Shakti Nibhanupudi
Shakti Nibhanupudi
Contestant Profile
Birth Date August 10, 1994
Hometown Carmichael, CA
Occupation Registered Nurse

Survivor: Japan

Tribes Kagawa
Placement 11/16
Alliances Burt, Shakti, & Ravenna
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 16

Shakti Nibhanupudi is a contestant on Survivor: Japan.

Shakti is best known for being on one of the worst, if not the worst, tribes in Survivor history and for drinking contaminated water that gave her a life threatening gastroenteritis infection which led to her evacuation from the game.


Shakti is a 30 year old registered nurse from Carmichael, California.

Survivor: Japan

Shakti is one of the eight members of the Kagawa tribe.

Voting History

Shakti's Voting History
Episode Shakti's
Voted Against
1 Olivia -
2 Courtnie -
3 Olivia
4 Olivia -
5 Oscar -
6 No Vote
Evacuated, Day 16


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