Reyna Perez
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Contestant Profile
Birth Date November 30, 1987
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Occupation Waitress

Survivor: Japan - Civil War

Tribes Kamikura
► Tokugawa
Placement 7/20
Challenges Won 12
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 33

Reyna Perez is a contestant on UltimateGambit's Survivor fanon Survivor: Japan - Civil War.


Name (age): Reyna Perez, 26

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Waitress

Personal Claim to Fame: I moonlight as an actor in indie films.

Inspiration in Life: My mom. She made a lot of sacrifices to help me get where I am now.

Hobbies: Acting, dancing, watching TV, shopping, and going to the beach.

Pet Peeves: Littering and people mistaking me for a lesbian because of my short hair.

3 Words to Describe You: Devious, awesome, and free-spirited.

If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? A mirror to help me remember what I look like, conditioner to keep my hair from looking to bad, and body wash to keep me smelling nice.

SURVIVOR contestant you are most like: Parvati, without a doubt.

Reason for being on SURVIVOR: Both for the money and the experience.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I probably have a better strategy game than most of the other contestants, and I have a good social game as well.

Survivor: Japan - Civil War

Voting History

Reyna's Voting History
Episode Reyna's
Voted Against
1 Kamakura Tribe Immune
2 Kamakura Tribe Immune
3 Tyler -
4 Kamakura Tribe Immune
5 Katie Katie
6 No Tribal Council
7 Tokugawa Tribe Immune
8 Kyle Individual Immunity
9 Landon -
10 Chuck -
11 Chuck -
12 Emma (2) -
Landon (2) Emma, Kyle, Landon
Phoebe, Shannon
Voted Off, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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