"She Ain't Even Blonde!"
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User: Henzzy
Episode Number 8/15
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This is the 8th episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands

Previously On Survivor...

Regina and stephanie were ar battle:

Regina: please...

Stephanie: b***h

and T-Man was glad when Choiseul lost both challenges. After losing the immunity challenge, Tammie was sent to exile island. Leaving T-Man alown with his two best friends, his idols. Knowing that his tribe wanted him out, T-Man said goodbye to one of his idols and sent Chris home.

13 are left, which two will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: The tribes would compete separately for individual immunity. The castaways would be attached to a rope threaded through obstacles which they would have to climb under, over, or around. The first Hero and the first Villain to win will be immune from the vote. Then the two winners will be competing in the final round. The final round's challenge would be the same, but with a single obstacle three levels high. The first castaway to complete the obstacle would win reward for their tribe.

Reward: Hot dogs and soft drinks to be enjoyed at the opposing tribe's Tribal Council.

Choiseul Immunity Winner: Brad

Isabel Immunity Winner: T-Man

Reward Winner: Choiseul


Night 18

Returning from tribal council, Rachael, Ben, Cynthia and Nate are shocked that Chris is no longer with them. T-Man lies in the shelter with a smile on his face.

These people suck! Every other person out here are apart from me sucks! I cant wait to get my million for winning, and my money for being sprint player.


Over on Exile Island, Tammie finds a large rock and puts in her pocket, pretending it is an idol. She wants everyone including T-Man to think she has found an idol.

So if shove this in my pocket, people will think i found the idol and i want them to think that because they will be scared to vote me off, also T-Man will be like "What? That dumbie found an idol?" Its gonna be great!


Day 19

At choiseul, Brad and Andrew wake up early and go fishing but also talk about who to vote off if they lose.

Brad: Who do you think should go if we lose? I think Steph, her and reginas fight needs to be stoped. Also being a cop, i know when people are getting malicious and Steph is starting to get that way. It scares me a bit...

Andrew: yeah, but Carol is weaker in the challenge's she should go i think, because Steph can work hard in the challenges.

Brad: True, but it scares me about Stephanie she gives Regina looks like she is about to kill her. I know what people look likle when they are about to kill. I've seen it many times.

about 10 years ago, when i was new to being a cop, I was called into a knight club were people were being voilent, and this man stabed an other man... It scares me when Stephanie gets angry.


Johnny and Lucas go out to help Brad and Andrew, they catch a few fish before it starts to rain, very hevily. The men run into the shelter and so does evryone else who was working around camp. Carol askes the tribe if they want to play a game. The tribe agrees as they don't want to be bored for a few hours.

Over at isabel, Tammie returns from Exile with the rock in her pants. Rachael instantly sees it and talks to Nate, Ben and Cynthia.

Rachael: She found the idol!

Nate: What? How do you know?

Rachael: look at her pants...

Cynthia: yeah there is something in her pockets.

Ben: It could be anything...

Rachael: i don;t think so. Did you see the idol T-Man used last knight! It is about that sized...

Nate: well aslong as we don't lose we should be ok...

im am very scared right now...


Tammie and T-Man talk about exile island and Tammie doesn't tell T-Man about her fake idol. T-Man tells her about tribal council but he told some lies in his story.

T-Man: So we got to tibal council and Jeff was like blah, blah, blah, the usal and then he said "If Tammie was here would the result be different" and Rachael was like "If she was here she would be gone"

Tammie: That cow!

T-Man: yeah! And Nate was nodding his head in agreeance. And Chris was like "Tammie doesn't know it but she is on top of the booting list"

Tammie: am i though?

T-Man: thats what they said...

Tammie was not convinced but didn't tell that to t_man

T-Man thinks im dumb. He tells me all this sh*t and thinks i believe it! Well guess what! I'm not dumb and i am playing the game. I'm gonna use you then vote you off!


Tammie is dumb! Very very dumb. And She Aint't Even Blnde! IS she like Kat in digiess? Because they have the same amount of intelegents! A big fat 0!


Day 20

At the immunity challenge, Jeff tells the contestats both tribes will vote someone out, and know one will go to exile island. Jeff explains the challenge. Isabel go first. T-Man, Tammie and Nate move very fast, Ben and Cynthia move very slowly and Rachael is inbetween. Tammie drops back and is over taken by Rachael and it is T-Man, Nate and Rachael in the top. The others look like they are out of it. T-Man works fast and so does RAchael, over taking Nate. But T-Man just finishes before her and wins immuntiy.

Choiseul go next. Everyone in choiseul moves at a similar rate. but Carol starts to drop back a bit. Brad and Andrew take the lead moving very fast, but Johnny gets a move on and catches up. Andrew takes a fall and Johnny over takes him. It comes down to Brad and Johnny but Brad just finishes first.

Brad and T-Man then compete for the reward. T-Man doesn't move so his team will not get the reward. Brad looks at T-Man like something is happening, but Brad finishes and Choiseul win the reward.

At the isabel camp, everyone including Tammie is angry with T-Man.

I wanted food! I wanted it so bad! And T-Man just frigging stuffs it up. Im pissed off and i want him gone. Unfortently tonight i can't vote him off. And it sucks!


serves them right! I don't need hotdogs to neither do they! They can be angry all they like but i am gonna wiin!


Rachael talks to nate about maybe splitting the vote incase Tammie does have and idol. Nate agrees.

Over at choiseul, the alliance, Brad, Andrew, Regina, Lucas and Johnny talk about where to vote out Carol or Stephanie. In the end they come to a desision.

At Choiseul tribal council, Regina and Stephanie argued about every thing that was said. Everyone rolled there eyes everytime Stephanie spoke. After lots of arguing, they voted. In the end Carol was voted out 4-2. Choiseul then went to watch the Isabel tribal council. The main topic at Isabels tibal council was the reward the T-Man lost. After Isabel Tribal, Choiseul keft and they Isabel voted. And Cynthia was blindsided 4-2.

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 8:
Carol (5 votes)
BradAndrew zarrReginaLucasJohnny
Brad, Andrew, Regina, Lucas & Johnny
Regina (2 votes)
Carol & Stephanie
Carol out
Carol Yakama

Voting Confessionals

This should be stephanie but the majority want you gone. Bye


You are the weekest sorry.


I hate stephanie but i can't go against the alliance. so bye bye


This game is not for you. Sorry


Maybe next time do better


Regina. Its your time to go


B***h go die you b***h!


Final Words

Well i'm shocked it wasn't Stephanie, but this is survivor! Ha ha, im glad about how far i made it and im proud and i hope my family will be too.

–Carol Yakama


Tribal Council 9:
Cynthia Ballard
Cynthia (4 votes)
Tammie, T-Man, Nate & Rachael
Tammie (2 votes)
Cynthia BallardBen
Cynthia & Ben
Cynthia out
Cynthia Ballard

Voting Confessionals

sorry but just in case of an idol!


bye bye


This should be T-Man but he is immune. SSo its you


Just in case


Cya latter


Please please don't have an idol!


Final Words

WHOA! I am shocked! I was blindsided. I'm kinda annoyed but i had a good 20 days and i would do it all again in a heart beat.

–Cynthia Ballard

Still In The Running

Chris out


Larry out



Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew zarr

Felix out
Carol out
Cynthia out

Elizabeth out

Heather out


Next Time On Survivor...

How will Ben react to not knowing about Cynthias elimiantion? And can Regina survive anymore of Stephanie?

Author's Notes

The challenge is from Heroes VS Villains