"She Must Be (Bleep)ing Delirious!"
Season Survivor: The Jungles of Kenya
Author Wafflefreak
Episode Number 5/10
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This is the fifth episode of Survivor: Kenya

Previously On Survivor...

After running the show at Elgon, Nessa, Rachael, and Lynsie's plans were turned upside down as the tribe switch left Rachael in the outs on Luhya. Upon being kidnapped, Lynsie is convinced by Rachael to mutiny, leaving Nessa furious. Ending the short lived Girl Power alliance. Elgon won immunity, sending Luhya to tribal council. It was agreed that Lynsie would be the next to leave. However Corinne flipped the script, and used Rachael and Lynsie to eliminate Dana. Leaving Esther and Johnathan on the outs.


Reward Challenge: Sacrificial Limb
Two players are harnessed to a rope winding through several obstacles. The rest of their tribe helps them move along it – up and over an A-frame, under a thick log on the sand, around a long hitching post, and around a giant boxlike structure – to the end of the rope. Then, one player swims to a buoy and dives down to retrieve a decoder wheel before coming back, where the entire tribe uses it to work out a six-word phrase.
Reward: Secret Note

Immunity Challenge: United We Stand
The two tribes must assemble interlocking pieces to form two poles with small podiums on top, then use them to transfer two tribe members from one platform to another. Finally, all eight tribe members must swim out to a much smaller platform and stand on top.


Night 12

The long walk back to camp was a quiet one. The tension was thick, although Corinne, Rachael, and Lynsie all individually were screaming and jumping up and down internally. The tribe settles into camp, and Esther is quick to disappear into the shelter for the night.

I... have absolutely no idea what happened tonight. Apparently I can't trust anyone in this game. I don't even know who the one vote was of whoever remained loyal. I need a cigarette...


Everyone maintains their silence as they all sit in a circle around the fire. With Johnathan in their presence, the uncomfortable feeling still fills the air.

By process of elimination, I know they're the four who flipped, and they know I know, just nothing's being said.


As the night continues, one by one everyone heads to bed. Johnathan's the last to be sitting by the fire, just contemplating his next move.

Day 13


The next day, everyone's still fairly quiet. Throughout the morning Esther decides to give everyone the silent treatment, but come lunch time she snaps out of it, knowing it's only hurting her more in the game.

In private, Corinne gives Stephen a huge hug, and thanks him for flipping.

At the end of the day, I didn't do it for Corinne, but it's great she thinks that. I did it because Esther and Dana were too strong together. Granted Rachael and Lynsie pose a bigger physical threat, Dana and Esther had numbers on their side. A duo with numbers behind them is far more scary than two standing alone. Voting Dana off fractured the whole group to the core.


Corinne continues to boast about how the move will help send them deep into the game together, and insists they have to have each others backs after this. Stephen agrees, but harbors his doubts.

I know Corinne's lying to me, but it's best for her to think I'm with her. It doesn't make sense for her to randomly think up this great plan that includes me, it doesn't. It's almost offensive she thinks I'm stupid enough to believe her. I'll continue playing along until it doesn't help me any longer, then I'll cut her before she cuts me.


After the stressful evening Rachael had just endured, she decided to take a break from the game. As an athlete, she tries her best to stay in shape, although the scorching temperatures in the Kenyan jungle makes it hard to work out. Therefore Rachael decides to swim laps in the lake. She goes from one side to the other three whole times. Even though it's not the widest lake imaginable, Lynsie's still impressed by the distance she managed to concur.

This game is just really stressful, so it's nice to have a little something to take your mind off of it sometimes.


Lynsie has never had a swimming lesson in her entire life. She's a self taught swimmer, but that hadn't come with the ability to dive. Rachael decides to kill time by giving her a diving class. Off to the side of the trail, there are some jagged rocks along the shoreline, lining the forrest. These rocks eventually turn into a rock wall ledge. Rachael checks the depths below, and they are passable for jumping. The two girls spend the day jumping, and laughing. By the time dusk hits, Lynsie is almost successfully diving into the water.

Today was a good day. We needed today. It was a good way to reset our minds, and come back into the game.



Nessa spends the afternoon by herself down by the lake doing yoga. She feels that she has a lot of negative energy in her system at the moment, and doesn't feel it's healthy.

I'm a yoga instructor back home, it's my release from the real world. It's calming, it really helps me think. Taking the day just to really bring myself to ease really put a lot into perspective. I can't hate the two girls for what they did, it's a game! But I don't think I can trust them any longer either.


Meanwhile, Brock, Shaun, and Dan all remain back at camp. Brocks suggests that they form an all boys alliance, as they'd have the numbers to get rid of Nessa.

Brock: Think about it, we're at 10. If we don't merge this round, it'll probably be the next round or the one after that! If we just ban together and say, y'know what, if we lose we'll just take out Nessa, it's almost a guarantee we'd all make merge!

This is a game of numbers, and fitting in. Everyone just tries to find ways to divide things in your own favor just to maintain your spot. In this case, it's three guys to one girl. It's easy for us to all say lets eliminate the chick. After that, it would be easy to look to Dan and say, "former Luhya", and vote out Shaun.


I knew with everything thats happened over the course of the past few days, I needed to fix my strategy. I think this will be my best option at the moment. I'd hate to turn on Nessa, but I'm an individual in an individual game.


Day 14

Reward Challenge

Jeff calls the tribes in.

Elgon enters and takes their place on their red colored mat. Luhya follows in directly behind.

Jeff Probst: Elgon getting your first look at the new Luhya tribe, Dana was voted out at last nights tribal council.

I'm surprised. From my time as Luhya, I know Dana had some numbers behind her. (Laughs) ...but knowing Corinne, I think I have a feeling about what might have happened.


Jeff Probst: In todays challenge, two players will harnessed to a rope winding through several obstacles. The rest of their tribe helps them move along it – up and over an A-frame, under a thick log on the sand, around a long hitching post, and around a giant boxlike structure – to the end of the rope. Then, one player will swim to a buoy and dive down to retrieve a decoder wheel before coming back, where the entire tribe uses it to work out a six-word phrase. Be the first tribe to complete the phrase successfully, and you'll earn this..

Jeff holds up a rolled up piece of paper inside of a glass bottle.

Jeff Probst: A secret note. This note will contain information that will no doubt help your tribe in this game. Definitely worth playing for.




Jeff Probst: Elgon wins reward!




The tribes reassemble on their mats.

Jeff Probst: Congratulations Elgon on your win. As always you'll be tasked with choosing one member from the Luhya tribe you'd like to kidnap. Who would that be?

The Elgon tribe form a huddle and discuss their decision. They decide to kidnap Lynsie.

I'm seriously getting so tired of constantly being taken away from my team!



The Luhya tribe returns from the reward challenge feeling dejected. The fear the tribe could be at the start of a losing streak weighs heavily on their shoulders.

Johnathan: Good attempt team!

Nobody can tell if Johnathan's words are sincere of sarcastic.

It hurts our spirits the most, but we have the numbers so I'm not too concerned yet. I have a few people which I consider expendable.

–Corinne (on losing)

Esther pulls Corinne aside as she wishes to talk about what happened with the previous vote, so the two decide to fetch some water.

Esther: So I was just wondering what happened? I thought we had a tight group, and that it would've been all of us voting for Lynsie?

Corinne: Okay, can I tell you something? It was me who flipped..

Esther (in a sarcastic tone): Ha, yeah no kidding.

She's nothing but a b... bitch in my eyes. She's playing this game scummy. I should've known I couldn't trust her, she's proven herself to be flakey from the start.


Corinne: Honest to god, I still want to work with you. There's the thing, you two were close, too close. We all saw it, and thought you needed to be broken up. On top of that, she was weakening our team! I swear I still want to continue with you.

Esther: So who all flipped?

Corinne (counting out the votes on her fingers): It was Myself, Stephen, Rachael, and Lynsie. You can trust me though, I have nothing with them.

Corinne wants me to work with her again, she must be (bleep)ing delirious! I'd rather swim with sharks. Corinne, your empire is slowly falling. I'll make sure it crumbles to dust.


I know she's wary of me at the moment, but she needs me. She knows she needs me. I'll give her time, and I'll be able to wheel her in.



Lynsie, Dan, Nessa, Shaun, and Brock all return to the Elgon camp. The first thing on everybody's mind is the secret note they had won at the reward challenge.

Dan: Stay over there!]

With a friendly smile, Dan extends his arm as if to say, "stop."

Lynsie: (Laughs) Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm staying.

We're trying to be as friend as we can, but seriously. Stay over on the other side of camp while we read this note. We won it, we don't want you to know about it.


Lynsie sits on the ground near the fire, as Nessa, Brock, Dan and Shaun huddle into the shelter. They decide the shelter doesn't provide enough privacy, and decide to open it in the forest. With a, "we'll be right back", the four leave. However, Lynsie takes off behind them, making sure she stays out of sight.

This is a game, and if that's some sort of advantage.. of course I want to know about it!


They find a glass rock that they're about to break the bottle over, and then...


Lynsie steps on a stick, causing all four heads to shoot up.

Nessa: Lynsie!

Lynsie: Sorry! I was just collecting fire wood (laughs), I'll head on back!

We're all smiling and trying to be friendly about it, but seriously! (Bleep) off for a second!


They break the bottle open, and unroll the paper inside. Everyone reads with their eyes, to not risk the possibility of Lynsie over listening. The paper is some sort of clue, but nobody can decipher what it's talking about. It's a reminder that the next time they get to feast, that a full stomach may not be the only reward.

I have no idea what this thing is talking about!


They all read it over a few times to memorize what it says. Upon returning to camp, Brock throws the piece of paper into the fire to ensure that Lynsie's eyes cannot read it.

The note talked about food, therefor I decided it would be smart to at least check our food stash. I didn't want to be too obvious about what I was doing, so I just said I was going to make supper. I always cook, so this isn't suspicious.


As Shaun begins to prepare the meal, he makes sure to carefully go through everything they have. He even opens the bag of rice and swirls his hands around inside. Nothing. Paranoia is running high, everything happens for a reason in the game. That secret note plays some sort of purpose, however nobody can figure it out.

The sun goes down, and it's a beautiful night. The humidity remained high, while there's not a cloud in the sky. The moon appeared so big in the sky, it was almost as if it was so close a person could reach out and touch it. The whole forest was lit up because of it. Due to the gorgeous night, everyone decided to take a midnight swim. Nessa and Lynsie both stay behind the rest of the boys, and Nessa takes the opportunity to talk to Lynsie privately.

Nessa: You really hurt me you know.

Lynsie: I know, and you know that wasn't my intention.

Nessa: I know it wasn't. It just really felt like you picked her over me. I felt as though I was an outsider with my own friends.

Lynsie: I know, and you know that wasn't my intention.

I know she's not happy with me, but it's in my best interest to try and smooth things over between us.


With a smile, Nessa swallows her pride and asks..

Nessa: So would you ever think of mutinying back over here?

Lynsie: I can't.

Nessa: I'd have your back, and we'd have Shaun. You'd be one hundred percent safe.

Lynsie: But if I did, I'd look like the most distrustful person in the game.

Nessa: What would it take to get you to switch?

Lysnie stops in her tracks. Nessa quickly does too and looks back to her.

Lynsie: Lets make a deal. You tell me what the secret note said, and I'll mutiny.

Nessa: Lynsie...

Lynsie: Nessa, you do this and I promise I'll come back to your side.

If I leak this and the tribe finds out, I'm done.


Lynsie pinky swears to Nessa to keep her lips zipped, and then Nessa spills the secret. Nessa warns Lynsie not to screw her, and Lynsie reassure's her not to worry. The two run the rest of the way to the lake so that the boys don't get suspicious as to why they've fallen so far behind.

Day 15

Immunity Challenge

The two tribes shuffle in, and stand on their respective mats.

Jeff Probst: Before we start, Elgon I need to take back Immunity.

Jeff takes the Immunity Idol back from Elgon and places it back on its pedestal.

Jeff Probst: Immunity is back up for grabs. The two tribes must assemble interlocking pieces to form two poles with small podiums on top, then use them to transfer two tribe members from one platform to another. Finally, all eight tribe members must swim out to a much smaller platform and stand on top. First tribe to have all their members on the platform will win, and guarantee themselves safety.. One last thing, Lynsie after being kidnapped you have the option to return to Luhya, or mutiny and become a member of Elgon. What have you decided?

Lynsie: Well Jeff, I've decided...





Lynsie: I'm going to rejoin my Luhya tribe.

Nessa's jaw dropped, and her head shoots over into Lynsie's direction. Lynsie cannot bring herself to look back to Nessa. The whole time she walks back to her Luhya mat, Nessa is giving her the finger.

That lying BITCH.


I don't know what happened, but I feel like Lynsie just made it impossible for us to ever reconcile and revive the Girl Power alliance.


Jeff Probst: Immunity is back up for grabs! survivors ready? Go!


Jeff Probst: Elgon wins immunity! Luhya, once again you'll be joining me tonight at tribal council, where another member of your tribe will be leaving the game. Head on out, you have the afternoon to think about it.


Luhya arrives back to camp.

We've just lost three challenges in a row, it's obvious what this tribe needs is strength. Tonight, Esther will be the one to go.


Esther stands with her hands on her hips, and gauges the situation. She knows she's a smart woman, and capable of getting herself out of this situation.

It's actually quite scary. Myself and Esther are both on the bottom. Although I'm being told I'm safe, last time Esther was in this position she managed to flip the vote.


Esther and Johnathan both sit in the entrance to the shelter. Esther declares, "shall the best one of us win!", and with a laugh the two shake hands.

I take that as Esther telling me, "boy, I'm campaigning against your ass, but I'm telling you now it's okay for you to do the same".


Stephen and Lynsie are both down in the lake.

Stephen: Where's Rachael?

Lynsie: I think she's making rice with Corinne.

Stephen: Good. (He begins to whisper) I don't trust her. We need to make sure one of the three of us is with Corinne all night until the vote. I wouldn't put it passed her to try and flip again. Especially with you and Rach being so tight.

A rice grain is bigger than the amount of trust I have within Corinne. I think she'd be the first to try and pull a fast one... again.


Lynsie: What if we just took Corinne out tonight?

Stephen: We can't just yet. I'd rather continue in the game with someone who I can't trust but "has my back", than someone who I can't trust and doesn't have my back.

Lynsie: Yeah, that makes sense.

The afternoon continues to pass by, and the jungles wildlife is more active than usual. Birds soar from tree, to tree, and cries from many other unseen animals are heard in the distance. Corinne finally manages to sneak away for a walk with Esther.

The whole point to blindsiding Dana wasn't to form a majority alliance against Esther, it was to work with her and be her number one in this game. Esther's on the outs, and needs me to flip if she wants to stay. I think this is the perfect time to approach her, and get her on my side.


Esther expresses to Corinne that she was hurt by Corinne's actions, but that she does still trust her. Corinne tells Esther that she's sorry for the way she went about things, but that she'd still like to work with her long term.

I'd be an idiot to trust this girl. She's a flip flopper. She's dooped me once, and she'll do it again. I'll tell her what she wants to hear, but my promises to her are meaningless.


Prepared to throw Johnathan under the bus, Esther asks what Corinne's thoughts are moving forward. Corinne looks into Esther's eyes, and whispers her idea of potentially voting out Rachael. Esther's caught off guard, but is quick to react and jump onto the opportunity. Corinne tells Esther that with merge approaching, Rachael is a strong competitor, and would be a force to recon with. Additionally, that her relationship with Lynsie is too strong.

I don't know what Corinne's strategy is, she's just making herself look really untrustworthy. Pretty soon nobody's going to believe a word that comes out of her mouth, and then she'll be screwed. However I don't trust her, and I'm not going to wait until her erratic behavior scares everyone away. I have this information in the palm of my hands, she's trying to flip.. again. I could use this as leverage to save myself and Johnathan, and oust her from the game.


The two return to camp, and the sun is beginning to set. If Esther is going to blindside Corinne, she needs to hustle. Esther pulls Stephen off into the woods alone. She asks him if it's her tonight, and he reluctantly nods his head and confirms. "I'm sorry", he says. Esther gulps, almost as if to swallow the news, and says she wants to talk to him about changing that. She tells Stephen that she'd like to vote out Corinne tonight. She sympathizes that they're working together, but elaborates saying she does nothing but go back on her word. Esther then drops the bomb on him that she's trying to recruit her to blindside Rachael. Stephen is visibly taken back by this news. With a sigh, he runs his hands through his hair.

Stephen: Are you being serious right now?

Esther: Completely.

If Corinne's honestly trying to flip again, that'll be the third time this game. She's burned me once, I swear not again.


Stephen's demeanor then changes, and he assures Esther she's not completely out of this game. He puts his hand on her shoulder, and it turns into a hug. Esther's eyes fill with tears and she whispers into his ear that she really doesn't want to go home. Stephen assure's her that he knows, and promises he'll get to the bottom of it.

If Corinne's lying to me, she's going home tonight. If Esther's lying to me, it's her leaving.


Stephen rushes back to camp. They'll all be leaving for tribal council soon, and he needs to ensure that he gets a chance to get to the bottom of who's lying to him. Coincidentally, at the same time Corinne's looking for him to discuss voting out Rachael. They eventually find each other while searching the paths nearby camp for one another.

Stephen: I need to talk to you about tonight's vote. Are you trying to flip it?

Corinne: What? What makes you say that?

Stephen: Esther came to me and said you were trying to blindside Rachael.

I could see the frustration in his eyes, at this point I realize if I try this I could burn myself. Thanks a lot you old twit! I tried to save you, and you screw me like this?


Corine: Are you serious right now? She's so obviously trying to save herself!

Stephen: So you're not trying to stir anything up?

Corinne: No! We're voting Esther tonight, it's that simple.

Esther clearly hasn't heard the expression, "don't bite the hand that feeds you". I offered her a life line, and she declined. If I go home because I tried to help her big mouth, I'll never forgive myself... or her!


Tribal Council

At tribal council, the hot topic is trust. Esther reveals all Corinne's sneaky plans to save herself and blindside Rachael, but Corinne denies the whole thing, going as far as to call Esther's attempts to stay in the game, "pathetic". Jeff asks if it's safe to say it's either Corinne or Esther tonight, and Esther says that he's correct and all depends on who people decide to believe. Stephen says that as they have both had a part in lying to him in the past, that it's hard to decide who can be trusted. He says tonight the person who's viewed as least loyal will be the one leaving. It is then time to vote.

Jeff Probst: Stephen, you're up.


Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes...


Jeff Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff Probst: First vote, Corinne.

Corinne glares to Esther with a look of pure hatred.

Jeff Probst: Second vote, Corinne.

Jeff Probst: Esther. That's two votes Corinne, one vote Esther.

Jeff Probst: Esther. We're tied. Two votes Corinne, two votes Esther.







... Jeff Probst: Esther.

Esther lets out a long sigh, as her fate is revealed.

Jeff Probst: Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Kenya, Esther. Esther that's four, that's enough. You need to bring me your torch.

She rises from her seat, and grabs her torch. She declares that it's just a game, and there are no hard feelings.

Jeff Probst: Esther, your tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs her torch, and she leaves the tribal council area.

Tribal Council 4:
Esther (4 votes)
Corinne, Lynsie, Rachael, and Stephen
Corinne (2 votes)
Esther, Johnathan

Voting Confessionals

I tried to help you, and you screwed me. So screw you.


You're a rat, and if this is the last vote I cast, I'm glad it's for you.


I think I'm making a mistake, but I need to keep my alliance in tact.


Final Words

I've enjoyed every moment of this experience, and I wish my tribe the best of luck.. even Corinne! Survivor has taught me so much about what I have left to offer, I'm so much stronger than I ever thought. I'm happy to return to my family back home, but I'm going to miss my dysfunctional Luhya survivor family, that's for damn sure.


Still in the Running


Next Time on Survivor...

  • A game changing twist flips the castaways strategies upside down!

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