"Rise to the Occasion"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 3/15
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This is the third episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

After being defeated by Francesca's Nagar tribe and Tina's Sar Mayee tribe twice in a row, the mood in Jolanda's tribe, Magan, reached in an all-time low. But the other tribes met problems as well. At the Nagar tribe, tensions created when Desiree tries to subjugate Donna to her will, only to be doused with water. At the Sar Mayee tribe, Mirna and Molly were shunned for laziness and spiteful personality respectively. Magan won their first challenge, and chose Molly and Donna to go to Exile Island. In turn, Molly and Donna chose Kendra to join them. On Exile Island, Kendra disclosed that she and Conway might be in trouble because Kyle, Jolanda and Chuck seemed tight. Molly disclosed she was unhappy with her tribe because of their overworking at camp. Donna on the other hand said she felt satisfied by her tribe, despite her displeasure of having Desiree at camp. The three girls decided to make a tribes that exceeds the boundaries of the three tribes. At the Immunity Challenge, the survivors were shocked that only one tribe will win immunity, while the other two will go to Tribal Council to vote of their own. Despite back-to-back immunity losses during the past three days, the Magan tribe made a comeback. Back at Nagar, Desiree retaliated by framing up Donna, under the premise that the latter was being sectretly manipulative. At Sar Mayee, the alliance of five decided to split the vote in case a Hidden Immunity Idol surfaced. At Nagar's Tribal Council, the tribe caught Desiree's lying, and was unanimously voted out. At Sar Mayee's, the alliance of five supposedly made a 3-2 split against Molly, but Patrick mysteriously switched his vote to Mirna, thinking that Molly would be a better opponent at the Final Tribal Council. Seventeen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Matchmaker
Each castaway would receive a box containing four items. The goal was for each survivor to match an item from their box to an item in another castaway's box (regardless if the player he/she asks is from their tribe or from the other two tribes). The tribe scoring the most matches would win.
Reward: An herb garden, spices and a week's worth of rice and coffee for the first placing tribe; while finishing second will win them one of the said items.
Winners (in order of finish): Magan and Sar Mayee
Temptation Reward: A clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol
Consequence: A mystery box that he must bring the next time he goes to Tribal Council.

Immunity Challenge: Survivor Sudoku
One tribe member must guide his/her four blindfolded tribemates to retrieve bundles of coconuts (with numbers painted on them) tied up in numbered trees. Once all coconuts have been collected, the guide must solve a 6x6 sudoku puzzle using the numbered coconuts. First two tribes to finish win immunity.
Winners (in order of finish): Sar Mayee and Nagar


Night 6

After voting out Desiree, Nagar heads back to camp with a sigh of relief. Donna on the other hand starts to become unsure of her tribe. Donna asks her tribemates of her worth. Danny answers that she is amazing, athletic and light-hearted. Nigel remarks that Donna endured her ordeal with Desiree with class and patience. Francesca and Zach cheer Donna up, saying she does need to worry about Tribal Council.

You can't trust these suckers even for one second. Because if they see a sign of weakness in you, they'll pounce at you to a carcass.


At Sar Mayee, while knowing she is trouble if Sar Mayee loses again, Molly decides to sit by the beach and cry about Mirna's elimination. At the shelter, the five-person alliance discuss the mysterious last-minute vote change from Molly to Mirna. Patrick explains that Molly is a best person to take at the final Tribal Council. This revelation receives lukewarm responses from his tribemates, stating that Molly's attitude is a hindrance to the harmony the tribe envisions.

It's just Day 6, and Patrick's thinking about Day 39?! He wants us to keep Molly so he can win easier. Something's fishy is going through Patrick's mind. Because I don't know about it, I have to keep my eye on him.


I have to make it through the merge, but I am basically alone right now. I have to make it there, and to do so, I have to break in to Sar Mayee's alliance, or else, I'm toast.


At Magan, while the tribemates congratulate themselves for a job well done at the previous Immunity Challenge, Conway makes a startling revelation: One member of Nagar, Xavier, was his undergraduate thesis adviser. Conway adds that Xavier was a very harsh and nagging professor, and if it weren't for these traits, he could have graduated on time (instead, he was delayed by one semester). Conway states that he concealed this on purpose because he do not want to be associated with him strategically.

Sir Xavier's my thesis adviser, but I don't want to have anything to do with him. If by any chance we'll be on one tribe, sorry. This is Survivor, not a thesis defense. His frequent nagging was the reason why I almost didn't graduate on time. That would be my sort-of payback time, but not really. It's just that he knows me more than anybody else, and he might use these info against me.

–Conway, on his professor Xavier

Now we won an Immunity Challenge, Nagar and Sar Mayee are probably quaking in their boots already. It is really three tribes battling it out. Now is the time for the Magan tribe to rise to the occasion and take the underdog position and win this game.


Day 7

Morning at Magan, Kendra takes Conway to the woods, and informs him about a budding "three tribes alliance" which would take the merge by storm. While Conway is excited about the idea, he worries that the merge is too far away to think about. Kendra agrees, and asks him if they could tag team to look for Magan's Hidden Immunity Idol. After discreetly spending the whole morning to look for it, their efforts remain futile.

We have this brilliant 3-tribes alliance thing going on, but if it is to be successful, we have to break through this early stage of the game; and the first step is to break through Chuck, Jolanda and Kyle's alliance. Also, we have to send either Molly and/or Donna back to exile so they can explain to Zach and whoever Molly's bringing what we are planning.


At Sar Mayee, Molly wakes up first. Taking the opportunity, Molly starts scouring the woods for the Hidden Immunity Idol. After ten minutes of searching, Molly finds the idol dangling from a tree branch. Molly is about to retrieve the idol by yanking it with a bamboo pole, until Patrick wakes up and runs to the woods to vomit once again. Realizing where the idol is, Molly hides from Patrick and patiently tells herself she would wait for her tribemates to go to sleep tonight before she would make another attempt to take the idol out of the branch.

I know where the idol is, and I can almost taste it. But thanks to Patrick's frequent vomiting, I can't have the right opportunity to get it. I hope to God they don't send me to exile, because it would be the ultimate troll.

–Molly, on seeing the idol, but getting it

At Nagar, Donna pulls Zach aside, informing him about the alliance she made with the other two tribes. She explains that she is in need of another Nagar member to help make a six-person alliance. Ecstatic, Zach gleefully accepts the offer, but is worried of their another good friend, Francesca. Donna answers that they should keep the plan to themselves only and not talk about this often.

We might have to do some serious damage control after this. But, as long as it's not me, I'm fine with it.


After receiving Tree Mail, the three tribes arrive at the challenge area for their next Reward Challenge. Jeff presents an herb garden, spices and breakfast staples coffee, sugar and creamer and a week's supply of rice for the winning team. The second placing tribe will not go back to camp empty-handed, as they would get to pick one from the said items. Nagar and Sar Mayee bench Donna and Molly respectively.

The Magan tribe surges ahead after a long string of correct guesses. Nagar and Sar Mayee soon follow. As the challenge progresses, the castaways find themselves competing for the spirit of fun, not just for creature comforts. In the end, it comes down to Kendra, who gets the winning the last paired items for Magan, winning them their third consecutive challenge. Sar Mayee finishes second after Molly empties her container after pairing her final item to Conway's. The yellow tribe chooses to pick the week's worth of rice. The Magan tribe picks Molly from Sar Mayee and Zach from Nagar and send both of them to Exile Island. While angry at Magan for sending her to exile once again (and ostensibly losing valuable time she could have used in taking the idol out), Molly remembers the plan and chooses Conway to join them.

How could this day be any worse?! I now know where the idol is, but I was sent to exile instead. I am begging to whoever divine is out there, please keep the idol away from those goonies.


At Sar Mayee, the majority alliance bathes at the beach, enjoying the fact that Molly is not at camp. Rashad suddenly belts out a rap, amazing his tribemates. Brittany tries to rap, but fails miserably. After bathing, Rashad continues his comedy stints, from bar room jokes to doing impressions, leaving the tribe in stitches.

Molly's absence really makes a difference to out tribe. Like, we're we would like to see Molly getting banished to Exile Island at every given opportunity.


While the tribe hunts crabs for dinner, Rashad volunteers to collect water. Unknown to them, Rashad is trying to look for the idol. Rashad walks across a large tree, not knowing it was the same tree where the idol is hanged.

At Magan, Chuck tells Kendra and Jolanda to tend the fire with a condescending tone. This causes a verbal confrontation between Jolanda and Chuck, because the latter noticed the former's way of talking to women since their shelter debacle.

Chuck's a jerk. He talks down to women like he's a blessing or something. Bitch please.


At Nagar, Xavier annoys his tribemates by asking them to "work harder" at camp. With their containers already filled, their fire stoked, the Nagar tribe spends the rest of the afternoon scattering themselves around camp: Francesca and Donna talking about US laws, while Danny and Nigel talk sex advice, while bringing up Zach being a virgin. Xavier approaches both groups and nags them to do more chores. Francesca asks Xavier to calm down and relax for a while. Unmoved, Xavier continues working at camp.

I don't care if we are more dominant than the other two tribes. If we don't work at camp, we're going to die out here.


On Exile Island, Molly, Zach and Conway approach the watchtwower shelter, they stumble upon a pedestal with a bag of rocks. Molly explains to them the Temptation Reward. After a draw of rocks, Conway will face temptation. The note read:

Congratulations, survivor! You are about to face temptation. In front of you is a mystery lock box and a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. If you want to increase your chances in finding the idol, you must take both the clue and the box; and you must bring the box the next time you go to Tribal Council, where Jeff will hand you the key to the box. Choose wisely.

–The Temptation Reward note (as read by Conway)

Though Molly knows where Sar Mayee's idol was, she advises to Conway to take the clue. Conway agrees and takes the clue and the box. Zach opens up the topic about the possible Three Tribes Alliance. Molly states that herself, Kendra and Donna made an agreement to bring another tribemate to Exile so they can get some insight of their plan. Molly expounds further that Kendra and Donna intentionally wanted them both to be exiled, though Molly was irked after Kendra sent her back because she was about to get collect the idol, until Patrick ran to the woods and vomited. She says she planned to get the idol by nighttime, but she cannot because she was sent to exile. Conway asks Molly if she already had a tribemate that she could possibly bring to the three tribes alliance. Molly shakes her head, saying that she's the outsider of their tribe.

I am having doubts about this three tribes' alliance thing. Now we have 5 people, but to ensure our victory, Molly has to add another Sar Mayee tribemate to the group. Like, Molly has to integrate with her tribe before she can make friends with others.

–Zach, on Molly

Day 8

After receiving Tree Mail, the three tribes and convene for their fourth Immunity Challenge, which is a Survivor version of sudoku. Molly, Donna and Jolanda are tasked to be the eyes for their tribes, while the others become frontliners. Sar Mayee sits out Patrick due to his weak state, while Nagar benches Xavier.

Nagar earns a lead thanks to Donna, who makes multiple orders. Magan and Sar Mayee are not too far behind. Conway continues to stumble for Magan, putting them far behind. In the end, Molly finishes their sudoku first, winning immunity for Sar Mayee. Battling for second place, Jolanda and Donna race to finish their sudoku. Jolanda calls Jeff, saying she is done, but Jeff tells her she is wrong. Donna calls Jeff next, and it turns out she's correct, winning immunity for Nagar. With only five members left, Magan will have to go back to Tribal Council to reduce their numbers to four.

Day 9

While burdened by their third immunity loss, the paltry tribe of Magan wakes up and does camp chores as usual. Conway goes up to Kendra, telling her that Molly informed him and Zach about the three tribes alliance, and his acceptance of the Temptation Reward. While excited about Conway sharing the clue to the idol to her, Kendra worries that the mystery box might cause some damage in the long run.

Tonight's tribal is a tricky one. For one, I still don't know if Chuck's recent streaks of arrogance are enough to vote him out. Also, Conway accepted this sealed package, which scared me, because for all I know, it might cause more problems to our already-problematic tribe.


Kendra advises Conway to look for the idol while she wards the others off the woods. Kendra takes Jolanda, Chuck and Kyle to middle of the sea for some free diving while Conway tries to decipher the clue. Chuck asks Conway's whereabouts, but Kendra replies that Conway's taking a dump, so he cannot join them. Back at camp, after fifteen minutes of searching, Conway sees the idol hanging from a tree branch. Conway climbs the tree out of desperation and successfully grabs the idol.

Power is within reach! Who says nerds can't play Survivor?


On their way back to camp, Chuck brings up Conway's disastrous performance at the Immunity Challenge. Jolanda states that Conway's weakness is a hindrance for a stronger tribe. Kendra rebuts that it was Conway's first time to blow a challenge. Kyle explains that Conway is their weakest member, and though this has not reflected in previous challenges, his most recent performance proves that he can really blow a challenge for them. As their boat reaches shore, Kendra secretly approaches Conway and tells him that the three are still planning to vote for him. Conway tells her he already found the idol, but he is having qualms of using it.

If I can convince Kyle or Jolanda to vote Chuck out, I don't have to use the idol tonight.


Conway secretly comes up to Kyle, Chuck's closest ally while Kendra goes to Jolanda, to convince them to vote Chuck out, using his misogynistic tendencies. Kyle says he is already set to vote Conway, while the request has left Jolanda thinking.

Actually they have a point why Chuck should go, but we are losing bad, but Chuck has been rude to me and Kendra. What to do, what to do?


At Tribal Council, Conway and Chuck confront each other about the former's physical weakness and the latter's arrogance. Conway accepts the fact that he is not gifted with strength like Chuck, though he says he can compensate by at least knowing how he comes across to people, implying Chuck's apparent lack of self-awareness. Chuck shuns him, stating that he thinks he treats the tribe well. Jolanda and Kendra both express their feelings about Chuck's statement, saying that Chuck has been rude to both of them and does not seem to like the idea of women undermining him. In the end, Conway chooses not to use the idol while Jolanda becomes the important swing vote; and with three votes to two, Chuck is sent home.

But before asking Chuck to leave, Jeff informs the Magan tribe that Conway accepted the Temptation Reward when he was exiled. Though Jeff does not reveal what Conway took as a reward, he tells the tribe that the reward has a consequence; and the consequence lies inside the box that he took in exchange for the reward. Jeff hands the key to Conway and tells him to open the box, revealing the Cursed Idol. This item gives Chuck the power to effectively give one person from his tribe an extra vote the next time he or she goes to Tribal Council. With no hesitation, Chuck hands the Cursed Idol to Conway, before leaving.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Chuck (3 votes)
Conway, Jolanda, & Kendra
Conway (2 votes)
Chuck & Kyle
Chuck Harvard

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Three tribes will become two.
  • With only four members left this early in the game, will Magan foursome survive, or will Magan be long gone before the merge?
  • Will Conway be able to keep the Cursed Idol from his new tribemates?
  • One leaves the game without getting voted out.
  • The Nagar idol will be found.

Author's Notes

  • Magan's losing streak parallels the real Magan tribe's failure as a tribe. In Philippine version's third season, the real-life Magan tribe lost all the Immunity Challenges they competed in, easily dwindling their numbers to three. Many local fans blamed its tribe leader (similar to the Tribe Leaders twist in Survivor: Samoa) for voting the tribe's strongest member the first time they went to Tribal Council. The tribe leader himself got voted out two Tribal Councils later. After his departure, the paltry tribe of three, along with the other two tribes were subjected to a tribe shuffle, with all remaining castaways equally spread to the new Nagar and Sar Mayee tribes.

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