"Queen Victoria is Rolling Over in Her Grave"
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Season Survivor: Mozambique
Author MightyUke416
Episode Number 1/14
Date Uploaded October 10, 2017
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Queen Victoria is Rolling Over in Her Grave is the 90 minute, premiere episode of Survivor: Mozambique


Reward Challenge: Battle Dig
The tribes would face off in pairs. The four castaways would race along the beach to dig up a single bag in a designated lane. The castaways would then have to race back to their respective finish mat. The first person to be touching the bag and their finish mat would score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score three points would win.
Reward: Both flint and the right to stay at their current camp (the losing tribe would be relocated to a new beach).

Immunity Challenge: Blue Lagoon Bustle
Tribes start out on the beach, with first 6 players from each tribe running into the ocean, swimming out to a net obstacle, climbing over, go over a barrel roll, swimming to a crate staircase and jumping off, swimming to the tribe boat, diving down and untying a series of knots, paddling back to shore, carrying a chest to the puzzle station. The four remaining players from each tribe then solve their tribe's puzzle in the form of a captain's wheel. The first tribe to extend the flag using the wheel wins.


Day 1

As jovial music begins to play, the scene opens up and we see a shot of a thin cloud before zooming in to show a wide of the Mozambique Channel, which lies between Madagascar and the country of Mozambique. As the music picks up, the camera transitions to shots of various wildlife native to the African landscape including African elephants, giraffes, lions, and zebras. The footage then switches back to the Mozambique Channel where we now see two canoes, coloured gold and pink respectively, paddling through the Channel from Mozambique’s mainland towards the island of Santa Carolina. We then see various shots of the castaways paddling the canoe that corresponds with their tribe’s colour. The camera then focuses on a helicopter that is flying overhead. Standing inside the helicopter is Jeff Probst, who is about to introduce this new season of Survivor.

We are flying above the Mozambique Channel, heading to the small island of Santa Carolina, part of the East African nation of Mozambique. It is a nation that was once ruled by Portugal, and though the Portuguese have influenced the culture here a bit, the native culture and traditions of this land have not only held strong here, but have also influenced the culture of the nation that once ruled this land. However, this land also comes with its fair share of challenges. Although it is the dry season right now in Mozambique, the temperature gets excruciatingly hot during the day, while also feeling extremely cold at night. It is here that twenty Americans will experience the adventure of a lifetime.

–Jeff Probst

The camera now transitions out from the helicopter and focuses back on the two canoes as the castaways continue paddling towards their new home. Soon, the camera focuses on an older lady with wild, red hair, wearing a yellow sweater and a gold scarf.

This game really is very far out of my comfort zone given that I don’t consider myself to be a very social person in my daily life. But at the same time, I need the money, so I’m gonna push myself as hard as I can. I’m just gonna try and be kind to everyone and helpful around camp while not pissing anybody off. The one thing I will not stand for though are bullies! Hopefully my tribe mates are nice and give me a chance to integrate because I truly believe that if I’m given a chance to prove myself, I could be not just a real asset to my tribe, but I might also have a decent chance to win the million bucks!


As the view transitions out of Penelope’s confessional, it moves over to a young, athletic-looking man wearing a green shirt and a grey jacket. He has a very serious look on his face as he glances around at the people in his canoe.

In my daily life, I am used to setting lofty standards for myself and stopping at nothing to reach them. I achieved my Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies with a GPA of 4.0, I was the quarterback for my high school’s football team and led them to the state championship, and I am currently doing very well in law school. For me, Survivor is no different because I am setting my sights on one thing and one thing only, and that’s winning this game in order to help pay for my tuition, which is crazy expensive. I just hope that these people don’t realize how smart I really am until it’s too late and that I can find it within me to relax and play my own game. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t trust any of these people, and I doubt that I ever will. Maybe, if they know what’s good for them, they won’t trust me either. (Winks then laughs)


The camera then switches over to the pink canoe where we see a young, African-American man with his hair braided and tied back, as well as a gold lip stud, smiling as he continues paddling and the footage transitions to his confessional.

I don’t mean to sound cocky or anything, but I think I have a bit of an advantage that my competition out here won’t see coming. My best friend, Vicktor Hernandez, competed on Survivor: Tasmania - Vengeance, so I’ve certainly taken advantage of his experience so I could get an idea of what to expect in this game. When Vicktor competed, he didn’t make the merge, and I can guarantee to you right now that I’m not going to make the same mistakes that he made and that I’m going to be a, perhaps unexpected, force to be reckoned with out here.


Following Kane’s confessional, the camera transitions to a shot of a muscular man with short, golden hair, wearing an orange shirt with a deep v-neck and a cocky smirk on his face.

A few years ago, I was your stereotypical, idiot surfer-dude who acted like there was nothing more to life than drinking and getting high. Well, right now I am a brand-new man and I consider myself to be “high on life,” as it were! (Chuckles) Although I get that there’s an irony to that statement, by it I mean that I find incredible joy and happiness in the beauty of life and that I no longer need those harmful substances to have fun. I truly feel as though this new, more mature me, is perfectly capable of winning this game! I’ve got the looks, the athleticism, and now the intelligence and maturity needed to power through this thing and claim that million-dollar cheque for myself!


A couple more shots of various castaways can be seen as Jeff’s voice is heard.

They have not spoken to each other, but first impressions are already forming.

–Jeff Probst

The camera now shows a shot of a young, chubby girl wearing a Victorian Era dress and a top hat beginning to sweat a little as she continues paddling in the gold canoe. The view then zooms out a little to show a young woman of Chinese descent looking at her and rolling her eyes before re-focusing on paddling.

So, as I’m looking around our boat, I happen to see this utter moron wearing a long ass, Victorian Era dress and a top hat, of all things. All I could think was “Seriously bitch? How many times were you dropped on your head as a baby and what the heck were you smoking before coming out here? It’s like, a million degrees already and you’re wearing that s***?!” I’ll bet you anything that Queen Victoria is rolling over in her grave right now upon seeing the stupid, obsessive lengths people like that are willing to put her era of fashion through. Honest to God, I think I’ll consider it a miracle if that girl lasts more than three days, ‘cause she’s clearly not prepared to deal with the elements out here!


We now see a young man with long, beach-blonde hair tied back in a pony-tail looking around the boat as he continues paddling. He then turns his head to look forward again, rolls his eyes, and quietly giggles to himself as the camera transitions to his confessional.

Lookin’ at my tribe man, I think it’s pretty safe to say that this proud Jersey boy is gonna be stickin’ around for a while! (Chuckles) I mean, we got a red-headed crazy cat lady that probably cuts ‘n’ styles her own hair with a spoon, some weird chick that robbed her Great-Great-Great Grandmomma’s grave ‘n’ stole the dress she was buried in, the Kool-Aid Man himself wearin’ a superman shirt, for some reason, ‘n’ that ain’t even half of ‘em! (Chuckles) If these people are even half as stupid as they look, you’d might as well just gimme the million dollars now so I could party it up back home in Jersey with the money ‘n’ nobody else wastes their time starvin’ out here just waitin’ for their turn to lose!


The view now transitions over to the pink boat, where the camera soon focuses on an older, Asian man who is shaking his head in apparent disgust as he continues paddling.

I’m looking around the boat I’m in, and the only thought coming to my mind is that this had better not be the tribe I’m stuck with! I mean, besides myself, there only appear to be two other people over the age of 30 in my boat. Young people nowadays seem to get everything handed to them, while virtues like respect and hard-work seem to be a thing of the past. There’s one young girl in particular that I’m not looking forward to meeting, the skinny one with the pink top and long, blonde hair. She just looks like someone who’s only out here to cause trouble, and probably expects someone to carry her to a shady spot once we get to the beach so she can nap while the rest of us build the shelter. I hope I’m wrong, but something tells me that I won’t be. (Scowls)


The camera now transitions over to the skinny girl that Peter was referring to as she paddles with a dead serious look on her face.

These people that I’m playing the game with are probably all looking at me right now saying (Mocking tone) “Like, OMG, what the f*** is Malibu Barbie doing out here playing Survivor?” It doesn’t matter though, ‘cause I get those kind of looks in my everyday life as well. I’m different than a lot of girls in my age-group in the sense that I’m not afraid to break a nail, I’m a proud Republican supporter, and I hope to be working for the United Nations someday. Out here, people are bound to underestimate me and I’m totally going to use that to my advantage when I blow my competition out of the water en route to winning myself a million bucks!


Following Tori’s confessional, we see a wide shot of the ten castaways in the pink boat, followed by a wide shot of the ten castaways in the gold boat. The camera then zooms out to show both boats as the castaways continue to paddle towards the island of Santa Carolina. We then see one last shot of Jeff standing in the helicopter flying overhead.

It is the ultimate challenge. Forced to work together, they must create a new society while battling the elements, and each other. They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million-dollar prize.

39 DAYS... 20 PEOPLE... 1 SURVIVOR!!

–Jeff Probst

Survivor Mozambique Intro

Survivor Mozambique Intro

The footage now transitions out of the intro and into a shot from the beach looking out at the ocean as the twenty castaways paddle towards the Island of Santa Carolina in their respective boat. Soon, the pink boat reaches shore followed closely behind by the gold boat. As the camera focuses on the gold boat, we see Jimmy helping the young, chubby girl out of the boat as she is careful not to trip on her long dress. The girl giggles and blushes as she thanks Jimmy and the camera transitions to her confessional.

You people have no idea how excited I am to be out here! Playing Survivor has been a dream of mine for like, forever! Well… maybe not forever, because I haven’t been alive forever, only 25 years. (Giggles) But like, it still has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I can hardly believe that I’m actually here in Africa right now! I think I have a great shot at winning because everyone here is clearly looking at me and seeing me as the crazy chick that’s gonna be easy pickings! (Chuckles) But when they least expect it… BAM! They’re gonna be blindsided and I’m gonna keep cruisin’ towards day 39 and a full one million dollars will be in my pocket when this whole thing is said and done, baby! (Grins from ear to ear)


The twenty castaways can now be seen gathered around the beach where the two boats are, just talking among themselves as there doesn't yet appear to be anything around that indicates what is to happen next, not even a tribe flag. After a few moments, an African American woman speaks up in an effort to get things going.

Leah (Loud enough for the whole group to hear): Okay people, I don't mean to sound like a bitch or nothing, but does anyone here know what the heck is happening? If not, I suggest we work to find that out right now.

Irene (Caught off guard): Excuse me? Lady, if you don't want to sound like a bitch, then I suggest not being a bitch. It's not a crime for people to wanna chat and get to know each other.

Leah (Defensive): I don't want an argument here! I'm just saying that we need to get something going 'cause day one is going to be over before we know it.

Peter (Nodding): I agree with you, whatever your name is.

Leah: Leah.

Peter: I agree with Leah, so I think the two of us are gonna go look for something that shows what's happening next. (Glares at Irene) If you think this is a vacation or sporting event of some sort, feel free to stay back.

Irene (Crosses her arms): That's not at all what I said, so don't twist my words, man. I don't know about you, but I'd like to at least know the names of some of these people considering that we're all strangers right now and we just got here!

So... it hasn't even been a half-hour since we reached this island, and someone's already pissing me off! (Mocking tone) "Imma go be an 'Old-Man Dora the Explorer', and if you think this is a vacation, feel free to stay back." (Rolls eyes) Bitch, I know this isn't a vacation, but that doesn't mean I have to work from the second I get out of the damn boat! (Looks around) Did anybody tell him and his lady-friend that this was a social game? I somehow don't think step one of winning Survivor is "Piss people off as soon as you get the chance." (Rolls eyes)


Following Irene's confessional, we see that there is a bit of an awkward silence among the group as Leah and Peter begin to lead them off of the beach. The camera focuses on a young, muscular man as Kane whispers to him, "Let's just hope none of 'em are on our tribe." To which the young man lets out a small giggle and nod as the scene transitions to his confessional.

To be honest, I'm actually kind of glad that the older, black lady spoke up in an effort to try and get things going around here. I forget her name at the moment, but yeah, it's nice that she spoke up and took the heat from Irene for it and that I didn't have to. I tend to get bored fairly easily and I was just itching to actually get things going, but at the same time, I'm really trying to bite my tongue out here because my mouth does have a tendency to get me in trouble sometimes. The more other people say what I'm thinking for me, the less likely my frustrations will bite me in the ass.


Following Constantine's confessional, the camera shows the twenty castaways approaching a big crate with two bags on top of it, as well as a note. Emil gets to the crate first and reaches for the note, but Leah grabs it instead as the young, university student makes an annoyed face. Leah then begins to read the note loud enough for the entire group to hear.

Leah (Reading): Welcome everyone to Survivor: Mozambique!

A few of the younger castaways begin to clap and cheer, which annoys Peter.

Peter: Let the woman finish, damn it! This note is important!

Peter's remark gets on the nerves of these younger castaways as Tori whispers to Irene "I say we get rid of him first." Irene responds with "Oh, for sure." as Leah continues reading the note.

Leah (Reading): For now, all 20 of you will be living together on this beach. This crate contains enough building supplies to build a shelter big enough for all of you. However, despite all 20 of you living on the same beach in one shelter, you will be split into two tribes. If you arrived on the beach in the pink canoe, take a pink buff. Your tribe name is Sena. If you arrived in the gold canoe, take a gold buff. Your tribe name is Makhuwa. Both tribes are named after ethnic groups native to Mozambique. I wish you all the best of luck.

There appears to be mixed reactions among the twenty castaways upon learning that they will be living on the same beach and in the same shelter, but also that their tribes include the people in their canoe as they arrived on the island. The camera focuses in on Leah, who appears to be more mad than anything as she takes her buff out of the gold bag.

This whole "living on the same beach" thing is not what I expected at all, nor is it what I wanted to deal with out of the gate. But that is peanuts compared to the fact that as of right now, I hate the tribe I'm stuck with! Not only is the one person that I seemed to get along with off the bat on the other tribe, but I have to deal with that lippy, Asian girl! So yeah, it's safe to say that my Survivor experience did not get off to a good start whatsoever! (Scowls)


As people now begin to open the crate and reveal the building supplies, a young, muscular man of Hispanic decent speaks up.

Allan: So... how do we want to divide duties here? I doubt it would be practical for all 20 of us to be doing the same thing.

Peter: That's true, well... I think most of us should work on the shelter, but we should have a select few working on getting a fire started, and maybe weaving palm fronds as well.

Cassy (Speaking up): I can work on building the actual shelter, if that's okay.

Peter (Shakes head; Giggles): Actually, I'd rather have most of us guys work on the shelter, so we have the muscle.

Leah (Caught off guard): What's that supposed to mean? I have plenty of muscle! Certainly more so than the Pillsbury Dough-Boy over there! (Points to Marshall) No offense, by the way.

Marshall (Laughs): None taken, Leah! I'd probably be better suited to working on the fire anyway.

Cassy (Annoyed): I have plenty of muscle too! In fact, I could probably kick your ass in a fight, old man!

Peter (Frustrated): Hey, there's no need to get angry, and this is not a test as to who does and doesn't have muscle! I'm just looking for the most efficient way to get this shelter built before nightfall, that's it! How about this? Let's have Leah and the guys, minus Marshall, on shelter; Marshall, Penelope, Cassy, Ricki, and young black girl... whatever your name is...

Francine: Francine!

Peter: There! So the five of you on fire, then the rest of you girls can weave palm fronds. I think that would be the most efficient way to go here!

Cassy (Rolls eyes, Crosses arms): Whatever.

Peter (Smiles): Perfect! Let's get to work, people!

As the castaways begin to go their separate ways, the camera focuses in on Peter as he takes some of the wood out of the crate.

It honestly just blows my mind how selfish and entitled some of these young people are out here! All I wanted to do was get that damn shelter built before nightfall, but of course, some young, blonde, chicky-poo decides to challenge my leadership and make this a debate as to who does and doesn't have muscle. I don't give a rat's ass if you have muscle! All I cared about was the fact that, generally speaking, guys are physically stronger than girls! As such, when I divided the girls up into their duties, I made sure to place multiple people from both tribes on each duty so that they couldn't talk to each other as easily. Hopefully that works out and they don't immediately start talking about getting rid of me 'cause I was the only one that actually had the balls to stand up and lead this charade!


After Peter's confessional, the scene switches back to the crate where we see a thin, Hispanic man, wearing a green button-up shirt, reaching into it in order to pull out a hammer. However, the camera pans over to show the inside of the crate, and towards the side of it, there is an envelope marked "Secret Advantage." This causes the man's heart to start racing as he excitedly grabs the envelope. Just as he does this however, Kane happens to be looking in the crate as well, and notices him grab the envelope. The man quickly grabs the hammer as well, apologizes to Kane, and begins to walk away, although he stops and whispers to Kane, "Let's go to a private spot, now." The two men now begin to leave the area as the camera focuses on the frustrated, Hispanic man before cutting to his confessional.

So, as I'm looking into the crate of supplies we were given, I happen to notice an envelope marked "Secret Advantage." Of course, my tunnel vision gets the better of me, and I just had to grab it! Unfortunately, Kane was looking into the crate at the same time, and obviously saw me grab the envelope. It wasn't my ideal scenario, but I just had to share with him the information that was inside because if he didn't, I'm pretty she he'd expose me. Or at least... I know I'd expose me if I wasn't immediately shown the information. (Chuckles ironically)


Following Brendyn's confessional, the scene again shows him with Kane as they reach their destination away from the other castaways.

Brendyn: Okay, so to be honest, the reason I dragged you out here so abruptly was because I want to show you just what kind of game I plan on playing. I'm going to play honestly and openly and with complete loyalty, and I want to show you that by opening this thing in front of you. No shenanigans, no nothing.

Kane (Smiles): Well, that's good to know, Brendyn. Thank you very much for saying that.

Brendyn: You are so welcome. (Sighs) Well, I guess now is the moment of truth.

Brendyn now opens the envelope and pulls out the note that was inside.

Brendyn (Reading): Congratulations. If you manage to outlast 17 other people and make it to the Final Tribal Council, you have won yourself the right to steal the jury vote of someone that you don't think would cast their vote for you to win the million dollars. In order to use this advantage, right before the jury begins to cast their votes, simply show the host this advantage and select the juror whose vote you would like to steal. You will then stand up and cast a jury vote in his or her place. However, that is not the only aspect of this advantage. If you happen to be voted out of the game, you must will this advantage to any castaway of your choosing that remains in the game.

Brendyn folds the paper back up and places it in his pocket.

Brendyn (In awe): Wow!

Kane: I know, right?! This is awesome!

Brendyn (Nodding): Oh, for sure! As I said though, I want to make sure that you know you can trust me. I know we're on different tribes, man, but I think this is perfect!

So it turns out that I possess the "Steal a Jury Vote" advantage, which is awesome! I mean, the extra aspect of this advantage, compared to last year, is that this time, if I get voted out, I'll be forced to will this advantage to someone else. Hopefully that doesn't happen, and I don't foresee it, but you never know, I guess. It just sucks that I'm kinda forced to align with Kane because of it though. I honestly have zero faith in the human race, and I just hate most people, and I certainly don't trust someone like Kane who has as much power as he does at the moment. On one hand, I hate that we're on different tribes because I can't blindside him at the moment for knowing too much. But, at least we have this One World twist happening right now, so I can at least sort of keep an eye on him for the time being, which is nice.


Brendyn (Serious tone): Here's the thing, I think it would be great if the two of us could be a secret alliance of sorts and hopefully come together at the merge in order to run the game!

Kane (Smiling): Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, man. I'd love to align with you for sure! I know it's kinda early, but is there anyone else that you think you may be able to trust?

Brendyn (Shakes head): Not really. I mean, Allan seems like a good, loyal guy, but I haven't really formed tight bonds or anything with many people yet, and I don't trust anybody right now, except you.

Kane: Yeah, I can definitely understand that, for sure. The only one that I really seemed to bond with so far is Constantine, and he seems like he'd be a really loyal guy, so I'd love to have him work with us as well, if that's okay with you.

Brendyn: That's a good idea, I guess. I mean, I don't trust him, but then again, I trust absolutely nobody right now. So, if you have a good feeling about him, then we should go with that.

Kane: Oh, for sure!

Brendyn: I'd just rather avoid aligning with people like Peter, Leah, and Irene right now. I just don't think it would be wise to draw any unnecessary attention to ourselves, especially this early. Like, I guess they could be shields for us, but if we're doing this cross-tribe thing, then laying low is definitely our best option right now.

Kane: I completely agree. At least I know you have my back, and I just want to make sure you know that I have yours.

Brendyn: Thank you very much, Kane. I really appreciate that. I trust you 100% because you knowing about my advantage does give you a good amount of power. I just hope I'm making a good call here.

Kane (Reassuring): You have nothing to worry about, Brendyn. You have my word. Now, I think we should get back to camp before Peter starts wondering where we are! (Giggles)

Brendyn is definitely a player out here, no doubt about that, man! I'm glad that he showed me that he has the Steal a Jury Vote advantage, but at the same time, I know for a fact that he wouldn't have done that if I didn't catch him taking it out of the crate. As of right now, I want Brendyn to trust me completely because if he goes home, I want that advantage to myself, and he'd have the power to give it to me! This game is starting off on a really weird note, but now that I at least have a degree of power, I'm feeling pretty good about myself! (Smiles)


We are now taken to a scene in which the three younger girls Peter designated to make fire (Francine, Ricki, and Cassy), as well as Irene, are in the woods gathering firewood. Cassy in particular is shown to be carrying quite a bit of firewood, especially compared to the other three women, which catches Ricki's attention.

Ricki (Raising an eyebrow): You trying to prove a point there, girl?

Cassy (Shrugs; sassy tone): I dunno, maybe. Why'd you ask?

Ricki: Well, you still seem kinda pissy that Peter didn't let you help build the shelter.

Cassy (Rolls eyes): Yeah, I guess you can say that I'm trying to prove myself a bit, but I just feel comfortable carrying all this firewood. The part that ticked me off is that he seemed to designate me to do this fire building stuff because I'm a girl, and I'm just not one to deal with that crap, whether I'm at home or not.

Irene: What do you do for a living, Cassy?

Cassy: I'm a diesel mechanic.

Ricki: Yeah, that is a male dominated field, for sure! I can see how you'd stick out a bit, but nobody should stereotype you as weaker or anything just because of your gender.

Cassy (Passionately): Exactly! That's what I've been saying all along! I feel like I've been stereotyped most of my life, because I've always found myself interested in doing things stereotyped as "masculine" such as hunting, woodworking, and fixing cars. I guess by now though you'd think I'd have grown a thicker skin, it still really gets on my nerves.

Francine: I wouldn't worry about Peter too much if I were you. I think he's just an ass****. I'd love to vote him out ASAP if we go to Tribal first.

Irene: I'd bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? (Mocking tone) Miss "young black girl." (Laughs)

The other three ladies also let out a short chuckle.

Ricki: I can't believe he actually, full-on said that! Like, is he trying to get booted off first?

Francine: I don't know, maybe. Look, just to be clear, I'm not offended or anything. Like, I'm young, and I'm a black girl. (Giggles) But it just caught me off guard that Peter said that in that sort of, almost condescending manner.

Cassy: Oh, for sure! Peter's just so obnoxious!

Ricki: Oh, speaking of Peter, Irene, shouldn't you get back to weaving palm-fronds? Wouldn't Peter get mad at you for not doing your designated duty? (Giggles)

Irene (Rolls eyes): Peter can go f*** himself! His lady-friend too! I'm mostly here 'cause I wanted to chat with you girls, but I am helping! (Picks up another stick) Look!

All four young women begin to laugh again as the camera focuses on Cassy and transitions to her confessional.

I'm really glad that a lot of the girls seem to have issues with Peter and that I'm not the only one who hates his guts right now! It just pisses me off that it seemed like he purposely put me on making the fire as opposed to building the shelter because I'm a girl, although Leah did get a pass, for whatever reason. Maybe Peter has a crush on her, I don't know! Not only that, but his whole attitude just seems so freaking condescending, and I just can't deal with people like that! If my tribe goes to Tribal Council first, I honestly don't see myself writing any name down other than his at the moment.


The camera now transitions back to the conversation between the four young women as they continue getting to know each other.

Francine: So Ricki, what do you do for a living?

Ricki: I'm the manager at a spa in Grand Forks.

Irene: That is so cool, and honestly, I am so jealous of you! If I worked at a spa, I'd make sure to give myself a mud bath or something at least a few times a week!

Ricki: Yeah, it is really nice, and I do love working there. I love the mud baths too, but they're not free for me just 'cause I'm the manager. I only have a 25% discount. Although I do admit that sometimes, I take a quick mud bath after I lock up just so that it's nice and quiet in there. (Giggles) I still make sure to charge myself for the mud bath, but yeah.

Cassy (Chuckles): Perks of the job, right!?

Ricki: Without a doubt! (Giggles)

I'm letting these people think that I'm a manager at a spa, but that's solely because if they know what my real job is, I'd probably be one of the first to go! See, I'm actually the founder and C.E.O. of Clarimond Inc. in North Dakota. The job isn't nearly as impressive as it sounds because Clarimond Inc. is basically a holding company for Mom & Pop style businesses that are worth rescuing when the original owners want out. But at the same time, as soon as people here the title "C.E.O." a whole s***-load of panic buttons would instantly go off, and people wouldn't care what my explanation was! As long as nobody finds out what I really do for a living, I should be okay for the most part. (Smiles)


Meanwhile, at the main camp area, Alexandra, Tori, Sky, and Tesla are weaving palm fronds and Marshall and Penelope are working on building a fire pit. The camera then focuses on Marshall and Penelope as the two oldest members of the Makhuwa tribe are getting to know each other.

Marshall: What do you like to do in your spare time, Penelope?

Penelope: I watch a lot of TV, I must admit. (Giggles) I love Ellen DeGeneres so much though! It's almost like I'd consider her my hero in a sense.

Marshall (Intrigued): Why is that?

Penelope (Shrugs): I guess it has to do with the fact that she seems to always be able to get me in a good mood and kinda forget about all of this crap that's happening in the world around us, even for only a little bit. It also might help the fact that she's as successful as she is despite being a lesbian, like myself.

Marshall (Nodding): Yeah, it's always nice seeing someone that you can relate with on a personal level become a huge success. I don't watch much television myself, but I have enjoyed the few episodes of Ellen that I have managed to catch.

Penelope: So, what do you do for a living, Marshall?

Marshall: I'm a Roman Catholic Priest, actually.

Penelope stops dead in her tracks, raises her eyebrows, and drops her jaw a bit as she is utterly shocked at Marshall's revelation.

Marshall (Chuckles): You okay there?

Penelope (Trying to regain her composure): Y-yeah, I am. Sorry... I just did not expect that at all from you!

Marshall (Laughs): Yeah, I've been told a few times that I'm not your stereotypical Priest. I don't walk around all day with the white collar, I'm not afraid to drop an "f-bomb" every now and again (giggles), and I find that I'm more open and flexible with my way of teaching ministry and spreading God's word than many older Priests. It's not that the (uses finger quotes) "Old School" way of teaching is bad, it's just that I find that I like being more social and that I enjoy getting to know people more on a personal level than some of the more traditional Priests. I just look at it this way, even though I'm the one preaching God's word at Sunday mass, we're still all human.

Penelope (Giggles nervously): Oh, for sure! T-that really is wonderful. It's just that, some Priests, as you alluded to, seem to think that they're above everyone else.

Marshall: Yeah, that's a backwards way of thinking, for sure. One thing that I'm really passionate about is Youth Ministry. I think it's really important to have young people involved in not only the church, but their communities as well because they are the future, after all. (Giggles)

Penelope (Awkwardly): Yeah, uh... that is very true.

Marshall (Slightly concerned): You okay there, Penelope?

Penelope (Embarrassed): Yeah, um... I-I... just have to pee. I... I'll be back.

Marshall (Smiling): No problem.

Penelope then quickly gets up and scurries off towards the woods. The camera then transitions back to the other five castaways as Tori looks up from her palm frond, dumbfounded.

Tori: The f*** is her problem?

Marshall (Shrugs): I really don't know, to be honest. I don't think I said anything offensive, did I?

Alexandra: No, not at all, Marshall! Maybe she had a bad experience with organized religion or something when she was younger. Hopefully she doesn't use your occupation against you, but I don't think you can be too careful out here.

Tori (Scoffs): Puh-lease! If Penelope tries to use the fact that you're a Priest to send you home, Marshall, then that is just complete B.S.! She had to have known that she was gonna be coming out here with complete strangers, and nothing you said was even remotely offensive!

Marshall: Oh, I completely agree, Tori. But I just can't help but be a little bit paranoid after seeing that. That's all.

I knew going into this game that there might be some people out here that have issues with organized religion, but at the same time, I still am disappointed that, based on Penelope's actions, it appears as though she wanted nothing to do with me after learning that I'm a Roman Catholic Priest. It was never my intention coming out here to force religion onto anybody. I just wanted to play this amazing game while meeting so many awesome people from many different walks of life while testing myself in this harsh environment. Hopefully this initial barrier is something the two of us can get past, but right now, I think my main focus simply needs to be on establishing bonds with everyone else in my tribe specifically because hopefully that would be enough for me to get past these first couple eliminations.


We now see Penelope sitting on the beach looking out into the ocean. Her feet are in the water and she has brought both of her knees up close to her chest and her head is hanging low. Soon, she lifts her head up, and we can see that her face and eyes are bright red as the camera cuts to her confessional.

(Sighs loudly) I'm sorry, but it really caught me off guard something awful when I learned that Marshall is a Priest. I... I guess part of it is that, well... he's not, um... someone that looks like a Priest, if you know what I mean. Not only that, but I just have a huge issue with organized religion in general, and my biggest fear is that he's gonna try and shove the Bible down everybody's damn throat and turn the damn shelter into his personal pulpit or something! (Takes a deep breath) Not only that... but, I heard that through the 70s and 80s especially, there were a good number of Priests that were known to prey on children, such as their Alter Boys. I don't wanna make assumptions about Marshall, especially because he does seem like a really nice guy, and I was actually heavily considering asking him for an alliance before he told me he was a Priest. But then again... he did say that he was passionate about youth ministry! (Puts her head in her hands for a moment then takes another deep breath) I'm sorry... (sighs) this is just way out of my comfort zone. I know I need to suck it up and align with people, and I do need the money very badly. It just looks like it's gonna be a really bumpy ride for the first little bit. Hopefully I can pull myself outta this slump I'm in right now and bounce back quickly. (Smiles hopefully)


Following Penelope's confessional, we are taken to a conversation in the woods involving Peter, Leah, Allan, Geoff, and Jimmy as the five of them search for more logs to carry back to camp. Peter in particular is still heated from his confrontations with some of the younger girls earlier in the day.

Peter: It really blows my mind how people can be so selfish and entitled! (To Allan and Jimmy) No offense guys, but your generation really need to know their place in the world!

Jimmy (Caught off guard): Y-yeah, I agree that there are a lot of immature people in our age group. Without a doubt.

Allan: Yeah, I agree with that. But at the same time, there are bad apples in every age group. I don't necessarily think it's fair to paint an entire group of people with the same brush like that.

Peter (Rolls eyes): Oh, please! The only ones around here that didn't seem to wanna do things are younger people, after all! Allan, you seem like a good kid, and I get that you have an inherent desire to defend your generation, but there really is no need to do that. Just be happy that you're not like the rest of 'em!

Geoff: My only suggestion though would be to limit your outbursts to when there are just people like us around, Peter. The unfortunate fact right now is that there are more of them than there are of us, so if you don't want to go early, it might be wise to try and bite your tongue a bit.

Peter: That's true, I guess. It just pisses me off when people seem to do whatever they can to avoid doing their fair share! Some of those younger girls appear to be doing nothing but mouthing off, and I haven't seen Craig do any work yet, even though I specifically asked him to help with the shelter!

Geoff (Sympathetic tone): I get that, but if you keep going off at them like this, they're only going to use that as an excuse to get rid of you, which is the last thing we need right now.

Based on what I have observed, it seems like Peter has already built up quite the reputation for himself among many of the younger people in this game, and that reputation is not a positive one, to say the least! For some reason, he seems to think that almost every millennial ever is an entitled, no-good, brat... even though most of our fellow castaways are millennials. Since I'm a bit older though, I feel like Peter would be loyal to me if I managed to rope him into an alliance, which I will try and do. But at the same time, I still want to be able to maintain some sort of decent social standing in this game, so I can't afford to let our connection appear too obvious to many other people.


Geoff: So Allan, I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you much out here yet. Tell me a bit about yourself?

Allan: Well, alright. My name's Allan Flores, I'm from Knoxville, Tennessee, I'm 29 years-old, I'm a firefighter...

Leah (Interrupting; shocked): You're a firefighter?!

Allan (Giggles nervously): Yeah...

Leah (Excited): Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! I'm a firefighter too!

Allan (Taken aback): Really?!

Leah (Proudly): Yup! I've been a member of the St. Louis Fire Department for almost 13 years now! I honestly couldn't see myself doing anything else.

Allan (Smiles): That's wonderful! I joined the Fire Department because my father was a firefighter and I decided that I wanted to follow in his footsteps... (takes a deep breath) But yeah... I love it. What we do may be extremely difficult, but it is incredibly satisfying at the end of the day.

Leah (Giggles): Amen to THAT!

Allan (Smiling): For sure!

My first impression of Leah, wasn't exactly the most positive thing in the world to say the least given how she asserted herself in the beginning. But, after our conversation this afternoon, I'm really starting to see a bit of a different side to her. I feel like she's one of those people that's extremely rough around the edges, but once you get to know them, you see that they have a heart of gold. I love the fact that's she's passionate about firefighting like I am. I feel like if I get the opportunity to work with her out here that she'd be very loyal to me because of that bond that the two of us share, which could be beneficial for my personal game.


As the five of them continue working, we can see that Leah has come unglued as she remains fixated on her conversation with Allan. After a few moments, Peter rolls his eyes and announces to the group that they should maybe start heading back to camp as they found plenty of stuff for the shelter. Peter and Geoff then start heading back as Peter glances behind him, seeing that although Allan, Leah, and Jimmy are following them, they are lagging behind a bit as they continue their conversation. We now see Peter roll his eyes again as the camera transitions to his confessional.

Just as I was beginning to feel really good about Leah, she learns that Allan is also a firefighter, and comes completely unglued! I know Leah and I are technically on separate tribes right now, but I was hoping there'd be a swap of some sort soon enough and that her and I could enter into an official alliance, with this "One World" thing giving us the perfect avenue to keep in touch until then. However, Allan is clearly someone that's gonna stick by his own generation, and if Leah decides that she's more loyal to him, then I'm probably toast if I can't secure numbers from my original tribe! Hopefully Leah wakes up soon and realizes that Allan's too young for her and that he'll dump her as soon as she becomes no longer necessary for him and his posse of children to drag along!


We are now taken to a shot later in the afternoon, after the shelter has been completely built, where we can see Emil, Craig, Irene, Sky, and Allan hanging out in the water. Most of the people in the water can be seen flirting with each other, Allan don't appear to be that interested in flirting (although he plays along with the girls), while Craig and Irene in particular are much more into it.

Sky (On her back letting herself float): Ah, this is the life! Why can't we be the only ones here in Africa right now instead of dicks like Peter?

Craig (Smirking): Because then nobody would get to see how cute you are when you're pissed off. (Winks)

Sky: Oh please! I am not cute when I'm pissed off! Don't try me, bitch! (Giggles)

Emil: Oh, I bet you are! Maybe we should test out your theory though, just to be sure.

Sky (Giggles): Yeah, in your dreams, Jersey douche.

Irene (Chuckles): Who here thinks they should just re-name Jersey Shore as "Jersey Douche-bags"?

Everyone in the water raises their hands, except Emil.

Emil (Laughs): C'mon peeps! Jersey really ain't that bad! (To the girls) I suggest that you absolute babes join me in Jersey after this game's said 'n' done so that I can show you what a real party looks like!

Irene (Playfully rolling her eyes): Or, you can just take a bite of one of your steroid sandwiches, make like a tree, and leave. (Giggles)

Emil: Easy there, girl! Don't knock it b'fore you try it, as it were! Trust me, I think y'all would love Jersey, which is my home State, the Garden State... where I'm from, ya' know?

Irene (Slightly annoyed): Yeah... we do.

(Mocking Emil) I love Jersey, which is my home State, the Garden State, where I'm from. Hey babes, party it up with me in Jersey after the game! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! (Snarls) Like seriously, Jesus f***ing Christ, man shut up about Jersey already! Ugh! I would not be surprised if that love-child of Rob Ford and Peter Griffin New Jersey has for a Governor decided to deport his ass to Antarctica or something for bringing every f***ing Jersey stereotype to life out here! Ugh! For the record, I'm only flirting with Emil because he clearly has the brain the size of a mustard seed, which means that he'll be super easy to manipulate, and as such, could easily get me much closer to the million dollars. I promise you though, I have a set limit of bulls*** that I can take from one person. As soon as Emil exceeds that, or as soon as I feel I no longer need him, I promise you that he'll be gone!


The camera now transitions to a conversation between Alexandra, Francine, and Tori as the three of them are walking along the beach.

Francine: So, tell me about your husband, Alexandra.

Alexandra: Should I start with the fact that I was his second choice? (Giggles)

Tori (Eyes go wide): What?

Alexandra (Laughs): Yup! I was his second choice! We met about 32 years ago at an independent pro-wrestling show in Maine that I attended with a few of my girlfriends. Well, Pascal asked out the beautiful one in our group, and she turned him down because she had a boyfriend. So he turned to me, asked me out, and 32 years later, here we are!

Tori: It's so interesting how fate really brought the two of you together like that, isn't it? Like, what are the odds that you would have seen each other again if your friend hadn't turned him down?

Alexandra: Oh, I'm sure I would have seen him again if he and Stella decided to make the relationship official. I mean, they did get along when they happened to interact after he and I started dating. But yeah, if Stella had ever dumped him, he probably wouldn't have given me the chance. (Giggles) I highly doubt he was the type to end a relationship and start dating his ex's friends.

Francine (Nodding): Yeah, that makes sense, for sure.

Alexandra: So Tori, did you say you just graduated high school?

Tori (Proudly): I did! I'm just in the process of getting applications together for universities. I'm hoping to major in International Relations in University, and someday I dream of working for the United Nations.

Francine (Smiling): That is so cool! I am a massive history buff and politics has always fascinated me! In fact, the year I graduated high school many ages ago, my graduating class actually voted me "Most Likely to Become President."

Tori (Amazed): No freaking way! That is amazing! What do you think of our President now?

Francine (Shrugs): I'm not the biggest fan of him, to say the least. Honestly, I hated literally every single option, and ended up voting for Gary Johnson as I saw him as the lesser of every evil. But, the way I see things, if you don't vote, you have no right to complain.

Tori: AMEN sister! I admit, even though I am a proud Republican supporter, I'd be lying if I said I was 100% supportive of President Trump all the time as I'm not the biggest fan of how he conducts himself. But at the same time, I support the Republican platform and the overall message he tries to convey in regards to being tough on immigration and supporting our economy.

Alexandra: As you two are sitting here talking politics, I'm here wondering who the WWE champion will be when I get back home.

The three women now share a hearty laugh as the camera focuses on Francine and cuts to her confessional.

I think that of all the people in this game, the one that has surprised me the most by far is Tori. At first glance, I expected her to be kind of a princess who wanted to spend most of the time flirting with the boys or whatever. But, the more you talk to her, the more you see a young woman that has a good, strong head on her shoulders and someone that is pretty dang intelligent, if I do say so myself. Truth be told, when I was in school, I was that weird chick that loved history and politics, and never really fit in with the popular crowd. As such, I was hoping that when I came out here, fitting in with the pretty and popular people wasn't something I'd be forced to do. But, seeing that Tori is clearly a little bit different, I'm hoping that I can use that initial connection I share with her in order to start moving forward out here.


After Francine's confessional, we see the three ladies are continuing their conversation as they walk along the beach. Eventually, Francine decides to speak up and tell them what's on her mind.

Francine: Ya' know, I was just thinking... I have a great feeling about both of you ladies and I was wondering if you'd be up for a bit of an alliance between us.

Tori (Excited): Yes! Yes! A million times, yes! Based on what I'm seeing right here, the three of us get along fantastically, and I think there's potential for the three of us to run the game. Besides, who really expects (gestures to herself) Malibu Barbie, to align with (gestures to Alexandra) a woman that had pet dinosaurs growing up, and (gestures to Francine) the dictionary definition of the word "average?"

Both Francine and Alexandra chuckle a bit at Tori's remark as the former speaks up.

Francine: Yeah, that's precisely what I was thinking.

Alexandra (Smirking): Well, just for your information, I'm not quite old enough to have had dinosaurs for pets, but I am good with an alliance between the three of us, for sure! I'm just glad I have something going for me on day one! (Giggles)

Francine: Yeah, that is a good feeling, without a doubt!

The three women can now be seen continuing their conversation as they come to the spot on the beach adjacent to the spot in the water where Craig, Allan, Irene, Sky, and Emil can be seen hanging out. Their horseplay catches the eye of Tori, Francine, and Alexandra, as the three women pause their conversation in order to stare at the five in the water. The camera then quickly pans over to the group in the water where we see Sky give Allan a playful kiss on the cheek, followed by a shot of Irene massaging Craig's shoulders. Irene then surprises Craig by pushing down on his shoulders and forcing him under the water. Craig then quickly shoots back up and gives Irene a shocked glare, which she responds to by laughing uncontrollably at Craig. Irene's laugh then sparks laughter from the other four castaways in the water with her, including Craig. We are then taken back to the group of three women on the beach, where we see Tori rolling her eyes in apparent disgust.

Alexandra (Smarmy): What's the matter, Tori? Why aren't you in the water with them?

Tori (Disgusted): Oh please! I couldn't be bothered with any of that bulls*** flirting! Like, I guess if a guy starts flirting with me, then whatever. But I'm not about to go outta my way to make an ass of myself like those five morons are!

Francine: Honestly, I'm surprised that they don't even care that they're flirting with people from the other tribe. At least I'm pretty sure that was Irene from Makhuwa pushing Craig from our tribe in the water.

Alexandra (Nodding): Yeah, that was also clearly Sky kissing that guy from the other tribe as well.

Tori (Shrugs): Oh well! If their hormones get them in trouble, that's on them. I'm not going to worry about it.

Upon hearing Tori's comment, a smirk comes to Alexandra's face. After a brief moment, Francine changes the subject and starts up the conversation again as the camera focuses on Tori.

Of all the people I'm playing the game with, there's no question in my mind that Francine and Alexandra are up there as some of the ones I get along with best. It may seem a bit weird because it looks like the three of us are so different, but talking with them, it's clear that we're all intelligent women that want to focus on playing a good game. I couldn't care less about flirting out here, and it just blows my mind that people like Sky and Craig don't even care if they flirt with people from the other tribe! They can call it "establishing connections" or whatever bulls*** all they want, but I call it "putting a target on your back," and that's not something I'm interested in doing whatsoever this early in the game.


Later in the afternoon as it looks as though the sun will soon set, we see that Alexandra has pulled aside Leah and Marshall so that she could talk with them in a semi-secluded area of the camp.

Alexandra: Ya' know... I've been thinking. Just given the sheer number of young people out here, us older folks really should try to look out for each other in a sense, if that's possible.

Leah (Nodding vigorously): I completely agree. One million percent. The last thing I want out here is to be simply picked off for being a bit older, even though I'm just as strong as most of these kids!

Marshall: Yeah, I feel the same way myself about that. Especially considering that I'll likely not be that good in challenges. (Sighs) I just worry about someone like Penelope not being into this idea of us oldies looking out for each other.

Leah (Raises an eyebrow): Why's that?

Marshall (Shakes head): I have no idea, to be honest with you. It's just that all of a sudden, she seems to be avoiding me, for some reason.

Alexandra: The way I see it, if Penelope's going to want to play the game, then she needs to be willing to make moves that are best for her, and sometimes that involves talking to people she may not enjoy talking to for whatever reason. Truth be told though, I am baffled to see that she seems to be avoiding you of all people! You're like, the nicest guy here!

Marshall (Giggles): Well, thank you very much for that compliment.

Leah: I second Alexandra on that. I dunno what Penelope's problem is, but I think that if she wants to stay here for any length of time, she's gonna need to pull her head out of her own ass.

Alexandra: I mean, of course for this little thing we got going on our tribes to work, we're gonna need more people than just us three. But my hope is that maybe we can reel in a couple young people even for the time being, then take over come a swap or a merge.

Leah (Smiling): I'd like that very much. I think that there shouldn't be any doubt that Peter and Geoff from your tribe would be on board for something like this, and I also get along really well with Allan.

Alexandra (Grinning): That is actually a really good start! I mean, I think you guys should still work on getting Penelope over to your side, if at all possible. Like, you have no idea how much joy it would bring me to see a bunch of old people running this game! (Giggles)

Marshall: Yeah, I second that for sure! I think I get along pretty well with most of the younger people on a personal level. I just hope that my challenge weakness doesn't prevent them from making any sort of alliance official with us, if you know what I mean.

To be brutally honest, I really like the cross-tribe plan Alexandra proposed on paper, but at the same time, I'm not sure how trustworthy she'd really be down the line. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I wasn't really interested in doing any of this sneaky, multi-tribe stuff right now because I just wanna build enough trust with my own tribe that they don't see enough of a reason to get rid of me. Furthermore, it is still day one, pretty late on day one mind you, but it's still day one, and it looks like she's already trying to organize some sort of mass alliance across both tribes to quote "protect the old people." I dunno, something about that just doesn't sound right to me, so I suspect that I'm gonna have to keep an eye on her for sure.


Alexandra: Oh, by the way, there is something else the two of you should be aware of.

Leah: What's that?

Alexandra: Maybe an hour to an hour and a half ago, I caught members of your tribe flirting in the water with members from my tribe.

Leah (A bit skeptical): Who would be so stupid?!

Alexandra: I'm pretty sure I saw Emil and Irene in the water for sure flirting with Craig and Sky. There was a fifth person in the water as well, but I couldn't make out for certain who it was. If I had to guess, I'd say it was Allan, but it easily could have been Constantine.

Leah (Dead Serious): But you're positive that you saw Irene and Emil flirting with Craig and Sky, right?

Alexandra (Nodding): Yes! I heard Emil's voice loud and clear, and I'm positive that I saw Irene with him. Specifically, Irene was massaging Craig's shoulders in the water, and Emil was damn near making out with Sky. As I said, there was a fifth person in there too, but those four I saw for sure.

Leah (Nodding): That's good to know. I never liked either of them, especially Irene and that mouth the damn girl has on her! Now, we at least know for certain that neither of 'em can be trusted.

Alexandra: For sure! I'll be notifying Geoff and Peter about this as well so that they're on board. Remember, us older folks need to be looking out for each other, right?

Leah: Absolutely!

Marshall: I agree with that as well.

Alexandra: Good. Hopefully we'll all be able to fly under the radar for a little bit, and hopefully you guys can get Penelope on your good side. If this goes the way I hope it will, it'll only be a matter of time before we're in a position of power.

The reason I brought up to Marshall and Leah what was happening in the water between those five people is because I'm all for stirring the pot out here and I'm all for creating a little chaos every now and again. Honey, I'm the oldest woman out here, so if all there is around me is harmony, they could all easily look at me as an easy vote and send me home! I'm even more stoked about this "One World" thing because it gives me room to stir the pot a little on the other tribe, which wouldn't come back to bite me at Tribal Council since I don't go to Tribal with them! In addition, I'm 100% serious about this "Old-People" alliance I proposed since I can use it as a way to get myself the numbers on my own tribe considering that I have Francine and Tori with me already, and at the same time, build trust with people on Makhuwa. Hopefully this works because if it does, I don't see myself going home all that early. (Smiles)


Following Alexandra's confessional, we see that the three of them have split up with Alexandra going one way, and Marshall and Leah going the other. The camera transitions over to Marshall and Leah as they discuss what Alexandra had told them.

Marshall: So... what do you think of Alexandra's offer?

Leah: I like it, to be honest. Looking at the group, I had this fear that I was gonna just be picked off for being a bit older, even though I'm still a really strong contributor to the tribe. So if all us old people are looking out for each other, it could lead to some great things.

Marshall (Skeptical): Honestly... (sighs) I'm not sure I trust Alexandra completely, to tell you the truth.

Leah (Curious): Why's that?

Marshall: She just seems sneaky. I mean, it's still only day one and she's already running around trying to organize this big, multi-tribe alliance, thing. Not only that, but I'm not sure I totally believe what she said about Irene and Emil flirting in the water.

Leah (Dismissive): But, isn't that something you can see them doing? I totally believe her, especially when she brought Irene's and Emil's names up because they seem like the most immature people on our tribe.

Marshall (Standing his ground): Maybe that was the point though.

Leah: What do you mean by that?

Marshall: Maybe the whole reason behind Alexandra bringing up Emil's and Irene's names specifically is because she knows full well that you don't like either of them. Don't you also find it odd that she clearly recognized four people, but not the mysterious fifth person?

Leah: I think that just leans more towards what she's saying being true. She's being honest with exactly what she saw, and she doesn't want to throw someone under the bus if she's not totally certain they did something worthy of the target going on their back.

Marshall (Shrugs): I guess there could be something to that theory. I'm not calling Alexandra a liar, I'm just worried that given everything she just said, there's a good chance she's playing us.

Leah: Yeah, that does make sense, I guess. I do agree with her though in the sense that given that the two of us are older, we should look out for each other out here since our age could put a target on our backs.

Marshall (Smiling): Hey, I got no issues partnering up with you at all, and since you seem to have a good feeling about Allan, maybe we can get something going here.

Leah (Nodding): I agree. I certainly have hope right now.

Although I feel as though I may have not gotten off to the best of starts this morning, I'm feeling decent about my position in the game right now. I've established a decent bond through Allan given that we're both firefighters, and I feel really good about aligning with someone like Marshall because he does appear to be a smart and honest guy. Now, while I like the idea that Alexandra proposed of us old people on both tribes kinda looking out for each other, Marshall is skeptical, and I can understand why. It was a bit early for Alexandra to rush into this kind of thing, I must admit, but I do believe that she's serious about the principle of the whole thing considering that she looks to be the oldest person in this whole game. So that does lead me to believe that I can trust her, at least for now. But, we'll have to see what happens, I guess. (Smiling hopefully)


Day 2

Following a commercial break, the program returns to show the second day of the game. After a quick shot of a giraffe eating some leaves, we see that Brendyn and Craig are having a conversation as they walk through the woods towards tree-mail.

Brendyn: Question, does hanging out with some of these younger people take you back a few years, or nah?

Craig (Rolls eyes): Don't even get me started on my "younger years" there, bud. I may be only 31, but I shudder every time I think about my life from the time I was a teenager 'till about six years ago.

Brendyn (Intrigued): Why's that?

Craig (Annoyed): Ugh! You're gonna make me talk about that s****y period in my life, aren't you?

Brendyn (Taken aback): What? No dude, I never said I was gonna make you talk about anything. I was just curious, that's all.

Craig (Shakes head): Whatever, now if I don't talk about it, you're only gonna be more curious, I'm sure, so I'll just get this over with. Just promise me you won't tell anyone, okay?

Brendyn (Giggles): My lips are sealed, bud. Now that you mentioned that though, I am kinda dying to know.

Craig shoots Brendyn an annoyed glare, causing Brendyn to go back on the defensive.

Brendyn: Dude, I promise I won't tell anyone! Were you like, convicted of murder and got off on a plea deal or something?

Craig (Rolls eyes): Man, I f***ing wish! (Sighs) From the time I was in my junior-senior years of high school until about six years ago, I was essentially one of those stereotypical, idiot, surfer dudes that essentially only cared about three things: Partying, drinking, and getting high.

Brendyn is a bit caught off guard by this as he thought Craig's "secret" would be much more damaging/embarrassing.

Brendyn: Oh... so you were essentially Emil way back then. (Giggles)

Craig (Rolls eyes): Yeah, I'm embarrassed to say that, quite frankly. I had the long, blonde locks and everything. (Shudders)

Brendyn (Trying to make sense of everything): I don't mean to sound insensitive or nothing, but why do you find this so embarrassing? Like, we all go through phases and stuff. You just happened to grow out of that lifestyle. What's wrong with that?

Craig: I don't really wanna talk about it all that much, but let's just say that a horrific experience forced me to stop the drinking, drugs, and all that s***. I just hate thinking about that period of my life 'cause it reminds me of the lifestyle that could have killed me if things got bad enough, ya' know? To be honest, surfer dudes in general repulse me nowadays.

Brendyn (Nodding): Yeah, if you had a terrible experience, then it would be understandable for you to want to just completely forget about it. The worst I have is the fact that I got married to my high school sweet-heart when I was 21, yet we were divorced my the time I was 24. As embarrassing as all of that was for me, I don't take it as something that I want to completely forget, but rather as something that happened and I eventually learned from.

Craig: True enough, but getting married too young isn't something that could have killed you, so don't pretend our stories are even close! That period of my life was tragic as far as I'm concerned, so don't you dare bring it up to anyone else!

Brendyn (Annoyed but firm): Craig. I promise that nobody is going to find out. You can trust me on that. Seriously man, what would I really have to gain by telling people that you used to be a surfer dude of all things?

Craig: I'm just saying that nobody can find out! It is just the last thing I want to be talking about. Fair enough?

Brendyn: Yeah, I get it. Don't worry.

Craig (Rolls eyes): Ugh! How far away is tree mail anyway?

I can't believe that Brendyn had the audacity to ask me about my past after I told him I didn't want to talk about it! Ugh! I f***ing hate people like that to no end, and I promise you that I will have his head if anyone finds out about my past! (Sighs loudly; hangs head) The reason that I just want to completely forget about who I was is because one night... (sighs) I got so blackout drunk partying with my former buddies that I never made it home that night, which scared my pregnant fiancée at the time s***less, for obvious reasons. (A single tear falls) I ended up waking up in my former buddy's back lane, not even knowing where the f*** I was at first. I missed work that day because I was too hungover to go in... again, so I was fired. My ex-fiancée, Sarah, did scare me straight because she begged me to stop this lifestyle for the sake of our child, so I'm thankful for that. (Sighs) A few months later, she ended up miscarrying, and our relationship fell apart from there. (Wipes his eyes) That was about six years ago and anytime I see a surfer dude now, or anytime I think about my past, it takes me right back to that moment when I woke up in the back lane, not knowing where the f*** I was. I swear to God that if Brendyn utters a syllable of what I told him to anybody else, I will knock him the f*** out, and that is a threat!


Following Craig's emotional confessional, we return to the conversation between the two men as they approach tree-mail.

Brendyn: As I said, Craig, I got absolutely no reason to share your secret, so you can trust me on that.

Craig (Snarls): Good.

Brendyn: In order to show you how serious I am, I want to offer you an alliance.

Craig (Raises an eyebrow): For real?

Brendyn (Nodding): Yes. I talked with Kane already, he said he has a good relationship with Constantine, I got a good thing going with Allan. If you join us, we can run this game between the two tribes. Nobody will see it coming!

Craig: Yeah, I'm certainly down for something like this. I like Constantine as it is, and I'm sure we... or at least I could rope in some of the chicks like Sky and Irene.

Brendyn (Giggles): Yeah, I'm not nearly as quote unquote "hot" as you are, that's for sure.

Craig and Brendyn share a short laugh as Brendyn reaches into the tree-mail basket. Brendyn then opens the note and skims through it quickly.

Brendyn: Hmmm... looks like we got some sort of challenge.

Craig (Slightly confused): Already? It's only day two.

Brendyn (Shrugs): Why not?

People like Craig are exactly why I just hate humans in general. The vast majority nowadays are just rude, entitled, arrogant, and downright obnoxious, and Craig is a perfect example! I honestly don't give a flying f*** that he used to be a "surfer dude" and it blows my mind that he thinks I'm suddenly just going to start spreading this around camp for no reason when whatever happened during that period in his life was clearly embarrassing and traumatizing. I promise you that I have no interest in spreading Craig's secret, especially because doing so would gain me nothing! That being said, I know that Craig probably wants to keep an eye on me now, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to add him to my growing list of people in this cross-tribe alliance I want to create. In this game, you need to not only control your own fate, but you need to do what you can to control the people around you, and that's exactly what I plan to do. If everyone's loyal to you, you're not going home, and if you control the people and the votes, the better chance you have of making it to the end and winning, so that's exactly what I plan to do out here.


We now see Craig and Brendyn returning to camp with the tree-mail. Once Craig announces that they have it, most of the tribe, especially Tesla, get excited.

Tesla (Giddy): Yippee! Can I read it?! Can I?

Brendyn (Rolling his eyes): Sure, whatever.

Tesla (Excited): Awesome sauce!

Tesla now rushes towards Brendyn and Craig to get the tree-mail note, almost tripping over her dress in the process. The camera quickly pans over to show the annoyed looks on the faces of Peter, Leah, and Tori before returning to Tesla as she unrolls the note Brendyn just gave her. She then unrolls it, clears her throat, and begins reading it in her most "official" voice possible.

Tesla: In 2 on 2 fights, tribes will battle and dig with all their might. In the end, only one tribe will win and stand tall. The other will move on after taking a fall.

Alexandra: Hmmm... wonder what that means.


Leah (Slightly annoyed): Well, we know that.

Ricki: Well, I guess we'll have to find out when we see Jeff.

Jimmy (Nodding): Yeah, I guess we haven't seen Ol' Jeffy out here at all yet.

Tesla: Oh my gosh! I am so excited to see Jeff freaking Probst! You guys have no idea!

Like, oh my freaking goodness, I am honestly so excited to do our first ever challenge today! Even more than that, but I'm even more excited to see Jeff Probst! (Squeals with excitement) Honestly, that man's dimples put even my boyfriend's to shame! I honestly don't even care that it seems weird that we're having a challenge on day two. I think I might literally be a little too excited to get things going, as it were. (Giggles)


Reward Challenge

The music picks up as we are shown scenes of the challenge arena before the camera pans over to show Jeff Probst for the first time since the official start to the game.

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

The ten members of the Sena tribe enter the challenge area led by Peter as he carries the tribe flag. They walk towards their pink mat and stand on it as the Makhuwa tribe enter behind them with Allan carrying the tribe flag. Once both tribes are on their respective mats and the pink and gold flags are in their holders, the camera shows Jeff Probst once again.

Jeff Probst: Let me officially welcome you to Survivor: Mozambique!!

This time, all 20 castaways erupt into applause and cheering.

Jeff Probst (Pointing to Ricki): Red-headed girl on the end.

Ricki: My name's "Ricki."

Jeff Probst: So Ricki, what has it been like living together with everyone from both tribes on the same beach?

Ricki (Shrugs): It was interesting to say the least, Jeff. I mean, until we saw that crate which gave us explicit instructions to build one shelter, we didn't even know what was going on at all. Now that we've kinda settled in though, it's not as chaotic as it was yesterday.

Most of the castaways nod in agreement with Ricki's statement as Jeff turns his attention to Geoff.

Jeff Probst: Gentlemen in the suit.

Geoff: My name's Geoff, Jeff. (Quite a few people begin to giggle, including Probst) Although my last name is Allison.

Jeff Probst (Smirking): Alright Mr. Allison, would you agree with what Ricki said about how you guys started the game?

Geoff (Nodding): I would say so, for sure.

Jeff Probst (Probing): How do you think people seemed to respond to living on the same beach and in the same shelter as the other tribe?

Geoff: I guess like with anything, some people got along better than others. It seemed to me that most people gravitated towards people on their same tribe, but there was a bit of intermingling, I guess.

Brendyn (Butting in): It was strategy, I bet you.

Jeff Probst (Turning his attention to Brendyn): Guy in the back who just spoke.

Brendyn: My name's Brendyn.

Jeff Probst: Why would you say it's all strategy?

Brendyn (Frankly): No reasonable person wearing a gold buff would spend all their time with someone wearing a pink buff, or vice versa. It would just be too easy of a reason to target them.

Jeff Probst: Alright, are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

Castaways: YES!

Jeff now goes on to explain the reward challenge dubbed Battle Dig and that the winning tribe would receive flint to start their fire, which confuses a select few castaways given that they're all living on the same beach and in the same shelter. However, Jeff then begins to smirk as he prepares to introduce the second part of the reward.

Jeff Probst (In his best "Billy Mays Voice"): But wait, there's more!

The castaways look towards Jeff, intrigued.

Jeff Probst: In addition to receiving flint, only the winning tribe will remain at your current beach.

The jaws of all 20 castaways hang open.

Jeff Probst: That's right. Only the winning tribe will be living in that nice, big shelter that you all built on the first day. The losing tribe will move to a different beach where you will have to start over, which includes building a whole, new shelter.

The 20 castaways' jaws continue to hang open out of sheer shock. Aside from a few curse words, not much is said. The camera then shows a shot of Irene as she shakes her head and mutters "For f*** sake." to herself.

When Probst said that the losing tribe was being forced to move to a different beach and start over, I was ready to throw up on top of him. Not only am I not at all prepared to build another f***ing shelter, but I'm even less prepared to deal with Leah's bossiness for a second day in a row! I swear, if we lose, I'm gonna find a gun and f***ing shoot something!


The scene now transitions back to Jeff as he finishes up his instructions to the castaways.

Jeff Probst: I know it's worth playing for. I'll give you guys a minute to strategize on your match-ups, then we'll get started.

After a time-skip, the two tribes are shown gearing up for the challenge as Jeff calls forward the first match-up.

Matchup 1:
Jimmy Talbot
Marshall Desjardins
Geoff Allison
Peter Ye

Jeff Probst: Alright, round 1, two men from each tribe! We have Jimmy and Marshall for Makhuwa, taking on Geoff and Peter from Sena. You guys are going to lane 4! Survivors ready... GO!!

  • The four men all race towards the 4th lane in search of the first bag. Jimmy easily beats the other three to the lane and begins to dig quickly.
  • After a short wait, Geoff arrives for Sena and begins to dig as well, with Peter joining in on the digging a few seconds later.
  • Marshall is the last to arrive by a wide margin. But rather than dig, he keeps a close eye on Geoff and Peter in case one of them pulls the bag out.
  • However, it is Jimmy that finds the bag for Makhuwa as he tries to sneak away. Peter however soon notices him and gets up to start running toward Jimmy, but Marshall blocks him.
  • As Jimmy tries to run towards his mat and, he is cut off by Geoff when he reaches about the 2nd lane. Jimmy manages to deke Geoff somewhat as he does get past him, but Geoff uses both hands to grab a hold of Jimmy's leg, sending the younger man crashing down.
  • Jimmy calls out to Marshall for help, but the Priest is busy trying to hold Peter down. Peter manages to slither away from Marshall somewhat, but is quickly tackled.
  • Marshall then stands up and runs towards Jimmy who tries to hand him the bag as he is being held down by Geoff. Marshall however, responds by saying "I'm not fast enough." Instead, choosing to throw Geoff off of Jimmy so the younger man could get up and continue running.
  • Geoff tries to get back up, but Marshall responds by practically sitting on him.
  • At this point Peter is back up and tries to chase after Jimmy, but it is too late as Jimmy too fast for him and gets back to his mat, scoring a point for Makhuwa.

Jeff Probst: Jimmy scores for Makhuwa! Makhuwa leads 1-0!

Matchup 2:
Leah Derry
Ricki Fife
Cassy Leighton
Francine Harrington

Jeff Probst: Round 2! It will be two women from each tribe. We have Ricki and Leah for Makhuwa, taking on Cassy and Francine for Sena. You guys are heading to lane 7! Survivors ready... GO!!

  • Cassy manages to outrun all of the other women in reaching her designated lane, with Leah right on her tail. However, Cassy accidentally runs right past her designated lane, and starts digging in lane 8, causing Francine to shout out to her to move back a lane. This also allowed Leah & Ricki to get a head start on digging in the correct lane.
  • Ricki manages to pull the bag out for Makhuwa and begins running towards her mat.
  • Just as Cassy lunges forward to tackle Ricki to the ground, the latter screams to get Leah's attention before throwing the bag towards her.
  • Leah doesn't quite catch the bag, and as she bends down to pick it up, she is brought to the ground by Francine.
  • At this point, all four ladies are attempting to get up to either make their way towards Leah to grab the bag. Or in Leah's case, she's attempting to just get up, period. However, Cassy & Ricki are holding each other down, as are Francine & Leah and we appear to be at a stalemate at the moment.
  • In order to get something going, Leah tosses the bag backwards and dares Francine to get off of her. Francine doesn't take the bait (knowing that Leah would take her right back down), but Cassy does get up after giving Ricki a hard shove.
  • Cassy now grabs the bag and begins running forward. Leah attempts to grab her, but is prevented from doing so by Francine.
  • Once Cassy gets past her, Francine gets up and acts as her bodyguard. Ricki attempts to tackle Cassy one last time, but Francine manages to stop her, allowing Cassy to get back to her mat and tie the score.

Jeff Probst: Cassy scores for Sena! We are tied 1-1!

Matchup 3:
Brendyn Garcia
Tesla Van Mol
Kane O'Neill
Tori Axelson

Jeff Probst: Round 3! It will be one man and one woman from each tribe. We have Brendyn and Tesla for Makhuwa, taking on Kane and Tori for Sena. You guys are heading to lane 8! Survivors ready... GO!!

  • Kane reaches the 8th lane first, and quickly begins digging in the hole Cassy began when she mistakenly ran to that lane in the previous round.
  • Soon, all four castaways begin to dig, with Tesla being the last one to make it to the final lane.
  • Luckily for Tesla she began digging in pretty much the exact right spot as she reaches the bag after a few moments. Brendyn rushes over to help her pull it out of the ground, but is quickly stopped by Kane.
  • Tesla again tries pulling the bag out, but she is tackled by Tori. Both sets of couples fight for a couple of minutes, leaving the bag in the ground.
  • Eventually, Brendyn manages to get free from Kane, grabs the bag, and begins running forward. Kane attempts to chase after him, but Tesla grabs a hold of Kane's leg.
  • Right around the 5th lane however, Tori manages to catch up to Brendyn and tackles him to the ground by practically jumping onto his back (shocking most of the castaways watching from the sidelines). Upon impact, Brendyn let go of the bag and it flew forward a few feet, although he was unable to grab it again as Tori began sitting on him and prevented him from moving.
  • Meanwhile, Kane got free of Tesla and ran forward to grab the bag.
  • Once Kane grabs the bag, he has a clear path to Sena's mat as Tori prevented Brendyn from going anywhere, and Tesla was not nearly fast enough to catch him.

Jeff Probst: Kane scores for Sena! Sena now leads 2-1!

Matchup 4:
Allan Flores
Emil De Bruyne
Constantine Vasylenko
Craig Saad

Jeff Probst: Round 4! We're back to two men from each tribe! We have Craig and Constantine up for Sena, and Allan and Emil for Makhuwa. If Sena wins here, they win flint and the right to stay at their beach, leaving Makhuwa to start over at a new camp. You guys are heading all the way to the end, lane 9. Survivors ready... GO!

  • All four young, fit guys quickly race to the final lane, all reaching it around the same time and beginning to dig.
  • Craig comes up with the bag for Sena, but is quickly tackled by Emil.
  • Soon, Constantine and Allan join in and all four guys begin fighting for the bag.
  • Constantine eventually comes out of the brawl with the bag and begins running forward. By the time he reaches the 6th lane though, he is tackled by Allan, although this is not before he chucks the bag backwards towards Craig.
  • Craig grabs the bag, but he is almost immediately taken to the ground by Emil.
  • Allan tries to get up and take advantage of the situation, but Constantine holds him down
  • Unable to go anywhere with the bag, Craig tosses it off to the side out of desperation and hopes that Constantine is able to grab it.
  • Constantine tries to get up and grab the bag, but this time, it is Allan preventing him from going anywhere, and the two men continue battling each other on the ground.
  • Meanwhile, Emil has let go of Craig, grabs the bag himself, and starts running towards his mat. Craig chases him the entire way as Allan & Constantine continue fighting on the ground.
  • However, Craig is unable to catch Emil, who makes it to the gold mat and begins wildly celebrating the point he scored for his tribe.

Jeff Probst: Emil scores for Makhuwa! We are tied, 2-2!!


We see a quick shot of Constantine snarling and rolling his eyes as he makes his way back over to his tribe before a time-skip takes us to Jeff introducing the final match-up.

Matchup 5:
Irene Xing
Penelope Oswald
Alexandra McKee
Sky Nunez

Jeff Probst: THIS IS IT! We are tied 2-2, so the winner of this round will win flint for their tribe and the right to stay at the same beach and keep their nice, big shelter! We are back to women taking on women as we have Irene and Penelope for Makhuwa going up against Alexandra and Sky for Sena! You ladies are only going to lane 2. This is it, for reward, Survivors ready... GO!

  • Sky and Irene both make it to the 2nd lane first and begin to quickly dig, with Alexandra and Penelope joining in on the digging soon after.
  • Penelope is the one that manages to find the bag, but Sky pushes her down, prompting Penelope to scream "F*** you!"
  • Irene and Sky soon begin a bit of a cat-fight as the two of them fight for the bag, although Alexandra manages to sneak in and grab it instead.
  • Alexandra tries to run forward, but she is caught by Penelope, who grabs her from behind and tries pulling her backwards.
  • Alexandra throws the bag to Sky who runs forward a little bit, although she is quickly caught by Irene.
  • Irene manages to wrestle the bag out of of Sky's hands and tries to move forward, although she is quickly brought down.
  • Irene tries to drag Sky and the bag towards her mat, but she just doesn't have the strength. Penelope soon grabs the bag and tries to run towards the gold mat, but she is soon brought down by Alexandra.
  • Alexandra and Penelope are both holding onto the bag at this point, and it appears to be a game of tug-of-war. After a couple of moments, Irene manages to get up and help Penelope overcome Alexandra, and the two of them drag the bag towards the gold mat, with Penelope touching it for the win.

Jeff Probst: MAKHUWA wins reward and the right to stay at their current camp, meaning that Sena will go to a new beach and start over!

The Makhuwa tribe, especially Emil, can now be seen cheering wildly at their huge win, while the Sena tribe appears to be angry and disappointed. After a time-skip, we see Jeff Probst addressing the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, congratulations! For winning the challenge, you guys receive flint.

Jeff tosses the flint to the Makhuwa tribe, and it is caught by Tesla, who begins cheering again.

Jeff Probst: In addition, Makhuwa, you guys have won the right to stay at your current camp and keep that nice, big shelter all 20 of you built. You guys can grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you at your first immunity challenge.

Once the Makhuwa tribe pick up their stuff and leave, Jeff turns his attention over to the Sena tribe.

Jeff Probst: Sena, unfortunately I can't say the same for you. After a hard fought battle, you guys will be heading to a new beach where you will have to start over and build a whole, new shelter. I've got nothing for you except for this, a map to your new home.

Jeff tosses the map to the Sena tribe and it is caught by Constantine.

Jeff Probst: Alright, grab your stuff, and head on out to your new home. I'll see you at your first immunity challenge.

As the Sena tribe shake their heads in disappointment, grab their bags, and begin heading towards their new camp, we see quick shots of Alexandra, Tori, Kane, and finally Craig as the camera cuts to the latter's confessional.

Losing the challenge and leaving to a whole separate beach royally sucks, let me tell you! Not only is any hope of having a cross-tribe alliance over, but I have no clue what Brendyn is telling people on the other tribe! I really hope he is gone soon because I feel like he's the type that'll screw me over if given the opportunity, and now that we're not living at the same camp anymore, I don't trust him one bit!



We are shown a quick transitional shot of an African Elephant wandering through the African plains before the camera turns to show the Sena tribe returning to camp, obviously disappointed with the tribe's loss at that critical first reward challenge.

Constantine (Annoyed): Well this sucks.

Alexandra (Nodding): I agree. (Sighs) I guess we'll just have to get 'em next time.

Contantine (Irritated): I'm sorry Alexandra, but this was way more than just any other challenge! Not only are we literally being forced to start over, but there's also some blonde ass**** gloating his Jersey ass off every step of the way back to a camp that we all worked damn hard to build!

Geoff (Trying to diffuse the situation): I mean, to be fair, a lot of them put effort into the shelter as well. It was a close challenge, we tried our best, and we came up short. It sucks, but that's the reality of the situation.

Peter (Butting in): He's right, ya' know? Sometimes in life things don't go your way, so you just have to deal with it!

Constantine (Angry; glaring at Peter): You don't think I know that? All I'm f***ing saying is that I'm pissed we lost the damn challenge! I'm human! Am I not allowed to be frustrated?! No need to jump down by God damn throat!

Peter (Pointing a finger at Constantine): Don't start swearing at me, young man! Is that any way to treat your elders?

Constantine (Crosses arms): Well, there was no need for you to get in my f***ing face out of nowhere. Besides, I'm not about to talk to you any differently than anybody else just 'cause you had the privilege of being on this planet a few decades longer than me!

Peter: Well then, I guess you deserve to have that foul mouth of yours washed out with soap! Your parents really should have taught you to treat your elders with respect!

Constantine (Getting louder): YOU KEEP MY PARENTS OUT OF THIS! They are good, hard-working people who taught me to be a man and stand up for myself! All I f***ing did was express that I'm frustrated we lost the damn challenge! If that's a crime, f***ing shoot me! But I'm not about to stand here and take anymore s*** from you! I'm done!

As Constantine storms away from the main group, Peter can't help but yell back at him.

Peter: That's right, run off and cry! Hopefully you realize you need to grow the heck up and show some respect!

Tori (Agitated): Holy f***, can you shut up already?

Peter (Rolls eyes): Now don't you start with me, missy!

Tori (Rolls eyes): All I asked was for you to stop talking! You made your damn point!

Peter looks like he's about to fire another remark back at Tori, but Geoff puts a hand on his shoulder and shakes his head in order to indicate to him it's not a good idea. An awkward silence overcomes the tribe as the camera transitions over to Constantine as he walks down the beach, still fuming over his confrontation with Peter.

Ugh! I f***ing knew that my temper would get me into trouble out here! I just didn't f***ing expect it to happen so damn soon. All I did was express that I was pissed we lost the reward challenge and have to start over. Everything would have been fine if that ass**** Peter didn't get in my face about how things don't always go my way, or even if he would have f***ing stopped before bringing my parents into the argument! I know I should have bit my tongue back there, but a lot of the time, I just can't help but confront people when they come at me, even though I did nothing wrong. At this point, if we go to Tribal first, I honestly don't see myself writing anybody's name down other than Peter's because I just can't live with ass****s like him.


Following Constantine's confessional, we are taken back to the scene showing the rest of the tribe as Geoff tries to break the awkward silence.

Geoff: Well... I guess we should get to work on building this shelter before nightfall. We really don't have much of a choice but to get it done.

Cassy (Stepping in; Smirking): I like that idea a lot. Who wants to work on building the actual shelter? (Puts her hand up, glares at Peter)

All of the guys put their hands up as well. Kane expresses that Constantine would want to do shelter, and Tori says that she'll do whatever people ask of her.

Cassy (Taking control): Great! So I guess Alexandra, Sky, and Francine can all do palm fronds, and the rest of us can gather stuff for the shelter.

Peter (Stepping in): Shouldn't we have people working on fire? I mean, we do need to get something going so we can eat. How about you two girls (Pointing to Cassy and Tori) work on that?

Cassy (Annoyed): Well, we don't have flint, so I doubt we'll get a fire started today anyway. As Geoff said, shelter should be priority number one. By the way, does anyone else find it odd that for the second time in two days that he's trying to stop the girls from doing manual labour?

Peter (Angry): Don't bring feminism into this, young lady! If you want to work on the shelter that damn bad, then work on the damn shelter! We just won't eat for the rest of the day then!

Tori: There's nothing stopping you from working on the fire if it's that important, Peter.

Geoff (Stepping in): You know what? I think that's a great idea. Peter and I can work on building fire; Alexandra, Sky, and Francine can weave palm fronds; and the rest of you can work on getting supplies for the actual shelter and start getting it built.

Cassy (Smirking): Fine by me.

I love how literally everyone here is starting to notice how much of an ass**** Peter is. Even his buddy, Geoff, steps in now every once in a while to try and get that miserable, arrogant, son of a bitch to shut his damn mouth. Make no mistake, I want him gone the first chance we get. At least right now, it seems like he's making my job a hell of a lot easier than I anticipated, which is nice. (Giggles)


The camera now transitions to a conversation between the castaways designated to work on the shelter (Tori, Cassy, Kane, Craig, and Constantine) as they gather logs and other supplies for the shelter.

Kane: You okay now, Constantine?

Constantine (Nodding): Yeah, I'm good. Sorry I stormed off the way I did. I just needed to get outta there before I punched that f***er in the mouth!

Tori (Giggles): It's all good, I understand. I know I certainly wouldn't have appreciated it if he was talking about my parents like that.

The other four castaways all nod in agreement with Tori and/or reply with "Yeah."

Cassy (Blunt): Look, can we all just agree right now as a group that if we lose the first immunity, that obnoxious idiot is going first?

Craig: Yeah, I got no issues with that whatsoever. If the five of us stick together, I guarantee you that I can get us a majority.

Tori (Raises an eyebrow): How can you be so sure?

Craig (Giggles): Sky was practically hanging off me yesterday, that girl couldn't get enough. Although... who'd really blame her?

Cassy (Taken aback): Yeah... sure.

Kane: You don't sound confident, Cass.

Cassy: N-no, I am confident we can get the numbers. I just didn't expect you to be this confident Sky's with us so soon.

Constantine: Well, given the fact that Peter seems to hate literally anyone that hasn't had the privilege of taking that full round-trip around the sun nearly as many times as he has, I think it's safe to say that someone like Sky can be swayed. Francine too, especially after he obnoxiously referred to her as the "young black girl" yesterday.

Cassy (Shrugs): Fair enough. I guess I just didn't want to get too confident about our chances of sending him home first. But I admit, it's looking pretty good.

Kane (Nodding): I agree.

Having been separated from the other tribe, I'm really getting a much better feel now as far as what exactly I'm dealing with here at Sena. Constantine's the hot head, Craig's the arrogant (uses finger quotes) "Golden Boy", Cassy's a feminist out here to prove a point, and Peter's an obnoxious dickhead to name a few. The good thing for me is that within a couple hours of arriving at our beach, I'm already in an alliance involving half the tribe. Things are looking up for me right now, so I just gotta make sure I don't f*** up over these next couple days. (Giggles)


Craig: Now that we've made this alliance official, there is something I should tell you guys.

Cassy: What's that?

Craig (Blunt): Don't trust Brendyn.

Tori (Caught off guard): Brendyn?! You mean, that skinny, Latino guy on the other tribe?

Craig: Yes!

Kane (Intrigued): What about him?

Craig: Well, when we were going to get tree-mail before the challenge today, let's just say the guy coerced a very personal story outta me that I was not comfortable telling.

Cassy (Confused): What?! Why would he do that?

Craig (Shrugs): I have no idea to be totally honest with you, but it tells me that he's nothing but a manipulator that can't be trusted. He also suggested to me that we should form this big alliance with people from both tribes, but I have this feeling he's the kind of person that just tells everyone the same thing, and/or just what they want to her.

Kane (Nodding): That's good to know. Hopefully we don't ever have to deal with him, but if we do, he's definitely gotta go ASAP.

Constantine: I agree. If he makes you that uncomfortable, chances are there's good reason for it. I honestly never found Brendyn to be that bad, but thanks for being honest with us about him.

Tori: I honestly never talked with Brendyn much when we were all on one beach. But I did find him kinda cold and intimidating, I'm not gonna lie.

Craig (Chuckles): I'm just glad I'm not the only one that sees it! Thanks guys.

Tori: For sure.

The camera now pans over to show Craig as he smiles confidently.

Telling my alliance about that uncomfortable encounter I had with Brendyn this morning was something I really wanted to do because I feel like it shows them that I'm someone who can be trusted. Honestly, I'm even more glad now that I shared my experience with him because I was able to find out that I'm not the only one that found him to be sketchy. Now, this is the kind of s*** that will spread like wildfire around a camp like this, so now, I don't doubt that if that manipulative little s*** makes it to a merge or a swap and tries something sneaky, he'll be brought right back down a peg, and I'll be laughing my ass off when he gets voted out because of it. (Chuckles)


We now see the five castaways continuing their conversation as the camera pans back over to Kane and cuts to his confessional.

So apparently Craig got offended because he felt that Brendyn coerced a (uses finger quotes) "personal story" out of him, which makes him this big time manipulator that can't be trusted. Honestly, I don't know what happened between Craig and Brendyn, but I'm glad that I'm not the only one now who thinks he has the potential to be a snake in this game. The reason I didn't spill to my allies that Brendyn has the Steal a Jury Vote Advantage is because I don't want people to start thinking I'm a snake who's going around and sharing secrets for no real reason. At least now that I know people don't trust Brendyn, me not telling people about his advantage if the two of us get back together could mean that I could use it as a way to manipulate him to vote with me and get the numbers in my favour. (Smirks)


Following Kane's confessional, we see that Tori and Cassy are having a conversation as they have left the guys behind while making their way back to camp with a couple of logs.

Cassy: So, what do you think about this "alliance" that we all kind of created just now?

Tori (Shrugs): I've got mixed feelings about it. Like, I'm glad that Craig obviously is fine with getting rid of Peter, and I'm glad that Craig obviously trusts us enough to tell us that Brendyn is untrustworthy, but he kind of makes me uncomfortable.

Cassy (Nodding vigorously): Oh for sure! The arrogance just oozes out of Craig, doesn't it? (Mocking Craig's voice) I can get us a majority because Sky just can't get enough of this!

Cassy mockingly poses and flexes her muscles, which causes Tori to laugh uncontrollably.

Tori (Still laughing): F*** Cassy! I'm dying here! Don't get me evacuated on only day 2 for Pete's sake!

Cassy (Smirking): It's true though, isn't it?

Tori (Still laughing a bit): It definitely is! Oh Lord! Honestly though, I can see what he's saying about Sky.

Cassy (Intrigued): How so?

Tori: Yesterday, I caught both Craig and Sky in the water clearly flirting with not just each other, but a few people from the other tribe as well.

Cassy: Who from the other tribe?

Tori: That obnoxious Jersey guy was there for sure, and I'm pretty sure Irene and Allan were also flirting with them.

Cassy: Do you think the five of them are in an alliance already? Maybe it would be worth it to send someone like Sky home soon if that was the case since we'd at least be able to keep the tribe strong, while breaking up a potential cross-tribe alliance that could screw us over.

Tori (Caught off guard): You want Sky out of here first now?

Cassy (Defensive): No, no, no, NO! F*** that! (Chuckles) Peter needs to go first, and I don't see myself changing my mind on that!

Tori: Okay, just checking. (Giggles) But you're basically saying we need to think about sending her home not long after Peter?

Cassy: That's exactly what I'm saying. But if those guys are all aligned already, I'm not sure we'd be able to get the numbers to pull it off.

Tori (Smirking): Well, if you're concerned about numbers, then I think I may have some good news for you.

Cassy (Excited): I'm listening.

Tori: Yesterday, Francine proposed an alliance between the two of us, and Alexandra. Obviously I said yes, but after you and I have been talking for a bit here, I feel like I can trust you the most. I'm sure Franny and Alex wouldn't mind a couple extra numbers after all.

Cassy (Nodding): Oh my gosh, that would be so awesome. Honestly, I was kinda hoping to have a bit of a girls thing going out here. So with this alliance, that would definitely be a good start.

Tori: I completely agree. I'm not completely sure we'll be able to pull Sky into the alliance and get all the girls, but then again, I don't see her having a problem with targeting Peter, and possibly Geoff right after.

Cassy (Smiling): Well, I'm just excited to have an alliance right now. If we can pull Sky in, great. If not, well, that's her problem.

I really feel like Tori's the one that I get along with on this tribe the best. I really like the fact that although she's the youngest person here, she's not afraid to step up and do her part around camp, nor is she afraid to get in your face if you're being stupid. Not only that, but between this alliance with her, Francine, and Alexandra, as well as this agreement Tori and I have with the younger guys to send Peter home first, I feel like it really puts us in a super powerful position early on. So, as you can see, I'm beyond excited right now! (Grinning from ear to ear)


Tori: Oh, there's also something else you should know.

Cassy: What's that?

Tori: Francine is definitely a hardcore strategist out here. She was telling me that she loves research, is a huge history buff, and was even voted "Most Likely to Become President" by her high school graduating class.

The camera quickly shows a shot of Francine as she is talking with Sky while weaving palm fronds before refocusing on the conversation between Cassy and Tori.

Cassy (Slightly confused): How does that automatically mean she's a hardcore strategist though? Obviously the girl's smart, but I'm not sure she'd be the scheming type.

Tori: I'm not meaning to paint her as untrustworthy right now or anything, but she was the one to propose this alliance we got going on after all. All I'm saying at the moment is that she's clearly a huge threat that we need to keep our eyes on. But as long as you and I stick together, I think we should be good.

Cassy: Thanks for letting me know, I'll keep that in mind.

Tori (Smirking): Not a problem.

At this moment, I really want to put myself in a position in which everybody trusts me completely. By inviting Cassy into my alliance, I've gained myself an extra number. By informing her that Francine is this (uses finger quotes) "massive threat", I'm not only showing Cass that I trust her with this kind of information, but it should also work to help take the target off of my back and put it onto Francine's in the event Cassy decides to make some sort of big move in this game.


The scene now transitions to show Alexandra, Francine, and Sky talking and laughing as they weave palm fronds.

Alexandra: So Sky, I must say, you are just such a delight in particular to be around. I don't think I've seen you stop smiling once since we got here! You must be such a big fan of this game.

Sky (Giggles): Thanks Alexandra. Honestly, I'm actually not that big a fan of the game, believe it or not. Like, I try to catch every episode, but I'm not gonna cry or anything if I miss a bit of it.

Alexandra: So, how do you keep smiling this whole time? Is it just the fact that you have an opportunity to win a million bucks now?

Sky (Shrugs): I'm just used to smiling all the time, believe it or not. I don't think there's much more to it than that. I think part of it is that since I work at Walt Disney World, I'm required to smile all day, every day because it's the "Happiest Place on Earth." (Giggles) No word of a lie, I could actually get fired if I stopped smiling long enough.

Alexandra (Caught off guard): Are you serious?!

Sky: At least that's what I've heard! Smiling all day is written into my job description, so I guess it could be a thing. I've never heard of someone getting fired for not smiling long enough, but I don't really wanna test out that theory either. (Giggles)

Francine: So I take it that you love working at Disney World.

Sky: I admit, it really is a blast and I do enjoy going into work every day. That's not to say I wanna work there for the rest of my life, 'cause I don't. I actually hope to go to college someday and get a degree in Nursing or Social Work.

Alexandra: You couldn't go to college after high school?

Sky: Nope! (Giggles) I straight up couldn't afford it, even with the scholarship I won.

Alexandra (Sympathetic): Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear that.

Sky: It's whatever at this point. But at the same time, that's why I need to try and save money... or win this game, I guess. (Giggles)

Francine: Yeah, I feel for you there. I just hope you never give up on your dream.

Sky (Scoffs): Oh please! As much as I love working at Disney World, I'd do pretty much anything to get away from the bitchy old ladies complaining about the long lines and whatnot.

Alexandra (Smirking): Yeah, in order to have a career that partially involves wiping old people's asses.

Sky is left a bit speechless as Francine and Alexandra giggle and high-five each other. The camera then focuses on Sky as she rolls her eyes and refocuses on her palm frond before cutting to her confessional.

I think that, besides Peter, I really do get along with everyone on this new tribe, which really is wonderful! I especially love that there are some cute boys on my tribe that I can try and manipulate out here. (Giggles) As much as I wanna align with guys though, the biggest thing that I'm going to try and do out here is not make waves. For now, I just wanna go with the flow, try and go unnoticed, and work my way into a majority that way. At least right now, it seems like most of the tribe hates Peter and can't wait to see him go, and since Peter is old, mean, and gross, I'd be more than happy to write his name down if we go to Tribal first. (Smirks)


Alexandra: So Sky, I haven't really had much of a chance to talk to you yet, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to join an alliance with myself, and Franny here.

Sky (Giggles): You're a cool lady, Alexandra, so of course I wouldn't mind working with you. You and Francine both seem pretty laid back and down to earth, which is awesome. Do you have anyone else in mind that you'd like to join us?

Francine: I've got a good relationship with Tori, so I'm pretty certain we can pull her in. (Shrugs) Who knows? Maybe she'll be able to rope in Cassy and we can have a "Girl Power" alliance of sorts.

Sky (Beaming): That would be totally awesome, I can't lie! I'm sure though that Cassy would only join the alliance on the condition of getting Peter out, and I really can't say I blame her.

Alexandra (Shakes head): To be honest, this might seem really weird, but maybe it would be to our advantage to keep Peter past the first vote.

Francine and Sky both stop what they're doing and look at Alexandra in disbelief.

Alexandra: I dunno about you guys, but Kane and Constantine are clearly a tight pair, and I don't trust Craig one bit. Honestly, I find that the latter is quite full of himself, and I'm not sure if he'd stick with us after a swap.

Sky (Defensive): But we need a majority, don't we? Even if all us girls align, that's only half the tribe! Besides, I'm sure I could use my looks to rope Craig into our fold for the first vote.

Alexandra (Giggles nervously): I think you misunderstood me there a bit, Sky. I'm not saying we have to get rid of those guys first, but it might be to our advantage. Especially since Peter and Geoff clearly don't have anyone else.

Sky (Passionately): But Peter is just an awful human being! Not only that, do you not realize how much Cassy would flip out if she had to write another name down? Also, it wasn't too long ago that Peter and Constantine had that huge fight!

Francine (Shrugs): I don't necessarily agree with the notion of keeping Peter in the game at the moment, but I do understand what you're saying, Alexandra. I say that if we can get this whole "Girl Power" alliance together, then we should talk it over as a big group before coming to any concrete decision.

Sky (Rolls eyes): I'm telling you guys, Tori and Cassy, especially Cassy, will flip the f*** out!

Alexandra: Then we get Peter out if she adamantly refuses, I don't care. But I think it is worth it to talk things over with Tori and Cassy later.

It may seem weird, but I actually don't want Peter to go at this first vote. He is just too much of a damn lightning-rod of controversy around here, and since I think he'd be completely loyal to an "old person alliance," I think he actually could be useful for my game. Besides, the longer Peter is around, the more chaos will be at this camp, and since I'm the weak old lady, more chaos around here can only be good for me as long as I'm not directly involved in the drama. That being said, Sky was awfully quick to defend Craig, so that leads me to believe that at best the two of them are a tight pair, and at worst, they're already part of a bigger alliance. So, as such, I can only go so far to try and keep Peter because if these young people here suspect I'm aligned with him, my torch could very easily be as good as snuffed.



We are now taken to a scene showing the gold Makhuwa tribe flag standing tall at the camp all 20 castaways started the game on. We then see a transitional shot of two birds chasing each other before the camera shows most of the tribe hanging out in/around the shelter. Things seem to have just settled down after Emil had been celebrating the this major win for the tribe all the way back to camp. Each of the castaways around the camp however, are pretty exhausted between the challenge they had won about an hour ago and the excruciating Mozambique heat. It appears however that Tesla has been hit the hardest by the elements as she lays down on her back inside the shelter with her buff over her face.

Marshall (Slightly concerned): You okay there, Tesla?

Tesla (Groaning): Ugh! It's just so bloody hot, and I'm starving.

Irene (Shrugs): Well, that's why they call it Survivor.

Tesla now sits up in the shelter and pulls her buff back over her head.

Tesla: I know... ugh, I don't mean to complain, I'm sorry. I know all of you are starving too, it's just (sighs) I didn't expect it to be this bad out here!

Marshall: Yeah, that's understandable, I guess. Just remember though, all of us are in the same boat. We'll get through this as a tribe.

Tesla (Flashes a small smile): Thanks. (Sighs) I dunno, maybe I'm just impatient for us to get a fire going so we could eat something and boil our water.

Emil (Enthusiastic): Well, that sounds like a fantastic idea, Tessy! Anyone wanna take the flint and take a crack at it?

Marshall: I've never used flint before, but I'd be willing to give it a...

Emil (Interrupting): JIMMY, MAH MAN! (Picks up the flint) Get us a fire!

Jimmy, who had been having a casual conversation with Leah, Ricki, and Allan is quite surprised by this, barely turning around in time to catch the flint Emil threw in his direction.

Jimmy (Confused): Wait... what happened, exactly?

Emil (Chuckles): You're makin' us a fire so we can get food in our bellies, man! You just seem like the perfect guy for the job.

Jimmy (Beginning to stand up): Uhh... okay?

Marshall: If you don't want to make the fire bud, I think I'll manage.

Jimmy (Giggles): N-no, it's okay. I just didn't expect the flint to come flying at my head outta nowhere.

Emil (Shrugs, snickers): Oopsie.

Jimmy now walks over to the fire-pit with the flint and kneels down beside it. Jimmy, along with Allan, Marshall, Leah, and Ricki, put a pile of small twigs and kindling together before Jimmy takes the machete and begins to strike the flint with it.

Ricki (Correcting him): Maybe try shaving some magnesium off first.

Jimmy (Giggles): Yeah, that might help.

As Jimmy continues to work at the flint, with Marshall, Allan, and Ricki watching closely, Leah stands up and flashes Emil a dirty look.

Leah: You're so immature, you know that, right?

Emil (Mocking tone): Oh emm gee, you're so immature.

Irene (Disgusted): Really?! Are you 9 or 19?

Emil goes to respond, but Irene puts her hand up.

Irene: Don't talk, just don't!

Leah: Seriously, we'd all appreciate it.

I gotta say, I really have mixed feelings about Irene right now. On one hand, she's one of the lippiest and laziest people here, which I don't appreciate, but I can certainly respect the fact that she doesn't let people like Emil walk all over her. Then again though, she does spend quite a bit of time with that blonde ass****, so I have no clue what the deal between the two of 'em is. I just hope she keeps enough of a leash on him until it's time to vote his ass out 'cause as far as Emil's concerned, I'm already at my wits end with him!


Following Leah's confessional, we are taken back to the scene in which Jimmy is working to get fire with the tribe's flint. After a few more seconds, Jimmy is successful in obtaining sparks that ignite both a flame, as well as cheers from the tribe mates around him. The 24-year-old law student can't help but smile as he, Allan, Marshall, and Ricki, all work to nurture the flame and put more sticks onto it. Once they are satisfied the fire is strong enough, Jimmy stands up and he is immediately greeted with a hug from Ricki, who congratulates him. Jimmy then walks into a bro-hug from Emil, who says he "knew Jimmy was the man for the job." We then see Marshall congratulate Jimmy on getting fire as well before the camera zooms in on the young man and cuts to his confessional.

Getting fire today was definitely an exciting moment for us as a tribe, and being the one to get fire really put a smile to my face! Sure, I didn't expect that duty to be thrust upon me by Emil. But hey, at least I appear to be in the tribe's good books right now after that, so I'll certainly take it. (Chuckles)


Emil (Excited): Yeah baby! Now we can eat!!

Man, am I good at readin' people, or am I good at readin' people?! (Laughs) We were all starving, somebody needed to make fire, so I just tossed the flint to Jimmy 'cause he looks like one o' those guys that's good at everythin', ya' know? Well, lo and behold, I was right! Now, because of my keen observational skills, we got fire, while those poor souls on Sena probably don't. So I have no doubt that we'll continue kickin' their asses out here and that they'll be picked off completely before ya' know it!


Upon returning from Emil's confessional, we see that Ricki is now preparing a pot of rice over the fire. Soon, the rice has finished cooking, and the rest of the tribe has gathered around the main camp area. After everyone has arrived, Marshall stands up and addresses the tribe.

Marshall: Sorry guys, but I do have a quick question for all of you before we dig in. Uh, would it be okay with everyone if I said grace and blessed our pot of rice? If not, that's totally okay, I've just never eaten a meal without saying grace before.

Emil: Nah man, it's all good! You do you. I think we can all wait a couple more seconds.

There is a bit of an awkward silence surrounding the tribe as nobody seems to object to Marshall's request. Suddenly though, seeing that nobody else is saying a word, Penelope puts up her hand and begins to speak out.

Penelope (Scoffs): Actually, I do mind, Marshall! Just 'cause you pray before every meal doesn't mean the rest of us have to!

Not wanting to start an argument, Marshall simply puts his hands up and backs off.

Marshall: Fair enough then. (Giggles ironically) I'll just take my portion and say a quiet prayer to myself then.

Penelope: Now that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Penelope now walks over to the pot of rice, scoops out her portion and glares in Marshall's direction one last time before walking over to the edge of the shelter and sitting down to eat. After a few more people have taken their portions of rice, Marshall takes his, and the camera then follows him over to a spot a couple feet away from most of the tribe where he chooses to sit. Just as Marshall begins to do the sign of the cross on himself (which he always does before beginning a prayer), we see Jimmy interrupt him as he takes a seat on the ground next to Marshall, and Ricki taking a seat next to them a couple of seconds later.

Jimmy (Flashing a friendly smile): Hey man, you're welcome to bless my portion of rice if you like.

Ricki (Nodding): Yeah, mine as well, please and thank you.

Marshall (Flattered): Of course I will.

Suddenly, we see Allan appear in the corner of the screen and squeeze himself into their little circle.

Allan: I'll join you guys as well, if you don't mind.

Marshall (Smiling): Not at all! I guess now we'd might as well put our little coconut shells in the centre, so I can bless each of them.

Allan, Ricki, and Jimmy and Marshall now all place their portions of rice in the centre of the circle between them. Marshall then does the sign of the cross on himself, as does Jimmy. Ricki and Allan do not follow along with the sign of the cross, but they do respectfully bow their heads as Marshall says a short prayer. As Marshall prays, the camera cuts to his confessional.

Honestly, I'm actually not offended in the least that Penelope refused to let me bless the tribe's pot of rice, because she clearly does feel uncomfortable in a religious setting, so I can totally respect her wishes in that sense, even though the way she stood up and refused to let me bless the rice was a tad deflating. But with that being said, I really was pleasantly surprised when Jimmy, Ricki, and Allan came over to me asking me to bless their rice for them. Not only did they not have to do that, but it was just a really touching gesture on their part because it showed to me that I wasn't going to be excluded for holding firm to my beliefs and separating myself from the others a bit before each meal to pray. (Smiling)


Marshall: Thank you guys for coming over here the way you did. I really didn't expect that, so I was touched.

Jimmy: You are so welcome, Marshall. Honestly, I think that what Penelope did back there was really rude and unnecessary. You merely wanted to pray and bless the rice. It's not like you were gonna try and convert everyone at this camp!

Marshall (Chuckles): No, and I'd never consider doing such a thing. Truth be told, I just wanted to come out here, meet some amazing new people, test myself in this kind of environment, and maybe win a million dollars. This definitely ain't an evangelical mission for me at all!

Allan: Well that's good to hear! (Giggles) I'm not a religious person myself, but I do see this as an opportunity to bond and get to know you better.

Marshall: Well thank you very much, Allan.

Ricki: I'd like to echo what Allan said, for sure. I admit, I may be a Christian, albeit a pretty terrible one 'cause I don't go to church nearly as often as I should. (Giggles) But the way I see it, I don't understand why we can't just all respect each other's views here. We're here to play a game for a million bucks, not to immerse ourselves in religious or political debates.

Jimmy: Amen to that!

Marshall: I completely agree with you as well, Ricki. Coming out here, I have to admit, I don't merely want to be known around camp as (uses finger quotes) "The Priest." I'm human like the rest of you, ya' know? Being a Priest may be a major part of who I am, but it is still only part of who I am, just like being a Spa Manager is only part of who you are.

Ricki (Chuckles): Yeah, I totally agree with that notion.

Allan (Nodding): As do I.

I admit, it was a bit awkward having Marshall bless and pray over my portion of rice, but I am glad that I did allow him to do that. See... I grew up in a Christian home, but nowadays, I consider myself to be agnostic. Essentially, by it I mean that I believe something could be out there, but I'm not totally sure if it's "God" or something else. But regardless, I think that allowing Marshall to bless my portion of rice, and just talking with him, Ricki, and Jimmy, really allowed us to bond a little bit, and I think it shows that Ricki and Jimmy have good hearts outside of this game, and that makes me feel good about possibly working with them in particular out here.


The camera now transitions from Allan's confessional to the main group of six as they eat just outside the shelter.

Penelope (Snarls): Ugh, can anyone else believe Marshall had the audacity to try and bless the rice like we're in a damn church? What gives him the right to try and force his religion onto us?

Brendyn (Taken aback): Uh... I don't think Marshall was trying to force anything onto us. He himself mentioned that he just never ate a meal without praying before.

Leah: Yeah. He merely brought up the idea of doing something that was normal for him, and it's not like he didn't ask the tribe.

Penelope: Well, I think the whole idea of religion is stupid, especially because all it does is divide people. I shouldn't be forced to sit through that crap.

Irene: Well, obviously Marshall doesn't share that sentiment. I mean, he is a freaking Priest after all.

Penelope (Offended): So that gives him the right to try and force religion onto everyone here? I mean, I'm a Nail Tech, but you don't see me running around trying to give everyone mani pedis!

Irene (Rolls eyes; snarky tone): Yes, because of course religion is exactly the same thing as doing people's nails.

Penelope (Irritated): Don't twist my words, Irene! You know exactly what I'm trying to say!

Irene: I do, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with you. In fact, I think your logic is quite flawed to be honest. Seriously, answer me this, Penelope, how is a simple prayer "forcing religion" on someone?

Penelope: Because he's a religious leader performing a religious act in front of people that didn't ask for it! It also wasn't just a prayer, he also wanted to "bless" our food.

Leah: Just because you may feel uncomfortable doesn't automatically mean he's "forcing religion." I mean, I don't think he's done any preaching since we've got here, and really, what's it to you if he wants to say a prayer over our pot of rice? It's not like he's making you participate in a religion service!

Penelope (Standing up): Well, obviously you guys aren't listening to me, nor do you give a crap what I'm saying. So, once I finish my last few scoops of rice, I'm going to go somewhere I feel less attacked and ganged up on.

Irene (Shrugs): Go right ahead, sister.

Penelope: I will, because clearly nobody here respects the fact I feel uncomfortable with religion.

Once Penelope finishes eating her rice, she sets down her empty coconut shell and walks off. Once she has her back turned to the group, we see her wiping tears from her eyes as the scene transitions to her confessional.

I must say... this game is a lot more difficult than I expected it to be. (Sniffles) You'd think that in 20-freaking-17 that people would be a lot more open to other people's views, wishes, and lifestyles, yet nobody seems to respect the fact that I'm uncomfortable with religion and religious people. After I stopped Marshall from trying to force religion on everyone by "blessing" our rice, or whatever the heck he calls it, everyone just sorta jumped down my throat and started defending him! It's like it's gonna be high school all over again out here where I'll have to face the bullies myself. Like... what's next? Is Marshall gonna say something homophobic and will they defend that too?! (Wipes tears from eyes) I wanna be here so bad, and I need the money so bad... but I just don't know how much more of this I can take. I just hope things get better from here.


The scene now transitions back to the five castaways Penelope left behind near the shelter.

Leah (Dumbfounded): Who the heck does she think she is? Am I the only one that thinks Marshall did nothing wrong?

Irene: I feel weird saying this 'cause she's the oldest person on this tribe. But man, Penelope really needs to grow the f*** up.

Brendyn (Shakes head): Ugh, and people wonder why I have absolutely no faith in the human race anymore.

Emil: Can we all just agree right here, right now, that if we see Jeffrey Probst at Tribal after the next challenge that her bitch ass is goin' home first?

The other four castaways around him begin to nod.

Irene: I got no problems with that at all. Honestly, she really pissed me off there.

I get that Penelope has a problem with religion, but I honestly don't understand why Marshall wanting to say a prayer over our rice was such a big deal to her. Heck, I'm an atheist and I didn't give a crap! If saying a prayer makes the guy feel better, let him bloody pray! He's not making me, Penelope, or anyone else do anything with the rice other than eat it after he's done! But when we tell her this, she freaks out because she's being "ganged up on" and "attacked" because of course she's one of those people that pulls the victim card as soon as they start losing an argument! Honestly, I think the sooner she goes, the better for everyone's damn sanity!


After Irene's confessional, we are shown a transitional shot of a giraffe eating some leaves off of a tree before the camera turns to show Marshall and Ricki by the ocean washing the tribe's dishes.

Marshall (Smiling): Thanks again for coming over and letting me bless your portion of rice by the way. That was really sweet of you guys, and I didn't expect that at all.

Ricki: Oh don't worry about it, Marshall. Truth be told, it was actually Jimmy's idea because he saw how badly you must've wanted to bless the rice. So yeah, I just kinda followed his lead there. (Chuckles)

Marshall: Mercy, well then, I'm gonna have to thank Jimmy again the next time I see him.

Ricki (Nodding): Yeah, Jimmy seems like a really sweet guy, for sure.

Marshall goes to say something, but Ricki puts her hand up.

Ricki: Before you say anything, no, I'm not interested in romance, or anything like that with Jimmy. I do have a fiancé named Liam waiting for me back home. (Shows Marshall the ring on her finger)

Marshall (Giggles): That's good to know, for sure. How did you and Liam meet, if you don't mind me asking?

Ricki: We met in university actually. Liam was in a couple of classes with me at UND.

Marshall: UND? Is that the "University of North Dakota."

Ricki: The one and only! (Giggles) So... um... what made you decide to become a Priest, Marshall?

Marshall: Just a calling, I guess. No word of a lie, I may have been a Priest now for a little over 15 years, but if you would have asked me 20 years ago if I was gonna be a Priest, I would have laughed in your face.

Ricki (Surprised): Really?

Marshall: Yeah. Twenty years ago, I had a girlfriend named Beatrice, I was pursuing a teaching degree... yeah. Things just changed for some reason, and it's like I just kinda got a calling to Priesthood. I can't really explain it to tell ya' the truth.

Ricki: Well, it seems like you're really happy now and that you've found your calling in life, as it were. That's all that really matters at the end of the day, right?

Marshall (Smiling): That is very true.

The camera now hones in on Ricki as it transitions to her confessional.

Over these past couple of days, I really feel like I've come to respect Marshall more than most people out here. I dunno what it is, but he definitely seems like he's just, one of the more pure and genuine people on our tribe, I guess is the best way to describe it. Also, I don't doubt for a second that he's a smart guy, don't get me wrong. But, looking at him and talking to him, I really don't see him as much of a threat to me out here, and I do think that he'd be someone who's loyal to me down the road, especially because the two of us have bonded as it is


Ricki: So, ummm... I dunno how else to say this, so I'll just come out and say it.

Marshall: What's that?

Ricki: How would you feel about forming an alliance between the two of us? I feel like you and I get along really well, and I think we're both decently smart people who could work well together.

Marshall: Well, I will say that I'd definitely be open to working with you in this game, for sure. I've already got a bit of an alliance with Leah, and I know she'd be quite loyal. So she's someone we can definitely pull in

Ricki (Smiling): Oh absolutely! I also know that we both get along quite well with Jimmy, so that could work well in our favour.

Marshall (Giggles): Yeah, that is true, isn't it?

Ricki: Look at us, already bouncing ideas off of each other quite well! (Laughs)

Marshall: That is very true! I really like the idea of you, me, Leah, and Jimmy as a tight four. Hopefully our connections with them anyway would be enough to get us into a majority for the first vote. At least I know my challenge prowess won't do me any favours in that department. (Giggles)

Ricki: It's all good. I'm just glad we had this talk, 'cause I feel like we made a lot of progress. I honestly feel much more comfortable about where I stand in the tribe as of this moment.

Marshall (Smiling): As do I, Ricki.

Truth be told, I kinda feel bad for saying this, but I have a really weird feeling about Ricki. It's not that she's a bad person or anything, quite the opposite in fact. But I just can't help but feel as though she's hiding something, although I couldn't for the life of me put a finger on what that could be. Ricki is definitely an extremely smart girl, and probably one of the most social as well, and based on conversations we've had, I don't doubt that she'll be a big time game-player. So I definitely feel like I need to keep an eye on her for sure. That being said, I am glad I have an alliance with Ricki right now, because I don't see her as someone the tribe would want to get rid of anytime soon. As threatening as Ricki likely is, that makes her someone I want to have on my side early on, as opposed to having her against me.


Meanwhile, Irene, Brendyn, Jimmy, and Allan, can be seen having a conversation as they make their way to the tribe's water well. The conversation started off casual, but after a short time, Brendyn gets bored of the casual talk and chooses to shift the topic to strategy.

Brendyn: Look, I just want to cut to the chase here. We all seem to get along fairly well and I think the four of us would make a really solid alliance that can go far in this game.

Irene (Nodding): I was actually thinking he same thing, not gonna lie. At least you guys seem like the most sane people at this camp.

Jimmy (Shrugs): If you guys are all down for the alliance, I certainly don't have any objections. Some numbers is better than no numbers in this game, that's for sure!

Brendyn: What about you, Allan? What do you think about the four of us as a solid alliance?

Allan: I definitely like the idea of the four of us aligning for sure! As Irene said, we all seem pretty sane, and as you said, we all seem to get along nicely. Unfortunately, the four of us alone wouldn't be enough numbers.

Jimmy: I definitely think we should be able to bring Ricki into this alliance. Her and I seem to have a decent bond, and I feel like she'd stick with us... at least for now.

Allan (Nodding): Yeah, Ricki was the first name that came to mind for me as well.

Irene: Same here... although that's mostly because there's something about the other five that make them somewhat of a lunatic in one way or another. (Chuckles) At least Ricki seems pretty level-headed.

Brendyn (Shrugs): I wouldn't mind bringing Ricki into our alliance, at least for the first couple of votes, so as long as we stay a solid core four.

Allan (Raises an eyebrow): Do you not trust her long term?

Brendyn: I dunno about that, it's just that she's someone I see as a potential threat, that's all. If you guys all trust her, I'm definitely willing to bring her in, but yeah, that's just my take on the whole thing.

Jimmy: Makes sense. At least we're all in agreement about bringing Ricki into our group!

Irene (Giggles): Yeah, ain't that the truth?

Brendyn: No doubt about that.

Upon the two tribes separating, I knew that I wanted to establish a fairly solid alliance with people I could reasonably get along with pretty soon as up until now, most of my connections have actually been with people on the other tribe like Craig and Kane. (Giggles) Now, while those connections could very well come in handy for me later, I need to focus my energy on taking control of this tribe at the moment. At the end of the day, my sole motivation for being out here is to take the million dollars home to my family. The last thing I want is to be caught without the numbers on my side and relegated to the bottom. Not only that, but given the fact that I have a strong dislike of humans in general, and zero faith in the human race, I feel like if I don't get this majority alliance formed myself, it could easily be formed without me being in it, and I just can't let that happen!


Upon returning from Brendyn's confessional, we see Allan taking the heavy lid off of the water well as the four castaways continue their conversation.

Brendyn: So, do you guys know if there's anyone else we should consider including in our alliance?

Irene (Shrugs): Do you really think any of the four of us, or Ricki for that matter, are going to be targeted at the first vote by the rest of the tribe?

Brendyn: I don't want to make that assumption. Not in a game like this, at least.

Allan: Well, I think I've formed a decent bond with Leah out here. I mean, we are both firefighters after all, so there is that mutual respect there.

Jimmy: I was actually thinking that someone like Marshall would be better 'cause he doesn't seem like much of a strategist, while also being someone that would be loyal.

Brendyn: Marshall's going to suck in challenges though, and we should look at keeping the tribe strong.

Irene: So, who did you have in mind?

Brendyn: I was actually thinking Emil, in all honesty. I know he's annoying as heck, but I think he's someone we could manipulate to vote our way.

Jimmy: Yeah, he also seems like someone who couldn't keep a secret to save his life.

Irene: I dunno, Emil seems to think I like him for some reason. The brat pisses me off, but if he thinks I'm on his side, he should vote the way we tell him to.

Jimmy: In theory anyway.

Allan: That's why I'd trust someone like Leah more. I already have a decent bond with her, so I highly doubt she'd go against us so early, she's clearly strong in challenges, and I think she could keep a secret if need be.

Irene: Speak for yourself, bud. Leah clearly does not like me whatsoever... and vice versa. I find it hard to believe that she'd attach herself to an alliance that I'm associated with.

Jimmy: Honestly, since you guys all have connections with those people, why don't we just kinda put in good words for each other with each of them without offering an official alliance? I can talk to Marshall, Allan can talk to Leah, and Brendyn and/or Irene can talk to Emil, and we can look at maybe targeting someone like Penelope first. Besides, after our first vote, the four of us and Ricki would be a majority anyway.

Brendyn: That's true. I just was thinking that we should have all of our bases covered, that's all.

Irene: I do think your idea is a good one though, Jimmy. Especially the part that involves targeting Penelope first. I really don't think it would be hard to get people on board to send her home!

Jimmy: Exactly! As long as Ricki's on board with our plan, I think we'll be in amazing shape going forward.

So right now, I'm now part of an alliance involving Irene, Brendyn, Allan, and all of 'em agree that we should bring Ricki in as a fifth. That's fantastic news for me because besides Brendyn, I get along really well with the rest of them, including Ricki. I think it also helps that even though the five of us are only half the tribe, each of us have some sort of connection that we can use to ensure that our five make it though this first vote unscathed. As long as that happens, we are totally good to go moving forward because after the first vote, an alliance of five is the majority. So as you can imagine, I'm in great spirits at the moment since the alliance is finally confirmed. (Smiles)


Day 3

Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

All 20 castaways are shown entering the challenge arena. The tribe flags are being carried by Leah for Makhuwa and Geoff for Sena. Once both tribes are shown standing on their respective mats, the camera returns to Jeff. Jeff Probst: You guys ready to get to your first immunity challenge?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff then goes on to explain the challenge dubbed Blue Lagoon Bustle, that the winning tribe would have immunity, and that Sena would also receive flint if they were to win the challenge. Jeff then reveals the immunity idol statue. After reminding the castaways that they can't be voted out if they have immunity, Jeff warns them that the losing tribe would be heading to tribal council where somebody would be the first person voted out of Survivor: Mozambique.

Jeff Probst: I'll give you guys a minute to strategize, then we'll get started.

After a time-skip, the three tribes are shown in position, ready to begin the challenge.

Jeff Probst: Here we go, for immunity... Survivors ready... GO!!

Immunity Challenge: Blue Lagoon Bustle
Tribe Swimmers Puzzle Solvers
Makhuwa Allan FloresEmil De BruyneIrene XingJimmy TalbotLeah DerryRicki Fife
Allan, Emil, Irene, Jimmy, Leah, Ricki
Brendyn GarciaMarshall DesjardinsPenelope OswaldTesla Van Mol
Brendyn, Marshall, Penelope, Tesla
Sena Cassy LeightonConstantine VasylenkoCraig SaadGeoff AllisonKane O'NeillTori Axelson
Cassy, Constantine, Craig, Geoff, Kane, Tori
Alexandra McKeeFrancine HarringtonPeter YeSky Nunez
Alexandra, Francine, Peter, Sky
  • Makhuwa started off with a bit of an early lead in the swimming portion with Jimmy and Allan arriving at the net before anyone else. However, Irene was the slowest person to reach the obstacle and get over it, giving Sena a slight lead at the end of the obstacle.
  • Sena maintained this lead through the rest of the obstacles, although Makhuwa managed to keep the gap close.
  • Both tribes did equally well untying the knots to release their boat with Jimmy and Cassy in particular untying their knots in extremely quick fashion.
  • Although Makhuwa managed to get all six of their castaways in their boat first, their teamwork paddling was atrocious as it seemed as though they tried to rush back to the beach, as opposed to paddling in sync like the Sena tribe, who had Cassy take up a clear leadership role in the challenge.
    • As such, Sena got back to their beach much faster than Makhuwa, a fact that Emil kept reminding his tribe of, much to Irene's annoyance.
  • Upon Sena's swimmers reaching the beach and getting their chest to the puzzle station, Peter immediately appointed himself leader for the building of the puzzle.
  • Although Peter thought he knew what he was doing on the puzzle, it is clear to the viewers and to Alexandra and Francine that he had no clue how the captain's wheel went together (Sky was merely letting people tell her where to put pieces). This allowed Makhuwa right back in the challenge as they returned to the beach and got their chest to their puzzle station when Sena was barely a quarter of the way done their puzzle.
  • Alexandra tried to take over as leader of the puzzle for Sena which was initially met with resistance from Peter, but when she insisted she knew what she was doing, Peter backed off a bit.
  • Makhuwa on the other hand all worked reasonably well together, with Brendyn and Marshall being the more vocal tribe members. As such, they managed to pull ahead of Sena after only working on the puzzle for a few minutes.
  • Peter notices Makhuwa's quick work on the puzzle. He tries telling his tribe mates that they need to move faster, but all this does is cause them to panic, particularly Alexandra.
  • In the end, Makhuwa's superior teamwork paid off as they finished putting together their captain's wheel first. They then turned the wheel to raise their tribe flag, winning immunity in the process.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, wins immunity!!

The Makhuwa tribe celebrate their win with cheers and hugs. Penelope is so happy that the tribe won that she even accepted a hug from Marshall. Like with the last challenge, Emil once again goes over the top in celebrating his tribe's victory, annoying the members of Sena to the point where Tori yells at Emil to "Shut up!" After a quick time-skip, Jeff is shown facing the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, congratulations! Immunity is yours, nobody from your tribe going home tonight.

Jeff walks the immunity statue over to the Makhuwa tribe and hands it to Tesla. The Makhuwa tribe clap again as Jeff returns to his spot in front of the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: With that Makhuwa, you guys can grab your stuff and head back to camp. Enjoy the night off.

Once the Makhuwa tribe have picked up their bags and begun their walk back to camp, Jeff turns to face the Sena tribe.

Jeff Probst: Sena, unfortunately for you guys, I have nothing for you except a date with me tonight at Tribal Council where one of you will have the unfortunate distinction of being the first person voted out of Survivor: Mozambique. You have the afternoon to figure out who that person is going to be. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you all at Tribal.

As the Sena tribe returns to camp in a single file line, we see close-ups of Craig, Kane, Tori, Cassy, and finally Peter. Soon, the camera focuses on the latter and cuts to his confessional.

We had such a big lead going into the puzzle, but Alexandra just had to take over and cost us the damn challenge! You people have no idea how much I would love to get rid of one of those snotty young people tonight. But, if this is how Alexandra is going to act in future challenges, I think the best decision we could make as a tribe is just to eliminate her and eradicate the problem.


We then see a quick close-up of Alexandra's face as the footage fades into a commercial break.


Gloomy music plays as the Sena tribe returns to camp following the immunity challenge, knowing that they have to prepare for their first Tribal Council.

Constantine (Agitated): Well that sucked!

This time, nobody has an issue with Constantine's comment. In fact, most of the tribe nods in agreement with him.

Peter: Yeah, we had such a good lead too. If only we didn't blow it on the puzzle. (Glares at Alexandra)

Alexandra (Annoyed): What are you looking at me like that for? As a tribe, we couldn't figure it out.

Peter (Crosses arms): If you wouldn't have forcibly taken over the puzzle, we could have won.

Alexandra: Excuse me?! You clearly had no idea what you were doing on the puzzle either, so don't pin all the blame on me!

Francine: I can attest to that. We just didn't work well together at all, and that's how things ended up. I wouldn't put all the blame on one person for the challenge.

Peter: I'm just saying that if you people would have listen to me, we more than likely would have won!

Alexandra (Under her breath): You keep telling yourself that.

It's clear to me that Peter is little more than an arrogant SOB that thinks he can do no wrong. I mean, come on, blaming me for costing the tribe the challenge when he himself didn't know what the heck he was doing. Does that mean I want him out? (Shrugs) It's an option, but as of right now, the trio of Craig, Kane, and Constantine are in my sights. I'd like to stick with my "Girl Power" alliance if at all possible, and I do believe that Geoff would be able to convince Petey to stick with me because the youngsters in this tribe hate him. It might be a tough sell, but if it works, having a bona fide heat machine like Peter around will keep the target situated on him, rather than on me, which is something that I desperately need at this moment in my game.


Following Alexandra's confessional, we see her and Geoff having a conversation on the beach.

Alexandra: Have you had a chance to talk to Peter since the challenge about the vote?

Geoff (Sighs): Yeah, I have.

Alexandra: By your tone, I'm assuming he wants me gone, doesn't he?

Geoff doesn't say anything, merely electing to nod slowly, confirming Alexandra's suspicions.

Alexandra (Rolls eyes): I just don't get it. For the past three days non-stop, the guy has gone on and on bitching about the young people here, and now because he wrongly blames me for the loss of the challenge, he's willing to just let me go like that?

Geoff (Shrugs): What can I say? He's one of those that's merely focused on keeping the tribe strong. I don't know if he'd understand strategy if it bit him on the ass.

Alexandra (Sternly): Well, it could very well bite him on the ass if I go tonight. I mean, besides the two of us, I don't see anyone else who'd campaign for him to stay in the game.

Geoff (Slighly surprised): Hold up. You want Peter to stay in the game?

Alexandra: Why not? Besides, I know this might sound really weird, and I promise that I kept meaning to talk to you about it for the past couple of days.

Geoff (Chuckles): Alright, what's that?

Alexandra: ​I was talking with Marshall and Leah before the tribes separated, and they brought up the idea of an "old person" alliance of sorts because there are so many young people here. I was thinking that it would be beneficial to all of us if we looked out for each other.

Geoff (Smiling): Yeah, that's definitely something I'd be interested in. If we play our cards right, in theory, we could have an all "old person" final 6, and hopefully you, Peter, and myself in the final three.

Alexandra (Giggles):​ Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as well.

Letting Geoff, and Peter by association, in on this agreement I had with Marshall and Leah to form an "Old Person Alliance" is absolutely crucial for my game. Not only does it have the potential to give me the edge when the tribes inevitably merge or swap, but I'm confident that it will give me the edge when it comes to convincing my girls alliance that we have the numbers to send home someone like Craig or Constantine, but I also think that this will be the kind of thing that ultimately ensures that Geoff and Peter are indeed with me and that I won't be going anywhere tonight. (Smiling)


Alexandra: I hope this is something you're good with, anyway.

Geoff (Nodding): Yeah for sure. Obviously I'll have to mention it to Peter, but this is the best offer we've had all game. (Chuckles) Wow, here I was thinking about what I was gonna tell Peter when I inevitably had to write his name down tonight!

Alexandra: Well, luckily for Peter, I'm not a child and I can look past bone-headed comments he's made in favour of strategy. I'm not 100% certain if saving Peter is even possible at this point given how many people he's pissed off, but I do think it would be highly beneficial for both of us.

Geoff (Nodding): Oh, I completely agree. That's the whole reason I've been trying to keep him on a leash this whole time. I know for a fact that he'd be loyal to me, and the last thing I want to do is see him gone because it would put people like us on the bottom.

Alexandra (Nodding): That's exactly my point.

Geoff: Sooo... who did you have in mind to try and turn the votes on?

Alexandra: Well, from my perspective, I'd like to turn the tribe's attention to the trio of Kane, Constantine, and Craig.

Geoff (Confused): Why's that? Shouldn't we look at keeping the tribe strong?

Alexandra: I'm aware of that, but Constantine does have quite a volatile personality, and I'm sure that Peter wouldn't mind seeing him gone. Then there's the fact that Craig can't seem to keep his dick in his pants. (Giggles) In fact, on our first day, I even caught him flirting with Irene from the other tribe. You know, the one person over there Peter really f***ing hates.

Geoff (Nodding): Yeah, I totally see what you're saying, for sure. Just based on that alone, Craig's a potential problem that we should nip in the bud. The last thing we need is for him to get to a swap and hook back up with Irene.

Alexandra: That's exactly what I was thinking as well.

Geoff: The problem however is this... how are we going to turn the numbers on Craig? I mean, sending him home may be ideal, but if he's close with Kane and Constantine, and he loves to flirt with the girls... I wonder if blindsiding Craig tonight is even possible.

Alexandra: The good news for us at least is that I was actually with Tori and Francine when we caught Craig and Irene flirting, and Tori seemed visibly disgusted by the whole thing.

Geoff: I have my doubts that Tori would abandon the young girls in favour of keeping Peter, but even if she does, we'd still need one more person.

Alexandra: I hate to say it, (sighs) but it might come down to Cassy... ya' know, the one person Peter has pissed off the most.

Geoff (Nodding slowly): Yeah, I couldn't see Sky flipping on Craig, and it might be too risky to approach Kane about it. I mean... (sighs) it would be worth a try, I guess. But I just fear Peter might have already dug his own grave. If we can only get 5 people, as much as I want Peter still around, I'm not willing to go to rocks on the first vote.

Alexandra: N-no, neither am I. S***, I highly doubt that anyone would want to go to rocks to save Peter.

Geoff (Chuckles ironically): Yeah, true enough.

Talking with Alexandra has given me a bit of hope that Peter can be saved since that would be fantastic for my game since Peter would easily be loyal to me. That being said, looking at the numbers, it appears that the swing vote would be Cassy, the one person that Peter has pissed off more than any other, and trust me, he's pissed off a lot of people! At least we have the offer from Alexandra about an "Old People" alliance between the us and Marshall and Leah, which could possibly be our saving grace if Alexandra's telling the truth. But... yeah, I'll hold out hope that Peter can be spared for right now, but if I have to cut him loose to save face with these people, so be it.


Following Geoff's confessional, we are shown a transitional shot of a hawk flying overhead before the scene switches to a conversation between the five women in the water.

Cassy (Smirking): Well, I hate to lose any challenge, but I think we know exactly what needs to happen tonight. Peter goes home, end of story.

Alexandra (Apprehensive): Actually, I don't think it's quite that simple.

Cassy (Confused): What do you mean? The jerk is public enemy number one, and given the fact that even Constantine hates him, it'll be so easy to keep our alliance hidden and get the numbers in our favour!

Alexandra: True, but I think that's only a short term solution. Craig is the one that worries me the most on this tribe.

All of the other women, except for Francine, are completely shocked at what Alexandra just said, as Francine simply nods, expecting it.

Sky (Awkwardly): W-why Craig of all people? He's at least strong in challenges!

Tori (Sternly): Trust me, I hate Peter as much as the next guy, but here's the list of problems I personally have with Craig: (Counts on fingers) 1) He's a creep. 2) He's lazy as f***. 3) He's already the leader of a damn fraternity alliance it seems like with Kane and Constantine. 4) I don't f***ing trust him. At least Peter will always be a clear target and is as transparent as they come.

Alexandra (Chuckling): Wow Tori! For someone that wasn't too keen on possibly keeping Peter yesterday, you seem to be taking my suggestion rather well.

Tori (Shrugs): I don't like Craig, I'm never going to like Craig, and since the five of us are clearly united against Peter, we could always get rid of him at the next vote.

Cassy (Still confused): H-how are we even going to get the numbers though? I mean, Alexandra, with all due respect, I think you should be shaking in your boots tonight! Given what Peter said after the challenge, I think it's damn clear you're his target!

Alexandra: I was actually going to say, I was talking with Geoff, and he said that if I can get the numbers, he'd be willing to vote Craig. Since us girls are sticking together 'till the end, I knew we'd have nothing to worry about at the end of the day.

Francine (Apprehensive): Do you really think we can trust Geoff?

Alexandra: Geoff is the sole person at this camp that Peter even remotely gets along with. So strategically speaking, if Geoff knew that there was a plan to save the one person that would easily be loyal to him, why wouldn't he take it?

Cassy: Yeah, I guess that makes sense. But even still, I'm not sure I can even bring myself to vote for someone other than Peter after the way he's not only treated me, but multiple people here!

Sky (Nodding): I agree! I don't want to see Craig go for the simple reason that Peter's much weaker in challenges, is an ass****, and I just don't wanna look at him anymore.

Tori (Slightly annoyed): Sorry, but I think bringing personal feelings into a vote like this is a bad idea, especially when we have the chance to get rid of a wildcard that's almost as terrible to live with while also being as untrustworthy as they come.

Francine: I see the merit into getting rid of Craig, I really do. If I was going with personal feelings, obviously Peter would be my vote. So... I'll just go with whatever we decide as a group.

Cassy (Crosses arms): Should be Peter.

Alexandra (Giggles ironically): Should be Craig.

Francine: So... somehow, I doubt this debate will end anytime soon. (Giggles)

As the five women continue to discuss the vote, the camera focuses on Tori.

I don't really want to tell my whole alliance this, especially with Sky being right f***ing there. But getting rid of Craig for me is about strategy just as much as it's about getting rid of someone I can't stand. There's no doubt in my mind that when Craig, Sky, Allan, Irene, and Emil were flirting with each other in the water that they could have created a cross-tribal alliance of sorts meant to keep all of the "pretty" and "popular" people together. Based on things that I've heard and things I've observed, Craig is the one person at this tribe that has the most connections to people on the other side, and that is scary as f***. I do truly think Peter is a horrible person, but since he is an easy target, and since Craig is the most untrustworthy and possibly the most dangerous player here, it makes sense to me to eliminate him before a potential swap which is where he can really become a problem for us.


We now see the "Girl Power" alliance continue to chat as the camera focuses on Cassy, who looks more pissed off than anything else at this point.

I honestly can't believe what I'm hearing right now from my own f***ing alliance! Alexandra in particular is really pushing to have Peter of all people stay in the game! Honest to God, I've never met anyone in my 23 years of existence that is as big of a jerk as Peter is, and he's not even all that strong in challenges! Craig may be a lot of things, none of which are very flattering. But at the end of the day, he is strong in challenges, on top of the fact that it would be so freaking easy to get the numbers to eliminate Peter while also giving our alliance a numbers advantage in the next round! All of a sudden, I don't really know what I'm going to do come Tribal. But I'm not going to cast a vote to keep Peter in the game without a fight, that's for sure!


Meanwhile, Peter has gathered the men of the tribe together in the woods to talk about the vote (much to Constantine's annoyance)

Peter (Bluntly): At the end of the day, I just need to make sure you guys are go vote for what's best for the tribe as a whole, and that is against Alexandra.

Constantine (Irritated): Firstly, that's nothing more than your opinion. Second, why the heck would we just vote for Alexandra because you said so?

Kane (Stepping in): Because we'd like to have some sort of guarantee that this would be best for us strategically in this game.

Peter (Glaring at Constantine): Don't use that tone with me, young man! Have you never heard the term "respect your elders?"

Constantine: You're the one being...

Peter (Interrupting): I'm speaking! (Constantine rolls his eyes) Show some respect for once in your life! (Focuses on Kane) As I was saying, the only strategy needed at this point is that we should keep the damn tribe strong.

Constantine: Ya' know, I actually think it's you that needs to learn respect, Peter. You've been nothing but rude to everyone at this damn camp, and you expect us to just go along with you?!

Peter: One of these days, you'll learn that respect is earned, not just given, young man. I have decades more life experience than you, so I think I know enough about what's going on to have earned respect!

As the three younger men, especially Constantine, get more agitated with Peter, Geoff steps in so that he can try and change the subject.

Geoff: Either way, voting Alexandra would be a good idea should the five of us stick together, especially since she is easily the weakest in challenges. I'd just want to be sure we have the numbers for a majority.

Craig (Confidently): I could rope in Sky easily. I mean, she can't get enough of me, clearly. Besides, I don't see why she wouldn't want to vote out the weakest person here.

Kane: That being said, I'd like to know if this is going to be a long term thing or what. At the end of the day, we all want to win the million dollars, so I'd rather not go home next if we vote your way.

Peter: As much as I think you in particular (points at Constantine) are nothing but a disrespectful brat, obviously the five of us are the strongest members of the tribe. So I'll be willing to put up with you if it means keeping the tribe strong and staying in the game.

Constantine (Offended): Put up with me?! Are you out of your mind, old man?! Why would I vote with you if you're telling me now that I'm literally nothing more than a vote to you?

Peter: Well, obviously we can't get along, but I do promise you my full loyalty because it would be best for us and the tribe. I'm not an emotional player. Besides, if you hate me that much, I'm sure you can find a safe space in this tribe where you can calm yourself down before each vote.

Constantine (Rolls eyes): Because yes, insulting me and/or my generation every chance you get is a fantastic way to show your loyalty.

Peter: I'm telling you to your face that I'm willing to put personal feelings aside and vote for what's best for the tribe! Don't you understand that? I am a loyal player, after this vote, we'd have the numbers for sure, and the tribe will stay strong when Alexandra is gone, so that's all you should care about!

It really pisses me off that parents these days are raising their children to be nothing but entitled, liberal snowflakes that think the entire damn world revolves around them! I'm literally telling Constantine to his face that I'm nothing but loyal and that I just want to keep the tribe strong at this point, but all he does in response is yell at me and call me disrespectful. That Kane boy does seem to have a decent head on his shoulders in a sense, so I do have hope that he'll keep his millennial friends in line for now. When I speak, I don't beat around the bush! I say what I mean and I mean what I say. However, if Constantine keeps testing my patience, since I'm not actually allowed to put him over my knee and give him a spanking like his Daddy should've, I might just have to see to it that he goes home sometime soon.


We now see Peter begin to walk off, although Geoff grabs him my the shoulder quickly and whispers something to him. We don't hear him say anything, although subtitles indicate that he said "We need to talk alone." Geoff then quickly turns to the younger guys.

Geoff (Sympathetic): Look, I know he's an ass, but I'll make sure he sticks with us. After this Tribal, we can talk more about what the four of us should do in the future.

Kane (Smiling): Sounds good to me.

Once Geoff walks off, Constantine turns to his allies with a disgusted look on his face.

Constantine (Scoffs): We're not actually going to keep that ass**** in the game, are we?

Kane (Shrugs): Why not?

Constantine: I don't give a f*** what he says about being loyal! You yourself saw that he was nothing but rude to me, and I'm positive that he'll vote me out as soon as he gets the damn chance!

Kane (Trying to stay calm): That being said though, Peter is right about the fact we should keep the tribe strong, and Alexandra is technically the weakest person here.

Craig (Nodding): Yeah, I also believe what he says about wanting to stick with us guys. Like, he's clearly no Brendyn. Besides that, as much as you and him don't get along, Cassy and Tori clearly want his head on a stick right now. I'm sure he'd vote them out before you.

Kane: There's also the fact that Geoff's also here to keep him in line. Geoff may not be able to control what comes out of Peter's mouth, but I'm sure he should be able to keep his vote in line.

Strategically speaking, getting rid of Alexandra is a good move for my alliance right now. To me, Alexandra is a sneaky player, and she also clearly sucks in challenges. Peter may be blowing things out of proportion when he says that she cost us the challenge, but she clearly did no better than him, and with her being 53-years-old, she will give us no help in the physical aspect of the game. Peter is a jerk, but at least Geoff seems to have him on a leash, and Geoff also seems to have an interest in working with us long term, which could be really beneficial for my game. So, the only thing we have to do now is make sure at the very least that Sky is on board, and we'll be set. (Smiling)


Constantine (Shakes head): I can't believe you both actually want to keep that piece of s*** when it would be so easy to get the numbers to get rid of him!

Kane: As I said, I trust Geoff, and I'm just trying to think strategically. As long as Craig keeps his promise and Sky, at the very least, votes with us, we'll be good. All of those women seem pretty close as it is, so voting off Alexandra will prevent any sort of girls' alliance from taking over.

Craig (Giggles): You guys have nothing to worry about when it comes to Sky! As I said, she can't get enough of me, and she doesn't seem like someone who's playing much of a strategic game anyway. So she might just blindly follow us without thinking twice about it. Especially if I promise her that Ol' Petey goes right after.

Constantine (Putting his hands up): Whatever then. I'm just saying that this guy's an ass*** and I'm pretty confident that trusting him is a bad idea. But if the two of you are so confident about this, I'll play along... for now.

F***ing honestly! I can't believe what I'm hearing from my own damn allies! Like, Peter tries to essentially bully us into voting for Alexandra and they go (Mocking tone) "Oh, Geoff will keep him in line, it's no big deal." (Rolls eyes) Peter literally just spent an entire ten minutes or however the f*** long it was talking to me like I'm a f***ing child, yet I'm supposed to trust him?! No, ain't gonna happen! I'm only gonna vote with Kane and Craig this round 'cause I have literally no other option. But believe me, I'm not gonna continue to put up with this bulls*** for very long!


We now see a transitional shot of an African Elephant before the footage switches to show Geoff catching up with Peter in the woods.

Geoff (Trying to keep his cool): Remember what I said the other day about limiting your outbursts out here? Geez, I hope they don't turn around and try to target us after that!

Peter (Rolls eyes): Geoff, that boy needed to hear it! I'm sorry, but I'm not about to take crap from millennial snowflakes. It's just not in my nature.

Geoff (Sternly): Well, as I've told you before, there are more of them out here than there are of us. If you want to ast out here for any length of time, you're going to have to bite your tongue at least once in a while.

Peter (Slighly annoyed): Don't scold me, Geoff! As I said, the boy needed to hear it! Furthermore, Kane is clearly on board with the plan, and if his little buddies have brains in their head, Alexandra will be gone.

Geoff pauses for a bit as he tries to figure out the best way to tell Peter what's on his mind.

Geoff (Sighs): Well, I hate to say it, but the two of us are now in a really awkward position in this game.

Peter (Confused): What do you mean?

Geoff: After your outburst, I had to promise to those guys that you and I would stick with them so that Constantine in particular didn't go looking for numbers to get rid of you.

Peter (Scoffs): So?

Geoff: I didn't have the chance to tell you this before you told those guys about your plan to get rid of Alexandra, but... (takes a deep breath) Alexandra's actually working to get numbers to save you and send home Craig, and I told her you'd be on board.

Peter (Annoyed): Why the f*** would you do that, Geoff? Are you really so stupid as to agree to something without asking me first? Now we have to betray somebody!

Geoff (Standing his ground): I agreed because I didn't think the numbers would be there to send Alexandra home over you. So with her promising to get numbers to spare both of us over Craig, why wouldn't I agree?!

Peter: But you should have come to me first before agreeing to such a thing!

Geoff: If I didn't agree right then and there, nothing would have stopped Alexandra from going along with a plan to target you because she knew that the alternative would be her going home! Besides, Alexandra did suggest a possible "Old Person Alliance" just now involving us and Marshall and Leah.

Peter (Shrugs): Well then, why didn't she mention this sooner? (Geoff goes to answer, but Peter stops him) I'm not about to just vote with Alexandra because of a mistake you made. So... that mess is yours to fix, Geoffrey. Also, if she was really serious about this "Old Person Alliance" I'm sure she could have found the time to mention it to us sooner!

Geoff: So... you're not going to entertain Alexandra's plan to spare you over Craig when those other three guys are probably talking all sorts of crap about you as we speak? Also, you're not even going to consider an "Old Person Alliance"?! I mean, that right there could be a saving grace for us!

Peter: Well, I'm not the one that agreed to an alliance with essentially everyone on the damn tribe.

Geoff: Yeah, but if we pick the wrong alliance, you might be going home anyway!

Peter (Rolls eyes): Well then (uses finger quotes) "Mr. Lawyer" which side should we vote with?

I get that Geoff is trying to help me with the social part of the game by sticking up for me whenever I go off on someone, but I did not in any way, shape, or form give him permission to essentially align us with everyone on this damn tribe! Now, no matter what I do, I'm gonna be looked at as an untrustworthy liar because of a mistake he made! Whether I find Geoff to actually be tolerable or not, I'm not about to just let myself take the fall for something he did, that just is not going to happen in any universe! (Crosses arms)


Following a quick shot of a school of fish swimming through the ocean, we are taken to a scene in which Craig and Sky are shown flirting with each other as they lay on the beach. After a short while, the conversation shifts to strategy.

Craig: So gorgeous, what were you thinking of doing for the vote tonight?

Sky (Playing dumb): I really dunno. Did you have anything in mind?

Craig: Well, oddly enough Peter and Geoff actually approached Constantine, Kane, and myself about half an hour/45 minutes ago.

Sky (Raises an eyebrow): And?

Craig: Those mad bastards actually seem to want Alexandra gone. (Chuckles)

Sky giggles awkwardly, although her heart sinks at the mention of her ally, Alexandra, being a target.

Sky: So... what do you think about that? I mean, Peter's an ass, and I was on the puzzle with both of 'em. She didn't do any worse in the challenge than him, or the rest of us for that matter.

Craig (Giggles): Yeah, I figured as much. But I was still thinking of sending her home anyway.

Sky (Worried): Why is that?

Craig: I mean, we could always get Peter out at the very next vote. Besides, Constantine and Kane would be loyal for sure, and with you by my side, we could totally take full control of the tribe by getting Alexandra out!

Sky: Peter is just... an absolutely awful human being though! I'm not sure how much longer I, or some of the other girls for that matter, can continue living with him!

Craig (Dismissive): I'm sure we'll all survive another three days with Peter before we get rid of him. Right now though is the perfect chance for you and I to take control of this game by sending the old lady home. From here, we can ride that wave to the end, easy!

Sky (Awkwardly): Yeah... I guess so.

Craig (Confident): It's not "I guess so" because we totally will! (Giggles) Constantine and Kane even think I'm totally, 100% with them at this point, but obviously you are my number one! I hate Peter too, but let's use him for what he's good for right now, merely a vote. Then, we get rid of him once he becomes disposable, sound good?

Sky (Forcing a nod): Yeah, it really does.

Craig (Smiling): Great! So it looks like our decision is made! Thanks for this quick little chat.

Sky: No problem. As long as we get rid of Peter soon, I guess.

Craig: As I said, I hate Peter too, so it will totally happen!

Talking strategy with Sky makes one thing super obvious to me, the girl is mostly going to play this game off of one thing, her feelings. Obviously she doesn't like Peter, or the fact that Alexandra is going home tonight. But, as soon as I assured her that Peter's going home soon, she got right on board with what I'm saying. Yeah, she didn't contribute much to the conversation, but to me, that just shows that she's not a strategic player and that she just doesn't know much about this game, which is just fantastic for me because it'll just make it that much easier for me to continue using her vote to my advantage out here. (Grinning from ear to ear)


Upon returning from Craig's confessional, we see that he and Sky have resumed flirting with each other. However, it is clear by the expression on Sky's face that she now has a lot more running through her mind as she has suddenly grown extremely worried about the vote.

I was really surprised with what Craig was saying when he chose to talk strategy with me. Not because I didn't expect it to come up, but because I was really shocked that Alexandra seems to be the other target and not Peter! So all of a sudden, I'm really torn because two of the people I'm very close to out here are the targets! On one hand, I'd like to go with Craig because our connection is more personal, but also because I don't see him betraying me. However, with Alexandra and the other girls, I've made an actual promise to go to the final five with them. My hope was to convince at least one of them to go after Peter so I wouldn't have to betray anyone. But now, I have no idea what to do because they both seem so confident that the other will go home... and that I will help them do it! (Bites lip nervously)


As the time for this very first Tribal council of the season to commence draws closer, we are taken to a conversation between Cassy and Sky in a secluded area of the camp. Sky in particular appears to be extremely nervous.

Sky (Hopeful): Have you heard anything new about the vote?

Cassy (Rolls eyes): Nope. Alexandra still won't stop with this "get rid of Craig" BS. Why?

Sky: Well... I just had a talk with Craig and... (sighs) the guys are voting for Alexandra.

Cassy (Eyes go wide): What?!

Sky: You heard me right. Craig seemed pretty confident about it too, which tells me that he thinks Geoff and Peter are on his side.

Cassy: So, either Craig is a cocky douche-bag, or Peter and Geoff are already playing both sides... neither of which we can really rule out.

Sky: I know! This just really sucks for me as well because since Craig thinks we're tight, he won't betray me. But at the same time, we have this alliance with Alexandra and the other girls!

Cassy (Nodding): I know. In a perfect world, Peter would be gone. But since we're not actually aligned with Craig, we might have to just go with Alex.

Sky (Awkwardly): Well...

Cassy: You didn't actually make an official alliance with Craig, did you?

Sky: Well... kinda. I promised I wouldn't vote him out, but it was just the two of us.

Cassy (Face-palms): You've got to be kidding me!

Sky (Apologetic): I'm sorry, Cass! I made that promise before I knew Alexandra would push to get rid of him the first vote!

Cassy: So, how do you suggest we fix this then without betraying somebody?

Sky: Well... you said that Peter might be playing both sides, right? Do you think we might be able to use that to get him out?

Cassy (Shakes head): I dunno. It's almost time for Tribal, so I'm really not sure we'd have the time to get the numbers.

Sky: So who do you think would be better to go with, then? Both sides think they have the numbers, so if we pick one of them, how do we know we'll vote in the majority?

Cassy: Well, at least if we vote with the girls, we can be pretty sure the vote will at least tie. But then again, I'm not doing rocks on the first vote, and Alexandra is playing awfully hard right now even though she has a solid alliance for some reason. So, I have my doubts if we can really trust her long term.

Sky: Well... umm... what if we try to turn the vote on Peter? Maybe we'll get lucky.

Cassy (Puts hand on hips): I want Peter out too, but I think it's too late at this point to get the numbers. We could always try, I guess. But I think we'll be forced to commit to a specific side and hope Peter and Geoff don't f*** us over.

So Sky comes to me all panicky about the fact that the guys are voting Alexandra, meaning that two people she's made promises to stick with are the targets. Now suddenly, she wants to try and renew talks of getting Peter out so we don't have to pick a side. I'd love to get Peter out tonight, but the fact is that it might be too late to turn the numbers on him again. So, it might be best for my game to just vote Craig with the other girls because I have no deal with him. Then again, Alexandra is quite weak in challenges, and she is obviously playing quite hard very early on in the game, which makes me wonder if I can even trust her. So, it absolutely is not an easy decision right now because I need to stick with Sky on this one since she clearly trusts me more than anyone else out here. (Shrugs) At the end of the day though, I need to do what will put me in the best position going forward in this game.


As the camera fades out of Cassy's confessional, we see the ten members of the Sena tribe packing their bags before heading out towards their very first Tribal Council in a singe-file line with Peter leading the way.

Tribal Council

The ten members of the Sena tribe can now be seen entering Tribal Council through the darkness as Jeff Probst stands by his seat ready to greet them. Once they have all entered and are standing behind the centre fire, Jeff begins to recite his traditional speech.

Jeff Probst: Behind each of you is a torch, go ahead and grab one and approach the flame, dip it in and get fire.

The castaways then follow this instruction as Jeff continues.

Jeff Probst: This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life. As long as you have fire, you're still in the game. Once your fire is gone, so are you, and that will be the case for one of you here tonight.

The castaways are now shown placing their torches in the slots behind the stools and then sitting down as the camera slowly pans back over to Jeff, showing us the faces of each of the Sena tribe members.

Jeff Probst: Welcome to Tribal Council, obviously this is not a place you guys want to be at. Let's go back to the very beginning of this game, day one. Cassy, what was your immediate reaction upon getting to camp and realizing that all 20 of you were there and were tasked with building one big shelter?

Cassy: I was surprised, that's for sure! Ya' know... I can't imagine any of us expecting a twist like that, to be totally honest with you. But I guess it was nice in the sense that we got to become a bit familiar with the people on the other tribe in a sense, although I would've liked to be on the tribe that won the big shelter. (Giggles)

Jeff Probst: That's fair enough, for sure. Craig, what was it like for you to be lieving with the other tribe for that first day and a bit?

Craig: It was interesting, that's for sure. It definitely gives you an opportunity to build connections with people on the other tribe that you could use to further your own game in the future. (Geoff raises an eyebrow) It also gives you the chance to see who on the other tribe might be untrustworthy snakes as well.

Jeff Probst: So Geoff, what are your thoughts on what Craig just mentioned?

Geoff: Craig is absolutely right about building connections with people on the other tribe, which could definitely be useful. But I do think you have to be careful about that because too many connections with the other side might work against you because people could be assuming you might flip. So, I see it as a double-edged sword, for sure.

Jeff Probst: So Tori, looking at this group of people sitting here. How do you think everyone gets along?

Tori: I'm not gonna lie, Jeff. Some of us clearly get along much better than others. I'm not going to say that it's total harmony, because it certainly isn't. But I think that for the most part the people here are nice.

(Peter rolls his eyes and shakes his head in response to Tori's answer)

Jeff Probst: Peter, big reaction from you on that. Do you not agree with Tori?

(As Peter answers, Geoff has his face in his hands)

Peter: I think that some people on this tribe are okay. But at the same time, there's a good number of 'em, and they know who they are, that need to learn the virtue of respect.

(Constantine shakes his head and mutters the words "As do you" under his breath)

Jeff Probst: Constantine, what do you think about Peter saying that a good number of people on this tribe need to learn respect.

Constantine (Shrugs): If that's the case, I think he needs to look in the mirror, to tell you the truth. I've shown him, and everyone else, the exact same about of respect out here that they've shown me. If you wanna have a conversation like adults, I'll have a conversation like adults. If you want to talk to me like I'm still in diapers, I'm not going to respond kindly to that, nor should I have to.

Peter: Well, maybe I wouldn't have to talk to people like they're in diapers if they didn't act like it.

Constantine (Angry): What the heck is that supposed to mean?

Peter: Well, you were the one pouting about us losing the first challenge.

Constantine: I was frustrated that we lost, dude! Also, I didn't storm down to the beach until you brought my parents into the argument, so don't twist things around on everyone! Respect goes both ways, Peter!

Tori (Chiming in): I did make sure to mention that it wasn't total harmony.

Most of the castaways, except for Peter, share a short chuckle at Tori's comment.

Craig: Thank you Captain Obvious.

Jeff Probst: So Alexandra. When you have two people here, like Constantine and Peter, that clearly don't get along with each other, does that factor at all into the way you cast your vote tonight?

Alexandra: I think you'd be a fool to not at least consider it somewhat because at the end of the day, most of these challenges come down to teamwork. So when you have two people that clearly don't like each other, absolutely it could hurt us in challenges. Is that the only thing I'm basing my vote on though... no.

Jeff Probst (Probing): So, what exactly are you basing your vote on, Alexandra?

Alexandra: I think that at the end of the day, we need to take all three of these past days into account from performances at the challenge to who may have connections on the other tribe that could benefit us, or inversely, hurt us going forward.

Jeff Probst: So Kane, what goes through your head when it comes to how you cast your vote tonight?

Kane: I think that as Alexandra said, you need to take everything that's happened in the past three days into account, on top of the obvious reasons being challenges themselves and keeping the tribe strong. It's not an easy decision for sure, but since we're here, it kind of has to be done.

Jeff Probst: You are absolutely right Kane, that decision does have to be made. It'll certainly be interesting to see how things turn out for you guys here tonight. But, it is time to vote. Francine, you're up.

Francine now stands up and makes her way to the voting podium. Once she takes the cap off of the pen, the camera fades out. Francine is followed to the podium by the remaining nine castaways in this order: Tori, Craig, Constantine, Peter, Alexandra, Kane, Geoff, Cassy, and finally Sky. No voting confessionals are shown. Once Sky places the lid back on the urn after finalizing her vote, she returns to her seat with her tribe, and the camera returns to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff leaves to fetch the urn. Once he returns, he addresses the castaways.

Jeff Probst: If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Various shots of the tribe are shown, with the camera lingering on the faces of Craig and Alexandra. Seeing as though no idol is being played, Jeff continues.

Jeff Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff opens up the urn and pulls out the first vote.

Jeff Probst: First vote...


Craig's eyes go wide as he is surprised to see a vote against him. As he mutters the word "Wow" to himself, Tori can't help but giggle.

Alexandra That's 1 vote Craig, 1 vote Alexandra.

Alexandra simply nods as she figured she might get votes.


Alexandra nods again, although she does get more nervous.

Alex That's 3 votes Alexandra, 1 vote Craig.


Craig again appears surprised at the vote against him.

Craig We're tied again. 3 votes Alexandra, 3 votes Craig.

Craig shakes his head mouthing the word "Geez" to himself.

Craig That's 4 votes Craig, 3 votes Alexandra.

Craig That's 5 votes Craig, 3 votes Alexandra.

Craig is utterly shocked at this point, mouthing the words "What the f***?" Kane and Constantine both appear confused as the former appears to be counting on his fingers trying to account for the votes.

First person voted out of Survivor: Mozambique...


Jeff Probst: Craig, that's six, that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Craig simply sits in his seat with a blank stare on his face as #Blindside flashes in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Constantine and Kane both appear equally as confused, with the former appearing more angry with each passing moment. Tori, Francine, and Alexandra can't help but smile as Sky appears as though she's about to cry.

Craig (Shakes head): Wow guys.. wow! You really got me there. Can't believe how many snakes are out here within only three freaking days!

After saying this, Craig glares at Sky for another couple of moments, which just makes her appear more guilty. Craig then gets his torch as Constantine mutters to himself "You've got to be f***ing kidding me." Peter has a confident smirk on his face as Geoff appears to be praying that he and Peter made the right decision. We then see Craig place his torch in the holder in front of Jeff before turning to face the remaining castaways.

Craig (Spiteful): Don't trust Brendyn on the other tribe, guys! Dude is quite sneaky! Don't trust Sky, Peter, and Geoff either, apparently.

Tears can now be seen trickling down Sky's cheeks as Cassy takes her hand, appearing to console her. We then see Jeff with the snuffer in hand, ready to utter his famous catchphrase for the first time this season.

Jeff Probst: Craig, the tribe has spoken.

Craig rolls his eyes as Jeff places the snuffer on top of his torch, extinguishing the flame. As he takes it off, we can see a puff of smoke rising from the torch where Craig's flame once was.

Jeff Probst: It's time for you to go.

Craig turns to face his former tribe one last time.

Craig: Remember what I said guys! Brendyn, Sky, Peter, Geoff, don't trust them!

Craig now marches out of the Tribal Council area, and heads off into the night.

Jeff Probst: Well, after what appears to be a pretty big blindside, I think that the anger Craig displayed there makes one thing very clear. If there's one thing you guys don't have any of, it's harmony. For coming to Tribal Council though, there is one thing you guys will receive. Fire in the form of flint.

Jeff tosses the flint towards the Sena tribe and it is caught by Tori.

Jeff Probst: Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night.

The outro music plays as the remaining 9 members of the Sena tribe grab their bags and their torches, then make their way back towards their camp.

Tribal Council 1:
Craig Saad
Craig (7 votes)
Alexandra McKeeCassy LeightonFrancine HarringtonGeoff Allison
Peter YeSky NunezTori Axelson
Alexandra, Cassy, Francine, Geoff, Peter, Sky, Tori
Alexandra McKee
Alexandra (3 votes)
Constantine VasylenkoCraig SaadKane O'Neill
Constantine, Craig, Kane
Craig SaadBW
Craig Saad

Final Words

I'm royally pissed, man! There's legit no other way to put it! I dunno if these people just got jealous of me, or what, but I should not be the first one sitting here! I feel... humiliated right now, to be totally honest with you. I got screwed over by a bunch of people for no good reason, and Sky, who I was likely gonna drag to the end, was the final nail in my coffin! It's just so utterly despicable, especially when you take into account that some snake on the other tribe coerced me into recalling a tragic story I wasn't comfortable telling! Ugh! Maybe there's some life lesson in all of this, but I gotta say, in this moment, I regret coming out here. That's the honest truth.

–Craig Saad

Next Time on Survivor

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Constantine Vasylenko
Craig SaadBW
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Kane O'Neill
Peter Ye
Sky Nunez
Tori Axelson

Author's Notes

The episode title was said by Irene Xing as she talked about her first impression of Tesla Van Mol and the outfit she was wearing.

I made the decision to have the holder of the Steal a Jury Vote advantage will it to another castaway if they get voted out after reading comments regarding people's thoughts on the advantage as I was writing Uruguay.

  • The reason I introduced the twist in Uruguay was because it was an excuse for people to vote out Raina Pelly at the final 7, and also because I wanted to see how people reacted to the advantage as I was considering using it this season.
  • The positive response to the advantage is what confirmed my decision to use it this season, and people's comments influenced my choice as to how I would exactly format the advantage. So, thank you to those who comment on my stuff, it does mean a lot to me.

The word "evangelize" (as referred to by Marshall during his conversation with Allan, Jimmy, and Ricki when Marshall said that this game "is not an evangelical mission") means either "convert or seek to convert to Christianity" or "to preach the Christian gospel."