Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Contestant Profile
Birth Date November 20, 1986
Hometown Hower Creek, AL
Occupation Hairdresser

Survivor: Malaysian Islands

Tribes Minat
Placement 15/16
Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 6

Rebecca Johnson is a contestant from Survivor: Malaysian Islands.


Name (Age): Rebecca Johnson (28)
Tribe Designation: Minat
Current Residence: Hower Creek, AL
Occupation: Hairdresser
Personal Claim to Fame: Being on Survivor. We always watched on TV and my father said 'Why don't you try out?', well, I am here. Let's hope it's gonna be good.
Inspiration in Life: Everything good that happens to me inspires me to keep moving on. I am just a positive strong girl that you don't want to mess with!
Hobbies: Make-Up, Hair, Cooking
Pet Peeves: I hate when people take something from you without asking.
3 Words to Describe You: Feisty, Loud, Outgoing
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are the Most Like: I think that I will be like Alicia from Australia. I will state my opinion when I have to and argue with you if it makes you feel better about yourself..
Reason to Being on Survivor: I am a super fan. I hope to have the time of my life here.

Survivor: Malaysian Islands

Rebecca became her journey as one of the members of the red tribe, Minat, picked by its oldest member, John. Rebecca played an under-the-radar game as she tried to make genuine relationships with her rivals, such as Colton, Martin or Courtenay. In the first few days, Rebecca had some defficulties with John as she disliked his attempts to rule the tribe. Day 5, John threw Rebecca's jacket into the fire as the two argued a lot in one of the biggest arguments in the history of the show. Rebecca's tribe then lost the immunity challenge and went to Tribal Council. Rebecca tried to get votes against John but she was, in the end, blindsided by Martin in a vote of 3-2-2-1.

Voting History

Rebecca's Voting History
Episode Rebecca's
Voted Against
1 Rebecca's Tribe Immune
2 John John, Martin, Parke
Voted Off, Day 6


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