Samantha Westlin
Lukep (5)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 14th, 1970
Hometown Forest Hills
Occupation Driving Instructer

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Tribes Croix
Placement 10/16
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 21

Samantha Westlin was a contestant from Survivor: Virgin Islands.


Samantha was born in and grew up in Forest Hills to a rich family. She worked as a chef for twenty-two years. After quitting, she became a driving instructor. Samantha continues to be an instructor and is still rich. Probst has stated that Samantha is very blunt and will be straightforward with anyone.

Survivor: Virgin Islands

After arriving on Exile Island, Samantha was placed on the Croix tribe. When she noticed Isabella, who was old, she asked Isabella if her age would be a problem. Isabella said that it wouldn't be. Later, Zachary told Samantha and Isabella that Sparky didn't like people. Samantha and Isabella went to convince Sparky that not all people are bad. Sparky then befriended the two. Isabella, however, was voted out early. A Tribe Switch caused Sparky's swap and eventual elimination, but Samantha randomly drew an unlucky black egg during the swap. This sent her to Exile Island, where she found a fake Double Immunity Idol that Leo made. Samantha eventually rejoined Croix, and showed Haley the idol. The Croix members managed to survive until the merge, only losing Zachary. Then, Samantha caught Leo talking about betraying Croix. This made Samantha try and get the Croix members to vote out Leo. Samantha then played the idol, but it was fake. Samantha was then voted out.

Voting History

Samantha's Voting History
Episode Samantha's
Voted Against
1 Croix Tribe Immune
2 Geoffrey -
3 Isabella -
4 Individual Immunity
5 No Vote
6 Croix Tribe Immune
7 Leo Felicity, Harrison,
Leo, Mark, Octavia,
Voted Off, Day 21


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  • Samantha is the first person to play a fake Double Immunity Idol.