"Playing The Best Possible Hand"
Season Survivor: Brazil
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 9/15
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This is the ninth episode of Survivor: Brazil


Immunity Challenge: Riddle Me This
Jeff will ask riddle to the castaways one at a time. If a contestant gets a riddle wrong they are eliminated from the challenge. If all castaways are wrong, everyone left stays alive. Last person standing wins immunity
Winner: Cody

Previously On Survivor

D-Lamm continued to get Ruth to join back up with him all the while of trying to assimilate into the tribe. Over at Juventude, JJ and Cody continued to go at each other for Cody's throwing of challenges. While Cody denies it JJ keeps at it prompting Goliath to propose having a leader of the tribe. Cody then quickly gives it to JJ. At the immunity challenge, Sabedoria grabbed an early lead and never let it go sending Juventude back to tribal. At tribal, Cody and JJ rallied for the now revealed alliance between Yul, Goliath and Callie to join them in taking out the other saying it's for the best. When the votes were counted, it was Cody who once again got his wish and JJ was sent packing 4-1.


Night 19

The tribe arrives back at camp following tribal.

So I survived a tribal that to be honest I was scared I was going home. I have to be these three's little ally until I can figure something else out.


Tonight was a toss up. We really had no clue who to choose from but Callie said Cody was hated more so he would probably be a target later on so we went with that."


Quote1Thanks guys for not voting me out.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Just try your hardest in the rest of the challenges for us.Quote2- Callie
Quote1Yeah, we got four people here and I don't want to lose anymore.Quote2- Yul
Quote1We can't afford to lose anymore.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1That's for sure. There isn't much room to lose anymore.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Exactly. If we lose it could really be hurtful to all of us.Quote2- Callie
Quote1Then we don't lose the rest of the tribal challenges. We flat out win them all.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Definitely.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Hell yeah.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Let's do it.Quote2- Callie
These idiots. There are 10 people left. I bet there aren't anymore tribal challenges. I will be laughing my butt off all the way to the end of this game as I send them all packing.


Cody thinks he is smart. I have some news for him. You are going down.


Day 20


The tribe is sitting around the shelter enjoying rice.

I don't have much time. I suspect we will join up with the other tribe soon so I need to rally Ruth back because with Ruth come Kyle.


Quote1Ruth, can I talk to you alone on the beach?Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1If you have anything to say then you can say it here in front of everyone.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I really want to say it in private.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Dude, we are a tribe just say it.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1It makes it more suspicious if you try to hide what you wants to say with you in your position.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I don't care. I want to talk to Ruth and only Ruth.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Fine. I'll talk to you alone.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1You don't have to do that Ruth.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1"Let her do want she wants guys.Quote2- Courtney

Ruth and D-Lamm head down to the beach.

I know what D-Lamm wants. If he tries to get Ruth to join back with him, then something bad will happen. It won't be by me but something bad will happen.


At the beach.

Quote1I wanted to talk to you about Cody.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I'm out of here.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Wait. I know he is a bad guy but he does know this game. He can get us far if we work together.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1He is an a$$ and he will be anyone's downfall who associates with him.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Don't be like that.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1He is to be left alone. I will no longer work with him.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Okay. Okay. We need to survive. There is six younger ones left and probably four of us older guys left. We need to stick together.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I will never work with Cody again. I'm going back.Quote2- Ruth

Ruth walks back to camp. D-Lamm soon follows.

This is not going good for me at all. Ruth won't come back and the other three are tight with each other. I hope Cody survived and managed to get in good with them.


Field Location

The tribes arrive at a field location.

Sabedoria, taking your first look at the new Juventude tribe. JJ, voted out at the last tribal council.

–Jeff Probst

We are day 18 of this game. We are going to change things up again. Drop your buff. We are merged.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone drops their buffs and walks over to the old Sabedoria mat. Jeff then throws a bag of buffs.

Here are your new buffs. You will need a new name. Cody, you are smiling.

–Jeff Probst

Quote1I'm just happy to know I made it this far.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Sure you are.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Shut up Yul.Quote2- Cody
You will be in the old Sabedoria camp. Grab you stuff and head out.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone picks up there stuff and walks out with Yul eyeing Cody the whole time.


The tribe arrives at camp to see tons of supplies for making a flag as well as new bags of rice and beans.

When we got to our camp, I wanted to get the ball rolling and fast.


Quote1Let's get a name guys.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Shut up.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I'm trying to help here.Quote2- Cody
Quote1We don't want it.Quote2- Yul
Quote1How about Sueca?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Sueca?Quote2- Callie
Quote1What does that mean?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Why can't we do like they did last time.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Cause you offered it. Andrew, what the f*** does Sueca mean?Quote2- Yul
Quote1It means like middle aged or middle ground or something along that lines. I saw it online one day.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I'm good with Sueca.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Sounds good to me.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Whatever.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Sueca is good.Quote2- Courtney
Quote1I'm good with it.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I agree with Sueca.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I think we are all agreed.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I'm not.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Too bad.Quote2- Yul

Callie, Courtney and Ruth begin making the flag while Yul, Andrew, Brownie and Goliath head to the beach. Cody and D-Lamm go into the woods while Kyle sits at camp.

The rest of the group thinks Sueca means middle ground or something. I think it does translate to something in Portugese but I'm not sure. For me, it a card game that me and some friends play. It's popular in Brazil though.



Andrew, Brownie, Yul and Goliath are at the beach using some of the fishing gear.

Quote1So what all went down over on your side of things Andrew?Quote2- Yul
Quote1Ruth is with with on our goal. We are taking out Cody the first chance we get.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Kyle will help as long as Ruth will so we do have more than enough to take him out.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Sounds good to me.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I worry about Callie though.Quote2- Yul
Quote1How so?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1We were deciding between keeping Cody or JJ and she fought hard to keep Cody.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1That could mean anything though.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1It really could.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1What happens if he wins immunity?Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Ha. Him winning immunity. That's funny.Quote2- Yul
Quote1We take out D-Lamm. D-Lamm is Cody's biggest ally. He has been fighting us the whole time when we would say something about Cody.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1It's true.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1So Cody as the main target and D-Lamm as a back up.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Let's do it.Quote2- Goliath
We have our target ready but it's always good to have a back up. I have to be playing the best possible hand I have each and every round. Taking out Cody could just happen to come to a pause.


Over in the woods. Cody and D-Lamm are talking over their position and plans.

Quote1Please tell that you were able to bring in people to our alliance.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Unfortunately, the opposite happened.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Are you serious? How did you lose members?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Ruth turned on us. That led Kyle to leave us as he only liked Ruth.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1This sucks. How did you let that happen?Quote2- Cody
Quote1I tried to get her back but every time I would talk to her she would go back to Andrew.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Andrew?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Yeah. She would always talk with him.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I see.Quote2- Cody
Quote1So what do we do?Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1We need to try and get people to our side. Callie fought for me to stay once so I'm sure I can get her to join us fully.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Alright.Quote2- D-Lamm
Well this sucks. Thanks to Andrew, I lost one of my closest allies. Wait a minute. Son of a b****. Andrew has been leading things not Yul. I knew there was a reason Yul reminded me of Suz. If that is the case, I need to find his Ruth and grab up them and then lead to his Kyle.


Cody is going to try and rally people. I should step back and keep the target off my back for a while.


Sueca Night

Cody and Callie are hanging outside the shelter.

Quote1Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something.Quote2- Cody
Quote1What do you want to talk about?Quote2- Callie
Quote1I know you fought to save me last tribal. I wanted to know if you wanted to team up with me and D-Lamm to take out Andrew?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Why Andrew?Quote2- Callie
Quote1I think he is leading things. I was going to talk to Yul tomorrow.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Yul won't vote Andrew.Quote2- Callie
Quote1Well that stinks. I need four people to be able to pull this off.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I thought you said you had Ruth and Kyle.Quote2- Callie
Quote1D-Lamm told me they have turned on me. Everyone is turning on me.Quote2- Cody


I know Andrew said the target was Cody but I have to keep him from panicking don't I. Besides, he is right. Andrew does have some leading going on.


Ha. If this works out, I will be laughing my way to the end. Callie, there is a reason people are turning on me. I am not to be trusted and you will learn that eventually.


Day 21

Immunity Challenge

The tribe arrives at a field location.

Come on in guys. Courtney, what's the new tribe name?

–Jeff Probst

Courtney, "Sueca."

Alright, Sueca. Welcome to your first individual immunity challenge. Kyle, I will take back tribe immunity.

–Jeff Probst

Kyle walks to Jeff, Hands him the idol and walks back.

Tribe immunity is now dead. From now on it's individual immunity you want.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff reveals the individual immunity necklace.

For today's challenge I will ask all of you a riddle. You will then right down what you think the answer is. If you get it right, you stay alive. If nobody gets it right all of you left continue on. Last person remaining wins immunity. This can go quick or take a long time. We will draw for spot and get started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is in their spot.
Jeff, "Alright, first riddle. Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?"
Everyone rights done in answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answers. (Andrew, Brownie, Cody, Courtney, Goliath, Kyle, Ruth, Yul-Incorrectly. D-Lamm-defanitely, Callie-none)
Jeff, "Callie and D-Lamm are incorrect. Everyone else moves on."
Callie and D-Lamm walk to the bench.
Jeff, "Next riddle. Mary’s father has 5 daughters – Nana, Nene, Nini, Nono. What is the fifth daughters name?"
Everyone left writes down their answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew, Brownie, Cody, Goliath, Ruth, Yul-Mary. Courtney, Kyle-Nunu)
Jeff, "Courtney and Kyle are wrong. Everyone else moves on."
Courtney and Kyle walk to the bench
Jeff, "Next riddle. A house has 4 walls. All of the walls are facing south, and a bear is circling the house. What color is the bear?"
Everyone left writes down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew, Brownie, Cody, Goliath, Yul-White. Ruth-Brown)
Jeff, "Ruth is wrong. Everyone else moves on."
Ruth walks to the bench.
Jeff "Next riddle. A man leaves home and turns left three times, only to return home facing two men wearing masks. Who are those two men?"
Everyone left writes down an answer.
Jeff "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew, Brownie, Cody, Goliath, Yul-Catcher and Umpire.)
Jeff, "Everyone is correct. Next riddle. Mr. Blue lives in the blue house, Mr. Pink lives in the pink house, and Mr. Brown lives in the brown house. Who lives in the white house?"
Everyone left writes down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew, Brownie, Cody, Goliath- President. Yul-Me)
Jeff, "Yul is wrong. Everyone else moves on."
Yul walks to the bench.
Jeff, "Next riddle. What is the longest word in the dictionary?"
Everyone left writes down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew, cody-Smiles. Brownie-Understanding, Goliath-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)
Jeff, "Brownie and Goliath are incorrect. Smiles has a mile between each s."
Brownie and Goliath walks to the bench.
Jeff, "Next riddle. Tuesday, Sam and Peter went to a restaurant to eat lunch. After eating lunch, they paid the bill. But Sam and Peter did not pay the bill, so who did?"
Andrew and Cody write down their answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Andrew and Coody reveal their answer. (Andrew-Tuesday. Cody-Tuesday)
Jeff, "Correct. Next riddle. What is next in this sequence: JFMAMJJASON_ ?"
Andrew and Cody write down their answer."
Jeff, "Reveal."
Andrew and Cody reveal their answer. (Andrew-D. Cody-D)
Jeff, "Correct. Next riddle, What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?"
Andrew and Cody write down their answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Andrew and Cody reveal their answer. (Andrew-Air. Cody-Towel)

Cody is right. Cody wins immunity. Cody, come and get it.

–Jeff Probst

Cody walks to Jeff, grabs the necklace and walks back. After everyone is back on the mat.

Cody is safe tonight. The rest of you are not. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst


The tribe arrives back at camp following Cody's win. Cody and D-Lamm head down to the beach.

This sucked. I wanted Andrew to win so that we could finally get rid of Cody.


Today's challenge went okay. Cody won but now I get to vote out D-Lamm and test Callie a bit.


Quote1So because he won we vote out D-Lamm.Quote2- Callie
Quote1Sounds about right.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Andrew, why couldn't you have won that?Quote2- Yul
Quote1I didn't think about a towel being the answer.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1t doesn't matter. D-Lamm is Cody's ally so he has to go.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1It is how it has to be.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Oh well. Cody can be next.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Courtney

Over at the beach, Cody is talking with D-Lamm.

Quote1Okay. So I believe I have Callie on board.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Okay that leaves three more needed.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1She said she would talk to some of the younger guys and get them on board.Quote2- Cody
Quote1You better be right about this because now it's my head on the chopping block instead of yours.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I know. This will work out.Quote2- Cody
Quote1It better. If this doesn't then Andrew could easily walks away with this game.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I know.Quote2- Cody

Callie walks up from camp.

Quote1What's going on?Quote2- Callie
Quote1We are talking about the vote.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I'm panicked cause I know Ruth wants me gone.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Callie
Quote1Callie, you did talk to some of the other younger guys right?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Yeah. Of course I did.Quote2- Callie
Quote1Good. This will be a huge blindside.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Definitely.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Yeah it will.Quote2- Callie
My life is on the line. I am on a very thin line as well. If anything goes wrong, then there is no second chance for me to regroup.


Tribal Council

The tribe arrives at tribal placing their torches behind them before taking their seats.

Welcome to tribal council. Cody, how has the merge effected your games?

–Jeff Probst

Quote1It sent my game into a spiral.Quote2- Cody
Quote1HA.Quote2- Yul
Quote1How so?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I got to camp and after talking with a big ally of mine, he told me my other allies have betrayed me.Quote2- Cody
Quote1More like opened our eyes to who you really are.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I'm literally alone in this game.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Andrew, you were so close to winning immunity today. Does that put a target on your back?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1We all have targets on our back. Some are bigger than others and some are overlooked.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Everyone has to play this game for themselves at this point.Quote2- Callie
Quote1Brownie, is their a target on your back?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1For sure. The game changes so rapidly sometimes that it could be me tonight.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Or it could be D-Lamm.Quote2- Cody
Quote1D-Lamm, is it you tonight?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I am being led to believe so.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1It's no secret D-Lamm is Cody's only ally.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Kyle, did you know D-Lamm was Cody's only ally?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Everyone knew that. If you thought for a second that D-Lamm wasn't with Cody then you need to open your eyes.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Courtney, could this talk of it going to be D-lamm be a ploy to take someone else out?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It very well could be. We all know Callie fought to save Cody last tribal.Quote2- Courtney
Quote1I thought it was best for the tribe.Quote2- Callie
Quote1Trust me girl. Voting him would have been best for everyone.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Well now I know.Quote2- Callie
Quote1This is how my game is Jeff. I have to fight my way through the game because all my allies have either left the game or me.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I'm here for you Cody.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Not for long.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Anything can still happen. Like Courtney said this could all be a ploy to take out someone else.Quote2- Andrew
Well you better figure it out quickly because it is time to vote. Kyle, you're up first.

–Jeff Probst

Kyle walks to the urn, places his vote and walks back. He is followed by the rest of the tribe ending with Yul.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff walks to the urn, grabs it and walks back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

–Jeff Probst


Andrew...1 vote Andrew, 1 vote D-Lamm

Andrew...2 votes Andrew, 1 vote D-Lamm

D-Lamm...2 votes Andrew, 2 votes D-Lamm

D-Lamm...3 votes D-Lamm, 2 votes Andrew

D-Lamm...4 votes D-Lamm, 2 votes Andrew...4 votes left

D-Lamm...5 votes D-Lamm, 2 votes Andrew...3 votes left

Ninth person voted out of Survivor: Brazil...D-Lamm. You need to bring me your torch.

–Jeff Probst

D-Lamm gets up, grabs his torch and walks to Jeff.
Jeff, "D-Lamm, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
D-Lamm walks out of tribal and into the night.

Only nine of you are left. Each vote will get harder and harder as there is no place to hide and only one thing to for sure keep you here. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council #9:
D-Lamm (8 votes)
Andrew NBrownieCallie RCourtney KGoliath
Kyle RRuthYul
Andrew, Brownie, Callie, Courtney, Goliath, Kyle, Ruth, Yul
Andrew N
Andrew (2 votes)
Cody ED-lamm
Cody, D-Lamm
D-Lamm Lamm

Voting Confessionals

Tonight is you because Cody is safe.


You are leading everything.


This is a way to show I like Ruth not Cody.


Final Words

Figures. These guys are wrapped up so much on what Andrew is wanting that they wont open there eyes. They are so focused on taking out Cody. I allied with him because people hated him so They would vote for me to win instead. What can I do about that now.


Still in the Running

Andrew N
Callie R
Courtney K
Cody E
Kyle R

Next Time on Survivor...

Cody continues to fight his way through while the Ngo alliance starts to crumble.

Author's Notes

The title was said by Andrew on his options of what to do.