"Rethinking Everything"
Season Survivor: The Jungles of Kenya
Author Wafflefreak
Episode Number 4/10
Episode Chronology
Previous A Second Chance

This is the fourth episode of Survivor: Kenya

Previously On Survivor...

  • Johnathan finds himself in hot water after revealing his true feelings during the previous tribal council. This causes him to volunteer to be kidnapped from his tribe, and ends in his mutiny to Luhya.
  • Brock and Stephen approach Johnathan with the idea of teaming up, and trying to flip Corinne to hold the majority. Johnathan plays it off as if he's interested, but in private reveals he has no interest in actually following through with their plan.
  • Elgon is sent to their second tribal council in a row. Initially it looks as if Shaun's done for, but a last second change of heart by Nessa seals the deal and sends Natally home.


Reward Challenge: Tribal Stomp-ede
One tribe member at a time uses an adjustable seesaw beneath a tower to catapult nine assorted items into a basket atop the tower.
Reward: Baked Goods

Immunity Challenge: Unchained
The tribe members were chained together and had to navigate through an obstacle course. After each station was completed, the tribes must gather a series of keys to unlock sections of a chain, which are blocking the finish line. One member of the tribe retrieved a flying fox which led to the key that unlocked the final gate for the rest of the tribe. First tribe to unlock all the sections of the chain and cross the finish line wins.


Night 9


The sky is cloudy, causing the night to be darker than usual. Monkey's can be heard screaming in the distance, making the mood even more ominous. The Elgon tribe slowly shuffles back into camp, returning from tribal council. It's so dark that Lynsie manages to trip on a tree's root.

Tribal council was rough tonight. You could tell Natally was pissed, and rightfully so. Nobody deserves to be taken out of the game like that.


Before climbing into the shelter, Rachael finds Natally's water shoes on the ground.

Rachael: Wow, she really didn't expect it.

Shaun responds with a face emoting sympathy.

Of course it sucks, and as a person you feel so bad! Game wise though, getting rid of her was really good for mm.


The four remaining members of Elgon huddle into their shelter, and attempt to get some shut eye. With three members less than what they opposing tribe Lubya has, they know they need to bring their A game tomorrow.

You know, I'm really starting to wonder about Lynsie. I'm not sure if she can handle this game. It might be better for her if she goes sooner than later..


Day 10


The castaways have finally made it to the first double digit day. Lynsie is up early, and heads down to the lake to give herself a good scrub. Shaun's attending to the fire, while both Rachael and Nessa sit in the opening of the shelter whispering.

Nessa: I'd hate to say it Rach, but I'm beginning to question her.

Rachael: Lynsie? What, why?

Nessa: Just because (sighs), it's not that I think she'd turn on us. I just don't think she's ready for this game. She's a young girl, and she's struggling with it. I'm just worried when it comes to crunch time that she'll fall through.

Rachael: With the way things are going right now, we don't have any choice but to trust her.

Nessa: She's just so stressed about everything, all the time. She's always paranoid, and questions everything we say and do! It's only going to get harder when we merge, and I want someone with me I know I can rely on.

Rachael: I hear what you're saying, I do, I just don't think we're in a situation to be picky.

Shaun finishes stoking the fire, and walks over to the bag of beans which lays next to the shelter. He fills the pot, and heads back over to the flames to cook.

Rachael: Look, if you feel it's necessary we can talk about this again later. This just isn't a good time right now.

Yes, Lynsie does get stressed out and paranoid easily. But Nessa's constantly over thinking things. (laughs) truthfully they're both exhausting to work with, but I have no other choice!



It's a good morning for the Luhya tribe. Johnathan's cracking jokes, and everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves. Stephen suggests killing one of the three chickens, which everyone within the group supports. Everyone that is, except for Dana. Although she tries to be a team player and keeps her mouth shut.

I knew this moment would come at some point in time, so I'll just zip my lips and suck it up.


Stephen pulls Edward out of the cage, and begins to prepare the meal. Dana wants to avoid the scene of seeing the chicken being harmed and cooked, so she strolls out of camp. To kill some time before she deems it safe to return, she makes Edward a cross out of some twigs and vines. The tribe finishes the delightful morning off with full stomachs, which is a first for them all in the 10 days they've been in the game.

(Rolling her eyes while shaking her head) That woman (Dana) is such a hypocrite. 'Oh, I can't watch you kill my friend!' Yet she has no problem eating him?!


Dana still remains oblivious to Corinne's growing frustration with her. Despite their alliance, Corinne entertains the idea more and more each day of voting her off.

I don't really need Dana. Truth me told, I really like Esther and want to work with her for the long run. Esther's smart, and much like myself, is a secret evil mastermind. I just know it (laughs)! However with Dana in the game, the best I'll ever be is Esther's number two. That's not acceptable. I think if I play my cards just right, I may be able to get rid of Dana without burning any bridges.


Esther: Tree mail!

The group gathers around as Esther reads. It informs them that they'll need to select a tribe representative before heading into the reward challenge. Corinne quickly volunteers herself, to which everyone agrees.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'm all about my own destiny in this game. It's the only way I can ensure I get one step closer to winning the million dollars for my family.


I would have loved to have been the volunteer, but nobody wants to step on Corinne's toes.


Day 11

Reward Challenge

Jeff calls the tribes in.

Luhya enters and takes their place on their orange colored mats. Elgon follows in directly behind.

Jeff Probst: Luhya getting your first look at the new Elgon tribe, Natally voted out at last nights tribal council.

*Does a victory dance*


Jeff Probst: Alright. Before we get to the challenge, both tribes were tasked with picking a representative. Could I have who each tribe picked each join me up here.

Corinne and Nessa step forward.

Jeff Probst: Corinne, Nessa, you both represent the Luhya and Elgon tribes respectively. However for everyone else, that cannot be necessarily said for the rest of you. Drop your buffs.

Everyone's face drops, and an, "oh my god", is mumbled under the breath of multiple individuals.

I have a sinking feeling that my game is about to go out the window.


Jeff throws both women a bag of new tribal buffs.

Jeff Probst: Corinne you will remain a member of Luhya, Nessa you will remain a member of Elgon. In a school yard pick you will one by one choose a castaway who you'd like on your own tribe until each team consists of five people. Once we finish, we'll have an odd man out. Once selection has been completed, I'll explain where we'll go from there.

Corinne and Nessa play rock, paper, sissors, to determine who gets first pick. Corinne wins.

Luhya Tribe: Corinne, Rachael, Stephen, Esther, Dana
Elgon Tribe: Nessa, Dan, Lynsie, Shaun, Brock

Johnathan is left without a tribe.

So, I'm on Luhya now. I'm looking around and all I'm seeing is former Luhya members. Immediately I'm panicking, I feel as if I'm completely (bleep)ed


It sucks to be separated from Stephen, but looking at my new tribe I'm happy.


It's unfortunate we couldn't keep the Girl Power alliance in tact, but I'm happy I at least have Lynsie.


The brand new tribes stand on their mats, while Jeff and Johnathan stand before them. Jeff places his hand on Johnathan's shoulder.

Jeff Probst: Johnathan, don't worry you're not out of this game. Whichever tribe wins reward, will be the tribe you will join and continue this game with. See this challenge is important as you're not just gaining a reward prize, but an extra number in a game that's all about numbers.

It's a sigh of relief, but it still doesn't feel good to be singled out again.


Jeff Probst: In this challenge one tribe member at a time uses an adjustable seesaw beneath a tower to catapult nine assorted items into a basket atop the tower. First tribe to land all nine items in their basket, wins. I suppose you're all curious as to what you're playing for?

The castaways shout, "yes!"

Jeff Probst: Well in addition to having Johnathan join your tribe, you'll win this..

Jeff pulls a blanket off of a basket, revealing that it's full of baked goods.

Jeff Probst: Muffins, cookies, pastries, and much, much more. Definitely worth playing for.




Jeff Probst: Luhya wins reward!




The tribes reassemble on their mats, and Johnathan takes his place on the new Luhya tribe.

Jeff Probst: Congratulations Luhya on your win. As always you'll be tasked with choosing one member from the Elgon tribe you'd like to kidnap. Who would that be?

The Luhya tribe form a huddle and discuss their decision. They decide to kidnap Lynsie.

If Rachael convinces Lynsie to flip, I won't be a happy camper. I'll look at it as betrayal.



The new Luhya tribe, consisting of Rachael, Corinne, Dana, Stephen, Esther, Johnathan and the kidnapped Lynsie, arrive back to camp. Lynsie jokes to Rachael as to how she can give her a tour since she has already spent time previously at Luhya while kidnapped.

I'm so nervous to be here alone, especially with Johnathan. I'm really scared he's harboring some personal vendetta against me. If Lynsie doesn't mutiny, I'm done for.


As of this moment, Johnathan has kept his distance from both Rachael and Lynsie.

The dynamics of the tribe at this moment are weird. You can tell Rachael and Lynsie don't feel comfortable here, which is unfortunate. Johnathan is making it obvious that he doesn't want them here and it's like, come on. Forget your personal feelings, this is their home now too. I don't like that attitude.


Both Rachael and Lynsie decide to go for a walk, and disappear down the trail toward the lake. After awhile Corinne announces that she's going to go join them, as she assumes they have decided to take a swim, and takes off after them.

Esther and Dana are both sitting in the entrance to the shelter, while Stephen and Johnathan stand in front of them. The four discuss the tribe switch up.

Johnathan: You guys don't understand, Rachael needs to go. She needs to. Over at Elgon those girls ran things, and I guarantee at this very moment Rachael's trying to convince Lynsie to flip.

Esther: Rachael can be dealt with later, we can get rid of her easily after we merge. I know you don't like her but she keeps the tribe strong.

Johnathan: Seriously, I'm telling you guys if we keep her it's a mistake.

Esther: If we get rid of her and go into the merge with less numbers, that's a mistake too!

I like Johnathan, I really do. I just feel that he plays this game too much with his emotions as apposed to his brain.


I know I'm not the most physically fit guy in this game, so Esther commenting on keeping tribe strength only worries me that she'd have me in her sights as a target if we had to go to tribal council.


Stephen: Yes, we need tribe strength. But if Johnathan's right about the girls being tight, that does need to be something we look at too.

Esther: Yes, I agree, but I just...

Stephen (Cutting Esther off): Look, we're talking tribal council scenarios before we even have the immunity challenge. This day has been crazy enough, I say we relax and enjoy it. We'll think about this stuff when we have to.

This game is so weird. Two hours ago, I was at the bottom of my tribe. Now I'm not even in anyone's sights. It's crazy, I love it. Everyone's rethinking their game plans, fortunately now I'm in some of them.


Meanwhile, Rachael and Lynsie sit on rocks off to the side of the lake, with their feet in the water. Little do they know, Corinne is in the bushes a few feet back listening to their every word.

Information is currency in this game, the more you have the better off you are. I'll go about getting information any way I have to, in this game I have no shame.


Rachael vents her frustrations to Lynsie about the tribes switching.

Rachael: This is so sickening.

Rachael cuffs her hands over her eyes, almost to conceal a weak moment. As she does this Lynsie rubs her back. Rachael regains composure and raises her hand over her forehead, and continues to rub her hand through her hair.

Rachael: We were literally sitting so pretty over on Elgon.

Lynsie: This isn't the end of it, Rach.

Rachael looks toward Lynsie, and now has visible tears in her eyes.

Trust me, I am very, very upset. Buuuuut, Lynsie is an emotional player, so if I can over play how I feel.. I hope I can get her to do what I want.


Rachael: You don't understand Lynsie, I have no chance here alone. The first time we go to tribal council, I'm going home.

Lynsie: Not necessarily..

Rachael: Yes Necessarily! I need you so bad, please

Lynsie: I... I can't, Rachael.

Rachael: Why not? Of course you can!

Lynsie: If I do, Nessa will look at it as if I'm favoring you over her. She'll never trust me again.

Rachael: Then how am I supposed to feel?

Lynsie: If you feel that doomed, then I won't help you any. If you truly believe your fate is sealed, then you know me flipping will do nothing but send me home too.

Rachael: Look at it this way. If you flip, I have an extra number to bribe people with. It makes it a more sweeter, tempting deal! On top of that, this tribe will stand at 7 people in comparison to Elgon's 4. That's so major entering the merge.

I love Rachael, but the only reason I would ever think about maybe flipping, is the advantage come merge time. The problem is, if I flip, I might not make it to the merge.


I am pleading to this girl with everything I have in me. If she doesn't warm up to it, I don't know what else to do. I knew this game would get hard, but I didn't suspect I'd be in this position, this early on.


Corinne feels she has heard enough, and doesn't want to over due her stay, worrying she could be caught if she stays too long.

I heard my fair share of what I had to. Rachael probably is next to go, however she's vulnerable, therefore if I wanted to mix things up, I could easily use her.



Over at the new Elgon tribe, Nessa, Brock, Dan, and Shaun are all sitting around the fire getting to know one another.

I'm about 50/50 with how I feel about things right now. I mean, it sucks to have the tribe with less numbers, but I think we're stronger. I'm so happy that I got Lynsie, if I was in Rachael's shoes, all alone, I'd be pissed. I don't think she'd mutiny, but Lynsie is also weak minded. If Rachael gets into her ear I will not be happy.


For the first time in this game, I don't know where I stand. It's scary not knowing if you're bottom man on the totem pole.


This is a numbers game, and people grasp for reasons to not be voted off. If I say "Hey, us 3 guys have the numbers over the girls, we should vote them off", I'm hoping they'd go along with it.


Dan is boiling some rice, while Brock is collecting some fire wood.

Trying to ensure all bases are covered, Nessa joins Shaun in the shelter for a little chat. The two whisper back and forth.

Nessa: I think we need to ensure that the original Elgon tribe stays together. We're already in trouble when we merge, so we cannot afford to lose any more numbers. I don't think Rachael stands that great of a chance at the moment, so Lynsie, you, and myself need to solidify something.

Shaun: I'm totally down, I haven't given anybody my loyalty in this game yet, and I'm totally willing to give it to you two.

I'm glad that Nessa approached me, because we do have a potential huge problem looming with the merge coming up.


Nessa: What we need to do is convince both Brock and Dan that they're with us. That way they might flip once we merge.

Shaun: Or what we could do is throw the immunity challenges. Think about it, myself, you, and Lynsie voting against those two. We have the numbers, we can knock them out. Bam, bam, then the former Luhya team will have two less people while we still ensure that former Elgon stay in the game.

Nessa: Oh my god, that's actually brilliant!

Thank you for finally showing up, and playing the game Shaun! He's actually a really smart guy. If we throw these next two challenges, we'll have the votes to take out Brock and Dan.


Shaun: And that right there will eliminate our problem worrying about them voting out Rachael.

Going into the immunity challenge, our plan is farily simple. We want to keep Lynsie, Nessa, Rachael, and myself all in the game. The only way to ensure that is by throwing the challenges. That way we all stay safe, and we can take out players like Brock and Dan. I mean, lets face it, once Luhya loses Rachael's gone.


Day 12

Immunity Challenge

The two tribes shuffle in, and stand on their respective mats.

Jeff Probst: Before we start, Luhya I need to take back Immunity.

Jeff takes the Immunity Idol back from Luhya and places it back on its pedestal.

Jeff Probst: Immunity is back up for grabs. In today's challenge the tribe members will be chained together and have to navigate through an obstacle course. After each station is completed, you must gather a series of keys to unlock sections of a chain, which are blocking the finish line. Then, one member of the tribe will retrieve a flying fox which will lead to the key that unlocks the final gate for the rest of the tribe. First tribe to unlock all the sections of the chain and cross the finish line wins. Now before we get to the challenge, we have one more matter of business to attend to. Lynsie, have you decided to rejoin Elgon, or mutiny and join Luhya?

Lynsie: Well Jeff, I've thought long and hard about this...

That response is enough to bring a look of question on to some of the other castaways faces.

Lynsie: ... and in this moment I think it makes the most sense for me to join Luhya.

At the end of the day, this game is about taking risks. If this pays off, it will do wonders for my post merge game.


Jeff declares the mutiny official, and hands Lynsie her new orange buff.

Everyone is shocked at the announcement, even fellow Luhya members.

I don't know if the girl even told any of us that she was even thinking of swapping!


I was really hoping I had got through to the girl. Inside I feel like jumping up and down, doing cartwheels, everything! But I have to maintain composure. This was a big win for my personal game.


Although most noticeably, is Nessa's expressions, as her face turns from shocked to outraged extremely quick. Lynsie attempts to make eye contact with her, but Nessa refuses to look into her direction.

The fact both of them would risk screwing me like that, tells me these are people I cannot trust. I'm so (bleep)ing mad right now, they're lucky they're on the other tribe!


Nessa swings her arm out to the side, smacking the back of her hand against Shaun's arm. Once he looks into her direction, she looks to him and shakes her head. Thus telling him that the plan to throw the challenge is no longer in effect.

If that's how they're going to play, then I'm not handing them anything!


This changes everything. This just means that I have to regroup, and rethink my strategy.


Jeff Probst: Immunity is back up for grabs! survivors ready? Go!



Jeff Probst: Elgon wins immunity! Luhya, you'll be joining me tonight at tribal council, where one of the seven of you will be leaving this game. Head on out, you have the afternoon to think about it.

The Elgon tribe celebrates their long awaited victory. Nessa is the most overzealous of the four tribe members.

She was so happy to beat us, and she let us know. I have a feeling this whole mutiny thing will spell disaster for the Girl Power alliance.



The Luhya tribe returns to camp, with everyone's spirits at a game low.

What did I do? (Sigh) I mutinied, and now I feel like I have a high chance of leaving.


Esther, Stephen, Corinne, and Dana all walk into the woods together to discuss the upcoming vote.

Rachael: They really don't care about being obvious about it, do they?

Lynsie: That's for sure...

The two names the group discusses are Johnathan and Lynsie, as they are both physical liabilities. Esther is quick to defend Johnathan saying that he won them their last immunity challenge, and that he has no where to turn except for them. Esther elaborates on voting off Lynsie as the best choice by saying she has too many ties with others in the game, and that she is arguably the weaker of the two.

Lynsie is a nice girl, but she has to go. We need strength. Sorry hun, you really shouldn't have mutinied.


Back at camp, Lynsie and Rachael take their second alone to try to come up with possible scenarios as to how they could get someone on their side. Knowing the magic number is four, they would need to flip two people's votes.

If we can't pull something off tonight, we might as well both kiss away the million dollars.


Lynsie suggests that they try to talk to Dana and Esther, as the two are close. Lynsie thinks if they can get one to flip, the other would as well. Rachael wonders if they could use that relationship to get both Stephen and Corinne to flip.

I put Lynsie into this mess, now I need to get her out. I promised her that if she flipped, we could use her number to argue a case to get someone to flip. She came through for me, now I need to come through for her.


The afternoon begins to wind down, and the salvation that Rachael and Lynsie both need, may be closer than they think.

Corinne pulls both Lynsie and Rachael aside into some bushes. The three crouch down to avoid being seen by anyone else.

Corinne: If I told you that as long as you voted as I said, you could both stay, what would you say?

Rachael: What could we say? Yes, yes, yes!

These girls are desperate, which means they're available to be scooped up. If I could get something going with them, I wouldn't have to work with people I can't stand. (Corinne mouthes Dana's name)


Corinne: I'm so serious, this would need to remain under wraps until tribal council.

Lynsie: Corinne, you have our word we will not say anything!

Corinne: Okay, I'm trusting you here. This is a big leap of faith.

Rachael: We know, and trust me we'll give it back to you somehow.

Corinne (mouthing the words to avoid anyone from hearing): Vote. Dana.

Rachael: Ok.

I wasn't even going to question it. If Corinne wants to help us out, I'll do whatever she says.


The three girls seal the deal with a three-way hand shake, and Corinne immediately leaves the scene. Still crouching, Lynsie and Rachael hug and wiggle all around. They silently scream, and celebrate.

I really hope this works, it'll be an amazing upset!


This is good for us, however, it's Corinne. She's already dooped me once during the tribe selection process. She's not to be trusted, and I'm going to be cautious moving forward with her.


Corinne arrives back in camp. She knows her job isn't quite finished yet, she needs a fourth vote to make this work. She knows that Esther will never vote against Dana, and that Johnathan hates both Lynsie and Rachael. Therefore she's left with Stephen.

Stephen arrives back to camp after gathering firewood, and sets down a giant bundle next to the fire. Corinne points to him, and when he notices, she motions with her finger for him to come over. As soon as he does, the two disappear down the trail.

Corinne explains the situation to him, and to her surprise he's hesitant.

Stephen: I don't know, Corinne...

Corinne: What do you mean? Stephen! Those two need to be split up! If we do, we'll have both Rachael and Lynsie on our side. We'll pick off Johnathan next, then use Esther to pick off the two girls. Then Esther! This is our chance to really propel ourselves in this game!

She's trying to sell this pitch to me as if it's so good for the both of us, it'll take us both so far, it'll give us so many moves we could make. Blah, blah, blah. I don't get it? Me and Corinne have never been exceptionally close out here. So why would she come up with this plan for us to concur the game together? It just doesn't add up to me.


Corinne: Stephen, please...

If Stephen doesn't go along with this, then blabs.. I could be done for. He needs to do this, I need him to see the light. My whole game could hinge on how naive this kid is.


Tribal Council

At tribal council, the Luhya tribe discusses the switch up. Rachael says that it's scary, as she knows she's on the outs. While Corinne mentions that the size of their tribe is really felt in their food portions. Jeff asks about friendships that have formed within the group, and everyone points out Rachael and Lynsie. However Corinne mentions how close both Esther and Dana are, no doubt trying to get into Stephen's head for the upcoming vote. Esther defends the two and states they're no closer than anybody else in the game. Jeff asks how big of a factor interpersonal relationships are between the other contestants, when it comes to the vote. Corinne responds by saying it's all a matter of how they fit into your game plan. Jeff then declares it's time for the vote.

Jeff Probst: Esther, you're up first.


Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes..


Jeff Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff Probst: First vote, Dana.

Jeff Probst: Second vote, Dana. That's two votes Dana. </blockquote>

Dana's posture straightens, and she glares in the direction of Lynsie and Rachael.









Jeff flips around the next vote,

Jeff Probst: Lynsie. That's two votes Dana, one vote Lynsie.

Jeff Probst: Lynsie. We're tied, two votes Lynsie, two votes Dana.

Jeff Probst: Lynsie. That's three votes Lynsie, two votes Dana, two votes left.

Dana watches with wide eyes, while Lynsie puts her hands together and head down.

Jeff Probst: Dana.

Dana's jaw drops, knowing that with the third vote cast against her someone had flipped.

Esther looks back and forth trying to figure out who the third vote for Dana was.








Jeff Probst: Third person voted out of Survivor: Kenya, Dana. Dana that's four, that's enough. You need to bring me your torch.

Dana: Wow guys... you really got me.

Dana grabs her torch and belongings, and walks over to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Dana, your tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs her torch, and she leaves the tribal council area. As she disappears into the darkness, she begins to sniffle from holding back her tears.

Tribal Council 4:
Dana (4 votes)
Corinne, Lynsie, Rachael, and Stephen
Lynsie (3 votes)
Dana, Esther, Johnathan

Voting Confessionals

You've done nothing but get under my skin out here, so yes, this is a personal vote. Cya, goodbye.


Unfortunately a duo with numbers is a lot scarier than a duo with nobody at all. I'm sorry.


Good luck with everything, unfortunately this didn't work out for you.


Final Words

This has been an incredible experience. I might not have made it the entire way, but I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I love it. I want to wish good luck to my Luhya tribe, kick some ass out there guys!


Still in the Running


Next Time on Survivor...

  • Feeling blindsided, Esther considers it a wake up call as to how the game is being played.

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