"Shooting in the Dark"
Season Survivor: Portugal
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This is the 7th episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

Lukas's health decreased to the point of where the Litoral tribe along with past tribemates Cooper and Rose of trying to vote him off. Over on Selva, Ralphie became a lone man and fought his hardest to survive. And when the immunity challenge came, Ralphie showed up and won the challenge for Selva, sending the post-switch Litoral to their first tribal. The health of Lukas was all he needed and he was voted off 5-1.


Immunity Challenge: Drop a Log
With one hand, the castaways would hang on to a rope with several knots tied into it. The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log. The other end of the log would be connected to a pivot point on a platform that the castaways would stand on. The castaways would start at the knot closest to the end of the log. Every three minutes, they would change hands and move one knot further down the rope. This would increase the angle of the log at the pivot point and increase the weight that the castaways would have to hold. The castaway who held on to the rope the longest would win.
Winner: Ralphie


Litoral gets back from voting Lukas off in an unanimous decision. Cooper is in disbelief that he lost his friend and ally in Lukas. Rose walks over to comfort him on the beach.

I saw Cooper, and he really doesn't like to hurt friends, and he did that by voting Lukas off. He's like a student of mine, they always want to play but when they do something, they are always reeled back by it.


The two sit there, and Rose and Cooper know that they have to get someone from the original Litoral to flip or they are screwed. The two go to sleep back at the shelter a little later.

Day 19

Dover goes to find treemail, signifying the merge is soon upon them. An hour later, a boat appears. Another note is given, as they have 10 minutes to collect whatever they have to head towards the Litoral camp. The tribe hurries to collect all of the food and other luxuries won in past challenges.

We're merging! Yes! I can't believe I have survived this long in this game! From target Day 1 to going pretty far to the merge!


The Litoral tribe cheers as the boat arrives with the other five members. The feast comes with them and everyone digs in. Chicken, pork, meat, food, alcohol and other luxuries supply the food feast. The topic comes to a merged tribe name. Many suggestions are made, like Litova or Seliral. But Carmen dismisses them and explains how she is of some Portugese decent and she decides the name Vencedor, which is "winner" in Portugese.

We all are here to gain one title, which to be the winner, or the Vencedor. It seems very important and appropriate for a tribe name.


The group finishes the feast and everyone gets ready to expand the shelter. Chip, Dover, and Casey are talking while they chop down more wood.

Quote1What happened the past six days?Quote2- Chip
Quote1I flipped, Julianna went home with the idol, and Ralphie is on the outs. How about you?Quote2- Dover
Quote1Lukas went, Rose and Cooper are trying to recover.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Well, you guys and Brady and Julianna can join us and take those people out.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Yeah, but, I want to bring Rose in. Sure, we have 7, but I heard Brady and Carmen are on the outs. We are more loyal, and can bump them out.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Hmm...Quote2- Chip
Quote1I don't know.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Guys just think about it.Quote2- Dover.

I want Rose to be by my side again. I wish we can rope her in too, but I don't know if they will except it.


Yeah...we have 7 already...and we can't really just bring in someone if we're gonna vote them off in a couple days.


Meanwhile, Skylar, Cooper, and Rose are talking about possibly voting off Joel for annoying and having no meaning to be in the game.

Quote1You have to spare us Skylar. We voted off our own friend and past tribe member and kept you guys in.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I now that, but Chip and Joel want nothing to do with you guys lasting long.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I can't believe you wouldn't think about flipping! You, Brady, and Carmen would be a majority with us. And you go to the final 3 with us two!Quote2- Cooper

Rose looks down at that comment, knowing if Dover and her and with Cooper in the final 3 Cooper is leaving.

I really don't want to bring Cooper, he's been leading the charge and kinda taking over this game. I want to vote and stay with him, but he's gotta be let go soon.


Afterward, Cooper goes to talk to Brady and Carmen about possibly flipping over to the small alliance of Cooper, Ralphie, and Rose. He starts to explain that if they get Dover or Skylar and them two, they can take the rest of the tribe out and decide where it goes from there.

Quote1I'm saying that if Skylar or Dover flips, we can gain a majority!Quote2- Cooper
Quote1He won't flip. He's all friends with Chip and Joel.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1What!Quote2- Cooper should have seen him. He was all ready to hop onto the Litoral train.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Well...what about Skylar? What do you think she'll do?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Well, unless they become a bro-tight alliance, she might not budge.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Fine, please think about voting off someone like Joel.Quote2- Cooper

Cooper immediately runs back to Rose to tell her that Dover might not vote with them, and they could possibly be loosing 7-3. Rose is quite surprised and goes to Dover to talk to him.

If what Cooper says is true, then we're screwed, and I need to reel Dover back in.


Rose talks to Dover as they head to the well.

Quote1Hey, nice to see you again!Quote2- Rose
Quote1Yeah, how has it been?Quote2- Dover
Quote1Well, I feel like I'm am in a small minority.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Ok, but join me and vote out Cooper! It's perfect. And if we survive 6 more days, it gives us tons of time to convince Litoral to keep us around!Quote2- Dover
Quote1Are you insane! We're trying to get Brady, Carmen, or Skylar. Why must you join them?Quote2- Rose
Quote1Because they have given us a shot of surviving way more than Cooper's alliance did.Quote2- Dover
Quote1I still can't believe you are joining them.Quote2- Rose

Rose leaves to go talk to Cooper and Ralphie, leaving Dover upset.

I'm trying to make a deal to keep her alive and she doesn't get it. It just sucks.


We have to push hard the next two days to stay alive.


Day 20

The ten remaining contestants arrive for their first challenge. Carmen announces that their new name is Vencedor, Portugese for "winner". After that, the castaways draw for spots and get the challenge started. No one has any problems with the first stage, and people don't struggle much in the second stage. But at the third stage, Brady and Skylar both drop and their totems smash. In the nest stage, Joel drops and sits with the other two. the remaining seven last through the fourth stage and are on the second-to-last stage, the fifth one. The pain is showing well, and Carmen drops out right as the round starts, leaving six. Cooper starts struggling and slips, letting go of his rope and his totem smashes, him being eliminated. Chip, Casey, Dover, Rose, and Ralphie are remaining. Before the fifth stage ends, Casey can't hold on anymore and he drops out, leaving four. The final stage commences, and everyone is struggling. The sweat is on their hands and they are slipping. Ralphie doesn't seem to struggle much, but Rose can't hold on and immunity slips through her fingers with the rope. Dover drops and he stops to breathe for a second as the pain was too much, leaving Chip and Ralphie. For 30 minutes the two hold onto their ropes. But in the end, Ralphie remained calm while Chip dropped after struggling and trying to regain himself, accidently going off the platform.

Quote1RALPHIE WINS IMMUNITY!Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yes!Quote2- Ralphie

Ralphie eagerly puts the necklace on, as he has a 1 in 9 chance of winning this game. The tribe returns to camp.

Our main target has won immunity, and now...we have to turn on the brains of the operation.


This is our last chance, and with this necklace around my neck, it gives us a less chance of leaving.


The tribe returns to camp and everyone is giving congratulations to Ralphie on winning the first immunity. Everyone knows that they are faking some of the emotion because Ralphie was their target.

He won immunity, Ralphie won it. Everyone in our alliance is a little upset because he's safe, but it just gave us an excuse to take out Cooper, who, by Dover, was running the show on Litoral.


Ralphie, Rose, and Cooper are with Skylar on the beach.

Quote1Hey, congrats. You definitely give a fight when needed.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Skylar, we need you to get someone else to join us.Quote2- Rose
Quote1I'm trying, but it's very hard.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Ok...good luck.Quote2- Cooper
I want to flip because they are much friendlier than Litoral, but I wouldn't be in control. I wish I could sastify both, but I know I can't.


Skylar walks away from the trio and back to the shelter. The other 6 are there, watching her. Chip asks about the conversation they just had.

Quote1What did they say?Quote2- Chip
Quote1They tried to get me again to flip.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1No one here can flip. Everyone is safe in this alliance for a couple rounds.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Exactly. Everyone needs to stay strong until the final 7.Quote2- Chip
Quote1What happens after?Quote2- Brady depends. I haven't really got that far.Quote2- Chip
Well, those answers we're just vague enough to lose my trust. But I can't just sway with a day left before voting. I'll just lie to Cooper just in case he somehow pulls an idol.


Everyone is sitting at camp telling stories and idols soon come up. Cooper and Ralphie sit awkwardly, as there is the idol in Cooper's back pocket. Chip and Skylar are also quiet as Chip has the idol from Litoral.

Quote1Julianna or Lukas left with the Selva idol.Quote2- Rose
Quote1And no one found the Litoral idol.Quote2- Joel
Quote1So, does that mean that the idol is still at this camp? Or a new merge idol?Quote2- Casey
Quote1No one knows until they find it.Quote2- Skylar could be anywhere.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Well, good night everyone.Quote2- Dover

Everyone falls asleep near or outside the shelter, except for Brady. He secretly gets up and searches for the idol. He doesn't leave any stone or leave unturned. But unfortunately he can't find it. Saddened, he returns to camp and falls asleep.

The idol is a lifeline. But if I can't find it, I'm gonna be cut short. I just want some protection, I feel very uneasy.


Day 21

The next day is an all-out manhunt for the final idol between Rose, Brady and Carmen, and Joel and Casey. While everyone is searching the jungle and beaches, Cooper wanders to the well where he found his idol at Selva. He pulls at all the rocks until one comes out, but there is no idol. He quickly puts the stone back and goes off to find Ralphie.

Someone has the other idol. They haven't rehid an idol at all. Skylar might be lying to me.


Cooper finds Ralphie and the two start talking to Brady about the idol. Cooper asks Brady if he has the idol on him, which Brady denies.

Quote1You found the idol didn't you!Quote2- Cooper
Quote1What?Quote2- Brady
Quote1You weren't lying in the shelter when you fell asleep last night.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I didn't find the idol.Quote2- Brady
Quote1How do we know you're not lying to us. You lied to me and voted off Julianna!Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Look, I'm sorry big guy, don't hurt me. I don't want trouble. I voted her off for a reason. But I am definitely gonna try and flip to you two and Rose. If I do, I can bring Carmen and possibly Skylar. But you can't tell anyone.Quote2- Brady
Quote1You better not be lying.Quote2- Ralphie
I can definitely lie to Cooper and Ralphie as they'll be gone in the next couple days. It's not hard to lie to their faces.


Cooper goes to Rose to talk about voting Chip off and how they have all the votes.

Quote1Look, I don't trust him, but Brady wants to flip to us.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Really? He does?Quote2- Rose
Quote1Yeah! He wants to get rid of Chip and take down the major Litoral alliance.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I don't know, but what choice do we have...Quote2- Rose
Quote1Let's just go with it and see if we get lucky.Quote2- Cooper
I definitely can't trust Brady as far as I can throw him. He's sneaky and easily can lie and manipulate. He took down Julianna and I don't know if I want to go far with someone. I'm gonna go see if he's telling the truth.


Rose follows Brady until he gets to the beach. Chip, Skylar, and Carmen are there. Rose quickly hides in the bushes and waits for them to start talking. They do once Brady gets there, and they talk about the vote.

Quote1Joel, Dover, and Casey are voting with us. We have the numbers.Quote2- Chip
Quote1So, did you talk to Cooper?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Yeah, he totally fell for it. He doesn't know you have the idol.Quote2- Brady
Quote1*puts idol in front pocket* Dude, don't say that loud. I can't have anyone knowing about it.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Well, are we gonna blindside Cooper tonight?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Yeah, he's not gonna expect it. He thinks me, you, and Carmen flipped and are voting against Chip.Quote2- Brady
Quote1You're not actually doing that, right?Quote2- Chip
Quote1*glares* No, we're not. Us four need to go to the end.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Let's do it.Quote2- Skylar

The four return to camp to get everything ready or Tribal Council. Rose, shocked at these new revelations, heads to camp to find Cooper. She drags him to the beach.

Sandra Diaz-Twine taught me that you always can't trust someone unless they aren't talking to you. And that's what happened. Brady is a sneaky rat that we have to take down.


She spills everything to Cooper about the alliance and Brady.

Quote1I would pack your bags.Quote2- Rose
Quote1*looks down* He's not voting with us.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Not by a long shot.Quote2- Rose
Quote1*sigh*...Get Ralphie to vote Brady. I have a hail mary plan.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1What?Quote2- Rose
Quote1*pulls out something*Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Oh my god...Quote2- Rose
Brady thinks he can outsmart me. He's wrong.


Everything will fall into place after this vote. Checkmate, just hand me the million.


Tribal Council

Everyone sits down

Quote1Welcome to your first tribal council as a tribe. Ralphie, happy you got immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1You have no idea Jeff. I was the target, and without this, I'm safe for another round!Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Judging on that answer it is still Litoral vs. Selva. Casey, what does that mean in the vote tonight?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1That means we are voting off Dover, Rose, or Cooper. And Dover joined out side, so Rose or Cooper are going.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Well, Casey just made a blatant announcement. Dover, is this true?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1*snickers* Yeah, it's true. I didn't want to be with them any longer, so I flipped.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Well, Cooper, you have a 50% of going home. How does that feel?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1It sucks. They are going to vote me out. I'm more of a threat than Rose, and I am going home. Unless a couple people flip.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Has someone come to you about flipping?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yeah, people have talked. But I just don't know.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Well, with that, it's time to vote. Ralphie, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff

All 10 members go to vote.

Quote1I'll go tally the votes. *collects urn* If anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to do so.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1*stands* Jeff, I can't just give in on Survivor. *hands idol*Quote2- Cooper
Quote1What...Quote2- Brady
Quote1Oh dammit.Quote2- Joel
Quote1This is a hidden immunity idol. All votes cast against Cooper won't count. I'll read the votes.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Suck on that.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1*reveals first vote* Cooper, does not count. *reveals second vote* Cooper, doesn't count. *reveals third vote* Cooper, also does not count. *reveals fourth vote* Cooper, that's four votes against Cooper that do not count.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1You liar.Quote2- Dover
Quote1It's Survivor, deal with it.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1*reveals fifth vote* Cooper, that's another vote that won't count. *reveals sixth vote* Cooper. He would've gone home without the idol.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Wow...Quote2- Casey
Quote1*reveals seventh vote* Cooper, does not count.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1*sighs*Quote2- Carmen
Quote1*reveals eighth vote* Brady. That's one vote Brady.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Oh god.Quote2- Brady
Quote1...7th person voted out of Survivor: Portugal, Brady. That's two, and it's enough for this vote.Quote2- Jeff

Brady brings his torch and is snuffed. He leaves tribal.

Tribal Council 7:
Brady Litoral
Brady (3 votes)
Cooper SelvaRalphie SelvaRose Selva
Cooper, Ralphie, Rose
Cooper Selva
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Brady LitoralCarmen LitoralCasey LitoralChip Litoral
Dover SelvaJoel LitoralSkylar Litoral
Brady, Carmen, Casey, Chip, Dover, Joel, Skylar
(votes not counted)
Brady Litoral BW
Brady Kaine

Voting Confessionals

Bye bye Cooper. It was a fun 3 days, but it's a game.


I'm pretty much shooting in the dark with this one, but I really hope it's you and not me.


I'm am finally so done with you.


You are a snake. I need to cut your head off, sorry.


Final Words

Wow. I really can't believe that happened. Well played Cooper, well played. I made merge, which is pretty cool, but I wanted jury. But, I guess it didn't happen. I'm just glad I played to my potential.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva BW
Laurel Selva BW
Lukas Selva BW
Ralphie Selva
Rose Selva
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral BW
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Will the Selva trio regain control and try and take over?
  • Will Cooper's actions finally come back to haunt him?

Author's Notes

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