"Schoolyard Bully"
Season Survivor: Honduras
Author User:UlforceKnight
Episode Number 6/14
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This is the 6th episode of Survivor: Honduras.

Previously on Survivor...

After winning immunity for the first time, Nakunta wanted to extend its winning streak to two and three. Mocorón had another opinion. They wanted to end Nakunta's winning before it started. At the reward challenge, Mocorón did that and once again beat Nakunta. Back at Nakunta, Vince's mental state started to slide as he would be on fire one day and sitting in a depressed state the next. At Mocorón, John and Kat's personal alliance and growing friendship grew stronger. At the immunity challenge, it was neck and neck until the very end. Taylor's strategy enabled Mocorón to win immunity for the fourth time by sheer seconds. Nakunta was sent back to tribal and voted out Vince in what Jessica called a "mercy vote".

Thirteen are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Jump Shot
Each tribe selects a goal-keeper, who stands on a platform above a pool of water and in front of a net. One at a time, members of the opposite tribe will run up, jump out over the pool and throw the ball at the net, while the goalkeeper tries to deflect the shot. First tribe to score four goals wins the challenge.
Reward: The winning tribe will be taken to a floating platform with a feast of hamburgers, sides and drinks.
Winner: Mocorón

Immunity Challenge: Deep in Thought
On a floating platform, tribe members, one by one, must dive down and retrieve eight wheel-shaped puzzle pieces that are clipped underwater. Once all are collected, they must identify the mystery eight-letter word ("treasure"). First tribe to finish wins immunity.
Winner: Mocorón


Night 15

The dwindling Nakunta tribe returned back to their camp. Connie and Tina decided it was a night and headed into the shelter to get some rest for the following day. Max joined them in the shelter. Jessica and Alison sat outside the shelter on the log. The two of them waited until everyone was asleep before speaking. Finally after fifteen minutes, Alison asked, "What do we do if we keep losing?"

"What do you mean?" asked Jessica.

"We have to consider who in our alliance is on the bottom. If we lose more than one immunity challenge, we have to vote off either Tina or Connie. The next vote is easy. If we lose again, it's going to be Max, but what about after that. What if we lose another immunity after that," Alison explained.

"It's not something that I really thought of. But the choice would more than likely be Connie," Jessica replied, "But let's discuss this when the time actually comes up instead of now. We need to get some rest because we do have a challenge tomorrow. Who knows how that is going to go," Jessica said.

Alison is right. We need to figure out who is going to go after Max, but I don't want to think of that right now. I want to concentrate on the present and how we can prevent another losing streak of seven challenges.

–Jessica Walters

Day 16

Jump Shot

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out once again. Mocorón once again was first coming in after a short break of being second. They watched as the new Nakunta tribe marched in with only five members. Jeff went on, "Mocorón, getting your first look at the new Nakunta tribe. Vince was voted out at last tribal council."

"It would appear that the women are together," John said under his breath. He let that soak in as he planned on how to handle that when the merge occurred, but he had a challenge to think of so he let that thought leave his mind for the moment.

Jeff continued, "Are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge? For today's challenge, each tribe will selects a goal-keeper, who will stand on a platform above a pool of water and in front of a net. One at a time, members of the opposite tribe will run up, jump out over the pool and throw the ball at the net, while the goalkeeper tries to deflect the shot. First tribe to score four goals wins the challenge. Want to know what you are playing for? The winning tribe will be taken to a floating platform with a feast of hamburgers, sides and drinks where they will enjoy their reward. Worth playing for?"

All the castaways gave their approval and Jeff went on, "Mocorón, you have three extra members. Who are you going to sit out?"

Again before anyone else could speak, John answered, "Susan, Matt and Kat."

"Okay Susan, Matt and Kat, take a seat on the bench. As for the rest of you, I'll give you a moment to strategize," Jeff said. After several moments, the tribes were ready to begin. Jeff went on, "Defending for Mocorón will be John, and shooting for Mocorón will be Danni, Conner, Adam and Taylor. Defending for Nakunta will be Max. Shooting for Nakunta will be Tina, Connie, Jessica and Alison."

Jeff gave the signal and Alison was up first. She ran and shot for Nakunta. John jumped and his long arm span swatted the ball away. Taylor was first for Mocorón and she shot the ball towards the net. Max tried to defend, but the ball flew passed him into the net, scoring for Mocorón.

Mocorón: 1 Nakunta: 0

Jessica was next for Nakunta. She jumped and shot, but John once again deflected the ball. Danni shot next but her shot was feet short of the goal. Connie ran and shot, but her shot hit the goal and bounced off. Conner took off to shoot and had his ball soar passed Max into the net.

Mocorón: 2 Nakunta: 0

Tina was the last one up for Nakunta. She jumped and threw her ball. John missed it and the ball flew into the net, scoring Nakunta's first point. Adam was next for Mocorón, but his shot was blocked by Max.

Mocorón: 2 Nakunta: 1

Alison was back up, but her shot was once again blocked by John. Taylor shot again. The speed and accuracy of her shot was too much for Max to handle and Taylor once again scored for Mocorón. Jessica's shot was again blocked after that while Danni's failed to reach the net again.

Mocorón: 3 Nakunta: 1

Connie threw again, but her aim was off and the ball flew over the net. Conner was again up, but his ball was deflected by Max this time. Tina's shot for Nakunta was stopped by John the second time round. Adam's shot bounced off the goal and didn't score. Alison's shot wasn't blocked but did hit the goal. Taylor was up for the third time and she was the one to deliver the final score giving Mocorón another challenge win.

Mocorón: 4 Nakunta: 1

"Mocorón once again wins reward!" Jeff announced. The tribes returned to their mats and Jeff went on, "Mocorón, for the sixth time in this game, you have won reward. Your food awaits you. You can go and head out. Nakunta, I still have nothing for you. I'll see you guys later."

John is getting a little too controlling in my opinion. He didn't even hear the others out before he chose who to sit out in this challenge. I know we won, but who gave him the complete control over this tribe because it sure as hell wasn't me.

–Danni McDearmon

Mocorón's Reward

Mocorón entered into platform and their feast was there before them. Dozens of hamburger patties with buns, cheeses, vegetable and dressings. The sides included salads, fries, tater tots, and an assortment of chips. The entire tribe started to eat and chose were to sit. There were three tables with three chairs each. John took the table furthest away from the food. Shortly after he sat down, Kat sat down with him.

"This is great," Kat told him with a huge smile on her face.

"I know what you mean," John returned the smile, "In my normal life, I don't really like hamburgers, but being out here makes these things taste amazing."

"Lack of proper food," Kat told him as she took a huge bite of burger.

"I can agree with that," John replied taking his own bite of burger.

Across the platform, Danni, Conner and Adam were sitting at another table. Danni hadn't stopped staring at John since she sat down. Adam had noticed and he said, "Danni, stop that. We have a reward we can enjoy, so let's enjoy it and do this later."

"I know. It just irritates me that John thinks he is in control of this tribe right now," Danni replied.

Through a mouthful of burger, Conner said, "I hate to say it but he is in control of this tribe. We are down by two people. He is in control over the other alliance on this tribe. Plus with Kat as his right hand, that means he has an heir to the throne if we somehow got rid of him. He is in control."

"Complete control," Adam said.

"I don't like it. I'll let him enjoy the reward, but when we get back to camp, I might just explode," Danni said.

"I don't thinks that a wise idea. If you do that, you'll be the next one gone," Conner said.

"I'm sorry, but it sounds like you two have given up," Danni told them.

"We haven't given up. We've accepted our fate. We are on the bottom until the merge and the way things are going, there might not be a merge. We could desolate Nakunta all the way there and then where would we be? Still on the bottom. It's a lose-lose scenario," Conner explained.

"Believe what you want. I'm not going to believe that. I can't afford to believe that," Danni said.


"Oh, I so wish we would have won that one," Max said, "I could use the protein of the meat in my body."

"You're not the only one," Jessica said, "We all could have used it."

"Forgive me or not as I say this, but I don't care," Max shot.

"Well excuse me," Jessica replied, "What's wrong with you?"

"Oh I don't know. Maybe the fact I'm backed into a corner. You should know what happens when you back an animal into a corner. They fight back. That's what I'm doing. I know my fate. I'm gone if we lose again. So what do I have to fear. What do I have to lose. I've got nothing to lose. The only thing that can save me is the immunity win or I come across the immunity idol," Max started to rant.

"What immunity idol? There has been no mention of the idol," Alison said.

"Did it ever once cross you minds that we don't know of the idol because we haven't won one frickin' reward challenge. That might be where the clues are. I don't know because we haven't won yet!" Max said as his voice grew louder.

"Max, calm down," Alison told him.

"Don't tell me what to do. Who put you in charge? Oh that might be our great and glorious tribal goddess Jessica. The girl who can do no wrong," Max shot.

"Let's leave this guy alone. He needs some time to himself," Jessica said.

Max shook his head as the four women left him near the beach. He yelled, "Yes, you be good girls and follow Lord Jessica."

Okay I have no idea what got into Max, but he needs to be a little less aggressive. If he thinks that that attitude will help us in the next challenge, he's out of his damn mind. That will do nothing but hinder us, and we all know what would happen next. Max was right about that one thing. He will be the next one gone. It's not like he wasn't anyway.

–Jessica Walters

Day 17


John woke up early the next morning and walked down to the beach. He watched as the sun started to rise over the ocean. He liked watching the sunrises instead of the sunsets. That was a plus playing on the eastern side of Honduras instead of the western side. He had gotten up early for the last two weeks. Sometimes there would be another person up, but most of the time he would be by himself. This morning he wasn't by himself however. Danni knew that he woke up early and was up herself so she could confront him about how he thinks he was in control of the tribe. She wasted no time and asked, "Why do you act like you are the boss around here?"

John turned around to see Danni behind him. He asked, "What do you mean?"

"You know good and well what I mean. You make decisions without anyone else's opinion. You make yourself out to be the one running the show here," Danni told him.

"Danni, it's too early to talk about this. The others are asleep. I don't think they'll be too kind if we wake them up," John replied.

"I don't care. I do care about you acting like you can't be touched, like you are a king out here or something. You threaten anyone who stands up to you."

"Have I ever threatened anyone before? I don't recall doing that. Now Jase one the other hand made threats, but I never have."

"Yeah right," Danni told him.

"You want me to make a threat now so you don't become a liar. I'll do it," John said. He didn't want to go through this in the early morning but he was going to anyway.

"Sure, go ahead and tell me what you want to say," Danni replied.

"Stop this now. We have enough people over Nakunta to throw a challenge and vote you out. Tread carefully," John told her with malice in his voice.

"There it is. There is the side of John that Jase talked about. You act like you're the big hero, but your are nothing more than a schoolyard bully. You tell people what to do and they do it. They are afraid to go against you like Jase went against you because they are afraid of getting voted out just like Jase. Adam and Conner have rolled over and are waiting for you to kick them out. I'm not. I am standing up to the schoolyard bully."

John glared at Danni and he said, "If you don't stop, you will find out that I am much, much worse than a schoolyard bully. If you want to see how controlling I can be, just keep your mouth shut and you will see as my allies and I dominate this game. Everyone in this game has an expiration date except for the Power of Three. Make sure you watch what you say and your expiration date may be sooner than I planned."

"If you are worse than a bully, what are you?" asked Danni.

"A tyrant. I can and will control this game with an iron fist. My stranglehold on this game is already taking hold. You and your allies are against me, and you will be taken out. I have some advice. If you are going to take on a ruling regime, make sure your forces are strong enough to overcome that regime because if they aren't, you have signed your own death warrant."

"You can be a monster sometimes," Danni told him. She was unfazed by what he told her.

"I know," John merely replied. He turned his back to her and continued to stare out into the ocean.

I compared John to bully because in my experience when one stands up to a bully the bully has second thoughts about coming back after you. This was not one of those times. If John is right about playing the role of a tyrant, then there is nothing I can do about that. Adam and Conner may be right on this one. We may have our fates sealed. John too was right when he said you can't overthrow a regime without having enough forces. Right now we are on the bottom. We need to win and have a merge soon to even have a shot at overthrowing John's Force of Five or whatever his Power of Three is.

–Danni McDearmon

Day 18

Deep in Thought

Jeff and the two tribes were standing on a floating platform in the ocean. Out about twenty feet from the platform were two flags. Each one had either Mocorón or Nakunta's tribal color. Jeff asked, "So are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first though."

Jeff walked over and took the immunity idol back from Taylor. He walked back over to his spot and said, "Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, tribe members, one by one, must dive down and retrieve eight wheel-shaped puzzle pieces that are clipped underwater. Once all eight are collected, then you must figure out the eight letter word that the pieces spell. First tribe to find the correct word wins immunity. Mocorón you have three extra members. Who are you sitting out?"

John answered immediately once again, "Danni, Conner, and Adam."

"Danni, Conner and Adam, take a seat on the bench. As for the rest of you, I'll give you a moment to strategize and we'll get started."

After several moments, the two tribes were ready and Jeff gave the announcement and they were off. Diving first for Mocorón was Susan and for Nakunta it was Alison. Susan reached her puzzle piece mere seconds before Alison reached hers. Susan unclipped the piece and swan back to the platform followed by Alison. Kat jumped into the water as Alison climbed back the platform. Max jumped in the water next. Kat dove down and unclipped the second piece. She took the piece back to the platform as she widened the gap between her and Max. By the time Max unclipped his piece, Matt was already at the rope holding the pieces. Matt dove down to reach the third one. He unclipped it and reeled it back to the platform as Max reached the platform himself. Taylor jumped into the water next followed by Connie. The two of them reached the rope and unclipped their wheels at the same time. The two swan back even the whole time, but Taylor delivered the fourth wheel for Mocorón as Connie delivered the third on for Nakunta.

Susan jumped back into the get the fifth piece as her tribemates except for John were cheering her on. John was knelt down looking at the letters on the puzzle wheels. His mind was already on the part where they had to solve the word puzzle. His mind received more letters as Susan brought back the fifth piece. John looked up to see that Mocorón still had a one piece advantage. As he continued to think, Kat swan out to receive the sixth puzzle piece. For Nakunta, Max was no longer swimming. Alison had stayed in the water and went out a third time to retrieve the fifth piece for Nakunta. Kat brought back the sixth piece and also stayed in the water. She shot back towards the rope and dove down fourteen feet to get the seventh piece just as Alison unhooked the sixth piece for Nakunta. The two of them were even the whole time. As Kat delivered Mocorón's seventh piece, Alison gave Nakunta its sixth. Alison stayed in the water, but Kat climbed back up and Susan took to the water. She shot passed Alison and got the eight and final piece before Alison even dove down to get it. Susan shot back to the platform and threw the piece with the others.

As the eighth piece fell to the ground in front of John, he told his tribemates to not put them on the rack yet. His eyes showed that his mind was going threw all the possible word combinations that these wheels created. His thinking gave Alison time to deliver the seventh piece for Nakunta. Alison climbed back on the platform and Jessica went out to retrieve the last piece for Nakunta.

"Got it," John said, "Give me that wheel."

"John thinks he has the word for Mocorón," Jeff commentated.

Susan handed him the first wheel. John put in on the rack and showed the letter T. John kept doing that and soon there was an R, E, and an A before Jessica got back to the platform with the eighth piece for Nakunta.

"Go and start working on you puzzle, Nakunta. You have a lot of ground to make up!" Jeff continued to commentate.

No amount of pep talk was going to be enough to help Nakunta as John continued to give orders on wheel placement. Soon the word TREASURE was on the rack and Mocorón called for Jeff. Jeff said, "Mocorón thinks they have it...and they do. Mocorón wins immunity."

"Mocorón once again wins immunity," Jeff said after the tribes returned to their mat. He grabbed the idol and handed it to John, "I think John gets it this time with that mind of his today."

Jeff returned to his place and said, "Mocorón, you are safe from tonight's vote, but as for you Nakunta, I will once again see you at tribal council. Go ahead and head out."

This sucks. There is nothing I can do. It's over for me. The girls are getting me canned. All I can do is accept my fate.

–Max Chou


The victorious Mocorón returned to their camp and John pulled aside Taylor and Kat. He wanted to tell them about Danni and her personal crusade against him. He told his allies, "Danni is dangerous. She is planning on somehow getting me out of the game. She thinks I am something like a schoolyard bully as she calls it."

"What did you tell her?" asked Taylor.

"In response?"


"I told her that I wasn't a bully. I told her I was a tyrant," John said.

"A tyrant is a kind of bully," Kat told John.

"I know, but a tyrant seems more threatening," John said, "I also said that I had a regime. Which I do. It's you two, Susan and Matt. But when it comes down to it, it is us three controlling the show."

"That good to hear," Kat said.

"What do you suggest we do then?" asked Taylor, "About Danni?"

John sighed and said, "I honestly thought about throwing a challenge to vote her out, but I thought against it. My competitiveness got in the way of that thought."

"I wouldn't have like that idea anyway," Kat told John.

"I know," John replied.

"So we do what we can," Taylor said, "If we keep winning, Nakunta gets smaller and then when we merge we will still have the numbers."

"Unless we merge tomorrow," Kat said.

"Thanks for that, Kat," John said, "Anyway, I'll think of a way to get rid of Danni and I expect you two to think along the same lines."

The three of them broke up and went separate ways.

I know what John is saying about Danni. She is most definitely out to get him. I don't speak much, but I do observe. Danni does not like John and she does need to go.

–Taylor Johannson


Nakunta returned to camp. There was no scheming. There was no whispering. Everyone at camp knew who was next. Mocorón probably even knew who was next. Max was going to go home by a four to one vote. That was the vote tonight. Max sat on the beach as he watched the ocean. Connie and Tina sat at the first boiling water. Jessica and Alison sat on the log they had everyday. It was calm and quiet. Jessica almost thought today was the calm before the storm and tribal wasn't the storm. She could feel that something was going to happen soon. She wasn't sure just yet.

Alison looked over to Jessica and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"What's going to happen in a few days. It's not about who are we going to vote off. It's more of something big is going to happen soon," said Jessica.

"Like what? A merge?" asked Alison.


"That would be a relief for us," Alison said.

The rest of the day passed and soon the tribe was off for tribal council.

Tribal Council


The tribal interviews went by faster than normal with almost everyone knowing who was going to be going home. Jeff told Alison to start off the voting.

Voting Confessionals

Sorry, you are in the minority.

–Alison Jacobs

Just keeping the trend. Nothing personal

–Max Chou

You're writing down my name again I do believe, but it is you going home.

–Connie Tran

I don't appreciate being called Lord Jessica. It would sound nice, but I really don't like it.

–Jessica Walters

I hope this is the last time we come here as Nakunta.

–Tina Langley


Jeff read the votes and with a 4-1 vote Max was sent home.

Tribal Council 5:
Max Chou
Max(4 votes)
Allison JacobsConnie TranJessica WatersTina Langley
Alison, Connie, Jessica, Tina,
Connie Tran
Connie (1 Vote)
Max Chou
Max Chou
Max Chou

Final Words

I knew this was coming. I did. There is nothing I can say other than I wish I was on Mocorón and not Nakunta. But fate dealt me a bad hand so what can I do other than to accept my fate.

–Max Chou

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Jessica's feeling of merge coming up is correct.
  • And with that merge, is John's control on this game over?
  • Will the Nakunta members join forces with Danni and her allies to finally overthrow John?