Rachel Hudson
Rachel Hudson
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 18, 1992 (1992-12-18) (age 25)
Hometown Tampa, FL
Occupation Hairstylist

Survivor: Caucasus

Tribes Rioni
Placement 14/20
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 17

Rachel Hudson was a contestant on Survivor: Caucasus.


Rachel Hudson, a young Hairstylist from Tampa, Florida, was always praised for her kindness, hospitality, and generosity as a child. Even after receiving her cosmetology license, and becoming a hairstylist, she also volunteers for several charities. She believes that she doesn't have the cut-throat edge needed to make it far, but knows that if she wants to win, she'll have to draw it out.

Survivor: Caucasus

On the first day, Rachel was assigned to the Rioni tribe, but it didn't go very well as fellow tribemates Hazel Quezada and Heather Villegas began to argue over shelter arrangements. The next day, Rachel, Yessica Chang and Gerardo Guzman were approached by Hazel into forming an alliance solely for the elimination of Heather.

After her tribe lost their first Immunity Challenge, Rachel and the rest of her alliance, with the exception of Hazel, were convinced by Winston Grant that Max Fisher needed to go due to his poor challenge performance. They eventually got their way as Max was unanimously voted out on Day 6.

With her tribe's immunity loss on Day 8, her alliance was set on eliminating Heather, and just need alliance outsiders Agatha Christenson and Martin Bowell to pull it off. Unfortunately, they both chose to side with the opposite alliance and Hazel was voted off instead.

On Day 13, both tribe's were shocked about the upcoming double Tribal Council and things looked bleak for Rachel and her alliance. Fortunately, Yessica was able to come up with a plan that would possibly keep all them safe.

Yessica's plan is really confusing, but what I was able to understand was that we pretend we have the idol, one of us flips to their side, they split the votes at Tribal Council thinking one of the other two will play it, we try to get either Martin or Agatha to vote with us, and then one of them goes.


At Tribal Council, Rachel received votes from Agatha and Martin, but the vote ended in a tie between Winston and Gerardo. At the revote, Agatha and Martin switched sides, eliminating Winston from the game and keeping Rachel's alliance safe for another day. However, the happiness didn't last long as there was a tribe switch immediately after Tribal Council, and to everyone's surprise, the new tribes ended up being all-male and all-women. Rachel lost her ally Gerardo, but she and Yessica tried to make the best of things by being welcoming to new arrivals, Amy Corazon, Lauren Faas, and Samantha Marino.

In the early morning of Day 16, Rachel surprised everyone with a breakfast feast.

This was just a gesture of good will towards my new tribemates since they weren't able to get the best welcome yesterday. We can't win challenges if everyone's not happy!


After her tribe lost the Immunity Challenge, everyone seemed set on voting out the unliked Heather, but much to everyone's shock and horror, she ended up pulling out an idol at Tribal Council, negating all six votes against her and leaving her vote as the deciding factor. Rachel became the unfortunate victim as Heather deemed her too likable and nice to be allowed to go any farther.

Voting History

Rachel's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Rioni Tribe Immune
2 Max -
3 Heather -
4 Rioni Tribe Immune
5 Winston;
Agatha, Martin
6 Heather Heather
Voted Off, Day 17

^1 In She Can't Blame It On The Alcohol, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Gerardo and Winston, forcing a revote, where the only eligible for elimination were Gerardo and Winston. At the revote, Rachel still voted for Winston.


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  • She's based off Rachel Berry from FOX's hit musical comedy, Glee.
    • Rachel's surname comes from Rachel Berry's love interest and ex-fiancee, Finn Hudson.
  • Rachel was the youngest female on the Rioni tribe.
  • Rachel's Luxury Item was a Hairbrush.
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