"Poetic Justice"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 14/15
Episode Chronology
Previous "Like a Plague"
Next "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Juror Scorned"

This is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Hanging by a Thread
Survivors will lie on their backs on an elevated plank at an angle holding onto a wooden handle. Making things more difficult, water will stream out of a barrel, making the plank slippery. Every five minutes, Jeff will increase the angle of the plank, making it steeper and harder to hang onto. When they can’t hang on any longer, they'll let go and slide down the plank, landing in a pool of water. The last person hanging on wins individual immunity.
Winner: Conway

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Step Up
Carrying coordinates, the survivors must retrieve ladder rungs buried in a vast sand pit. If they find a set of ladder rungs, it comes with a tile with the next set of coordinates. Once all rungs have been retrieved, the survivors must build a ladder. Each rung can only fit one way and one way only. First player to reach the top of the tower and raises his/her flag wins immunity
Winner: Molly


Night 36

Returning from Tribal Council, the Galone tribe prepares to sleep, not wanting to talk about the previous vote, where Rashad was viciously blindsided.

Last Tribal Council was a pain. Rashad got voted out. If Danny continues to win his way to the top, I can't imaging how sucky will I be in front of the jury.


As the remaining members of the Three Tribes Alliance go to sleep, Danny, still the outsider, devises any possible plan he could think of to finally dismantle the majority.

I have to think of ways to completely break the alliance. I have to show them there is no point of them aligning with each other. I gotta do it fast, because once I don't win immunity, I am so dead.


Kendra and Conway are already asleep when Danny approaches Molly and Donna. Danny proposes to at least reconsider breaking up with Kendra and Conway, since they are a powerful pair and needs to be dismantled.

Quote1Molly, Donna, you guys have to reconsider, having those two in the final four is dangerous! Those two are a pair from Day 1, and it was their idea to have you guys together. With them around, you two cannot win!Quote2- Danny
Quote1We know, but we made an alliance since we got exiled. And-Quote2- Donna
Quote1...And what? Vote me off? If anything, you guys have a shot in winning this over me! Nigel and I weren't the best of friends, and I didn't have any strong bonds with anyone from the jury. You two can beat me!Quote2- Danny
Quote1What do you think Molly?Quote2- Donna
Quote1His idea is pretty enticing. Okay, I think we're good, and I like you as a person. If I ever make a decision, I would tell you straight to your face. If I'd vote you off or otherwise, I'll let you know.Quote2- Molly

Unknown to Danny, Molly and Donna, Conway is still awake, pretending to be asleep.

Danny has a good point. We and Kendra are strong since the beginning of this, but once Danny's gone, they'll send me home next probably. These next three days are going to be crazy. But if the cards are played correctly, it's a poetic justice for Zach and Rashad.


Day 37

The final five meets Jeff Probst for their penultimate Immunity Challenge. This episode's challenge is similar to the final Immunity Challenge in Survivor: Fiji. Fifteen minutes in, and at a 45 degree angle, Molly slips down. Twenty five minutes in, and at a 55 degree angle, Donna, falls to the water. After an hour and thirty minutes, and at a 65 degree angle, Kendra becomes the third casualty. Knowing he cannot beat Danny physically, Conway cleverly stands up and positions himself as if he is wakeboarding, which is not against the rules. Jeff adjusts the planks for the final time, at a 75 degree angle. Danny falls down after two hours, winning Conway the challenge.

Good for Conway, good for him. But it would have been better for me.


Back at Galone camp, Danny who lost his first Immunity Challenge after two straight wins, expresses that he is expecting to go home. Danny tells Molly that her decision will not affect his judgement once he becomes a juror. Danny then goes to the far end of the camp to gather plantains. Kendra deems Danny as a wimp.

I lost all my respect for Danny. It could be me for all I know, but at least I'm fighting till the end!


Later, Molly and Donna are swimming, when Donna brings up Kendra and Conway being a pair.

Quote1Do you think Danny is right? After all, Kendra and Conway are a pair. It might be the only time to vote Kendra out.Quote2- Donna
Quote1I'm set to vote out Danny. If anything, only one from Conway or Kendra could win the necklace. If Conway wins, Kendra goes. If Kendra wins, Conway goes. Point blank. We must not let Danny stay for one more day. For all I know, he's just playing a reverse psychology on us.Quote2- Molly
Quote1But what's great about Danny's he's a challenge monster, and nothing else.Quote2- Donna
Quote1We have a final three plan with Kendra. It's too late to blindside her. If Kendra goes to the jury tonight, she's not voting for either of us!Quote2- Molly

Meanwhile, Kendra and Conway are hanging in the shelter, thinking that this might be the only time to vote Danny out, but it can also be the right time to oust either of them. The two then promise to not stick together until the next vote.

At Tribal Council, Jeff is floord to see Danny give up. Danny states he did not give up. He explains that his dejected demeanor rooted from the fact he doesn not wear the necklace. He did whatever he can possibly do the night before to break the alliance, but he is not able to. Jeff asks Molly if there has been any idea of voting Kendra or Conway since the two were tribemates since the beginning. Molly states that there was conversation about such topic, but she made up her mind before she went to Tribal Council. The tribe votes, and with three votes to two, Danny is voted out, leaving Conway, Molly, Kendra and Donna to duke it out at the final Immunity Challenge. With Donna flipping, the Kendra and Molly throw piercing stares at her.

Back at Galone camp, Molly and Kendra castigate Donna for going against their final three plan. Donna then rebuts at Kendra for letting Conway stay. Kendra says she would want to take Conway instead of Danny because they cannot afford another alliance member getting voted out. Moved by Kendra's words, Donna goes by the beach visibly worried.

Kendra's definitely correct about Danny. I just feel burdened by sending these poor people home. I got this far, and I will not back down until Conway goes next.


Meanwhile, Conway seems satisfied by the women turning against each other.

Historically, women alliances, with the exception of Salani, imploded. Same goes to here. These women clearly made a top three pact. Kendra doesn't need to tell me. It's pretty apparent. Donna's indecision and Molly's fieriness will make Final Tribal a little easier for me. It's me or Kendra tomorrow. There can only one Magan member up there.


Day 38

Kendra admits to Conway that the girls made the Three Tribes Alliance for their final three pact. Conway understands, telling her that the alliance they made became apparent because the girls talk to each other the most. Conway then admits that he let the women dominate because he speculated that they would turn on each other at some point. Kendra and Conway assume that only one Magan member will be at the final three, given that both of them are serious threats.

If Molly and Donna are smart enough, they will stick together and pick one of us out because if it weren't for us, they won't be here in the first place.


The final four then meets Jeff Probst for their final Immunity Challenge. Conway, Kendra and Molly are head to head while Donna struggles right out of the gate. Kendra finds difficulty finding her last set of rungs while Molly and Conway race to finish their respective ladders. In the end, Molly wins final immunity. Molly becomes emotional, calling her first and only immunity win "a euphoric experience."

Back at Galone camp, Conway and Kendra inform Molly and Donna that they would end tonight's Tribal Council with a fire-starting challenge between the two remaining Magan members. The two agree.

If I were in Kendra's place, I'd rather vote Conway out. Why would I need to sweat on going to limbo if I could just eliminate Conway in a snap? Ridiculous.


At Tribal Council, the final four tells Jeff there would be a fire-starting challenge between Kendra and Conway (the plan is Molly and Kendra would vote Conway, while Donna and Conway would vote Kendra), stating that they had blindsided several people, and they do not want to add one more on their list. Though Molly and Kendra vote Conway as planned, Donna swerves by voting Conway out (see confessional), blindsiding him in a 3-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 16:
Danny (3 votes)
Conway, Kendra, & Molly
Kendra (2 votes)
Danny & Donna
Danny Grayson

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Day 38

Tribal Council 17:
Conway (3 votes)
Donna, Kendra, & Molly
Kendra (1 vote)
Conway Preston

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • In one of the "bloodiest" Final Tribal Councils in the history of Ian's fan fiction series, one will claim the million dollar prize and become the Sole Survivor!

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