"Playing Both Sides"
PlayingBothSides The tree where the last idol was hidden.
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 7/13
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This is the 7th episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Both tribes were planning to throw the immunity challenge so they could eliminated someone who was switched from the other tribe. When Jeff caught on he made clear that if anyone else tried to throw the challenge, the challenge would not be finished and everyone would go to tribal council. Nicholas threw the challenge and everyone went to tribal. Rikku drew the purple rock and was eliminated.


Reward Challenge: Gang Hang
The castaways will hang from a bar for as long as they can. After twenty minutes, they will be allowed to use their legs only to hold them up. Once they drop from the bar, they are out of the challenge. Last person left hanging wins reward.
Reward: A Clue to the whereabouts of the last hidden immunity idol.
Winner: Bobby

Immunity Challenge: Slip Slidin' Away'
The castaways would face off in 1 on 1 battles, where they would oil themselves up and slide down a slip and slide, collecting rings as they go. Once they get to the end, they must toss the ring onto a hook at the end. Last player left standing would win Immunity.
Winner: Carly


Night 18

Rikku left tribal council snuffling.

Jeff Probst: "I can tell that most of you are realizing that this is an individual game. Play for yourself. This game is cutthroat! Since I sense there is a turn in the game, I am merging you now! You will return to Fossa's camp. I hope you all have your belongings. None of the Baobab reward wins are being moved to Fossa's camp. Here are you new buff's, your new tribe color is gold, come up with a name by the next challenge. "

It's about time we merged! Now is where I will shine!


The new tribe wandered back to Fossa's camp. There wasn't much of a show around in the dark. Most went to sleep but Jessica and Drew stayed awake to chat.

Jessica: "I am just glad that Jasmain was targeted and not you. I don't know what I would've done without my ally."
Drew: "Yeah, and I guess we all got lucky that Rikku was eliminated. At least now she can't mess up anymore votes."
Jessica: "I'm pissed that she had the purple rock. It should've been Nicholas! He was the one who f***** up the challenge."

I am glad to be back with Jessica. She was my friend from the start. I was worried when I wasn't with her but now we will rule this game until the end!


Drew an Jessica joined the rest to sleep for the night.

Day 19

After waking up, the new team sat around and discussed a new team name. Drew recommended naming the new team Baobossa, a combination of both teams. Nicholas got upset and said that Fossa should be first and the new team would rather be Fobab.

While some started to argue, Elsa suggested it be named Orb. After the golden orb spiders that were often seen around camp. Just about everyone agreed except for Nicholas who now wanted to name it Landwehr, after his last name.

They painted the new flag and all signed it and then headed to the reward challenge.

At the reward challenge, the tribe tells Jeff their new team name. They get set up on the bars and Jeff gives his signal.

Nicholas, Hanson and Drew all fall within the first 10 minutes. After 15 minutes, Julian and Jessica fall. Antonia, Bobby, Carly, Corey, and Elsa continue to hang. At 20 minutes, everyone drops their arms. Antonia and Corey are hanging by just one leg, the others by 2. After 45 minutes, Antonia and Corey are starting to shake. Antonia drops. Corey tries to switch his leg but drops. Now just Bobby, Carly and Elsa remain. Corey cheers for Bobby. After an hour, Elsa falls.

Carly really wants to win but realizes that no one knows who has the idol on either team. She realizes that if she wins and had the clue, she will have a target on her back. She drops.

Bobby wins the reward and idol clue.

Back at camp, Corey walks off with Bobby.

Corey: "Bobby, I am so happy you won, so happy, I could just kiss you!"
Bobby: "...Uh?"
Corey: "Let's read this clue!"

Corey and Bobby read the clue, this time it isn't buried. It hints toward being hidden in a tree.

Corey: "Ok, we messed up last time. We have to make sure no one sees us looking into trees or everyone will start looking."
Bobby: "Well when are we going to look, because looking at night didn't work out for us so well last time."
Corey: "It doesn't matter we are just going to have to look at night again."

Thank the Survivor God that Bobby won today! Now we can look for this damn idol again, I just hope we don't mess up like we did last time.


Corey is my ally. But he fails to learn from his mistakes. Last time we had a clue we waited until night. Then we didn't find it. I am not waiting. I am going to start looking for this thing now, with or without Corey's help.


While Bobby and Corey are out, Antonia tries to plant a seed with the rest of the team in the cave.

Antonia: "We have to get rid of those two now, don't we? They're out looking for an idol! They might even find it!"
Carly: "Those dopes wouldn't find an idol if there was a map that led right to it! They're clueless! Leave them be!"
Nicholas: "Yeah Antonia, for all we know, you could have an idol and you just want to keep yours longer. Remember when you had the clue?"

Antonia's cover was blown by Nicholas, most likely on purpose. She blushed but didn't leave the cave.

I can see right through Antonia, she is just trying to get us to turn on each other. It is not going to happen!


Nick is ruining me out here! We should've gotten rid of him a while ago! I don't have to Fossa idol. I dont know who does! It's either Julian, Hanson or Elsa. But I can't throw them under the bus.


I want Antonia out. Actually, I want everyone out. Creating chaos is a great way to get the attention off myself and onto the rest of the team.


Corey returns back to the cave.

Bobby didn't come back to the cave. People are going to start looking for him to see if he is searching for the idol. So I came up with a plan. I decided to start digging right in front of people, so they would think its buried.


Corey goes over to the new golden flag and starts to dig under it. People start to see him digging.

Elsa starts to whisper to Julian.

Elsa: "Don't you see Julian, its buried again!"
Julian: "Are you sure he isn't just playing us? Bobby has the real clue, and I haven't seen him since we got back."

It's obvious that the idol is buried again! The producers aren't creative enough to put it somewhere else. Plus, there aren't many places to hide it out here.


I think Elsa is naive. I don't think its buried. Corey can't fool me.


Elsa is fooled and starts to dig around camp.

Out in the jungle, Bobby finds a tree with a huge hole smack in the center of it. He reaches in and pulls out the last idol. He stuffs it into his pants and heads back to camp.

I knew I could find it! I am so excited! This is amazing! I have an idol! Guess I have to go tell Corey.


The sun starts to set. Bobby creeps around the camp quietly and beckons Corey. Corey follows him out into the jungle.

When I saw Bobby he looked a little.... 'excited'. And in more way than just one.


Bobby: "I have exciting news!"
Corey: "YES! I can so see your excited!"
Bobby: "What do you mean? Is my face that easy to read?"
Corey: "No, not your face, but your pants are screaming that they are excited."
Corey looks down at Bobby's bulging pants.

Bobby: "Oh shit! Corey! It's not that! Its the idol! I have the idol, I put it in my pants so no one would see it!"
Corey: "HAHAHA! Well, that isn't such a great idea! I noticed it right away! Gimme that!"
Corey reaches for Bobby's pants but Bobby grabs his hand and stops him from reaching in there again. Bobby pulls out the idol and gives it to Corey to put in his bag. Corey puts it in his bag and they go back to camp for the night.

Corey needs to stop hitting on me. I don't care that he is gay, but he just has no limits and he weirds me out sometimes.


HAHAHAHA! Putting stuff down your pants is such a gay move! When is Bobby going to come out already?


Day 20

Nicholas and Carly woke early to go get Baobab fruit for the team. They chat about tribe alliances on the way.

Nicholas: "I want you to know that I'm with you now. I don't know where your tribe stands. Like will they stick together until 5? And if that's there plan, I want in on it."
Carly: "I really don't know how they are going to carry this out. But they'll be glad your with us. Why aren't you going back to Fossa?"
Nicholas: "I was on the outs of their tribe. And I feel safer with you. We can take this to the end!"
Carly: "How tight are the other 4?"
Nicholas: "Very tight."

I believe Nick would jump ship. And thats a good thing. I want to be on his side. Frankly, I think I was on the bottom of the Baobab totem pole anyway. I want him on my side and I want to go to the end with him.


I am going to play both sides. Baobab needs an extra person to kick off a Fossa. And Fossa needs me to tie the vote. I am going to chose the side that will better benefit me.


Meanwhile, Hanson, Elsa, Julian and Antonia go check the chickens for eggs.

Hanson: "We are set for the end, right guys? Us 4 in the finals?"
Elsa: "You know it!"
Julian: "Guys, I've been worried about Nick. I don't think we have him on our side anymore."
Antonia: "I've been thinking the same. We might need to get a Baobab on our side."
Hanson: "Well who do you think would switch? Defiantly not Drew...Or Jessica, they're close."
Elsa: "Yeah, Bobby and Corey are allies too and they were pissed when you guys got rid of Jasmain. I don't think they'd help us."
Antonia: "That just leaves Carly."
Hanson: "I think she might switch. Why don't you talk to her later?"
Antonia: "Ok, I think I will."
The four collect 4 eggs. And return back to camp and cook them.

I worry that Antonia wont be able to help us. I hope Nick hasn't switched.


Gosh, I feel like its always up to me to save the team.


Later, Antonia chats with Carly.

Antonia: "So Carly, what do you do for a living?"
Carly: "Save the small talk Antonia, I know why your here. You want me to join your side. Don't you?"
Antonia: "... Well, yes."
Carly: "I am not going to say no, but, the chances are very unlikely. I am in an ok position with my old team mates. What's in it for me if I join you guys?"
Antonia: "You could uh-"
Carly: "Antonia, don't beat around the bush! Tell me, if I joined you, how far would you take me? Who would I beat?"
Antonia: "I'd let you beat Hanson and Elsa. I don't plan on taking them to the end because they are too likable."
Carly: "Interesting. I will have to get back to you on that. By the way, I am a teacher!"
Antonia: "Really? I am too!"
Antonia and Carly talk about their teaching positions for a few more minutes before splitting off.

I think she might join us. All I can do is hope. We do not want to go to tribal 6-4.


Antonia is bright. We are both teachers and practically the same age. We'd get along great outside of this game. Unfortunately, we weren't put on the same tribes and I don't think we will both arrive at the finals together.


Day 21

The survivors make their way to the immunity challenge. Jeff explains the rules and they draw for teams.

First is Drew and Jessica.

The two take a run and slide. Jessica is the first to get her ring. But she struggles to get to the end of the course. Drew gets his rind and gets to the end first. Drew tosses his ring and on his first try he lands it. Jessica is out of the challenge.

Elsa and Bobby are next.

Bobby takes a hard fall on the slide. Elsa grabs her ring first. But Elsa slows down on the way to the end like Jessica and Bobby catches up. They both get to the end at the same time. Both Bobby and Elsa miss their first toss. They then toss their rings and miss 8 more times. Bobby lands his ring his ninth throw. Elsa is out of the challenge.

Julian and Hanson follow.

Both Julian and Hanson take a good slide and grab their rings at equal times. Hanson gets to the end of the slide first and takes the first toss. Hanson gets it on his first toss. Julian is out of the challenge.

Nicholas and Antonia are now up.

Nicholas is the first to grab his ring on the slide. Antonia stands up to try and walk to the end but falls. Nicholas reaches the end of the slide first and takes a toss. He misses. Antonia gets to the end and misses her shot as well. Nicholas gets his ring to stick on his second throw. Antonia is out.

Corey and Carly are the last to go.

Corey gets a huge leap and slides to his ring first. He takes it. Corey gets to the end of the slide as Carly gets her ring. Corey misses his first shot and Carly gets to the end of the slide. Both Corey and Carly miss again. Corey misses five more times, finally Carly gets her ring to land. Corey is out.

Since only 4 can advance to the next round, Jeff makes Bobby sit out since it took him the longest of 9 throws to win. Jeff says "Bobby is out". And Corey giggles.

Now Drew, Hanson, Nicholas and Carly will go again. This time they must land 2 rings.

Hanson vs. Carly.

This time Carly takes a running start and gets a good slide. She gets to her ring first. Carly gets to the end and Hanson gets his ring. Carly grabs her second ring. Hanson grabs his second as Carly reaches the end of the slide. Carly misses her first shot. Hanson gets to the end of the slide. Hanson misses his first and Carly misses her second. Carly gets her first ring to land on her 7th shot. Hanson continues to miss. Carly lands her second ring on her ninth throw. Hanson is out.

Nicholas vs. Drew.

Drew grabs his first ring just before Nick. They both grab their second rings at the same time. Nicholas gets to the end of the slide first. Drew is slowing down. Nicholas misses his first toss as Drew gets to the end. Nicholas lands his first ring on his 7th throw like Carly. Drew lands his first ring, but Nick lands his second. Drew is out.

Final round: Nick vs. Carly

This time they must land 3 rings.

Carly and Nick grab their first rings simultaneously. Nick spins out while sliding and Carly grabs her second ring. Nick grabs his second ring and Carly's leg and pulls her back. They get to the end of the slide at the same time. They both land their first toss. Nick lands the second ring on his third throw. Carly lands her second ring on her 5th throw. Carly lands her last ring on her 7th throw. Carly wins the first immunity.

I think I am pretty good at these challenges. I almost won the reward. I could've! But I quit. But I did win immunity! Ha! I barely beat Nicholas!


I am not upset that she won, but I really wanted to win that.


They all return back to camp. Almost instantly, the old Baobabs and the old Fossa's split off. Nick and Carly stay behind at cave.

Carly: "Did I tell you that Antonia tried to get me on her side?"
Nicholas: "No! Really? What did you say?"
Carly: "I said I would think about it. I am telling you Nick, they both want us. You and me could run this game!"
Nicholas: "We really could. But we have to make a decision."

If it was entirely up to me, I wouldn't go back and work with the old Fossa's. They don't like me and I don't like any of them. They aren't even trying to get me on their side. But it isn't all up to me. Carly has to make her own decision as well about which side we play. However, I did already tell her we could potentially play both sides.


Hanson: "Hey Antonia, did you get Carly on our side?"
Antonia: "I don't know Hanson. I tried ok! If you really want her then you go talk to her!"
Hanson: "Geez."
Elsa: "If it makes any difference, she is at the cave with Nick. She might not work with them."
Julian: "But Nick isn't working with us either. Do you think we should play our idol?"
Hanson: "No, we don't want to waste it. We do not know who they will target. We should save it for whoever is the last Fossa standing."
Antonia: "I agree."

Not playing the idol is risky. I hope Hanson and Antonia's words don't come back to haunt them. If it was me who found the idol, I'd give itto them to use, but it wasn't me.


We cannot play it because if the wrong person plays it, it's wasted. The last of our alliance standing deserves it. At least that's what I think.


The Baobab's are also discussing idols.

Drew: "Well who do you think has it?"
Corey: "My bet would be Julian. He looks smart enough to find it."
Jessica: "I think Hanson has it. He may be a little older, but with age comes wisdom. We should vote for him."
Bobby: "But don't you think he'd play it now?"
Jessica: "No I don't think he would see it coming so early."
Corey: "Let's pray he doesn't. What about Carly? You think she'll flip?"
Jessica: "No, I think she stayed behind to get Nicholas on our side."
Drew: "Yeah hearing what the others said about him when he was gone made it clear that they don't like him. I think he will play with us."
Bobby: "That's good then!"

Honestly, all this idol worry is bogus. We don't know who has it and if they will play it. If the right guy does then were screwed. And if the wrong person does then we're ok!


I feel so risky, but I don't think I will play my idol. I just have a good vibe. I think things will go smoothly. I doubt Carly will flip. I doubt a Fossa will play an idol. I think tonight's vote will be easy.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Hanson (6 Votes)
BobbyCarly BCoreyDrewJessicaTNicholas
Bobby, Carly, Corey, Drew, Jessica & Nicholas
Bobby (4 Votes)
Antonia, Elsa, Hanson & Julian
Hanson B&W
Hanson Norris

Voting Confessionals

I am hoping Carly is at least on my side and you'll be gone.


Please don't play an idol!


Sorry, I chose my side.


See ya later old man!


This is what you get for attacking our team!


Your cute but your a threat that has to go.


If your smart, you'll play that idol you found today. But your blonde. And the last few blondes I've met didn't last long out here.


Sorry bud, but this is the name of the game.


No offense.


This is what you get for treating me like shit! I hope you all get real scared now! Yeah! I switched!


Final Words

I guess Antonia didn't try hard enough to get Carly on our side. I don't know. I feel bad for not listening to Julian about the idol now. I hope that the last 3 Fossa's (yeah Nick doesn't count as one anymore) can hang in there long enough to win.


Still In The Running

Bella B&W


Hanson B&W


Kamila B&W


Sammie B&W
Carly B


Jasmain B&W
Rikku B&W
Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor

Outnumbered 6-3, how will Antonia, Elsa and Julian find a way to stay in the game?

Author's Notes