"Running Out Of Plays"
Season Survivor: Brazil
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 14/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the fourteenth episode of Survivor: Brazil


Reward Challenge: Brazilian Quiz
Jeff will ask the castaways various questions about Brazil. The first person to 6 points wins reward.
Reward:A feast of pizza, brisket and chicken.
Winner(s):Andrew [Yul]
Immunity Challenge: Blast From The Past
The final five will be subjected to a challenge that has elements from some of the previous challenges from the season:

Puzzled Pictures
Log Jam
Winner: Cody

Previously On Survivor

Following Tribal Yul torn into Goliath for his betraying of the alliance while Goliath continued to deny it. A family visit quickly became anything but an inviting situation as Cody's boss became irritated over Cody's behavior and wanted to pull him from the game. She however settled with telling Yul to take him out. At the immunity challenge, Cody would once again come up on top keeping him safe for another tribal. At tribal, Cody's actions towards his boss and Goliath's disloyalty were on display. When the votes came Goliath could not convince the tribe he wanted Cody gone and was voted out 5-1.


Night 33

The tribe arrives back at camp following tribal.

Now that Goliath is gone I don't have much room left to beat Cody at the challenges. If he wins again then somebody from the alliance has to go.


Quote1Good riddens to him.Quote2- Yul
Quote1No room to hide from me now Yul.Quote2- Cody
Quote1DID I SAY I WAS HIDING FROM YOU. I will beat you next challenge.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Ha. I have beat you no problem every single time. What gives you the thought that it could be any different now.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I just know my challenge is coming up soon.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Well whatever challenge you think is coming then I will beat you at it then.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Congrats everyone on making final 5.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Thanks Ruth.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Yeah. Whatever.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I won my way here and I will continue.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Wait. We are in the final 5?Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Yeah. there are only five of us left. Like Cody said no room to hide.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1It's now that you make a play to take you to the end.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Okay. I can't believe I made it this far.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Me either.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I knew I would.Quote2- Yul
Kyle is great to be around but he is somewhat of an idiot at times.


This game has been so easy to win. They thought I was weak cause I would throw challenges but now they see I can't be beat. It's fun to see how Yul think he can beat me.


Day 34


Andrew and Cody are down at the beach while the rest of the tribe is at camp.

Quote1Alright Andrew. I want you to be straight up honest with me.Quote2- Cody
Quote1About what?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1You are a smart guy. I can see it.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Thanks. What do you want to know?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Did you let me win some of the past challenges?Quote2- Cody
Quote1What?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1A lot of my wins. Well I think all of my wins came down to me and you. Did you let me win any of them so that you could vote someone else out?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Why would you think I would do that? I'm a loyal person to my alliance.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Yes but you are also a very smart player. Do i need to say what the tribe really means?Quote2- Cody
Quote1I don't know what you are inferring to Cody.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Okay. Okay. Deny it all you want. I'm sure of it.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Sure of what?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1That you would let up on most of the challenge and let me win. The only one you didn't was the keep the mask from breaking one.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I fight my hardest in every challenge.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I'm a little unsure of that. I would hate for Ruth to find out that her biggest ally besides that idiot Kyle was the reason her biggest enemy has been around so long.Quote2- Cody
Quote1So now you are calling Kyle and idiot.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1The dude does nothing. Let's face it. I could take him to the finals and he would still lose.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Well he has won a challenge.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1And I'm sure of the fact that you could have won lots but let me win and stay around.Quote2- Cody
Quote1You have your thoughts. I have mine.Quote2- Andrew
I'm trying to get Andrew to admit some amount of disloyalty but he isn't budging at all. I am going to have to go all out to get him to crack and get Ruth on my side.


Cody wants me to admit throwing him the challenges. Of course I have. I'm not going to admit it to someone who is my equal in terms of using information as power. We are at the final 5. Everyone thinks we are running out of plays at Cody but I could beat him if I wanted to.


Reward Challenge

The tribe arrives at a field location.

Welcome to today's reward challenge. For today's challenge I will ask you a series of questions about Brazil. For each correct answer you get a point. The first person to six points wins reward. In case of a tie those tied will continue until one is wrong. Want to know what you are playing for?

–Jeff Probst

Everyone, "Yes."

The winner will receive a feast at camp of pizza, brisket and sausage. We'll draw for spots and get started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is in their spots.
Jeff, "Alright. First question, What city near the meeting of the Amazon and Negro rivers was an important center of the rubber trade in the lat nineteenth century?"
Everyone writes down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew-Manaus, Cody-Manaus,Kyle-Amazon City, Ruth-Manaus, Yul-Manaus)
Jeff, "Everyone but Kyle is correct. Next question, Other then equador, What is the only South american mainland country not to border Brazil?"
Everyone rights down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew-Chile, Cody-Chile, Kyle-Equador, Ruth-Bolivia, Yul-Chile)
Jeff, "Andrew, Cody and Yul score a point. They are tied at 2. Next question, What is the highest point in brazil?"
Everyone writes down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew-Pico da Neblina, Cody-Pico da Neblina, Kyle-the sky, Ruth-not sure, Yul-peco de nablina)
Jeff, "Andrew and Cody score a point. Yul, I'm not sure what you are trying to spell. Kyle I think is out of it. Next question, In this state the most important independence movement of the colonial era started in 1789. It did not take place as one of the conspirators betrayed the group. What is the state?"
Everyone writes down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew-Minas Gerais, Cody-Minas Gerais, Kyle-Virginia, Ruth-Minas garais, Yul-Minas Gerais)
Jeff, "Yul, Andrew and Cody score a point. ANdrew and Cody are tied at four. Next question, How many stars can be found on the brazilian flag?"
Everyone writes down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew-27, Cody-27, Kyle-13, Ruth-27, Yul-27)
Jeff, "Everybody but Kyle scores a point. Andrew and Cody need one more. Next question, Where can I find the station Estação da Luz?"
Everyone writes down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Everyone reveals their answer. (Andrew-São Paulo, Cody-São Paulo, Kyle-tv, Ruth-São Paulo, Yul-Not sure but I'll get you a map)
Jeff, "Andrew, Cody and Ruth are correct. This next question is just for Andrew and Cody. This answer will be a number. Without going over, how much of the Amazon's length is navigable by ocean going ships?"
Andrew and Cody write down an answer.
Jeff, "Reveal."
Andrew and Cody reveal their answer. (Andrew 2200, Cody-500)

Andrew is closest. Andrew wins reward.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is back on the mat with Andrew by Jeff.

Now Andrew, with this reward comes one more thing. Pick one person to share the reward with you.

–Jeff Probst

Andrew, "Yul."

Alright Yul, back at camp you and Andrew will be able to feast on pizza, brisket and sausage while the rest of your tribe will not be able to. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst


The tribe arrives back at camp following the challenge. Yul and Andrew walks over to a table with all their food. Cody calls for Ruth as they head down to the beach.

Quote1I want to tell you something.Quote2- Cody
Quote1What do you want to tell me?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Those two are obvious together. They will take each other to the end if they beat me.Quote2- Cody
Quote1So you are suggesting what?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1You and your idiot Kyle join up with me and take the two of them out. Andrew has been playing you guys this whole time.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Okay first of all. Don't call Kyle an idiot. Second, what proof do you have Andrew has been playing me?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1He has been throwing me the challenges this whole time.Quote2- Cody
Quote1And he admitted this to you.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1No, he denied it. Look at today's challenge though. He beat me no problem. Why couldn't he beat me in the riddles?Quote2- Cody
Quote1Different items. Look he hasn't admitted anything so all you have is your word against his.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I'm telling you if Andrew doesn't go home then him and Yul will take this game. Help me out and I'll help you and your idiot.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Again, he is not an idiot.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Did you not see the challenge today?Quote2- Cody
Quote1I saw it. Doesn't mean anything.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Unbelievable. Okay. I'll give you time to think about it but there is not much time left.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Ruth
I can't believe Ruth doesn't see the writing on the walls. She is so tunnel visioned on getting me out.


Kyle maybe an idiot but nobody is perfect. Kyle has his good moments. I don't see me working with Cody but would I really have a choice.


Sueca Night

Andrew and Ruth are outside the shelter.

Quote1So guess who decided to talk to me while you guys were eating.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Really?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1What did he want?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1He was saying how you were throwing him the challenges?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1That is nonsense.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1So it isn't true?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1No. I would never do that to my alliance.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1So be honest. If Cody does win the next challenge is it me?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Why would you ask that? We won't have to worry? I'm sure Yul has this next one down.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Are you sure?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Absolutely. Yul will be gloating so much after the challenge.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I hope so.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Don't worry about it.Quote2- Andrew
Andrew always knows how to cheer me up. I would give my life for him. I just hope he would return the favor but today has been questioning on that.


Oh Cody. This means war. Yo are now going to really have to earn your way through. I'm not going to sit around and let you stay anymore.


Day 35


Andrew and Yul are at camp while Kyle and Ruth are at the beach and Cody in the woods.

Quote1We really need to get on the ball of taking out Cody now.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1What did that clown do this time.?Quote2- Yul
Quote1He accused me yesterday of throwing the challenges to him and then went to Ruth with the same thing.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1What the f***?Quote2- Yul
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Aw naw. Where is that clown? Somebody is getting evacuated right now.Quote2- Yul

Cody walks out from the woods. Ruth and Kyle walk up but don't set into camp.

Quote1There he is. Come here clown.Quote2- Yul
Quote1What do you want now?Quote2- Cody
Quote1I want to know why your clown a$$ is accusing my ally of doing the same s*** that you were doing early in the game.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I never accused Andrew of anything.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Bull s***. I heard it myself last night and from Ruth as well.Quote2- Yul
Quote1This is so stupid. You have no proof.Quote2- Cody

Yul points out Andrew and Ruth.

Quote1That is two people to your lying a$$.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Seriously. Like I would talk to Andrew and Ruth about things.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Quit your lying or I'm going to hit you upside the head with my fist.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Is that your answer to everything? Violence.Quote2- Cody
Quote1No one cares about you either. You are a loud mouth little black b****.Quote2- Cody

Ruth looks at Andrew who just motions to be ready.

Quote1Yeah I did.Quote2- Cody
Quote1LOOK HERE LITTLE RACIST A$$ CLOWN. You maybe a cop outside this game but inside this game you have no power over me. The only thing you can do is win that necklace and hide your cowardly a$$ behind immunity. Without that you are nothing more than a jury seat waiting to be sent.Quote2- Yul
Quote1You do realize that every jury member right now hates you. Anyone that goes up against you wins. Even that old idiot Kyle could beat you.Quote2- Cody
Quote1When did I get thrown into this? I have done nothing against you this entire game.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1You haven't done s*** this entire game. You are an extra. I forget you are even in the game.Quote2- Cody
Quote1HEY. He has made less enemies than you have. The jury hates your guts as much as they according to you hate mine.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Please. I can beat you in jury votes and challenges.Quote2- Cody
Quote1No you can't and you don't shut up and quit your little mind games you won't even see day 39 as a jury member.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Is that a threat. Don't threaten me. I'm a a consultant with the police.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I told you out here you are nothing. Plus the police don't give a s*** if I punch out a whiny a$$.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Hit me. Hit me.Quote2- Cody

Yul readies his fist.

Quote1Yul, stop please.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Your lucky I want to win this game. Stupid a$$ clown.Quote2- Yul

Yul lowers his fist and walks off.

I always said Yul was a loud mouth punk. He proved it today. He is gone.


Oh Yul. I hate to do it but you are causing too much drama. Bless my old heart now please.


Yul just went off on Cody. This has gone way bigger than I thought. I really need to win the challenge.


What happened today? The drama has never been this bad between the two. In all serious though could I only win against Yul. I may have a chance against Andrew. I think.


Stupid clown. I would have loved to punch him out right now but winning is much more important to me.


Sueca Night

Ruth and Kyle are up out of the shelter.

Quote1I can't believe the stunt Yul pulled today.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1What do you mean?Quote2- Kyle
Quote1You were there. I know this is a game but still.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I'm sure he is fine now that he calmed down.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1But what happens if he starts up again.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Then Andrew can calm him down again.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Listen Kyle. It's going to be me most likely if Cody wins again. As much as I hate that I want you to do what is best for you. Not me.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1That means even if you have to vote me out.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1You never are much of a talker.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Sorry. I'm always used to the quiet around me. I hate having so much noise and nonsense.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1It's alright. We all have our things.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Let's do our best to take down Cody tomorrow.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1For sure.Quote2- Kyle
I'm glad I got to calm down and sorta talk to Kyle but yeah it's probably me if Cody wins. Kyle is just as weak as me but I'll try and fight my butt off.


Day 36

Immunity Challenge

The tribe arrives at a field location.

Welcome to today's immunity challenge. Cody, I will take it back.

–Jeff Probst

Cody walks up to Jeff, Hands him the necklace and walks back.

Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you will first climb up the pole and grab a bag of 30 puzzle piece and solve the picture. The first four to do so move on to the next round. In the next round you will take turn uncovering symbols to find a match. Their are three matches out there with two that don't match any. Find a match and you move on to the next round. In the third round you will drink a 24 ounce glass of cow blood. The first two to finish their glass move on to the final round. In the final round, you will go head to head on a rotating log in an attempt to knock the other off by spinning it around. The one who stays on the longest wins immunity. Guaranteed a one and four shot at winning this games. We'll draw for spots and get started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is in their spots

On my go you can go grab your bag and begin solving the puzzle. Survivors ready...GO.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone runs up to the pole. Andrew, Cody, and Yul quickly climb up the pole grabbing their bag. Kyle and Ruth have trouble getting up.
Jeff, "Andrew, Cody and Yul have their bags they can work on the puzzle."
Kyle manages to get his bag. Ruth follows soon after.
Jeff, "Kyle has his bag. Ruth has her bag. Everyone is working on the puzzle."
Andrew calls over for Jeff.
Jeff, "Andrew thinks he has it. He does. Andrew's moving on."
Yul calls for Jeff.
Jeff, "Yul's moving on. There are two spots left. Kyle never got to work on this challenge last time."
Cody motions for Jeff.
Jeff, "Cody's moving on. One spot left."
Kyle and Ruth both continue working on the puzzle Kyle manages to finish and call over Jeff.
Jeff, "Kyle thinks he has. He does. Kyle's moving on. Ruth take a spot on the bench."
After Everyone is in their spots.

Alright. We will go in order that you finished the last part. Andrew pick first.

–Jeff Probst

Andrew walks up and uncovers a playing card and a radiation symbol.
Jeff, "No match. Cody, you're up."
Cody walks up and uncovers two safety symbols.
Jeff, "Cody find a match. Cody's moving on. Yul, you're up."
Yul walks up and uncovers a radiation symbol and then another radiation symbol.
Jeff, "Yul's moving on. Kyle, you're up."
Kyle walks up and uncovers an apple and a playing card.
Jeff, "No match. Andrew, you're up."
Andrew walks up and uncovers both playing card symbols
Jeff, "Andrew's moving on. Kyle, take a spot on the bench."
Cow Blood
After everyone is in their spot with a 24 ounce glass of cow blood in front of them.

On my go you may begin drinking. Survivors ready...Go.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone picks up their glass and begins drinking them. Andrew and Cody start chocking up. Yul easily downs his.
Jeff, "Yul makes quick work of his glass. Yul's moving on."
Cody and Andrew continue to drink their glass each on clearly struggling to down it.
Jeff, "One spot left. No one wants to be this close and end up voted out."
Cody manages to finishes his glass ahead of Andrew opening his mouth.
Jeff, "Cody's moving on. Andrew, take a spot on the bench."
Rotating Log
After Cody and Yul are both on the log.

This is it. This is for immunity and a one and four shot at winning this game. Survivors ready...Go.

–Jeff Probst

Cody and Yul begin spinning the log trying to knock each other off. Neither one able to get an upper hand against the other.
Jeff, "Cody and Yul are evenly matched it appears. Cody never did this last time while Yul lost his match."
Cody and Yul continue going at it with Yul gaining a slight upper hand but Cody save himself and evens it right back up."
Jeff, "A good save by Cody."
Cody manages to get an upper hand on Yul but just as quickly loses it when Yul even it back up.
Jeff, "Now Yul saves himself. These two are going back and forth with each other. No one wants to lose now."
Cody turns the log in the opposite direction giving him an upper hand against Yul who unlike last time can not save himself and soon falls off.

Yul falls off. Cody wins immunity and is guaranteed a one and four shot at winning this game.

–Jeff Probst

Yul, "F***."
After everyone is back on the mat.

Cody, come and get it.

–Jeff Probst

Cody walks up and has the necklace placed on him.

Once again Cody is safe tonight. As for the rest of you. Tribal tonight were somebody will become the fifth member of our jury. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst


The tribe arrives back at camp following Cody's win.

Once again Cody wins. That means in order to relieve my old heart from this drama I have to vote out Yul. I don't want to but I must.


Cody won again so this time have to vote based on strength.


Quote1I had him. I had him.Quote2- Yul
Quote1But I still won. You have once again lost to me. Do you give up yet Yul? You can't beat me.Quote2- Cody
Quote1No. I don't give up. I will beat you and send you home.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Not likely.Quote2- Cody
Quote1It's going to happen.Quote2- Yul

Andrew grabs Yul and the two walk down to the beach.

Quote1What's up dude?Quote2- Yul
Quote1I talked to Kyle earlier about if this would happen. I told him that we would have to vote out Ruth. She is likable and a threat.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1So true. She also couldn't help us much against Cody.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Pretty much. The point is that it's between you and her tonight.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1So he could vote with Ruth though.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Yeah but I don't think that will happen.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Let's hope not.Quote2- Yul

Tribal Council

The tribe arrives at tribal placing their torches behind them before taking a seat.

We will now bring in the members of our jury. Callie, Courtney, Brownie and Goliath, voted out at the last tribal council.

–Jeff Probst

Callie, Courtney, Brownie and Goliath walk into tribal and take a seat on the other side.

Quote1Ruth, has camp life changed any since Goliath's vote out?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It has stayed the same in a way but also not so much.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1How so?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yul and Cody continue to go at each other. Yul got to the point a couple days ago where he was ready to punch Cody.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Yul, is this true?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It is plenty true. Cody was trying to start s*** in my alliance and I wanted him to know I don't tolorate that kind of thing without proof.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Cody, what were you doing?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I went to Andrew and asked him if he was throwing me the challenges so that he could vote out eveyrone else.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Andrew, have you been throwing them?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I never even thought of the idea of doing so. I would never stoop to that level.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1So Cody goes to Andrew claiming he is throwing the challenges. Andrew goes to Yul and then Yul goes off on Cody. Do I have this correct.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1One more step.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Kyle, what am I missing?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Cody also came to me about it. I then went to Andrew about the situation.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1So after Cody not once but twice goes to somebody and claims Andrew is throwing challenges. Yul hears from Andrew then goes off on Cody.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sounds about right.Quote2- Yul
Quote1He told me this as well but I brushed it off.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Cody, we have now three people who you have gone to with this claim. You have no proof. You also have one person already hating you and in constant feud with you. Is this why you always have to win? You are doing this type stuff.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I think it adds to it. They already had it in for me since the premerge challenge throwing.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Okay so Cody now wins immunity again. Yul, is there any thought that he could win all the way to final two.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It is not going to happen.Quote2- Yul
Quote1So at this point, what do you base the vote on?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1The ability to possibly beat Cody.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1So it's a question of strength versus taking out a new ally of Cody's.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1No one is his ally anymore. This close to the end means no room to let him have that cusion of an ally.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I for one want to get rid of the drama once and for all.Quote2- Ruth
Well this tribe clearly has something going on and this close to the end is not good to make an enemy but it is time to vote. Andrew, you're up.

–Jeff Probst

Andrew walks to the urn, places his vote and walks back. He is followed by the rest of the tribe ending with Cody.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff walks up to the urn, grabs it and walks back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

–Jeff Probst

First vote...Yul

Ruth...1 vote Yul, 1 vote Ruth, 3 votes left

Yul...2 votes Yul, 1 vote Ruth, 2 votes left

Ruth...2 votes Yul, 2 votes Ruth, 1 vote left

Fourteenth person voted out of Survivor: Brazil and the fifth member of our jury...Ruth. You need to bring your torch.

–Jeff Probst

Ruth grabs her torch and walks to Jeff.
Jeff, "Ruth, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
Ruth walks out of tribal and into the night.

With four people left, this is crunch time. You can not afford to mess up now. Grab you stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council #14:
Ruth (3 votes)
Andrew NKyle RYul
Andrew, Kyle, Yul
Yul (2 votes)
Cody ERuth
Cody, Ruth
Ruth Mcdonald

Voting Confessionals

Your nice and all but I need to beat Cody and you won't be able to.


As much as I don't want to vote with Cody. I have to tonight.


Final Words

Well, it sucks being voted out this late in the game but at least I can relax away from the drama. I hope they can put a stop to Cody and send him to me.


Still in the Running

Andrew N
Cody E
Kyle R

Next Time on Survivor...

Two immunity Challenges. Two tribal councils. All leading up to one sole survivor.

Author's Notes

The title is said by Andrew on their time to take out Cody

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