"Send Him to the Electric Chair"
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Season Survivor: Mozambique
Author MightyUke416
Episode Number 8/14
Date Uploaded July 7, 2018
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Send Him to the Electric Chair is the 8th episode of Survivor: Mozambique.


Reward Challenge: Discy Business
All members of the tribe will have to pull on rope on a balance beam to suspend a disc. They will have to stack blocks spelling "REWARD" on the disc, while pulling on the rope. If anybody falls off their balance beam or their block stack falls, they must start over. The first two tribes to finish their stack win.
Reward: 7 large pizzas and cold soda

Immunity Challenge: Pig Out
Using only their mouths, the castaways would rip pieces of meat off a large pork roast and put it into a basket. The tribe with the most meat in the basket after ten minutes would win.


Night 18


The program now opens showing us the Makhuwa tribe flag through the nighttime footage before taking us to a shot of the seven remaining Makhuwa members returning to camp from Tribal Council, carrying their torches. We then see them leaning their torches against a big, solid tree and placing their stuff back in the shelter. It now becomes evident that very few people have much to say as all of the raw emotion seemed to come out at Tribal. The camera then focuses on Ricki, who is still unsure how to feel upon returning from Tribal Council. Initially, it looks like Ricki is going to join most of the tribe (except Jimmy and Leah) as they head towards the fire-pit, but she ultimately decides against it, and sits on the edge of the shelter, rubbing her face with both hands. The camera then pans over to show Constantine, who is looking over at Ricki with a guilty expression on his face. Constantine then shakes his head and continues walking over to the fire-pit himself as the scene transitions to his confessional.

Hearing everything that was said at Tribal, especially between Ricki and Penelope, I wanted to expose Brendyn as the psychopath that he is so badly... (sighs), but I just couldn't. Even if Penelope were to agree to stay and Brendyn went home, not only would us original Sena people still have been on the bottom, I'd still have Kane and Tori, rightfully, pissed at me for ruining the plan... at best. The worst scenario would've been Brendyn denying everything, Penelope still wanting out, Brendyn blaming me, and everyone getting pissed at me for this, and it's just not something I'd want to deal with. I feel really bad for Ricki, but if I'm going to set my sights on Brendyn, I need to pray for a merge. Otherwise, I may unfortunately be forced to stick with him for the time being due to a lack of other decent options.


The camera now transitions over to the shelter, where Ricki is still sitting, appearing uncomfortable as she contemplates the evening's events. The camera then pans over to show Leah and Jimmy splitting up, the former heading towards the fire-pit with the remainder of the tribe, and the latter approaching Ricki at the shelter.

Jimmy (Softly): Hey, you look like you need to talk.

Ricki (Sighs): Yeah, I guess you could say that.

After a quick time skip, we see Jimmy and Ricki talking in a secluded area of the camp.

Jimmy (Concerned): You feeling okay? I can't quite tell if you look like you're about to cry, scream, or throw up. Regardless, I can tell something's bothering you.

Ricki (Groans): Yeah, it's pretty much a combination of all three, to be honest with you. That Tribal... it just made me feel so uncomfortable.

Jimmy: Was it about Penelope accusing you of saying those comments again?

Ricki (Shakes head): No... well, maybe a little... but that's not the main thing right now.

Jimmy (Confused): What is it then?

Ricki (Sighs): I need you to confirm or deny something for me right now, to the best of your knowledge. I might know how to proceed once I get your answer.

Jimmy (Further Confused): Yeah... I'll try my best.

Ricki: Obviously I was all emotional during Tribal given everything that was going on, so I'm going to fully trust your judgment on this. Got it?

Jimmy (Anxious): As I said... (Sighs) I'll try. What is it?

Ricki: During Tribal, did Brendyn appear at all sympathetic towards Penelope and what she's going through?

Jimmy (Caught Off Guard): Brendyn?!

The camera shows a brief shot of Brendyn warming himself by the tribe's fire before returning to Ricki's and Jimmy's conversation.

Ricki (Adamant): Yes, Brendyn. Did he seem concerned for Penelope?

Jimmy pauses for a couple brief moments to consider Ricki's question.

Jimmy: No... not really... not that I recall anyway.

Ricki (Takes a deep breath): Did Brendyn appear concerned for Penelope as she left? Did he look like he was wishing her well at one point, or did he offer her a hug?

Jimmy (Shakes head): I don't remember anything like that from Brendyn. From my recollection, I was the only one she hugged, and you offered her a hug, and she didn't take it. I don't believe anyone else did, not even Brendyn.

At this point, Ricki lets out a heavy sigh and rubs her face with her hands again.

Jimmy (Concerned): What's wrong?

Ricki (Groaning): This is basically confirming everything that I was fearing about Brendyn. Like, I know I survived the vote, but whoever framed me for those comments is still here, us two and Leah are still their targets, and they have their guns pointed at me. Remember before Tribal how Brendyn went on and on about how we needed to vote Penelope because it was (finger quotes) "best" for her?

Jimmy hangs his head and nods a couple of times, starting to see where Ricki is going with this.

Jimmy: Yeah...

Ricki: If he was that concerned for Penelope's well-being, it would've come out during Tribal Council! I am like 90% sure right now that Brendyn was the one that spread those lies about me, and that Brendyn flipped on us and did it to safely take Penelope with him so there was no threat of rocks, and if all that's true, then he probably tried to make sure we voted Penelope so that he could tell her that I was definitely writing her name down and was out to get her, or something along those lines!

Jimmy (Stunned): Holy s***! (Puts a hand to his mouth; shakes head) Unbelievable...

Ricki: What's unbelievable?

Jimmy: That Brendyn would even think of doing something like this. Obviously we're just speculating right now, but everything you're saying makes sense, and I knew there was a reason we didn't trust Brendyn before Tribal, and I think that might be it.

Ricki (Nodding): I know, and I truly think I could very well be lucky that Penelope asked to be voted out, because I really doubt that I'd be here otherwise.

Jimmy: Yeah, and that's the really scary part. Again, we're clearly just speculating right now, but I'm scared for both of our lives in this game, and especially you. It just sucks we don't know for sure because if we did, we'd be able to confront his ass on it.

I don't want to believe Ricki when she argues that Brendyn is now her prime suspect for being the one to spread those lies about her saying that offensive stuff about Penelope yesterday. But the more I consider her argument, the more it makes sense. (Shakes head) My trust in Brendyn has been on shaky ground since way before the tribe swap, and at this point, that trust is officially gone. Unfortunately, with a possible merge coming up, Ricki and I have to play like we suspect nothing because he is the type that will definitely flip if he thinks we don't trust him. It's going to be really hard after how Penelope confided in me about how deeply these alleged comments affected her, but for the sake of myself, Ricki, and Leah, it needs to be done.


Jimmy: I hate to say this, but whatever happens, at least until we know for sure, we can't say a word of this to Leah.

Ricki (Nodding): I completely agree. If she thought Brendyn did all this to try and turn the vote on us, she'd blow a freaking gasket!

Jimmy: Yeah, and we'd all be f***ed! (Shrugs) We just need to figure out something to do in the mean time, because if this is legit, regardless if we get any hard evidence or not, we're in the minority. As much as I'd hope for a merge now, we can't just bank on that.

Ricki: I totally agree with you on that point! I think I'm going to try and maybe get closer with some of these Sena people. There's no way they're that tight after all the drama that supposedly happened on their original tribe. Someone's on the bottom of that three, so that might be a good place to start... on top of trying to keep Brendyn comfortable, of course.

Jimmy (Nodding): I was thinking the same thing. I hope we're just paranoid and overreacting here, but you're right in saying that the way Brendyn's acting is awfully suspicious.

Ricki: For sure. I'm terrified that we might be too little, too late. But I'm ready to fight my ass off to stay here.

Even though Jimmy and I seem to now agree on Brendyn being the prime suspect for spreading these lies about me, there's no way for me to be 100% certain right now since we can only really go based off of how he talked to us before Tribal compared to his actions at Tribal, and how on the surface, they appeared to contradict each other. Either way, whether it was Brendyn, Kane, or someone else, somebody here is still out to get me and has no problem spreading heartless lies to get ahead. I've been playing nice thus far to try and stay under the radar, but I'm at the point now where I need to kill "Nice Ricki." It's time to start playing this game with a vengeance and taking no prisoners because if I don't, I may not be here very long. If I get my way, someone's going to be very sorry that they woke up the sleeping Ricki, I promise you that!


Following Ricki's confessional, we see one more shot of the now determined look on her face. The camera then cuts to the fire-pit where we see Brendyn still warming himself before fading into this season's intro.

Survivor Mozambique Intro

Survivor Mozambique Intro

Day 19

The program now re-opens at the Sena tribe to begin day 19, showing the pink flag before transitioning over to the shelter where the five tribe members eat their rice. Tesla is the first to finish her half-coconut of rice, and she shamelessly wanders over to their pot to try and scoop up what's left, causing Irene to roll her eyes.

Irene: There's nothing left in that pot, you should know this by now.

Tesla (Giggles awkwardly): I found a few stray grains. (Forces another giggle)

Tesla is now shown tipping the pot over and sticking almost her whole arm in it to scoop out whatever remaining rice there is as Cassy mutters "Must've been raised in a barn" under her breath. As Tesla sits back up, we see that she is disappointed as there wasn't nearly as much stray rice as she was hoping. But she eats what was left anyway as the camera cuts to her confessional.

Without a doubt, the hunger is the hardest thing to deal with out here, never mind the excruciating heat, or mean, obnoxious people. Back at home, I'm so used to having a fridge that's full, being able to snack at any time I want, and never having to experience hunger pains. Seeing those Christian Children's Fund commercials about starving children in Africa, where we are now, always broke my heart because I could never imagine the situation they were in... but being this hungry, I'm beginning to somewhat understand one of the hardships they face on a daily basis. If nothing else, this experience has really helped me appreciate just how lucky a lot of people back home in America really are, and that's something that's going to stay with me forever, regardless of how this game goes.


The camera then transitions away from Tesla's confessional, where we see her with a hand over her stomach and looking down in disappointment. Irene then stands up, grabs the pot and announces that she's going to wash dishes, with Cassy instantly requesting to join her, which causes Tesla to roll her eyes, but she says nothing as the two other young women walk off. Once they are out of sight, Tesla turns to the two men sitting next to her.

Tesla (Anxious): I don't like where this is going, they, especially Cassy, seem to have such disdain for me!

Allan: I don't think that's the case. Cassy's a hard worker, so she probably just wanted to get the dishes done faster.

Tesla: Maybe, but I always got the sense that Irene merely just put up with me. They're both probably talking a bunch of crap about me right now.

Allan (Dismissive): I highly doubt that, they're probably just making small, meaningless conversation, if anything at all.

Tesla (Scoffs): Yeah right! Cassy hates me, and she knows she's on the bottom! There's no way she's going to take that lying down!

Marshall (Comforting): The way I see it, even if Cassy were talking strategy, I don't think it would have much, if any effect. Especially since there are 12 people left in the game now since Makhuwa went to Tribal Council last night, so there could easily be a merge coming up, which would shift a lot of people's priorities.

Tesla (Groans): There isn't always a merge at 12 though! I mean, it happens pretty often, but not always. What if we don't merge and Cassy successfully convinces Irene that I need to go?

Marshall (Firmly): Tesla. You're just being really paranoid right now. I really don't think Irene would flip, but even if she did, there's still three of us here that would vote Cassy. Do you not trust us?

Tesla (Anxious): Well, uh... yes, I do. It's just really hard not to be paranoid when you know for a fact that someone's out to get you!

Marshall: I understand that, but you need to trust that Allan and I have your back (Allan nods). Irene's a smart girl too, and I'm sure she'd know where the numbers are, even if Cassy is talking strategy. Just try to do what you can to stay calm.

Tesla simply lets out a heavy sigh before the camera re-focuses on Marshall's concerned expression and transitioning to his confessional.

It seems to me that the longer Cassy's in the game, the further off the deep end that Tesla goes, and for me that's just scary. I pulled Irene into a final three deal with Tesla because I believed Irene to be a pretty good strategist that I got along decently with, but she's also much louder and more aggressive than I am, so I think that if the jury is bitter, she'd potentially get more negative feedback than me. As for Tesla, she's an emotional young woman, but I did believe she'd be really loyal if she knew she had a solid alliance on her side. Unfortunately, Tesla's paranoid side is really coming out today, and I'm hoping that if Cassy does go next, that would be enough to bring Tesla back down to earth, and show that my bird brain didn't make an error by believing she'd be loyal to me in the first place.


Once Marshall's confessional has finished, the scene returns to the conversation between him, Allan, and Tesla, with the latter seeming to get more and more agitated by the minute. After a short while, Tesla shakes her head and stands up.

Tesla: I just can't anymore, I need to see what they're talking about.

Allan (Wide-eyed; Standing Up): I really suggest you don't do that, to be totally honest with you. I can assure you there's no need for it, and that your place in the game is secure!

Tesla (Scoffs): Well then, when I head down there, that should only confirm what you're saying, shouldn't it?

Marshall (Standing up): Tesla, I'd advise against it as well. If you're scared about Cassy not liking you and campaigning against you, then it would be best if you don't stir the pot, especially if we happen to merge today.

Tesla (Adamant): Then if they're talking about meaningless stuff, like you guys seem to think they are, then me going down there won't do anything besides calm my nerves. I've made up my mind! Got it?

Allan (Conceding): Okay.

Marshall (Sighs): You can make your own decisions, but you know where we stand.

Tesla: Very well. I'll be back in a bit.

The camera now shows Tesla walking down towards the beach before transitioning to a shot of a tarantula crawling over a log. We are then taken to the conversation between Irene and Cassy as they wash the dishes.

Cassy: Can I ask you something, actually sorta serious?

Irene: What's that?

Cassy: Am I the only one that's actually really dislikes Tesla and thinks she's really insufferable?

Irene (Passionately): NO! Oh f***, did you not hear me when she started fishing through this empty pot for more rice? She should know there's no more food in there when we're done, and that we need to not eat much so we can properly ration our food.

Cassy: Totally! I may be a Texas farm girl, but I was pretty repulsed when she so shamelessly stuck her arm in the pot like that. I'm thinking to myself, "Was this girl raised in a barn?!"

Irene (Nodding): For sure.

Cassy: Like, I remember when I was growing up, my mom would always give my dad and brothers s*** whenever they'd be scooping crumbs off their plates with their hands and shoving them in their mouths, especially in a restaurant or something! Like, there were times when she'd slap their hand and say something like (Imitating her mother's voice) "Should I throw ya' with da pigs in da barn?!"

Irene (Laughing): Yeah, I can understand why.

At this point, the camera pans around and we can see Tesla entering the frame. Having heard Irene laughing, she begins listening intently to their conversation as the camera switches back to Irene and Cassy.

Irene (Continuing): Like, it's just so gross, and I can actually understand the comparison to the pigs in the barn. Like, learn some f***ing etiquette, and have a little respect for yourself!

When Tesla hears this, she begins to tear up, though she doesn't respond right away.

Cassy (Getting louder): RIGHT?! I mean like, if it was just that one thing, it would be gross, but still kinda "whatever." But like, her doing things to get under my skin is just non-stop. She whines, she cries, she bitches constantly. She's not as lazy as she was before, but she still screws up a lot, and it almost feels like I have to baby her sometimes. I came out here to win, I didn't come out here to babysit someone two damn years older than me!

At this point, Tesla has had enough, and tearfully decides to make her presence known.

Tesla: I knew it! You just can't leave well enough alone, can you, Cassy?! Why must you always bully and trash talk me!!

At this point, Cassy and Irene are both completely stunned, with their mouths hanging open, as they had absolutely no idea that Tesla heard anything they were saying. After a couple of moments with awkward silence, the two young women turn around to face Tesla.

Cassy: Tesla, I...

Tesla (Interrupting): And you, Irene! I can't believe that instead of standing up for me that you'd just join right in on trash talking me! You act so nice to my face, but here you are comparing me to pigs in a barn?! I put up with enough bullying growing up, especially about my weight! I can't believe you'd sink that low! Screw you!

Irene: Tesla, you don't understand!

Tesla (Crying harder): I heard it with my own ears Irene! You compared me to pigs in a barn before Cassy started going on about how useless I was and talking about how she's not here to babysit me! Screw you, Irene! Our deal is off!

Tesla now storms back to camp, leaving Irene and Cassy dumbfounded.

Cassy (Shaking her head): That girl needs to grow a thicker skin, pronto!

Irene (Nods quickly): Yeah, definitely. (Starts lying): Just so you know, there was never any (finger quotes) "deal" between us to begin with. I think she's just trying to make me feel guilty.

Cassy (Scoffs): Figures. That is something that girl would do, isn't it?

Irene (Sighs): Yeah, I guess you're right.

So apparently Tesla overheard Cassy and I talking about how gross she was when she stuck her arm in the pot to search for grains of rice, and I agreed with Cassy's comparison to pigs in a barn. I mean, I can understand her reaction, and it just really sucks that she had to walk in on us at that moment 'cause if she would've walked in sooner, I'd hope she would've seen that we meant that what she was doing was gross, not that she was gross. Then again, I'm probably not going to get out of this one, and that's okay by me as long I don't get sent home for it. This final three deal between us was Marshall's idea anyway, not mine, so again, as long as I don't go home over this, I'm not going to be losing any sleep... not that I get much of that out here to start with. (Giggles ironically)


After Irene's confessional, we see her staring in the direction of camp with her hands on her hips, while Cassy has her arms crossed. Suddenly, a smirk comes across Cassy's face as she gently nudges Irene with her elbow.

Cassy: Hey, so sense your supposed (finger quotes) "deal" with her as off, use me as a number. I have nobody!

Irene (Nodding slowly): That's an idea...

Cassy: I promise I'd be loyal to you, and I won't go off on you for stupid stuff.

Irene: I'll think about it. I'd have to talk this over with Allan probably, but after that show she just put on, I might just be at my wits' end.

Cassy: Well, just let me know how that goes. You know who I'd want out.

Tesla's bitching and whining out here has started to happen so often that it's like just another day in Mozambique when it happens now. At least this time, her tantrum might actually work in my favour 'cause she called off some deal she had with Irene. I don't know what that was about, but Irene now seems to be suddenly considering working with me, and if Allan gets on board too, there's the majority! (Shrugs) I don't know if this is going to work out, but I'm feeling pretty good right now because I finally have hope that I didn't have a day ago.


Once the camera cuts out of Cassy's confessional, the scene transitions back to the main camp area where a tearful and angry Tesla confront Marshall and Allan over what she just heard.

Tesla (Snaps): So much for "small, meaningless conversation!"

Allan (Shocked; Concerned): What happened?

Tesla: I walked in on IRENE comparing me to pigs in a barn, followed by Cassy ranting about how useless I am! That's what!

Marshall (Caught Off Guard): Excuse me?!

Tesla: You heard right! I told you Cassy hates me, and clearly Irene does too, otherwise they wouldn't resort to this trash talking behind my back!

Marshall: Yeah, for sure. If you heard what you say you heard, then I understand why you're upset.

Tesla: I know I heard correctly! Don't you dare try to convince me otherwise! (Pauses to cry a little bit) I just don't understand! Cassy I sort of expected this from, but what have I even done to Irene?! Nothing!

Marshall walks over to Tesla and gives her a hug, which she returns.

Marshall: I promise things are going to work out. We'll get through this.

Tesla: Thank you.

(Teary-eyed) My absolute biggest fear coming into this game was being subject to bullying and ridicule, and after walking in on that conversation between Irene and Cassy, it seems like that's actually the case. For whatever reason, I seem to be Cassy's favourite punching bag, and I'm just so over it. But what's hurting more is the fact that Irene compared me to pigs of all things. I've been bullied horrifically for my weight growing up, and along with "Chubby Chicken," insults like "Miss Piggy" were thrown my way as well, so hearing Irene say that just took me right back to those instances in middle school and high school. I don't care what Marshall says, I'm not going to the final three with Irene, I refuse to! I still want Cassy out A.S.A.P., but once she's gone, Irene's definitely my target. All the respect I once had for Irene is gone, and I no longer feel like she deserves to be here, let alone to win the million dollars.


The scene now fades out of Tesla's confessional and shows Cassy and Irene, who have decided to refocus on cleaning the dishes, before fading to black.

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

We then see the Sena tribe entering the challenge arena first with Cassy carrying the tribe's flag. As Sena assembles on the pink mat, the camera transitions to show the Makhuaw tribe entering the challenge arena as Leah carries the tribe flag.

Jeff Probst: Sena, get your first look at the new Makhuaw tribe... Penelope voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Most of the Sena tribe simply nod upon hearing that the 48-year-old nail technician is no longer in the game, although the camera focuses on Irene, who is scowling as she knew she was Penelope's number one ally. The footage then switches over to Jeff as he begins to address the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: Alright, you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

Castaways: YES!

Jeff then goes on to explain the reward challenge, which is dubbed Discy Business, and that the winning tribe would receive 7 large pizzas and cold soda, which gets the vast majority of the castaways' mouths watering, most notably Marshall, Tesla, and Ricki.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, you guys still have two extra members, so you will have to sit two people out. Keep in mind, since people can't sit out in back-to-back challenges, whoever sits out tonight must compete in the next immunity challenge.

Brendyn and Ricki both raise their hands.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Ricki, Brendyn, take your spots on the sit-out bench. Everyone else, I'll give you a minute to strategize, then we'll get started.

After a time-skip, we see the two tribes at their respective stations ready to begin the challenge.

Jeff Probst: Alright, here we go, for reward, survivors ready... go!

Reward Challenge: Discy Business
Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Makhuwa Constantine VasylenkoJimmy TalbotKane O'NeillLeah DerryTori Axelson
Constantine, Jimmy, Kane, Ricki, Tori
Brendyn GarciaRicki Fife
Brendyn, Ricki
Sena Allan FloresCassy LeightonIrene XingMarshall DesjardinsTesla Van Mol
Allan, Cassy, Irene, Marshall, Tesla
  • Both tribes struggled at the outset of the challenge, trying to figure out how to balance the blocks without them falling over.
    • For the first few minutes, it appears that neither tribe is able to get past their third block without their stack falling over.
  • Cassy then suggests to the Sena tribe that all four people tighten their grip on their ropes as the person with the next block, Irene, rushes across.
    • This strategy seems to work with Sena reaching their third block with apparent ease, while Makhuwa continue struggling.
    • However, when Marshall attempts to gingerly speed across his balance beam, he falls off about a third of the way through causing, their stack to fall.
  • Tori on did notice Sena's strategy and that it seemed to work, so she spoke up to try and get Makhuwa to try the same strategy of tightening the ropes as she sped across her balance beam, which worked.
  • Makhuwa continued to have success with Sena's strategy, frustrating Cassy in particular quite a bit.
    • There was one notable instance where Cassy got angry with Tesla for not pulling her rope tight enough as Allan attempted to speed across, with Tesla responding by correcting her position as she rolled her eyes.
  • Makhuwa's late success in the reward challenge continued, with Tori placing the "D" in "reward" onto their stack, and making it back to her station with the finished stack still intact, winning reward for the tribe.

Jeff Probst: MAKHUWA, wins reward!

The members of the Makhuwa tribe drop their ropes as they loudly celebrate yet another challenge victory, especially with this being one that promises to satisfy their hunger, while the Sena tribe grumble at yet another loss. The camera then focuses on Cassy, who has her arms crossed, and a look that indicates that steam may come out of her ears soon, before switching over to Jeff Probst as he addresses the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: Congratulations Makhuwa, it certainly appears like you're back to your winning ways. Seven large pizzas will be delivered to your camp, along with some iced, cold soda, which I'm sure sounds really good right about now with how hungry you must be. (Ricki nods vigorously) Grab your stuff, head back to camp. Enjoy your reward.

The Makhuwa tribe now thank Jeff as they gather their bags and begin to exit the challenge arena. Probst then turns to the Sena tribe.

Jeff Probst: Sena, I got nothing for you. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at the next immunity challenge.

As Sena grab their bags and start leaving the challenge arena, the camera focuses on Irene, followed by a shot of Marshall, and finally Tesla as the scene transitions to her confessional.

I absolutely hated that challenge so much, you have no freaking idea! Especially since we lost with pizza on the line, and the fact I'm sooo hungry out here! (Groans) But what stung worse than the challenge loss for me was Cassy just being a stuck-up jerk as always, getting mad at me for not holding the rope tight enough. I didn't think Cassy could possibly do something that would make me want her gone more than I already did, but she somehow achieved that. I really don't know what the immunity challenge is going to bring, but whether we lose or not, I just hope so much that Marshall and Allan are telling the truth when they say I'm safe no matter what and that she's going, because I don't think she deserves to be here, and I don't deserve to be treated like crap anymore!


Fading out of Tesla's confessional, we see one more glimpse of the frustrated expression on Cassy's face as the camera fades into a commercial break.


Jovial music begins to play as the Makhuwa tribe return, while celebrating their return to their winning ways. Soon, they see a big buffet table in the middle of their camp, with seven large pizzas spread out on it, as well as four pitchers of iced cold soda (1 each of Pepsi, 7-Up, A & W Root Beer, and Orange Crush), and each member of the tribe excitedly drop their bags in the shelter and rush towards the table.

Jimmy (As he grabs a plate): Okay, maybe I'm stupid for just realizing this now, but there's seven pizzas, and quite literally, seven of us. If we wanted, we can each have our very own pizza to ourselves!

At this point, Ricki freezes and looks up at Jimmy, not having already taken three pieces from three different pizzas (cheese, double pepperoni, and Hawaiian), but also having just taken one bite out of each piece.

Ricki (Awkwardly): Uuuhhhhh... oops?

Seeing the awkward expression on Ricki's face causes Jimmy to laugh hysterically, and he is soon joined in by Constantine, Kane, and Tori. Ricki now begins to giggle awkwardly herself before questioning the law student further.

Ricki: Was I supposed to like, consult the Pizza Authority before digging into my reward?

Jimmy (Playing along): Yeah, did you not thoroughly read through the contract they had us sign before coming out here? If so, you would've seen in section 41, sub section J, sub sub section 6, that all contestants must contact the P.A.B, which stands for "Pizza Authority Branch", which you would have known if you read the contract, before consuming any part of a pizza reward.

Ricki (Sassy): It's all good, you're only going to get stoned to death by Social Justice Warriors after you get home for trying to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her food. But it's alright, I'll put in a good word for you, I'll make sure they let you live to see this episode and experience some social media backlash before your execution date.

Jimmy is now smirking and giggling uncontrollably as he walks up to Ricki, who now puts her hands on her hips. Jimmy then begins patting her head, as though Ricki is a dog, leaving the C.E.O. speechless, unsure how to react.

Jimmy (Sassily): There, there, it's okay... whatever makes you feel better.

Ricki: Uh huh.

The rest of the tribe seem amused watching this little squabble between Jimmy and Ricki, with the former still smirking from ear to ear, while the latter simply nods. Jimmy then turns away from Ricki to face the buffet table, which turns out to be a mistake as the C.E.O. takes her foot and gently kicks Jimmy's butt, surprising the tribe, and especially Jimmy, who turns around shocked, with his face beet red as he looks directly at Ricki.

Ricki (Smiling devilishly): What's the matter Jimmy? Did you think I did that? (Giggles) But of course you don't want to admit it, because then you'd be admitting that a girl just kicked your ass! But if you blame someone else, then you're just blaming an innocent person for something you know they didn't do!

Jimmy is left speechless for a moments as very proud Ricki looks over at Kane, and then at Brendyn, who instantly appears confused as to why she's looking at him. After another moment, Jimmy has still yet to respond to this, satisfying Ricki.

Ricki (Sassily): Checkmate, you son of a bitch!

The entire tribe, except for Brendyn (who is rolling his eyes) share a hearty laugh after hearing this statement from Ricki.

Jimmy (Conceding): Well played. (Chuckles)

Ricki (Proudly): Thanks!

Jimmy is honestly so much fun to make fun of sometimes, and in fairness, we make fun of each other all the damn time it seems like. I'm aware that by continuing to play along with that isn't helping matters when it comes to people possibly assuming we're a couple in this game. But sometimes ya' know... a joke is just sitting right there, and you just can't not take the opportunity to poke fun at something, especially because Jimmy's so much fun to tease sometimes. (Shrugs) Besides, there's enough of a target on my back already from the lies that were spread about me before the last vote, so I'm not going to stop taking whatever opportunity I can to have fun out here. Especially since the look on Brendyn's face when I looked at him after saying something about accusing an innocent person of something they didn't do was just priceless. Priceless I tell you! (Giggles) It doesn't prove that Brendyn spread those lies or anything, but since he is one of my prime suspects, I'd say that moment alone was about as delicious as the pizza we just won today! (Chuckles)


Following Ricki's confessional, we are shown a transitional shot of a lion chasing a gazelle before featuring the castaways once again. Up next, the footage flashes a shot of Jimmy, Kane, and Constantine enjoying their pizza a few feet away from the main camp area, followed by one of Tori and Ricki talking and laughing with their pizza in another spot, and lastly, the camera hones in on Leah and Brendyn, who are eating their pizza in front of the fire with much more serious expressions on their faces, especially compared to their younger tribe-mates.

Brendyn (Slightly awkwardly): Ya' know... I was just thinking... how much do you think we can really trust Ricki, after all that stuff came out?

Leah (Blunt): It was all lies Brendyn, I believe every word that girl said 'bout the crap Penelope accused her of saying.

Brendyn (Shrugs): I'd like to believe you, but I think she's a manipulator and a huge game-player. Who knows how many lies she has told out here? And how do we know 100% that she wasn't lying when she said she didn't say that stuff?

Leah: She's in our alliance, Brendyn, and she's given us no reason to doubt her.

Brendyn (Persistent): Ya' see... I want to believe that is the case, I really do. But ever since the swap hit, she's really been playing up that "nice girl" act, and trying to get in good with the Senas. I mean, just look at her with Tori right now!

Another shot of Tori and Ricki laughing as if they were girlfriends comes onto the screen before returning to Leah and Brendyn.

Brendyn: Something's not quite adding up about Ricki and Jimmy, but especially Ricki, and I am just so nervous about it.

Leah (Annoyed): Ya' know, if I didn't know any better, I'd begin to start thinking that you were the one to spread that crap about Ricki saying that stuff about Penelope the other day!

Brendyn (Shocked; Defensive): W-w-why on earth would I do something heinous like that?! I... I just made an observation, Leah! No need to get all angry and annoyed with me and start accusing me of stuff I had no involvement in! We're supposed to be allies, remember? Why do you think I'd be stupid enough to jump ship now?!

Leah (Rolls eyes): Because you're so damn focused on turning me against Ricki, that's why!

Brendyn: Again, I just made a simple observation that Ricki appears to be quite a devious player! I wasn't accusing anybody of anything, but I am paranoid about what she can pull off if we give her enough leeway.

Leah: Well, you made it seem like you wanted Ricki gone right this second, so I'm just callin' a spade a spade, Brendyn.

Brendyn: I understand, but I promise you that's not the case!

Leah is the exact type of player in this game that I just plain can't stand! She gets placed on a tribe, considers that her alliance as soon as a swap or merge hits, then checks out of the rest of the game strategically without considering that her allies could be snakes in the grass, then gets mad at someone trying to be realistic about their situation. If we do go back to Tribal before a merge, I want Jimmy and Ricki split up, but I don't want Leah mad at me and me alone for flipping because that could spell disaster for me once the merge does hit. Don't get me wrong, I'm still willing to split up Jimmy and Ricki with or without Leah's help, so I just have to hope that the trust I have developed with the original Senas is strong enough to carry me way past the merge because I would not be looking forward to feeling Leah's wrath.


Brendyn: All I'm saying is that we know Jimmy and Ricki are a tight duo, and we know that Ricki especially has been working hard to appear like the nicest person alive since the swap, when that wasn't really the case before. Call it paranoia, but I'm just saying, we have every right to be concerned about her.

Leah (Blunt): I'd rather trust her than someone from the pink tribe that we barely know. Thank you.

Brendyn (Sighs): Yeah, that does make sense. If what Penelope says she was told was a lie after all, then it was clearly a Sena person that told those lies in an effort to escape off the bottom. It just really sucks that Penelope ended up asking us to vote her out over it.

Leah: I dunno who it was, though it probably was a Sena person. Either way, it wasn't Ricki, I'm sure of that, and if we do go back to Tribal, I refuse to vote her out over someone from the pink tribe.

I'm at the point where I'm only keeping Brendyn in the game 'cause I got no other option. As far as I know, we're allies right now technically, but the way he's talking about Ricki as of late, you know he wants to make a big move on her as soon as he gets the chance. That just doesn't sit well with me 'cause Ricki's shown me nothing but respect out here, and Brendyn's only ever been schemey as heck. I mean, that man even just had to suggest that Ricki actually said that crap 'bout Penelope that basically made the woman quit, which is damn near the most ridiculous thing I've heard in my life! Right now, a Sena still needs to go first in my books, but Brendyn had better watch himself, especially if we merge soon 'cause there ain't no way I'm putting my fate in his hands for a damn second out here!


From Leah's confessional, the scene switches over to the conversation between Tori and Ricki.

Ricki (Taking another bite of pizza): Mmmm!! I can't get over how good this tastes, honestly! I'd argue that this is up there with some of the best pizza I've ever had.

Tori: Then you must not know what truly great pizza tastes like!

Ricki seems taken aback by this.

Tori: I mean, it's great and all, but like, I probably wouldn't be enjoying this so much if it wasn't some of the first actual food I've had in 18 days. Besides, deep dish pizza is to die for!

Ricki: Yeah, I guess that's a fair statement, and you're right about how this probably tastes better 'cause we haven't had much access to real food out here... although we did have a barbecue feast as a reward once.

Tori (Rolls eyes; Sarcastic): Yeah, remind me more about how much my old tribe sucked ass. I'd love to know more about all the fabulous rewards I was unable to win.

Ricki (Snickering): Point taken.

Both Tori and Ricki are silent for a couple of minutes as they enjoy more of their pizza. Soon however, Ricki breaks the silence, changing the subject.

Ricki: So Tori, I know you're all into politics and stuff, but what do you like to actually do in your spare time?

Tori (Shrugs): I enjoy hanging with friends and stuff, watching Netflix, stuff like that. I guess one of my few actual (finger quotes) "hobbies" though is playing the saxophone. I started it in middle school and loved it.

Ricki (Intrigued): Oh wow! I played the sax too in band! What kind were you on?

Tori: All of them! (Giggles) I started on alto in middle school, but switched to tenor in my freshman year of high school. Tenor was harder at the start 'cause the spacing between the buttons is larger and my hands aren't that big, I found out, but I loved the sound so much more!

Ricki (Impressed): Nice! I was the same way, started on alto and switched to tenor. I think I switched when I was still in middle school though, 'cause I liked the sound better and the finger spacing felt more natural to me. But yeah, you said you played all of them, so I guess that would include the baritone sax as well?

Tori (Nodding): Yeah, I played bari starting in my junior year whenever I got the chance, although I was still mostly on tenor through high school 'cause my band teacher never got all that many songs that featured the bari.

Ricki: Makes sense.

Tori: I also played the soprano sax for a couple of songs in my senior year, though songs for that came even less often than songs for the bari. (Ricki appears pleasantly surprised) Yeah, I just made it known to my teachers that I loved the saxophone and that I was always willing to try new material for it, and new saxophones, when the chance came.

Ricki: Sorry, but what is a soprano sax exactly? I know it must be a higher range than the alto, but I've never even heard of it before, let alone seen one.

Tori: It basically looks like a big-ass, brass clarinet, is the best way for me to describe it, and, as you said, it's got a higher range than the alto. Honestly, you might've seen one and just not known it, 'cause you might've thought it was just a big, fancy clarinet.

Ricki (Nodding): Okay, I might've seen it, but who knows? But yeah, so you still play the sax a lot?

Tori: Not nearly as much as I used to, but still whenever I can. I still got my alto and tenor 'cause my parents purchased them through the school on a rent-to-own type thing. Honestly, I wish I had a bari and a soprano at home, but I only ever used those on loan from the high school 'cause they weren't featured in many songs. (Shrugs) Whatever though, if I win the million, the first things I'm buying myself are bari and soprano saxophones... then I pay for university! (Chuckles)

Ricki (Laughing): I was going to say, I thought you were out here so you could pay for your school.

Tori: Yeah, but like, I need a bari and a soprano to complete my collection, and I'd also like to have all four so I could always have my pick of the litter and play whatever song best fits my mood or whatever. Seriously, priorities people!

Once again, Ricki and Tori both start laughing as the camera zooms in on Ricki before transitioning to her confessional.

Honestly, the more I get to know Tori, the more I enjoy hanging out with her. I know I said I planned to get to know the Sena people better as part of strategy, but it is really refreshing to see how Tori's mood changes when you take her outside of the game for a while since she is such a serious person, especially about the game. I think also, knowing how Penelope and Tori felt about each other, with Penelope gone, Tori probably feels a lot less on edge, and she's just more willing to loosen up now. I'm hoping I can use this bond with her to foster some sort of strategic relationship out here, but it is good to know that even if us working together out here doesn't pan out, then I'm at least confident we'll be good friends when we get back home. (Smiling)


Ricki: So, uh... I almost hate to bring this up 'cause I know technically speaking we're on different sides right now. But like, where is your head at in this game right now? Specifically thinking about a possible merge.

Tori: Well, for one, I don't want to go back to Tribal before the merge. If you're worried about me wanting to stay (finger quotes) "Sena Strong" or whatever, that's totally untrue. Cassy's the only original Sena left in the game still on Sena, and I was really starting to trust her less and less as the game went on because she clearly wanted control of the game to herself. On this tribe though, I like Kane and Constantine, yeah, but I also really like you and Jimmy, so sticking with this tribe for me would be a no-brainer, I think.

Ricki: For sure, and I am quite happy to hear that, to be honest. I think, for the most part, I like a lot of people here as well. I'm just really paranoid and on edge though because either Penelope made up lies for me for no reason, or someone deliberately tried to set me up to look like some sort of psycho.

Tori (Sighs): Yeah, I see what you're saying.

Ricki: I promise you that I didn't say any of that stuff about Penelope. It's just not in me! I'd be completely and totally crushed if those comments were the reason I went home!

Tori: Well, I dunno if this is going to change anything, but for the record, I believe you. I have no idea where those comments came from, and they did seem quite out of character for you. So yeah, I'd say you have every reason to be freaking out a bit right now.

Ricki (Passionately): Exactly! Thank you for saying that! It does make me happy that you believe me, even if we aren't really working together right now.

Tori: Honestly, I just want to put all that s*** past us right now, especially since Penelope's gone. I can't really promise you much right now other than the fact that my next vote won't be based on that drama. I'm definitely open to working with you down the road if it becomes an option, and part of that is because I know you wouldn't be nearly stupid enough to say s*** like that, and I think we do have the potential to do damage together if it's beneficial for both of us.

Ricki (Nodding): For sure, and I like how you're able to see through all the BS and grasp the reality of these kinds of situations. The fact you believe me also bumps you up a few notches in my book. So... (Feigning confidence) all I can say right now is that if we go back to Tribal, whenever that is, I'm not writing your name down, and I'll do everything in my power to make sure you don't go home. I can't promise anything right now, but I do want you at the merge with me, especially if Cassy's your only connection on the other tribe and you don't trust her.

Tori is taken aback by Ricki's confident tone, not quite sure what to make of it. As she responds, she forces a smile and does her best to take any hint of an awkward tone out of her voice.

Tori: I really appreciate that, thank you very much! All I want right now is to get to the merge so I have a chance to show what I can do, and also so we have the chance to work together out here.

As on edge as Ricki clearly is when it comes to the comments she was accused of saying about Penelope a little while ago, she still seemed confident enough that she has the majority, which means she obviously thinks someone from Sena spread those lies. I know it's obvious that Brendyn wants her out right now, but I think this perfectly illustrates just how deliberately he's playing both sides and how much effort he's putting into that, which makes me so much more uncomfortable when it comes to trusting him. I guess this is the kind of thing Craig was talking about when he brought up the whole "don't trust Brendyn" thing at the start of the game, and oddly enough, I'm really coming to trust Brendyn's target much more so than I trust him, which is scary. Obviously Ricki refused to make me promises and she acted like she thought she had the majority, so I am worried she still might write my name down. (Sighs) I guess this goes to show just how complicated the game is, and how important it is to make sure you're placing your trust in the right people going forward.


The camera now cuts out of Tori's confessional and pans over to show Ricki as the two young women continue their conversation. The camera then zooms in on the C.E.O. as it transitions to her confessional.

When Tori says that she'd be interested in working with me out here, I do believe that to an extent. I think she's willing to do whatever it takes to benefit her game and that she's willing to work with absolutely anybody as long as it makes strategic sense to her. Since I don't trust Brendyn nearly enough for me to be confident that I'm in the majority, Tori is someone that I'm going to continue trying to appeal to when it comes to working together for our next vote. I don't think she's quite sold yet, but I'm not going to stop fighting for my spot until my torch is out, and that's the bottom line.


From Ricki's confessional, we are taken to the conversation between Jimmy, Kane, and Constantine. Much like Tori and Ricki, the three guys are also enjoying each others' company as they enjoy their pizza reward.

Jimmy: So, just curious, besides food and family, obviously, what's the one thing you miss the most about home?

Kane: Oddly enough, my job.

Jimmy (Pleasantly surprised): Really?

Kane: Yeah. Aside from a select few people, I really enjoy helping people get fit and lose some weight and/or build muscle, and teaching people how to eat healthier. It's really hard at first for both of us, but the end result is so rewarding if they stick it out!

Constantine: For sure! How many people do generally end up quitting partway through?

Kane: From my personal clientele... about 25-30%, I'd say, unfortunately. Most of the time with those people, something they couldn't predict comes up and they can't continue for whatever reason, so that's understandable. But sometimes they piss me off because they're quitting because it's (finger quotes) "too hard" rolls eyes. I mean, you start this thing that's vital for your health, I'm doing everything in my power to help you and keep you motivated, and you're just going to up and quit because it's hard right now?! Like, are you f***ing kidding me?!

Jimmy: I know! I was raised with the whole mantra of "if you start something, you'd better finish it." So that would piss me off to no end as well.

Kane: Exactly! But yeah, for the most part, my job is very rewarding, especially when my client meets their target weight finally, or even if they come in one day and they're so happy because they're finally just starting to feel better physically.

Constantine: Yeah, I can only imagine how good that would make you feel. That's awesome, man!

Kane (Smiling): Thank you! So how about for you guys, what do you miss most from home that's not food or family?

Constantine: I hate to go with work too... but yeah, I never thought I'd say it, but I miss my job. It was never my dream to mix and serve drinks for a living, but even though it doesn't pay much, it's something I found out I was good at, and I really enjoy meeting and talking with new people.

Jimmy: You know what they say, if you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life.

Constantine (Giggles): True, but I wouldn't go that far. There are some customers that piss me off, and I hate having to deal with creeps or rowdy drunks. But for the most part, everyone's there to have a good time, and it's such a great atmosphere.

Jimmy: Have you ever thought about opening your own bar one day?

Constantine: Not really, although I would be interested in becoming Head Bartender or Manager at some point of the one I'm working at now, especially 'cause those positions make much more money. I know money's not everything, but we need it to survive.

Kane (Nodding): That is so true!

Constantine: But yeah, I'm happy with where I'm at right now at least, and I guess we'll see what the future holds.

Jimmy: For sure! We're all young enough, we're single, we have no children, and we got our whole lives ahead of us. As long as your financial situation is manageable right now, no need to stress too much right now over getting that raise or promotion just yet.

Sitting with Kane and Constantine and just talking about life stuff as we enjoyed our reward was a much needed break from the game for me, as far as I'm concerned. I mean, yeah, Ricki and I both agreed that we'd try and get closer to the original Senas for strategic gain, but with all the drama that's been going on as of late, I desperately needed to have a great chat about stuff normal humans talk about to distract me and cool my jets somewhat. This game is so incredibly stressful, and just like in life, it's important to try and take care of your own mental well-being just as much as anything else. It was also just great to get to know Kane and Constantine on a more personal level, and I love how they both have such pride and joy they get out of their jobs. I just hope this wasn't the last time we get to chat like this 'cause as much as I may not actually trust them in terms of the game itself, I did really enjoy that conversation the three of us had this afternoon.


Kane: So how about you, Jimmy? Besides food and family, what's the one thing you miss the most?

Jimmy: You guys gave such meaningful answers, and here I am, about to sound incredibly petty! (Chuckles) But here it goes.

Constantine: What is it?

Jimmy: I'd have to say I miss my laptop the most, especially Netflix. I say that of course, because I can't answer family, because obviously they are number one.

Constantine: Alright then, what do you watch on Netflix mostly?

Jimmy: Suits is my favourite show on there, I'd say. Maybe it has to do with the fact I'm going into law, but I love it, and I'm totally binge watching it as soon as I get home! (Chuckles)

Constantine: Isn't that the show Meghan Markle's on?

Jimmy: Yup! She's one of my celebrity crushes too. (Giggles) But of course she had to hook up with a member of the Royal Family, I don't stand a chance anymore!

Constantine: I guess not. (Giggles)

Jimmy: But yeah, Meghan was on Deal or No Deal as well before Suits, case #24. I loved that show too!

Kane (Rolls eyes; Sassy): Of course you would, straight boy! (Giggles) I wonder how many times you, uhh... (finger quotes) "pleasured yourself" at the thought of taking Howie Mandel's place and saying (Mockingly) "Ladies, please!" to cue 26 models to enter the room.

Constantine and Jimmy both start laughing.

Jimmy: I'm impressed! For a gay guy, you sure have a good understanding of what was going through my mind when I first watched it. Especially since season one started not long after I hit puberty! (Laughs)

Kane (Rolls eyes): It's not hard, you think with your dick more than your brain.

Jimmy: Well, that's a little insulting, don't 'cha think? (Chuckles)

Kane: Not really, I'm not much different. Must be a guy thing. (Snickering)

Jimmy (Giggles): I can live with that, I guess.

As the three young men continue talking and laughing with each other, the camera hones in on a smiling Constantine before cutting to his confessional.

It was really nice being able to talk with Jimmy and getting to know him for who he is outside the game more. He's a really likable guy that brings a lot of positive energy, and he has a great sense of humour, and I'd personally love to hang out with him after the game and have a few beers together. In my opinion, the best alliances out here are those with people that you like and respect, and I personally both like and respect Jimmy, while I have zero respect for Brendyn, who I am technically aligned with, unfortunately. That being said, I refuse to do anything that could blatantly jeopardize the games of myself, Kane, or Tori. But if there comes a point where Jimmy and I can work together, and if it makes sense for me to work with him, yeah, I'd like to take up that opportunity. But right now unfortunately, it looks like I may only get that chance once the merge finally hits, so hopefully it happens soon.


The view now zooms out of Constantine's confessional and takes us back to the conversation between him, Kane, and Jimmy for a brief moment before focusing on Kane and switching to the personal trainer's confessional.

For the record, there are so many things I love about Jimmy, including his positive energy, his sense of humour, and of course the fact he's amazing to look at! (Chuckles) But the fact of the matter is, as we were getting to know each other during the reward, I did start to get the sense of just how threatening Jimmy is in this game! I mean, he's going into law, so clearly he's super smart! Also, it's so obvious just how amazing his social game is, especially with Penelope still being willing to hug him at Tribal despite Brendyn supposedly saying that Jimmy was complacent to all the offensive stuff he accused Ricki of saying about her! (Shrugs) I hate to say it, but nobody can really say a bad thing about Jimmy, and all of this is making me think that it would be in our best interests to send him home before Ricki, especially if we plan on splitting that couple up anyway. I may be attracted to Jimmy, but I didn't come out here to chase a straight boy, I came out here to win a million dollars. So if that means that Jimmy must go next instead of Ricki, then so be it.


The scene now focuses on the three young men one last time. Soon, it zooms in on Jimmy for a brief moment, and then fades to black.


The program now re-opens at the Sena tribe on day 19, with the five castaways lazing around in the main camp area, watching the afternoon go by. After a couple of brief moments, a bored Irene walks over to the tribe's small stash of clams and looks into it, before looking towards Allan.

Irene: Hey Allan! Guess what? I can predict the future!

Allan (Sarcastically): Yeah, sure...

Irene: It's true! In less than two minutes, you and I are going to go collect clams.

Allan: No, we have plenty right now.

Irene: Actually, we don't, and I'm tired of eating just rice and beans, so you're going to collect clams with me, and I won't shut up until you do.

Allan: Has it been two minutes yet? I just want to lay here long enough to prove you wrong.

Irene: No, not even close. I won't shut up either until you get your ass up and come with me to collect clams.

Tesla (Butting in): Just go with her, Allan, she's giving me a headache.

Cassy (Muttering Under Breath): What doesn't give you a headache?

Nobody appears to catch Cassy's remark as the diesel mechanic rolls her eyes. The camera then pans back over to Irene and Allan, with the former smirking in the latter's direction.

Allan (Groaning): Ugh, fine, let's get this over with.

Irene (Proudly): I figured you'd see it my way, eventually.

Irene and Allan now begin to walk off towards the beach. As they do, the camera focuses on Tesla for a brief moment before switching over to Irene and cutting to her confessional.

Knowing Tesla, after she found Cassy and I talking about how her sticking her arm in the pot to fish out individual grains of rice was gross, and started yelling at us for it, she probably went to Allan and Marshall and created this whole scene where she pretended to be some sort of victim, especially after calling off the final three deal she had with Marshall and I. So, as part of some damage control, I felt I needed to clear the air with people like Allan and make them understand what really happened. At least that way, I don't look like some heartless bitch, and I keep someone as emotional and whiny as Tesla from having any sort of control over my game.


After Irene's confessional, we are taken to the conversation between Allan and Irene that is taking place as the two of them search for and collect clams, although Irene is clearly more focused on conversing with Allan.

Irene: So, uh... at any point today, has Tesla said anything about comments she thinks I made?

Allan (Nodding as he picks up a clam): Yeah, actually she did. She mentioned that you and Cassy were talking crap about her and laughing at her behind her back, something about you comparing her to pigs in a barn, then going on about her being useless.

Irene (Direct): Okay, here's what really happened. Yes, Tesla apparently walked in and overheard Cassy and I talking about her. However, I personally was not talking s*** about Tesla.

Allan: What did you say, then?

Irene: I mentioned how obnoxious it was of her to stick her whole damn arm in the pot and fish around for grains of rice to shove in her mouth. Cassy said that when her brothers picked crumbs off their plate with their fingers and put them in their mouths, her mother would ask if they should be thrown with the pigs in the barn. I then said that I understood the comparison to pigs in a barn because what she was doing was gross!

Allan: Did someone rant about her being useless?

Irene (Sighs): Yes, Cassy did. I never directly called her a pig though, and I was mostly just talking about how her behaviour was gross and obnoxious. I never once called her a name, and really, she should've known how sticking her arm in the pot like that would be perceived! It's disgusting!

Allan (Unsympathetic): Well, obviously Tesla has experienced a lot of bullying, most likely about her weight, which is why the pig comment sticks out to her. I also almost hate to say this, but it looks like you kinda brought this on yourself for talking s*** about her.

Irene (Annoyed): So you're taking her side in this?

Allan (Taken aback): Uhhh, I'm not taking anyone's side, I'm just telling you what I think happened, and saying what happened from Tesla's point of view.

Irene (Not backing down): I myself was not talking s*** about Tesla, I was talking about how grossed out I was by something Tesla did. Cassy is the one that talked s*** about Tesla!

Allan: Well, that's not how Tesla heard it, and I wish you'd be more sympathetic with her when it comes to this.

Irene: We tried to explain the situation to her, both of us, but she wasn't listening. There was nothing I could do in that moment.

Allan: How about an apology?

Irene (Irritated): Why should I have to apologize? I did nothing wrong!

Allan: A comment you made is what got her that angry and upset. You didn't have to apologize for what you said, but how it came off and how it made her feel. I can't believe you have absolutely no sympathy for Tesla right now and how you only seem concerned with clearing your name, even though you don't think you have anything to apologize for!

At this point, Irene realizes that Allan's stance is not going to change, no matter what she says. So, Irene decides that it is now time to start doing some damage control.

Irene (Conceding): Yeah, I guess you're right. I don't think I really understand how she may have felt, especially if she walked in on us at the wrong moment, and I can see that if she was bullied and compared to a pig before, that it could hurt. So... (sighs) I'm really, truly sorry for how I acted.

Allan: I'm not the one you should be apologizing to, that would be Tesla. But I'm glad you seem to understand now.

Irene: For sure, and I think I will apologize to her when I get the chance. Thanks for this.

(Fuming) I can't believe this, I can't f***ing believe this! Allan has decided to take TESLA'S mother-f***ing side in this whole thing! That girl has become such a chore to put up with, and you're walking on f***ing eggshells around her the whole damn time it seems like! Quite frankly, I don't think she'd understand a f***ing social cue if a f***ing barbershop quartet started following her around and singing when she does something f***ing obnoxious! But of course, Allan's on her side! (Rolls eyes then growls) What's worse though is that now I'm being forced to suck up to (finger quotes) "perfect Allan" and his perfect ass by making him think I realize I'm in the wrong, despite the fact he's just buying into Tesla being a whiny bitch! (Snarls) I guess that means an alliance between me him and Cassy ain't gonna happen now! (Shakes head) F***!! (Puts her head in her hands


Despite the anger shown in Irene's confessional, when we return to the conversation between her and Irene, we see that she is trying her best to contain her frustration by forcing a smile and flirting with Allan.

Irene (Playing with her hair): I really appreciate that you took the time to explain why what I said was wrong instead of blindly taking her side.

Irene now grabs Allan's left arm with both hands and starts feeling up and down his bicep.

Irene (Flirtatiously): It's so nice to see such a strong guy like you acting so mature and wanting the best for everybody on this tribe. I know I don't have a filter sometimes, so I'd love it if I could have you watching my back and keeping me in check out here.

Allan begins giggling awkwardly and pulling his arm away from Irene.

Allan: Yeah, I've been told before that I'm pretty mature, and it's nice that you think highly of me like that.

Irene: Yeah, and I can honestly say that I want to go to the endgame with you our here. I'd say you're the most sane and trustworthy person at least on this tribe, and probably the whole game!

Allan (Forcing a smile): Why thank you, that's very nice. If you're serious about wanting to go the end with me, I don't see why I wouldn't feel comfortable going to the end with you. You're very upfront about where you stand, which I really like.

Irene: Exactly! You and I as a power-duo can totally dominate this game together!

Allan (Giggling awkwardly): Yeah, I guess we can.

For my sake, I hope Irene's being genuine when she says that she realizes why Tesla was upset when Tesla overheard her comparing her to a pig, and also when she says that she's going to apologize to Tesla. I dunno though, to me, Irene seemed more interested with clearing her name and making sure she gets out of this situation scot-free, especially because she started flirting with me, and mentioned going towards the end with me. I've noticed that Irene is a very loud and opinionated girl, and I think she's the type that will do absolutely anything to get on top and stay there. As I said, I hope she's being genuine when she apologized to me for what she said, and when she says she wants to go towards the end with me. But I guess right now, I just need to be careful and keep my eye on her to see if that's true.


From Allan's confessional, a transitional scene of a hippopotamus wiggling its ears as it sits half-submerged in a lagoon comes onto the screen before we are taken to the main camp area. We now see that in the mean time, Tesla is now there alone as she rests in the shelter. After a couple of brief moments, Tesla sits up, still clearly frustrated about something. She then begins eyeing the tribe's fire as the scene switches over to her confessional.

As a self-proclaimed "nerd," and a massive Harry Potter fan, I have taken the Sorting Hat test on Pottermore, and other sites a few times. I tend to come up as a Hufflepuff, but oddly enough, I do get Slytherin every once in a while. Most days, I am your typical Hufflepuff House member. I'm an odd duck that doesn't fall into a particular category, and I tend to be quite friendly and loyal. But at the same time, as a Survivor super-fan, I wanted to come into this game with the Slytherin mindset of being strong, ambitious, cunning, and results-orientated, wanting to win at all costs. With how hard this game has been on me though, especially with all the bullying I've faced out here, I can feel my inner Slytherin taking over. Those comments made by Irene and Cassy really pushed me over the edge, and hearing that I was compared to pigs in a barn by someone that's acted nice to my face this whole time really hurt me very badly. So, after we got back from the challenge, I thought it over, and even though I'm mostly Hufflepuff, I guess my inner Slytherin is really taking over right now because I decided to take some revenge.


After Tesla's confessional cuts out, we see her shuffle over towards Cassy's stuff inside the shelter, where she picks up Cassy's water canteen that was sitting on top of her bag. Tesla shakes the canteen and thinks that it is about three-quarters full, so she moves onto Irene's stuff. Irene's canteen turns out to be sitting just inside her bag. Tesla pulls it out, shakes it, and determines that it is about half full. Tesla then unscrews the lid off of Irene's canteen and takes a big sip out of it, making sure to use her tongue to lick every edge of the lip Irene would drink out of. Tesla then switches over to Cassy's canteen and does the same thing. Next, Tesla leans out of the shelter and looks around, making sure nobody is coming. Satisfied that the coast is clear, Tesla smirks, steps outside of the shelter, with the two canteens still in her hands, lids unscrewed. Tesla then stands over the fire, and empties both water canteens onto it, making sure to put the fire out in the process.

Tesla (Muttering to herself): They wanna call me useless, they wanna talk about me screwing up. I'll give 'em what they ask for.

Once the two water canteens are completely empty, and the fire out, Tesla screws the lids back on, and rushes back to the shelter where she places both canteens exactly where and how she found them. We then see her laying down in the shelter again as the camera transitions to another confessional.

Yeah, I put out the fire with Cassy's and Irene's water canteens. That's what they get for talking crap about me behind my back, especially Cassy for bullying me this whole time! I think they actually deserve worse than just that 'cause if Cassy's such an expert, she'll get the fire back up in no time, and it'll only be another trip to the well to fill the canteens. But like, if they want me to be useless, I'll be useless. I don't care anymore, it's not like they show me any kind of respect anyway!


Following Tesla's confessional, the scene shows her in the shelter trying to get back to sleep. Soon, Allan and Irene return to camp with more clams as they make light conversation, both assuming the fire is still going as they return. Tesla hears them return and tries her best to pretend that she is asleep. Irene doesn't pay any attention to Tesla as she walks over to her bag and grabs her water canteen. She is surprised with how light it feels, but puts it to her lips anyway. She is now more surprised to find that her canteen is completely empty.

Irene: The f***? I drank all this already? (rolls eyes) Whatever. (Turns around) Hey Allan! How we doing for water in the jugs? I'm fresh out!

Allan now starts giggling uncontrollably.

Irene (Confused): What?

Allan (Between Giggles): You know the water in the jugs hasn't been boiled yet... right?

Irene (Embarrassed): Y-yes... uhhh... I was uh.... er... testing you. Yeah, I was testing you to see if you knew that and if you'd boil more for me.

Allan (Rolls Eyes; Shakes Head): Yeah... uh huh... sure.

Allan now walks over to where the water jugs are and picks one up as Irene grabs their big pot to boil the water. The camera then pans over to Tesla as she still pretends to sleep in the shelter, trying to stifle her giggling. We then return to Allan and Irene as they reach the fire pit, and are shocked to learn that the fire is out.

Allan (Stunned): What the... how did the fire go out?

Irene: Did you guys not put enough wood on it?

Allan: We did, there's still plenty on the pit, so it shouldn't be out.

Allan now crouches down to get a closer look.

Allan (Flabbergasted): Now I see why it's out... this wood is wet.

Irene crosses her arms as a scowl comes across her face, clearly unimpressed with what she thinks is a joke.

Irene (Annoyed): Allan, don't f*** with me. We're in the dry season, so that ain't gonna work.

Allan (Picks up a log): Here, feel this, and tell me it's not wet.

Still skeptical, Irene takes the log from Allan to humour him. When she puts her hands on the surface of it however, she is stunned to learn that Allan was not joking after all, leaving her totally speechless.

Allan: Well...?

Irene (Irritated): It's f***ing wet. What in the actual f*** happened?!

Irene now slowly turns her head in the direction of the shelter, where Tesla is still pretending to be asleep as she tries to stifle her giggles. From where she's standing, Irene can't tell that Tesla isn't actually asleep, but it doesn't take her long to realize that both her water canteen was empty, and the firewood is wet, and put two and two together.

Irene (Angry whisper): That. Stupid. Bitch.

Furious, Irene now throws both the log, and her empty canteen of water, on the ground and proceeds to start marching over to the shelter to confront Tesla. Allan sees where this is heading, and instantly rushes over to her in an attempt to diffuse the situation, blocking her path to the shelter, thinking that Tesla is sleeping, Allan talks in a whisper.

Allan: It's not worth it.

Irene (Shocked; Irritated; Whispering): The f*** are you doing? That girl used my water canteen to put out the fire. She's now actively sabotaging our tribe, Allan!

Allan: I can tell you're about to do something drastic, but I'm pretty darn sure you can guess why she did this!

Irene: If she can't let a single, off-handed comment go, to the point where she sabotages the tribe, the she can't f***ing be trusted with a vote!

Irene now pushes past Allan, who asks where she's going. Irene simply responds that she's "going to check something." Allan follows behind Irene in an attempt to monitor the situation, with an expression on his face that shows he's clearly worried for what might come next. We now see that Irene goes over to Cassy's stuff and picks up her water canteen to shake it. The camera and microphone zoom in on the canteen as Irene shakes it, and we can hear that Cassy's canteen is empty as well. The camera pans over to Tesla, who is clamping her eyes shut, knowing that Irene is in the shelter as well. When the camera pans back over to Irene, we see a scowl come across her face as she aggressively flips Tesla a middle finger (which is blurred out). Out of curiosity, Irene stands up, walks around Tesla, and goes over to Allan's stuff, picks up his canteen, and shakes it. Once again, the camera and microphone zoom in on the canteen as Irene shakes it, and we can hear that there is some water in there. The camera then zooms back out, and we can see Irene walking over to Marshall's canteen,which is hanging over the edge of the shelter, in front of Marshall's bag in order to complete her investigation. She then picks up Marshall's canteen, as the camera and microphone once again zoom in, and shakes it. Once again, we hear that there is still water in the canteen. Irene is now more angry over the situation, knowing that her suspicions have been confirmed. She replaces Marshall's canteen and walks over to Allan.

Irene (Snappy): Yup! Just mine and Cassy's canteens are empty.

Allan (Shrugs): Okay, we know now that Tesla must've done this on purpose, but I kinda think you and Cassy had it coming.

Irene (Rolls eyes): Oh please!

Irene now walks over to Tesla and her stuff, while Allan makes sure to follow closely behind her. Irene now picks up Tesla's canteen and unscrews the lid while staring directly at her. Irene then turns her body towards Tesla and lifts the canteen directly over Tesla's head. Seeing where this is going, Allan begins to panic and grabs the canteen out of Irene's hand and screws the lid back on, preventing Irene from being able to empty Tesla's water right on top of her, and angering Irene even more, to the point where the Fashion Blogger and YouTube Personality no longer cares about whispering.

Irene (Pissed Off): What the f*** was that for, Allan?! You know she deserved it!

Allan (Holding his Ground): Two wrongs don't make a right, Irene, and the water is easy enough to re-boil!

Irene (Snarls): Still, would've served her right to wake up to both a shower and no water in her canteen after pulling that stunt. But whatever, act like I'm the f***ing devil.

Irene now begins to walk towards their wood pile to get fresh wood for their fire-pit. However, part-way there, she turns around, and points a finger in Allan's direction.

Irene: By the way, she's not getting an apology from me. Not now!

Allan (Slowly Nodding; Quiet Tone): That's fair.

Irene is now shown picking up some firewood and making her way back to the fire-pit as the camera transitions to her confessional.

Tesla is honestly a real f***ing piece of work! Ya' know that?! I mean, yeah, I can sort of understand why hearing "pigs in a barn" next to her name got her upset. But at the same time, because of that she has to go out and dump out Cassy's and my water canteens to put out the tribe's fire?! The worst f***ing part of this is how Allan has the audacity to think that Cassy and I "deserve" this! (Rolls eyes) I wonder if Huggies is accepting auditions for a new line of Pull-Ups commercials. I mean, I'm kinda thinking Tesla should start wearing those things anyway by how she acts and carries herself around here, and how she's still throwing a tantrum over a couple comments. (Shrugs) Besides, Tesla would be a perfect fit for the Huggies jingle, I'm sure: (singing) "I'm a big kid now!" (Giggles uncontrollably)


Following Irene's confessional, both her and Allan can be seen watching the pot of water boil on their new fire, although there is a bit of an awkward silence between them now. Cassy is now shown returning to camp and sees the pot on the fire. Confused, Cassy walks over to Allan and Irene to ask about it.

Cassy: Isn't it a bit early to boil more water? It's kinda early in the afternoon to eat, don't 'cha think?

Irene (Sighs): This water isn't for our food, it's drinking water.

Cassy (More confused): We literally just boiled more drinking water after we got back from the challenge. Why do we need more?

Irene now stands up, and begins to walk away, but motions for Cassy to follow her. After a quick time-skip, the two young women are shown talking in a secluded area of the camp, while Cassy has a look of concern on her face.

Irene: There's no easy way to tell you this, but uh...

Cassy (Blunt): Just tell me.

Irene: Fine! (Sighs) You and I were out of water.

Cassy (Butting in): How?!

Irene: You know those comments we made before the challenge that Tesla got mad at?

Cassy (Puzzled): Yeah...?

Irene: Well... (sighs) because of those comments... Tesla dumped out your water, and my water... onto the fire, putting it out.

Cassy's jaw now drops and she has been rendered speechless, not quite sure how to take Irene's words.

Irene: Yes, you heard me right.

Cassy is absolutely furious hearing this, but takes a few deep breaths, and tries to control herself so that she doesn't start outright screaming.

Cassy: Ya' know... I don't think I've ever said that I hated a person before, because "hate" is a very strong word...

Irene (Finishing her sentence): But you f***ing hate Tesla?

Cassy: YES!! She's literally doing everything in her power to see how long it takes for me to punch her in the mouth, I swear! But, I'm grown up enough to not throw away a million dollars for two seconds of satisfaction before she starts crying.

Irene (Excited): I know, right?! (Laughs)

Cassy: Seriously though, I'm pissed right off about this, and I am going to wake her up and confront her if need be.

Irene: Uhh... that probably won't be a good idea.

Cassy: Why not?

Irene: Allan and I spoke about Tesla already, and he's firmly on her side!

Cassy (Outraged): What?! HOW!?

Irene: Apparently because we were s*** talking, and because of the stuff we said being supposedly understandably hurtful, we had this coming.

Cassy (Looks Up; Shakes Head): You've got to be kidding me!

Irene: I'm not. If you blow up on Tesla, unless we can magically get Marshall on our side, which I doubt, then you're definitely going home next, and by association, I'm right after you.

Cassy (Groaning): Ugh! What the f*** Allan?!

Irene: I know, I think it's bulls*** too, but we gotta deal with it. Water's being boiled anyway, as you saw.

Cassy: True, but I'm still so f***ing pissed. Please, keep me in line for the rest of the day so I don't strangle the girl... even verbally?

Irene (Giggling): Sure. I can try.

Cassy: I just really don't want to go home over something as petty as a few truth bombs that offended her.

Irene (Nodding): I know, I know.

The camera now pans over to Cassy, who is simply shaking her head with her hands on her hips as the camera cuts to her confessional.

Finding out that Tesla dumped my water and Irene's water onto the fire to put it out really pissed me off to no end because you just know it was all because of what she heard us saying about her before the challenge today. If it wasn't for Allan taking her side for some stupid reason, I'd totally be unleashing my wrath on that girl for displaying such immaturity over a few comments! I'll tell you right now, that girl never would've survived a day in my high school 'cause I had people calling me a boy, (finger quotes) "macho," "butch," a lesbian, or a (finger quotes) "tranny" 'cause I took all these (finger quotes) "boy classes" like woodworking, welding, and auto-body, and also because I like to hunt. But I learned to suck it up and move on with my life, and you don't see me crying or throwing a fit at the mere mention of me being "strong for a girl" or when people question if I actually know what I'm doing out here... (fake coughs) Peter (fake coughs)! I suck it up and prove how capable I am! So yeah, any respect I had for Tesla as a person is officially gone because of this, and the sooner I don't have to live with her anymore, the better!


Once the camera fades out of Cassy's confessional, we see one more shot of Tesla laying down in the shelter before the scene fades out.

Day 20

The program now returns from commercial break as we are taken back to the Sena camp early in the morning on day 20. The scene shows the five members of the tribe eating breakfast out of their half-coconut shells before zooming in on Irene and transitioning to a confessional from her.

Today is damage control day for me without a doubt, I have no other choice. I just know that at this rate, if Cassy goes next, then I'm going to be right after her, and I just can't allow that to happen because of colicky Tesla. Marshall and Allan need to understand that if a few comments make Tesla dump people's water onto the fire, then she's too emotionally unstable to trust with a vote, it's just that simple. However, if I have to write Cassy's name down to stay in the majority, so be it. If I have to kiss people's feet to keep me off the bottom, whatever. Either way, priority number one is to save myself, priority number two is getting Tesla's torch snuffed.


From Irene's confessional, we are taken to a scene of her and Marshall collecting firewood as they chat.

Irene: So Marshall, I know you and I haven't exactly talked one-on-one about this, but I'm just wondering where your head's at after all the drama between Tesla, Cassy, and I yesterday, which ended with Tesla putting out our fire.

Marshall (Sighs): I honestly think this was just a dumb situation that got way out of hand, to tell ya' the truth. I think that if you or Cassy would've apologized after seeing how upset Tesla was, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Slightly annoyed, Irene goes to respond, but Marshall continues, keeping her silent for now.

Marshall: But at the same time, Tesla took it to the next level when she emptied your's and Cassy's water onto the fire. I'm sure you understand where her anger came from, but it still never needed to go that far.

Irene: That's exactly what I was going to say! Like, I talked to Allan about this before I found out what Tesla did, and he told me I should apologize for hurting Tesla's feelings. I was going to, but that went out the window as soon as I saw our wet fire-pit and mine and Cassy's canteens empty.

Marshall: Yeah, and while I think you still should apologize, I get why you changed your mind at that point.

Irene: Yeah... (sighs) it just sucks because I don't want this to ruin what we have between us, you know?

Marshall: In terms of what, exactly?

Irene: Did Tesla not tell you that she cancelled our final three deal... in front of Cassy?

Marshall (Caught Off Guard): She did what now?

Irene (Smirking): You heard me right. While Tesla was busy screaming at me, she said in front of Cassy (mocking tone) "Our deal is off!"

Marshall (Chuckling Ironically): Yeah... it is quite troubling that she would do that.

Irene: That's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about! I get she's emotional, but like, she clearly doesn't think before she does stuff! Now Cassy knows we had a final three deal! What's to say she won't get emotional after the merge and blurt things out to the Makhuwas?

Marshall (Nodding slowly): Yeah... you have a point.

Irene: I'd still love to go to the final three with you, and as much as I understand why she got upset, and as willing as I was to vote Cassy out before this... (shrugs) I'm starting to think that keeping her around is a much bigger risk than it's worth.

Marshall (Confirming): So are you saying that you want Tesla out if we lose the next challenge?

As Marshall says this, Irene tries to hide her enthusiasm, though that task is quite a challenge.

Irene: Yes, I really would. At least if we keep Cassy, we could show her that we're willing to stand by her, and I don't think it's a slam dunk that she'd flip, plus I doubt she'd expose information when she gets emotional. Tesla on the other hand... well, you saw what happened.

Marshall: I hate to admit it, but... (sighs), yeah, that is something to consider.

Irene: The only thing though is that Allan really took Tesla's side in this whole thing, to the point of suggesting that Cassy and I might've deserved to have our canteens dumped out like that. I want Tesla gone, but I feel like Allan would need to be on board for this, and I just don't know if he would be.

Marshall: I was just about to say that I was gonna want to talk to Allan more about this, if we are serious about possibly turning the vote to Tesla. I can tell that loyalty is huge to him, and I dunno what he'd do if he was left out of the loop on this.

Irene: For sure, for sure. I wouldn't dream of leaving Allan out of the loop on this vote. Hopefully he gets what we're saying and he doesn't insist on keeping the vote at Cassy. But if not... (shrugs) it is what it is, I guess.

Marshall: Yeah, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what he says.

Personally, I think this situation with Irene, Cassy, and Tesla was just a dumb thing that got way out of hand and could've and should've been over with much sooner. Tesla had no right to sabotage the tribe by using Irene's and Cassy's water canteens to put out the fire; however, Cassy and Irene never should've been saying that stuff behind her back, and their canteens never would've been dumped out if Tesla hadn't overheard the pig comments. Hearing Irene's side of the story was rather interesting though because while she claims to understand why Tesla was upset after hearing what she had said, she seemed, dare I say... kinda enthusiastic about voting her off instead of Cassy, and that doesn't sit right with me. I do believe Irene is telling me the truth about what happened, and while she claims to be willing to vote Cassy out if she has to, I'm guessing by her tone that she may have promised Cassy that she'd have her back, at the very least, which is a troubling thought. That being said though, if Tesla did indeed call off the final three deal with Irene and I in front of Cassy, and not bothering to even inform me of that, it does show how emotional she really is, and it makes me question if I can trust her either. Let me tell ya', this vote was not supposed to be a complicated one. But if we lose the next immunity challenge... it's starting to appear like it could be heading that way.


Once Marshall's confessional fades out, a transitional shot of a hawk flying overhead comes onto the screen, followed by a scene of Cassy and Irene sunbathing together on the beach, and then a shot of Tesla resting in the shelter. Allan and Marshall are then shown talking together in the woods, with the camera remaining focused on their conversation.

Marshall: So, I was just talking to Irene a little while ago, and she mentioned that she had talked to you about the drama between her and Tesla.

Allan (Nodding): Yeah, she did. In fact, I was there when Irene found out the fire had been put out. (Shakes head; lets out a long whistle) Boy, that got her in quite a nasty mood, I must say.

Marshall (Giggling): Well, I'm sure you can understand why.

Allan: For sure! Like, I'd be pissed right off as well if that was my canteen. But at the same time, she still compared Tesla to a pig, and she still refuses to sympathize with what she's feeling. And Cassy too has kinda been treating her pretty badly.

Marshall (Nodding): Oh yeah, it's obvious that Tesla felt like this was comeuppance of some sort for the two of 'em. Doesn't make it right though, and even if she intended to punish only Cassy and Irene, she still put out the tribe's fire.

Allan: Yeah, for sure. (Takes a deep breath) I just wish Irene and/or Cassy would apologize to Tesla for this, especially Irene. The four of us are supposed to be together right now, and this drama and bitterness is only going to make things worse.

Marshall (Nodding slowly): Yeah, Irene mentioned that you had said she should apologize to Tesla, but she changed her mind once she saw the fire was out.

Allan: Yes, that all happened the way you said it did. You should've seen Irene when she figured out what happened though. She just went on a complete warpath, and if I didn't step in, she would have dumped Tesla's water canteen right on top of her head as the girl slept.

Marshall (Taken aback): She went that far?

Allan: Yeah, Irene talks about Tesla being emotional and stuff, but really, she's absolutely no better at the end of the day! She even told me while she was going off about the situation that Tesla couldn't be trusted for a vote, almost as if to say she wanted to vote Tesla out over Cassy, which is crazy considering that Cassy will never work with Tesla, knows she's on the bottom here, and has connections on the other tribe!

Marshall (Nodding): Irene told me the same thing. She did make sure to add that she'd write Cassy's name down if you and I both did. But she still seemed pretty excited about the possibility of Tesla going next if we lose immunity.

Allan: Do you think Irene and Cassy are actually aligned?

Marshall (Shrugs): It's hard to say. I do believe that Irene has promised Cassy that she'd have her back, which is nerve-wracking in and of itself, considering that Irene knows full well that Cassy is the next target.

Allan (Nods slowly): Right.

Marshall: But I can't say for certain what promises have been made. Besides, like it or not, she does have a point about Tesla.

Allan (Doubtful): Does she, really? Like, I know on the surface she does. To be honest, Cassy did come to me about voting Tesla out partly because of her emotions at our first vote after the switch when Sky went home, and I briefly considered it. (Marshall nods) But Irene's meltdown afterward too showed that she's also pretty emotional, so how much of a difference is there?

Marshall: Well, Tesla did... (chooses words more carefully) display these heightened emotions before, and she has for much of the game, especially after the tribe swap. Whereas with Irene, I feel like this is only the second time she's blown up like this, the first being when Emil made that homophobic remark to Penelope. So... I guess for Irene, you could argue that her blow-ups are at least more justified, and not as often.

Allan: That is true. Like, I still think Cassy should be the next to go from this tribe, just because of where she started and everything, and I don't think we can trust her that much. But comparing Tesla and Irene, I feel like Tesla would be at least loyal to me and you because we've never done anything to her.

Marshall: Right, but I do think we still have reason to be wary of Tesla. (Sighs) Mercy... (shakes head) this drama is just the last thing this tribe needs right now.

Allan (Nodding): Yeah, I hope Irene does apologize like she told me she would, so those two can at least come to some sort of understanding.

Marshall: Even if she doesn't apologize, I feel like they simply need to come to some sort of mutual understanding and can at least be civil with each other. The last thing we need is to go into a merge divided.

Ooooh Lordy, I was so close to accidentally telling Allan that I had a final three with Tesla and Irene for a short period of time, but I'm glad I caught myself, and I think I recovered there pretty well. I can tell that loyalty is huge to Allan, and after all this drama, I think I trust him more than anyone else in this game, officially, so the last thing I need is to accidentally have him cast doubt onto me. (Sighs) In any event, Allan still seems very intent on keeping the vote at Cassy, and it's clear that Irene's comments about Tesla, plus her blow-up after having her canteen dumped onto the fire was extreme, and had an effect on how Allan sees her, and I don't entirely blame him for that. (Shrugs) Either way, he is right when he says that we need to hope that Irene and Tesla can make up enough to put all this behind us, especially if Cassy does go next. Goin' into a merge, we don't know what's gonna happen after being separated from our original tribe for as long as we have, so we'd need all the numbers we can get. So in turn, a squabble between Irene and Tesla going into a merge could spell disaster for everyone at this camp right now, end of story.


Another transitional show now comes onto the screen, this one of an African Elephant using its trunk to shove leaves into its mouth before switching over to the main camp area, where Irene can be seen approaching the shelter, where Tesla sits awake.

Irene (Anxiously): Hey... Tesla?

Tesla (Spiteful): Yeah?

Irene is taken aback by Tesla's harsh tone, but continues with what she was going to ask.

Irene: Can we... talk... for a sec?

Tesla (Rolls eyes): So you can insult me more?

Irene: No actually... kinda the opposite. (Sits down on the edge of the shelter) I actually want to apologize to you... for the pig comment yesterday. (Sighs) I talked to Allan and Marshall, and they made me realize just how much that comment must've hurt you, so for that, I'm truly sorry.

(Hunched over, pretending to throw up, followed by groaning as she sits back up) Ugh, ya know what makes me ill? Fake-ass apologies... especially coming out of my mouth!! (Snarls) In my eyes, Tesla sabotaging the tribe with dumping mine and Cassy's water onto the fire should be enough to send her home over! But, it's obvious that Allan would never vote with me unless I apologized to Tesla, so that's what I did. Hopefully she buys it and it's enough to save my ass... and ensure she goes home. 'Cause if not... (grabs stomach, puts hand over mouth, pretending to threaten to throw up again) Ugh... then all the effort I put into reconciling with this whiny, insufferable girl would be for nothing! (Puts a hand over her mouth again before hunching over, pretending to throw up one more time.)


Tesla (Skeptical): You're sorry? For real?!

Irene (Forcing a Nod): Yes... I am. (sighs) Can I please explain something to you about what I said, so you can understand where I was coming from?

Tesla (Shrugs): I guess.

Irene: The pig comment wasn't actually meant to be about you. It was more about how you stuck your arm into the pot to fish for the grains of rice to put in your mouth. Cassy said that when her brothers would do stuff like that, her mother threatened to throw them with the pigs in the barn. I was just like, "yeah, I see the comparison" because what you did was gross, not that you were a pig.

Tesla (Scoffs): That still hurts me very badly though, I don't care what you meant by it.

Irene: And I realize that now, I didn't before, but now I do... (sighs) and I just want to put all this behind us. I am... truly sorry.

Tesla (Unsure): Well... thanks, I guess. I mean, I hope you can understand my reaction now, and seeing you gossiping with Cassy in general... it just pushed me right over the edge.

Irene: Yeah, I get that, totally. I talked to Allan and Marshall both about this, and I can ensure you that Cassy is going next. You have nothing to worry about, and I just hope we can put this past us, at least for the sake of our games.

Tesla: For sure, and I'd be okay with doing that. If we go back to Tribal, I'm writing Cassy's name down regardless, which I'm sure you know. So I'm glad we're on the same page.

Irene (Forcing a Smile): Yeah... thanks for hearing me out.

Tesla: No problem.

Irene: Can I get a hug?

Tesla (Very Awkwardly): Uhhh... sure.

Irene now leans in and hugs Tesla, with the audio/visual technician awkwardly wrapping her arms around her as the camera transitions to her confessional.

I really dunno what to make of Irene's apology... or should I say (finger quotes) "apology." (Rolls eyes) Yeah, I heard her tirade after I put the fire out, and even though I expected her to be mad about that, I think it just goes to show how Allan and/or Marshall must've forced her to apologize to me. Personally, I think it's awfully far-fetched how she says her comparing someone who is incredibly self-conscious about her weight to a pig was about me sticking my arm in the pot for more rice, and I think she's just doing that to make it seem like she's not as in the wrong as she actually is, but whatever. Either way, I think this proves that Irene is willing to work with me as long as she has to, which is more than I've gotten from Cassy. But I do still think Irene resents me, and she will turn on me as soon as she gets the chance, so after all this, I don't even have an itty bitty amount of trust for Irene anymore, and once Cassy's gone, believe me, I'm setting my sights on her.


Irene and Tesla are now shown releasing their hug, as Irene thanks Tesla once again for being willing to hear her out before switching to another confessional from Irene.

All things considered, I think my (finger quotes) "apology" actually went rather well. I don't think Tesla trusts me that much, but I'm at least confident that we can be allies for the next little while, in the event we were forced to work together out here. It sucks that things are still looking bleak for Cassy at the moment... but hey, I'm just happy I seem to be out of the line of fire, so... better her than me!


The footage now transitions out of Irene's confessional and into a shot of Cassy washing her face in the ocean, before fading to black.


The scene now re-opens showing the gold, Makhuwa tribe flag before transitioning over to the main camp area in the early afternoon, where most of the tribe is residing. The camera soon shows Kane and Constantine preparing to take the canoe out to go fishing, prompting Ricki to excitedly jump up.

Ricki: If you guys don't mind, I'd love to join you and get in on the act a little!

This comment catches most of the tribe, especially Brendyn, off guard as Ricki rarely, if ever, offers to help with fishing.

Kane (Taken aback): For real?!

Ricki (Shrugs): Why not? This is a once in a lifetime experience, so I'd might as well learn as much as I can.

Constantine: Alright then, come on. We certainly have the room.

Ricki (Smiling): Thanks so much! I'm so excited.

Going fishing with Constantine and Kane is stepping out of my comfort zone a little, and I'm a bit nervous about it, but hey, it's an opportunity for me to learn how to fish, and also to bond some more with these people from Sena. I'm not going to try anything strategic with them, especially since I still suspect Kane of spreading those lies about me to Penelope. But I at least want them to see that I'm not that scary of a person, and more importantly, that I'm not attached to Jimmy's hip and am willing to do stuff without him. Hopefully when the comes to us having to vote, there will be a slim chance that at least one of those Sena boys think more highly of me than Brendyn or Leah, and would put in a good word for me to stay, if I happen to be in the minority right now, like I fear.


From Ricki's confessional, we see her, Constantine, and Kane beginning to head towards the beach, the camera pans over to Brendyn, who can't help but roll his eyes at the situation before standing up, and walking over to Jimmy, who is by the fire pit.

Brendyn: Hey Jimmy, wanna go get some more firewood?

Jimmy (Shrugs): I guess.

Brendyn: Cool.

As the two men begin to walk towards the woods, the scene transitions to Brendyn's confessional.

I'd be surprised if Ricki's spa isn't going bankrupt soon with what I've seen from her lately. People may find her likable, but I think it's so obvious that she's putting on some sort of act out here. Come on, there's no way she wanted to go fishing with Constantine and Kane just to (finger quotes) "learn." Aside from me and Jimmy, she's probably the biggest strategist in the game, despite clearly not being very good at it. Since Ricki was supposed to go last Tribal if not for Penelope basically quitting, she's now officially a cricket under the fridge that's only going to become more of an irritant until I exterminate her.


Brendyn: So, uhh... been a little while since we've talked one on one, hasn't it?

Jimmy (Giggles awkwardly): Yeah, I guess it has. Something urgent you need to tell me?

Brendyn: Well... I'm just wondering... how much do you really trust Ricki?

Jimmy has to take a step back as he is caught way off guard by Brendyn's question. The camera then shows Ricki, Constantine, and Kane all laughing in the canoe on the water as we see Constantine attempt to teach Ricki how to throw the line in, before switching back to the scene with Brendyn and Jimmy.

Jimmy (Choosing his words carefully): Well, uhhh... I guess as much as you can in a game like this... why?

Brendyn (Shrugs): I dunno, doesn't it just seem odd to you that she chose Constantine and Kane to (finger quotes) "learn" how to fish with? You've been fishing numerous times, if she was that curious, she could've asked you.

Jimmy (Attempting to Appear Unfazed): Maybe she was thinking about it for a while, and only now decided to speak up because she figured "What do I have to lose?" Kinda thing. If you're suggesting that she's going to turn on us for Constantine and Kane, I think you need to take your tinfoil hat off, man.

Brendyn: I dunno... maybe it is just me, but after the swap, and especially after those accusations came her way about the stuff she claims to not have said about Penelope, she's been making such a noticeable effort to step up socially, and probably strategically too. I'm just saying, it wouldn't surprise me if she had ulterior motives.

Jimmy (Assertive): Well, going fishing with Constantine and Kane isn't much of anything to make me suspicious of her, and honestly, I can't really pinpoint anything that makes me not trust her.

So after Ricki decides to go fishing with Constantine and Kane, Brendyn, of all people, pulls me aside to try and tell me how untrustworthy she is and that she might be trying to align with the Senas, or some BS. (Rolls eyes) As far as I'm concerned, that's quite contradictory to the fact that if anything, people see her and I as being too tight as it is! So of course it makes sense for her to want to do stuff without me around! Quite frankly, if there's anyone this conversation is making me want to vote out, that would be Mr. Garcia himself for telling Ricki's closest ally that he doesn't trust her, right after a whole scandal erupted where someone deliberately lied to put a target on Ricki's back! I dunno about you, but I'm really starting to suspect Brendyn more and more of being the lying j***-off that started this whole mess, after all.


Jimmy: So, be honest with me, what are you trying to suggest right now with this conversation?

Brendyn: Just that we need to keep our eyes and ears open around her, man. I still think a Sena should go at our next vote, and Tori is probably the biggest strategic threat between the three of them. But for the vote after, merge or not, we might have to start looking at making some difficult decisions.

Jimmy (Nodding slowly): Yeah... for sure.

But with that being said, I do have that nagging thought in the back of my mind about Ricki's motives for wanting to get closer with Sena. From the time I was 16, I've had two girlfriends... both of whom have cheated on me. So yeah, I admit that I'm paranoid, and I admit that I have trust issues, especially when it comes to women. Ya' know... there are a couple reasons for that, most of them leading it to being on me. One of those reasons is that... maybe I'm just a bad judge of character and can't recognize a trustworthy person to save my life, and that's just terrifying going into a game like this. I have no plans to turn on Ricki right now, because I at least know that she trusts me, but what's to say that down the road, possibly sooner than I'd like to believe, she'll put a knife in my back? (Heavy sigh) I guess... I just have to hope that... history doesn't repeat itself anytime soon, and that my instincts aren't totally terrible on this one. (Bites bottom lip nervously)


Once the scene transitions out of Jimmy's confessional, we are taken back to the main camp area, where Ricki, Constantine, and Kane are shown returning with a few fish, laughing up a storm together, which causes Brendyn to glare in Jimmy's direction as if to say "I told you so," which Jimmy responds with by flashing Brendyn a dirty look. Jimmy, Leah, Brendyn, and Tori then approach them to ask about the fishing.

Leah: How'd you guys make out?

Kane: Well... (points at Ricki) this one over here almost capsized the boat and got us drowned.

At this point, Ricki starts laughing harder, but tries to pull herself together so she can speak.

Ricki: I did manage to catch two small fish though! The boys obviously did better than me, but hey, we're eating good tonight!

Brendyn (Nods): Anything... else happen on that boat?

Constantine (Confused): In terms of what?

Brendyn (Shrugs): I dunno, I was just curious.

This statement catches Ricki a bit off guard as the camera pans over to show Tori.

Tori (To Self, Quiet/Sarcastic Tone): Right. Sure.

A transitional shot of a snake slithering through the bushes comes onto the screen before the scene switches to Ricki and Tori talking as they hang out in the ocean.

Ricki: So, uh... I'm not sure I should be asking this, but can I ask you a serious question?

Tori (Shrugs): Sure. What's on your mind?

Ricki: Is it just me... or has Brendyn been acting a bit... off, lately?

Tori (Blunt): Yeah, but he's always had a few screws loose, at least in my opinion. Why?

Ricki: No... I mean... more (finger quotes) "off" than usual. Like, does he not seem to be hanging around camp more than usual? Also, since when would he care what went on during the fishing trip with Constantine, Kane, and I?

Tori: Yeah, I thought that was kinda f***ing weird myself.

Ricki: Like, I'm not saying I'd flip on my tribe to vote him out, because I'd rather my own funeral not take place before day 39, and I know flipping would make Leah start planning my murder, but...

Tori (Finishing her thought): But you'd kinda like Brendyn gone in the near future.

Ricki: Maybe? (Giggles)

Tori (Smirking): Well, I have some information you'd probably like to hear, in that case.

Ricki (Wide-Eyed): SPILL!

Tori: You know those comments that Penelope accused you of saying?

Ricki's gasps and puts a hand over her mouth, knowing where this is going.

Tori: Yup, it was Brendyn that planted those in her head. They were all lies from the start.

Ricki (Stuttering): Y-y-you're n-not serious... right?

Tori (Grinning Devilishly): Girl, you'd better believe I'm serious! Brendyn was going to flip on you guys at the first vote, but Francine's evacuation messed up those plans. So to get an extra number, Brendyn ran by us the idea to turn Penelope against you by making her think you were this hateful person that had it out for her. It looked like he was going to pick Jimmy, but since he appeared closer to Penelope, he decided to choose you because he still wanted to split you and Jimmy up.

That's right, I told Ricki about Brendyn's little lies he spread to Penelope! She's clearly being weirded out by him, and I don't blame her, so I figured I'd just go for it because I felt like she'd start more seriously thinking about turning on him. I don't trust Brendyn in the slightest, so having him as the swing vote if we lose the next immunity challenge f***ing horrifies me, but I also didn't want to wait until after the challenge to spill the beans in case I came off as too desperate. If I can turn them against each other, me, Kane, and Constantine are all guaranteed safety, and it gives me the chance to choose if I want to split up a majorly threatening duo, or a spineless little weasel. Either way, someone I don't want anywhere near the endgame would be going home, so I'm automatically in a win-win scenario.


Ricki (Sighs): Well, thanks for telling me. To be honest, I was kinda starting to suspect him myself, so it's nice to be sure. (Shakes head) Next time I get the chance, I'm taking my shot at him, I don't care what people say. That bastard is going down!

Tori (Chuckling): Happy to hear it! I'd love to write his name down myself.

Ricki (Smiling): Awesome! Ya' know... between Jimmy, Kane, and Constantine, I really don't see us having problems getting numbers for this. I'm not confident to the point where I'd want to throw the challenge, but I'm still decently confident we can pull this off.

Tori: Yeah, most definitely! (Smirking) Looks like we have our chance to start working together after all. (Giggles)

Ricki (Laughs): Yeah, for sure! I'm happy to hear that!

I was absolutely floored when Tori dropped the bombshell that Brendyn was the one that spread those lies about me all along. Like, there's a little part of me that thinks she might be lying to turn us against each other, but with how shady Brendyn's been this whole game, especially since the swap, it does make a lot of sense, and I do believe that Tori genuinely wants to vote Brendyn out. Am I confident this will work if we do go to Tribal? Hell no! I don't trust Brendyn at all, and really, I don't know how much trust I should put in Tori either. So, as much as I want this to happen, I definitely need to talk it over with some people before I make any final decisions for my game, just because of how huge this move would be.


Day 21

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Tribal Council

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Author's Notes

For the record, I do realize that it was made official a while ago that Meghan Markle was not returning to Suits due to her marriage to Prince Harry. However, since I started this season in 2017, before her announcement, for the purposes of this season, Meghan Markle has not officially left the program yet.

Well, for the record, this is about the last thing I ever thought I'd link on a wiki page, but here it goes. If you're not familiar with the Huggies brand, or their commercials/jingle that Irene Xing references in a confessional about Tesla Van Mol on day 19, here's a link: