Rodger Ames
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 12/13/1986
Died N/A
Hometown Riverton, WY
Occupation Mailman

Survivor: Guadeloupe

Tribes Goyaves
Placement 4/20
Alliances The Remainders
The Anti-Sweethearts
Challenges Won 8
Days Lasted 38

Rodger Ames is a contestant from Survivor: Guadeloupe.


Name (Age): Rodger Ames (27)

Tribe Designation: Goyaves

Current Residence: Riverton, WY

Occupation: Mailman

Personal Claim to Fame: Surviving college. That place is rough!

Inspiration in Life: My dad, for obvious reasons.

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, running, playing sports.

Pet Peeves: Sappy romance novels and when women cry, because I never know how to comfort a crying woman.

3 Words to Describe You: Funny, athletic, and abnormal.

If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? Matches, a camera, a book.

Contestant You Are Most Like: Malcolm because of his athleticism, Cao Boi because of his strangeness, and Yul because of his smartness.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: The money. And being a mailman doesn't pay well.

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I'm athletic and fun to be around.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I can get people to like me. They'll want to hand the money over to me.

Survivor: Guadeloupe

Voting History

Rodger's Voting History
Episode Rodger's
Voted Against
1 Regan -
2 Regan -
3 Goyaves Tribe Immune
4 Abbie Individual Immunity
5 Goyaves Tribe Immune
6 Goyaves Tribe Immune
7 Goyaves Tribe Immune
8 Regan Individual Immunity
9 Adam Regan, Dallas,
Brenden, Harvey
10 Ida -
11 Brenden -
12 Dallas -
13 Regan -
14 Luke Individual Immunity
Luke Abbie, Holly, Taylor
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Rodger has yet to forgive Abbie for voting him out.
  • He has stated that he wants to play Survivor again, and is open to any possibility to return.
  • Rodger was a nominee for Mister Guadeloupe, but ultimately lost to Luke Hale.