Regan Lanton
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 5/21/1990
Died N/A
Hometown Tampa, FL
Occupation Fashion Student

Survivor: Guadeloupe

Tribes Goyaves
Placement 6/20
Alliances Sweetheart Alliance
Challenges Won 6
Days Lasted 36

Regan Lanton is a contestant from Survivor: Guadeloupe. Regarded as Guadeloupe's main villain, she is most remembered for her hateful attitude, nasty behavior, and for being founder of the Sweetheart Alliance, which dominated pre-merge but left her just barely surviving post-merge.


Name (Age): Regan Lanton (23)

Tribe Designation: Goyaves

Current Residence: Tampa, FL

Occupation: Fashion Student

Personal Claim to Fame: Being here.

Inspiration in Life: My mom. Former beauty queen, had a ton of boyfriends before she finally settled on a husband that later produced me.

Hobbies: Flirting, dancing, laughing.

Pet Peeves: People who think that they're better than me.

3 Words to Describe You: Flirtatious, crafty, seductive.

If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? Matches, sleeping bag, and toothbrush.

Contestant You Are Most Like: Parvati Shallow, obviously. She was a huge flirt in Cook Islands, and in Micronesia, she had that Couples Alliance premerge.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: Um, the money. All those people who "don't care about the money" are a bunch of liars.

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I'm able to seduce men into doing my dirty work.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I can flirt my way to the end.

Survivor: Guadeloupe

Regan began the game by trying to flirt with the younger men (Brenden, Harvey, and Rodger) to ensure her safety. When Rodger got annoyed by her and told her to leave him alone, Regan pulled in Ida and vowed revenge on Rodger for "humiliating" her. When Goyaves lost the first challenge, it was the Sweetheart Alliance (consisting of Regan, Harvey, Brenden, and Ida) against The Remainders (consisting of Rodger, Joel, Chloe, and Louie), with Abbie and Holly stuck in the middle. Ultimately, Louie was voted out, making Regan's alliance the majority alliance of Goyaves.

After the vote, Regan found a Hidden Immunity Idol, and showed only Ida, Brenden, and Harvey, not Holly or Abbie. After the second challenge, Goyaves lost miserably, and Regan wanted to vote out Joel. Rodger convinced her to vote for Chloe instead. Goyaves won the next challenge.

On Day 12, a double Tribal Council occurred. Unbeknownst to Regan, Ida was wavering with her loyalty. She spilled to Rodger that Regan had an immunity idol. When Joel blurted it out at Tribal Council, Regan got mad at Ida, and Holly and Abbie got mad at Regan for not telling them about the idol. Afterwards, even after Ida begged Regan for forgiveness, Regan still gave her the cold shoulder, and the Sweetheart Alliance was decimated into three (Regan, Brenden, and Harvey).

In order to gain the majority, Regan used her idol as leverage. She blackmailed Abbie, saying that if she didn't vote the way Regan wanted her to, then Regan would play her idol and send Abbie home. Abbie mutinied from the tribe out of fear, and Goyaves won the remainder of the challenges after. When the merge came, Regan immediately aligned herself with Dallas, who tried to get Taylor and Beth to align with Regan as well. when the two women refused, Regan asked Dallas to play his idol on her, and they voted out Beth.

After that, when she failed to win immunity again, Regan played her idol. However, she only negated Adam's vote, as his alliance chose to blindside him instead of voting out Regan. After that Tribal, Brenden began playing both sides, though his true loyalties were to Regan. Harvey got eliminated via Holly's Auction prize, leaving only Regan, Dallas, and Brenden left. However, Brenden convinced the whole tribe to vote out Ida, saving Regan another few days.

The rest of the tribe, except for Dallas and Regan, were mad that Brenden had played them. After he failed to win immunity, The Anti-Sweethearts voted for him to leave, even though Regan was vulnerable. With only Dallas and Regan left, their only hope was to turn The Anti-Sweethearts aganst each other. Regan won immunity on Day 35, and Dallas and Regan almost succeeded in voting off Taylor. Holly voted for Taylor along with Dallas and Regan, but Abbie, Rodger, Luke, and Taylor voted for Dallas, leaving Regan without any ally.

Regan attempted to turn the alliance against each other again. She planned to pretend she had a Hidden Immunity Idol. Using this, she asked Holly to vote for Taylor, and tried to convince the rest of The Anti-Sweethearts to vote for Holly, claiming that Holly was a traitor. However, the alliance of Rodger, Holly, Luke, and Taylor stayed strong, and Regan was eliminated in a 4-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Regan's Voting History
Episode Regan's
Voted Against
1 Louie Chloe, Louie,
Rodger, Joel
2 Chloe Chloe, Rodger
3 Goyaves Tribe Immune
4 Joel Holly, Abbie
5 Goyaves Tribe Immune
6 Goyaves Tribe Immune
7 Goyaves Tribe Immune
8 Beth Taylor, Abbie, Luke, Adam
Rodger, Ida, Holly, Beth
9 Rodger Adam
10 Ida Ida
11 Holly -
12 Taylor Individual Immunity
12 Holly Taylor, Rodger,
Luke, Abbie
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


SurvivorGuadeloupeRegan Regan's avatar in Survivor: Guadeloupe.

Regan GS Regan's grey-scaled image in Survivor: Guadeloupe.

ReganJury Regan's Jury Outfit in Survivor: Guadeloupe.


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