Priceless The final five go to tribal council.
Season Survivor: Kidnap Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 12/13
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This is penultimate episode of Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Previously On Survivor...

The Hatutu alliance held together and Jane was eliminated.


Reward Challenge: Rope-A-Dope
The castaways will be attached to a rope that is tangled around three obstacles that they will have to jump and climb through in order to untangle it and make their way to the finish.
Reward: An advantage at the next immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge: Brain Game
The castaways must race to collect 3 bags of puzzle pieces and assemble a complex, 30 piece 3-dimensional structure of a brain.
Winner: Cassie


Night 33

Cassie walks to the shelter alone in silence.

It's official, Jane is gone and I am the last Eiao member left. At the beginning of the game I thought we were the stronger team, I guess not. I am just going to have to keep fighting to stay in this game!


The Hatutu's rejoice.

Minerva: "We did it! Jane is gone! 4 down! 1 to go!"
Robin: "It's so exciting, after one of us wins immunity she is gone!"
Alabaster:"Her hands are tied, she's more trapped than a rabbit!"

Someone voted for me today, it blew because I had a perfect record until then, Cassie, you will pay for that!


It is exciting to recognize that our Hatutu alliance has made it so far, but, I am really worried. If Cassie is to win immunity, there will be a lot of scrambling. Especially because the boys and the girls are both tight. The next immunity challenge is immensely important.


Day 34

The dwindling team of five arrives for the reward challenge. The rules are explained and the reward is mentioned. Everyone wants it. The challenge begins. Alabaster quickly works his way over the first obstacle, moving with ease. Cassie is frantically trying to duck under posts and make it through her obstacles. Minerva is struggling to get far. Robin keeps pace with Alabaster, Jacqueline is close behind them both with Cassie. Robin and Alabaster arrive at the second obstacle, a narrow tunnel. They both slow down going through that and Cassie and Jacqueline catch up. The boys arrive at the final obstacle, the tower, and begin maneuvering through and over it. Cassie begins to catch up, she is through the tunnel. Robin, noticing, picks up speed, he begins tossing himself over rungs, it looks painful but Robin wants to make sure Cassie doesn't win. Cassie, not giving up starts doing the same. Robin is the first to make a run for the finish, Robin wins. He is happy to receive the immunity challenge advantage reward.

Once back at camp, Minerva and Jane discuss strategy for the upcoming days.

Minerva: "We need to reel Cassie in. If she wins immunity, then we are safe, if not, maybe we will use her anyway to take out a boy."
Jacqeuline: "Let's not do that, if she loses, she has to go, I don't want to take the risk of keeping her around much longer."
Minerva:"No, the final four vote will be split 2-2. We need her on our side so we don't tie then."
Jacqueline: "But if she wins the final four challenge then she will win this whole game! She can't be kept, if she loses, she has to go!"
Minerva:"Ok, I understand you."

Sometimes you just gotta tell people what they want to hear.


I hope people don't think that I don't have a strategy, I am using Minerva the same way she uses me.


The two girls confront Cassie.

Minerva: "Cassie, we want you to work with us."
Cassie: "Of course you want me now when I am still a threat to immunity, will you still want me if I lose?"
Minerva:"Of course, we want an all girl final 3! Another girl needs to win this, don't you think?"
Cassie: "Why couldn't we be on the same team on Day 1? That was my plan! "
Minerva:"It's never too late to start! Face it, with that advantage, Robin is sure to win immunity, we will eliminate Alabaster instead."
Cassie: "Oh what the hell? Why not? Sounds good to me."

I think at this point I can make as many empty promises as I want. I am sure the boys tweedle dee and twiddle dumb are gonna try to convince me next, and I'll tell them yes too, maybe that will stir the pot enough to take a target off my back.


Robin and Alabaster notice the three girls talking.

Alabaster: "Awe man, our doves are gone!"
Robin: "Excuse me?"
Alabaster:"It's just a magician's expression, kinda like 'eggs are cooked'. It just means our game is over."
Robin: "What makes you say that?"
Alabaster:"Look at those three girls, they already look like friends. They are probably talking about the order in which to eliminate us."
Robin: "Chill Alabaster, we will get our chance to talk with Cassie tomorrow, I don't wanna try and get her vote too early. There's plenty of time left."
Alabaster:"If you say so."

I am worried about the upcoming vote. If Robin wins immunity because of his advantage then I might be eliminated. If only I had kept my hidden immunity idol!


Day 35

Robin wakes up early and takes a walk with Cassie

Robin: "So here's what I am thinking, and I don't know about Alabaster, so I am just telling you. Minerva is a strong, clever and social older woman. For her to make it this far is amazing. If she were to make the finals, she would win without a doubt. Even if you don't win immunity, she needs to go, she is just as big a threat, if not, bigger than you."
Cassie: "Well it's about damn time you noticed. She is crazy good at this game and I am all in!"
Robin:"It's good to know that, I am not going to tell Alabaster about this until the last minute. He doesn't need to know."
Cassie: "Ok, got it!"

I think that went well, I didn't corner her with an ally like Minerva did and I think I made her feel special and not just like a pawn. I offered her something, she can take it or leave it.


Hmm, I might not even have to win this challenge tomorrow, this team seems very divided, I am totally going to take advantage of that!


Minerva and Jacqueline wake up to find Robin and Cassie are coming back from a walk. They exchange dirty looks.

One of us just needs to win the challenge tomorrow, these girls are so sneaky. Cassie is just as bad as Jane! She must go!


The day carries on slowly, Robin and Alabaster & Minerva and Jacqueline take turns talking back and fourth with Cassie. They all want to be on her side in case she wins immunity.

I feel like a popular school girl, the guys wanna date me and the girls wanna be my friends. They both want me so badly, I don't know what I am going to do. Hopefully I do win tomorrow just to be sure I am safe!


Day 36

The group arrives at the challenge. Everything is explained and Robin reveals his advantage, he doesn't have to race to collect his bags, he can start his puzzle immediately. The game begins. Cassie, Jacqueline, Alabaster and Minerva sprint to the end of a field to collect their 3 bags of puzzle pieces. The pieces are very tiny as Robin discovers as he opens his 3 bags. He begins assembling the base of the brain. Cassie and Jacqueline arrive at the puzzle piece bags first, they grab their bags and begin sprinting back with Alabaster on their tails and Minerva not that far behind. Robin very quickly blows his lead, he is mumbling brain parts as his hands start shaking. Cassie and Jacqueline arrive back and start assembling their puzzles. Robin is looking flustered amongst his puzzle pieces. Cassie starts laughing as she does her puzzle. Alabaster arrives back and starts working. Minerva is the last to begin her puzzle. Robin looks at Cassie's brain puzzle to get and idea of what to do next. He continues struggling as she laughs. Minerva begins making quick progress. Frustrated, Robin throws a piece to the ground. Cassie is almost done, he turns and watches her finish. Cassie wins immunity! Minerva sighs, Alabaster looks down and Robin curses under his breath. Cassie beams, the group goes back to camp.

Winning immunity today when I needed it most was... probably the best feeling so far in the game. I am in the top five. And beating all four of them, especially Robin who had an advantage, that was priceless! Their faces of defeat might be worth just as much as the million simoleons!


Back at camp, Cassie admits she doesn't want to talk to anyone, and if anyone tries to talk with her, she will vote for them.

Frankly, I've made my decision a while ago. I just want to have one day at camp where I am perfectly comfortable and the rest of them are squirming like crazy!


Minerva and Jacqueline sit down and talk.

Minerva: "I really hope she is with us."
Jacqeuline: "That's all we've got now, just hope."

Minerva starts to cry.

Minerva: "I'm not one to get emotional but I have fought so damn hard to stay in this game! I beat out 3 nit-wits who tried to eliminate me, then all of those guys from Eiao who had it out for me. I am 71 years old and no one here wants to respect that."
Jacqeuline: "It's all a big game Minerva, it is not disrespect, but fear. You are 100%, without a doubt, the toughest woman, player probably that this game has ever seen. And to make it this far! You are an inspiration! I don't want you to go home, but this might be the night."
Minerva:"Thank you Jacqueline, I appreciate that."

I've had control over this game for so long and now, now I have nothing.


I feel safe. Minerva is the obvious target in my alliance, I am sure she is the one who they will vote for. It's tough, but I think I will still be here tomorrow.


Robin and Alabaster also discuss the next tribal.

Alabaster: "Who are we gonna vote for?"
Robin: "I think the best move is Minerva, she has won two immunity challenges, she has to go."
Alabaster:"It just seems harsh."

Come one Alabaster! Don't sign up for a game like Survivor if you don't like feeling bad when you have to eliminate someone! This is a cutthroat game!


I gotta say, Minerva made it a lot farther than I thought she would've!


Before going to tribal Cassie asks Jacqueline who they are voting for, Jacqueline whispers "Robin".

Ok, so I wasn't 100% sure earlier who I wanted to vote out, I just wanted some peace and quiet. I am going to have a lot of thinking to do at tribal.


Tribal Council

The jury is ushered in, Amir is shocked to see Cassie with immunity. Jake, Reginald, and Jane are initially shocked, but very happy to see that she won.

The group of 5 begin voting, Cassie is that last to vote. She takes a while deciding then scribbles down a name.

The votes are read. 2 votes are for Robin, the other 2 are for Minerva. The final vote is read, Minerva is eliminated. She slowly shuffles to the host who snuffs her torch.

Tribal Council 11:
Mala Soal
Minerva (3 votes)
Alabaster, Cassie & Robin
Robin (2 Votes)
Jacqueline & Minerva

MinervaF B&W
Minerva Forthwith

Voting Confessionals:

I have so much admiration for you. Really, nothing but kind things to say, but you have to go.


It took me a long time to come to this decision. You are an awesome woman, but, I cannot go to the end with you. You had no problem cutting Jane, so I have no problem cutting you. You are a threat, you must know that this was coming!


Your an ass!


I think everyone here should be thanking me for getting them this far!


I knew this day would come, goodbye grannie!


Final Words

To play this game that I love for more than a month was spectacular! You know, being 71 I have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, I am so happy I was given this opportunity because, I don't know how much time I've got left. Good luck to everyone else.


Still In The Running

JakeG B&W
JaneJ B&W
JeriahM B&W
MillieT B&W
MoondoggieG B&W
ReginaldQ B&W
YolandriS B&W
AlyssaW B&W
AmirK B&W
JamieS B&W
MinervaF B&W
RichardJ B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

Four are left! Will Cassie cause more turmoil and win immunity again? Is Jacqueline in trouble without her ally? Who will win?

Author's Notes

  • Because of continuing computer difficulties, this episode was also created only on this wiki.