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Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: La Mosquitia
Namesake Segovia River, Honduras
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Warunta
Tribe Status Merged with Warunta on Day 19
Challenge Wins 5/12
Lowest Placing Member Alina Jenkins (16/16)
Highest Placing Member Olive Canton (Runner Up)

The Segovia tribe is one of the two starting tribes from Survivor: La Mosquitia. It's rival is the tribe Warunta. The tribes color is purple.

Segovia started out the stronger tribe with five wins in the first six challenges. However, Segovia proved to be the weaker tribe when it lost six straight challenges. The tribe swap on Day 7 played a major role in Segovia's demise.


Original Members

Swap Members

Tribe History


The tribe was predetermined before the season began.


  • The entire post-swap Segovia tribe was eliminated consecutively from 13th place to 7th place.