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Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Namesake A state in Borneo
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Sabah
Tribe Status Merged with Sabah on Day 20
Challenge Wins 9
Lowest Placing Member Helga Black(13/16)
Highest Placing Member Ryan Rick(Winner)
Sarawak is one of two tribes in Survivor: The Beginning.

Although stronger than their rival tribe, Sarawak fell victim under Ryan's strategic dominance of the tribe, keeping a majority alliance in charge of the game.


Tribe History

Sarawak started out more successful than their rivals, Sabah. The only person not working was Helga. But Sarawak managed to constantly win challenges. Walter provided food for everyone and tried to be a strategist. Violet and Vanessa formed a close friendship and made a final two deal, and brought Benny in to help them. Ryan and Charlie also formed a friendship and a final two deal. When Jane got tired of Helga's laziness, she formed an alliance with the men of Sarawak. After losing their first and only challenge, Helga was taken out. This made the tribe stronger and they managed to enter the merge with seven members. Walter visited the Sabah camp and didn't like it, so Sabah moved to Sarawak.


  • Every male Sarawak member made it to the final four.