"Pushing Back"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 12/14
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This is the 12th episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

With their backs against the wall after their ally Ralphie was voted out, Rose and Dover fought to take out the biggest duo in the game, Chip and Skylar, by trying to convince Casey and Carmen to vote them out.

A Survivor Auction was held and it became the perfect opportunity and the game changed when Dover won an advantage in the next immunity challenge. He beat out Chip to keep the target off of his back and became immune and gained a spot in the final 6. Rose, knowing she was next, had Dover make a last-minute ditch effort to keep her. But, it was too late, as the Litorals stuck together and Rose was voted out, 5-2.


Reward Challenge: Jail Break
Players are locked in a makeshift jail cell and shackled. To escape, players must use the resources provided to create a long pole to retrieve three keys. These keys are to be used to unlock their shackles and then they must dig out of the cell. The first player out of the cell would win reward.
Reward: Hot tub dinner which the winner can invite two other guests.
Winner: Dover (Shared with Chip and Skylar)

Immunity Challenge: I Hold On
Each contestant holds onto a rope whilst leaning out over a pool of water and balancing on a small platform. At designated intervals, the contestants will be lowered, increasing the angle at which they hang over the water (either by moving their hands down the rope, or by a crank automatically lowering them). Last person holding on wins the challenge.
Winner: Dover


The Vencedor tribe comes back after voting Rose out, and everyone seems okay except for Dover. He immediately lies in the shelter, putting the blanket over his head. No crying is heard, but Dover does not want to talk to anyone.

I really don't like anyone left in this game, and now I am stuck with them. Carmen and Casey I thought were gonna make a move but they won't flip from their group until it's too late. Fortunately, I can use that. But I really need an immunity run right now.


The tribe goes to sleep before the next challenge.

Day 31

The tribe arrives at the challenge arena after receiving tree mail about their reward.

Quote1For today's reward, you will be locked in a makeshift jail cell and shackled. To escape, you must use the resources provided to create a long pole to retrieve three keys. These keys are to be used to unlock your shackles and then you must dig out of the cell. The first player out of the cell will win reward. And today, you will be playing for a hot tub relaxation dinner.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1That sounds pretty awesome.Quote2- Chip
Quote1We'll draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff

Everyone has drawn spots and are placed in their cages and are shackled. Jeff says go, and the castaways begin their challenge. Dover, Chip, and Skylar get an early lead with making their branches to hook their keys. Casey and Joel seem to be struggling to try and get the branches together, and Carmen is close behind the other three. Soon, Chip has a pole to try and reach his keys. He goes for one, but it falls off before he can bring it back. Dover makes a longer pole and goes for his first key, with Skylar right behind him. Dover hooks his first of 2 keys and brings it back and unlocks his left leg. Skylar gets her first key and brings it back, unlocking her left leg. Chip gets his pole longer and grabs his key, with Dover and Skylar going for their second keys. Carmen has her first key and unlocks her right leg.

Dover and Skylar have unlocked themselves and start digging, with Chip and Carmen close behind. Casey and Joel are out of it for now, as they have struggled so much in the challenge. Dover, Skylar, and Chip are now neck and neck in digging, but Dover pulls himself out last minute and cross the finish line.

Quote1Dover wins reward!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes! Hell yes!Quote2- Dover
Quote1Now, you get to choose two people to join you on your reward. Who would you like to bring?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, these people were fighting for the reward as much as I can, and they would love to join this. Chip and Skylar.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Well, Dover, Chip, and Skylar, the boat will arrive shortly. For you other three, I got nothing, head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Carmen, Casey, and Joel return to camp while a boat arrives for Chip, Dover, and Skylar.

At the reward, Chip, Dover, and Skylar find themselves with trays of chicken, french fries, sodas, and beers, all around a big hot tub filled with water already. The three get in quickly and already start enjoying the dinner. After awhile of chatting and laughing, Dover starts a conversation.

Quote1So, I would like to at least go to the final four with you. It seems like a bad deal, but if we stick together, I will throw the final four challenge.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Honestly, it seems like a plan, but what happens if your just lying to us.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I'm not gonna lie to you. C'mon, listen to me.Quote2- Dover
Quote1I really don't think we should try and make a deal.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Chip, what are you doing...Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Why the hell not!Quote2- Dover
Quote1It's just that, I don't trust you really. You are all alone and can just flip whenever.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Sorry Dover. We'll think about it.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Sure you will. *sigh*Quote2- Dover

Chip might have just dug his own grave. If he doesn't want to work with me, he's now on the top of my hit list. I really have to win immunity.


Back at camp, Carmen and Casey start talking about their position in this game.

Quote1Hey, what if Dover wins another immunity today...Quote2- Casey
Quote1Then, I don't know. Maybe they will go after Joel.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Or us. Joel does get in good with them.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Yeah, he does. We need Dover. When he gets back from reward, we have to start talking to him. We can go after Chip.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Sounds like a plan.Quote2- Casey

Time to start pushing back. If we can strike first, we can get back and change this game around.


The two stop talking and continue tending the fire. Joel, sitting in the shelter, was silently watching them, taking a mental note.

Day 32

The next day, Carmen and Casey goes over to talk to Dover about voting off Chip.

Quote1Hey, we need to talk.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1'Bout what?Quote2- Dover
Quote1If you win immunity, how about we band together and vote off Chip?Quote2- Casey
Quote1That sounds like a great idea, but we need another vote to make a majority.Quote2- Dover
Quote1We need to start talking to Joel about the vote. If we can flip him, awesome, but if we don't, I would rather take a risk in going to rocks.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I do too. Let's do it.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Agreed.Quote2- Dover

Meanwhile, Joel goes over to Chip and Skylar to tell them about the upcoming uprising.

Quote1Look, Chip, you need immunity. Carmen and Casey were going against you.Quote2- Joel
Quote1What? What do you mean by that?Quote2- Chip
Quote1They've realized how low they are below us and now they are thinking of flipping. They also could have just recruited Dover too.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Yeah, Chip kinda said no to joining us.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Hey, he was going to win his way to the end.Quote2- Chip
Quote1It's kinda true. He can easily win anything.Quote2- Joel
Quote1So now what?Quote2- Chip
Quote1You can play your idol. We vote against one of the three and we have a majority.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Awesome idea. Everyone agree?Quote2- Chip
Quote1Yeah, but if Dover doesn't win, we just vote him out.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Hopefully.Quote2- Skylar

The three separate and Joel meets up with Carmen. She asks about possibly blindsided Chip.

Quote1We should try and vote out Chip. Him and Skylar are a guaranteed final two. Just think about it.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1It seems like a promising idea. Just if Dover wins immunity.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Yeah, totally.Quote2- Carmen

The two head back to camp.

I basically am the double agent this time and it feels pretty cool. I mean, Casey and Carmen have no chance of getting to the end, and neither does Dover. He's easily to manipulate. The three of us will be together in the end.


Day 33

The final six go to the challenge arena for the next immunity challenge.

Quote1Welcome to your next immunity challenge. First of all, Dover, I would like to take it back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Here ya go.Quote2- Dover
Quote1For today's challenge, you will be standing on a perch, holding on a rope at an angle. After certain amounts of time, I will lower the crank and you will get closer to the water. Fall into the water, and you will be eliminated. Last one standing wins immunity. Let's draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff

The six draw for spots and the challenge begins.

Elapsed Time: 30 Minutes

The six contestants are all still holding on, but Joel and Carmen are struggling. Soon, Jeff starts turning the crank, and the contestants are lowered closer to the water. Joel can't hold on anymore and falls in, and is eliminated.

Elapsed Time: 53 Minutes

The final five contestants are still holding on but Casey and Skylar are struggling. Carmen seems to regain control and is holding on. Jeff lowers the castaways even more, leaning them more towards the water. Skylar drops into the water and is eliminated. Casey falls right in afterward, leaving Carmen, Chip, and Dover.

Elapsed Time: 1 hour and 25 Minutes

Jeff has lowered the final three and they are leaning more towards the water. Carmen drops and it is down to Chip and Dover. The two don't seem to be moving at all.

Elapsed Time: 2 Hours

Chip is straining under the pressure and it becomes even more apparent when Jeff lowers the two all the way down, and is almost parallel to the water. Dover is slightly struggling but Chip cramps and falls into the water, and Dover is the last one standing.

Quote1Dover wins immunity for the second time!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes! Fish throwing and ice carrying have paid off! Ha ha!Quote2- Dover
Quote1Tonight, Dover, has a one-in-five shot of winning the game. Unfortunately, that chance has run dry for one of you. I will see you at Tribal Council.Quote2- Jeff

The final six return to camp, and Joel talks to Chip.

Quote1The other three are still voting you. Just play your idol and you're good.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Thanks a lot man. Don't be lying to me.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Why would I? We're good to the end.Quote2- Joel

That night, the Vencedor tribe goes to Tribal Council. They sit down with their torches behind them and watch as the jury members come in. Cooper, Ralphie, and Rose walk in and sit down at the jury bench. Rose is wearing a purple shirt and black jeans. The three are visibly happy when they see Dover wearing the immunity necklace.

Quote1Introducing the members of the Jury, Cooper, Ralphie, and Rose, recently voted out at the last tribal council. How hard was it to choose someone to go when Dover won immunity, Chip?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1It was really hard since we worked together all this time but we are kinda splitting apart now. It sucks.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Stop the bullsh*t.Quote2- Casey
Quote1What do you mean by that Casey?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Chip, Joel, and Skylar have been together since the beginning and are going after me and Carmen.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Well, I hear your trying to go after us!Quote2- Chip
Quote1Because you are targeting us! We're not gonna lay down and die!Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Dover, it seems like you are the swing vote tonight.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No, not really. I'm voting with Casey and Carmen.Quote2- Dover
Quote1What happened?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1At the reward, he blatantly denied any deal I tried to make.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Skylar, was this true?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Kinda...yes. Dover is a threat to win and make it to the end. No one wants him near the final four, no offense.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1None taken, I know when I'm threatening.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Alright, it's time to vote. Dover, giving up immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Never.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Okay, Chip, you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, all six members of Vencedor vote. Jeff goes to tally the vote and returns with the urn.

Quote1If anyone has the immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Actually...I have this idol in my pocket that I think I should probably use.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Dammit.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1We totally forgot that...Quote2- Casey
Quote1Alright, once the votes are read, the person with the most votes will be asked to leave Tribal Council immediately. First vote, Chip, doesn't count. Second vote, Chip, doesn't count. Chip, doesn't count. That's no votes counted. Fourth vote...Casey. Fifth vote...11th person voted out of Survivor: Portugal and fourth member of the jury...

Casey. Casey, please bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Nice play guys. Good luck Carmen and Dover.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Casey, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Bye everyone.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Well, it seems that going into the final five, the tribe is divided. If Dover keeps his streak alive. Good night, you can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The final five Vencedor return to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Casey Litoral
Casey (3 votes)
Chip LitoralJoel LitoralSkylar Litoral
Chip, Joel, Skylar
Chip Litoral
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Carmen LitoralCasey LitoralDover Selva
Carmen, Casey, Dover
(votes not counted)
Casey Litoral BW
Casey Smith

Voting Confessionals

This is us striking first.


Hopefully Joel gets on our side and you, the threat, go home.


Flip on me once, shame on you, flip on me twice, goodbye.


Hopefully this actually works, or I might not get to the end.


Good bye friend, but you tried to outplay us.


I really don't want you here if you are not on my side.


Final Words

Wow, I did not see that coming. Props to Chip and Skylar for completely fooling me. I had a pretty good run and hopefully I get to return soon. I had a blast playing this game.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva BW
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva BW
Laurel Selva BW
Lukas Selva BW
Ralphie Selva BW
Rose Selva BW
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral BW
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral BW
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Dover and Carmen fight to stay alive in the game.

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