Ryan's Guys Alliance
Luke (8)Luke (9)
Luke(-1)Luke (14)
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Founder Ryan Rick
Members Ryan Rick (Day 25-39)
Benny Howard (Day 25-39)
Charlie Roberts (Day 25-38)
Walter Tago (Day 25-37)
Day Formed Day 25
Enemies Violet Collin
Jane Hugo
Vanessa Fredrick
Peter Harry
Lowest Placing Member Walter Tago(4/16)
Highest Placing Member Ryan Rick(Winner)

Ryan's Guys Alliance is the primary alliance in Survivor: The Beginning. It was formed by Ryan when he and Charlie realized that the men had the numbers.


Men Versus Women

On the Sarabah tribe, 25 days in the competition, Peter had just became the last Sabah member standing. Jane's alliance with the men of Sarawak was in control. Ryan and Charlie, who had a finals deal, spoke with each other. Ryan told Charlie that they should start a men's alliance because there were five men and three women left. The two brought the idea up to Walter and Benny and the four agreed to vote out the women and Peter. After a reward challenge, Jane was able to choose someone to join her. She chose Violet, who was aligned with Vanessa. Violet tried to bring Jane into the pact with Vanessa. After the reward, Jane told the men this. Ryan then came to the conclusion that Violet was a strategic threat. At the next Tribal Council, they voted out Violet, blindsiding her.

Dethroning Jane

Jane thought Peter would be voted out, so she felt betrayed by her alliance. Walter told Jane that they wouldn't do it again(which was a lie). Vanessa, now in need of a pact, aligned with Peter. The men decided that Jane was in complete control, as well as being a big physical threat. At the next Tribal Council, Jane targeted Peter, but Jane was eliminated.

The Alliance is Fulfilled

With Vanessa as the last woman, Ryan and Charlie agreed that they should vote out Peter. It seemed like Vanessa was saved. Until Peter won Immunity. Due to this, Vanessa was voted out, with Peter unintentionally having a hand in it. Afterwards, Peter attempted to turn the alliance on each other. After Ryan won Immunity, he tried to turn the votes on Walter, however, Peter was voted off. The alliance made up the final four.

Turning on Each Other

In the final four, Walter realized that Charlie and Ryan were close. He then made a finals deal with Benny. At Tribal Council, a revote was forced between Walter and Charlie. Benny then turned on Walter and eliminated him. In the final three, Ryan and Charlie planned to take out Benny and make up the final two. However, Benny won Immunity. Benny voted out Charlie and took Ryan to the final two. Both Ryan and Benny received anger from the jury, but Ryan won the majority vote and became the Sole Survivor.