Quinlan Soler
Contestant Profile
Birth Date February 29, 1976 (1976-02-29) (age 42)
Hometown Berkley, Michigan
Occupation P.E. Teacher

Survivor: Battle of the Ages

Tribes Suvorov
► Atiu
► Suvorov
Placement 6/16
Alliances Suvorov Six
Atiu Alliance (affiliated)
Challenges Won 10
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 33
Quinlan Soler is a contestant on Survivor: Battle of the Ages. He placed 6th.


Name (Age): Quinlan Soler (36)
Tribe Designation: Suvorov, Atiu, Pamati
Current Residence: Berkley, Michigan
Occupation: Physical Education Teacher
Personal Claim to Fame: I'd rather not talk about it.
Hobbies: Manipulating, Cards, Soccer
Pet Peeves: Annoying People
3 Words to Describe You: Manipulative, Muscular, Gambler
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I could really care less which Survivor contestant I'm like.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To get the money for the PE department.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I'm skilled at the art of manipulation.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: They'll be so wrapped around my finger, they'll give me the money.

Survivor: Battle of the Ages

Voting History

Quinlan's Voting History
Episode Quinlan's
Voted Against
1 Suvorov Tribe Immune
2 Suvorov Tribe Immune
3 Suvorov Tribe Immune
4 Shanika -
5 Yorick -
6 Atiu Tribe Immune
7 Suvorov Tribe Immune
8 Marquis -
9 Ulrich Ulrich
10 Erick Individual Immunity
11 Kamryn Astor, Garnet,
Genette, Kamryn
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor


Returning home, Quinlan became somewhat of a pseudo-celebrity among the students. The district he previously worked at decided to move him to a new district, so the students wouldn't be distracted by him.



  • Quinlan is the first fanon castaway to voluntarily switch tribes twice.