Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Namesake Main river in Western Caucasus
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Alazani
Tribe Status Merged with Alazani on Day 25
Challenge Wins 8
Lowest Placing Member Max Fisher (19/20)
Highest Placing Member Yessica Chang (Winner)

Rioni was a tribe on Survivor: Caucasus.

Early on, intertribal conflict divided the tribe into two warring alliances, but were able to pull it together to win the majority of the pre-tribe swap challenges. After the tribe switch, this tribe became the all-woman tribe.

The name comes from the main river in western Georgia which originates from the Caucasus Mountains. It is also the longest river wholly within the borders of Georgia.



Aaron McCarthyAgatha ChristensonGerardo GuzmanHazel QuezadaHeather Villegas
Martin BowellMax FisherRachel HudsonWinston GrantYessica Chang

Post-Tribe Swap

Tribe History

From the very beginning, conflict emerged within the Rioni tribe when tribemates Hazel and Heather clashed on how and where the shelter would be built. After much arguing, Aaron suggested that they build their own shelters and that the other members get to choose where they would sleep. This immediately created a divide within the tribe but despite their shortcomings, they were able to snatch victory at their first Immunity Challenge, keeping them all away from Tribal Council. The next day, it was revealed that the tribe was still split between two conflicting alliances. Hazel, Gerardo, Yessica, and Rachel on one side, Heather, Aaron, and Winston on the other and with Agatha, Martin, and Max in the middle. However, Rioni were able to beat their rivals once again at the next Reward Challenge. Unfortunately, their two-win streak came to an end when they lost the next Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, Winston approached the rival alliance with the idea of booting Max, who was largely responsible with the tribe loss. They eventually agreed, and Max was sent home in a 9-1 vote.

After returning from the vote, Agatha felt as if she and Martin would have to pick a side soon due to the still lasting divide and tells Martin her thoughts the next day. With winning their third Reward Challenge in a row, Rioni receives another clue to the whereabouts of the Idol only to be taken by Aaron. Despite being unable to find the real Idol, his alliance plans on using the fake Idols they did find to their advantage. The next morning, Hazel wakes up to think about her life back home and then discovers Heather stealing firewood from her alliance's pile and they begin to argue. After their immunity loss, both alliances seek Agatha and Martin's vote. Heather's alliance was able to bribe Agatha with a fake idol, in which she thinks it's the real one and Hazel was voted out in a close 5-4 vote after a heated Tribal Council.

Upon returning back to camp, the alliance of Heather, Aaron, and Winston celebrated their success which lead to an intimate moment betwween Heather and Aaron. The next day, the alliance went looking for the idol once again, but weren't able to find it. Meanwhile, Yessica and her alliance tried to find the reason behind Agatha and Martin's decision to vote out Hazel. Unfortunately, they were unable to get anything, except the fact that Martin votes whoever Agatha tells him to. The tribe later won immunity on Day 12. The next day, Yessica, Gerardo, and Rachel came up with a plan to keep themselves in the game. At the next challenge, the tribe was surprised to hear that both tribes would be voting somebody out. Yessica ended up winning immunity for herself and the reward for her tribe. The next day at Tribal Council, Yessica's plan came into action as Heather and Aaron decided to split the vote between Gerardo and Rachel, expecting for a Hidden Immunity Idol to be played. This caused a tie between Winston and Gerardo. At the revote, Agatha and Martin who were shocked that they weren't told the plan for splitting the vote, turned against their alliance and voted out Winston.

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  • Rioni's symbol is the Caucasian leopard, Panthera pardus ciscaucasica.