"Running Out Of Options"
Runningoutofoptions The Reward Challenge
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 11/13
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This is the 11th episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Julian won immunity and the question on everyone else's mind was "Will Elsa play an idol?" So rather than risking wasting her vote, Carly targeted Drew and Jessica. She had Elsa and Julian vote for Drew and Corey and Bobby vote for Jessica. She then voted for Drew, which was good because both Elsa and Jessica played idols and Drew was eliminated. Now not only Carly, but Jessica is partner-less. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Pass the Bucket
The castaways would use a bucket to scoop water from the lake and then toss the water to their loved one who would use another bucket to catch the water. The loved one would then pour the water into a bucket hanging from a see saw. The first pair to fill their bucket with enough water to tip their see saw would win.
Reward: A getaway to a secret location with loved ones for a picnic of sandwiches, cookies, donuts and soft drinks.
Winner: Jessica (shared with Carly).

Immunity Challenge: Chimney Sweep
The castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, the castaways would move down to smaller foot pegs. When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. The last castaway to remain on their pegs would win.
Winner: Bobby


Night 30

Back at the Orb cave, only 6 survivors remain.

Tonight sucked. I played my idol out of fear that I was going to be blindsided. Well... I was, but they took out Drew. Now I am all alone.


That was excellent! I wanted Jessica out, but I think getting rid of Drew was the better decision, now she has no where to turn.


Elsa's and my luck just keeps getting better and better. We were able to withstand Nicholas and now the old boabab is falling apart. They keep turning to us to get rid of who they want to get rid of. With any luck, one of us might make it to the end!


Day 31

They wake up in the morning and Corey and Bobby collect 2 chicken eggs. The eggs are split between the 6 of them. Bobby tries to start some conversation.

Bobby: "Wish we hadn't killed those other chickens so early, these eggs are hard to split between the 6 of us!"

Julian, Elsa and Corey shake their heads to acknowledge him but no one really says anything.

Things are just getting really quiet around camp. Corey is tight with me, Elsa and Julian are just thrilled to still be here but I think Carly and Jessica are still mad at us for getting rid of their partners.


Bobby is spot on about that, because after eating the eggs, Jessica asks Carly to walk with her to treemail, Carly agrees. Once out of earshot, Jessica opens up to Carly.

Jessica: "Alright, I know you don't really like me. At the last 2 tribals you've voted for me or my partner. And I don't really like you, but we cannot play alone. We won't last, so I have an offer for you."
Carly: "I'm all ears!"
Jessica: "Ok, you and I should team up. We are an unlikely alliance. We need to break Elsa and Julian but also Corey and Bobby. They have been attached to the hip since the start, and they still have an idol. What do you say?"
Carly: "I say that's brilliant."

This is really just a last-ditch effort, if I feel I can't trust her, I'll get either Elsa and Julian or Corey and Bobby to turn on her, but I need to work with her to break apart those couples, that's what I really want. Because I'm afraid if I can't trust her and I have to get rid of her, I'll be next.


Jessica's plan is too good. I'm a little jealous of not thinking that myself. This is why I don't like her. She is too smart, always thinking ahead.


Carly and Jessica get to treemail and they read that the reward challenge is today, they rush back to camp to tell the others and they all head to the challenge.

Upon arrival, Jeff is smiling. He says he has good news for the 6 remaining survivors.

Jeff Probst: "You guys have been out here for 31 days, that's a whole month! I can tell you're exhausted but the game is only heating up. Today's reward is something special. COME ON OUT!"

A group of 6, shiny, excited people emerge from behind a large bush, Elsa screams and the others clap, the loved ones are here.

Jeff Probst: "In todays reward challenge, you guys will compete with your loved ones, the winner gets to go on a picnic with theirs, worth playing for?"

The group gives a big "YES" and the challenge gets underway.

Carly and her dad make big tosses of water, clearly, Carly gets her challenge skills from her father and they get the biggest lead early. Meanwhile, Elsa and her 16 year old little sister are making barely any progress, Elsa's little sister cannot catch any water. After another few tosses, Carly and her dad are still in the lead, but Bobby and his girlfriend are catching up. Corey and his mom are slowing down, but Elsa and her little sister are still in last. Carly and her dad keep the lead but Bobby and his girlfriend are still close behind. Elsa and her sister finally get the hang of it and pass Corey and his drenched and confused mother. Out of no where, Jessica and her best friend get a big few buckets of water, they surpass Bobby and get very close to Carly and her dad. Bobby's girlfriend misses a toss and Julian and his cousin pass him as well. Corey starts screaming at his mom that she is going to slow. Carly and her dad laugh but hush up when Jeff warns them that Jessica and her friend appear to be tied with them and that they are both very close to the tipping point. Bobby and his girlfriend try to catch up, but they only manage to pass Julian and his cousin. Carly and her dad and Jessica and her friend battle for the win, Carly and her dad had the lead the whole time, but Jessica and her best friend are the first to tip their see-saw. They win! Corey's mother mouths "I'm sorry" but he ignores her, their bucket is a little more than half full.

Jessica and her friend hug, but Jeff tells Jessica that she can ask 1 other and their loved one to join them. Everyone pleads, but Jessica decides to take Carly and her dad. When Jeff asks "Why them?" She says because they were the closest to winning anyway. The rest hug their loved ones and say goodbye and head back to camp.

The girls and Carly's dad Charles arrive at the secret picnic location. They enjoy their lunch but talk of strategy still comes up.

Charles: "So, are you guys working together? What's the deal?"
Carly: "Haha, oh no Dad. She eliminated my friend Nick, so I paid her back and I got rid of her ally."
Jessica: "I had nothing to do with Nick's elimination, in fact, you tried to get rid of me then!"
Carly: "Well, we got even, we might try to team up now, I mean, thanks for bringing me to lunch with my dad."
Jessica: "No problem...."

Jessica inviting me was all strategy. She wants to butter me up. I must say, it is working, but I really hate her for doing it.


I probably made a lot of people angry by not choosing them. And yes, I did pick Carly to try and get her on my side. But she shouldn't call me out like that in front of my friend. And we are not even, if anything, I still need to one up her!


Back at camp, Corey and Bobby chat about their loved ones.

Corey: "So, that girl was your sister right? Or your neighbor?"
Bobby: "No Corey, that was my girlfriend"
Corey: "You didn't tell me you had a .... girlfriend."
Bobby: "I didn't have to, and you shouldn't have yelled at your mom like that."
Corey: "She'll understand."

Well... I should've known, a boy that attractive had to be taken... One day Corey, one day...


Julian and Elsa are also talking about their family members.

Elsa: "I miss her already."
Julian: "I know, its tough, but think, we are only here another 8 more days, it'll be over fast!"
Elsa: "I know, I just really want it to end."
Julian: "Don't say that! This is extremely difficult, but I'd say that I've had some fun."
Elsa: "To be honest, I wouldn't do it again."

Poor Elsa, I think she is really homesick. I worry for her, because I think given the choice between her and I, the others will get rid of me first, then she'll really be upset.


Carly and Jessica make it back to camp late in the night, they join the others in the cave and sleep.

Day 32

It's another seemingly boring morning at Orb, the 6 split 2 eggs and continue going on about their day. Carly and Jessica are the first to break from the group and go talk. Julian takes the opportunity to talk to Corey and Bobby.

Julian: "They are targeting us. Don't you see that?"
Bobby: "Ha! No, they can't. They hate each other."
Julian: "No, you've seen how the last few tribals have gone, first Carly's partner Nicholas, then Jessica's partner Drew, next is going to be one of ours. Or us! "
Corey: That happened by chance. Why are you getting so paranoid for anyway Julian? Tribal Council is tomorrow!"
Julian: "I am just saying, we need to make our plan now, while we have the chance! Jessica or Carly should be next because they are strong competitors!"

He is just worrying that he or his girl Elsa will be next, and he should worry, because they are next on our list!


I'm not too worried, I still have an idol up my sleeve!


They really need to pay attention. It will be one of us next if we all don't align against Jessica and Carly.


Julian goes back to Elsa and tells her that Bobby and Corey don't see a blindside coming their way.

Elsa: "If it's all the same, let them be fooled. One of them will go and the other will be stuck with no one, then they will have to come to us!"
Julian: "Yeah but, I have a feeling everyone will come after us now that we don't have an idol."
Elsa: "Then we just have to make Corey and Bobby look really close, which shouldn't be that hard, considering Corey is always close to Bobby."

It just feels like no one else is thinking ahead. I feel SOL right now.


But Julian begins to notice Corey and Bobby whisper. They are subtly talking because Carly and Jessica have been out alone for most of the day, Julian thinks they are beginning to notice.

Day 33

The final 6 arrive for the immunity challenge. Jeff Probst takes back immunity from Julian and explains the challenge rules. It's simple, after 15 minutes you move down to a smaller peg. Once your at the third and smallest peg, you must stay until everyone else drops. The final 6 each take their places and the challenge begins.

After 15 minutes, everyone still seems ok, they all move down to the middle peg. Some begin to shake but recover. They all last the full 15 minutes and move down to the third and final peg, this is where the challenge gets difficult. At the first hour mark, Carly and Bobby are shaking. Yet no one has fallen. Another fifteen minutes pass and Bobby seems to have recovered. Jessica is the first to fall. Jeff tells her to take a spot on the bench. Elsa is a little shaky.

Elapsed time: 2 hours. Elsa and Carly are shaking badly now, Elsa drops first. She joins Jessica on the bench. Carly holds on for another 5 minutes but drops. Now, only the men are left.

Elapsed time 2 and a half hours. Julian falls, only Corey and Bobby are left, Corey compliments Bobby. Bobby compliments Corey back and he blushes, but Corey is starting to tremble.

Elapsed time 3 hours. Corey falls, and after he hits the ground, Bobby steps down and takes immunity. He now has a 1 in 5 shot at winning.

Back at camp, Bobby is very happy with his immunity win.

I have individual immunity and an idol! I can make it to the top 4 if I don't use it on Corey tonight! Nothing feels better right now, well maybe a foot massage would be nice...


Carly and Jessica head out on another walk.

Carly: "Now what?"
Jessica: "I guess we will just vote for Corey, right?"
Carly: "And waste our votes? Of course not! He probably has the idol and he would be an idiot not to play it now!"
Jessica: "Yeah, its just we are running out of options now."
Carly: "I know, this is getting difficult. You wont turn on me right?"
Jessica: "As long as you don't turn on me!"

Julian and Elsa are just hanging out in the cave, everyone else is off talking.

Elsa: "Do you think it will be one of us now?"
Julian: "I am pretty sure of it."
Elsa: "Yeah, want me to try and get the boys to turn on Carly and Jessica one last time?"
Julian: "Yeah, maybe you should, I think they've had enough of me."

I will not give up. I am not ready to go, but I don't think the boys want to talk to me, so Elsa going to chat with them is my best hope right now.


Elsa goes and sees Corey and Bobby. Corey is rubbing Bobby's feet.

Elsa: "Hey guys! Uh... What are you doing?"
Corey: "His feet hurt from standing on that peg forever. So I'm massaging it."
Elsa: "Oh cool, ok so I just wanted to say, Carly and Jessica are both big threats, they need to go."
Bobby: "Oh please, you three were the first ones out of the challenge, we have made up our minds."
Elsa: "Alright then, suit yourselves, but I must say, if I'm on the jury and one of them makes it to the end, I'll be laughing my ass of that your guys didn't listen to me."
Corey: "Whatevs."

Well I tried.


These people around here just don't get it, we have been together from the start, why start turning on each other now.


The sun is beginning to set but Julian goes to Carly and Jessica for one last try at saving himself and Elsa.

Julian: "We figure Corey will play and idol, but we are voting for him anyway and we ask you guys do the same."
Carly: "We've talked it over, but we don't want to be tricked."
Julian: "I am being honest, they are a strong couple that needs to be broken!"
Jessica: "You think we didn't see that? You and Elsa are strong together too!"
Julian: "How about 1 more last chance?"
Carly: "We will think about it."

I think they might be all out of "last chances" but I can still hope...


At tribal, Jeff again asks about the last idol. Everyone seems to agree that either Corey or Bobby have it. They don't deny it. Votes are cast and Jeff asks if anyone is going to play an idol. No one does. Jeff reads the votes. Julian is the 10th eliminated and the fourth juror. Nicholas and Drew smile, Antonia gives Elsa a thumbs up when Jeff says that their chances of winning have just gone up to 20% each.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Julian (4 Votes)
BobbyCarly BCoreyJessicaT
Bobby, Carly, Corey & Jessica
Corey (2 Votes)
Elsa & Julian
Julian B&W
Julian Romanov

Voting Confessionals

Fossa has stood long enough.


You have been here far too long. Goodbye.


Your not nearly as cute as Bobby, so long!


I hope everyone sees who the real threats are!


Sorry, all out of "last chances".


Good luck Elsa!


Final Words

I played a great game! I did well with the cards I was dealt. I befriended a teenager, I won an individual challenge, and I even flirted with a guy. I had a great survivor experience and I hope Elsa can beat a few others!


Still In The Running

Antonia B&W
Bella B&W


Hanson B&W

Julian B&W

Kamila B&W

Nicholas B&W

Sammie B&W
Carly B

Drew B&W

Jasmain B&W
Rikku B&W
Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor

How will Elsa, The last original Fossa fare against 4 original Baobabs?

Author's Notes

  • This is the first time the family reward appears in a Ckarimalis' fanon.