"She's a Brat, Plain and Simple"
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Author User:Dskmd
Episode Number 9/14
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 She's a Brat, Plain and Simple is the ninth episode of Survivor: Guadeloupe.

Previously on Survivor...

The tribes merged, with Bananier and Goyaves even at six. But tribal lines didn't stay a factor for long! Rodger, Holly, and Ida did some quick work, resolidifying Abbie into their alliance. Regan, Harvey, and Brenden quickly recruited Dallas into their alliance. Dallas promised to sway Taylor into their alliance, which he failed to do, because Taylor didn't trust Regan. Taylor and Beth jumped ship to Ida's alliance, while Adam and Luke remained stuck in the middle.

At the immunity challenge, Rodger pulled out a victory, thwarting Regan's plans to vote him off. Regan quickly decided to switch the vote to Beth, and, knowing that she'd be receiving many votes tonight, asked Dallas for his idol, which Dallas gave to her willingly. Regan played the idol, voting off Beth in a 4-0 vote. Ida, thinking that Harvey was on their side, was shocked to see that he had been playing her all along.

Eleven are left, who will be voted out next?


Challenge: Square Peg, Round Hole The castaways would have to toss a grappling hook to retrieve two bags with a wooden peg in each bag. The first three castaways to retrieve their bags would move on to the final puzzle round. In the final round, the castaways would untie the bags and try to insert one of the uniquely shaped pegs into board, which would release another peg. That peg would fit into another hole, which releases another peg, and so on until the board was full. The first castaway to complete their puzzle would win. Winner: Luke


Night 24

The Pommier tribe went back to camp quietly, shocked at this turn of events. 

It is devastating to have the person you trust most voted out of this game, but it's even more frustrating to me that Dallas played our idol without telling me! A little head-sup would have been nice, but apparently our bond we had meant nothing to him. Nice work, Dallas. You're no better than Regan.


I may not have approved of Beth switching sides pre-merge, but I still liked her as a person. Having her gone and keeping Regan is... Just bad.


Ida's face was fire-engine red, she was so mad. It was kinda funny to watch, actually.


 Harvey was correct in his assumption that Ida was mad. Ida was more than mad, as she explained to Rodger in an angry rant. 

Quote1I just can't believe Harvey! He's an inconsiderate, slimy little...Quote2- Ida
Quote1I know, I know. And don't worry. We've still got the numbers. We can successfully vote out Regan next, and then Harvey, and then Dallas, and the Brenden.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Wait a minute. Regan has an idol. Now that one's out of play, another one's probably out there somewhere, and she's got the only idol right now. What if she plays it and the votes bounce back to us again? We don't have enough people to do a Split Vote. We either need someone to turn on Regan, or we need to flush the idol out.Quote2- Holly
Quote1I guess we'll have to chance it.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Wait a minute, Rodger. We all know she's going to play the idol on herself next Tribal, so why don't we make her think she's going home, and then vote Dallas out instead?Quote2- Ida
Quote1I really want her out ASAP, though, because she's a brat, plain and simple.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I think we can handle her for three more days. Maybe she'll get medically evacuated or something and then she'll go home.Quote2- Holly
Quote1We can only hope.Quote2- Rodger
I know it's nasty and evil, but I'm certain we're all hoping that Regan will injure herself, or get really sick, and then she'll have to go home. It's mean of me, I know. But Regan's unbearable. She's just... Regan.


Day 25

Dallas was contemplating another bold move he could make. After they had eliminated Beth, Dallas had realized that if Regan kept finding and playing immunity idols, the other alliance would all get voted out, one by one. He had also realized that all of those people would be on the Jury, voting for a winner. 

When Jury votes are put into factor, most of the rival alliance will be on the Jury, deciding who will win. If I flip, it puts me in a good position, Jury-wise. But if Regan plays an idol, and bounces the votes towards me, then I'm screwed.


 While Dallas was debating the game and its ethics, Regan was searching for another immunity idol. 

I another idol, because if someone else finds the idol, they'll play it and send me home. It must be in my possession. That's why I'm having Harvey and Brenden help me look. Three brains are better than one... Even if Brenden really doesn't even have a full brain.


 Regan and Harvey scoured the camp for the idol. Brenden attempted to help, but he mainly got in the way. He pretty much just followed Harvey and Regan around like a lost puppy. After two hours, Regan gave up, and vowed to continue looking again later.

Day 26

Taylor, Luke, and Adam were discussing what their next move would be. 

Quote1It'd be a smart idea to stick with our current alliance, we have the numbers, but what happens after that?Quote2- Adam
Quote1Abbie, Holly, Rodger, and Ida are tight. We'll get picked off one by one when the Final Seven comes.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Yeah. And I don't know about you guys, but I didn't come to play for seventh, sixth or fifth.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Who can we pull in to give us the numbers later on?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Well, if we flipped to Regan's side...Quote2- Adam
Quote1I'm not aligning with Regan.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Hear me out. If we flipped, it'd be us three, Regan, Brenden, Harvey, and Dallas against everyone else. Come Final Seven, we can pick off Rodger, Brenden, and Harvey, then it's a Bananier Final. Wouldn't that be great?Quote2- Adam
Quote1I'm not flipping. We'll find a way to get us to the Final Three, but if we flip, that's four Jury votes lost right there. You guys do whatever crap you wanna do, but I'm staying right where I am.Quote2- Taylor
Taylor is not the flighty, silly, naive kid I mistook her for on Day 3. She's a player, and a bona fide threat to win this game.


I've got a pretty tight bond with Holly and Abbie. I trust Rodger. I'm good where I am. I'm sure Luke feels the same way. Adam is just that one hitch in an easy final.


 Taylor immediately found Holly, and told her about what Adam had said. 

Quote1Adam is considering flipping.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1What? Why? How? When?Quote2- Holly
Quote1We were talking, just about what our next move would be, and Adam's all, "I think we should flip to Regan's alliance." And Luke and I were just like, "Are you insane?" I mean, seriously!Quote2- Taylor
Quote1He might flip?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Yeah. I hope he doesn't, because that'll change everything.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Well, why don't we vote him out before he flips? We'll still have a 6-4 advantage if Adam goes.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Vote out Adam? But are you sure we should be eliminating our allies so soon? If we vote out Adam, that means that if somebody else flips to Regan's side, we're dead.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Well, I trust all of you guys. Adam's the only one I'm on the fence about right now. So, why not vote him out? Nobody on our alliance is gonna flip.Quote2- Holly

 Amidst the chaos, Regan and Harvey quickly snuck off to search for the Immunity Idol again, but Rodger caught them and called them out on it. 

Quote1Hey, Regan. Idol-hunting, I see.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1What are you talking about, idiot?Quote2- Regan
Quote1You are searching for an immunity idol because you are so paranoid about anyone else having it. You're way to easy to read.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1You have no idea what goes through my mind.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Yeah I do. I can see that you're annoyed at me, AND that you're trying to search for the immunity idol. Well, guess what? You're not finding it.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Why? Do you already have it?Quote2- Regan
Quote1I don't know. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Who knows?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1You are just so... Ugh! Come on, Harvey, let's go.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Aw, I think that our little Regan is upset. Someone missed their nap time.Quote2- Rodger

 While Rodger distracted Regan, Ida searched for the idol. It took her a while, but she found it, and stuffed it in her bag. 

I'm just searching the areas that Regan had overlooked when she was searching, and there it was, next to a tree. It feels good to have this much power. I only hope I can use this at the right time, to benefit me and my allies.


Immunity Challenge (Day 27)

At the challenge, Regan knew that she needed to win in order to keep her idol for another three days. The others knew they needed to beat Regan in order to keep the alliance strong for another three days. So everyone fought their hardest. Rodger, Luke, and Regan moved onto the next round, and ultimately, Luke just barely edged out Regan to win immunity.


Taylor, Holly, Abbie, Rodger, and Ida were conferencing about what to do.

Quote1Adam's gonna flip, so we need to get him out before he flips.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1But what about Regan? I kind of want to get her out of the game before she turns into a raging psychopath.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Isn't she already a raging psychopath?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Anyways. We're going to tell Adam to vote for Regan tonight. If he does, great, if he doesn't, oh well. We'll still have the upper hand, because Luke is too loyal to sway. Regan will play her idol, negating the one vote against her. We flush out the idol, get rid of the traitor, and then we'll all be the Final Five.Quote2- Holly

 Ida explained to Luke later what he needed to do, and Luke was uncertain. 

Adam's my friend, and I pride myself on not backstabbing anyone throughout this game. But if I vote for Adam, I backstabbed him, exactly how I didn't want to. If I don't vote for Adam, I lose the trust of everyone else in my alliance. But Adam is the person I trust most in the alliance. I'm going to pull a Brenden and say I'm confused.


Tribal Council

Quote1Taylor, you get to the merge, and right out of the gate, there's the huge blindside of Beth. Do you think it changed how the people remaining in this game choose to align with?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Definitely. Adam, just to name an example, had spoken to Luke and me the other day about switching over to Regan's alliance.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Jumping ship was a one-time, crazy thought. I have not considered switching over to Regan's alliance since the conversation I had with Taylor and Luke the other day.Quote2- Adam
Quote1No offense, Adam, but I don't really believe you. I mean, in your mind, it might make sense to flip. Both Regan and Dallas are power players, and it's common knowledge that Regan has a hidden immunity idol in her bag right now. You don't want that being used against you, we get it. But I hope you understand that if you don't vote for Regan tonight, there are at least five Jury votes who won't be writing your name down to win.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Harvey, this could be good news for you. From what I can tell, the minority alliance is you, Regan, Dallas, and Brenden. And it looks like there are some cracks in the majority alliance.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yeah, this is like godsend for us. If it continues like this, then Regan may not have to play her idol after all.Quote2- Harvey
Quote1OK, it is time to vote. Luke, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff Probst

 Once everyone voted, Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play an immunity idol. Regan played hers, claiming that it was better to be safe than it was to be sorry. It only negated one vote, Adam's, as the rest of the alliance eliminated Adam in a 6-4-0 vote.

Tribal Council 10:


Adam (6 votes)

Abbie, Taylor, Luke, Holly, Ida, Rodger

Regan (Used Hidden Immunity Idol)



Rodger (4 votes)

Dallas, Regan, Brenden, Harvey

Adam GS

Voting Confessionals

Hoping it's you, not me tonight.


Goodbye Nuisance. Goodbye Annoyance. Goodbye Problems. Goodbye Rodger. If I had to describe my feelings for you, it would involve a lot of bleeps and a lot of finger gestures. So, all I'm saying is bye.


Dude, you just weren't on the right side of the numbers. Or, rather, the idol.


I don't know what to say... So peace out.


I contemplated flipping over to your side. That was before I realized that I needed to get you out of this game. 'Cause you're in the way of my money, and I want my money. Ka-ching!


It sucks that I have to vote you out, Adam, but I have to vote you out. Don't take it personally.


Adam, you're polite, you're nice, you're funny, but you're also a ship-jumper. On my ship, I'm the captain, and nobody jumps unless they want a death wish. Next time, think before you swim with the sharks.


Well, y'know what they say: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." You tried to vote me out when I mutinied to your side, I think I should return the favor. Karma sucks, doesn't it?


In this game, you were the father figure... Until you wanted to flip.


We can't have someone who can't make up their mind. Enjoy your hot shower, and go eat a pizza for me.


I'm doing this for your own good: If you stayed, you'd fall into Regan's evil clutches, and I can't have a guy like you aligning with Regan, of all people.


Final Words

Wow, being backstabbed by people half your age sure is fun. Not. I make a simple offhand comment and then Taylor and Holly jump on it like they're mice fighting for a piece of cheese. Unbelievable. Never thought I'd say it, but I'm officially a Regan Supporter.


Still in the Running

Louie GS
Chloe GS
Joel GS
Adam GS
Ryan GS
Izzy GS
Beth GS
Lydia GS
Conner GS
Ruby GS

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Brenden might make a big move. 
Nobody suspects me of doing anything... Strategic. They think I'm stupid. But I'm not stupid. That's been a cover. I have a brain, and I'm gonna use it to shake things up around here.


  • And the Survivor Auction is underway with some good prizes...

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