"Rock Bottom"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 5/14
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Rock Bottom is the fifth episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward Challenge: Fire Fighter
One tribe member must race into the ocean to fill a bucket with water. Then they must bring it back and toss it to a tribemate. The bucket must be tossed twice more, and the final tribe member must catch the water itself in another bucket, and use it to fill a jar. The tribes must repeat this until they have enough weight in their jar to lower it to the ground, sending a lit flame up to a fire tower. First tribe to light their fire wins reward.
Reward: A
Survivor picnic aboard a luxurious cruise ship.
Winner: Temotu

Immunity Challenge: Face Lift
Starting with one tribe member at the first station, each tribe is to lift and have a wooden column crash down to where it creates a balance beam for the said member(s) to cross with the next tribe member waiting at the next station. Both tribes are to repeat this process until four members of each tribe are crossing the fourth lifted column, where they are to navigate a handle across a table maze afterwards. At the end of the table maze, the handle will release a large amount of coconuts from a previously sealed container. The last member of each tribe is to use the coconuts as ammunition for a slingshot to knock down five tiki targets. The first tribe to knock all five of their targets down wins immunity.
Winner: Fatutaka

Previously on Survivor...

With their rival tribe Temotu beating them in every aspect of the game, Fatutaka's fortunes worsened with each day that passed. "We're struggling. We can't keep a fire...we don't have enough rations of food to get us through each day...and this is all on top of not winning anything yet. We have to be the worst tribe in Survivor history." To top it all off, Savage's knee had not been improving and prompted Medical to examine it. "Exposing it to bacteria or pressing it against anything could lead to a potentially fatal infection." "I'm on a beach that I've only lived on for nine days! I have no idea what is and what isn't sanitary!" At Temotu, things seemed to be less stressful for its members, including Justin..."Justin, man, he's...he's got his way of doing things." "I was strolling through the jungle and found a bird's nest that had fallen onto the ground. And inside, there were just these little newborn chicks. So now, I'm the self-proclaimed papa bird of the island!"...but some members explored their options in the game. Derek and Jocelyn, already dissatisfied with their position in Troyzan's alliance, looked elsewhere for opportunities. "We've been sitting back waiting for something to happen because we're fine with where we're at...right now. Eventually, it's going to come to the point where we're the next two in line and have no friends to back us up...we need to go make these friends ourselves instead of having them come to us." "So, who would we go to?" "I say Melanie, Amy, Robert...every single one of them." Amy, meanwhile, had been exploring her own options. "I won't vote for you. You have my word on that." "I've always liked Amy since we've been out here, but I like her even more now that we shook hands on an alliance. She isn't writing my name down, and I'm not writing her name down." Back at Fatutaka, Andrew G. and Jordan, already a pair, made it known that they were closer than what had been advertised by cuddling in the shelter...putting Gaby back in a dilemma. "In this game, a twosome is dangerous. Whether it's going to be dangerous to me or somebody else, we'll have to wait and see. But for right now, I'm just going to keep an eye on them." The next morning, the tribe started their routine radio show to get the blood flowing for the upcoming immunity challenge. "This just in...the Fatutaka tribe of six just got tree mail delivered to them! Inside was a riddle to the challenge today, and they will be playing for immunity! Will the tribe that hasn't won anything finally win something?" "I'm pumped about today's challenge. I don't know what it is or why it is, but I think today's the day we turn our luck around." At the challenge, Fatutaka dominated until Derek hit a hot streak for Temotu, who won their fifth consecutive challenge...and left Fatutaka stunned. After the challenge, everything unraveled for Savage. "Whoa, whoa, whoa...what's going on Savage?" "My just flared up out of nowhere." "Bring in Medical." After a brief, but through, examination, Savage's fate in the game was sealed. "So, how is his knee compared to yesterday?" "It's needless to say that it is much worse than it was this time yesterday...this is now something that can't be cured from sitting around and waiting for antibiotics to work. He needs immediate hospitalization." "And that would require you to pull him from the game?" "There's no question." "God...bless it..." With his game over, Savage delivered a rally to his tribemates. "I know you guys will turn this around soon cause I think this tribe is destined to be great. Go out there and show Temotu what we're made of! Make me and, more importantly, yourselves proud." Now down four members and without their unofficial leader, can Fatutaka rebound from the worst of circumstances? Fourteen are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Day 10

The camera pans over the Santa Cruz Islands with hardly any clouds in the sky. It then shifts to ground-level as it focuses on the waves softly hitting the beach. The five members of the decimated Fatutaka are seen solemnly filing back into camp from the challenge with little to no words.

What a day...what a day. We had such high hopes going into today's challenge that we thought nothing was going to stop us...nothing. We were so determined to win, and it showed early on. We built a nice lead over Temotu and, in typical fashion, they got hot when they needed to. So, not only did we lose the challenge, we lost Savage to an infection in his leg. Our returning player, our resource for experience and how to get stuff done...gone...(snaps fingers)...just like that. If this tribe hasn't hit rock bottom already, it's certainly achieved it today. (laughing hopelessly) I just want to win something, y'know?


The tribe of five continues to unpack their belongings as a silence still lingers around camp. Alvin takes a seat by the fire pit and simply stares off into deep thought.

We're beaten up. We aren't eating, we aren't sleeping, and most importantly, we aren't winning. All of that may equal to a disturbingly low morale at camp, but the fight's not out of us yet. We saw how successful this tribe has the potential to be in the challenge today. There was great chemistry, great teamwork, and we all worked our butts off, so we can't let Savage's departure get the best of us. We may have lost, but the potential to succeed is there. We just need a little rally of the troops to get us swiftly back on our feet.


Alvin (to the other four): Hey guys, let's go down to the beach here for a second.

The others look at each other with a hint of confusion on their faces as they follow Alvin down to the shore from camp. Once all five are there, he places his hand in the middle of the circle they've made and asks the others to do the same.

Alvin: Today may have been rough with Savage and everything, but I do know that I liked what I saw in the early stages of the challenge today. I know that we have the potential to succeed and eventually, we're going to break out with a win. We have to believe that. I'm not going to let this get me down, and it shouldn't for you guys either.

Andrew G. (placing his hand in the middle on top of Alvin's): The Fatutaka Five, right here.

Jordan, Chase, and Gaby all follow in with their hands and the Fatutaka Five begin to build excitement and rally around one another.

With what transpired today, Alvin had the right idea to pick us all back up with a little pep rally. (giggles) The five of us have endured these ten hellish days together and have seen our partners fall one by one. With that in mind, we're going to band together and have each other's backs through thick and thin. Today could've been a dagger in the heart of Fatutaka, but we're going to bounce back stronger than ever. We're going to compete, kick butt, and win. It's only a matter of time that bigger and better things come to the Fatutaka beach, and we're going to prove it to Temotu. This lowly little tribe isn't finished just yet!


The five members of Fatutaka raise their hands and cry out "Fatutaka!" in unison.

(intro plays)

Day 11

The camera fades into various shots of wildlife roaming and flying around the jungles within the islands. It then cuts over to the Temotu beach as Mike and Troyzan return with tree mail.

Troyzan (shouting from a distance): Ding, ding, ding! We've got tree mail!

The other seven turn from what they are doing to focus on the mail that is about to be read.

Mike (reading tree mail): Today, you run out and scoop up the ocean. It sounds like such a simple, but don't fall for that notion. Bring it inland and toss its contents to your friend. With each toss, it will hopefully get to the bucket at the end. This challenge is something you surely won't want to lose...cause this prize is a light feast on a cruise.

With the reading of the last sentence, the members of Temotu clamor over the possibility of eating and going on a cruise.

We opened up tree mail today, and it just got all of us going. We read that the winner gets to go feast on a cruise. A cruise! The only kind of cruise I've ever been on is my car doing seventy on cruise control, so this is one I want badly. We have won every single challenge so far, and we ain't stoppin' that streak anytime soon. Definitely not today! Not with what's at stake! Woo! (chuckles)


The camera switches to an overhead shot of one of the islands and then zooms in to the shore, where the tribes' fire towers and buckets are highlighted. The members of Temotu then file in with Fatutaka not far behind. Once Probst finishes going over the challenge, a very low foghorn can be heard off in the distance, which causes everyone to look around.

Probst: Well, I would ask if you wanted to know what you're playing for, but I think you just heard it.

The fourteen remaining castaways smirk as the luxury boat comes into sight. The castaways' smirks turn into ecstasy as Probst explains how the reward will work and then for Temotu's sit-outs.

Probst: Temotu, you are now sitting out four members, keeping in mind that you cannot sit out the same members in back to back challenges. Who's it going to be?

Temotu huddles around with their sit-outs becoming harder to strategize over. They debate internally for a while until Probst notifies them that he needs an answer.

Troyzan (speaking for the tribe): Let's go...myself, Derek, Katherine, Jocelyn.

Now with an answer, Probst directs the sit-outs to the bench and gives the rest a minute to strategize.

Derek (quietly to Troyzan as they walk to the bench): I thought I was competing in this one...

Troyzan: Sorry, man. I'm just thinking about the next immunity. We might need you.

With the contestants having taken their places, the roles are as follows:

Runner/1st Thrower 2nd Thrower 3rd Thrower 4th Thrower Pourer Sit-outs
Andrew G.

Probst then commences the challenge as Andrew G. and Justin dart off into the edge of the ocean with their respective buckets. They carefully rush back with full buckets and begin tossing. Alvin hardly loses any from Andrew G.'s toss, continuing the chemistry between the two, while Justin loses about a third of the water on the toss to Amy. Amy then tosses to Robert, with plenty of contents spilling out. Probst states that there is a learning curve the first couple times. Alvin tosses to Gaby, who drops the bucket entirely but has to toss to Jordan anyway. After the first round of tossing, both Chase and Mike shake out the sparse drops of water into their respective jars. Into the next few rounds of tossing, Temotu starts developing a rhythm between all five of its players. For Fatutaka, Andrew G. and Alvin do as well, but Gaby continues to flounder. With multiple drops and frantic tosses to Jordan, Fatutaka's chances of winning lessen with each round as Chase, trying to be patient, calls out to Gaby with some pointers. Temotu, meanwhile, steadily inches their way to yet another victory, even with Melanie struggling at times. Ultimately, Chase's pointers to Gaby aren't enough as Mike pours the last bit of water into the jar, which causes it to sink and the flame to rise up to the top of the tower. With the fire lit, Temotu wins their sixth straight challenge as the members of Fatutaka solemnly accept defeat once again. Gaby tries apologizing to her tribemates, who do not respond. It cuts to after the challenge, where the two tribes stand on their mats and await Probst's instructions.

Probst: Temotu, congratulations on another win! Grab your stuff and head down to the boat. It'll take you to your picnic.

The nine members of Temotu frolic down to the shore and hop into the speedboat that serves as their method of transportation to their reward. Probst then turns to Fatutaka to bear the same news as they have received the past five challenges.

Probst: it's been at every challenge, I've got nothing for 'ya. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

The five of Fatutaka grab their bags and other belongings and make their way out of the challenge site.

No matter what we do or what the challenge is, we keep losing. Big shocker, I just want to win something. It may be in part that I'm more on the outs than anyone else on this tribe, but I am also tired of losing to Temotu time after time after time. I mean, heck, their B-team killed us today! I'm just over it...losing sucks.


The camera zooms out of the challenge site with, symbolically, the two tribes leaving in different directions. Temotu leaves via speedboat while Fatutaka makes the trek back to camp on foot as it fades to break.

It returns to an overhead shot of the luxury boat floating along in the ocean as the much smaller speedboat bumps across the waves en route to the larger and nicer ship. Once they arrive, the crew helps the nine members of Temotu up onto the ship, where they see the picnic table and all of its contents set up on the deck.

Right when we got to the cruise ship, it was kinda like 'I'm living the good life again!'. There was sandwiches, iced tea, lemonade, brownies...everything you would have at a picnic back home! It's definitely different from scrapping for rice and beans for the past ten days, and it's a change for the better. We get to pig out!


The nine take their seats around the picnic table and begin to immerse themselves into the food. They take delight in the fact that there's actually a custom-made sandwich for each of them instead of nine of the same sandwich. They maneuver the sandwiches around the table to see whose is whose.

That feast, man, it hit the spot. Those sandwiches were made for us specifically just reenergized all of us. We can keep knocking these Fatutaka guys off one by one until we reach the merge cause there's no reason for us not to. We're hands down the better tribe and it's going to take a miracle on their side to actually beat us. We're sitting on cloud nine right now...this is just awesome. Like, I don't think it can get better than this!


The nine members of the orange tribe stuff themselves with their plentiful sandwiches and other picnic items such as iced tea and lemonade, brownies, and potato chips. There is a silence from them savoring the taste of the food.

Jocelyn (smirking with a mouthful of food): Ah, it's so good!

Mike (pointing to his half-eaten sandwich): Man, this is the feast of kings right here.

There was a nice aura around the reward today. It was just the nine of us stuffing our faces in delicious food and...there was no talk about the game at all. Even though it seemed like a retreat, that doesn't mean there isn't a game to be played. For all I know, I've only got Robert with me as any kind of ally, so I still have to play around with how I'm going to get numbers. While it's great that Fatutaka is just dropping like flies, I have to be thinking about what I'm going to do once all of them are gone. If I can get a solid group of five, that being Robert, Justin, Melanie, Derek, and myself for right now, then I'll be in good shape.


Now finished with his sandwich, Mike leans back into his chair and rips out a loud belch, much to the humor of the rest of the tribe.

Justin (chuckling as he high-fives Mike): Nice!

The camera switches over to the members of Fatutaka returning to camp as clouds begin to build up in the background.

Well, another day, another lost challenge. (deeply exhales) Such is the life for Fatutaka. (chuckling) I mean, I feel like a broken record with the frustration and the disappointment that mounts after every loss, but that's what we feel after every challenge! There's not really anything to add or just any details to it. Having said all that, we can't keep letting this bog us down. It's just going to run us into the ground if we do.

–Andrew G.

Chase (chuckles as he sits down by the fire pit): I just want to win something, man. Just something...

Andrew G.: I know, man. We all want to.

Alvin: And we're going to at some point. Like I said yesterday, we've got to have that mindset.

Chase: I know, I know. I'm just...frustrated.

Alvin (chuckling): We all are, man. Trust me, we all are.

The three guys start trying to make a fire while Gaby and Jordan sit in the shelter.

Chase is frustrated, and I completely understand as to why he is, but he announces it way too much. It doesn't have to be a constant reminder that we want to win something. (laughs) Trust me, my man, we all want to! I'm usually a patient person back home but with all of the losing and Chase moping about it, it does wear thin at times.


Using the flint, Alvin gets the fire going, much to the excitement of the other four.

Chase (once the fire is started): Well, with that, what's on the menu today?

Gaby and Jordan look around in the shelter for anything food-wise as Andrew G. looks in the bag of rice, which is mostly depleted.

Jordan (making her hand in the shape of a zero): Nada.

Alvin: So, basically anything we can find then.

Chase (pointing down to the shore): How about that crab down there?

The camera shifts over to the shore as a very petit crab skitters along the sand. It then shifts back up to the shelter.

Alvin (shrugs his shoulders): Worth a shot.

Chase: I'll ready a stick then.

Chase grabs the machete and sharpens an end of a stick lying around the shelter. The camera shifts back to the crab, which has stopped skittering and stands motionless. It then skips over to the crab on the stick and roasting over the fire and then skips again to Chase taking it off the fire.

Chase (taking the cooked crab off the stick): Alright guys, who wants a piece?

Andrew G.: I'm good. I'm actually allergic to it.

Everyone glances over at Andrew G. in a bit of shock.

Alvin: No way you're allergic.

Andrew G. (chuckling): Yep. I promise you I am.

Jordan: So, you're on an island filled with crabs, and you're allergic to them?

Andrew G.: Yep!

Jordan: That's gotta stink, though!

Andrew G.:, not really. I really don't see it as a big deal, even out here.

Gaby: I just don't want you starve!

Andrew G. (casually): Eh, I'm a big boy. I can handle it.

I told the tribe that I was allergic to crab and that whole family, and they thought that it was so unfortunate. (laughs) Like really, I don't see the big deal about it! I'm starving enough as it is! I don't think skipping out on one or two crabs is going to make me or my emaciated body any worse off. If anything, it'd kill me. All in all, I still thought the moment was hilarious.

–Andrew G.

Chase breaks off a piece of the crab and pops it in his mouth.

Andrew G. (as Chase eats the crab): So Chase, how would you say the crab is? Is die for?

Chase almost spits out the crab from laughing as Alvin, Gaby, and Jordan also share a chuckle.

Andrew G. (pretending to play the drums): Ba dum...tss.

Alvin (still chuckling): G, that was bad, man.

Andrew G. (smirking): Yeah, I know.

Day 12

The camera skips through the night and sunrise as the clouds become more populous in the now overcast sky. It focuses on the Temotu beach as Amy and Derek are seen walking away from camp and towards the point at the end of the island.

Going into this, my strategy was to keep my options open and plentiful. I think that I've developed enough of a relationship with most of these people to where it's going to benefit me going forward. Jocelyn and I have decided that while being a part of Troyzan's group is nice, there's still something to be desired since we feel like we're on the bottom. So, today was the first chance I have been able to talk to Amy in any capacity, and I needed to take advantage of that.


Amy (as they walk): I'm glad that you and I finally have the chance to talk. I've been meaning to for days now.

Derek (with a slight grin): Huh, really? I've been meaning to talk to you too. Both me and Jocelyn have been, actually.

Amy: So, you two are tight?

Derek: Oh yeah. She's been with me since the beginning.

Amy (pleasantly surprised): No, that's great. I knew that you guys talked and hung out at camp a lot, but I had no idea that you were aligned.

Derek (nodding his head): I said, since Day 1, and that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Just along the same subject.

Amy: And that's why I wanted to talk to you also is to get maybe an alliance going...if you're on board with that.

Derek: No, I'm totally on board with that. We would have to talk to Jocelyn, but I'm sure she wouldn't have any problems with it.

Amy: Sorry if I'm kinda thinking aloud here, but that would give us six then. I've definitely got Robert with me and then it would be the four of us, Justin, and Melanie with us being the core four.

Derek: So, you, me, Robert, and four?

Amy (smiling): Final four, baby.

The two shake on it as they continue walking towards the rocky point.

Derek: Again, we'd have to talk to the other two about it, but I'm liking this so far.

Amy: Oh, me too. Me too.

Today finally cleared a lot of things up for me strategically. Amy's tight with Robert and I'm tight with Jocelyn, so right then and there we made a final four pact. It's great. This is so much more than what Troyzan or any of his people have to offer. This way, Jocelyn and I are not on the bottom of an alliance, and we also know about Mike's idol. They don't and won't cause I'm going to keep that information between Jocelyn and myself. Knowing what we know and having the allies that we have, we can control the votes in any way we need it to go. This was a huge position of power that we stepped into today, and I'm loving it.


Derek: So, as soon as we get back to camp, I say we take Jocelyn and Robert aside and let them know what's up.

Amy: Definitely. Let's nail this down with Justin and Melanie too.

Derek: Let's do it.

The two arrive at the point, sit down on the rocks, and take in the elevated view of the ocean.

The strategy talk Derek and I had today was more than I could've asked for, honestly. I had no idea that he and Jocelyn were as tight as he said they were, so that's a huge bonus for my plans. If we can get Justin and Melanie in on this, we have enough numbers to flush out an idol, if need be, on top of having majority. Even though I'm liking my chances after today, I don't think I've got it all wrapped up. I know that it's possible that it can unravel just as quick as it came together. Not likely, but still possible.


The camera focuses on Amy and Derek soaking in the view at the point, shifts to Melanie sleeping in the shelter, and subsequently fades to break.

The camera returns to an overcast day turning into a wet one as a moderate rain is seen starting to come down on the ocean surface. It cuts to the Fatutaka shelter and camp being drenched as only a thin layer of palm trees cover it from overhead. Some highlights are the smoldering fire, the rice pot full of rainwater once again, and Chase and Gaby floating a few feet out into the ocean even with the rain. It goes back to the shelter, where Alvin, Andrew G., and a shivering Jordan sit in the hopes of staying dry.

With the rain coming down, we can't get a fire going. If we can't get a fire going, we can't cook anything. If we can't cook anything, Jordan gets hungry! (smiles) Today may be a harder day, but I'm still going to stay positive about it. Cause let's face it, we've had to endure and overcome everything else in this game so far, so I'm not going to let some rain get me down...(shows her raisin-like hands) matter how cold I get!


Jordan continues to shiver inside the shelter as Alvin turns around and reaches for his jacket.

Alvin (putting the jacket around Jordan): Here. You won't freeze as quick now.

Jordan (grinning): Thanks.

Alvin simply smiles back as a brief silence follows.

Jordan: So, I've been thinking...if we do have to go to Tribal again, who do we get rid of? Cause I know the three of us are tight.

Andrew G.: Yeah, we aren't going anywhere. (pauses for a moment) Honestly, I'd say Chase. Gaby may have lost the last challenge for us, but we have to think long-term. He'll be an individual threat if he makes it to the merge, and I don't even know if he'll even stick with us if we make it there.

Jordan: Plus, Gaby saved my butt the last time.

Andrew G.: That's also true.

Jordan (turning to Alvin): What do you think?

Alvin: I think there's reason to get both of them out. We just have to give it some thought as to how we think the game'll play out. Right now, I'm good with whatever you guys decide on.

The boys and I had a chance to talk about who to get rid of if we were to go to another Tribal. The dilemma we face is that we don't know how the game's going to go. Like, when's the merge going to happen or if or when there's going to be a switch of some sort. It's all up in the air at this point. Do we keep the stronger but less trustworthy Chase? Or do we keep the weaker but more trustworthy Gaby? That's not an answer we need right now and hopefully won't need for a long time cause we're tired of going to Tribal Council!


Andrew G.: I say we cross that bridge when we get there.

Alvin: Hopefully, we won't have to cross it soon.

Andrew G.: Amen to that.

With the rain falling harder, Chase and Gaby are seen running back up to the shelter and asking the other three to make room.

Gaby (soaked as she climbs into the shelter): Okay, maybe that wasn't the best idea...

The camera shifts over to the Temotu beach as the rain lets up a bit but continues to fall. Their shelter is crowded with all nine members huddled up hoping to remain dry as the rain lets up a bit more.

Troyzan (poking his head out of the shelter): Hmm, that looks to be the end of it. (turns around to Justin) Hey Justin, can you help me get some bamboo while we've got a dry spell?

Justin: Yeah, sure.

Justin climbs out of the shelter as he and Troyzan disappear into the jungle. The camera stays in the shelter as it focuses on Melanie, who is shivering from the cold rain even in the tribe's blankets.

Robert: How 'ya holding up, Mel?

Melanie (tiredly): Oh, I'm hanging in there, I suppose. Could be better, could be worse.

Robert nods as the other five worriedly glance at Melanie lying back down in the damp shelter.

Melanie's condition is rapidly deteriorating day by day, and the rest of us are certainly taking notice. We worry about her because one day, it's dehydration. Then, on a day like today, it's bordering hypothermia how cold she gets. The medics may have come and checked up on her a few days back, but we are still worried. She struggled in the last challenge, and she's struggling here at camp. This is something we're all keeping a very close eye on.


Mike (climbing out of the shelter): Here. Let's get a fire started to get 'ya warmed up, Mel.

Melanie (weakly as she lies down): Thank you.

Katherine rubs Melanie's back as the camera shifts to Troyzan and Justin in the jungle gathering bamboo.

I've been wanting to pull Justin over and basically bring him into the alliance...cause I have no clue where Derek and Jocelyn's loyalties lie at this point. They've expressed to me that they're not happy with their position in the alliance of five, and they've kind of distanced themselves from Katherine, Mike, and myself since then. So, bringing in Justin would be like an insurance policy. That way, if Derek and Jocelyn do decide to go all renegade on us, we're not totally screwed.


Troyzan: So look, there is an alliance of myself, Katherine, Mike, Derek, and Jocelyn...for right now.

Justin initially resents Troyzan's pitch due to Derek and Jocelyn's involvement but remains intrigued.

Justin: So, how tight is everybody if you don't mind me asking?

Troyzan: The three of Katherine, Mike, and I are solid. Derek and Jocelyn...I'm iffy on. I saw him go off with Amy out to the point today and talk about who knows what.

Justin: Amy actually came to me the other day wanting me to be in an alliance with her, Robert, Melanie, and Derek.

Troyzan: What did you say?

Justin: Just that I would think about it and get back to her. (looks back in the direction of camp) Look, between you and me, I haven't liked Derek and Jocelyn since we walked on to this beach.

Troyzan: And they may have been there when we shook on it and everything, but I really don't think they're with us, man. Even if they are, I can promise you that you would be ahead of them in this alliance.

Justin (extends his hand out): Alright, man. Count me in.

The two guys shake on it as they continue to collect bamboo.

Troyzan: You've got my word.

Justin: And you have mine.

Troyzan grins as he bends down to grab a handful of bamboo poles.

I gotta tell 'ya, man, today was awesome. To have Justin shake on it and give me his word, that sealed the deal for me. I may only have four without Derek and Jocelyn, but Mike has his idol at his disposal to even the numbers if that was the case. And even with Derek and Jocelyn, that gives us six and makes this alliance unstoppable! So far, it's looking pretty good for ol' Troyzan and company! (grins happily) I'm definitely looking forward to what this game has in store.


It cuts back to Temotu's camp as it focuses Derek and Jocelyn outside the shelter and then on the dark clouds that hover over the ocean. A couple lightning strikes and claps of thunder are highlighted as the camera fades to break.

Day 13

The camera fades in to a sunnier morning as the wind softly sways the palm trees over the Fatutaka camp, where Alvin starts a fire as everyone else stands around the pit.

Andrew G.: So, call me crazy, but let's not do a show this morning.

Jordan (somewhat surprised): How come?

Andrew G. (in an even-keel and focused tone): Cause every time we've done a show, we lose a challenge. Superstitious, I know, but...I don't know...I'm just done with losing. I'm willing to try anything at this point.

Chase: No, I'm with you on that. Let's give it a try. The worst that can happen is that we lose...

Gaby: ...and we have plenty of experience with that. But in all seriousness, let's go win this, you guys.

Alvin (standing up): That's the attitude we need. This is our day, guys. We've got this.

The others nod their heads in agreement as confident smiles come to all of their faces.

This morning was a change of pace for us. Andrew suggested that we not do the radio show and stay focused on winning the challenge today. Hey, if it brings us a win today, then great. We're all so hungry, so desperate for a win that we're willing to try anything. Hopefully, today's the day the Survivor gods shine on us and have us win a challenge. That's all we have at this point...hope. Hope in finally flipping this around and having some good fortune on our side for a change. It all hangs on us, though. We're confident that we can and will turn this around.


The camera stations itself over a remote and heavily forested island and then zooms in to the challenge site, a clearer and more open area of the island surrounded by thicker trees. The nine members of Temotu file in and are greeted by Probst as Fatutaka follows them in. He then takes the immunity idol back from Amy and goes over the mechanics of the challenge. Once the rules and details are discussed, Probst turns to Temotu for the sit-outs.

Probst: Temotu, you got four extra members...sitting four people out. Who's it going to be?

Temotu does not even huddle up to strategize as the four of Amy, Justin, Melanie, and Robert raise their hands. They are directed to the sit-out bench as Probst gives the two tribes a moment to strategize. The camera eavesdrops into Fatutaka's huddle.

Andrew G. (confidently): I want that slingshot. I am going to make those tikis my bitch.

Alvin (with a smirk): It's all you then, man.

It cuts to Probst getting ready to commence the challenge as the first lifters ready themselves. The assignments are as follows:

1st Lifter 2nd Lifter 3rd Lifter 4th Lifter Shooter Sit-outs
Andrew G.

Probst: For immunity, Survivors ready? Go!

Chase and Mike begin lifting their first respective columns by themselves as the two guys simultaneously have them crash down to create the first balance beams for Fatutaka and Temotu. Chase hurriedly tries to make his way across while Mike goes with a more steady approach on his balance beam. Chase then falls off and has to go back to the start, which gives Mike a bit of a lead. Mike is able to cross the beam and assist Derek with the slightly heavier second column. Chase tries Mike's idea of slow and steady over the balance beam as Mike and Derek make quick work of the second beam and begin crossing it. Chase falls off again while Mike also falls off his beam. Derek is able to cross in one fell swoop while Chase and Mike start over. Both guys are able to cross their respective beams on their next go-around as Alvin and Chase start lifting the second column for Fatutaka. As they do, Katherine, Mike, and Derek are working on Temotu's third column. Both columns come crashing down as the five contestants begin to inch their way across the beams. Katherine quickly and gracefully crosses with Derek not too far behind her. Alvin and Chase steady themselves on the blue tribe's second beam as Mike falls off again. As Alvin makes his way across, Chase wobbles behind him and falls off once more, which makes Gaby and Jordan anxious. Mike is able to finally cross the third beam for Temotu before Chase crosses Fatutaka's second. With all three of her tribemates there to assist her, Jocelyn joins them in lifting the fourth and heaviest column for Temotu. Jordan joins Alvin and Chase in lifting Fatutaka's third column as they strain themselves while lifting it. With Fatutaka slowing down, Temotu has their fourth column come crashing down and the four competitors begin to cross the final balance beam. With Katherine across first for Temotu, Fatutaka finally crashes their third column to the ground. It excites Gaby while Andrew G. attentively looks on. Meanwhile, Troyzan encourages the four lifters on as Derek joins Katherine in crossing the beam. Both Jocelyn and Mike fall off and go back to the beam as Jordan, Alvin, and Chase carefully cross their beam. As Jocelyn crosses the final beam for Temotu, all three from Fatutaka make their way across without any hiccups and begin lifting the fourth and final column with Gaby joining them. They struggle once more with lifting their heaviest column as Mike eventually makes his way across the fourth beam. With all of Temotu's members across, Katherine starts working on the table maze while Fatutaka is still unable to lift their fourth column. Andrew G. puts his hands on his head as he can hardly watch another challenge slowly unravel for Fatutaka. Katherine, meanwhile, struggles with the table maze having made little progress. Chase is heard yelling and straining to muster up one last bit of strength for the column. To their satisfaction, it is enough to have their column come crashing down and have them start on the balance beam. Chase is last on the balance beam as his legs shake while he tries to remain steady behind the other three. Katherine is able to make some progress on the table maze having made her way through the first half of it. Gaby and Jordan are able to cross while Alvin and Chase try to make sure they do not fall and cost Fatutaka more time. With Katherine starting to speed up in the table maze, Alvin and Chase dart across the beam and subsequently collapse out of exhaustion. Jordan starts working on her table maze as Katherine nears the end of hers. Already mapping out her route on the maze, Jordan zooms through it without any hesitation. As Jordan makes it to a little past the halfway mark, Katherine finishes hers and releases the lever holding Temotu's coconuts at bay. With the coconuts pouring out, Troyzan starts picking up his ammunition and shoots at will. He misses his first shot but connects on his second as Jordan hastily makes her way through the blue table maze. Troyzan connects on another tiki as Jordan suddenly hits a snag in the maze. She tries to wiggle it free, but it does not budge. She takes a detour in the hopes of it being the wrong route. It in fact was the wrong route as Jordan's alternate way is what finishes the table maze and releases the coconuts for Andrew G. while Troyzan hits his third tiki target. As Temotu cheers on Troyzan to build his lead and ultimately bury Fatutaka, Andrew G. starts launching coconuts with Alvin and Chase gathering enough energy to stand up and watch alongside Gaby and Jordan. Andrew G. connects on his first shot and is quick to reload. He carefully aims, fires, and smashes his second target in two shots. With Fatutaka's excitement building, Troyzan briefly glances over, fires, and misses low on his next shot. Staying focused, Andrew G. doesn't hesitate to reload and fire once more. He starts visibly surprising himself as he hits his third consecutive target. Gaby and Jordan start jumping up and down emphatically as Alvin and Chase continue cheering him on. The rest of Temotu's looks suddenly become those of tension and anxiety as Troyzan continues firing. His next shot is able to knock down the fourth target for the orange tribe, slightly relieving its members. However, Andrew G. is quick to respond as he hits his fourth straight target. Now, Alvin and Chase begin bouncing behind Gaby and Jordan as this is the closest they've been to victory. Both Andrew G. and Troyzan fire another round with both missing their final respective target. They both take their time on their next shot as they carefully line up and aim. Troyzan is first to shoot as he misses to the left. Andrew G. quickly follows with his shot as the camera pans back to his four tribemates tensely watching on. It focuses on Fatutaka's final tiki being smashed by Andrew G.'s launched coconut followed by an uproar from the members of Fatutaka. Without thinking, he places his hands over his face as his tribemates rush over to celebrate with him. Before Andrew G. can collapse to the ground, Chase bear-hugs him and swings him through the air as Fatutaka's wild celebration turns into a mosh-pit. With tears in his eyes, Andrew G. hugs Jordan, whose buff falls over her eyes as she continues to participate in the tribe's extended celebration. Meanwhile, Troyzan dejectedly picks up a coconut and simply drops it as the rest of Temotu share in his disappointment in having lost their first challenge. It cuts to after the challenge where an eager Fatutaka awaits their prize from Probst.

Probst (with a pleasant grin): Fatutaka, for the first time in thirteen days, congratulations on your win! Here is...immunity. I would say give it to Andrew, but I think this whole tribe is wanting some of it.

He gives it to a tearful Andrew G., who immediately sets it on the ground in between the five of Fatutaka.

Probst (awestruck): I have to say...I have never seen anything like this. I have never seen a tribe so happy and so relieved to win a challenge! I mean, you all are tearing up! All of you!

Gaby (in the midst of crying): Because we've been through so much as a group. This is our moment...our time to shine.

Probst: I know the back-to-back-to-back Tribal Councils took their toll and then Savage's evacuation certainly didn't help. But is there more to it? Andrew, this seems to be hitting home for you the most. Why are you emotional?

Andrew G. (trying to muster up a sentence through the tears): Because this is why I came out here…to win. It may be small and just one challenge, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that this was huge. Absolutely huge after what we've been through.

Alvin, trying to fight tears himself, puts his hand on Andrew G.'s shoulder as Probst begins to wrap things up.

Probst: Alright Fatutaka, no Tribal Council for you. I don't think I need to tell you to have a nice night off. Go ahead and head back to camp. Enjoy your evening.

The five members of Fatutaka grab their belongings and the immunity idol and proceed to file out of the challenge site.

Probst: Temotu, the only thing I have for you is a date with me at Tribal Council tonight, where you will lose your first member. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you guys tonight.

The nine members of Temotu disappointedly file out of the challenge site behind Fatutaka as the camera zooms out and fades to break.

It fades into a distanced overhead view of the ocean as flocks of birds fly over the clear blue water as Fatutaka's members joyfully return to camp. Andrew G. raises his fists in the air as Chase and Jordan happily exclaim that they finally won.

(lets out a sigh of relief and quickly smiles) We won. We finally won! It's a burden that's been taken off of all of our shoulders, and we can just kick back, relax, and enjoy the night without any scrambling or worrying. Hopefully now, we can start building off of this win and turn it into momentum...cause we knew we were capable of winning all along. Now with a 'W' under our belt, it's only a sign of things to come.


The five continue a small celebration of high-fives and congratulating one another. They sit down around the fire pit and shelter and relax.

Andrew G. (laying back): This is nice! No worrying about who's going off with's pretty relaxing.

Jordan: Yup! That's a Temotu problem today!

This win was all pros and no cons for us. Only a few hours after the fact, we're taking in so much from the camaraderie. The five of us have been through everything together...down after down and we finally have an up. We bonded through the downs, but we cemented it today with this win. We're willing to bend over backwards for each other and going into a potential merge soon...that bodes well for us. We're a tight group of five, and we're just hoping that there's some dissent on the other tribe.


The five of Fatutaka continue sitting around the pit as Andrew G. lays in the shelter.

Andrew G.: Fatutaka Five, baby. We did it!

Chase: Woo!

The others chuckle as the camera shifts over to the Temotu beach, focusing on the nine members of the orange tribe making their way back to camp.

Mike (on Andrew G., as the tribe starts unloading their bags): Man, that kid got hot.

Justin: The dude only missed one (expletive) coconut. We had them if it wasn't for him.

Troyzan: That was their stroke of luck. There's no way he goes on a streak like that again. It's only a small setback for us.

Today's challenge was kind of a shock. Andrew from the other tribe must be like a pro sling-shooter back home cause he caught fire. I mean, the guy couldn't miss. So now, we have to go to our first Tribal Council because of that, and...Robert needs to go. He proved that he was a snake after he was caught looking for the idol twice, and he doesn't really make an impact in challenge. That's reason enough for me to write his name down tonight.


The camera cuts over to Troyzan, Katherine, and Mike talking about the vote in the jungle.

Troyzan: I think Robert needs to go. I see him as a big question mark.

Mike: I don't trust him either, but...

Katherine (cutting off Mike): But guys, I don't think Melanie's getting any better. She is dragging, guys.

Troyzan and Mike pause for a moment and glance at one another.

Katherine: I think it would be a little selfish on our part if we kept her around and she does get worse, but it's whatever you guys want to do.

Mike: No, no, no, I'm fine with whatever you guys are fine with. As long as our alliance stays, I don't care who goes.

Katherine (turning to Troyzan): What're you thinking, Troy?

Troyzan (scratching his beard): If you guys want to do Mel tonight, then I'm fine with that.

There isn't really an unanimous decision amongst our alliance as to who to vote for. Troy is adamant on getting Robert out because of the idol frenzy he caused, Mike, who has the idol, doesn't really care who goes, and I'm sitting here like, 'We have Melanie getting sicker and sicker every day!'. I just want everybody on the same page and have a heart by getting Melanie out of this game...cause it's wearing her down.


The camera then shifts over to three allies walking back to camp through the foliage of the jungle.

Troyzan: Do you guys see where I'm coming from, though? We may not have another chance to get rid of him before the merge cause if he makes it there, he's on their side.

Mike (moving brush and branches out of his way): Yeah, but they may not even have numbers for him to go over to. Other than today, that tribe sucks, man.

It then moves over back to camp as Derek and Jocelyn are seen approaching Amy and Robert about the vote.

Derek: Who's it going to be, guys?

Amy: Well, do we have the numbers to take one of them out?

Amy discretely points over to Troyzan talking to Justin as the two, who are a fair distance away, shaking hands.

Derek: Doesn't look like it.

Robert: I'm sure they're gunning for me over the rest of you guys.

Jocelyn: But for all they know, we're still with them. They think we're four and five in their alliance.

Derek (nodding): Which we can definitely use to our advantage. We can talk to them and see where they're voting, come back to you guys, and think of a vote from there.

Amy: Do you want to get an idea going now? Like, Katherine...or Mike?

Robert: We still need to talk to Melanie, give us five.

Jocelyn (getting on her tiptoes and looking towards the shelter): Is she still in the shelter sleeping?

Amy (as the camera turns to the shelter, where Melanie sleeps): I don't think she's moved since we got back from the challenge.

Derek: Well, let's check on her and make sure she's not dead, first off.

The four make their way to the shelter together.

Robert (as they walk): So, has anybody thought that maybe Melanie needs to go tonight? Y'know, for her safety and well-being and whatnot.

The other three stay silent for a brief moment as they approach the shelter and check up on Melanie, who is cuddled up in blankets fast asleep.

Amy (quietly checking Melanie's temperature): Geez! Her forehead's like ice!

The four look at each other and then back at Melanie, realizing that it is a serious possibility of her needing to go.

As the vote became more and more clear with who was voting with who and stuff like that, we realize that we need Melanie to give us majority. So, we go and check on her cause she just passed out once we got back from the challenge. When we do, she's still zonked out and her forehead felt like ice cream sitting in the freezer! So, that was a new development for our alliance of four. We are seriously considering letting Melanie go cause if she stays in this game any longer...worst-case scenario she could probably die out here. It's that bad.


It cuts to the four of Amy, Derek, Jocelyn, and Robert away from the shelter but still around camp.

Derek: So, what Jocelyn and I can do is go to Troy and them, tell them about Melanie, and see where they want to go with it.

Jocelyn: Cause, I mean, you guys are right. She's in bad shape.

Derek: Well, let's not kill any more time. Let's go talk to them.

Derek and Jocelyn leave in pursuit of Troyzan and Katherine, who are on the other side of camp and tending to the fire.

The nice thing about playing both sides is that you have options. That's how I wanted my game to go, and I think I'm in a really good spot right now. I've got Amy, Jocelyn, and Robert in my core alliance, and Troyzan and them think I'm still with them. I still have to be careful with it, though. It's a lot to juggle and could blow up in my face if I mishandle a situation.


Derek (walking up to Troyzan and Katherine): This isn't a bad time, is it?

Troyzan: No, what's up?

Derek: We wanted to see where you guys are voting tonight?

Troyzan (scoffing): Now, hold on a second. I just saw you two over there with Amy and Robert and them...

Jocelyn (cutting Troyzan off quietly): Well, here's the thing. They're wanting to vote Melanie, and we want to see if you guys will be on board with it.

Katherine (to Troyzan): See, I told you! Let's just make this a done deal.

Troyzan (disgruntled at first, but comes around to the idea): Melanie then?

Derek: Melanie works for us.

Troyzan: Alright then.

Troyzan shakes on it with both Derek and Jocelyn as they continue to tend to the fire. Katherine stands up to check on Melanie right outside of the shelter.

Derek and Jocelyn came up to Katherine and me to talk the vote...after I see them talking to Amy and Robert not even minutes before they came to us. I'm no idiot! I know they're making good with them and then try to butter us up afterwards...come on. I see everything that goes on around here and while Melanie may be target...I've got some things up my sleeve.


It cuts to Troyzan approaching Mike, who is in the ocean.

Troyzan (dipping into the water): Real quick, I need to talk to you, man.

Mike (curiously): Yeah, man. What's going on? Nothing's changed has it?

Troyzan: No, we're still on with Melanie. I just think Derek and Jocelyn are playing both sides.

Mike: Well, I know that Amy and Derek are in cahoots with each other. They walked up to the point yesterday...just the two of them.

Troyzan: Yeah, I saw that too. I don't know, man. I'm just worried we may not have the numbers if we go Melanie this vote.

Mike: I feel the same way, brother, but we gotta do what everyone else wants to do. Otherwise, that makes us look bad.

Troyzan (hops closer to Mike): So, let me ask you this. Is there any way you give me your idol? Not here or anywhere at at Tribal if I think something's up.

Mike (deeply sighs): I don't know, man. You talking about tonight or down the road or what?

Troyzan (shrugs his shoulders): We'll have to see. I've just got a bad vibe with those two.

Mike (after a brief pause): Well...let me think about it, man. I don't want to flush it down the commode for nothin'.

Troyzan (nodding): Hey, it's all good, man. I'll keep you posted.

Mike: Alright.

The camera transitions to the evening as the nine members of Temotu, with bags equipped, head off to Tribal Council for the first time.

This day has been a doozy. First, losing the challenge by a miracle, and then Troyzan coming to me asking to have my idol? At Tribal? I swear that it's going to make my head explode because as far as I know, we're still voting Melanie, but Troy is on a witch hunt to get Derek or Jocelyn outta here. So, if he's wanting to use the idol tonight on one of those two, it's going to rub some people the wrong way. I can tell 'ya that much.


The camera highlights the moonrise as the sky turns dusk and the members of Temotu make their way into the Tribal Council area. They file in one by one as Probst stands before them and waits for all nine to be present.

Probst (nudging his head in the direction of the torches): Behind each of you is a torch. Go ahead and grab a torch, approach the flame, dip it in, and get fire.

Each member grabs a torch that sits behind the seats and dips them in the central fire pit as instructed.

Probst: This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life! If your fire is gone, so are you, and that will be the case for one of you tonight!

Each of the nine take their seat after placing their torches down as Probst takes his seat as well.

Probst (with a slight grin): So, thirteen days in, this tribe finally goes to Tribal Council. Troyzan, what's the general feeling heading into tonight?

Troyzan: We thought that we were whipping the Fatutaka bunch in the challenge. Then, Andrew hit a stroke of luck and couldn't miss. Even though we lost today, we still think we're the better tribe.

Probst: Does that reign true with everybody else?

The others vehemently agree.

Mike: Oh yeah, we thought we had them on the ropes today. But like Troy said, he got lucky and showed those tikis who's boss.

Probst: So, I would imagine, with it being your first Tribal Council, that there hasn't been much scrambling prior to today? Robert, how are the dynamics as far as alliances and relationships go?

Robert (smirking): Ever-shifting. We've all seen alliances formed, broken, and then new alliances formed...all in the past thirteen days, and I don't think the shifts are finished. We still have a long way to go.

Probst: You said alliances were formed and broken? What alliances have you noticed break?

Robert (hesitating a bit): Umm, I would say I thought Justin was with the alliance I'm in at some point in time, but he isn't. It's the game, so we aren't taking it personally.

Probst: What's your thought on that, Justin?

Justin: Jeff, I've told myself, the cameras, everybody that I want to align myself with people I can get along with. There some people on Amy and Robert's side that I don't have a good relationship with, so therefore, I chose not to align with them.

Probst: And who do you not get along with on this tribe?

Justin: Mmm, Derek and Jocelyn.

Jocelyn's eyes shoot open as Derek chuckles a bit.

Derek (turning to Justin): I have to say...that surprises me. What have I done to make you not like me?

Justin: The second day we were out here, you two wouldn't stop complaining about how hard it is to take care of your body. I model too, but you don't hear me bitching!

Derek challenges Justin by asking where and what agency he models for, to which Justin truthfully answers him and still goes on about Derek and Jocelyn's complaining.

Justin: I have my reasons to dislike you two.

Derek (still chuckling, giving up on the argument): Alright...whatever, bro.

Probst: Let's get to the physical part of the game. There have been some trying days out here. Melanie, how difficult has this been for you?

Melanie (smiling while sounding exhausted): Well, I could be better. You know that the medics came and checked on me a few days ago and found nothing wrong, but these conditions are tough. I'm doing what the doctors told me to do, but I'm still struggling to be honest with you, Jeff.

Probst: Amy, how do you think tonight's vote is going to go?

Amy: If everything goes without a hitch, I think it should be a fairly easy vote tonight. There are two separate alliances on this tribe, but I think they've come together and made a unanimous decision.

Troyzan discretely looks over to Mike and winks to him. Mike slightly nods as Probst wraps up the questions.

Probst: With that, it is time to vote. Mike, you're up.

The voting starts with Mike, on the far left, as the members of Temotu take their turn one at a time to cast their vote at the voting booth. Only Melanie's confessional is aired as the voting ends and Probst goes to collect the urn.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

As he leaves for the urn, the camera pans across the members of Temotu waiting in anticipation. Probst sets the urn down and asks about the idol.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Troyzan looks over to Mike, who looks to Troyzan with a look of curiosity in his eye. Troyzan then looks away as he does not ask for Mike's idol.

Probst: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Robert (1)

Robert looks on, knowing why he may have gotten that vote.

Second vote: Melanie (1-1)

Melanie exhaustedly nods as the votes continue on.

Third vote: Melanie (2-1)

Fourth vote: Melanie (3-1)

Fifth vote: Melanie (4-1)

Realizing the end is near for her, Melanie begins packing her bags.

Sixth vote: ...

Probst: Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands...Melanie. That's five and tonight, that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Melanie wishes everyone farewell as she goes to grab her torch. Even though they are sad to see her go, the other eight members of Temotu look to be comfortable with their decision as Melanie presents her torch to Probst.

Probst: Melanie, the tribe has spoken.

With a tiny smile, Melanie sees her torch extinguished and leaves the Tribal Council area with a good-bye to the others. Mostly everyone waves back and focuses back on to Probst.

Probst: Well, you guys agreed on tonight's vote being one to better the tribe physically. But after today, there is a group of five that know that they can beat you and are licking their chops at the chance to do it again. The question now is, can you guys rebound? Or are the differences of this tribe going to take over? Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

With that, the eight members of Temotu rise from their seats and collect their belongings and newly acquired torches. They file out of the Tribal Council area as the camera zooms out.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Melanie (8 votes)
Amy, Derek, Jocelyn, Justin, Katherine, Mike, Robert, Troyzan
Robert (1 vote)
Melanie Pointer

Voting Confessionals

As far as I know, this is still what everyone's been wanting to do for a while now. Sorry.


Final Words

Well, I can't really say that I'm surprised sitting here. It hasn't been any sort of secret that my health has plummeted through my time out here. While I hate that it's the reason I'm out of the game so early, my health is much more important than a million dollars. I enjoyed my time out here, and I wish the rest of the competitors the best of luck.

–Melanie Pointer

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

Derek and Jocelyn begin to plan ahead..."Do we switch back or what?"...while Troyzan maintains a watchful eye. "If you mess with me, I'll be sure to mess with you back. There's nothing...nothing that gets by Troyzan."


  • The episode title was said by Chase as he summarized the hardships of the Fatutaka tribe, including Andrew Savage's evacuation.