"Public Enemies Number One and Two"
Season Survivor: Ghost Island
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 7/13
Episode Chronology
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Public Enemies Number One and Two is the seventh episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Previously on Survivor...

With the Kalou tribe dissolved, everyone was across the board with their thoughts on this. Melissa took it as a blessing, Colin thought of it as a way to pick off the last two Marau, Kenni saw it as an opportunity, and Samantha saw it as a threat. However, a former Kalou saw this as a breakthrough to remove an opposing alliance from the game compeletely.

At the reward challenge, the castaway's memories were put to the test, having to match at least seven of thirteen possible pairs. The Marau tribe blew away the Totolo tribe, winning at a 7-2 game. Winning twenty pounds of beans and rice, Melissa and Colin were happy, immediately cooking some of it while Melissa went off to spear fish. Danny took this time as a gift, wanting to talk to Melissa about Kalou's agenda. She shooed him away, mostly because he'd scare off the fish, and would talk to him the next day. When that day arrived, Xane and Danny proposed to Melissa and Colin and idea to join up as an alliance. They agreed to vote Shaniqua because of her work ethic. Meanwhile, at Totolo Kenni had convinced Frank and Rebeckah to join her cause of getting iron-fisted Samantha out of the tribe. Frank was immediate on the response, and Rebeckah was convinced by Kenni that she could handle a tiebreaker.

At the immunity challenge, everybody, but Shaniqua, fought hard to attempt to get a ring and touch their tribe's post to score. Sadly, Marau couldn't score enough points to win, and were sent to tribal council for their fifth time. With a brief talk over Kalou's tribe dynamics and worries of Marau being picked off, Xane, Melissa, Colin, and Danny all agreed that Shaniqua's time was up in the game. She retorted to them that anything could happen in this game. Shaniqua was right, pulling out Kalou's idol negating four votes against her. Dani was unfortunate receiving the last two votes, sending her to the jury, and Xane's alliance a man down. Eleven remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Hot La Crosse Buns
Taking turns, hit three large targets with a burning ball flung from a platform. First team to burn all three targets win.
Reward: A barbeque feast on another island
Winner: Marau

Immunity Challenge: Deadeye
Using bows and arrows, castaways are to hit, one at a time, an area on a five ring target. Each ring has a different point values, the outermost being 1, the innermost 5. Highest score after five rounds wins. For a tiebreaker, one represtative from each tribe shoots an arrow at the target. The closest to the center wins.
Winner: Totolo


Night 18

Returning from tribal council, Melissa, Xane, and Colin are pissed off about what had happened.

What the (bleep) those (bleep) (bleep) found a goddamn idol! How the (bleep) did they find the damn thing? Those bitches are so (bleep) lazy, they must've found it while tanning. They are so (bleep) dead.


Those bitches are still in the game. One of them should've gone home. They can go rot. Voting Danny out was just awful.


Mel and Xane are just so angry about what Shaniqua did. Shan just did the absolute worst thing. Everyone's gunning for her. We have to preempt her next attempt to idol us.


Shaniqua and Ashleigh, on the other hand, are extremely happy about what had happened.

And that's what you call a smart move. Me and my gurl need to find Marau's idol so we're safe for another round. That's how we roll.


Later, as Shaniqua and Ashleigh are sound asleep, Colin, Melissa, and Xane talk about their problem.

Quote1We need to do something about them.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Easy, we plant a fake idol.Quote2- Colin
Quote1That's not a bad idea.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Wait, what if they find the real idol?Quote2- Xane
Quote1That's why we're going to hide where they'll spot it quickly.Quote2- Colin
Quote1I can't wait to see their faces when they play it. Dumb bitches.Quote2- Melissa

The three fall asleep soon after to rest for their next reward challenge.

Day 19

At the Marau camp the next day, as Shaniqua and Ashleigh are on the beach, relaxing, Colin, Xane, and Melissa get to work on their fake idol. Colin grabs Shaniqua's bag and dumps the contents of it. Melissa begins to carve out the fake idol on a piece off wood using the machete. Xane and Colin begin to sift for the cloth and note Shaniqua may've kept in her bag.

Our fake idol depends on finding the piece of cloth and note that go with the idol. If we can't find it, my plan crumbles.


Within a few minutes Xane finds both the cloth and note, and set them aside. The guys then put back everything that was in the bag, save the cloth and note. Melissa's fake idol is beginning to look like the real idol. Colin puts Shaniqua's bag were it was. The guys go off to see if they have tree mail, leaving Melissa alone carving the fake idol. Halfway done with the fake idol, Shaniqua and Ashleigh return to the campsite. Melissa hurriedly puts the fake idol, note, and cloth into her bag, and puts her bag in the shelter. Luckily, the guys come back with tree mail for their next reward challenge.

Totolo also recieves treemail and both tribes make their way to the challenge area. Totolo arrives first, followed by the Marau tribe.

Quote1Totolo, getting a good look at the new Marau tribe, Danny vote out at the last tribal council. Now for today's challenge, taking turns, each of you will hit three large targets with a burning ball flung from a platform. First tribe to burn all three targets win. The winning tribe will be helicoptered to another island for a barbeque feast. Totolo, you have one extra member, decide who'll be sitting out.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I will, Jeff.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Hilbert, take a seat on the bench. Everyone else, we'll get started.Quote2- Jeff

First up are Shaniqua for Marau and Frank for Totolo. Both take aim to a target. Both apply the force they want the fireball to go. Shaniqua and Frank both fire. Frank is right on target, but Shaniqua is way off, causing her fireball to fall into the water.

Next up are Ashleigh and Alec. Both take aim at a target. They apply their force. Ashleigh and Alec fire their fireball. Ashleigh's fireball grazes underneath a target, but burns it. Alec misses completely and his fireball falls into the water.

Third up, Melissa and Samantha are up for their respective tribes. Both women take aim at a target. They apply their force and launch a fireball. Melissa and Samantha both are right on target, and the targets begin to burn.

Forth up are Xane for Marau and Kenni for Totolo. Xane and Kenni take aim at their last targets. They apply the force need to launch. Xane lauches first, and Kenni right after. Both fireballs are a direct path to their target. However, Xane's fireball hits the target first, followed by Kenni's fireball, which begins to burn its target. Within seconds, Xane's target is burned up first, winning Marau reward.

Quote1Marau wins reward!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1This is your fault.Quote2- Samantha (to Kenni)
Quote1Marau, the helicopter will be with you shortly. Totolo, I have nothing for you. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The Totolo tribe heads back to camp, as the helicopter for Marau arrives.

Back at the Totolo camp, Samantha has the tribe's fishing gear and heads for the men. Kenni and Rebeckah watch from a safe distance.

Quote1All right, boys, we're low on fish. It's time for a fishing expedition. Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Relax, we'll go.Quote2- Alec
Quote1Frank, did you here me? You're going fishing with Hilbert and Alec.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1No, you can't tell me what to do.Quote2- Frank
Quote1You're going to fish, and that's final!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1You want fish so damn bad, do it yourself. People aren't going to wait on you hand and foot.Quote2- Frank
Quote1Just go fish you lazy bastard!Quote2- Samantha

Samantha continues to yell at Frank, not realizing Hilbert and Alec have already left.

I think Frank sticking it to Samantha is perfect. She needs to realize not everyone's going to listen to her. I know I'm speaking hypocritically, but Samantha has been blackmailing me for weeks now. I want her gone, but I simply can't afford to do it.


Frank, he's part of my alliance, but his work ethic around camp is shocking. While everyone is doing chores, such as laundry, boiling water, cooking, or gathering, he's shut up in the shelter. He may stick it to Sam, but he's gone after we eliminate Samantha


Meanwhile, the Marau tribe enjoys their reward. The tribe eats the food like there's no freaking tomorrow.

The food at the reward was so good. We've been living off coconuts, rice, beans, and the occasional fish I spear. There's nothing more motivating than having good food.


A half and hour later, Shaniqua and Ashleigh decide to go swimming before they leave their reward. Melissa, Colin, and Xane use this time to talk.

Quote1The fake idol is almost done. We do need to place the idol somewhere though were they'll find it.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1How about underneath a tree?Quote2- Xane
Quote1You mean like find a tree with its roots exposed and hide it under there?Quote2- Colin
Quote1No, just simply sitting nearby a tree in plain sight. We know they're lazy, but I think that'll be good enough.Quote2- Xane
Quote1All right, Xane, when we return to camp scout out a tree that you'll plant the idol by. Colin, I want you to watch Ashleigh and Shaniqua. Let me know if they're returning to camp. I'll finish the fake idol and Xane will then plant it where he finds suits.Quote2- Melissa

Later, the Marau tribe is brought back to their camp. Ashleigh and Shaniqua return to the beach to relax, while colin watches them from afar. Melissa gets to immediate work on the fake idol and Xane leaves to find the perfect "hiding" spot for it.

The day winds down, and by sunset, Melissa has the fake idol finished, wrapped with the not and in the cloth, and hands it off to Xane to hide it. Colin returns from the beach, revealing that the girls were coming, but Melissa tells him that she already finished the idol. The tribe decides to get themselves some sleep, everyone exhausted from today.

Day 20

The next at the Marau tribe, Ashleigh and Shaniqua begin to look for the idol. They walk and search for the Marau idol. After about two hours of searching, the girls are near a tree with a rock underneath it. The two notice a piece of thick cloth on it. Shaniqua picks it up and opens it. She reveals the fake idol and reads the note.

Quote1Oh my god, gurl we have the idol!Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Great, so which one do we use it on?Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1With the merge coming up, Melissa. We'll get props from Totolo on doing so.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1We're going to throw the next challenge as well?Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1Hell yeah!Quote2- Shaniqua

Ashleigh and Shaniqua leave the area to head back to the beach. Shaniqua puts the idol into her bag on the way back. Fourty-five minutes later, Xane enters the area where the fake idol was planted. He makes a quick look around. He concludes that Shaniqua and Ashleigh have found it. He returns to camp to tell Melissa and Colin.

Quote1Did they find the idol?Quote2- Colin
Quote1Yep.Quote2- Xane
Quote1I can't wait to see their faces when they use it.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Same here.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Oh yeah.Quote2- Xane

Day 21

The next day, both tribes are sent tree mail telling them to go to the challenge area for their next immunity challenge. Both tribes arrive and Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1Totolo, I'll be taking the idol back. Today, using bows and arrows, you are to hit, one at a time, an area on a five ring target. Each ring has a different point values, the outermost being 1, the innermost 5. Highest score after five rounds wins. Totolo, you have one extra member, one person must sit out. That person cannot be Hilbert.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Frank will.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Alright, Frank, take a seat on the bench, everyone else we'll get started.Quote2- Jeff

First up are Ashleigh for Marau and Kenni for Totolo. Both pick up a bow and hold the arrow and the string of the bow back. They take aim and let go of the string. Ashleigh's arrow hits the one point ring. Kenni's arrow hits the three point ring. The score is Totolo - 3, Marau - 1.

Next up are Shaniqua for Marau and Samantha for Totolo. Both pick up a bow and hold the arrow and the string back. They take aim and let go of the string. Shaniqua's arrow misses the target completely. Samantha's arrow hits the two point ring. The score stands Totolo - 5, Marau - 1.

Third up are Melissa for Marau and Alec for Totolo. Both pick up a bow and arrow. They hold their arrows and the bow string back. They take aim and shoot their arrows. Melissa's arrow hits the five point ring. Alec's arrow hits the one point ring. The score stands Totolo - 6, Marau - 6

Forth up are Colin for Marau and Rebeckah for Totolo. Both pick up a bow and arrow. They hold their arrows and the bow string back. They take aim and shoot. Colin's arrow hits the three point ring. Rebeckah's arrow hits the two point ring. The score stands Marau - 9, Totolo - 8.

For the final round, Xane is up for Marau and Hilbert is up for Totolo. Both pick up a bow and arrow. They hold their arrows and the bow string back. They take aim and shoot. Xane's arrow hits the three point ring. Hilbert's arrow hits the four point mark. The score stands Marau - 12, Totolo - 12.

Quote1Since we have a tie, for the tiebreaker, both tribes will send up a person to shoot an arrow. Whoever can get closest to the center will win immunity. Totolo, Marau, choose one person to represent you in the tiebreaker.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Melissa will.Quote2- Colin
Quote1I will.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1Alright, let's get started.Quote2- Jeff

Melissa and Hilbert grab a bow and arrow for the tiebreaker. Both hold back the arrow and bow string. They take aim at the target and shoot. Melissa's arrow hits the edge of the four and five point ring. Hilbert's arrow hits near the center of the target.

Quote1Totolo wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Nice job Hilbert!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Totolo, you're safe for another three days. Marau, I'll be seeing you for the sixth time at tribal council. You have the afternoon to figure out who'll be leaving. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Both tribes proceed back to camp.

After an afternoon of chatting, the Marau tribe heads to tribal council.At sunset, the Marau tribe heads off to tribal council. Upon the tribe puts their torches behind them and take a seat. Danny walks into the tribal council area wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt, blue denim jeans, and a pair of red shoes. He takes a seat on the jury bench.

Quote1Introducing the jury, Danny voted out at the last tribal council. Marau, you must love me if this is your sixth tribal council.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Hey, if the absorption didn't occur, then me or Colin would've had our torches snuffed right away.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Alright, since what has the consensus on Shaniqua and Ashleigh?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1They're public enemies number one and two.Quote2- Xane
Quote1Shaniqua, that's fair right, you voted off one of their allies.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1There's no denin' it Jeff sweetie.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1I agree with that.Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1So Shaniqua, what's the plan to save yourselves?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Easy, I'll be using Marau's idol.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Really? Is that it?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Jeff, their style is to be as lazy as possible. That's how they found the idol.Quote2- Xane
Quote1How do you know about the idol's location?Quote2- Ashleigh
Quote1You'll find out.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Alright, it is time to vote, Colin you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone on Marau votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Jeff, her, take this.Quote2- Shaniqua

Shaniqua hands the fake hidden immunity idol over to Jeff. Colin, Melissa, and Xane chuckle as she hands the idol over to Jeff.

Quote1This is not a hidden immunity idol. Any votes against Shaniqua do count. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Shaniqua. Next vote, Melissa. Next vote, Shaniqua. Melissa. We are tied 2-2. Final vote. Eighth person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island and the second member of the jury......

.....Shaniqua. Shaniqua, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Damn, you bitches planted a fake idol. That's smart, but yous are all (bleep)Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1Shaniqua, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Good luck, Ashleigh.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1This night showed that any one can be tricked. Good luck Marau, you can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The Marau tribe leaves the tribal council area and return to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Shaniqua (3 votes)
Colin, Melissa, & Xane
Melissa (2 votes)
Ashleigh & Shaniqua
Shaniqua BW
Shaniqua Duncans

Voting Confessionals

Once we get you out, Totolo will grace us like goddesses.


Everything you are, is fake.


Let's try this one more time.


Bye, bitch wad. Yous gonna thank me.


This is justice for Danny.


Final Words

I am shocked I'm sitting here. But, Melissa, Xane, and Colin tricked me with the fake idol. I'll give them props for that. From this point on, I'll be a juror. Peace out.


Still In the Running

Kalou Marau Totolo
Danny BW
Cindy BW
Jake BW
Birdget BW
Shaniqua BW
Wesley BW
Yvette BW
Liam BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Marau fails to find their idol and is replaced with a new one.
  • Ashleigh ends up replacing one person in an alliance of three.
  • Three alliances target one person.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Fiji episode, An Evil Thought.
  • The immunity challenge is an original challenge of mine, but based on the Choose Your Weapon challenges from Survivor: Borneo, Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Fiji.
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