each of you to look around at your tribe, and then to the other tribe.

Carson: What's that all about, Jeff?

Probst: Guy with the long hair, what's your name?

Carson: I'm Carson, man. Why did we have to do that?

Probst: I'm getting into that. Since you asked, what's your first impression of the cast, Carson?

Carson: There's, uh, a lotta people here. Old, young, different races. Everybody seems pretty chill.

A couple castaways nod in agreement.

Probst: The woman standing next to Carson, do you agree?

Saliyah: Yes. Obviously, we have a lot of diversity here. It's really important that not everybody is the same, so we can deal with not only different personalities, but learn about different cultures. My name is Saliyah, too.

Probst then turns to the Lifou tribe.

Probst: Young man on the left, what's your name, and what do you think about Saliyah's statement?

Ty: My name's Ty. I honestly don't really agree. I came here for Survivor. We should see each other as people and teammates, not as different races or having different beliefs.

Right off the bat, we were talking about the diversity of the cast. Give me a break, we didn't come here to learn about new cultures. I've studied abroad in four different countries, each for at least a month, and the longest was for a full year. I really don't care who disagrees, because I know the most important aspect of the game are your connections, and if they don't like what I have to say, they shouldn't be my ally.


Trisha: Regardless what our beliefs are, we're all here for a reason. Whether it's to purely just win, grow as a person, have a new experience in life.

Jeff is smiling at the statements of the castaways.

Probst: I must say, this is a really interesting conversation to listen to. Only a couple minutes after we arrive, there's already conversation relating to the game.

Trisha: We're all prepared, Jeffrey.

A few castaways chuckle at Trisha's statement.

Probst: If you're all ready to start your life, then we will now. The tribe on the blue mat, your tribe name is Ouvéa. On the orange mat is Lifou. Here are the maps to your camps, each tribe will use a raft to get to their camp.

Jeff tosses the maps to both sides.

It's crazy how ready this tribe is to play, I think I ended Jeff's opening statements about the game, which is hilarious! I'm so happy I've already gotten a tiny feel of at least a couple people on my tribe, it's gonna help me figure out who I can trust when we have to go to tribal council.



After almost an hour of paddling, the Lifou tribe arrives at the beach where they will set up camp. The castaways greet each other and celebrate the begin of their journey.

When we arrived, everybody was in good spirits. We need a positive attitude to work together as a team, and we can do that, I can feel it.


The castaways gather around to form a plan.

Mike: We should start by building a shelter, it's the most important thing.

Kristin: Yeah, but I think, um, we should have a couple people go get water?

Mike: We can't drink water without a fire, you have to boil it.

Kristin: I know, but just to have it closer to us. It doesn't look like it's too far away according to the map.

Trisha: Does anybody know how to make a fire without flint?

Nobody speaks up.

Mikayla: We can all try together, because there are different methods I've watched online.

Mike: We should build a shelter first.

Right when we got to the beach, people have their own ideas. It's stupid that the women think getting water first is a good idea. It will take hours to make a fire without flint, don't waste your time. I can already see they can't picture things is the long run, even though it would only be a few hours to build a shelter!


Barbara-Anne: What kinda' structure do you have in mind, Mike?

Mike: I think we should have a raised floor in case it rains, and make a triangle shape with the roof.

Barbara-Anne: Pardon me? A triangle?

Mike: A piece of bamboo will be attached to the floor and angles up.

Barbara-Anne: Oh, I see. I don't oppose that.

Mike already stepped up as leader, and nobody could see that coming (rolls eyes). I'll need to be wary of this guy, he could have a really, really short fuse. I don't want enemies, so I'll just be everybody's granny. If they think that's what I'm best at, they're idiots. I doubt people will want me to go first, I'm more physical than I look. I'll provide around camp and be as good in the challenges as these youngsters!


With no objections, the castaways set out to gather supplies. The men and Jamie are out gathering bamboo, while the women gather sticks and rocks for a fire. Mikayla and Trisha strike up a conversation while gathering sticks.

Trisha: What're your thoughts on the tribe, Mikayla?

Mikayla: I haven't really gotten a read on them. Mike seems to be a controlling-type guy.

Trisha: I know! I was annoyed, like, what if this shelter doesn't come together as he wants? Will he freak out?

Mikayla: He shouldn't. If he does, then that's what tribal council's for.

The two laugh at Mikayla's comment.

Trisha: Everybody else seems cool.

Mikayla: Yeah, I do too.

Trisha: Would you like to stick together? I already see that we think alike!

Mikayla: Yes, I feel the same way!

The first person to approach me in a strategic way was Trisha, and that was like, ten minutes after getting here. I like the girl, but if she's that game-oriented, eh, I don't know if I can trust that all the way. I'm going to keep all of my options laid out in front of me before I pick anything. I agree Mike seems like he's going to try to take control of the tribe, so I'm on the same page there, but she didn't talk to me at all about, like, getting to know me.


Jamie and Shaun are finding for good pieces of bamboo, but take a break and sit on a log.

Shaun: Jamie, I hope I don't offend you by asking, but how do you identify?

Jamie: No, that's cool. I'm gender non-binary, I just like to be called "they."

Shaun: Oh, that's nice. When did you come out?

Jamie: Well, I was born male, but I thought for a long time I was transgender. I discovered more about different gender identities, and when I discovered non-binary, it was like, that's me! I came out when I was 17.

Shaun: That is awesome! I hope you have lots of support at home.

Jamie: I do, it made me feel really loved when I told everybody and they were happy for me.

Shaun: I have to say, too, your hair is really cool (laughs).

Jamie and Shaun's conversation becomes unintelligible as Jamie gives his confessional.

It's a relief people aren't assuming I'm just a dude or a chick, and it was a good start to see Shaun so accepting. In my dreams, everybody would do the same, but I know at least one person won't understand. I think I should get to know Barbara and Mike more, because I think they will understand my identity the least. I don't want them to think of me as any different as a person from anybody else.


Barbara-Anne and Jamie are gathering palm fronds, and Jamie begins a conversation.

Jamie: Barbara, you seem like a really understanding person, and I'll just tell you.

Barbara-Anne: What's that, dear?

Jamie: I identify as gender non-binary, I just wanted to let you know. I don't go by male or female.

Barbara-Anne blinks at his statement.

Barbara-Anne: I'm sorry sweetie, I'm not educated on post-modern beliefs. If that's how you identify, of course I'll respect that.

Jamie: Thank you, I just wanted to let you know. I just like to be called "they," but it really doesn't matter too much to me. I just don't want to be called an it.

Barbara-Anne: I get it, us old folk don't know things.

Barbara-Anne opens up her arms and the two hug.

That Jamie fella came to me earlier and told me that he was gender non-bisexual or something like that. I didn't want to offend him and ask him what it meant, so I just offered him a hug in response. I might have to ask one of these other kids around about this, but it's definitely something I've never heard before.


A final shot of Barbara-Anne sitting on a log on the ground is displayed before fading to commercial


The Ouvéa tribe makes it to their beach after a long two hours of rowing.

Craig: We made it guys!

Most are in high spirits and cheer, but Titus does not look happy.

After two straight hours of rowing, we finally got to our beach. Are you kidding me, I didn't sign up for this! Actually, I did, and it sucked. It would be terrifying if they saw me as weak or not deserving because I was not a fan of that dumb two hour rowing experience. I'll try to act happy, I just don't want to have a bad first impression.


The tribe members group together and introduce themselves to one another. When Clarette tells the tribe she owns her own fashion company, a few eyebrows raise.

I'll admit, I was a spoiled child, but that didn't make me the successful person I am. My parents pretty much told us to do things ourselves after we moved out, and I built myself to where I am today. Yeah, I know, the short lady was able to do something herself. If being a bitch in high school led me to success, surely being a gossip here won't hurt too bad, right?


Eloisa: So, should we start with a shelter? Fire? Water?

Saliyah: I think we should try to get some water first, or we can try to build a shelter at the same time.

Eloisa: Yeah, I'm fine with that. Do you guys agree?

The other tribe members agree and they split up to work. A short montage of the castaways gathering supplies plays, while Allyson and Titus fumble when picking up sticks for firewood.

Titus: I'm definitely not used to this.

Allyson: I'm in the same boat Titus. I don't go camping or outdoors!

Titus: I'm a city boy, I don't even go to the parks!

Allyson: Haha, where are you from?

Titus: In the heart of Little Rock, you said you live in Washington, right?

Allyson: Yeah, in Spokane. It's a nice area!

Titus: I have to admit, you don't look like somebody who would be friends with me.

Allyson: What do you mean?

Titus: Well, um, you're- better looking than many.

Allyson: Oh my god, Titus, playing the flirt game already?

Titus: What? No! I'm sorry!

Allyson:(Laughing) I'm kidding! I'm just not interested in a lot of stuff that the normies of the world like, I draw anime for a living.

Titus: Wow, I never would've guessed.

I really like Allyson, we instantly clicked. I think we're going to be, like, really good allies. She's beautiful, what can I say? I mean, I hope she doesn't think I'm ugly or anything, I'm not trying to start a romantic thing either. I think we're going to be really tight in this game, we can seriously rule this.


Titus: Well, who else did you get a good impression from? We're gonna need an alliance.

Allyson: I got a good feeling from the older people on our tribe, like Eloisa.

Titus: Do you want to go talk to them?

Allyson: We should, before anybody else does.

I think Titus is a really charming guy, I hope I he trusts me because I really, really want to work with him. We decided that instead of having an alliance with like, Carson and Clarette, we should go with the older people on our tribe.


Allyson and Titus gather Elijah, Eloisa, and Saliyah.

Allyson: Hello, we wanted to get you three and say that we want to work with you.

Saliyah: Why us, dear?

Allyson: I think you gave the best first impression. Titus and I both were bullied in high school, I thought that you three seemed like really caring people.

Eloisa: That is so sweet, you two. I would love to have an alliance. Although my children are too young, bullying is a really important topic.

Saliyah: I'm also very sorry you had to experience that, I would love to form a partnership. Carson struck me as a disrespectful person, I hope we have similar views.

Titus: I'm worried that Carson could be disrespectful, but he could also be a lazy tribe member.

Elijah: He's been working today, as he should be. I don't see any problems yet.

I was skeptical of this alliance Allyson wanted to form with Saliyah, Eloisa, and myself. I do empathize with their experience bullying- erm- I have a similar experience. When I was in college, I was brutally tortured and nearly murdered by a classmate when I accused him of cheating. I was, obviously, correct, but it really opened my eyes to the cruelty and lengths people will go to seek revenge. Aligning with Allyson and Titus may be a great opportunity for me because I think they will genuinely have the same interests in the game as I do.


Elijah groups with the two women.

Elijah: Ladies, does the proposal a good option for us?

Eloisa: I believe so! They are so sweet.

Elijah: I do agree. I appreciate them coming to us first.

Saliyah: It would be best for us to sit back and wait until we need to make a decision. Then we will have this talk again.

Eloisa: Yeah, we got here just a bit ago, let's wait.

The other two nod in agreement.

I'll be honest, I don't like all the strategy that's already been forced onto me. Although it was one alliance, I didn't like Elijah already wanted to decide if we should trust them. I do trust them, and you should always accept every alliance you can get. I think Eloisa and I have a similar view on this, Elijah might be more skeptical when people approach him.


A time-lapse shot of the sun moving across the horizon indicates much time has passed as the castaways continue working. The shelter is nearing completion in the evening. Shots of each member are shown working, except for Carson and Clarette, who lay in the shelter.

Carson: These dudes are suckers for wasting their energy. We're gonna lose the challenge, baby girl.

Clarette: Are they retarded? We don't even have a fire or water.

Carson: You right. Wanna get the fire started? We can try.

Clarette: No, dude, I want to sleep!

Carson: We can't be lazy, baby girl.

Clarette rolls over, closer to Carson.

Clarette: I would rather lay here with you instead of those misfits and old hags.

Carson:(Sitting up) We can't make ourselves lose by doing nothing. Help me with the fire.

The flirting strat' isn't gonna work on me, Clare' 'cause we can't be lazy and end up being voted off for not doing diddly squat. I did tons of #### like getting bamboo and tying it together, it took forever man. But everybody was still working when I was done, so I said 'I'm gonna try ta' make this fire.'


Carson gets out of the shelter, followed by Clarette. Carson prepares the structure of the fire because getting out a piece of bamboo for friction. This catches the attention of Eloisa.

Eloisa: Are you going to try it?

Carson: Might as well. I'm thirsty af' girl.

Eloisa: 'Af?'

Carson: As ####.

Eloisa: Oh.

My emotions on Carson are mixed. I appreciate him working and taking the initiative on the fire, but he seems like he doesn't have a filter or good manners either. I'm not a fan of using cuss words freely, only if it's a genuine emotional reaction. Casual usage always was a negative thing to me, it shows the kind of character you are, just trying to look cool by saying 'As f-.' That just shows how right I was in choosing Allyson and Titus' proposal for an alliance, since my impression of Carson hasn't been all that great. If he continues working hard, though, it could be different.


Clarette and Eloisa both help Carson set up, before he starts creating friction for the fire. Multiple shots are shown, giving the effect that it is taking Carson a long time. It is dark as Carson continues trying, now with Craig and Elijah helping.

Making the fire has been unsuccessful. You know, we're hungry man, we just want to get some food and water in ourselves. We've been trying for hours, and we can't even see what we're doing. This effort speaks though, and shows how hard working we are as a tribe.


Sweat glistens on the men as the continue their attempts to make a fire. However, they don't have any effort in the next few minutes.

Clarette: Guys, come to bed now, it's so late.

Craig: We're almost at a fire, honey.

Elijah: I beg to differ, we've almost sawed through this entire stick of bamboo.

Craig sighs, not wanting to stop.

Craig: I suppose you're right. We'll get back on this tomorrow, refreshed from sleep.

The men climb into the shelter next to the already sleepy castaways, exhausted from the day of work.

Day 2


The scene opens before sunrise. Kristin and Trisha climb out of the shelter, groggy.

Trisha: How did you sleep?

Kristin: About as good as not sleeping at all.

Trisha: I get you, it was super uncomfortable.

Kristin: If I'm being honest, I'm not a person who just snuggles up, I prefer to be a cocoon in my own blanket (laughs).

Trisha: All I need is a man to sleep next to and I'm satisfied!

Night one was pretty rough for me, I don't remember having a moment where I felt like I was comfortable or relaxed. I'll have to adapt, that's what the game's all about. Of course, it was under Mike's rule that this shelter came to be, and it was poorly constructed, so I actually don't blame him all too much. We're going to have to improve the structure today, because I will not live 38 nights like that.


Mike gets up and joins the two as they watch the sunrise.

Mike: Hello ladies.

Trisha: Hi Mike.

Mike: How was the shelter for you two?

Kristin: I'll admit it, it was really uncomfortable. I want to like, rebuild the floor because my back was hurting.

Mike: Seriously? It took me at least three hours to get that whole structure done.

Kristin: Yes, but I'm not trying to be rude, I'll do it myself gladly.

Mike: Then you can do that.

The three sit in silence, unsure of what to say next.

I think it's insane that Kristin is whining about the shelter. If she wants it redone, she will do it herself, I'm not wasting my time for her fat ass to get better sleep. I do regret being hostile with my response, I don't want to stand out as the leader or even a bully, but I think it needed to be said in the end, at least a comment like the one I made. If you're whining because you didn't get your beauty sleep, you need to learn how to get your game together, because it's gonna get worse than this. Kristin is definitely NOT on my list of people to trust.


The scene cuts to later in the morning, as Kristin rips out the bamboo from the shelter. The unaware tribe members watch in confusion.

Ty: What are you doing Kristin?

Kristin: I'm going to replace the floor of the shelter, it'll help us be more comfortable in the shelter.

Ty: I was fine last night.

Kristin rolls her eyes in a direction that Ty could not see.

Kristin: I'm glad you did, but I did not. In case anybody else did too, I'm going to try to improve it. I would love some help.

The tribe members look at one another, reluctant to help Kristin.

Shaun: I'll help you.

Seeing Shaun decided to help, Jamie also walks over to the shelter.

I think what Kristin was trying to do was for the tribe, not for herself. Her social skills might just lack a little, but I think she has good intentions. Showing the tribe that I'm willing to do things that others don't want to do will show the I'm a really valuable asset to the tribe. I'm glad Jamie also came with me, because I really like them and I also trust them as an ally.


Mikayla, Trisha, and Ty meet up to talk, since they were bumped out of the shelter.

Mikayla: Well, we're bumped out of the shelter for now.

Trisha: Yep, now we're just sitting on dirt.

Ty: Personally, I think Kristin should go first. She's annoying.

Trisha: I don't think she's done anything annoying. What, are you just crabby you didn't get any more sleep?

Ty:(Smiiling) No! I don't know, it's just the feeling I get from her. Everybody else is great, I couldn't think of anybody else to dislike anyway.

Mikayla: I wouldn't be against voting for Kristin, but we should also watch out for Mike, he's like, in charge here.

Trisha: He got mad at Kristin because she said she didn't sleep well, maybe it insulted him because he built like, the whole thing himself.

Ty: Well, somebody with a short temper is dangerous for the tribe, but he's ripped, he's gonna carry us in the physical part of challenges.

Mikayla: Is he smart, though? Because if he's a strategic threat and a social liability, that's a terrible combination.

Trisha: Time will tell us, I wonder if he'll crack!

I'm feeling really good with Mikayla and Ty in an alliance, we kind of bonded together because Kristin booted us out of the shelter as we were changing clothes. I like the young people on this tribe, we're all really mellow and we think alike, I'm totally for an alliance with strictly people under 30, because the oldies are also the crazies on this tribe it looks like!


With Trisha mentioning the older tribe members, the next scene is with Barbara-Anne and Mike, who talk as wash themselves in the ocean.

Barbara-Anne: You seem tense, Mike.

Mike: I'm pissed at Kristin, bitching about the shelter and then she's going to try to do it again herself. I doubt she knows anything about carpentry.

Barbara-Anne: I hear ya' on that, but she's doin' this for all y'all, myself included. She isn't tryna insult you at all.

Mike grunts.

Mike: Hmm, you know, you're right.

Barbara-Anne: An' if I were you, I'd apologize to her, because I see those young ones bondin' together like it's a college frat party. Us three stickin' together is gonna keep us hear, trust me.

Mike: You're right. Ty, Kayla, and Trisha all were in the shelter together and left together.

Barbara-Anne: And what would Jamie and Shaun think about that if we told them? (Grins)

Mike: That's brilliant. I'm going up there right now to talk.

I hope I knocked some sense into Mike's mind, 'cause he was a little whacko about Kristin rebuildin' his shelter. All ya' have to do is mention alliances, and he's off to the races apologizing to Kristin. The young ones are gonna stick together, and our best bet is to stick together, all the older ones.


A peculiar shot of Mike speed-walking up the beach towards camp leads to Kristin eyeing him.

Kristin (Under her breath): Oh god.

Mike approaches Kristin, with Jamie and Shaun helping.

Mike: Kristin, I owe you an apology. And I also owe you gratitude, thank you for improving the shelter.

Kristin: Oh, thank you Mike! That means a lot to me.

Mike: I also want to thank both of you two for helping her, that shows your devotion to the tribe.

The two look up and smile.

Mike: Well, I'll let you two finish. I'll be off doing other chores.

I apologized to Kristin, and I do believe it's for the best. It was my misreading of the situation. I hope I beamed positivity and kindness, 'cause it was damn hard to do. If I'm gonna control these nitwits, I need to look like a respectful leader or else they're all going to turn against me and I'll be out first.


As Mike walks away, the three stop working.

Jamie: That was bizarre.

Kristin: It came out of nowhere. Did Barbara-Anne tell him to apologize?

Jamie: Probably, she seems to be aware of what's going on around here.

Shaun: To be honest, that sounds like somebody I would want to stick around with.

Kristin: You're saying we should form an alliance with Barbara-Anne and Mike?

Shaun: No, just Barbara-Anne. I mean, she's probably a lot smarter than she lets on.

Jamie: You could be right, but she might just be acting as a grandmother, wanting everybody happy.

After Mike all of a sudden apologized to Kristin, it was obvious that Barbara-Anne at least had mentioned to Mike apologizing. I really want Barbara-Anne and I to be partners, because she'll be able to get information like nobody else, I can feel it. I want my alliance to be with all pretty savvy players, because somebody scatter-brained is detrimental to the whole alliance. Barbara-Anne, Jamie, and then who else? I would love to see Mikayla and Ty in an alliance with me to be completely honest. I hope it's not a conflict of interest, because it would be perfect for my game.


Shaun sighs as he, Jamie, and Kristin complete the improved shelter.

Kristin: There, it's done!

Jamie: Let's test it out.

Jamie, Kristin, and Shaun climb into the shelter and lay down.

Kristin: This is much better!

Mikayla also lays in the shelter, seeing that it is complete.

Mikayla: Oh, wow, nice job you three! It means a lot to all of us.

Kristin: I hope so, Mike is probably still angry.

Mikayla: Don't worry about it, he has to get used to not having a total rule, like he probably does in his family.

I'm glad at least one person sees that I redid the shelter for a good purpose, not to insult Mike's craftsmanship or disturb their slumber. Thinking about it, it's silly for them to think that. I am planning on forming an alliance with Barbara-Anne and the two that helped me, maybe Mikayla is a better fifth than Mike.


Kristin: So Mikayla, what are Trisha and Ty like?

Mikayla: Oh, they're cool. You should talk to them and get to know them.

Kristin: Of course.

Kristin walks away, seemingly without warning.

Mikayla (To Jamie and Shaun): How is she?

Jamie: She's fine, not as psycho as she appears.

Mikayla: What is up with people thinking she's insane? She just wanted to rebuild the floor.

Shaun: I agree, but she just makes the situation uncomfortable, just going in and destroying the shelter looked weird.

Mikayla: I suppose you're right.

Shaun: I suggest that us three stick together.

Jamie and Mikayla both sit up, not expecting to hear the statement.

Jamie: Like, as an alliance?

Shaun: Yeah. For the first 24 hours we've known each other, I like you two best.

Mikayla: Thank you Shaun, I would like to stick together, I also really like you two.

Jamie: I'm all for it as well!

I was shocked to hear Shaun all of a sudden propose an alliance to Mikayla and me. I could tell he was getting gamey thoughts when he mentioned forming an alliance with Barbara-Anne. I don't know if I can trust him, if he's already forming multiple alliances with different people. If Mikayla truly wants to be in this alliance, I'll stick with it, but if she doesn't, I might have to follow her.



The scene opens to the tribe huddled together, trying to get a fire started again. They are met without success as the castaways have disappointed looks on their faces.

Our main goal was to just get a fire started today, and so far, it's still not going our way. I'm getting sick and tired of just trying one thing without thinking of a new solution, because obviously rubbing a stick on a piece of bamboo isn't working. I'll admit, I'm not one to give suggestions, but there's a point where you have to say something after hours of failure.


Titus: Guys, we need to try something else.

Carson: You have no right to talk, soy boy.

Titus: Sorry, I just wanted to see if we wanted to try something else-

Carson: Get lost, soy boy.

Craig: Hey, come on, let him just say what he wants to.

Carson: No, he's useless. Go put some soy in your coffee now.

Craig: What's with the soy insults?

Carson (To Titus): Soy boy.

Titus is speechless, clearly uncomfortable.

Titus: If- if he doesn't want to change I- I'll just leave.

Titus speed walks away. The other tribe members walk away in different directions, feeling awkward from the situation.

I get really uncomfortable when negativity comes my way, especially from somebody like Carson. Bullying wasn't a huge problem for me in high school, but Carson is just one of those classic, idiotic jerks. I wanted to get away from that as soon as possible, because I don't handle situations like that well, I freak out. (Frowns) I know it's stupid, but it's something I don't even think I can change, I was hoping Survivor could do that. Who knows? Maybe this is just one trial to changing myself.


Craig: Come on man, you didn't have to do that.

Carson: Uh, yeah I did. He would've ruined our effort.

Craig: But nothing's working at all, we tried hours last night, hours today, and we don't have any embers yet.

Carson: Whatever bro, if you're the expert, do it yourself.

Craig: I would love your help, I can't do it alone.

Carson doesn't look back as he climbs into the shelter.

I don't get what Carson's deal is, he's so stubborn, always wanting to be right. He's the youngest kid here, he's not under control. If he's gonna continue rubbing us all the wrong way, he could end up leaving first, just saying. I also get it, he's hungry and thirsty, and he thinks that his way will work. I guess I'll have to do it myself, because everybody left when Carson talked down to Titus like that (laughs).


Allyson and Titus sit on the beach.

Allyson: Are you okay? That was really mean.

Titus: Ugh, yeah. It's just- it hurts to treated like that on day 2.

Allyson: I would be willing to vote for him if we lose, would the others in our alliance agree?

Titus: I hope so, because that made me look bad.

Allyson: No it didn't! Carson did it to himself, everybody is probably feeling bad for you.

Titus: That feels like it's negative towards me. What if they're right?

Allyson: Stop it! Nobody thinks like that. We're the ones who've been bullied in the past, they know what's up.

Titus: I don't know.

A scenic view of the beach shows the white sands and clear waters of the island. Allyson walks with Eloisa and Saliyah and brings up Titus in their conversation.

Allyson: Titus told me he's upset about the whole Carson thing, he thinks you guys don't want to be in an alliance with him anymore, it's silly.

Saliyah: Why would he think that? He must be a little unstable.

Allyson: I wouldn't say that. He's just sensitive.

Eloisa: Sensitive and overthinking the situation, that's not good.

Allyson: I know, but he's loyal as crap and he really wants us to be in an alliance.

Saliyah: I'm not too sure, but I don't see any other way popping up right now.

Eloisa: We'll definitely consider it.

Allyson: Thanks.

Allyson walks back to camp.

Allyson seems really intent on having Titus be in an alliance with Eloisa and I, and also Elijah. I don't want to have Titus overthink anything negative that comes up, that could impact me negatively in the future. I'm willing to think about it, but it's not looking good for the boy right now. I don't appreciate Carson's behavior too, but at least Carson helps around camp. Titus has just been like, there, not really doing anything too useful.


Eloisa: I don't know, Saliyah.

Saliyah: I don't either. I like the girl, but Titus, not too much.

Eloisa: I'm the same. Think, if anybody else on the tribe gets upset with him let's say after a vote, what are we supposed to do?

Saliyah: Good point.

Eloisa: If we get a feel from everybody else on the tribe, that'll give us a clearer picture.

Saliyah: Mmm, I don't want Allyson to feel paranoid if she sees us talking to the others.

Eloisa: She can't assume every is about her, right?

Saliyah: I hope not.

The two women scurry back to talk to Craig and Elijah.

Eloisa: We wanted to know what you think of Allyson and Titus, and aligning with them.

Craig (Eyebrows raised): Oh, well, I wouldn't be against it. (Looking at Elijah) What do you think?

Elijah: I think they have soft skin. I'm against it.

Saliyah: I guess if we had to choose who to vote off today, who would you go for?

Elijah: Titus.

Eloisa: I would go after Carson. Having people like him is just so toxic for all of us.

Craig: If we lose the challenge and it's because Ally and Titus couldn't step up their game, I would go for one of them. If we lose and they perform well, it'll be harder. I think I would vote for Titus.

Saliyah (Looking unsatisfied): Alright, thanks for telling us what you think.

After seeing Titus unable to handle a basic confrontation, there was no doubt in my mind that he should leave. You're mind is your biggest asset here. You don't need immunity to win the game, your brain can get you through situations, you can get out of the sticky ones. His emotional reactions show the fragile- the fragility.


Elijah and Craig continue the conversation between themselves.

Elijah: I believe Titus doesn't have the mental or emotional strength to last through this whole adventure.

Craig: Yeah, Carson may be a douchebag, but that can take a target away from us in the future. I think we should form an alliance with him and Clarette.

Elijah: I like your thinking.

The two walk back to camp, where Carson still attempts to start a fire.

Elijah: Son, stop for a minute.

Carson wipes sweat from his forehead.

Carson: What?

Elijah: Your work ethic really shows how loyal you are to our tribe. Craig and I would love to form an alliance with you and Clarette.

Carson (Keeping a straight face): Sure, man. I'm down.

Clarette: Did I hear my name?

Craig: Yeah, what do you think of us four in an alliance?

Clarette: Yes, as long as there's no Titus or that other girl.

Elijah: Then it's done.

Elijah smiles and shakes Carson's hand.

The two old dudes formed a' alliance with Clare and I, that's dope man. As long as Titus the soy boy and that other girl stay out, we're chill. I don't care for the other girls, but we already have a majority with four out of seven.


A humorous sound effect plays at the last sentence of Carson's confessional.


A beautiful aerial shot of the ocean plays as relaxing music plays. It cuts to Mikayla, Trisha, and Ty laying in the shelter.

Mikayla: If you weren't on Survivor, what do you think you would be doing right now?

Trisha: I don't know, probably just working! What day of the week is it?

Mikayla: I don't even know. What time is it?

Ty: Go check the sun, maybe it'll tell us.

Mikayla: In college I took an earth science class and we studied solar clocks at one point.

Trisha: What? That is so weird but so cool!

Getting to know people, it's always a genuine connection that makes me feel so happy. I really, really like Mikayla and Ty, we kind of clicked. I swear to god, we better make it far together, because I haven't connected too much with anybody else, and now I don't really have a desire to (laughs).


The three continue their conversation, smiling and laughing. Barbara-Anne and Mike sit in the distance. Mike scoffs, seeing them.

Mike: What do you think they're talking about over there?

Barbara-Anne: They're just bein' kids, Mike. What do kids talk about?

Mike: Probably about that totally lit hashtag post they saw before they came here.

Barbara-Anne: You aren't wrong there, Mike. It looks like all the younglings are stayin' together.

Mike: That's a problem. You're right, that's another reason to need Kristin.

Barbara-Anne: You're still hangin' on to that? Who we really need is Jamie and Shaun, they worked with Kristin, it's fertile ground for alliances.

Mike: Good point.

One thing that's been blatantly obvious is that the tribe is separated by age. Kayla, Ty, and Trisha are all sticking together, while Barbara and I are too. Kristin, Shaun, and uh, Jamie are floating in-between, so I need to get them on my side before those three can. As those three giggle in the shelter the three I'm getting on my side, something about that just feels awfully ironic.


Mike first meets with Kristin individually.

Mike: It looks like our relationship has turned 180 in a few hours Kristin.

Kristin: I get how you felt, Mike. I'm glad you understand why I did it.

Mike: Not only that, but you need to stay on my side. Jamie and Shaun too.

Kristin (Slightly taken aback): Why, exactly?

Mike: Kayla, Trisha, and Ty are taking advantage of your shelter already, just sprawling their legs and all.

Kristin: Why does that affect me? It shows that it's a lot comfier.

Mike (Agitated): My point is, those three are sticking together. Barbara and I are also partners, and age has really been a big factor so far. If you can bring Jamie and Shaun over here, we're golden.

Kristin: I'll talk to them..

Ugh, Mike is annoying. I'm not stupid, it's all an act put up by his to get me on his side. I don't trust the dude at all, I know he doesn't actually like me, I would just be a number. If this whole age division thing is true, I'll stick with Barbara-Anne and not him, because at least she has some positivity. Gah, and then there's Jamie and Shaun. Heck, they could group up with Ty and those two girls, but I could also go with them.


Rather than going to Jamie and Shaun, Kristin talks to Barbara-Anne.

Kristin: Did you send Mike to talk to me? It was so fake.

Barbara-Anne: Yes dear. You two need to cut out the fighting, it's so silly!

Kristin (Grumbling): He needs to grow up.

Barbara-Anne: You can't say that when you've been actin' the same way towards him, hun.'

Kristin: I know. I get it. But-

Barbara-Anne (Interrupting): No buts! The younglings have had better behavior than you two. You've done nothin' wrong but you can't get all upset with me for tryin' ta' get you two to make up.

Kristin: Alright, but what about the whole alliance situation?

Barbara-Anne: Frankly, I think we do need to stay together. The younglings could vote us out easily. Since you worked with Jamie and Shaun, you know 'em a lot better, right? It's worth the effort if ya' ask me.

Kristin: For myself, and not for Mike...

Barbara-Anne: If that's how you want a' view it, that's okay with me. Just not against Mike.

Kristin: That does make sense, thank you for telling me that.

Barbara-Anne: No problem, honey.

In this stage of the game, formin' alliance is the most import'nt part. Mike and I saw the younglings, Mikayla, Ty, and Trisha, all together since this mornin' and that's scary. Jamie an' Shaun are both young, and then there's Kristin, Mike, and me. As much as the two hate each other, Kristin is the bridge to formin' this alliance with Jamie and Shaun. Mike and Kristin need to actually kiss up and move on, or else I'm the one screwed over in the end.


Jamie and Shaun are talking, and Kristin walks down to talk to them.

Kristin: Hello guys. I want to thank you again for helping me with the structure.

Shaun: No problem, it's for all of us anyways.

Kristin: So, I was talking to Barbara-Anne, and we noticed that Ty, Trisha, and Mikayla are all probably sticking together at this point, they've been together all day and yesterday.

Jamie: That's an interesting observation, why'd you tell us?

Kristin: Well, I want to align with you two! And for obvious reasons!

Jamie: Yeah, that sounds like a cool idea. Who else is with us?

Kristin: Barbara-Anne.

Shaun: Well, we're going to need five to secure a majority.

Kristin: ...and Mike.

Jamie and Shaun both make concerned faces.

Jamie: Have you two made up?

Kristin: Well, yeah, but Mike is a fifth and he won't really have a big role.

Shaun: So you're just going to let him tag along?

Kristin (Smiling awkwardly): To put it at the meanest, yeah.

Jamie: It's a sound idea in my opinion.

Kristin: Awesome. Thanks!

Kristin walks up the beach.

Kristin approaching Shaun and I about a new alliance was extremely awkward and uncomfortable. Earlier today, Shaun formed an alliance between with Mikayla and myself, and I don't really want to get too tangled up in alliances. I have no idea what Shaun's plans are, he seems to be accepting everything he can get, but when he has to choose, damage could be done. If I had to choose who I was aligning with right now, it wouldn't include Mike or Kristin, those are the only two I'm against. If Shaun does choose to accept this alliance, I certainly have my work cut out for me whenever we lose a challenge.


Jamie: Thoughts?

Shaun: Are Kristin and Mike together a bad thing? If they made up, there won't be any major conflicts between the two again, right?

Jamie: Opposite. Even if they made up, the wound can be opened again easier than before.

Shaun: I got the feeling that Kristin doesn't really want Mike, but prefers him over the other three in an alliance.

Jamie: Why?

Shaun: She thinks he's going to be a goat, probably.

Jamie: Or, it has to do with the ages of our tribe members. Think, Mikayla, Trisha, Ty, all young. Kristin doesn't have a problem with them. Mike, older, she doesn't like him that much, but she wants him in an alliance over the others.

Shaun: Shoot, you're right! I think in that case, we accept the alliance. If there is conflict, we can tell Barbara-Anne our feelings and just stay with the three younger guys. I would much rather be with Mikayla and Ty.

Jamie: I don't know if that's how we should execute it, we shouldn't make it any more obvious we ended up in the middle of these alliances forming.

Shaun: So, just play neutral for now?

Jamie: Yes.

There are mainly two alliances arising, the oldies and the young-ies. Kristin, Mike, and Barbara-Anne are one side, while Ty, Mikayla, and Trisha are on the other. Right now, only the oldies have done anything to try to get Jamie and me on their side, and that's not a good thing. Joining them and staying loyal would feel really unstable, and I could just flip anyway. Mikayla and Ty I like a lot, Trisha's okay. Jamie is my best ally, they're really cool-headed and I know they will help make really logical choices in the future, and I can use that to propel myself!


The sun sets on Lifou's beach, signifying the end to the second day.

Day 3

Immunity Challenge

Aerial shots of the challenge set are displayed, along with several ground shots of the obstacles and puzzle pieces.

Jeff: Come on in guys!

Lifou and Ouvéa walk in simultaneously. Both tribes eye each other as their tribe flags are placed down.

Jeff: Welcome to your first immunity challenge. Elijah, how were the first two days at Ouvéa's beach?

Elijah: It's been going well.

Carson leers at Titus while the other tribe smiles.

Trisha: I don't believe 'em Jeff.

Jeff: How's camp life at Lifou?

Trisha: It's great. We have a really nice shelter and fire.

Allyson grimaces.

Jeff: Alright, now that both tribes got a- very vague look at the other tribe's camp, let's jump right into the challenge. For this challenge, six tribe members will race across four giant wooden A-frames. They will then drag a heavy crate full of puzzle pieces. Once they get to the mat, the two remaining castaways will dissemble the planks of the crate to solve puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle wins immunity, and reward. Do you want to know what you're playing for?

The cast cheers "Yes."

Jeff: The tribe that wins, first earns immunity.

Jeff displays the tribal immunity idol.

Jeff: The tribe to win also earns fire in the form of flint. In addition, they will earn a spear and a snorkel, it will help you fish much easier. Worth playing for?

The castaways nod.

Jeff: Alright, take your spots, we'll now get started.

A transition scene leads to the tribes standing on the mat, ready to begin.

Jeff: Alright, running for Ouvéa is Carson, Clarette, Craig, Elijah, Eloisa, and Titus. Making the puzzle is Allyson and Saliyah. For Lifou, runners are Barbara-Anne, Jamie, Mike, Shaun, Trisha, and Ty. Puzzle makers are Kristin and Mikayla. For immunity and reward, survivors ready, GO!

Both tribes sprint to get up the first and smallest A-frame, with the athletic men easily scaling. Both tribes help the others up. Ouvéa has a slight lead into the second A-frame. Craig and Elijah scale to the top and pull up the others. The men of Lifou and Jamie scale the frame, and help Trisha up, but Barbara-Anne fails to reach her tribe-mates' hands. On the other side, Eloisa falls on her face and rolls backwards. She quickly pops up and sprints over, and is pulled over. Barbara-Anne fails to scale the wall a second time, so Mike goes down and pushes her on her third attempt. Ouvéa reaches their third A-frame, and Craig and Carson help make a human ladder. Elijah climbs up first, followed by Eloisa, Clarette, and Titus. Craig helps push Carson up, who meets the hands of Eloisa and Titus to pull him up. Lifou begins the third frame, and Mike easily scales the wall again. He helps members up, displaying great strength. Lifou makes up some time but Craig makes it over, keeping a decent lead. The fourth and steepest frame results in difficult for all members of Ouvéa, but they help by making another ladder. Eloisa and Clarette climb to the top by stepping on the men's shoulders. Lifou rushes to the fourth frame after Eloisa and Clarette reach the top, and Mike pushes the women of his tribe up as Ty and Shaun attempt to climb slowly. Ty is helped up by Barbara-Anne, but Shaun falls back. Ouvéa and Lifou are now neck-and-neck. Lifou forms a ladder, observing Ouvéa's strategy, and both tribes send up all but one member. Craig and Mike sprint at nearly the same time, but Mike is able to make it over, while Craig just misses his tribemates' hands. Lifou rushes to the crate and pulls with incredible force. Craig makes it over the second time, but by then Lifou has almost pulled their crate completely over. A shot of Mike's biceps are shown with Kristin and Mikayla admiring the tribe. Ouvéa begins pulling the crate, but makes slower progess. Lifou's crate reach the mat, and Kristin and Mikayla rush over to deconstruct the box. As soon as they finish gathering the pieces, Ouvéa completes the stage, allowing Allyson and Saliyah to take over. Kristin and Mikayla try to organize the planks, realizing that the puzzle is of the season's logo. Allyson and Saliyah deconstruct the crate quickly, shortening Lifou's lead. Both tribe's make significant progress quickly, but Lifou's lead caused them to not panic. Allyson is visibly shaking and sweat drips from her face.

Mikayla: Jeff, we finished!

Jeff: Ouvéa stop for a second- LIFOU WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD!

Lifou bursts into cheer and all get into a group hug. Allyson covers her face in disappointment while the others are visibly upset. The tribes regroup on their mats.

Jeff: Congratulations, Lifou. Come get immunity.

Mike goes up and gets the immunity idol.

Jeff: Also, come get your reward.

The tribe members receive a crate that has flint, a mask, and a spear.

Jeff: Unfortunately Ouvéa, I got nothing for you except a date with me tonight at tribal council. Head back to camp to decide who goes.

The tribes head back to camp, Lifou ecstatic and Ouvéa upset.


The Ouvéa tribe returns to camp, and all members have grimaces or saddened looks on their faces, disappointed by their loss.

Craig: It's cool everybody, we all put in our best effort.

Carson: Ally just couldn't do the puzzle though.

Allyson: I see how it is, I'll take the blame, I get it, I freaked out.

Carson: Yeah.

Ally made us lose the challenge 'cause her hands shook as she did the puzzle, the other girl didn't. Funny thing is, Ally's best friend is Titus the soy boy! I want one of 'em gone 'cause they useless.


Allyson sits in the shelter, on the verge of crying. Eloisa sits next to her.

Eloisa: It's okay Allyson, you did everything you can. I would've freaked out too, it's like it was just you.

Allyson: Thank you Eloisa. Carson's comments are just, ugh.

Eloisa: I know. We still have a few hours before tribal council, so we should figure out who to vote for.

Eloisa smiles, knowing Allyson's choice.

Allyson: Carson!

Now both are smiling.

Eloisa: We can go talk to Saliyah, Elijah, and Craig too. Clarette might be sticking with Carson and not with us.

Allyson: Okay, I'll go with you.

Eloisa: I think you should do itself to show you can prove yourself, not like me assisting you.

Allyson: Oh, that's a good idea!

I agree that Carson is a complete jerk, but I don't know if it's the right time to vote him out. Allyson and Titus are already grouped up and they're clearly the weakest of the bunch. Carson's efforts around camp have proved him as an asset, though he hasn't made too much success. Clarette hasn't done anything, so that could be an interesting choice too. I'm surprised she never mentioned him in our conversation.


Following Eloisa's advice, Allyson marches to the beach to talk to Elijah and Saliyah.

Allyson: Hey. Are you guys up for voting Carson?

Elijah: Why?

Allyson (Eyes widened): Oh, for his behavior. He's very condescending and just a straight up bully.

Saliyah: I get that Allyson but he's useful around camp.

Allyson: He's been laying down all day, and he never got a fire started!

Saliyah: The girl has a point, but I don't know if getting rid of a physical person is right.

Elijah: I'll be honest, I don't want Carson to go, who else do you recommend?

Allyson: I'm telling you guys, without Carson, it'll make us much stronger.

Elijah: How do you know that? He was a big help in the challenge?

Allyson: I think we'll have much less stress and none of that walking on eggshells feeling. I'll leave you guys to discuss further.

Allyson awkwardly walks away.

Elijah: Do you think she should go?

Saliyah: Maybe, she has a point about less worrying about living here, but we don't feel like we're walking on eggshells. Only Titus and her do.

Elijah: I was just about to say that. In my opinion, Titus should be the one to go. Allyson at least took the initiative to talk to us, but they were both dragging us down today.

Saliyah: That's pretty logical to me. I think everybody else would agree.

Everybody here is a pleasure to have, but somebody has to go. Allyson and Titus just aren't in a good spot after the challenge. I think it would be pretty foolish to send home somebody who helped us in the challenge so much. Saliyah and I appear to be on the same page, and I know Carson would be for it too. Craig, Eloisa, Clarette, I don't know yet. I'll have to talk to them to get a feel for what they want. I have a feeling Clarette and Craig will agree but I don't know on Eloisa. Eloisa- she is a very kind, caring woman. I know she's annoyed by Carson. It'll take a good social person to convince her. That's why Saliyah's here, she's also a caring mom.


Elijah: Saliyah, I really enjoy us being partners in this game.

Saliyah: I do too Elijah.

Elijah: Next case of business is getting the others on board. I'll talk to Craig and Clarette, but could you talk to Eloisa? I have an inkling she'll be harder to pull in.

Saliyah: That sounds like a plan.

Saliyah pats Elijah on the back and the two head in opposite directions. Elijah reaches Clarette and Carson first, at the shelter.

Elijah: Are you two good for voting out Titus?

Carson: Hell yeah, bro.

Clarette (Looking at Carson's reaction): Yeah!

Elijah: Awesome. We have a majority, so you two can just relax the rest of the evening.

Carson: Thanks old man.

Elijah: No problem.

Elijah then reaches Craig, who is a little distance away.

Elijah: Craig, it's looking like everybody wants to vote for Titus.

Craig: Who's on board?

Elijah: Me and Saliyah, Carson, and Clarette. With you we have a five majority.

Craig: That's all I need. I'm sold. Who's Titus voting for?

Elijah: I assume he's voting for Carson. Allyson and him are allies, and Allyson approached me earlier asking to vote for Carson.

Craig: That sounds good to me.

The music goes silent, and Eloisa and Saliyah sit in a secluded area where the sand meets the dirt.

Saliyah: Everybody's on board to vote for Titus tonight.

Eloisa: Oh, I see...

Saliyah: What's wrong? You don't want him to go?

Eloisa: No. I've been thinking, although my kids at home are very young, if anybody treated my kids how Carson treated Allyson and Titus, I would intervene immediately.

Saliyah: Eloisa, I completely understand the situation, but I don't think that's the best option. Titus and Allyson aren't your kids, they're adults.

Eloisa: Saliyah, I've decided I'm voting for Carson. I ask a favor of you and Elijah. Talk to Allyson and Titus together and notice their excitement to be in the game. They want to be here, they deserve to be here, not be penalized for one challenge. Titus and Allyson didn't even do that bad in the challenge.

Saliyah does not know how to respond.

Saliyah: That all.. is correct. I'll talk to Elijah about it.

Eloisa: I don't want to be annoying, but I'll even one-up that and request that we all talk to Allyson and Titus soon today.

Saliyah: Alright.

Eloisa all of a sudden became very eager to vote off Carson, even more than Allyson it feels like. Maybe she developed a stronger relationship with both of them, and it could be making her blind to the fact that they lost the challenge for us today. She is correct, they did not perform terribly, but Allyson freaked out in the challenge, I was standing right next to her. Eloisa could get very angry with me if she figures out that Elijah and I spread the word to everyone.


Allyson, Elijah, Eloisa, Saliyah, and Titus all meet up in the trees to chat.

Eloisa: I gathered all of us because I wanted to share that I really like all of you, I want us to be an alliance.

Elijah looks at the ground.

Titus: Did you read my mind? I was thinking the same group!

Allyson: I would love to! I'm good with anybody but Carson to be honest!

Elijah and Saliyah look very uncomfortable.

Eloisa: Since we're going to work together, I thought we should share a little more about our personal lives. As I told you guys, I'm a pediatrician, but currently a stay-at-home mom to my three babies. What you guys don't know about me is that I'm a bit of a fitness guru. I love, love running, it's a really freeing activity for me.

Titus: Oh, I'll go next! One thing I really love to do is build models, for some reason my biggest fascination recently is with LEGO sets!

Saliyah cracks a smile.

Allyson: In high school, many people said I was the prettiest girl, but I didn't care about any of that. I draw for a living, Anime specifically. I was bullied so much in high school. So much. I was bullied for doing what I loved. I was bullied because I didn't talk as much the other people in my school.

Allyson's tone brightens. All four look at Allyson intently.

Allyson: I'm resilient today because of them. I'm proud of myself and what I d

Titus: I wasn't popular at all in high school either. I'm still learning how to treat confrontations better, and I'll be honest, I learned a lot from yesterday.

Eloisa: That's so amazing to hear, how about you two?

Saliyah: I'm a homemaker, and I have several children. My kids were bullied for our faith in high school, and it hurt me that they gave up their faith because people told them Islam was quote-in-quote weird.

Damn. I'm in absolute shock over Allyson's story. I had no idea that's what her background was like. When my children chose to give up their faith in Allah, it was like a thorn in my soul. I know the emotional struggles my children faced for being who they are, and I know what Allyson was feeling while she was in high school. I admire her for her strength and staying true to herself.


Elijah: I would also like to share, not too specifically, it's hard to tell out loud sometimes. As a former detective, I got all sorts of cases. My most shocking case was in the 80's, when I arrived, the victim was my beautiful sister Stephanie. There was an issue with her friend stealing-

Elijah takes off his glasses and wipes his forehead. The other castaways look with sympathy in their eyes. Elijah recomposes himself.

Elijah: It was a big mess, but I know what it's like to experience our own metaphorical demons in life.

Titus: Hearing all of this, I want all of us to stick together. I really feel we connect.

Eloisa: I do too. Group hug everyone!

They all get in a hug together.

Allyson: As a silly idea for an alliance name, we should be called something memorable. How about, hm, the Anti-Terrorism Squad? Kind of like anti-bullying but a more action packed vibe!

Titus: Oh my gosh, yes please!

The other three smile in agreement.

Please God, let this work out. I did everything I can to convince Elijah and Saliyah. I am really surprised at what came out, but I think we have a greater chance of seeing Carson leave. I myself doubted aligning with Allyson and Titus, but I'm really surprised at the result. I think this really solidifies us for the time being. As for Craig, he's an okay guy, but I don't think he should be involved in the Anti-Terrorism Squad alliance, I get the vibe that he's going to try to stick with Carson. Again, please let this work out for me.


Elijah and Saliyah meet once more.

Saliyah: Now this is really hard.

Elijah: I know.

Saliyah: Your story is beautiful, Elijah. Thank you for opening up, I know that's hard to do.

Elijah: Thanks Saliyah, but the task at hand is to decide: does Carson and Titus go home?

Saliyah: You know, I'm really torn. Titus' story didn't seem all to spectacular. That sounds really bad, but it's true.

Elijah: Nobody's really talked to Craig or the others. No matter how we vote, somebody will be mad at us.

Saliyah: Whatever's most logical for our future is what we should go with.

The march to tribal begins as Saliyah's final thoughts display.

Somehow, Elijah and I end up the deciding votes tonight. Gosh, this will be very interesting. I'm still going between the two targets. I'm trying to calculate how the future will go if one person goes and it's impossible to tell because we're so early. Let's hope I don't regret this.


Tribal Council

The Ouvéa tribe marches to tribal council, with a suspenseful tone to the music. Multiple shots of the season's tribal council set, featuring many wood carvings out of trees still rooted in the ground. Trade items lay as props, such as sacks labelled "sugar." The tribes' eyes look around as they enter.

Jeff: Behind each of you is a torch. Dip it in the fire to get a flame. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game, fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. When your fire's gone, so are you.

Each tribe member gets a flame and sets their torches back in place. Each member takes a seat.

Jeff: First things first, Clarette, how are things going at camp?

Clarette: I'd say it's going okay. We don't have a fire and we're starving, but our shelter is pretty good.

Jeff: Allyson, how is the social climate at camp?

Allyson: Well, some members don't like some other members, so it's been a little uneasy. Most of us are fine though.

Carson: Are you talking about me, Ally?

Allyson: I just think you treat Titus and I with respect.

Carson: If you did something, maybe it would help your case.

Allyson: I've been helping a lot out in camp. I get you were trying to make a fire, but we haven't gotten one.

Carson: Bitch! It's hard to do!

Allyson rolls her eyes.

Jeff: Titus, Allyson mentioned Carson doesn't treat you with respect. Is that true?

Titus: Carson doesn't have nice things to say, and he directs a lot of anger or frustration on me and Allyson. These people realize that I don't handle confrontations well, and I'm working on becoming better, but I wasn't expecting something so early in the game.

Clarette: I don't think you guys understand Carson like I do. We've been sticking together, I get him. He's the youngest person here, and has faced a lot in him life already. He may only treat his friends with kindness stuff like that, you should just get to know him.

Eloisa motions her head as she rolls her eyes.

Jeff: Eloisa, I couldn't help but notice your reaction.

Eloisa: It's not like everybody else here has experienced a lot. He's the youngest person here, he's experienced the least. If I'm honest, I think he deserves to go first. Least life experience, biggest attitude.

Carson: Bitch, I didn't even know you existed until you opened your mouth. What she says doesn't even matter 'cause Titus is goin' anyway.

The camera focuses on Elijah and Saliyah, who's faces are stone.

Jeff: To take a step back, Craig, where do you stand in this whole argument.

Craig: I think it's silly that some people feel the need to continue the argument. If we're gonna succeed, we should all work together and get along. Part of why Lifou won is because they communicated and worked as a team, not two teams in one group.

Jeff: Elijah, do you agree with Craig's statement?

Elijah: I do. I've been on many different teams in my lifetime. The key to success is working together. Even if a team does not win something together, they shouldn't be angry at each other or blame one another.

Allyson: I'd also like to add, I felt that today. Saliyah and I were very organized when we worked together. I didn't get the job done because I was getting nervous about losing.

Jeff: To all of those who were runners in the challenge, did you feel like you had good chemistry working together?

Nobody answers, some shrug.

Jeff: From the looks of that Allyson, I would disagree.

Allyson: In that case, the answer of who to eliminate should come pretty clear to them. Who was the one disrupting the tribe during the challenge? Vote for them. To Carson, it's all about his own picks and chicks. To me, it's about the politics.

Saliyah makes a face, a little surprised to hear the words come from Allyson.

Jeff: Alright, from what I can see, the tribe clearly has at least one person disrupting the success of the tribe, both in challenges and out. It is now time to vote, Clarette, you're up.

(Clarette walks to the booth and votes, her vote is not shown)
(Eloisa walks to the booth, her vote is not shown)
(Titus walks up to the booth and votes)

You're obnoxious, and I don't like you. Sorry.

–Titus, voting for Carson

(Craig votes next, his vote is not shown)
(Allyson follows, she writes "Carson" on the parchment but no confessional is shown)
(Carson votes next)

Bye soy boy

–Carson, voting for Titus

(The next shots alternate between Saliyah and Elijah, looking distressed as they contemplate who to vote for. Write before Saliyah starts writing, the scene fades to a filler scene. Saliyah walks back, the last person to vote)

Jeff: Alright, I'll go tally the vote.

Jeff walks to the voting booth to retrieve the urn. He returns to his seat and lays the urn down.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First Vote...

Titus. (1-0)
Titus nods.

Carson. (1-1)

Third vote...

Carson. (2-1)
Carson adjusts himself in his seat.

Fourth vote...

Titus. (2-2)
Titus nods again, not changing his expression.

Fifth vote...

Titus. (3-2)
Titus looks at Allyson, who frowns.

Sixth vote...

Carson. (3-3)
Carson rolls his eyes.

Carson. (4-3)
Carson grits his teeth, agitated.

First person voted out of Survivor: Loyalty Islands...

CARSON. (5-3)

Carson stands up, angry.

Carson: You guys are f#####g dumb. Good luck losing more.

Allyson and Titus grin, and Eloisa puts her hand on Allyson's shoulder. Craig is confused, while Clarette's mouth is agape. Saliyah and Elijah keep their faces straight. Carson puts his torch in place.

Jeff: Carson, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Carson's torch. Carson grunts.

Jeff: However, Carson, you're not out of the game

A loud sound effect plays as the tribe members look shocked and confused. Carson's face lightens.

Jeff: You will be going nowhere but Shipwreck Island. Instructions will be waiting there for when you arrive. It's time for you to go.

Carson: Yeah man!

Carson walks away from tribal council.

Jeff: You voted out the first member of the tribe, and you clearly were not united by the way the votes ended up. With a new twist in the game, another layer of strategy has been added. Coming to tribal council means you have earned fire, here's flint.

Elijah catches the flint and the tribe members smile.

Jeff: Alright, I'll see you all soon. Goodnight.

The tribe leaves tribal council, some smiling, some shocked, and some confused by the new twist.

Tribal Council 1: Ouvéa
Carson loy
Carson (5 votes)
Allyson loy Elijah loy Eloisa loy
Saliyah loyTitus loy
Allyson, Elijah, Eloisa, Saliyah, Titus
Titus loy
Titus (3 votes)
Carson loyClarette loyCraig loy
Carson, Clarette, Craig
VOTED OFF:Carson loy
Carson Diaz </font>

Arrival to Shipwreck Island

Dude, I'm not done yet. These bitches don't know what's begun here. This island seems cool, there's a ship... that's wrecked. I can't wait to see what this place has to give me. Bring it on!


Voting Confessionals

Carson, I don't know why you had to be so disrespectful. I hope this game serves as a lesson to you.

–Allyson, voting for Carson

See you. Too bad we barely talked.

–Clarette, voting for Titus

Sorry buddy, it's just what I've been told to vote.

–Craig, voting for Titus

I've made my decision. Good luck in the future.

–Elijah, voting for Carson

I have no tolerance for bullying, and you are a straight up bully. Goodbye.

–Eloisa, voting for Carson

This decision was tricky, but I know my bonds will carry me far. Sorry Carson.

–Saliyah, voting for Carson

Next Time On Survivor...

After noticing her position on the tribe, Clarette tries to change her position.

If we lose another challenge, I'm going to go home! It's time to put in the work and start my own game.


Mike asserts heavy control onto Lifou...

These people don't work for the tribe. Nobody is stepping up except for me, it's time I control them.


...and the cast learns about the Shipwreck Islands twist.

The past can come to haunt me very soon, and that's terrifying.



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Still in the Running

Survivor: Loyalty Islands
Lifou Ouvéa
Barbara-anne loy
Jamie loy
Kristin loy
Mikayla loy
Allyson loy
Carson loy
Clarette loy
Craig loy
Mike loy
Shaun loy
Trisha loy
Ty loy
Elijah loy
Eloisa loy
Saliyah loy
Titus loy

Next Time on Survivor...

Author's Notes

  • Yank Your Hank originally appeared in Survivor: Samoa
  • Some of the events in this episode were inspired by the premiere of Cook Islands
  • The episode title was spoken by Allyson at tribal council, contrasting herself from Carson.
  • Clarette and Ty had the least confessionals, both having only 1
  • In my first draft of this season, Carson and Clarette became bitter enemies by the time of tribal council