"Revenge of the Nine Outcasts"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 9/14
Episode Chronology
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Revenge of the Nine Outcasts is the ninth episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Reward Chellenge: Touchy Subjects
In a majority rules competition, the tribe would answer questions pertaining to a different subject and castaway. If a castaway was correct and guessed the majority answer, where they would cut another castaway's rope. If all three ropes were cut, the castaway's ragdoll would be burned up, and they would be eliminated. Last player standing would win Reward, and get to choose 2 fellow castaways to join them.
Reward: A nice ride in a helicopter around Tuvalu.
Winner: Xuan

Immunity Challenge: Rollerballs
On a large wooden disk, tribe members must maintain their balance while three balls are placed on the disk. If any ball rolls down to the ground, or they fell off the perch, the player is out of the challenge. Last person standing wins.
Winner: Bobby


Night 24

That night, Yakawae found Cassandra's Idol lying in the shelter. Before anybody could see, he slipped it into his bag. It started to rain. Everybody cuddled up into the shelter. Stephennie made Xuan tell them stories. Yakawae and Kelie started to talk more. They started to become very close. Kelie told Yakawae that she was happy Cassandra was out. Yakawae really started to enjoy being around Kelie.

Day 25

The 7 castaways met Probst for the reward challenge. After answering the questions, all the castaways gathered up.
Question 1: Who do you trust with your life?
Kelie, Yakawae, Yoshirou, and Bobby got to go up. Kelie chopped Yoshirou, Yakawae chopped Stephennie, Yoshirou chopped Kelie, and Bobby chopped Yoshirou.
Question 2: Who will spend the million dollars the fastest?
Answer: Stephennie.
Kelie, Xuan, Yoshirou, and Bobby got it right. Kelie chopped Yoshirou, who was out, so he made his final chop on Kelie. Xuan chopped Raphael, and Bobby chopped Yakawae.
Question 3:
Who is the biggest poseur?
Answer: Raphael
Yakawae, Kelie, Stephennie, and Bobby came up. Yakawae and Kelie both chopped Bobby, Stephennie chopped Raphael, and Bobby chopped Raphael out.
Question 4:
Who is the most likely to accidentally burn your shelter on fire?
Answer: Kelie
Stephennie and Bobby got that answer right. Stephennie chopped Yakawae, and Bobby chopped Xuan.
Question 4:
Who mistakenly thinks they're running this game?
Answer: Raphael
Everybody except Xuan goes up to chop. Kelie chopped Bobby, who made his final chop on Kelie, who were both now out. Yakawae chopped Stephennie, who chopped him back. Yakawae is out.
Question 5: Who would you not invite to a family dinner?
Answer: Bobby
Xuan was the only one who got it right, so Xuan chopped Stephennie one final time. Xuan won reward.

Jeff told Xuan he could pick two people to come on a helicopter ride with him. Xuan picks Yakawae and Kelie.

The three enjoy the nice helicopter ride. Yakawae was telling them what each of the mountain's rock markings looked like. Xuan had the time of his life, as revealed in a confessional.

Day 26

Xuan is in a much better mood after the Reward challenge. He helped a lot more around camp. Stephennie was jealous that Xuan, Kelie, and Yakawae got to go on reward. Raphael suggested to her to vote out Xuan, since he isn't in their alliance and he is so kind. Stephennie thought this was cruel, but she agreed. Raphael talked to Bobby and Yoshirou about their opinions. they both said that that would be a great idea. However, Bobby wanted to get rid of Raphael. Yakawae and Bobby chatted. Yakawae also wanted to eliminate Raphael.

That afternoon, it started to rain. Xuan was singing while they were in the shelter. Yakawae and Kelie were huddling to stay warm. Yoshirou was at the opposite end of the shelter. Raphael decided to talk to him. Raphael said that he wanted Yoshirou to align with him. Yoshirou said yes, but each revealed in a confessional they were lying to each other.

Kelie decided to play in the rain since there was nothing else to do. She hung out with Yakawae until bobby and Stephennie came. Stephennie told them about getting rid of Xuan because he was a threat. Yakawae and Kelie each said no, wanting to get rid of Raphael. Stephennie knew they were happy because of the Reward. She did not want them to follow Xuan because of his act of kindness. Bobby admitted to wanting to vote out Raphael. Kelie liked that idea much better. As they were chatting, Yoshirou came. Yoshirou said hey and wanted to talk to them. He said he wanted to vote out Xuan so then Raphael would feel safe, so then they could vote him out. Stephennie loved the idea, but the other three said they wanted to get rid of him now. they soon became quiet, though, because Raphael came. When Raphael said what was going on, Yoshirou just said he was wanted to come in the rain.

Day 27

That morning, Yakawae climbed a tree to get coconuts. As climbing down, however, he slipped off and landed on his nose, which started to bleed. the medics came and looked at him. They said that his nose was broken. They said if he was extra extra careful, he could stay. After treating it there for a little while, he went back to camp. Kelie made him sit down and rest, but Yakawae insisted to keep getting coconuts. After convincing him to stay put, Bobby went to get coconuts as Xuan followed.

The 7 met at the Immunity Challenge. They got in there stances. Kelie was trying to blow on the balls when they moved. Raphael was the first out followed by Xuan and Yoshirou. Yakawae soon lost balance. Stephennie lost, then Kelie. Bobby won Immunity.

At camp, Xuan wasn't feeling as good because it was raining again. Kelie said they should get rid of Xuan because he wasn't feeling good. Yakawae still thought Raphael. Stephennie and bobby thought they should eliminate Xuan. Xuan told Yakawae and Kelie to get rid of Yoshirou, but they told him to write Raphael's name down. They noticed that Xuan was coughing. Kelie felt very bad. Raphael and Yoshirou were already voting for Xuan, and so were Stephennie and Bobby. They both decided to vote out Xuan because of his coughing. Despite Xuan's vote for Raphael, Xuan was voted out 6-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Xuan (6 votes)
Bobby, Kelie, Raphael, Stephennie, Yakawae, Yoshirou
Raphael (1 vote)
Xuan Hoang

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

"You know, it's nice to be out. I have not been feeling too good lately and I wish all the other castaways good luck. I really hope that Raphael makes it far, he has the brains, but the people I appreciate the most are Kelie and Yakawae."


Still in the Running

Next Time on Survivor: Tuvalu...

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